Telecommunications Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Consultation ERKAN is pleased to provide this living document for unlocking the
evergrowing vocabulary of Abbreviations and Acronyms of the Telecommunications world,
including those of the early days before the word "Digital" was coined. We strive to include all relevant terms and update the database frequently. Our coverage
of more than 40,000 enteries is not "complete", contributions are gratefully accepted.

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- 0-9 -


  0TLP        Zero Transmission Level Reference Point

  1/e         First Edition
  10ARSS      No. 10A Remote Switching System
  10B12B      10-Bits/12-Bits
  10B2        10Base2
  10BT        10BaseT
  10FR        Ten Party Flat Rate
  10FSL       10.0 File System Layout
  10X         10-Speed
  12X         12-Speed
  16CIF       16 times CIF
  1AESS       No. 1A Electronic Switching System
  1ANCP       No. 1A Network Control Point
  1ASES       No. 1A Service Evaluation System
  1AVSS       No. 1A Voice Storage System
  1BTSPS      No. 1B Traffic Service Position System
  1EAX        No. 1 Electronic Automatic Exchange
  1ESS        No. 1 Electronic Switching System
  1FR         One-Party Flat Rate
  1MM         1 Meg Modem
  1MMS        1 Meg Modem Service
  1MR         One-Party Message Rate
  1NCP        No. 1 Network Control Point
  1NF         First Normal Form
  1P          1-Party Line (Individual Line)
  1PSS        No. 1 Packet Switching System
  1STP        No. 1 Signal Transfer Point
  1TSPS       No. 1 Traffic Service Position System
  1X          Single-Speed
  1XB         No. 1 Crossbar

  2 Dr        2 Draht (2 Wire)
  2/e         Second Edition
  2ASTP       No. 2A Signal Transfer Point
  2B1Q        Two Binary One Quaternary
  2BESS       No. 2B Electronic Switching System
  2D          2-Dimensional
  2Dr         2 Draht (2 Wire)
  2DT         Second Dial Tone
  2EAX        No. 2 Electronic Automatic Exchange
  2ESS        No. 2 Electronic Switching System
  2FR         Two Party Flat Rate
  2FRR        Two Party Flat Rate Ring
  2FRT        Two Party Flat Rate Tip
  2MI/O       2 Mbit/s Input/Output
  2MXC        2 Mbit/s Cross Connect
  2NCP        No. 2 Network Control Point
  2NF         Second Normal Form
  2P          2-Party Line
  2PPAPM      Two-Pulse Amplitude and Phase Modulation Modem
  2STP        No. 2 Signal Transfer Point
  2W          2-Wire
  2WC         Two-Way Call
  2WTI        2-Wire Trunk Interface
  2WW         Two-Way WATS
  2X          Double Speed (2-Speed)

  3-D         3-Dimensional
  3/e         Third Edition
  3AU         3.1 kHz Audio
  3B2T        Three Binary Two Ternary
  3CL         Three Current Loop
  3D          3-Dimensional
  3D-TV       Three-Dimensional Television
  3DA         3-Dimensional Architecture
  3DES        Triple DES
  3DOF        Three Degrees of Freedom
  3DR         3DRender
  3ESS        No. 3 Electronic Switching System
  3GL         Third Generation Language
  3NF         Third Normal Form
  3P          Three Pole
  3PC         Third Party Connect
  3PDT        Three Pole, Double Throw
  3PST        Three Pole, Single Throw
  3PTY        Three Party
  3PTY        Three Party Conference
  3RD NUM     Third Number
  3WC         Three-Way Calling
  3WC         Three-Way Call
  3WC/CT      Three-Way Calling/Call Transfer
  3WC/CXR     Three-Way Calling/Call-Transfer (Flash)
  3WCPUB      Three-Way Calling Public
  3X          Triple Speed (3-Speed)
  3XB         No. 3 Crossbar

  4 Dr        4 Draht (4 Wire)
  4/e         Fourth Edition
  4AETS       No. 4A Electronic Translator System
  4AXB        No. 4A Crossbar Switching System
  4B/3T       Four Binary/Three Ternary
  4B3T        Four Binary Three Ternary
  4CIF        4 times CIF
  4D          Four-Dimensional
  4Dr         4 Draht (4 Wire)
  4ESS        No. 4 Electronic Switching System
  4FR         Four Party Flat Rate
  4FRN        Four-Fiber-Ring Node
  4GL         Fourth-Generation Language
  4P          Four Pole
  4P          4-Party Line
  4PAM        Four-Level Pulse Amplitude Modulation
  4PDT        Four Pole, Double Throw
  4PST        Four Pole, Single Throw
  4W          4-Wire
  4WC         Four-Way Call
  4WTI        4-Wire Trunk Interface
  4WTS        Four Wire Terminating Set
  4X          Quadruple Speed (4-Speed)
  4XB         No. 4 Crossbar Switching System

  5/e         Fifth Edition
  56C         56 kbps Circuit Mode Data
  5B/4B       Five Bits/Four Bits
  5ESS        No. 5 Electronic Switching System
  5RSM        5ESS Remote Switching Module
  5X          Pentuple Speed (5-Speed)
  5XB         No. 5 Crossbar Switching System

  6/e         Sixth Edition
  64C         64 kbps Circuit Mode Data
  68K         Motorola 68xxx-Series Microprocessor
  6DOF        Six Degrees of Freedom
  6WC         Six Way Calling
  6X          Sextuple Speed (6-Speed)

  7D          Seven Digit number

  88K         Motorola 88xxx-Series Microprocessor
  8FR         Eight Party Flat Rate
  8P          8-Party Line
  8X          Octuple Speed (8-Speed)

  9           Nine

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- A -


  A           Accepted
  A           Access (link)
  A           Accumulator Register
  A           Acknowledgement
  A           Activation
  A           Actual
  A           Adaptation
  A           Address
  A           Address field
  A           Address-Recognized
  A           Agent
  A           Aggregate
  A           Amper
  A           Ampere(s)
  Å           Angström
  A           Application Layer
  A           Application Layer Service
  a           Archive Library
  a           Atto... (10-18)
  A           Availability
  A           Hypertext Anchor (HTML tag)
  A&D         Analysis and Design
  A&E         Arts and Entertainment Network
  A&M         Additions and Modifications
  A/A         Analog to Analog
  A/C         Air Conditioner
  A/D         Add/Drop
  A/D         Analog-to-Digital
  A/D         analogue-to-digital
  A/E         Actual to Estimated
  A/G         Air to Ground
  A/N         Aphanumeric
  A/PC        Auto PC
  A/R         Alternate Route
  A/S         Asynchronous/Synchronous
  A/S/C       Alarm, Status, and Control
  A/SYS       Access System
  A/V         Audio/Visual
  a1          a-wire connection at the terminal equipment input port
  A1S         All Ones
  a2          a-wire connection at the output port of a series-connected terminal equipment
  A3          Authentication Algorithm A3
  A5/1        Encryption Algorithm A5
  A5/2        Encryption Algorithm A5
  A8          Algorithm A8
  AA          Absolute Address
  AA          Access Agent
  AA          Administrative Authority
  AA          Alternate Addressing
  AA          Application Assistant
  AA          Application Association
  AA          ATM Adaptor
  AA          Audit Agent
  AA          Automatic Answer
  A-A         Analog to Analog
  AA1         ATM Adaptor, Type 1
  AAA         Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  AAA         Authentication, Authorization, Administration
  AAA         Automated Acquisition Access
  AAAS        American Association for the Advancement of Science
  AAB         Automatic Alternative Billing
  AAB         Automatic Answerback
  AABN        AMA Alternate Billing Number
  AABS        Automated Alternate Billing Service
  AABS+       Automated Alternate Billing Service Plus
  AAC         Application Access Conditions
  AACS        Air and Airways Communication System
  AAD         Analog Alignment Disk
  AAE         ATM Adaptation Entity
  AAE         Auxiliary Access Equipment
  AAF         Advanced Authoring Format
  AAI         Alarm/Action Indicator
  AAK         Answer Agent Key
  AAL         ATM Adaptation Layer
  AAL1        ATM Adaptation Layer 1
  AAL-1       ATM Adaptation Layer 1
  AAL2        ATM Adaptation Layer 2
  AAL-2       ATM Adaptation Layer 2
  AAL3        ATM Adaptation Layer 3
  AAL-3       ATM Adaptation Layer 3
  AAL-3/4     ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4
  AAL4        ATM Adaptation Layer 4
  AAL-4       ATM Adaptation Layer 4
  AAL5        ATM Adaptation Layer 5
  AAL-5       ATM Adaptation Layer 5
  AAL-CU      AAL Composite User
  AALM        AAL Management
  AALME       AAL Management Entity
  AALP        ATM Adaptation Layer Parameters
  AAN         ATM Access Node
  AANS        Auto Answer
  AAP         Alternate Access Provider
  AAP         Atomic Action Protocol
  AAPI        Applet Application Programming Interface
  AAR         Automatic Alternate Routing
  AAR         Automatic Alternative Routing
  AARE        A-Associate REsponse
  AARE        A-ASSOCIATE response/confirm
  AARQ        A-Associate ReQuest
  AARQ        A-ASSOCIATE request/indication
  AAS         Abbreviated Address Signal
  AAS         Advanced Automation System
  AAS         Automatic Announcement Subsystem
  AAT         Agent Architecture Team
  AAT         Automatic Answer Trunk
  AAT         Automation of Analysis Tools
  AAT         Availability Analysis Tool
  AAT         Average Access Time
  AATP        Away Across The Pond
  AAU         Audio Access Unit
  AAU         Automatic Answering Unit
  AAV         Agile Autonomous Vehicle (Four-Legged Robot Vehicle)
  AAx         ATM Adaptor, Type x
  AB          Abbreviated Business Group Extension Number
  AB          Access Burst
  AB          Affected By
  AB          Answer Back
  AB          Automated Bibliography
  AB          Postal code for Alberta
  ABA         Additional Buffer Allocation
  ABATS       Automatic Bit Access Test System
  ABB         Aggregate Building Block
  ABB         Assea Brown Boveri (S-D-CH)
  ABBH        Average Bouncing Busy Hour
  ABBR        Abbreviated
  ABBR        Abbreviation
  ABBT        Automatic Board-to-Board Testing
  ABC         Abstract Base Class
  ABC         Alcatel Business Communication
  ABC         American Broadcasting Company
  ABC         Answer-Back Code
  ABC         ATM Bus Controller
  ABC         Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  ABC         Auto Billing Calling
  ABC         Automatic Background Control (video)
  ABC         Automatic Bass Control
  ABC         Automatic Brightness Control
  ABC         Automatic Business Connections
  ABCB        AB Control Block
  ABCE        ATM Broadband Control Element
  ABCE        Automatic Bridged Call Exclusion
  ABCEACC     Automatic Bridged Call Exclusion Access Codes
  ABCETACC    Automatic Bridged Call Exclusion Toggle Access Code
  ABCN        AMA Business Customer ID
  ABD         Abbreviated Dialing
  ABD         Average Business Day
  ABDA        Automated Bilingual Directory Assistance
  ABDB        A/B Trunk Data Block
  ABE         Audited Build Executor
  ABEND       Abnormal End
  ABET        Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
  ABF         Application By Form
  ABH         ABCD Bit Handler
  ABH         Average Busy Hour
  ABI         Application Binary Interface
  ABIOS       Advanced BIOS
  ABL         Area Business Listing
  ABL         Automatic Business Listing
  ABM         Access Bandwidth Manager
  ABM         Asynchronous Balanced Mode
  ABM         ATM Buffer Manager
  ABNF        Augmented BNF
  ABNN        Add Bridged Night Number
  ABO         Automatic Build-Out
  ABOM        A-bis Operations and Maintenance
  ABR         Answer/Bid Ratio
  ABR         Area Border Router
  ABR         Available Bit Rate
  ABRT        A-ABORT request/indication
  ABS         ABSolute
  abs         Absolute Value
  ABS         Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene copolymer (plastic)
  ABS         Alarm Battery Supply
  ABS         Alternate Billing Service(s)
  ABS         Alternate Billing System
  ABS         ATM Bearer Service
  ABS         Authorized Bearer Services
  ABS         Automatic Balance Selection
  ABS         Average Busy Season
  ABSBH       Average Busy Season Busy Hour
  ABSS        Automated Broadband Surveillance System
  ABT         Abort
  ABT         ATM Block Transfer
  ABT/DT      ATM Block Transfer with Delayed Transmission
  ABT/IT      ATM Block Transfer with Immediate Transmission
  ABTT        Advisory Board on Technical Trends (ISO-IEC)
  ABU         Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
  AC          ACcept
  AC          ACceptor control
  AC          Access Channel
  AC          Access Charge
  AC          Access Class (C0 to C15)
  AC          Access Concentrator
  AC          Access Connection
  AC          Access Control
  AC          Access Customer
  AC          Account Code
  AC          Acknowledged Connectionless
  AC          Action
  AC          Action Coordinator
  AC          Agent Command
  AC          Alerting Channel
  AC          Alignment Check
  AC          Alternating Current
  AC          Announcement Controller
  AC          Answer Complete
  AC          Answered Calls Only
  AC          Application Context
  AC          Area Code
  AC          Assignment Channel
  AC          Attendant Console
  AC          Authentication Center
  AC          Authentication Code
  AC          Authentications Centre
  AC          Authorization Center
  AC          Authorization Code
  AC          Automatic Callback
  AC          Automatic Control
  AC          Awaiting Connection
  AC/ADC      Automatic Callback/Any Designated Call
  ACA         Adaptive Channel Allocation
  ACA         Advanced Computer Application (IIASA' group)
  ACA         Area Coverage Analysis
  ACA         Authorization Code Assurance
  ACA         Automated Cable Analysis
  ACA         Automatic Circuit Assurance
  ACAP        Application Configuration Access Protocol
  ACARD       Advisory Council for Applied Research and Development
  ACAS        Access Charge Analysis System
  ACAS        Application Control Architecture Services
  ACATS       Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Systems
  ACAU        Automatic Calling and Answering Unit
  ACB         Access Barred message
  ACB         Access Barred signal
  ACB         Account Code Billing
  ACB         Address Control Block
  ACB         Automatic Call Back
  ACB         Automatic Callback
  ACBA        Automatic Callback Activate
  ACBAC       Automatic Callback Active/Inactive Status
  ACBACC      Automatic Callback Access Codes
  ACBAR       Automatic Callback/Automatic Recall
  ACBB        Automatic Callback Billing Records
  ACBD        Automated Component Based Development
  ACBD        Automatic Callback Deactivate
  ACBG        Automatic Callback Business Group
  ACB-I       ISDN Automatic Callback
  ACBISW      Automatic Callback Intra-Switch Only
  ACBMA       Automatic Callback Maximum Allowed
  ACBT        Automatic Callback Toggle
  ACBT1       Automatic Callback Timer 1
  ACBT3       Automatic Callback Timer 3
  ACBT4       Automatic Callback Timer 4
  ACBT5       Automatic Callback Timer 5
  ACBTACC     Automatic Callback Toggle Access Code
  ACBTYPE     Automatic Callback Type
  ACC         ACCepted
  ACC         Access
  ACC         Access Code(s)
  ACC         Access Control
  ACC         Access Node
  ACC         ACCmulator
  ACC         Account Card Calling
  ACC         Account Code
  ACC         Accumulator
  ACC         Adaptive Channel Control
  ACC         Address Complete Coin
  ACC         Analog Control Channel
  ACC         Anonymous Credit Card
  aCC         ANSI C++ Compiler
  ACC         Area Control Centre
  ACC         Augmented ClearCase
  ACC         Australian CCITT Committee
  ACC         Automated Calling Card
  ACC         Automated Credit Card
  ACC         Automatic Congestion Control
  ACC         Automatic Congestion Control Information message
  ACCA        All-Channel Concentric Allocation
  ACCAN       Alternate Credit Card Account Number
  ACCB        ANI/Coin Control Block
  ACCD        Account Code Digits
  ACCD        Address or Command Collection Dialog
  AccDi       Access Delivery Information
  ACCFB       Attendant-Extended Calls to Call Forwarding Busy
  ACCFNA      Attendant-Extended Calls to Call Forwarding No Answer
  ACCH        Associated Control Channel
  ACCM        Asynchonous Control Character Map
  ACCMD       Access Mode
  ACCN        Alternate Credit Card Number
  ACCOLC      Access Overload Class
  ACCS        Automated Calling Card Service
  ACCS        Automated Calling Card System
  ACCS        Automatic Calling Card Service
  ACCT        ACCes Time
  ACCT        Account Codes
  ACCY        ACCuracY
  ACD         Accumulated Connection Delay
  ACD         Active Call Dialog
  ACD         Adobe Capture Document
  ACD         Agent Command Dictionary
  ACD         Alarm Control and Display
  ACD         Automatic Call Distribution
  ACD         Automatic Call Distributor
  ACD         Automatic Cash Dispenser
  ACD         Average Call Distance
  ACD/MIS     Automatic Call Distribution Management Information System
  ACDB        Agent Command Database
  ACDB        Automatic Call Distribution Base
  ACDDN       Automatic Call Distribution Directory Number
  ACD-ESS     Automatic Call Distributor-Electronic Switching System
  ACDF        Access Control Decision Function
  ACDMIS      Automatic Call Distribution Management Information System
  ACDMR       ACD Management Reports
  ACDNR       Automatic Call Distribution Not-Ready
  ACDRTD      ACD Real Time Display
  ACE         Access Connection Element
  ACE         Access Control Entry
  ACE         Access-Control Entry
  ACE         Adaptive Communication Environment
  ACE         Advanced Computing Environment (Compaq)
  ACE         Adverse Channel Enhancements
  ACE         A-Interface Control Element
  ACE         Application Connection Element
  ACE         Application Creation Environment
  ACE         Assessment and Conversion Environment
  ACE         Asynchronous Communication Element
  ACE         ATM Crossbar Element
  ACE         Audio Compression/Expansion
  ACE         Automated Cable Expertise
  ACE         Automatic Cable Expertise (ATT)
  ACE         Automatic Calling Equipment
  ACE         Automatic Crossconnect Equipment
  ACE         Auxiliary Control Element
  ACEC        Advisory Committee on EMC (IEC)
  ACEES       Attendant Console End-to-End Signaling
  ACEG        Alternating Current Equipment Ground
  ACELP       Algebraic Codebook-Excited Linear Prediction
  ACET        Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
  ACF         Access Configuration File
  ACF         Access Control Field
  ACF         Access Control Field (IEEE 802)
  ACF         Access Control Function
  ACF         Admission Confirm
  ACF         Admission Confirmation
  ACF         Advanced Collaborative Filtering
  ACF         Advanced Communication Function (SNA)
  ACF         Advanced Communications Facility
  ACF         Advanced Communications Functions
  ACF         Attribute Configuration File
  ACF         Authentication Control Function
  ACF         Auto-Correlation Function
  ACF/NCP     Advanced Communication Function for the Network Control Program (SNA)
  ACF/VTAM    Advanced Communication Function for the VTAM (SNA)
  ACFC        Address and Control Field Compression
  ACG         Adjacent Charging Group
  ACG         Agent Command Generator
  ACG         Automatic Call Gap
  ACG         Automatic Call Gapping
  ACG         Automatic Code Gap
  ACG         Automatic Code Gapping
  ACGP        Additional Calling Party Number
  ACH         Attempts per Circuit per Hour
  ACH         Automated Clearing House
  ACHARGE     AMA Chargeable End
  ACHI        Application Channel Interface
  ACI         Access Control Information
  ACI         Access-interface Channel Identifier
  ACI         Additional Call Information message
  ACI         Adjacent Channel Interference
  ACI         Ameritech Communications, Inc.
  ACI         Application Context Identifier
  ACI         AT&T Communications Customer Interface
  ACI         AT&T Communications ISDN
  ACI         Automatic Call Identification
  ACIA        Access Control Inner Area
  ACIA        Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
  ACIA        Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
  ACID        Access Indentifier
  ACID        Application Context ID
  ACID        Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable
  ACID        Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability
  ACID        Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (X.860)
  ACITS       Advisory Committee on Information Technology Standardization (SOG-IT)
  ACK         (affirmative) ACKnowledgement
  ACK         Acknowledge
  ACK         ACKnowledged
  ACK         Acknowledgement
  ACK/NACK    Positive/Negative ACKnowledgement
  ACL         Access Control List
  ACL         Access Control List (X.800)
  ACL         Advanced CMOS Logic
  ACL         Agent Communication Language
  ACL         Application Call Leg
  ACL         Asynchronous Connection Language
  ACL         Automatic Congestion Level
  ACLU        American Civil Liberties Union
  ACM         Access Control Machine
  ACM         Access Control Manager
  ACM         Access Control Mechanism
  ACM         Accumulated Call Meter
  ACM         Active Call Model
  ACM         Address Complete Message
  ACM         Adjunct Call Model
  ACM         Architecture Capture Method
  ACM         Array Class Manager
  ACM         Association for Computing Machinery
  ACM         Audio Compression Manager
  ACMA        Anchored Constant Modulus Algorithm
  ACMA        Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement
  ACMOS       Automatic Customer Message Outputting System
  ACMS        Advanced Call Management Services
  ACMS        Application Control and Management System (DEC)
  ACN         ACount Number
  ACN         Actual Carrier Number
  ACN         ATM Carrier Networks
  ACNA        Access Carrier Name Abbreviation
  ACNA        Automatic Customer Name and Address
  ACNS        ATM Carrier Network Services
  ACNS        Attendant Console Night Service
  ACO         Accounting Control Office
  ACO         Additional Call Offering
  ACO         Alarm Cut Off
  ACO         Attendant Console Camp-On
  ACO         Audible Cutoff
  ACO         Augmented Channel Occupancy
  ACOB        Additional Call Offering Billing Records
  ACOD        Access Code Digits
  ACOLI       Advance Circuit Order and Layout Information
  ACOM        Attendant Console Operational Measurements
  ACOP        Additional Connected Party Number
  ACOR        Additional Call Offering- Restricted
  ACO-R       Additional Call Offering- Restricted
  ACOS        Advisory Committee On Safety (IEC)
  ACOT        Analog Central Office Terminal
  ACOU        Additional Call Offering- Unrestricted
  ACOU        Additional Call Offering Unconditional
  ACO-U       Additional Call Offering- Unrestricted
  ACP         Action Control Point
  ACP         Action Point
  ACP         Adjacent Channel Power
  ACP         Adjunct Call Processing
  ACP         Advanced Communications Protocol
  ACP         Alarm Control Process
  ACP         Anywhere Call Pick-Up
  ACP         Application Change Package
  ACP         Application Circuit Pack
  ACP         Architecture Control Process
  ACP         Authorization Code Prefix
  ACP         Automatic Circuit Provisioning
  ACP         Auxiliary Communications Processor
  ACPA        Audio Capture and Playback Adapter
  ACPE        Application Call Processing Engine
  ACPI        Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
  ACPM        Association Control Protocol Machine (ACSE)
  ACPN        Additional Called Party Number
  ACQS        Automated Charge Quotation Service
  ACR         Abandon Call and Retry
  ACR         Absolute Category Rating
  ACR         AC Voltage On Ring
  ACR         Access Charge Recording
  ACR         Account Code Required
  ACR         Adaptive Controlled Routing
  ACR         Aggregate CND Recording
  ACR         Allowed Cell Rate
  ACR         Allowed Current Rate
  ACR         Anonymous Call Rejection
  ACR         Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
  ACR         Automatic Call Recording
  ACR         Automatic Character Recognition
  ACRAC       Anonymous Call Rejection Active/Inactive Status
  ACRB        Anonymous Call Rejection Billing Records
  ACRE        Authorization and Call Routing Equipment
  ACRJ        Anonymous Call Rejection
  ACRONYM     Any Concise Rendering of Obfuscatory Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics (from: Dan Caugherty)
  ACRRC       Anonymous Call Rejection Restricted Control
  ACRT        Administrative CRT
  ACRTC       Advanced Cathode Ray Tube Controller
  ACS         Access Control Store (CCA/VTS)
  ACS         Access Control System (DAB)
  ACS         Advanced Cellular System
  ACS         Advanced Communication Service (Bell)
  ACS         Advanced Communication Services
  ACS         Assembly Control System
  ACS         Association Connection Segment
  ACS         Asynchronous Communications Server
  ACS         ATM Circuit Steering
  ACS         ATM Core Switch
  ACS         Automatic Call Back/Recall
  ACS         Automatic Call Setup
  ACSA        Access Control Specific Area
  ACSE        Association Control Service Element
  ACSI        Automatic Calling Station Identification
  ACSSB       Amplitude-Compounded Single-SideBand modulation
  ACT         Abstract Conformance Test
  ACT         AC Voltage On Tip
  ACT         Access Code Translations
  ACT         Activate
  ACT         Activatible
  act         Activation
  ACT         Active
  ACT         Activity
  ACT         Applied Computerized Telephony
  ACT         Architecture Capture Team
  ACT         Asynchronous Communication Tree
  ACT         Audiographic Teleconference Terminal
  ACTA        Adaptive-Cycle Tunable-Access
  ACTA        America's Carriers Telecommunication Association
  ACTAS       Alliance of Computer-Based Telephony Applications Suppliers
  ACTE        Advisory Committee for Terminal Equipment
  ACTE        Approval Committee for Terminal Equipment
  ACTE        Approvals Committee for Telecommunications Equipment
  ACTE        Approvals Committee for Terminal Equipment
  ActID       Action Identifier
  ActID       Activity Identifier
  ACTLU       Active Logical Unit
  ACTOM       Advisory Committee on Technical and Operational Matters (of Inmarsat)
  ACTPU       Active Physical Unit
  ACTR        Automatic Call Type Recognition
  ACTS        Advanced Communication Technology Satellite
  ACTS        Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
  ACTS        Automated Coin Telephone Service
  ACTS        Automated Coin Toll Service
  ACTS        Automated Computer Time Service
  ACTS        Automatic Circuit Test System
  ACTT        Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology
  Actv        Active
  ACTV        Advanced Compatible TeleVision
  ACU         Access Control Unit
  ACU         Acknowledgement signal unit
  ACU         Alarm Control Unit
  ACU         Antenna Combining Unit
  ACU         Antenna Coupling Unit
  ACU         Automatic Calling Unit
  ACUTA       Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators
  ACW         Address Code Word
  AD          Abbreviated Dialing
  AD          Active Directory
  AD          Addendum Document to an OSI standard (ISO)
  AD          ADdress
  AD          Adjunct
  AD          Application Directory
  AD          Application Dispatch
  AD          Architecture Defined
  AD          Architecture Design
  AD          Architecture Designed
  AD          Area Director
  AD          Assembly Drawing
  AD          Autonomous Circuit-Mode Data
  AD          Awaiting Disconnect
  AD          ISO country code for Principality of Andorra
  A-D         Analog to Digital
  ADA         Add Authcode
  ADA         Administration Agent
  ADA         Advanced Directory Assistance
  ADA         Aldus Developer's Association
  ADA         AutoDirectional Antenna (Blaupunkt)
  ADACC       Automatic Directory Assistance Call Completion
  ADACC-AB    Automatic Directory Assistance Call Completion with Alternate Billing
  ADAD        Automatic Dialing-Announcing Device
  ADAI        Advanced Digital Audio Interface
  ADAP        Adaptive Profile
  ADAPt       Adaptive Digital Access Protocol
  ADARTS      Ada-Based DARTS
  ADAS        Automated Directory Assistance Service
  ADAS+       Automated Directory Assistance Service Plus
  ADAS+       Automated Directory Assistance System Plus
  ADB         Alarm Detector Base
  ADB         Apple (Inc.) Desktop Bus
  ADB         Apple Desktop Bus
  ADBS        Access Data Base System
  ADC         Adaptive Data Compression
  ADC         Add with Carry (80x86 inst)
  AdC         Address Code
  ADC         Address Complete
  ADC         ADdress complete, Charge
  ADC         Address Complete, Charge signal
  ADC         Administration Center
  ADC         Advanced Data Connector
  ADC         Advanced Data Controller
  ADC         American Digital Cellular
  ADC         Analog/Digital Converter
  ADC         Analogue to Digital Converter
  ADC         Applied Data Communications
  ADCCP       Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures
  ADCCP       Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol
  ADCI        Automatic Display Call Indicator
  ADCP        Automated Data Changes Process
  ADCU        Association of Data Communications Users
  ADD         Adapter Device Driver
  ADD         Add line to existing hunt group
  Add         Addendum
  ADD         Agent Data Decoupling
  ADDMD       ADministrative Directory Management Domain
  ADDPH       Add/Change Packet Handler Options
  ADDR        Address
  ADDS        Attribute Design Database System
  ADDS        Automatic Direct Dialing System
  ADE         Advanced Development Environment
  ADE         Application Development Environment
  ADE         Automatic Design Engineering
  ADEPT       Analysis Data Extraction and Performance Tool
  ADF         Access Control Decision Function
  ADF         Access Data Function
  ADF         Adapter Description File
  ADF         Adaptive Digital Filter
  ADF         ADdress Field
  ADF         Affected Destination Field
  ADF         Agent Data Framework
  ADF         AMA Data File
  ADF         Application Data File
  ADF         Authentication Data Function
  ADF         Automatic Direction Finder
  ADF         Automatic Document Feeder
  ADF         Auxiliary Distribution Frame
  ADFD        Action Data Flow Diagram
  ADGT        Advisory Group on Data Transmissions
  ADH         Automatic Data Handling
  ADI         Address Incomplete message
  ADI         Address Incomplete signal
  ADI         Alternate Digit Inversion
  ADI         Area of Dominant Influence
  ADI         Automatic Deactivation Indication
  ADI         Automatic Deactivation Indicator
  ADK         Applications Development Kit
  ADL         Abbreviated Dialing
  ADL         Abbreviated Dialing List
  ADL         Address Data Latch
  ADL         Animation Description Language
  ADLC        Advanced Data Link Control
  ADLC        Advanced Data Link Controller
  ADM         Adaptive Data Multiplexing
  ADM         Adaptive Delta Modulation
  ADM         Add/Drop Multiplex
  ADM         Add/Drop Multiplexer
  ADM         Add/Drop Multiplexing
  ADM         Add-on Data Module
  ADM         Administration
  ADM         ADMinistrative department (ETSI)
  ADM         Administrative Management Domain
  ADM         Agent Data Model
  ADM         Asynchronous Disconnect Mode
  ADM         Asynchronous Disconnected Mode
  ADMA        Amplitude Division Multiple Access
  ADMD        Administration Management Domain
  ADMD        ADministration Management Domain (MHS)
  ADMF        ADSI Data Message Format
  ADN         Abbreviated Dialling Number
  ADN         ADdress complete, No charge
  ADN         Address Complete, No-charge signal
  ADN         Administration
  ADN         Advanced Digital Network
  ADO         ActiveX Data Object
  ADO         Add Option(s)
  ADO         Add Order
  ADO         Asynchronous Data Option
  ADP         Adaptation Sublayer
  ADP         Additional (Overtime) Period
  ADP         Automatic Data Processing
  ADPACS      Automated Data Processing And Communication Service
  ADPC        Automatic Data Processing Center
  ADPCM       Adaptive Delta-PCM
  ADPCM       Adaptive Differential PCM
  ADPCM       Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
  ADPE        Automatic Data Processing Equipment
  ADPS        Automatic  Data Processing System
  ADPS        Automatic Data Processing System
  ADPT        ADaPTor, ADaPTer
  ADQ         Almost Differential Quasi-ternary
  ADR         Abbreviated and Delayed Ringing
  ADR         Adaptive Routing
  ADR         Address
  ADR         Advanced Design Research
  ADR         Application-Dependent Route
  ADR         Availability Data Report
  ADS         Active Double Star
  ADS         Address Screening
  ADS         Administration and Data Server (HICOM)
  ADS         Advanced Digital System
  ADS         Announcement/Detection Subsystem
  ADS         Any Digital Switch
  ADS         Application Developer's Seat
  ADS         Application Development System
  ADS         ASIC Design System
  ADS         ATM Distributed Switch
  ADS         Audiogram Delivery Service
  ADS         Austrian Digital Switch
  ADS         Austrian DMS System
  ADS         Automatic Data Set
  ADSH        Audio Stream Handler
  ADSI        Active Directory Service Interface
  ADSI        Advanced Display Services Interface
  ADSI        Analog Display Services Interface
  ADSL        Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  ADSL        Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
  ADSL        Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop
  ADSM        ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager
  ADSP        Advanced Digital Signal Processor
  ADSP        Apple Datastream Protocol
  ADSP        AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
  ADSR        Automatic Dead System Recovery
  ADT         Abstract Data Type
  ADT         Access for Windows Developer's Toolkit
  ADT         Advanced Display Technology
  ADT         Alaska Daylight Time
  ADT         American District Telegraph
  ADT         Atlantic Daylight Time
  ADT         Audit Driver Task
  ADT         Automatic Data Transmission
  ADT         Automatic Deactivation Threshold
  ADTC        Austrian Digital Trunk Controller
  ADTE        Asynchronous Data Terminal Equipment
  ADTE        Automatic Deactivation Threshold Exceeded
  ADTF        ACR Decrease Time Factor
  ADTS        Automated Data and Telecommunication Service
  ADTS        Automated Digital Terminal System
  ADTS        Automatic Data Test System
  ADTS        Automatic Digital Transmission System
  ADTV        Advanced Digital Television
  ADU         Accumulation and Distribution Unit
  ADU         Application Data Unit
  ADU         Automatic Dialing Unit
  ADU         Automatic Dialling Unit
  ADVICE      Aid in Design Verification for IC Engineering
  ADVM        Adaptive Delta Modulation Voice Modem
  ADW         Aerial Distribution Wire
  ADW         Analysis and Design Workstations
  ADX         Address Complete, Coin-Box signal
  ADX         Automatic Exchange
  AE          Acceptor Error
  AE          Address Extension
  AE          Application Entity
  AE          Application Entity (OSI-AL)
  AE          Applications Environment
  AE          Automatic Electric Co.
  AE          Automation Environment
  AE          ISO country code for United Arab Emirates
  AEA         American Electronics Association
  AEC         Acoustic Echo Canceller
  AEC         Acoustic Echo Control
  AEC         Alternate Exchange Carrier
  AEC         Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
  AECMA       Association Européenne des Constructeurs de Matériel Aérospatial
  AECo        Automatic Electric Company
  AEE         Asociacion ElEctrotécnica
  AEF         Access Control Enforcement Function
  AEF         Additional Elementary Functions
  AEF         Address Extension Field
  AEI         Additional Equipment Interface
  AEI         Application-Entity Invocation
  AEIMP       Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol
  AELE        Association Européenne de Libre Echange (EFTA)
  AEM         Analogue Extension Module
  AEMK        Answer Emergency Key
  AEN         Asynchronous Event Notification
  AENOR       Asociacion Espanola de NORmalizacion (E)
  AENOR       Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion y Certificacion
  AEP         Acoustic Echo Path
  AER         Application Event Record
  AER         Application Event Recorder
  AER         Application Event Recording
  AERM        Alignment Error Rate Monitor
  AES         Aircraft Earth Station
  AES         Application Environment Specific
  AES         Application Environment Specification
  AES         Asynchronous Event Scheduler
  AES         ATM End System
  AES         Audio Engineering Society
  AES         Auger Electron Spectroscopy
  AES/EBU     Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcast Union
  AESA        ATM End Station Address
  AESA        ATM End System Address
  AESC        Automatic Electronic Switching Center
  AET         Application Entity Title
  AET         Architecture Evolution Team
  AETJ        GTE Automatic Electric Technical Journal (periodical)
  AF          Access Facility
  AF          Access Fault
  AF          Access Function
  AF          Address Family
  AF          Adjust Flag
  AF          Alternative Frequencies (RDS)
  AF          Applications Framework
  AF          Audio Frequency
  AF          AudioFile
  AF          Auxiliary Carry Flag
  AF          ISO country code for Islamic State of Afghanistan
  A-F         Actual Operators to Final Operators
  AFADS       Automatic Force Administration Data System
  AFAIK       As far as I know
  AFC         Additional Functional Call
  AFC         Address Complete, Subscriber Free, Charge signal
  AFC         Alternate Function Code
  AFC         Application Foundation Classes
  AFC         Automatic Fee Collection
  AFC         Automatic Frequency Control
  AFDP        Adaptive File Distribution Protocol
  AFE         Active Feature Element
  AFE         Analog Front End
  AFF         Advanced Filtering Facility
  AFFUT       Association Française des Utilisateurs du Téléphone et des Télécomunications
  AFG         Access Feature Grouping
  AFI         Authority and Format Identifier
  AFI         Authority and Format Identifier (NSAP)
  AFIPS       American Federation of Information Processing Societies
  AFIS        Aerodrome Flight Information Service
  AFIT        Automated Fault Insertion Testing
  AFL         Application Framework Library
  AFM         Adobe Font Metric
  AFM         Atomic Force Microscope
  AFM         Atomic Force Microscopy
  AFM         Audio Frequency Modulation (8mm VTR Sony Inc.)
  AFN         Access Feeder Node
  AFN         Address Complete, Subscriber Free, No-Charge signal
  AFN         All Figure Number
  AFNOR       Association Francaise de Normalisation
  AFP         Advanced Freephone
  AFP         AppleTalk Filing Protocol
  AFP         Automatic Floating Point
  AFP         Automatic Frequency Planning
  AFPS        Advanced File and Print Services
  AFPS        Automatic Facility Protection Switching
  AFR         AFR Trigger
  AFR         Annualised Failure Rate
  AFR         Automatic Field Recognition
  AFR         Automatic Flexible Routing
  AFR         Automatic Format Recognition
  AFR         Awaiting Forward Release
  AFRDP       Automatic Flexible Routing Dialing Plan
  AFS         Advanced Freephone Service
  AFS         Andrew File System
  AFS         Andrew File System (TCP/IP)
  AFS         Audit File Switch
  AFSK        Audio Frequency Shift Keying
  AFT         Adapter Fault Tolerance
  AFT         Analog Facility Terminal
  AFT         Authentication Firewall Traversal
  AFT         Automatic File Transfer
  AFT         Automatic Frequency Tuning
  AFTN        Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
  AFUTT       Association Francaise de Telephone et des Telecommunications (F)
  AFX         Address complete, subscriber Free, coin boX
  AFX         Address Complete, Subscriber Free, Coin-Box signal
  AG          Address Generation
  AG          Advisory Group (ETSI)
  AG          Aktien Gesellschaft
  AG          Associated Group
  AG          ISO country code for Antigua and Barbuda
  AG          Try Again
  AG/EEE      Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosure
  AGA         Associated Group Assignment
  AGA         Associated Group Assignments
  AGC         Access Group Controller
  AGC         Advanced Graphic Controller
  AGC         Automatic Gain Control
  AGC         Automatic Gapping Controls
  AGCH        Access Grant Channel
  AGCS        AG (AT&T/GTE) Communication Systems
  AGDS        Absolute Global Data Segment
  AGE         Automation Generic Environment
  AgentX      Agent Extensibility
  AGEX        Address Generation/Execute Cycle
  AGGR        Aggregate
  AGI         Address Generation Interlock
  AGI         Associated Group Indicators
  AGIS        Apex Global Information Services
  AGND        Analogue GrouND
  AGNES       Aggregate Network Evolution Simulator
  AGP         Accelerated Graphics Port
  AGP         Advanced Graphics Port
  AGR         Adaptive Grooming Router
  AGRP        Associated Group
  AGRU        Automatische Ansage gaenderter Rufnummern (Call forward to automatic announcement of changed directory numbers)
  AGS         Assignable Grade of Service
  AGSR        Authorized GSA Scheduler Representative
  AGT         Active Generations Table
  AGT         Alberta Government Telephone
  AGTK        Application Generator Tool Kit
  AGV         Automatic Guided Vehicle
  AH          Acceptance Handshake
  AH          Accumulator Register High Half
  AH          Ad Hoc
  AH          Application Header
  AH          Artech House
  AH          Authentication Header
  AH          Average Hour
  AHAB        Automated Headset Adapter Box
  AHAB        Automatic Headset Adapter Box
  AHCA        Average Hour Call Attempt
  AHCM        Absolute Humidity Control Module
  AHFG        ATM-attached Host Functional Group
  AHG         Ad Hoc Group
  AHJ         Authority Having Jurisdiction
  AHLF        Additional High Layer Function(s)
  AHPL        A Hardware Programming Language
  AHR         Address Hold Register
  AHT         Average Holding Time
  Ai          Action indicator
  AI          Activation Indication
  AI          Active Indication
  AI          Activity Interrupt
  AI          Adapter Interface
  AI          Address Incomplete
  AI          Agent Information
  AI          Air Interface
  Ai          A-law Inverted
  AI          Alerting Indication
  AI          Antenna Interface
  AI          Artificial Intelligence
  AI          Aspect Interface
  AI          Auto Inserted
  AI          Automatic Identification
  AI          Automatic Intercept
  AI          ISO country code for Anguilla
  AIA         Action Item Assignment
  AIA         Application Integration Architecture (DEC)
  AIA         Automatic Internal Administration
  AIAG        Automative Industry Action Group
  aib         Alarm Indication Bit
  AIB         Automatic Intercept Bureau
  AIC         Access Interface Card
  AIC         Analog Interface Circuit
  AIC         Asian ISDN Council
  AIC         Automatic Intercept Center
  AIC         Awaiting Incoming Continuity
  AID         Access Identifier
  AID         Access Point Identifier
  AID         Agent ID
  AID         Application Identifier
  AIDAF       Agent Interworking Data Access Framework
  AIDS        Automatic Inventory Directory System
  AIEA        Agence International de l'Energie Atomique
  AIEE        American Institute of Electrical Engineers
  AIF         Additional Information Field
  AIF         Application Interface
  AIF         Audio Interchange Format
  AIFC        AIFF With Built-In Compression
  AIFF        Audio Interchange File Format
  AIFL        Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing Failure
  AII         Active Input Interface
  AII         Additional Information Indicator
  AILC        Asynchronous Interface Line Card
  AILU        Asynchronous Interface Line Unit
  AIM         Advanced Informatics in Medicine
  AIM         Agent Interworking Mechanism
  AIM         Apple, IBM, Motorola
  AIM         Application Integration Module
  AIM         Architectural Improvement of the Month
  AIM         Asynchronous Interface Module
  AIM         ATM Inverse Multiplexer
  AIM         Automatic Inspect Mode
  AIM         Awaiting Incoming Message
  AIMS        Advanced Image Management System
  AIMS        Auto-Indexing Mass Storage
  AIMUX       ATM Inverse Multiplexing
  AIN         Additional Information Number
  AIN         Advanced Intelligent Network
  AIN         Attribute Identification Number
  AINAP       AIN Application Protocol
  AINDN       Advanced Intelligent Network DN
  AINGR       Advanced Intelligent Network Generic Requirements
  AINI        ATM Internetwork Interface
  AINREL      AIN Release
  AINS        Automatic In-Service
  AINT        Adjacent Intermediate Node Translator
  AINTC       Automatic Intercept Service Call Completion
  AINTCC      Automatic Intercept Call Completion
  AIO         Additional Information Octet
  AIOD        Automatic Identification Outward Dialing
  AIOD        Automatic Identified Outward Dialing
  AIODLK      Automatic Identified Outward Dialing Link
  AIP         Additional Information Presentation (supplementary service)
  AIP         Aditional Presentation Information
  AIP         Agent Interworking Protocol
  AIP         Air Interface Protocol
  AIR         Action Item Resolution
  AIR         Additive Increase Rate
  AIR         Additive Increase to Rate
  AIR         Ad-hoc Information Request
  AIR         Allowed Information Rate
  AIR         Attendant Console Intermediate Release
  AIRF        Additive Increase Rate Factor
  AIRS        Automatic Image Retrieval System
  AIRS        Automatic Intercept Retrieval System
  AIS         Alarm Indication Signal
  AIS         Alarm Indication Signalling
  AIS         Alarm Inhibit Signal
  AIS         Atria Information Switchboard
  AIS         Automatic Intercept Service
  AIS         Automatic Intercept Signaling
  AIS         Automatic Intercept System
  AISP        Advanced ISP
  AISUP       Australian ISUP
  AIT         Additional Information Type
  AIT         Advanced Intelligent Tape
  AIT         Architecture Integration Team
  AIT         Average Instruction Time
  AIU         Access Interface Unit
  AIU         Alarm Interface Unit
  AIU         Analog Interface Unit
  AIV         Architecture Integration and Verification
  AIW         APPN Implementors' Workgroup
  AIX         Advanced Interactive Executive
  AIX         Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM/UNIX)
  AK          Acknowledgement
  AK          Attendant Key
  AK          Data Acknowledgment
  AK          U.S. postal code for Alaska
  aka         Also Known As
  AKA         Authentication and Key Agreement
  AKM         Apogee Kick Motor
  AKO         Add Key Option
  AL          Access Line
  AL          Access Link
  AL          Accumulator Register Low Half
  AL          Alignment
  AL          ALphabetic
  AL          Ambience Listening
  AL          Analog Link
  AL          Analog Loopback
  AL          Application Layer (OSI)
  AL          Application Layer-Call Control Interface
  AL          ISO country code for People's Socialist Republic of Albania
  AL          U.S. postal code for Alabama
  AL1         Adaptation Layer 1
  AL2         Adaptation Layer 2
  AL3         Adaptation Layer 3
  ALB         Association Link Block
  ALBO        Automatic Line Build-Out
  ALC         Airline Link Control
  ALC         Airlines Line Control (IBM)
  ALC         Application Life Cycle
  ALC         Automatic Level Control
  ALC         Automatic Load Control
  ALCIN       Alcatel Intelligent Network
  ALCM        Austrian Line Concentrating Module
  ALD         Architecture Level Design
  ALD         Asymmetric Life Dependency
  ALD         Attribute List Display
  ALD         Automated Logic Diagram
  ALDOS       ACI Long Distance Operations System
  ALE         Address Latch Enable
  ALE         Address Lifetime Expectancy
  ALE         Address Lifetime Expectations
  ALE         Approval Liaison Engineer (UK)
  ALERT       ALERT function for different types of alert
  ALERT       Alerting message
  ALF         Application Layer Framing
  ALFA        Automatic Laser-Fiber Assembly
  ALFE        Alert Logic Filter Editor (Bool and Babbage)
  ALGC        Austrian Line Group Controller
  ALGM        ALGorithM
  ALGOL       Algorithmic Oriented Language
  ALI         Application Level Interface
  ALI         ATM Link Interconnect
  ALI         Automatic Line Identification
  ALI         Automatic Location Identification
  ALIT        Automatic Line Insulation Test
  ALIT        Automatic Line Insulation Testing
  ALITS       Automatic Line Insulation Testing System
  ALIU        Alarm Line Interface Unit
  ALLC        Automatic Logical Link Connection
  ALLF        Additional Low Layer Function(s)
  ALM         Alarm
  ALM         AppWare Loadable Module
  ALM         Association Link Manager
  ALM         ATM Layer Manager
  ALMSTAT     Alarm Status
  ALMSTATGRP  Alarm/Status Settings Group Identifier
  ALN         AMA Line Number
  ALO         Association Link Object
  ALP         Abstract Local Primitive
  ALP         Application Layer Program
  ALP         Automated Language Processing
  ALP         Automated Learning Process
  ALPC        Adaptive Linear Predictive Coding
  ALR         Active Line Rotation
  ALR         Advanced Logic Research
  ALRM        Alarm
  ALRS        Admiralty List of Radio Signals
  ALS         Alerting Signal
  ALS         Application Layer Service
  ALS         Application Layer Structure (OSI)
  ALS         Automatic Laser Shutdown
  ALSC        Alternate Line Screening Code
  ALSTTL      Advanced Low-power Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic
  ALT         Accelerated Life Test
  ALT         Alerting message
  ALT         Alternate
  ALT         Alternate Local Transport Company
  alt         Alternative
  ALT         ALTitude
  ALT         Automatic Line Test
  ALT         Automatic Line Testing
  ALT         Automatic Link Transfer
  ALTANN      Alternate Announcements
  ALTP        Accelerated Life-Cycle Test Program
  ALTS        Alternative Local Transport Supplier
  ALTS        Association for Local Telecommunications Services
  ALTS        Automatic Line Test Set
  ALU         Abbreviated Line-Up
  ALU         Arithmetic and Logic Unit
  ALU         Arithmetic Logic Unit
  ALU         Arithmetic/Logic Unit
  ALU         Average Line Usage
  ALU         Average Line Utilization
  AM          Access Management
  AM          Access Manager
  AM          Access Method
  AM          Access Module
  AM          Accounting Management
  AM          Activity Manager
  AM          Address Marker
  AM          Address Modifier
  AM          Administrative Module
  AM          Agency Model
  AM          Agent Manager
  AM          Airline Mileage
  AM          Alignment Mask
  AM          AlphaMosaic
  AM          Amplitude Modulation
  AM          Ante Meridian
  AM          Application Model
  AM          ASCII Mediation
  AM          Association Manager
  AM          Audio Monitor
  AM          DDOC Section: AMA/Billing Changes
  AM          ISO country code for Armenia
  AM/PSK      Amplitude Modulation/Phase Shift Keying
  AMA         Automatic Message Accounting
  AMA TSG     Automatic Message Accounting Technical Support Group
  AMAB        Automatic Message Accounting Billing
  AMAB        Automatic Message Accounting Buffer
  AMACC       AMA Collection Center
  AMACS       Automatic Message Accounting Collecting System
  AMACS       Automatic Message Accounting Collection System
  AMAD        AMA Digits Dialed Wild Card
  AMADNS      Automatic Message Accounting Data Networking System
  AMAF        Atlantech Management Application Framework
  AMAI        AMA International
  AMAP        Adaptive Mobile Access Protocol
  A-MAP       A-field MAP
  AMARC       Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
  AMARCS      Automatic Message Accounting Recording System
  AMARS       Automatic Message Accounting Recording System
  AMASE       AMA Standard Entry
  AMASTR      AMA Structure Code
  AMAT        Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter
  AMATP       Automatic Message Accounting Transaction Processor
  AMATPS      Automatic Message Accounting Teleprocessing System
  AMBCE       Activation of Manual Bridging Call Exclusion
  AMC         Access Multiplexer for CaTV
  AMC         American Movie Classics
  AMCP        Adjunct Mobility Control Point
  AMD         Advanced Micro Devices
  AMD         Ammendment
  AMDS        Amplitude Modulation Data System
  AME         Access Mechanism
  AMEL        Active-Matrix Electroluminescent
  AMES        ATM Mobility Extension Service
  AMF         Access Management Function
  AMF         Alternate Master Format
  AMF         Application Messaging Framework
  AMF         Association Manager Framework
  AM-FDM      Amplitude Modulated-Frequency Division Multiplexed
  AMH         Advanced Measurement Head
  AMI         Alternate Mark Inversion
  AMI         Alternate Mark Inversion (digital data transmission format)
  AMI         American Megatrends, Inc.
  AMI         American Microsystems International
  AMI         Application Messaging Interface
  AMI         Automatic Modem Insertion
  AMI         Autonomous Message Interface
  AMIEE       Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (GB)
  AMIP        Access Module Interconnect Paddle card
  AMIPC       AM Interconnect Paddle Card
  AMIS        Agricultural Market Intelligence System
  AMIS        Audio Messaging Interchange Specification
  AML         Actual Measured Loss
  AML         Applications Module Link
  AMLCD       Active Matrix Liquid-Crystal Displays
  AMLCD       Active-Matrix LCD
  AMM         Advanced Memory Management
  Amm         Ammendment
  AMM         Answer Mode Modem
  AMN         Acknowledgement of Mcu Number
  AMON        ATM Monitoring
  AMP         Acknowledge Mode Protocol
  AMP         Active Monitor Present
  AMP         Agent Meeting Point
  AMP         AIN Maintenance Parameter
  amp         Ampere
  AMP         Amplifier
  AMP         Auxiliary Channel Multiplexing Pattern
  AMPS        Advanced Mobile Phone Service
  AMPS        Advanced Mobile Phone System
  AMPSK       Amplitude Modulation Phase Shift Keying
  AMR         Automatic Message Recording
  AMR         Automatic Message Routing
  AMR5        Automatic Message Recording 5
  AMRF        Automated Manufacturing Research Facility
  AMS         Amplitude Modulation Suppression
  AMS         AT&T Message Service
  AMS         ATM Main Switch
  AMS         Audiovisual and Multimedia Service
  AMS         AudioVisual Multimedia Service
  AMSAT       Radio AMateur SATellite corporation
  AMSC        American Mobile Satellite Corporation
  AMSRID      Authorized Message Service Identification
  AMSS        Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
  AMT         Address Mapping Table
  AMT         Advanced Manufacturing Technique
  AMT         Ameritech
  Amt         Amount
  AMTA        American Mobile Telecommunications Association
  AMTICS      Advanced Mobile Traffic-Information Communications System
  AMTOR       AMateur Telex Over Radio
  AMTS        Automatic Mobile Telephone System
  AMU         Antenna Matching Unit
  AMVFT       Amplitude Modulation Voice Frequency Telegraphy
  AMVSB       Amplitude Modulation with Vestigial SideBands
  AM-VSB      Amplitude Modulation-Vestigial Sideband
  AMW         Automatic Message Waiting
  AMWN        Audible Message Waiting Notification
  AMX         ATM Multiplexer
  AN          Access Network
  AN          Access Node
  AN          America's Network (periodical)
  AN          Announcement Machine
  AN          Annunciator
  AN          Application Note
  AN          ISO country code for Netherlands Antilles
  an          power level
  ANA         Article Numbering Association
  ANA         Assigned Night Answer
  ANA         Automatic Number Announcer
  ANAL        ANALogue
  ANALIT      Analysis of Automatic Line Insulation Tests
  ANBFM       Adaptive Narrow-Band FM Modem
  ANC         Active Noise Cancelation
  ANC         All Number Calling
  ANC         Answer Charge message
  ANC         Answer Complete
  ANC         ANswer signal, Charge
  ANC         Answer, Charge signal
  ANC         Area Number Calling
  ANCM        Access Node Configuration Manager
  AND         Abbreviated Number Delivery
  AND         Automatic Network Dialing
  AND         Logical AND
  ANDF        Architecture Neutral Distribution Format
  ANDI        Anmeldedienst (Enrollment Service)
  ANDI        Logical AND Immediate
  ANET        Asynchronous Network
  ANF         Access Network Function
  ANF         Additional Network Feature
  ANF         Additional Network Features
  ANF         Automatic Number Identification Failure
  AN-FR       AN Frame Relay Function
  ANG         Advanced Networking Group
  ANI         Animated Cursor file
  ANI         Automatic Number Identification
  ANI7        Automatic Number Identification 7
  ANID        Active Network Interface Device
  ANID        Adjacent Network Identifier
  ANIE        Associazione nazionale industrie elettrotecniche ed ellettroniche (Italy)
  ANIEL       Associación Nacional de Industria Electronica (Spain)
  ANIF        Automatic Number Identification Fail
  ANIF        Automatic Number Identification Failed
  ANIF        Automatic Number Identification Failure
  ANIS        Analoger Teilnehmeranschluss an ISDN (analog subscriber served by digital local exchange)
  ANIS        Analog-Teilnehmer an DIVO-VSt (analogue subscriber connected to digital exchange)
  ANL         Automatic Noise Limiter
  ANLG        Analog
  ANM         Advanced NM (Net/Master, IBM)
  ANM         Answer Message
  ANMS        ATM Network Management System
  ANN         Announcement
  ANN         Answer No-Charge message
  ANN         ANswer signal, No charge
  ANN         Answer, No-Charge signal
  ANNC        Announcement
  ANNS        Announcements
  anot        Automatic Notification
  ANP         AAL Type 2 Negotiation Procedure
  ANP         AAL2 Negotiation Protocol
  ANR         Abnormal
  ANR         Automatic Network Routing
  ANR         Awaiting Number Received
  ANRST       Abnormal-and-Restricted
  ANS         Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
  ANS         Advanced Network Systems
  ANS         Advanced Networking Services
  ANS         Alcatel Network Systems
  ANS         American National Standard
  ANS         Answer
  ANS         Answer message
  ANS         Answer signal
  ANS         ATM Name Server
  ANS         Automated Notification System
  ANSA        Advanced Network System Architecture
  ANSA        Advanced Networked Systems Architecture
  ANSC        American National Standards Committee
  ANSI        American National Standards Institute (US)
  ANSTIM      Answer Timing
  ANT         Antenna
  ANT         Application of New Technologies
  ANTU        Analogue Network Termination Unit
  ANU         Answer Unqualified message
  ANUI        AMA Network User Identification
  ANX         Access Node Express
  ANZCAN      Australia-New Zealand-Canada submarine cable
  AO          Abort Output
  AO          Acceptor Operable
  AO          Account Owner
  AO          Alternate Operator
  AO          Answer Only
  AO          Application Object
  AO          Authorizing Origination point in call
  AO          Automated Office
  AO          ISO country code for Republic of Angola
  AO/DI       Always On/Dynamic ISDN
  AO/S        Agents Object System
  AO3         Add-On Conference- 3-Party
  AO6         Add-On Conference- 6-Party
  AOA         Angle of Arrival
  AoC         Advice of Charge
  AOC         Advice Of Charge (supplementary service)
  AOC         Aeronautical Operational Control
  AOC         Automatic Overload Control
  AOC         Awaiting Outgoing Continuity
  AoCC        Advice of Charge (Charging) (supplementary service)
  AoCC        Advice of Charge Charging
  AOC-D       Advice of Charge (Service)- During call
  AOC-D       Advice of Charge During the Call
  AOCE        Apple Open Collaboration Environment
  AOC-E       Advice of Charge (Service)- at End of call
  AOC-E       Advice of Charge at the End of the Call
  AoCI        Advice of Charge (Information) (supplementary service)
  AoCI        Advice of Charge Information
  AOCP        Additional Original Called Party Number
  AOCR        Automatic Out-of-Chain Routing
  AOCS        Attitude and Orbit Control System
  AOC-S       Advice of Charge (Service)- at call Set-up time
  AOC-S       Advice of Charge at Call Setup Time
  AODI        Always On Dynamic ISDN
  AOG         Alternative Operators Group
  AOI         Active Output Interface
  AOI         Area Of Interest
  AOL         America Online
  AOL         Application Oriented Language
  AON         Active Optical Network
  AON         All-Optical Network
  AON         All-Optical Networking
  AONALS      Type "A" Off-Network Access Lines
  AOP         Annual Operating Plan
  AOP         Attendant Overflow Position
  AOP         Average Occupied Positions
  AOPL        Application-Oriented Parsing Language
  AOPS        Automated Office Protocol Standard
  AOQ         Average Outgoing Quality
  AOQL        Average Outgoing Quality Level
  AOR         Application-Owning Region
  AOR         Atlantic Ocean Region
  AOR         Atlantic Ocean Region (INTELSAT)
  AORG        Auto Originate
  AOS         Acquisition Of Signal
  AOS         Advanced Operating System
  AOS         Agents Object System
  AOS         Alternative Operator Services
  AOS         Area of Service
  AOS         Attitude and Orbit control Subsystem
  AOSS        Auxiliary Operator Services System
  AOSSVR      Auxiliary Operator Services System with Voice Response
  AOTC        Australian and Overseas Telecommunication Corporation
  AOTF        Acoustooptic Tunable Filter
  AOTF        Acousto-Optical Tunable Fiber
  AOTS        Advanced Orbital Test Satellite
  AOTT        Automatic Outgoing Trunk Test
  AOW         Asia-Oceania OSI Workshop
  AOW         Asia-Oceania Workshop
  AOZ         Address Complete, Without Additional Information
  AP          Abstract Protocol
  AP          Access Point
  AP          Access Priority (TETRA)
  AP          Access Privilege
  AP          Access Protocol
  AP          Access Provider
  AP          Action Point
  AP          Actionpoint
  AP          Active Approval
  AP          Adjunct Processor
  AP          Administration Processor
  AP          Administrative Point
  AP          Administrative Processor
  AP          Agency Protocol
  AP          Agent Process
  AP          Agent Profile
  AP          Alerting Pattern
  AP          Alternating Projection
  AP          Application Part
  AP          Application Process
  AP          Application Profile (OSI-AL)
  AP          Application Protocol
  AP          Application(s) Processor
  AP          Argument Pointer
  AP          Assemblée Plénière (CEPT, CCIR, CCITT)
  AP          Attendant Position
  AP&R    Automated Prompt and Response
  APA         Active Position Addressing
  APA         All Points Adressable
  APA         All-point Addressable (IBM WS capability for vector graphics)
  APAB        All-Primary/All-Backup
  APAS        Advanced Public Access Solutions
  APB         Adaptive Prediction Backwards
  APB         All Paths Busy
  APB         All Positions Busy
  APC         Access Processor Card
  APC         Adaptive Power Control
  APC         Adaptive Predictive Coding
  APC         Adaptive-Predictive Coder
  APC         Aeronautical Public Correspondence
  APC         Alarm and Power Control
  APC         AMARC Protocol Converter
  APC         American Personal Communications
  APC         American Power Conversion
  APC         Analog Private Circuits
  APC         Application Processor Cabinet
  APC         Application Program Command
  APC         Asia Pacific & CALA DMS-100
  APC         Asia Pacific Committee
  APC         Asynchronous Procedure Call
  APC         Automated Process Control
  APC         Automatic Phase Control (PLL)
  APC         Automatic Power Control
  APC         Average Power Control
  APC-AB      Adaptive Predictive Coding with Adaptive Bit allocation
  APCC        Asia Pacific Conference on Communications
  APCI        Association Potocol Control Information
  APCM        Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation
  APCN        Asia Pacific Cable Network
  APCO        Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International
  APD         Automatic Phase Detector
  APD         Automatic Power-Down (IC)
  APD         Avalanche Photo Detector
  APD         Avalanche Photo Diode
  APD         Avalanche Photodiode
  APDA        Apple Programmers' and Developers' Association
  APDL        Algorithmic Processor Description Language
  APDU        Application Protocol Data Unit
  APDU        Application Protocol Data Unit (OSI-AL)
  APE         Abgesetzte Pheriphaere Einheit (Remote Peripheral Unit)
  APEC        Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
  APF         Adaptive Prediction Forward
  APG         Application Programming Guide
  APH         Actionpoint Handler
  API         Abbreviated Page Index
  API         Advanced Product Information
  API         Application Program Interface
  API         Application Programmer Interface
  API         Application Programming Interface
  API         Application Protocol Interface
  API         Application-Process Invocation
  API         Applications Programming Interface
  API         Asynchronous Pollable Interface
  API         Asynchronous Polling Interface
  API         Attached Processor Interface
  API/CS      API/Communication Services
  APIA        Application Programming Interface Association
  APIA X.400  API Association for X.400
  APIC        Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
  APIC        Alternate Preferred IC Indicator
  APIC        Alternate Preferred InterLATA Carrier
  APICI       Alternate Preferred InterLATA Carrier Indicator
  APII        Asia/Pacific Information Exchange
  APK         Amplitude Phase Keying
  APK         Amplitude-Phase-Keyed
  APL         A Programming Language
  APL         Advanced Parts List
  APL         Advanced Programming Language
  APL         Advisory Processor Lock
  APL         Analog Private Line
  APL         APpLication
  APL         Average Picture Level (Video)
  APM         Additional Packet Mode bearer service (CCITT I.122)
  APM         Advanced Power Management
  APM         Amplitude Phase Modulation
  APM         Antenna to Partition Mapping
  APM         Application Processor Module
  APM         Application Transport Mechanism
  APM         Application Transport Message
  APM         Audio Processing Module
  APM         Auxiliary Processing Machine
  APMS        Application Penetration Monitoring System
  APMT        Alcatel PMT
  APN         Audio Processing Node
  APNB        All-Primary/No Backup
  APNG        Australia-Papua New Guinea submarine cable
  APNSS       Analogue Private Network Signalling System
  APOC        Advanced Paging Operations Code
  APOC        Advanced POCSAG
  APOCS       Atlantic Provinces Optical Cable System
  APOK        Advanced Programming Object Kit
  APOLT       APON Line Termination
  APON        Asynchronous Passive Optical Network
  APON        ATM over Passive Optical Network
  APONT       APON Network Termination
  APP         Additional PleniPotentionary conference (ITU)
  APP         Application
  APP         APplication Program
  APP         Application Transport Parameter
  APP         Approved
  APP         Ascend Password Protocol
  APP         Auxiliary Power Plant
  APPC        Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (SNA-LU 6.2)
  APPL        Application
  APPL        Applications milestone
  APPN        Advanced Peer-to-Peer Network (IBM)
  APPS        Advanced Peripheral Processing Solution (National Semiconductors Inc.)
  APPS        Applications
  APPV        Advanced Pay-Per-View
  APPX        Appendix
  APR         Additional (Overtime) Period Rate
  APR         Alarm Processing Remote
  APR         Alternate Path Retry
  APR         Automatic Position Reporting
  APRICOT     Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
  APRL        Average Power Return Loss
  APROX       APPROXimate
  APS         Administrative Processor System
  APS         Advanced Power System(s)
  APS         Advanced Printing Services
  APS         Alarm Processing Subsystem
  APS         Alternate Path Selection
  APS         American Protective Services
  APS         Application Server
  APS         Asynchronous Protocol Specification
  APS         Attached Processor System
  APS         Attendant Pay Station
  APS         Attended Pay Station
  APS         Automatic Protection Switch
  APS         Automatic Protection Switching
  APS         Auxiliary Power Source
  APS/DP      Automatic Protection Switching with Diverse Protection
  APSB        All-Primary/Some Backup
  APSO        Audio Precision System One
  APSS        Automated Procedures Scheduling System
  APT         Address Partition Terminator
  APT         Advanced Parallel Technology
  APT         Advanced Photoscale Technology
  APT         Application Process Title
  APT         Application Systems (Swedish)
  APT         AT&T/Philips
  APT         Automatic Programmed Tool
  APT         Automatic Progression Testing
  APTU        African Postal and Telecommunication Union
  APU         Application Processing Unit
  APU         Arithmetic Processing Unit
  APU         Arithmetic Processor Unit
  APU         Audio Presentation Unit
  APUX        Application Processor Running Unix
  APX         AppExpert Source File
  APX         Autoplex
  APX10       Autoplex-10
  APX-10      Autoplex-10
  APX100      Autoplex-100
  APX-100     Autoplex-100
  APX1000     Autoplex-1000
  APX-1000    Autoplex-1000
  APZ         Control System (Swedish)
  AQ          Autoquote
  AQ          ISO country code for Antarctica
  AQC         Annual Quality Congress
  AQF         Advanced Query Feature
  AQL         Acceptable Quality Level
  AQL         Acceptance Quality Level
  AQP         Association for Quality and Participation
  AQSE        Abstract Quality System Element
  AQUA        Adaptive Quantized Update Algorithm
  AQUARIUS    A Query And Retrieval Intractive Utility System
  AR          Access Rate
  AR          Access Rule
  AR          Action Register
  AR          Action Request
  AR          Activation Request
  AR          Activity Resume
  AR          Address Register
  AR          Allocated Rate
  AR          Alternate Route
  AR          Alternate Routed
  AR          Alternate Routing
  AR          Analysis Report
  AR          Archive Library
  AR          Aspect Ratio
  AR          Audible Ringing
  AR          Automatic Recall
  AR          Awaiting Reply
  AR          ISO country code for Argentine Republic (Argentina)
  AR          U.S. postal code for Arkansas
  A-R         Actual Operators to Required Operators
  AR1         Alignment Range 1
  AR2         Alignment Range 2
  ARA         Agents for Remote Access
  ARA         Alerting/Registration Area
  ARA         AppleTalk Remote Access
  ARA         Automatic Recall Activate
  ARA         Automatic Resource Assignment
  ARABSAT     ARAB SATellite Communications Organization
  ARAC        Automatic Recall Active/Inactive Status
  ARACC       Automatic Recall Access Codes
  ARAM        Audio RAM
  ARAM        Automatic Recall for Analog Member of EKTS
  ARAN        Automatic Room Authorization Number
  ARAP        Apple Remote Access Protocol
  ARB         All Routes Busy
  ARB         ARBitrary (waveform generator)
  ARB         Architecture Review Board
  ARB         Automatic Recall Billing Records
  ARC         Access Request Channel
  ARC         Access Rights Class
  arc         Action Request Command
  ARC         Adaptive Rate Conversion
  ARC         Administrative Radio Conference
  ARC         Alternate Route Cancel
  ARC         Army Reuse Center
  ARC         Attached Resource Computer
  ARC         Attendant Recall
  ARC         Automatic Reception Control (mono/stereo)
  ARCC        Austrian Remote Cluster Controller
  ARCH        Access Response Channel
  ARCH        Architecture
  ARCHID      Architecture Identifier
  ARCHNL      AMA Remote Channel
  ARCM        Automatic Recall/Callback Currently Active Monitoring
  ARD         Access Rights Details
  ARD         Adaptive RAKE Diversity
  ARD         Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
  ARD         Automatic Recall Deactivate
  ARD         Automatic Ring Down
  ARDDN       Automatic Recall Dialable Directory Number
  ARDIS       Advanced Radio Data Information Service
  ARDN        Automatic Route Selection Directory Number
  ARDS        AT&T Communications Reference Distribution System
  ARDS        AT&T Reference Distribution System
  ARDT        Automated Radio Deployment Tool
  ARDT        Automatic Recall Date and Time
  ARDY        Asynchronous Ready
  ARE         All Routes Explore
  ARE         All Routes Explorer
  ARF         Abort, Retry, Fail
  ARF         Alarm Reporting Function
  ARF         Alternative Routing From
  ARF         Analog Receiver Filter
  ARF         AT&T Communications Reference Frequency
  ARF         AT&T Reference Frequency
  ARF         Automatic Rate Fallback
  ARFA        Allied Radio Frequency Agency
  ARFCN       Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
  ARG         Additional Redirecting Number
  ARG         Argument
  ARI         Access Rights Identity
  ARI         Access Rule Index
  ARI         Airborne Radio Instrument
  ARI         Autofahrer-Rundfunk-Information
  ARI         Automatic Room Identification
  ARI/FCI     Address Recognized Indicator/Frame Copied Indicator (MAC/token ring)
  ARIA        Automatic Recall Invalid Action
  ARIB        Association of Radio Industries and Broadcasting
  ARIES       Agent Related Interaction Enhancements for Services
  ARINC       Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
  ARIS        Aggregate Route-Based IP Switching
  ARIS        Aggregated Route-Based IP Switching
  ARJ         Admission Reject
  ARL         Acceptable Reliability Level
  ARL         Acoustic Reference Level
  ARL         Adjusted Ring Length
  ARL         Audio Reference Level
  ARL         Average Running Length
  ARLB        Automatic Recovery from Low Battery
  ARLB        Automatic Return from Low Battery
  ARLCN       AMA Remote Logical Channel Number
  ARLL        Advanced Run-Length-Limited (magnetic recording code)
  ARM         Advanced RISC Machines
  ARM         Annotated C++ Reference Manual
  ARM         Applications Reference Model
  ARM         Architecture Reference Manual
  ARM         Asynchronous Response Mode
  ARM         Availability, Reliability, Maintainability
  ARMA        Automatic Recall Maximum Allowed
  ARMAP       Adaptive Reservation Multiple Access Protocol
  ARMIS       Automated Reporting of Mechanized Information Systems
  ARMIS       Automatic Recording Management Information System
  ARN         Additional Redirection Number
  ARN         Advanced Remote Node
  ARN         Alternate Route Number
  ARN         Authentication Random Number
  ARO         Alternate Route on Overflow
  ARO         Audio Receive Only
  ARP         Address Resolution Protocol (TCP/IP-DoD)
  ARP         Autonomous Reuse Partitioning
  ARPA        Advanced Research Projects Agency
  ARPAnet     Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
  ARPL        Adjust RPL Field (80x86 inst)
  ARPOSE      Specification de l'ARchitecture et des Protocoles OSI permettant de rendre le services
  ARQ         Admission Request
  ARQ         Automatic Repeat Request
  ARQ         Automatic Request for Repeat
  ARQ         Automatic Request for Retransmission
  ARQ         Automatic Retransmission Request
  arr         Action Request Report
  ARR         Attributes for Representing Relationship
  ARR         Automatic Rerouting
  ARRC        Advanced Radiodata Research Centre
  ARRE        Alarm Receiving and Reporting Equipment
  ARRL        American Radio Relay League
  ARS         Action Request System
  ARS         Action Response System
  ARS         Active Root Service
  ARS         Alarm Reporting System
  ARS         Ameritech Reconfiguration Service
  ARS         Automatic Route Selection
  ARS         Automatic Route Selector
  ARSB        Automated Repair Service Bureau
  ARS-D       Automatic Route Selection-Deluxe
  ARSP        Automatic Route Selection Pattern
  ARSQ        Automatic Route Selection Queuing
  ART         Alternative Routing To
  ART         Amplitude Radio Transmission
  ART         Audible Ringing Tone
  ART         Audit Report Task
  ART         Automated Reasoning Tool
  ART         Automatic Recall Toggle
  ART         Automatic Reporting Telephone
  ARTA        Apple Real Time Architecture
  ARTE        Alpha Run Time Environment
  ARTEMIS     Advanced Research and Technology Mission
  ARTHUR   Automatic Radiocommunication system for Traffic emergency situations on Highways
  ARTIC       A Real-Time Interface Coprocessor
  ARTO        Automatic Recall Time Out
  ARTOB       Amateur Radio Transponder On Balloon
  ARTS        AIN Response Translation Simplification
  ARTS        American Radio Telephone System
  ARTS        ARSnet Router Traffic Statistics
  ARTYPE      Automatic Recall Reactivation Type
  ARU         Alarm Relay Unit
  ARU         Analog Radio Unit
  ARU         Application Resource Unit
  ARU         Audio Response Unit
  ARU         Automated Response Unit
  arv         Action Request View
  ARW         Automatic Roaming Wide
  AS          Abstract Service
  AS          Access Signaling
  AS          Access Switch
  AS          Access System
  AS          Active Service
  AS          Activity Start
  AS          Address Signal
  AS          Address Strobe
  AS          Administrative System
  AS          Affects
  AS          Alignment Signal
  AS          Analog Signal
  As          Anschluss (Access Unit/Extension)
  AS          Answer Supervision
  AS          Application Selection
  AS          Application Supervisor
  AS          Application System (IBM)
  AS          Area Selection (TETRA)
  AS          Assisted Service
  AS          Association Specification
  AS          Authentication Server
  AS          Autonomous System
  AS          ISO country code for American Samoa
  AS          Start of Answer
  AS/400      Application System/400
  AS/LIDB     LIDB Administrative System
  AS/SYS      Access and Storage System
  AS/U        Advanced Server for UNIX
  ASA         Addressable Service Area
  ASA         Adjunct Software Architecture
  ASA         Advanced SCSI Architecture
  ASA         American Standard Association (ANSI today)
  ASA II      Advanced SCSI Architecture II
  A-SAE       ASE Service Alteration Element
  ASAI        Adjunct/Switch Application Interface
  ASAP        Accelerated Speech Application Programming
  ASAP        As Soon As Possible
  ASAP        Automated Software Change Approval Passport
  ASAP        Automatic Self-Allocating Processor (Convex Inc. Super Comp.)
  ASAP        Automatic Service Activation Program
  ASB         Automatic Speed Buffering
  ASBH        Average Season Busy Hour
  ASBHCA      Average Season Busy Hour Call Attempts
  ASBHCC      Average Season Busy Hour Call Completions
  ASBR        Autonomous System Boundary Router
  ASC         Abnormal Station Code
  ASC         Accredited Standard(s) Committee
  ASC         Active Service Component
  ASC         Active Signal Correction
  ASC         Advanced Scientific Computer
  ASC         AIN Switch Capabilities
  ASC         American Satellite Corporation
  ASC         Any Switch Company
  ASC         Application Service Centres
  ASC         Authorized Support Center
  ASC         Automatic Sensitivity Control
  ASC         Automatic Sequence Control
  ASC         Available Spare Capacity
  ASC X3      Information Technology of Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) (formerly CBEMA)
  ASCC        Advanced Software Construction Center
  ASCI        Advanced Speech Call Items
  ASCII       American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  ASCOT       Assessment of Systems and Components for Optical Telecommunications
  ASCR        Asymmetric Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  ASCS        Alarm Sending and Checking System
  ASD         Answer Signal Delay
  ASD         Answer Supervision Delay
  ASD         AutoSave Document File
  ASDA        Advanced Silence Detection Algorithm
  ASDE        Airport Surface Detection Equipment
  ASDP        Alternative Software Delivery Program
  ASDS        ACCUNET Spectrum of Digital Services
  ASDS        ACCUNET Switched Digital Service
  ASE         Active Service Element
  ASE         Amplified Spontaneous Emission
  ASE         Application Service Element
  ASE         ATM Switching Element
  ASEAN       Association of South East Asian Nations
  ASEANIS     ASEAN Indonesia-Singapore submarine cable
  ASEANPS     ASEAN Philippines-Singapore submarine cable
  ASEM        Air System Element Manager
  ASEQ        Allocation Sequence Number
  ASEQ        Ascending Sequence
  ASET        Adaptive Sub-band Excitation Transform
  ASF         Active Streaming Format
  ASF         Administrative Storage Facility (NAA-DSA-Bull)
  ASF         Application Support Function
  ASF         Aspect Source Flag
  ASF         Association Framework
  ASF         Automatic Sheet Feeder
  ASFB        Application Specific Functional Block
  ASG         Abstract Service Group
  ASG         Applications Support Group
  ASG         Ascend Signaling Gateway
  ASHE        A Simple HTML Editor
  ASHRAE      American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
  ASI         Alternate Space Inversion
  ASI         Ameritech Services, Inc.
  ASI         Application Software Interface
  ASIC        Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
  ASIM        Application Specific Integrated Module
  ASIM        Asynchronous/Synchronous Interface Module
  ASIP        Ameritech Service Improvement Program
  ASIS        Application-Specific Integrated Sensor
  ASK         Accessing Software Knowledge
  ASK         Amplitude Shift Keying
  asl         above sea-level
  ASL         Adaptive Speed Leveling
  ASL         Agent Status Lamp
  ASL         Analog Subscriber Line
  ASL         Arithmetic Shift Left
  ASLIP       Abbreviated Serial Line Internet Protocol
  ASLM        Apple Shared Library Manager
  ASLT        Advanced Solid Logic Technology
  ASM         Abstract Service Module
  ASM         Abstract Syntax Machine
  ASM         Address Space Manager
  ASM         Analog Station Module
  ASM         Assembler
  ASM         Assembly Language
  ASM         Assembly Language File
  ASM         Association Mode
  ASM         ATM Service Multiplexer
  ASM         ATM Switched Services Module
  ASM         ATM Switching Module
  ASMA        Asynchronous Serial Manchestercode Adapter
  ASMC        Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
  ASMDR       Advanced Station Message Detail Recording
  ASME        American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  ASMM        ATM Service Management Module
  ASMP        Asymmetric Multiprocessing
  ASMS        Advanced Service Management System
  ASMS        Advanced Strategic Missile System
  ASN         Abstract Syntax Notation
  ASN         Access Stack Node
  ASN         Actual Slot Number
  ASN         Alcatel Submarine Networks
  ASN         ATM Service Node
  ASN         ATM Switching Network
  ASN         Authentication Sequence Number
  ASN.1       Abstract Syntax Notation n° 1 (ITU/ISO)
  ASN-1       Abstract Syntax Notation One
  A-SNE       ASE Service Notification Element
  ASO         Application Service Object
  ASO         Automatic Service Observing
  ASOG        Access Service Order Guidelines
  ASOS        Advanced Services Operations System
  ASP         Abstract Service Primitive
  ASP         Access Service Provider
  ASP         Access Signal Processor
  ASP         Active Server Page
  ASP         Advanced Services Platform
  ASP         Agent Service Participant
  ASP         Alternate Service Provider
  ASP         Application Service Part
  ASP         Application Signalling Processor
  ASP         Application Software Package
  ASP         Application Specific Parameter
  ASP         Asia-South Pacific
  ASP         Assignment Source Point
  ASP         Association of Service Providers
  ASP         Association of Shareware Professionals
  ASP         Auxiliary Service Position
  ASPA        AMA Specialized Processing Application
  ASPEC       Audio Spectrum Coding
  ASPI        Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
  ASPI        Advanced SCSI Protocol Interface
  ASPI        Atlanta Signal Processors, Inc.
  ASPR        Automated Split-Referral
  ASPS        Accounting Statistical Processing System
  ASPS        Accounting Statistics Processing System
  ASPS        Advanced Space Processor Subsystem
  ASQ         Active Service Queue
  ASQ         Automated Status Query
  ASQC        American Society for Quality Control
  ASR         Abstract Test Suite Selection Rules
  ASR         Access Service Request
  ASR         Adaptive Sample Rate
  ASR         Address Space Register
  ASR         Alarm State Request
  ASR         Always-Start-from-Root
  ASR         Answer/Seizure Ratio
  ASR         Answer-to-Seizure Ratio
  ASR         Arithmetic Shift Right
  ASR         Automatic Send/Receive (TTY)
  ASR         Automatic Set Relocation
  ASR         Automatic Speech Recognition
  ASR         Automatic Standard Recognition (television)
  ASRAM       Application-Specific Random Access Memory
  ASSET       Advanced Switchable Signaling and Echo-Canceler Terminal
  ASSI        Alias Short Subscriber Identity (TETRA)
  AST         Abstract Syntax Tree
  AST         Activity Switch Timer
  AST         Advanced Screen Telephony
  AST         Advanced Screen-based Telephony
  AST         Advanced Systems & Technology
  AST         Alaska Standard Time
  AST         Anti-Sidetone
  AST         Asynchronous Service Trap
  AST         Asynchronous System Trap
  AST         Atlantic Standard Time
  AST         Automatic System Testing
  AST/SYS     Access, Storage, and Transfer System
  ASTA        Areas of Service State
  ASTAP       Advanced STatistical Analysis Program
  ASTI        At Some TIme
  ASTM        American Society for Testing and Materials
  ASTP        Advanced Systems and Technology Programme
  ASTRA       Automated Service and Trouble Report Analysis
  ASTTL       Advanced Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic
  ASU         Acknowledgement Signal Unit
  ASU         Application Specific Unit
  ASU         ATM Service Unit
  ASVD        Analog Simultaneous Voice and Data
  ASW         All Seems Well
  ASX         ATM Switch Module
  ASYNC       Asynchronous
  AT          Abstract Terminal
  AT          Access Tandem
  AT          Access Terminal
  AT          Access Termination
  AT          Advanced Technology
  AT          Alternate Time
  AT          Answer Timing
  AT          Attention
  AT          Attenuation
  AT          Austria Telecom
  AT          Austria Telecommunication
  AT          Automated Testing
  at          Internet country code for Austria
  AT          ISO country code for Republic of Austria
  AT&T        American Telephone and Telegraph
  AT&T    American Telephone and Telegraph Company
  AT/SSP      Access Tandem/Service Switching Point
  AT/SYS      Access and Transfer System
  ATA         Adaptive Transform Audio coding
  ATA         Address Translation Agent
  ATA         Analog Terminal Adapter
  ATA         Analogue Terminals and Access
  ATA         AT Attachment Interface
  ATA         Automatic Trouble Analysis
  ATA-2       AT Attachment Interface-Second Edition
  ATAC        Adaptive Transformation Audio Coding
  ATACS       Automated Test and Administration Control System
  ATAF        ATM Test Access Function
  ATAPI       AT Attachment Packet Interface
  ATB         Address Translation Buffer
  ATB         All Trunks Busy
  ATBA        Automatic Test Break and Access
  ATBS        Attendant Busy Treatment
  ATC         Abstract Test Case
  ATC         Access Tandem to Carrier
  ATC         Access To Carrier
  ATC         Adaptive Transform Coding
  ATC         Address Translation Cache
  ATC         Advanced Technology Center
  ATC         Air Traffic Control
  ATC         ATM Layer Transfer Capability
  ATC         Auto Tune Combiner
  ATC         Automated Test Case
  ATC         Automatic Threshold Control
  ATC         Automatic Time and Charges
  ATC         Automatic Timing Control
  ATCC        Advanced Test Control Center
  ATC-HS      Adaptive Transform Coding Harmonic Scaling
  ATCP        Ameritec Traffic Control Program
  ATCP        AppleTalk Control Protocol
  ATCP CI     ATCP Command Interpreter
  ATCRBS      Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
  ATD         Access Tandem Domestic
  ATD         Asynchronous Time Division
  ATD         Asynchronous Time Division (multiplex)
  ATD         ATM Traffic Descriptor
  ATD         Audio Tone Detection
  ATD         Audio Tone Detector
  ATDB        Active Terminal Data Block
  ATDE        Adaptive Time Domain Equalization
  ATDE        Adaptive Time Domain Equalizer
  ATDM        Asynchronous Time Division Multiplex
  ATDM        Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
  ATDM        Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexed
  ATDMA       Advanced TDMA Mobile Access
  ATDN        Advanced Technology Demonstration Network
  ATDNet      Advanced Technology Demonstration Network
  ATDT        Terminal Attach/Detach
  ATE         ATM Terminating Equipment
  ATE         Automated Test Environment
  ATE         Automated Test Equipment
  ATE         Automatic Telephone Exchange
  ATE         Automatic Test Equipment
  ATeam       Architecture Team
  ATEC        Authorized Technical Education Center
  ATEL        Advanced Television Evaluation Laboratory
  ATF         Advanced Tactical Fighter (United States Air Force)
  ATF         Analog Transmitter Filter
  ATG         Air-to-Ground
  ATG         Applied Technology Group
  ATG         Automatic Test Generator
  ATHB        Active Terminal Header Block
  ATI         Access Tandem International
  ATI         Alarm Trouble Indicator
  ATIM        Ad Hoc TIM
  ATIS        Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
  ATIS        Automatic Terminal Information Service
  ATK         Andrew Toolkit
  ATL         ActiveX Template Library
  ATL         Advanced Technology Laboratory
  ATL         Atlanta
  ATLAS       Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems
  ATLAS       Abbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems
  ATLS        Automatic Test Load Simulator
  ATM         Abstract Test Method
  ATM         Adobe Type Manager
  ATM         Advanced Testing Methods (former ETSI TC, now MTS)
  ATM         Alternative Test Method
  ATM         Asynchronous Time Multiplexing
  ATM         Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  ATM         ATM Sublayer
  ATM         Austrian Trunk Module
  ATM         Automatic Teller Machine (Bancomat)
  ATM         Autovon Trunk Module
  ATM25       25 Mbps ATM Physical Layer
  ATMARP      Asynchronous Transfer Mode Address Resolution Protocol
  ATM-ARP     ATM Address Resolution Protocol
  ATME        Automatic Transmission Measuring Equipment
  ATMF        ATM Forum
  ATM-F       ATM Forum
  ATML        Advanced Telecommunications Modules Ltd.
  ATMM        ATM Management
  ATM-NM      ATM Network Management
  ATMOS       ATM Optical Switching
  ATMP        Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
  ATMR        Asynchronous Transfer Mode Ring
  ATMR        ATM Ring
  ATMS        Advanced Text Management System
  ATMS        Automatic Transmission Measurement System
  ATMS        Automatic Transmission Measuring System
  ATN         Attendant
  ATN         ATtentioN (IEEE-488 bus signal)
  ATO         Advanced Technology Offering
  ATO         MDII: Address Complete Timeout
  ATOC        Automated TUSA Operator Console
  A-TO-D      Analogue-to Digital
  ATOM        Announcements, Tones, and Occurrences Team
  ATOMICS     Advanced Traffic Observation and Management Information Collecting System
  ATP         Acceptance Test Plan
  ATP         Acceptance Test Procedure
  ATP         Access Transport Parameter
  ATP         Advanced Technology Program
  ATP         Advanced Telecommunications Program (of LLNL)
  ATP         Advanced Token Parser
  ATP         Alarm Termination Paddle card
  ATP         All Tests Passed
  ATP         Automated Trunk Provisioning
  ATP         Automatic Test Processor
  ATPC        Adaptive Transmit Power Control
  ATPC        Alarm Termination Paddle Card
  ATPC        Automatic Transmit Power Control
  ATPG        Automatic Test Pattern Generation
  ATPG        Automatic Test Pattern Generator
  ATR         Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute
  ATR         Alcatel Telecommunications Review
  ATR         Answer to Reset
  ATR         Answering Time Recorder
  ATR         Anti-Transmit-Receive tube
  ATR         Audio Tape-Recorder
  ATR         Automatic Tape Reader
  ATR         Automatic Transmitter
  ATR         Automatic Trunk Routining
  ATRC        Advanced Television Research Consortium
  ATRC        Alternate Terminating Restriction Code
  ATRS        Automatic Trouble Reporting System
  ATS         Abstract Test Suite(s)
  ATS         Activity Tracking System
  ATS         Administrative Terminal System
  ATS         Advanced Telecom Services
  ATS         Air Traffic Services
  ATS         Alternate Through Stream
  ATS         Applications Technology Satellite
  ATS         Asynchronous Time Sharing
  ATS         Automatic Test System
  ATSC        Advanced Television Systems Commission
  ATSC        Advanced Television Systems Committee
  ATSC        Australian Telecommunication Standardization Authority
  ATSC        Australian Telecommunications Standardization Committee
  ATSI        Alias TETRA Subscriber Identity
  ATSI        American Telecommunications Standards Institute
  ATSS        Americas Telecommunications Standards Symposium
  ATT         Active Transaction Table
  ATT         Advanced Traffic Telematics
  ATT         American Telephone and Telegraph Company
  ATT         AT&T Technology (periodical)
  ATT         Attach
  ATT         Attendant
  ATT         Attended Public Telephone
  ATT         ATTenuator
  ATT         Automatic Toll Ticketing
  ATT         Automatic Trunk Testing
  ATT (flag)  ATTach
  ATTC        Advanced Television Test Center
  ATTC        Automatic Transmission Test and Control
  ATTCOM      AT&T Communications
  ATTD        Avalanche Transit Time Diode
  ATTF        Automatic Toll Ticket Facilities
  ATTH        ATM-To-The-Home
  ATTI        AT&T International
  ATTIND      Attendant Access Code
  ATTIS       AT&T Information Systems
  ATTIX       AT&T Interexchange Carrier
  ATTJ        AT&T Technical Journal
  ATTN        Attention
  ATTN        ATTenuatioN
  ATTR        Attributes
  ATTRCLF     Attendant Recall After Flash
  ATTT        AT&T Technologies
  ATTT        AT&T Technology (periodical)
  ATTY        Administrative TTY
  ATU         ADSL Terminal Unit
  ATU         ADSL Transmission Unit
  ATU         Analog Test Unit
  ATU         Antenna Tuning Unit
  ATU-C       ADSL Terminal Unit- Central Office
  ATUG        Australia Telecommunications User Group
  ATUP        Australian Telephone User Part
  ATUR        Automatic Telephone Using Radio
  ATU-R       ADSL Terminal Unit- Remote
  ATURS       Automatic Traffic Usage Recording System
  ATV         Advanced Television
  ATV         Amateur TeleVision
  ATV         Automated Test Vehicle
  ATVA        American Television Alliance
  ATX         Audiotext
  ATX         Automatic Telex Exchange
  AU          Access Unit
  AU          Adaptation Unit
  AU          Administrative Unit
  AU          Alternate Use
  AU          Answer Unit
  AU          Application Unit
  AU          Arithmetic Unit
  AU          Autonomous
  au          Internet country code for Australia
  AU          ISO country code for Commonwealth of Australia
  AU-3        Administrative Unit-Level 3
  AU-4        Administrative Unit-Level 4
  AUAP        Accelerated Unified Approval Procedure (ETSI)
  AUC         Authentication Center
  AuC         Authentication Centre
  AUCD        Authorization Code Digits
  AUD         AUDible
  AUD         Audit
  AUD         Automatic Dial
  AuDID       Audit Data Identifier
  Audix       Audio Information Exchange System
  AUDR        Audible Ring
  AUDT        Audit
  AUG         Administrative Unit Group
  AUI         Administration User Interface
  AUI         ASE/USA Interface
  AUI         Attachment Unit Interface
  AUI         Attachment Unit Interface (IEEE 802.3)
  AUIS        Andrew User Interface System
  AUL         Automatic Line
  AUMA        Autonomous-and-Management
  AU-n        Administrative Unit-Level n
  AUP         Acceptable Use Policy
  AUP         Administrative Utility Programs (NAA-DSA-Bull)
  AUP         Appropriate Use Policy
  AUPI        Administrative Utility Programmatics Interface (NAA-DSA-Bull)
  AURP        AppleTalk Update Routing Protocol
  AURST       Autonomous-and-Restricted
  AUSPAC      Australian Packet Switching Network
  AUSTEL      Australian Telecommunications Authority
  AUSTEL      AUStralian TELecommunications industry
  AUT         Access Upsizing Tools
  AUT         Authentication
  AUT         Authorised
  AUT         AUThority
  AUT(H)      AUThentication
  AUTC        Authentication
  AUTEL       Asociación de Usuarios de TELecomunicaciones (E)
  AUTH        Authentication
  AUTH        Authorization and Account Codes
  AUTH        Authorization Codes
  AUTH_KEY    AUTHentication function identifier
  AUTH_NO     AUTHentication function to be used
  AUTH_PREF   PREFerred CPP AUTHentication function
  AUTH_REQ    AUTHentication REQuest Information Element
  AUTH_RES    AUTHentication RESponse Information Element
  AUTH2_REQ   Alternative AUTHentication REQuest Information Element
  AUTH2_RES   Alternative AUTHentication RESponse Information Element
  AUTHAMA     Authorization Code AMA
  AUTO        Automatic
  AUTODIN     Automatic Digital Network
  AUTODISP    Automatic Display
  AUTOVON     Automatic Voice Network
  AUTZ        Authorization Code
  AUU         ATM User-to-ATM User Indication
  AUU         ATM-User-to-ATM-User information
  AUUSIX      Acceptance of User-to-User Signaling from an Interexchange Carrier
  AUVAL       Authorization Code Validation
  AUX         AUXiliary
  AUXP        AUXiliary Pattern
  AV          Anti-Virus
  AV          Application Version
  AV          Association Validator
  AV          ATM-VME Adaptor
  AV          Audio/Visual
  AV          AudioVision
  AV          Audiovisual
  AV          Authenticity Verification
  AV          Autovon
  AV          Available
  AV1         ATM-VME Adaptor, Type 1
  AVA         Attribute Value Assertion
  AVC         Audio for Video-Conferencing
  AVC         AudioVisual Connection
  AVC         Automatic Volume Control
  AVCS        Advanced Vidicon Camera System
  AVD         Alternate Voice/Data
  AVD         Alternating Voice and Data
  AVD         Audio/Video Driver
  AVDP        Advanced Video Display Processor
  AVDS        Advanced Voice Design System
  AVDU        Audiovisual Display Unit
  AVEC        Auxiliary Video Extension Connector
  AVG         Average
  AVI         Audio Video Interleave (multimedia format)
  AVI         AudioVisual Information
  AVI         Automatic Vehicle Identification
  AVIOS       American Voice Input & Output Society
  AVIS        Audio-Visual Interactive Service
  AVJ         Adaptive Virtual Junctor
  AVK         Audio-Video Kernel
  AVL         Adelson-Velskii and Landis
  AVL         Application Version List
  AVL         Audio/Video Library
  AVL         Available
  AVLSI       Advanced Very Large Scale Integration
  AVM         Audio Visual Management
  AVMMS       Audio Visual Multimedia Services
  AVMMS       AudioVisual/MultiMedia Services (TSAG:ITU-TS)
  AVO         Audiovisual Object
  AVP         Advanced VLSI Packaging
  AVP         Assistant Vice-President
  AVP         Attribute Value Pair
  AVP         Automation Verification Prime
  AVP         AUTOVON Precedence Level
  AVPN        ATM Virtual Private Network
  AVPS        Audio Visual Protocol Stack
  AVR         Audio Visual Research
  AVR         Automatic Voltage Regulation
  AVR         Automatic Voltage Regulator
  AVR         Automatic Volume Recognition
  AVS         Advanced Voice Services
  AVS         Application View Set
  AVS         Application Visualization System
  AVS         Audio and Visual Services
  AVS         Audio/Video Server
  AVSS        Audio/Video Support System
  AVSS        Audiovisual Subsystem
  AVSSCS      Audio-Visual Service Specific Convergence Sublayer
  aVSt        aufnehmende Vermittlungsstelle (Take-up exchange for foreign connection)
  AVT         AUTOVON Termination
  AVX         ATM-VME Adaptor
  AVx         ATM-VME Adaptor, Type x
  AW          Addison-Wesley
  AW          Administrative Weight
  AW          ISO country code for Aruba
  AWA         A W & Associates
  AWACS       Airborn Warning And Control System (military avionics)
  AWALA       Advanced Wireless Architectures and Lead Applications
  AWC         Area-Wide Centrex
  AWCDM       Adaptively Weighted Code Division Multiplexing
  AWG         American Wire Gauge (system for specification of wire diameter)
  AWG         Arrayed Waveguide Grating
  AWGN        Additive White Gaussian Noise
  a-wire      A-wire of the two wire PSTN line
  awk         Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan
  AWL         Addison-Wesley Longman
  AWRAP       Automated WRAP
  AXM         ATM Multiplex Module
  AXM         ATM Multiplexing Module
  AXS         Application Transfer Service
  AXU         Alarm Cross-Connect Unit
  AXU         Auxiliary Cross-Connect Unit
  AYT         Are You There?
  AZ          AZimuth
  AZ          ISO country code for Azerbaijan
  AZ          U.S. postal code for Arizona
  AZC         All-Zeroes Code
  AZ-EL       AZimuth-Elevation

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- B -


  B           Bearer
  B           Bearer channel
  B           Bidirectional (frame)
  B           Billion
  B           Binary
  B           Blue
  B           Bold (HTML tag)
  b           BOOL (int)
  B           Bridge (link)
  B           Bug
  b           b-wire of the two wire PSTN line
  B           Byte
  B           Interpolative (Between)
  B channel   Traffic channel (64 kbit/s; 32 kbit/s in CT2)
  B&C         Billing and Collections
  B&W         Black and White
  B/G         Battery and Ground
  b/s         Bits per Second
  B/W         Black/White
  B/W         Bothway
  b1          b-wire connection at the TE input line
  b2          b-wire connection at the output port of a series-connected TE
  B3ZS        Bipolar with 3 Zeros Substitution
  B6ZS        Bipolar with 6 Zeros Substitution
  B8RZ        Bipolar violations every 8th pulse, Return to Zero
  B8ZS        Bipolar with 8 Zeros Substitution
  B911        Basic 911 Emergency Service
  BA          Asynchronous Balanced Mode
  BA          Basic Access
  BA          Basic Algorithm
  BA          BCCH Allocation
  BA          Bell Atlantic
  BA          Bridger Amplifier
  BA          Broadcast Control CHannel Allocation
  BA          Buffer Allocation
  BA          Bus Arbitration
  BA          Bus Available
  BA          ISO country code for Bosnia and Herzegovina
  BaAs        Basisanschluss (Basic Access)
  BAB         Basic Automation Board
  BABS        Blind Approach Beacon System
  BABT        British Approval Board for Telecommunications
  BAC         Balanced Asynchronous Class (HDLC)
  BAC         Billing and Collection
  BAC         Block-Acknowledged Counter
  BAC         Buffer Address Counter
  BAC         Bus Access Circuit
  BAC         Bus Access Controller
  BACN        Bank ACount Number
  BACP        Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
  BACT        Advisory Committee on Telecommunications of Small Businesses (UK)
  BAD         BRI Agent Decoupling
  BAF         Bellcore AMA Format
  BAF         Broadband Access Facilities
  BAG         Circuit Group Blocking Acknowledge message
  BAGNET      Bay Area Gigabit Network
  BAGS        BASS, GSBT, GETAR, Setup
  BAHAMA      Broadband Adaptive Homing Asynchronous Transfer Mode Architecture
  BAI         Border Area Indicator
  BAIC        Barring of All Incoming Calls
  BAIC        Barring of All Incoming Calls (supplementary service)
  BAK         Backup File
  BAKT        Basisanschlusskonzentrator (Basic Access Concentrator)
  BAL         Balance
  BAL         BAtch Length
  BAL         Bearer Channel Allocate
  BALI        Burst Admission Based on Load and Interference
  BALUN       Balanced/Unbalanced
  BAM         Basic Access Method
  BAM         Basic Access Module
  BAM         Bell Atlantic Mobile
  BAM         Block Allocating Map
  BAMA        Beacon-Assisted Multiple Access
  BAMM        Bidirectional Asymmetric Multipoint-to-Multipoint
  BAN         Billing Account Number
  BAN         Boundary Access Node
  BANCMOS     Bipolar Analog CMOS
  BANCS       Bell Administrative Network Communications System
  BAND        OUTWATS Band Numbers
  BANDIC      BAND Interexchange Carrier
  BANI        Bell Atlantic Network Integration
  BAOC        Barring of All Outgoing Calls
  BAOC        Barring of All Outgoing Calls (supplementary service)
  BAP         Bandwidth Allocation Protocol
  BAP         Basic Assembler Program
  BAP         Business Affiliate Program
  BAPI        Barcelona-Pisa Italy submarine cable
  BAPM        Bidirectional Asymmetric Point-to-Multipoint
  BAPT        Bundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation (D)
  BAPTA       Bearing And Power Transfer Assembly
  BAR         Basic Algorithm with Reassignment
  BARGEN      Barcelona-Genoa submarine cable
  BARO        Barcelona-Rome submarine cable
  BARRIT      BARRier Injection and Transit time diode
  BARS        Basic Automatic Route Selection
  BAS         Base Layer
  BAS         BASic
  BAS         Basic Activity Subset (OSI-SL)
  BAS         BASIC File
  BAS         Bearer Channel Associate
  BAS         Bit Allocation Signal
  BAS         Bit Rate Allocation Signal
  BAS         Broadband Access Server
  BAs         Buendelanschluss (Trunk Group/Wire Group)
  BASAR       Building Agents Supporting Adaptive Retrieval
  BASE        Base Layer
  BASE        Basic ASE
  BASE        Broadband ATM/STM Electrical dual bus
  BASET       BASE Type
  bash        Bourne Again Shell
  BASIC       Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  BAsize      Buffer Allocation Size
  BASM        Built-in Assembler
  BASN        Block-Acknowledged Sequence Number
  BASS        Basic Session Service
  BAT         Bandwidth Allocation Threshold
  BAT         Batch File
  BAT         Battery
  BAT         Bearer Channel Attribute
  BAT         Bell Atlantic
  BAT         Billing Architecture Team
  BAT         Block Address Translation
  BAT         BRI Architecture Team
  BATC        Block Address Translation Cache
  BATE        Baseband Adaptive Transversal Equalizer
  BATMOS      Bipolar Analog Telecommunications Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  BATMOS      Bipolar Analog Telephony CMOS
  BATS        Bit Access Test System
  BB          BaseBand
  BB          Bluebook
  BB          Bluebox
  BB          Broadband
  BB          ISO country code for Barbados
  BBA         Broadband Access
  BBC         Bearer Channel Break Connection
  BBC         Bjarne's Better C
  BBC         British Broadcasting Corporation (UK)
  BBC         Broadband Bearer Capability
  BBC         Broadband Coupler
  BBC         Broadcast Bearer Control
  B-BC        Broadband Bearer Capability
  B-BCC       Broadband Bearer Channel Connection
  BBD         Bucket-Brigade Device
  BB-DACS     Broadband DACS
  BBER        Background Block Error Ratio
  BBF         Blue Box Fraud
  BBG         Basic Business Group
  BBG         Basic Business Group Identifier
  BBG         Basic Business Group Number
  BBGDN       BBG Intercom Number
  BBGDP       Basic Business Group Dialing Plan
  BBG-I       ISDN Basic Business Group
  BBGNAME     Basic Business Group Name
  BBGSG       Basic Business Group, Subgroup
  BBGXLAR     BBG Digit Collection, Translations, and Routing
  BBH         Bouncing Busy Hour
  BBI         Begin Bracket Indicator (SNA)
  BBIU        Beginning of BIU
  BBL         Backbone Leg
  BBM         Bandwidth Balancing Mechanism
  BBN         Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
  BBONI       Broadband Optical Network Interface
  BBP         Binary Backoff Procedure (CSMA/CD)
  BBS         Bulletin Board Service
  BBS         Bulletin Board System (mailbox)
  BBSM        Basic Bearer State Machine
  BBT         Board to Board Testing
  BBT         BroadBand Technologies
  BBTG        Broadband Task Group
  BBU         Baseband Unit
  B-BUS       Broadcasting Broadcast/Unknown Server
  BC          Backward Congestion Indicator
  BC          Bar Code
  BC          Basic Call
  BC          Basic Control
  BC          Basic Control
  BC          Batch Counter
  BC          Bearer Capabilities
  BC          Bearer Capability
  BC          Bearer Channel
  BC          Bearer Control
  BC          Bearer Controller
  BC          Bell Canada
  BC          Billing Collector
  BC          Binary Checksum
  BC          Bon de Commande
  BC          Broadcast
  BC          Buffer Control (multimedia)
  BC          Bus Controller
  Bc          Committed Burst Size
  BC          Postal code for British Columbia
  BC++        Borland C++
  BC4         Borland C++ 4.0
  BC4.5       Borland C++ 4.5
  BC5         Borland C++ 5.0
  BC5.0       Borland C++ 5.0
  BCA         Basic Coverage Area
  BCA         B-Channel Availability
  BCAF        Bearer Control Agent Function
  BCAJ        Borland C++ Add-on for Java
  BCAL        Basic Coin Access Line
  BCAP        Basic EKTS Call Appearance
  BCap        Bearer Capability
  BCB         Borland C++ Builder
  BCC         Base Station Color Code
  BCC         Base transceiver station (BTS) Colour Code
  BCC         Battery Charge Controller
  BCC         Bearer Channel Connection
  BCC         Bearer Connection Component
  BCC         Bearer Connection Control
  BCC         Bellcore Client Company
  BCC         Bit Character Count
  bcc         Blind Carbon Copy
  BCC         Block Check Character
  BCC         Block Check Code
  BCC         Block-Completed Counter
  BCC         Blocked Calls Cleared
  BCCD        Bulk-Channel Charge-Coupled Device
  BCCH        Broadcast Channel
  BCCH        Broadcast Control Channel
  BCCIS       Bell Canada Circuit Inventory System
  BCCMS       BUNI Command and Control Message Set
  BCCSS       Business Customer Communications Switching Study
  BCD         Binary Coded Decimal
  BCD         Binary Coded Digits
  BCD         Blocked Calls Delayed
  BCD         Booked Call Database
  BCD/B       Binary Coded Decimal/Binary
  BCD/Q       Binary Coded Decimal/Quaternary
  BCDC        Bellcore Corporate Data Contract
  BCDIC       Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
  BCDMA       Broadband CDMA
  BCE         Base Station Control Equipment
  BCE         Bell Canada Enterprises
  BCE         Bridged Call Exclusion
  BCEA        Bridged Call Exclusion Activate
  BCEAM       Bridged Call Exclusion for Analog Member of EKTS
  BCED        Bridged Call Exclusion Deactivate
  BCET        Bridged Call Exclusion Toggle
  BCETYPE     Bridged Call Exclusion Type
  BCF         Bandwidth Change Confirmation
  BCF         Bandwidth Confirm
  BCF         Base Station Control Function
  BCF         Bearer Control Function
  BCF         Bridge Control Facility
  BCF         Burst Control Function
  BCFr        Bearer Control Function (Radio)
  BCG         Bell Communications Group
  BCGD        Business Communication Group Digits
  BCH         B-Channel
  BCH         Bearer Channel
  BCH         Bids per Circuit per Hour
  BCH         Binary Coded Hexadecimal
  BCH         Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem
  BCH         Broadcast Channel
  BCi         Backward Call Indicator
  BCI         Backward Call Indicators
  BCI         Backward Congestion Indication
  BCI         Bearer Control Identifier
  BCI         Begin Chain Indicator (SNA)
  BCI         Bell Canada International
  BCI         Bit Count Integrity
  BCI         BroadCast Interference
  BCID        Bearer Channel Identifier
  BCIE        Bearer Capability Information Element
  BCK         BloCK
  BCL         Base Class Library
  BCL         Base ConLan
  BCL         BroadCast Listener
  BCLID       Bulk Calling Line Identification
  BCLP        Buffer of Copies of Local Packets
  BCM         Basic Call Manager
  BCM         Basic Call Model
  BCM         B-Channel Manager
  BCM         Bearer Channel Manager
  BCM         Bell Cablemedia
  BCM         Benchmark Cost Model
  BCM         Binary Coded Matrix
  BCM         Bit-Compression Multiplexer
  BCM         Buried Coarctate Mesastructure
  BCMRA       B-Channel Common Maintainable Resource Aggregate
  BCMS        Bearer Channel Manager Surrogate
  BCN         Backbone Concentrator Node
  BCN         Beacon
  BCNI        Bearer Capability Not Implemented
  BCNSP       Basic Call Network Service Participant
  BCNU        Be seeing you
  BCO         Battery Cut-Off
  BCO         B-Channel Observer
  BCO         Borrow with Channel Ordering
  BCOB        Broadband Connection Oriented Bearer
  BCOEDN      Bearer Capabilities Per OE/DN
  BCOR        BCO with Reassignment
  BCOS        Business Class of Service
  BCP         Basic Call Participant
  BCP         Basic Call Process
  BCP         Basic Call Processing
  BCP         Best Current Practices
  BCP         Billable Calls Per Hour
  BCP         Binary Communications Protocol
  BCP         Binary Control Protocol (BSC)
  BCPL        Basic Computer Programming Language
  BCPM        Barker Code Position Modulation
  BCPN        Business Customer Premises Network
  BCR         Bearer Channel Rate
  BCR         Bearer Channel Resource
  BCR         Bell Communications Research
  BCR         Block Coding Rate
  BCR         Branch Condition Register
  BCR         Business Communications Review (periodical)
  BCR         Byte Count Register
  BCR         Community Bureau of Reference
  BCRIS       Bell Customer Records Information System
  BCS         Basic Coding Structure
  BCS         Basic Combined Subset (OSI-SL)
  BCS         Batch Change Supplement
  BCS         B-Channel Circuit-Switched
  BCS         Bearer Channel Server
  BCS         Bearer Channel Surrogate
  BCS         Block Check Sequence
  BCS         Block Control Signal
  BCS         Boundary Control Stabilization
  BCS         Branch if Carry Set
  BCS         British Computer Society
  BCS         Bulk Change Software
  BCS         Bulk Change Supplement
  BCS         Bus Control System
  BCS         Business Communication System
  BCS         Business Communications Services
  BCS-1       Binary Compatibility Specification-1
  BCSC        Business Customer Service Center
  BCSM        Basic Call State Machine
  BCSM        Basic Call State Model
  BCSMON      BCS Monitor
  BCSN        Block-Completed Sequence Number
  BCST        Broadcast
  BCT         Business Communications Terminal
  BCT         Business Cordless Telecommunications system
  BCT         Business Cordless Telephone
  B-CTI       Broadband Computer-Telephony Integration
  BCTP        Buffer of Copies of Transit Packets
  BCTS        Broadcasting and Communications Technology Satellite
  BCU         Battery Control Unit
  BCUG        Bilateral Closed User Group
  BCUGO       Bilateral Closed User Group with Outgoing access
  BCUP        Basic Call-Unrelated Process
  BCUSP       Basic Call User Service Participant
  BCV         Basic Call View
  BCVT        BasiC Virtual Terminal (OSI-SASE)
  BCW         Borland C++ for Windows
  Bd          Baud
  BD          BoarD
  BD          Broadband Descrambling
  BD          Buffer Descriptor
  BD          ISO country code for People's Republic of Bangladesh
  BDAM        Basic Direct-Access Method
  BDC         Backup Domain Controller
  BdC         Bon de Commande
  BDC         Borland Developers Conference
  BDCL        Borrowing with Directional Channel Locking
  B-DCN       Backbone Data Communication Network
  B-DCS       Broadband Digital Cross-Connect System
  BDE         Baseband Distribution Equipment
  BDE         Borland Database Engine
  BDF         Baseband Distribution Frame
  BDF         Binary Distribution Format
  BDF         Bitmap Distribution Format
  BDG         BNR Design Group
  BDH         Board Day Hour
  BDK         Beans Development Kit
  BDLC        Burroughs Data Link Control protocol (Burroughs Inc.)
  BDM         Background Debug Mode
  BDM         Background Debug Monitor
  BDM         Bit Demodulator
  BDN         Bell Data Network
  BDOS        Basic Disk-Operated System
  BDPSK       Binary Differential Phase-Shift Keying
  BDR         Bell Doesn't Ring
  BDR         Border Format File
  BDRA        Boot Data Reserved Area
  BDS         Basic Data Service
  BDS         Billing Data Set
  BDS         Broadband Distribution Shelf
  BDSL        Bisymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  BDSL        Bisymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
  BDT         Basic Method with Double Transmission
  BDT         Billing Data Tape
  BDT         Billing Data Template
  BDT         Billing Data Transmitter
  BDT         Billing Design Team
  BDT         Bulk Data Transfer
  BDT         Bureau for Telecommunication Development
  BDT         Telecommunication Development Bureau
  BDTS        Bulk Data Transfer Subsystem
  BDU         Baseband Distribution Unit
  BDV         Breakdown Voltage
  BDW         Block Descriptor Word
  BDW         Buried Distribution Wire
  BE          Band Elimination
  BE          Begin-End Tag
  BE          Beschaltungseinheit (Line Unit) (Connection Unit)
  BE          Best Effort
  BE          Big-Endian
  BE          Block Error
  BE          Business Environment
  Be          Excess Burst Size
  be          Internet country code for Belgium
  BE          ISO country code for Kingdom of Belgium
  BEA         Analoge Beschaltungseinheit (Analog Line Unit)
  BEA         Beschaltungseinheit fur Analogen Anschluss (analogue connection unit)
  BEAMA       Federation of British Electrotechnical and Allied MAnufacturers
  BEC         Basic Error Control
  BEC         Basic Error Correction
  BEC         Belgisch Elektrotechnish Comite (B)
  BEC         British Electrotechnical Committee
  BECM        Band-Edge Component Maximization
  BECN        Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
  BED         Beschaltungseinheit fur Digitalen Anschluss (digital connection unit)
  BED         Digitale Beschaltungseinheit (Digital Line Unit)
  BEDC        Block Error Detection Code
  BEDO        Burst Extended Data Out
  BEE         Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  BEE         Bit Encoding Errors
  BEF         Band Elimination Filter
  BEF         Band Elimination Filter
  BEG         BEGinning
  BEITA       Business Equipment and Information Technology Association (UK)
  BEL         Bell
  BEL         BELl
  BEL         Business Environment Element
  BELLCORE    Bell Communications Research
  Bellcore    Bell Communications Research
  BEO         Bramalea Engineering Office
  BEOFD       Broadband End of Frame Delimiter
  BEP         Back End Processor
  BEP         Building Entry Protector
  BEP         Burst Error Processor
  BEPI        Block Effective Page Index
  BEQL        BITE Entity Query Language
  BER         Basic Encoding Rules
  BER         Basic Encoding Rules
  BER         Bit Error Rate
  BER         Bit Error Ratio
  BER         Bus ERror
  BERLU       Broadband-Enhanced Remote Line Unit
  BERP        Bit Error Rate Performance
  BERR        Bus Error
  BERT        Bit Error Rate Test
  BERT        Bit Error Rate Testing
  BERT        Bit Error Ratio Test
  BERT        Bit Error Ratio Testing
  BES         Basic Encoding Scheme
  BeSS        Bell Laboratories Storage System
  BEST        Base Employee Satisfaction Team
  BET         Black Entertainment Television
  BET         Business Effectiveness Team
  BEtag       Beginning-End Tag
  BETR        Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio
  BETRS       Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
  BEV         Bearer Channel Event
  BEX         Broadband EXchange
  BEXR        Basic Exchange Radio
  BF          Best-Fit
  BF          Boundary Function
  BF          Branching Filter
  BF          ISO country code for Burkina Faso
  BFA         Borrow First Available
  BFC         Base Flexible Calling
  BFC         Briefcase file
  BFCV        Binary Facility Coding Value
  BFD         Basic File Directory
  BFD         Battery Failure Detector
  BFI         Bad Frame Indication
  BFI         Basic File Index
  BFI         Brute Force and Ignorance
  BFMA        Block Failure Mode Analysis
  BFO         Beat Frequency Oscillator
  BFP         Basic Format Packet
  BFP         Basic Format Packetization
  BFP         Basic Freephone
  BFR         Back-Face Removal (3-dimensional electronic imaging)
  BFR         Bridged Frequency Ringing
  BFR         BuFfeR
  BFS         Backplane File System
  BFS         Boot File System
  BFS         Breadth-First Search
  BFSI        Broadcast Fixed System Identity
  BFSK        Binary Frequency Shift Keying
  BFSR        Busy-Flash Seizure Ratio
  BFT         Binary File Transfer
  BFT-NSF     Binary-File Transfer- Non-Standard Facilities Frame
  BFTP        Background File Transfer Program
  BFU         Betriebsfuehrungsumsetzer (Operation Converter)
  BFU         Bit-Field Unit
  BFU         Booster Fan Unit
  BG          BackGround
  BG          Battery Ground
  BG          Below Ground
  BG          Billing Group
  BG          Bus Grant
  BG          Business Group
  BG          ISO country code for People's Republic of Bulgaria
  BG/EEE      Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosure
  BG2WAY      Business Group 2-Way
  BGA         Ball Grid Array
  BGAC        Business Group Automatic Callback
  BGCW        Business Group Call Waiting
  BGCWT       Business Group Call Waiting
  BGDP        Business Group Dialing Plan
  BGDP-I      ISDN Business Group Dialing Plan
  BGE         Business Group Element
  BGE-I       ISDN Business Group Element
  BGI         Borland Graphics Interface
  BGID        Business Group Identification
  BGID        Business Group Identifier
  BGIN        Business Group Inward
  BGL         Business Group Line
  BGMAOR      Business Group Member Access Originating Restrictions
  BGMATR      Business Group Member Access Terminating Restrictions
  BGOUT       Business Group Outward
  BGP         Border Gateway Protocol
  BGP4        Border Gateway Protocol 4
  BGP-4       Border Gateway Protocol 4
  BGTYPE      Business Group Type
  BGU         Basic Grid Unit
  BH          Base Register High Half
  BH          Buried Heterostructure  (IC Process)
  BH          Busy Hour
  BH          ISO country code for State of Bahrain
  BHC         Basic Half Call
  BHC         Busy Hour Call
  BHCA        Busy Hour Call Attempt(s)
  BHCC        Busy Hour Call Completion
  BHCV        Busy Hour Call Volume
  BHDT        Broadband Host Digital Terminal
  BHE         Bus High Enable
  BHL         Busy Hour Load
  BHLF        Basic High Layer Function(s)
  BHLI        Broadband High Layer Information
  B-HLI       Broadband High Layer Identifier
  B-HLI       Broadband High Layer Information
  BHMI        BaseHMI
  BHT         Begin Hunt
  BHT         Begin-Hunt Terminal
  BI          all Barring of Incoming call services
  BI          Backward Indicator
  BI          Barge-In
  BI          Barring of All Incoming Calls
  BI          Behaviour Inopportune
  BI          Bidirectional
  BI          Bilingual Interface
  BI          Billing Instructions
  BI          Borland International
  BI          Bus Interface
  BI          ISO country code for Republic of Burundi
  BIAC        Business and Industry Advisory Committee (OECD)
  BIB         Backward Indicator Bit
  BIBR        Backward Indicator Bit Received
  BIBT        Backward Indicator Bit Transmitted
  BIBX        Backward Indicator Bit Expected
  BIC         Barring of Incoming Calls (TETRA)
  BIC         Bearer Identification Code
  BIC         BRISC Interrupt Controller
  BIC         Bus Interface Card
  BIC         Bus Interface Controller
  BICAP       BInary CAPacitor
  BICI        BISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
  BICI        Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
  B-ICI       BISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
  B-ICI       Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
  B-ICI       Broadband ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
  BiCMOS      Bipolar CMOS
  Bi-CMOS     Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  BI-CONF     B-ISDN Conferencing
  BIC-Roam    Barring of Incoming Calls when Roaming outside the HOME PLMN country (supplementary service)
  BICS        Building Industry Consulting Service
  BICSF       Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File
  BID         Base IDentity code
  BIDDS       Base Information Digital Distribution System
  BIDI        Bidirectional Display
  BIDS        Borland International Data Structures
  BIDS        Broadband Integrated Distributed Star
  BIDS        Broadband Interactive Data Services
  BIDTC       B-Channel Incoming Default Throughput Class
  BIF         Bus Interface
  BIFP        Base Interface Front-end Processor
  BIGFET      Bipolar Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
  BIH         Bureau International de l'Heure
  BIIS        Binary Interchange of Information and Signalling
  BILBO       Built-In Logic Block Observation
  BILGE       Binary Load Generation
  BILGE       Binary Load Image
  BILL        Billing
  BILLDATS    Billing Data System
  BILLTYP     Billing Types
  BIM         Broadcast Information Memo
  BIM         Byte-Interleaved Multiplexer
  BI-MCAST    B-ISDN Multi-Casting
  BI-MCPP     B-ISDN Multiple Connections Point to Point
  BIMOS       Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  Bi-MOS      Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  BIMPS       B-Channel Incoming Maximum Packet Size
  BIN         Barge-In
  BIN         Bearer Channel Set Integrity
  BIN         Binary
  bin         Binary
  BIN         Business Information Network
  BINAC       BINary Automatic Computer
  BIND        Berkeley Internet Name Domain
  bing        Bandwidth ping
  BINR        Basic Intrinsic Noise Ratio
  BIO         Bit Input/Output
  BIOP        Broadcast Interoperability Protocol
  BIOS        Basic Input/Output Services
  BIOS        Basic Input/Output System
  BIP         Bit Interleaved Parity
  BIP         Breaker Interface Panel
  BIP-N       Bit Interleaved Parity N
  BIPT        Belgium Institute for Posts and Telecommunications (B)
  BIPV        Bit Interleaved Parity Violation
  BIR         Bureau International de la Recuperation
  B-IR        Bell-Independent Relations
  BIS         Bearer Independant Service
  BIS         Border Intermediate System
  BIS         British Imperial measurement System
  BIS         Brought Into Service
  BIS         Bureau of Indian Standards
  BIS         Business Information System
  BISAM       Basic Indexed Sequential Access Method
  BISCOM      Business Information Systems-Communications System
  BISCUS      Business Information System/Customer Service
  BISDN       Broadband ISDN
  B-ISDN      Broadband ISDN
  BISI        Busy/Idle Status Indicator
  B-ISSI      Broadband Inter-Switching System Interface
  BIST        Built-In Self Test
  BISTSS      Business Information System/Trunks and Special Services
  BISUP       Broadband ISDN User Part
  B-ISUP      Broadband ISDN User Part
  BISYNC      Binary Synchronous Communication
  BISYNC      BInary SYNchronous Communication (COP, IBM Inc.)
  BIT         Basic Interconnection Test(s)
  BIT         Billing Infrastructure Team
  bit         Binary Digit
  BIT         Built-In Test
  BITBLT      BIT Boundary BLock Transfer
  BitBlt      Bit-Block Transfer
  BITE        Backward Interworking Telephone Event
  BITE        BNR Integrated Test Environment
  BITE        Built In Test Equipment
  BITEL       Bildschirm Telefon
  BITNET      Because It's Time Network
  BITNIC      BITNET Network Information Center
  BITS        Building Integrated Timing Source
  BITS        Building Integrated Timing Supply
  BITS        Building Integrated Timing System
  BIU         Base Station Interface Unit
  BIU         Basic Information Unit (SNA)
  BIU         Bus Interface Unit
  BIX         Building Interoffice Crossconnect
  BIX         Byte Information Exchange
  BJ          ISO country code for People's Republic of Benin
  BJT         Bipolar Junction Transistor
  BK          BasK
  BK          Break
  BKER        Block Error Rate
  BKI         Break-In
  BKWD        BacKWarD
  BL          Base Register Low Half
  BL          Betriebslenkung (Deutsche Telekom regional operations and maintenance centre)
  BL          Betriebslenkung (Operational Routing)
  BL          Blue Lightning
  BLA         Blocking Acknowledgement signal
  BLA         Blocking Acknowledgment message
  BLAST       Balanced Logic Asynchronous Synchronous Transceiver Chip
  BLAST       Blocked Asynchronous Transmission
  BLC         Billing Collector
  BLC         Buffer Location Counter
  B-LCSE      Bidirectional Logical Channel Signalling Entity
  BLD         Binary Load Dump (SPADE)
  BLD         Block of Logical Drawers
  BLD         Build File
  BLDN        Blank Directory Number Treatment
  BLDNTSP     Billing DN Per TSP
  BLER        BLock Error Rate (digital test parameter)
  BLER        Block Error Ratio
  BLER        Block Error Result
  BLERT       Bit-Loss Error Rate Testing
  BLERT       Block Error Rate Test
  BLERT       Block Error Rate Testing
  BLF         Busy Lamp Field
  BLG         Circuit Group Blocking message
  BLIC        Bimos Line Interface Circuit
  BLID        Basic Calling Line ID
  BLK         Block
  BLKD        Blocked
  BLLF        Basic Low Layer Function(s)
  B-LLI       Broadband Low Layer Information
  BLM         Basic Line Monitoring
  BLM         Business Line Management
  BLM         Business Line Manager
  B-LMI       Broadband Local Management Interface
  BLN         Backbone Link Node
  BLO         Blocking message
  BLO         Blocking signal
  BLOb        Binary Large Object
  BLOS        Beyond Line of Sight
  BLP         Bar Line Printer
  BLP         Buffer of Local Packets
  BLP         Bypass Label Processing
  BLR         Bell Laboratories Record
  BLR         Blocking/Unblocking Signal Reception
  BLS         Basic Line Services
  BLS         Block Link Sets
  BLS         Blocking/Unblocking Signal Sending
  B-LS        Broadband-Locking Shift
  BLSR        Bidirectional Line-Switched Ring
  BLT         Block Transfer
  blt         Block Transfer
  BLTJ        AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal
  BLTJ        Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Technical Journal
  BLU         Basic Link Unit
  BLV         Busy Line Verification
  BLV/INT     Busy Line Verification/Operator Interrupt
  BM          Basestation Module
  Bm          Bearer-Mobile Channel
  BM          Buffer Memory
  BM          Button Message
  Bm          Full-rate traffic channel
  BM          ISO country code for Bermuda
  BMA         Board Management Agent
  BMA         Broadband Multiple Access
  BMA         Business Maturity Assessment
  B-MAP       B-field MAP
  BMAS        Business Management System
  BMC         Bearer Channel Make Connection
  BMC         Billing Media Converter
  BMC         Broadcast Message Control
  BMC         Burst Mode Controller
  BMC II      Billing Media Converter II
  BMI         Branch if MInus
  BML         Business Management Layer
  BMLA        Burst Mode Link Analyser
  BMMI        Bilingual Man-Machine Interface
  BMP         Basic Multilingual Plane
  BMP         Bearer Channel Monitor Reliability Stop
  BMP         Bitmap
  BMP         Bitmap File
  BMP         Microsoft Windows Bitmap
  BMPT        Bundesministerium (Bundesamt) für Post und Telekommunikation
  BMS         Backup Management System
  BMS         Bandwidth Management Service
  BMS         Bearer Channel Monitor Reliability Start
  BMS         Broadcast Message Server
  BMS         Broadcast Message System
  BMS         Buffer Management System
  BMSD        Business Management System Description
  BMSM        BMS Manager
  BMU         Basic Measurement Unit
  BMU         Battery Management Unit
  BMU         Bit Manipulation Unit
  BN          Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
  BN          Basic Numbered
  BN          Billing Number
  BN          Billing Number Records
  BN          Bit Number
  BN          Bonding Network
  BN          Bridge Number
  BN          Button Notification
  BN          ISO country code for Brunei Darussalam
  BNA         Backbone Network Architecture (as opposed to CNA)
  BNA         Billing Name and Address
  BNA         Burroughs Network Architecture
  BNA         Burst Not Acquired
  BNC         Bayonet Neill Concelman
  BNC         Bayonet Nut Connector
  BNC         British National Connector
  BNCSM       Basic Non-Call-Associated State Model
  BNF         Backus-Naur Form
  BNI         Blank Number Intercept
  BNI         Broadband Networks Inc.
  BNIG        Before the Next Interaction Globally
  BNIL        Before the Next Interaction Locally
  BNK         Betriebsfuhrung-Netzknoten (Operations Network Node)
  B-NLS       Broadnand-Non-Locking Shift
  BNM         Bureau de Normalisation de la Mechanique
  BNM         Business Network Management
  BNMR        Business Network Modernization Research
  BNN         Balanced Network Number
  BNN         Bridged Night Number
  BNQ         Burst Not Qualified
  BNR         Bell Northern Research
  BNR         Billing Number Record
  BNRJ        BNR Japan
  BNS         Billed Number Screening
  BNS         Billing Number Selection
  BNS         Broadband Network Services
  BNS         Broadband Networking Services
  BNS         Business Network Services
  B-NT        Broadband Network Termination Equipment
  B-NT1       Broadband Network Termination- Type 1
  B-NT2       Broadband Network Termination- Type 2
  BNU         Basic Networking Utilities
  BNV         Balance Network Value
  BNZS        Binary N Zeros Substitution
  BO          all Barring of Outgoing call services
  BO          Back Off
  BO          Barring of All Outgoing Calls
  BO          Bit-Oriented
  BO          Branch Office
  BO          Byte Ordering
  BO          Invalid Behaviour
  BO          ISO country code for Republic of Bolivia
  BO EOC      Bit-Oriented Embedded Operations Channel
  BOA         Basic Object Adapter
  BOAM        Bell Owned And Maintained
  BOC         Barring of Outcoming Calls (TETRA)
  BOC         Bell Operating Company
  BOC         Bell Operating Company
  BOC         Build-Out Capacitance
  BOCP        Bellcore Operations System Network Communications Protocol
  BOD         Bandwidth On Demand
  BOD         Battery On Discharge
  BODTC       B-Channel Outgoing Default Throughput Class
  BOF         Beginning Of File
  BOF         Beginning of Frame
  BOF         Birds of a Feather
  BOI         Blind Operator Interface
  BOIC        Barring of Outgoing International Calls
  BOIC        Barring of Outgoing International Calls (supplementary service)
  BOIC-exHC   Barring of Outgoing International Calls except those directed to the Home PLMN Country (supplementary service)
  BOL         Beginning of Life
  BOLD        Bit-Oriented Line Discipline (SWIFT)
  BOM         Base Operational Measurements
  BOM         Beginning of Message
  BOM         Bill of Materials
  BOM         Bit-Oriented Message
  BOMMO       Base OMMO
  BOMPS       B-Channel Outgoing Maximum Packet Size
  BOMSIG      Business Object Management Special Interest Group
  BON         Better Object Notation
  BON         Business Object Notation
  BONALS      Type "B" Off-Network Access Lines
  BOND        Bandwidth On Demand
  BONDING     Bandwidth On Demand Interoperability Group
  BONT        Broadband Optical Network Termination
  BOOTP       Bootstrap Protocol
  BOP         Bit Oriented Protocol (SDLC/HDLC)
  BOP         Bit-Oriented Protocol
  BOPS        Billion Operations Per Second
  BOR         Beginning of Recording
  BORAM       Block ORiented Random Access Memory
  BORSCHT     Battery Feed, Overvoltage Protection, Ringing, Supervision, CODEC, Hybrid, and Testing
  BORSCHT     Battery Overvoltage Ringing Signalling Coding Hybrid Test
  BOS         Basic Operating System
  BOS         Basic Operation System
  BOS         Bell Operating System
  BOS         Billing Outputs Specifications
  BOS         Build Options Specification
  BOSS        Billing and Order Support Systems
  BOSS        Binary Object Storage System
  BOSS        Binary Object Streaming Service
  BOSS        Broadband Operations Support System
  BOSS        Business Operations Services and Systems
  BOT         Beginning of Tape
  BOT         Build-Operate-Transfer
  BOT         Busy Override Tone
  BOTM        Beginning Of Tape Mark
  BP          Back Plane
  BP          Back Pressure
  BP          Backplane
  BP          Band Pass
  BP          Base Pointer
  BP          Basic Position
  BP          Basic Purpose
  BP          Bearer Path
  BP          Billing Profile
  BP          Block Parity
  BP          Breakeven Point
  BP          Breakpoint
  BP          Burst Period
  BP          Bypass
  BPAD        Binary Synchronous Communication Packet Assembly/Disassembly
  BPAM        Basic Partition Access Method
  BPB         BIOS Parameter Block
  BPC         B Party Control
  BPC         Bearer Path Connection
  BPC         Bilateral Private Circuit
  BPC         Bits Per Character
  BPC         Broadband Processing Card
  BPCI        BellSouth Personal Communications Inc.
  BPCS        Broadband PCS
  BPD         Backplane Driver
  BPDU        Battery Power Distribution Unit
  BPDU        Bridge Protocol Data Unit
  BPF         Band Pass Filter
  BPF         Berkeley Packet Filter
  bpi         Bits Per Inch
  BPI         Bits Per Inch
  BPI         Business Performance Incentive
  bpi         Bytes Per Inch
  BPKTGP      B-Channel Packet Group
  BPl         Bedienplatz (Operator Position)
  BPM         Beats Per Minute
  BPMCC       Borland Presentation Manager Custom Control
  BPO         British Post Office
  BPON        Broadband over Passive Optical Network
  BPON        Broadband Passive Optical Network
  BPP         Billed Party Preference
  bpp         Bits Per Pixel
  BPP         Bridge Port Pair
  BPP         Buffered Pipe Protocol
  BPR         Backplane Receive
  BPR         Business Process Reengineering
  BPRZ        Bipolar Return to Zero
  BPS         Background Processing State
  BPS         Basic Programming Support
  bps         Bits Per Second
  BPSK        Binary Phase Shift Keying (2-PSK)
  BPSK        Binary Phase-Shift Keying
  BPSN        Broadband Packet-Switched Network
  BPSR        Bidirectional Path-Switched Ring
  BPSS        Basic Packet Switched System
  BPSS        Basic Packet Switching Service
  BPU         Bit boundary block transfer Processing Unit
  BPU         Branch Processing Unit
  BPV         Bipolar Violation
  BPVO        Bipolar Violation Overflow
  BPX         Broadband Packet Exchange
  BQ          Broadcast Quality
  BQ          Burst Qualified
  BQA         Broadcast Quality Applications
  BQPRIV      Block Queries for Private Numbers
  BQRS        Bellcore Quality Registration Services
  B-QSIG      Broadband QSIG
  BR          Base Register
  BR          Basic Rate
  BR          Basic Rate access
  BR          Battery Return
  BR          Battery Reversal
  BR          Billing Report
  BR          Bit Rate
  BR          Branch
  BR          Break
  BR          Bridge
  BR          Bus Request
  BR          Byte Register
  BR          ISO country code for Federative Republic of Brazil
  BR          Line Break (HTML tag)
  BR          Radiocommunications Bureau (ITU)
  BR0         Base Register 0
  BR1         Base Register 1
  BR2         Base Register 2
  BR3         Base Register 3
  BRA         Basic Rate Access
  BRA         Basic Rate Area
  BRACAN      Brazil-Canary Islands submarine cable
  BRAFS       Basic Rate Access Functional Set
  BRAG        Basic Rate Agency
  BRAKS       Basic Rate Access Key Set
  BRAM        Brampton
  BRAMFT      Basic Rate Access Meridian Feature Transparency
  BRAN        Broadband Radio Access Network(s)
  BRB         Basic Rate Boundary
  BRB         Be right back
  BRC         Bidirectional Trunk Group Reservation Control
  BRC         Bit Rate Converter
  BRCO        Broadband Restoration Control Office
  BRCS        Business and Residence Custom Services
  BRCS        Business and Residential Customer Services
  BRCX        Bit Rate Converter
  BRDG        Bridge
  BRE         Basic Regular Expression
  BREV        Base Relation Evolution
  BRF         Band Rejection Filter
  BRF         Bandwidth Request Field
  BRF         Bell Rings Faintly
  BRG         Baud Rate Generator
  BRG         Bit Rate Generator
  BRG         Bridging
  BRG         Business Research Group
  BRGSERV     Digital Bridging
  BRH         Bureau of Radiological Health
  BRI         Basic Rate Interface (2x64kbit/s+1x16kbit/s)
  BRI         Basisanschluss (Basic Rate Interface)
  B-RI        Broadband-Repeat Indicator
  BRICM       Basic Rate Interface Communications Module
  BRIDIAG     BRI Diagnostics Task
  BRIFS       Basic Rate Interface Functional Signalling
  BRI-ISDN    Basic Rate ISDN
  BRIMTC      BRI Maintenance Task
  BRISC       BNR Reduced Instruction Set Computer
  BRISC       BNR Reduced Instruction Set Computing
  BRISP       BRI Signaling Processor
  BRISS       BRI Service Supervisor
  BRIT        Basic Rate Interface Trunk
  BRITE       Basic Rate Interface Transmission Extension
  BRITE       Basic Research in Industrial Technologies for Europe
  BRI-U       Basic Rate Interface- U-Interface
  BRIV        Basic Rate Interface Verification
  BRIV-108    Basic Rate Interface Verification, 108-Type Test Line Loopback
  BRIV-OE     Basic Rate Interface Verification, Office Equipment Assignment Verification
  BRJ         Bandwidth Change Reject
  BRJ         Bandwidth Reject
  BRK         Break
  BRKT        BRacKeT
  BRL         Balance Return Loss
  BRLC        Broadband Remote Line Concentrator
  BRM         Backward RM-cell
  BRM         Basic Reference Model (=RM OSI)
  BRND        Branding
  BROM        Bipolar Read-Only Memory
  BROUTER     Bridge and ROUTER combination (layer 3 internetworking)
  BRQ         Bandwidth Change Request
  BRQ         Bandwidth Request
  BRS         Base Radio Stack (TETRA)
  BRS         Big Red Switch
  BRS         Block Received Signal
  BRS         Buried Ridge Structure
  BRSU        Broadband Remote Switch Unit
  BRT         BIC Relay Test
  BRT         Business Remote Terminal
  BRUS        Brazil-U.S. submarine cable
  BRV         Backup Recovery Vector
  BS          Back Shift
  BS          Back Space
  BS          Backing Store
  BS          Backspace
  BS          BackSpace (ASCII Character)
  BS          Backward Signaling
  BS          Banded Signaling
  BS          Base Station
  BS          Base Station
  BS          Basic Service (group)
  BS          Basic Session
  BS          Bearer Service
  BS          Block Start
  BS          British Standard (UK)
  BS          Broadcast Satellite
  BS          Broadcasting Satellite
  BS          Broadcasting Service
  BS          Brush Style
  BS          Busy Season
  BS          Button Style
  BS          ISO country code for Commonwealth of the Bahamas
  BSA         Base Station Address
  BSA         Basic Service Area
  BSA         Basic Serving Arrangement
  BSA         B-Channel Selection Algorithm
  BSA         Broadband Services Amplifier
  BSA         Business Software Alliance
  BSAC        Broadcasting Spectrum Advisory Committee
  BSAM        Basic Sequential Access Method
  BSAP        Base Station Application Part
  BSB         BackSpace Block
  BSB         BaSeBand (Radio Repeater)
  BSC         Banctec Service Corp
  BSC         Base Station Controller
  BSC         Binary Synchronous Communication
  BSC         Binary Synchronous Communications
  BSC         Broadband Service Controller
  BSC         Browser Information file
  BSC         Business Service Center
  B-SC        Broadband-Sending Complete
  BSCA        Binary Synchronous Communication Adapter
  BSCA        Busy Second Call Attempt
  BSCL        Bell System Common Language
  BSC-OS      Base Station Controller- Operation System
  BSD         Berkeley Software Distribution
  BSD         Berkeley Standard Distribution
  BSD         Busy Disposition
  BSDB        Business Services Database
  BSDI        Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
  BSDL        Boundary-Scan Description Language
  BSD-LFS     BSD Log-Structured File System
  BSE         Basic Service Element
  BSE         Byte Stream Element
  BSEE        Bachelor of Science and Electrical Engineering
  BSET        Business Set
  BSF         BackSpace File
  BSG         Basic Service Group
  BSG         Basic Service Group
  BSG         British Standard Guage
  BSGDP       Business Subgroup Dialing Plan
  BSGL        Branch Systems General Licence (UK)
  BSGL        Branch Systems General License
  BSH         Bourne Shell
  bsh         Bourne Shell
  BSHR        Bidirectional Self-Healing Ring
  BSHR/2      2-Fiber Bidirectional Self-Healing Ring
  BSHR/4      4-Fiber Bidirectional Self-Healing Ring
  BSI         Backward Status Indicators
  BSI         Backward Status Information
  BSI         Binary Synchronous Interface
  BSI         Bit Sequence Independence
  BSI         Bit-Stream Information
  BSI         British Standard Institute(ion) (UK)
  BSI         British Standards Institution
  BSIC        Base Station Identity Code
  BSIC        Base transceiver Station Identity Code
  BSkyB       British Sky Satellite Broadcasting
  BSLT        Broadband Subscriber Line Terminal
  BSM         Backward Set-Up Message
  BSM         Base Station Manager
  BSM         Billing Services Management
  BSM         Billing Systems Management
  BSM         Broadband Switching Module
  BSMM        Bidirectional Symmetric Multipoint-to-Multipoint
  BSMS        Base Site Management System
  BSMS        Broadband Service Managent System
  BSMS        Business Service Monitoring System
  BSN         Backward Sequence Number
  BSN         Broadband Service Node
  BSNR        Backward Sequence Number Received
  BSNT        Backward Sequence Number Transmitted
  BSOD        Blue Screen of Death
  BS-OS       The part of the Base Station dealing with the O & M process
  BSP         Bell System Practice
  BSP         Bitsurfer Pro
  BSP         Board Support Package
  BSP         Bootstrap Processor
  BSPM        Bidirectional Symmetric Point-to-Multipoint
  BSPP        Bidirectional Symmetric Point-to-Point
  BSR         BackSpace Record
  BSR         Branch to SubRoutine
  BSR         Broadband Services Receiver
  BSRF        Basic Synchronization Reference Frequency
  BSRF        Bell System Reference Frequency
  BSRFN       Bell System Reference Frequency Network
  BSRFS       Bell System Reference Frequency Standard
  BSRP        Base Station Radio Part (TETRA)
  BSRS        Bell System Repair Specification
  BSS         Base Station Subsystem
  BSS         Base Station System
  BSS         Basic Service Set
  BSS         Basic Session Service
  BSS         Basic Synchronized Subset
  BSS         Basic Synchronized Subset (OSI-SL)
  BSS         Block Started by a Symbol
  BSS         Broadband Switching System
  BSS         Broadcast Satellite Service
  BSS         Broadcasting Satellite Service
  BSS         Business Service System
  BSSAP       Base Station Subsystem Application Part
  BSSAP       Base Station System Application Part
  BSSGP       BSS GPRS Protocol
  BSSM        Basic Service State Machine
  BSSMAP      Base Station Subsystem Management Application Part
  BSSMAP      Base Station Subsystem Mobile Application Part
  BSSMAP      Base Station System Management Application Part
  BSSMAP      BSS Management Part
  BSSOMAP     Base Station System Operation and Maintenance Application Part
  B-SSP       Broadband SSP
  BST         Base Station Transceiver
  BST         Binary Search Tree
  BST         British Summer Time
  BST         Busy Tone
  BSTJ        Bell System Technical Journal
  B-STP       Broadband STP
  BSTR        Basic String
  BSTS        Broadband Series Test System
  BSU         Baseband Switching Unit
  BSUG        Bilateral Closed User Group
  BSVC        Broadcast SVC
  BSVCI       Broadcast Signaling Virtual Channel Identifier
  BSVR        Billing Server
  BSW         Broadcast Services for Windows
  BSXF        Burst Sync Failure (SPADE)
  BSY         Busy
  BT          Bandwidth Time product
  BT          Base Transceiver
  BT          Begin of Tape
  BT          BiT sublayer
  BT          Bit Time
  BT          Bridge Tap
  BT          British Telecom
  BT          Bureau Technique
  BT          Burst Tolerance
  BT          Business Telecommunications
  BT          Business Telecommunications (ETSI TC, later BTC)
  BT          Busy Test
  BT          Busy Tone
  BT          ISO country code for Kingdom of Bhutan
  BT7         British Telecom Signaling System 7
  BTA         Basic Trading Area
  BTA         Beijing Telecommunications Administration
  BTA         Broadband Terminal Adaptor
  BTA         Broadcasting Technical Association
  BTA         Broadcasting Technology Association
  B-TA        Broadband Terminal Adapter
  BTAC        BellSouth Technical Assessment Center
  BTAC        Branch Target Address Cache
  Btag        Beginning Tag
  BTAM        Basic Telecommuniactions Access Method (IBM/X.25)
  BTAM        Basic Telecommunications Access Method
  BTB         Branch Target Buffer
  BTC         Broadcast Translation Circuit
  BTC         Business TeleCommunications (ETSI TC, former BT)
  BTCF        Basic Transit Control Function
  BTDS        Bit Transparent Data Service
  BTE         Base Terminating Equipment
  BTE         British Telecommunications Engineering
  BTE         Business Terminal Equipment
  B-TE        Broadband Terminal Equipment
  BTF         Bellcore Technical Forum
  BTF         Binary Transversal Filters
  BTF         Bulk Transfer Function
  BTI         British Telecom International (obsolete)
  BTI         Business Telecom Inc.
  BTITS       Bureau of Telecommunications and Informations Services
  BTL         Bell Telephone Laboratories
  BTL         BT Laboratories
  BTL         Bus Transceiver Logic (National Semiconductor Inc.)
  BTLD        Boot-Time Loadable Driver
  BTM         Bell Telephone Manufacturing
  BTMA        Busy Tone Multiple Access
  BTN         Billing Telephone Number
  BTNR        British Telecom Network Requirement
  BT-NUP      British National User Part
  BTO         Build-To-Order
  BTO         Bulk Translations Output
  BTP         Base Station Transport
  BTP         Buffer of Transit Packets
  BTP         Burst Time Plan
  BTPC        Bus Termination Paddle Card
  BtPl        Betriebsplatz (Maintenance Console) (Operating Position)
  BTR         Behind Tape Reader (system)
  BTR         Billing Trigger Receiver
  BTR         Bit Timing Recovery
  BTR         Blind Transfer Recall
  BTR         British Telecom Requirement
  BTRI        Blind Transfer Recall Identification
  BTRL        British Telecom Research Laboratories
  BTS         Base Transceiver Station
  BTS         Base Transmission Station
  BTS         Burst Time Synchronisation
  BTSC        Broadcast Television Systems Committee
  BTSM        Base Transceiver Station Management
  BTT         Background Telephone Traffic
  BTTH        Broadband To The Home
  BTTJ        BT Technology Journal
  BTU         Basic Transmission Unit (SNA)
  BTU         British Thermal Unit
  BTUP        British Telecom National User Part
  BTUP        British Telecom User Part
  BTW         By the way
  Btx         Bildschirmtext
  BU          Branch Unit
  BU          Branching Unit
  BU          Business Unit
  BU          ISO country code for Burma (obsolete)
  BUC         Context Bundler/Unbundler
  BUD         Bundler, Unbundler and Distributor
  BUF         Buffer
  BUFR        Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
  BUI         Bilingual User Interface
  BUIC        Blocking/Unblocking of Incoming Calls
  BUID        Bus Unit ID
  Bul         Bulletin
  BUNI        Broadband User/Network Interface
  BUPT        Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  BUS         Broadcast and Unknown Server
  BUS         Broadcast/Unknown Server
  Bus         Business
  BUT         BUTton
  BUUSI       Blocking of User-to-User Signaling Interswitch
  BUUSIX      Blocking of User-to-User Signaling to an IXC
  BUV         Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectrometer
  BV          Behaviour Valid
  BV          Busy Verification
  BV          ISO country code for Bouvet Island
  BVA         Billing Validation Administration
  BVA         Billing Validation Application
  BVA         Billing Validation Authority
  BVC         Billing Validation Center
  BVC         Billing Verification Check
  BVCI        Broadcast Virtual Channel Identifier (B-ISDN)
  BVCP        Banyan Vines Control Protocol
  BVF         Billing Validation File
  BVG         Billing Validation Gateway
  BVL         Busy Verification, Lines
  BVMS        Business Voice Messaging Service
  BVPN        Broadband Virtual Private Network
  BVR         Basic Version Receiver
  BVR         Busy Verify
  BVS         Busy Verification, Stations
  BVSP        Borland Visual Solutions Pack
  BVT         Busy Verification Tone
  BVT         Busy Verification, Trunks
  BVTONE      Busy Verification Tone
  BVW         Backward Volume Wave
  BVW         Belleville
  BW          Bandwidth
  BW          Both-Way
  BW          Buried Wire
  BW          ISO country code for Republic of Botswana
  BWA         Bandwidth Allocator
  BWA         Broadband Wireless Access
  BWCC        Borland Windows Custom Controls
  BWD         Backward
  BwD         Bandwidth-Delay
  BWF         B-Word Facility
  BWG         Birmingham Wire Guage
  BWI         Bell-South Wireless Inc.
  BWM         BandWidth Manager
  BWM         Broadcast Warning Message
  BWP         BATC Write Port
  BWP0        BATC Write Port Register 0
  BWP1        BATC Write Port Register 1
  BWP2        BATC Write Port Register 2
  BWP3        BATC Write Port Register 3
  BWP4        BATC Write Port Register 4
  BWP5        BATC Write Port Register 5
  BWP6        BATC Write Port Register 6
  BWP7        BATC Write Port Register 7
  BWQ         Buzz Word Quotient
  BWR         Bandwidth Ratio
  BWSC        Broadband Wireless Switching Center
  BX          Base register
  BxZS        Bipolar xth Zero Substitution
  BY          Busy
  by          BYTE (unsigned char)
  BY          ISO country code for Belarus (formerly Byelorussia)
  BY/DA       Busy/Don't Answer
  BYP         BYPass
  BZ          ISO country code for Belize
  BzA         Bereitstellung zur Abnahme (DBPT acceptance testing)
  BZT         Bundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation (D)
  BZV         Befristeter Zaehlvergleich (Charging Verification Service)

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- C -


  C           Call
  C           Capacitance
  C           Capacitance
  C           Capacitor
  C           Carry
  C           CCR Service
  C           Celsius
  c           centi (10-2)
  C           Central side
  C           Centrigrade
  C           Changed
  c           char
  C           Character
  C           Clock
  C           Closed
  C           Command
  C           Concatenated
  c           Concatenated
  C           Conditional
  C           Connect
  C           Constructed
  C           Container
  C           Control
  C           Control field
  C           Copyright
  C           Core (Computing Module)
  C           Cost
  C           Coulomb
  C           Cross (link)
  C           Cyan
  C           Frame-Copied
  C&D         Control and Display
  C&I         Commissioning and Installation
  C&I         Control and Indication
  C&M         Conferencing and Messaging
  C&MA        Construction and Maintenance Agreement
  C&P         Chesapeake and Potomac (Telephone Co.)
  C&S         Card and Socket
  C&W         Cable & Wireless
  C&NI        Communication & Networking of Information
  C&S         Control & Switching functions
  C/C         Cell Controller
  C/D         Charge-Discharge
  C/D         Control and Display
  C/D         Critical Dimension
  C/I         Carrier to Interference ratio
  C/L         ConnectionLess
  C/N         Carrier to Noise Ratio
  C/O         Connection-Oriented
  C/R         Challenge/Response pair (TETRA)
  C/R         Command/Response
  C/R         Command/Response field bit
  C/S         Client/Server
  C/T         Carrier power to noise Temperature ratio
  C/T         Carrier to Noise Temperature Ratio
  C/WS        Cost per Work Second
  C-11        Container-Level 11
  C-12        Container-Level 12
  C2          Command and Control
  C-2         Container-Level 2
  c2d         Code to Documentation Tool
  C3          Command, Control and Communications
  C-3         Container-Level 3
  C3I         Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
  C3Q         Coverage, Capacity and Quality versus Cost
  C-4         Container-Level 4
  C4I         Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
  C6TU        CCS6 Test Utility
  C7          CCITT Common Channel Signaling System No. 7
  C7FPG       CCS7 Functional Parameter Group
  C7TD        CCS7 Test Driver
  C7TU        CCS7 Test Utilities
  C7UP        CCS7 ISUP
  CA          Cable
  CA          Cache Alignment
  CA          Call Accepted
  CA          Call Announcer
  CA          Call Appearance
  CA          Call Attempt
  CA          Capability
  CA          Carrier Agent
  CA          Cell Allocation
  CA          Central Agent
  CA          Certification Authority
  CA          Certifying Authority
  CA          Circuit Assigned
  CA          Cluster Alpha Tested
  CA          Collision Avoidance
  CA          Communication Adapter
  CA          Community Address
  CA          Competitive Analysis
  CA          Component Architect
  CA          Computer Animation
  CA          Computer-Aided
  CA          Conditional Access
  CA          Connection Agent
  CA          Conseil d'Administration
  CA          Content Alignment
  CA          Control Agent
  CA          Customer Access
  CA          Customer Administration
  ca          Internet country code for Canada
  CA          ISO country code for Canada
  CA          U.S. postal code for California
  CAA         Civil Aviation Authority
  CAAC        Customer Administration of Authorization Codes
  CAAFRL      Customer Administration of Alternate Facility Restriction Levels
  CAAR        Cache Address Register
  CAB         Cabinet
  CAB         Cabinet file
  CAB         Customer Advisory Board
  CABOP       Call Management System Automatic Recall Blocking to Private Numbers
  CABS        Carrier Access Billing System
  CAC         Call Accept
  CAC         Call Admission Control
  CAC         Carrier Access Code
  CAC         Centralized Arbitration Control
  CAC         Commercial Action Committee (CEPT)
  CAC         Connection Admission Control
  CAC         Customer Access Connection
  CACE        Carrier Access Code Error Treatment
  CACH        Call Appearance Call Handling
  CACI        Communication Automation and Control, Inc.
  CACM        Communications of the ACM (periodical)
  CACP        Central Arbitration Control Point
  CACR        Cache Control Register
  CACRL       CAs CRL
  CACS        Centralized Alarm and Control System
  CAD         Call Acceptance Delay
  CAD         Call Authorised by Dispatcher (TETRA)
  CAD         Card Accepting Device
  CAD         Computer-Assisted (aided) Design
  CAD         Computer-Assisted Dialing
  CAD         Connected-Address Display
  CAD/CAM     Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
  CADA        Compact Asynchronous Data Adapter
  CADAM       Computer Augmented Design and Manufacturing
  CADCAM      Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture
  CADCS       Call Attempt Data Collection Services
  CADCS       Call Attempt Data Collection System
  CADD        Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  CADD        Computer Aided Detector Design
  CADDIA      Cooperation in Automation of Data and Documentation for Imports/exports and management and Financial control of Agricultural markets
  CADE        Computer Aided Document Engineering
  CADES       Computer Aided DMS Engineering System
  CaDivI      Call Diversion Information
  CADM        Content-Addressable Data Manager
  CADMAT      Computer-Aided Design, Manufacture and Testing
  CADN        Cellular Access Digital Network
  CADN        Circuit Administration
  CADSIM      Continuous And Discrete Simulation
  CAE         Change Application Engineering
  CAE         Common Application Environment (X/Open)
  CAE         Communications Applications Environment
  CAE         Computer-Aided Engineering
  CAE         Customer Application Engineering
  CAESS       Customer Application Engineering Support System
  CAF         Common Application Framework
  CAF         Content Application Form
  CAF         Corel Application Framework
  CAFD        Comptroller's Automatic Message Accounting Format Description
  CAFIS       Credit and Financial Information System
  CAG         Call Agent
  CaHI        Call History Information
  CAI         Carrier Access Information
  CAI         Charge Advice Information
  CAI         Common Air Interface
  CAI         Computer Aided Instruction
  CAI         MDII: Address Incomplete Signal Received
  CAIN        Collected Address Information Number
  CAIP        Computer Aids to Industrial Productivity
  CAKE        Commercial Automated Key Escrow
  CAL         Calendar file
  CAL         Computer Aided Learning
  CAL         Customer Access Link
  CALA        Caribbean and Latin America
  CALC        Customer Access Line Charge
  CALEA       Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
  CALL PROC   Call Proceeding message
  CALLBL      Call Block
  CallL       Call Leg
  CallP       Call Processing
  CALM        Central Alarm Monitoring
  CALM        Centralized Alarm
  CALM        Common Assembly Language for Microprocessors
  CALMS       Credit and Load Management System
  CALP        Called Line Identification Presentation
  CALRS       Centralized Automatic Loop Reporting System
  CALS        Computer aided Acquisition and Logistic Support (United States Military)
  CALS        Computer aided Acquisition, Logistics and Support (DoD program)
  CALS        Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support
  CALS        Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle System
  CAM         Call Accepted Message
  CAM         Call and Agent Manager
  CAM         Cell Arrival Monitoring
  CAM         Channel Adapter Manager
  CAM         Common Access Method
  CAM         Common Analysis Model
  CAM         Communication Access Method
  CAM         Communications Application Module
  CAM         Computer Aided Mapping
  CAM         Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  CAM         Connections Access Manager
  CAM         Content Addressable Memory
  CAM         Controlled Attachment Module
  CAM         Customer Access Module
  CAM1        Communications Application Module, Type 1
  CAM2        Communications Application Module, Type 2
  CAMA        Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
  CAMAC       Computer Application to Measurement And Control
  CAMA-C      Centralized Automatic Message Accounting-Computerized
  CAMA-ONI    Centralized Automatic Message Accounting-Operator Number Identification
  CAMC        Customer Access Maintenance Centre
  CAMEL       Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic (GSM term)
  CAMENG      Computer Aided Manufacturing Engineering
  CAMF        Customer Access Management Function
  CAMMS       Centralized Access Maintenance and Monitoring System
  CAMS        Central Administration and Maintenance Subsystem
  CAN         Campus-Area Network
  CAN         Cancel
  CAN         Cancel Abbreviated Number Delivery
  CAN         Central Administration for NDAF
  CAN         Controller Area Network (Automotive Electrics, R. Bosch GmbH)
  CANBER      Canada-Bermuda submarine cable
  CANC        Cancel
  CANF        Cancel From
  CanF        Cancel From
  CANT        Cancel To
  CanT        Cancel To
  CANTRAN     Cancel Transmission
  CANTS       Customer Access Network Transmission Standards
  CANTV       Compania Anonima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela
  CAP         Call Appearance
  CAP         CAMEL Application Part
  CAP         Capability
  CAP         Capacitor
  CAP         Carrierless AM/PM
  CAP         Carrierless Amplitude and Phase
  CAP         Carrierless Amplitude Modulation/Phase Modulation
  CAP         Carrierless Amplitude/Phase
  CAP         Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation
  CAP         Cell Arrival Pattern
  CAP         Cellular Access Processor
  CAP         Cellular Application Processor
  CAP         Central Answering Position
  CAP         Central Arbitration Point
  CAP         Change Application Procedure
  CAP         Circuit Access Point
  CAP         Common Application Platform
  CAP         Communication of Act Parameters
  CAP         Competitive Access Provider
  CAP         Computer Aided Publishing
  CAP         Conformance Assessment Process
  CAPAC       Cable Packet Communications
  CAPAM       Call Appearance for Analog Member of EKTS
  CAPC        Congestion Avoidance with Proportional Control
  CAPG        Control of Application Process Group
  CAPI        Call Appearance Identifier
  CAPI        Common API for ISDN
  CAPI        Common Application Programming Interface
  CAPI        Common ISDN API
  CAPNET      Captive Network
  CAPP        Computer Aided Process Planning
  CAPS        Call Appearance Sequence
  CAPS        Call Attempts Per Second
  CAPT        Call Appearance Terminal
  CAPTAIN     Character And Pattern Telephone Access Information Network
  CAQ         Computer Aided Quality control
  CAR         Cal Request
  CAR         Call Request
  CAR         Carrier
  CAR         Carry
  CAR         Cartoon Network
  CAR         Channel Assignment Record
  CAR         Communication of Act Relationship
  CAR         Computer Access Restriction
  CAR         Computer Aided Radiology
  CAR         Computer Aided Retrieval
  CAR         Connection Address Resolution
  CAR         Corrective Action Request
  CARAM       Content Addressable Random Access Memory
  CARB        Channel Assignment with Borrowing and Reassignment
  CaRe        Call Reference
  CARE        Customer Account Record Exchange
  CARE/ISI    Customer Account Record Exchange/Industry Support Interface
  CARES       EKTS Call Appearance Reservation
  CARIN       Center for Applied Research on Information Networking
  CAROT       Centralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks
  CARP        Cache Array Routing Protocol
  CARPAC      Carrier Pretest and Cutover
  CARRET      CARriage Return
  CARS        Cable Television Relay Station
  CARS        Communication Analysis Reporting System
  CARS        Community Antenna Relay Service
  CARS        Computerized AMA Recording System
  CARTS       Carrier Accounting Records Transport System
  CARTS       Circuit Assignment Record Transfer System
  CAS         Call Accounting System
  CAS         Call Associated Signaling
  CAS         Call Attendant Services
  CAS         Centralized Attendant Service
  CAS         Channel Associated Signaling
  CAS         Column Address Select
  CAS         Column Address Strobe
  CAS         Communications Application Specification (DCA-INTEL eq to Net BIOS or LANManager)
  CAS         Component Administration System
  CAS         Computer Aided Systems
  CAS         Computer-Assisted Signaling
  CAS         Conseil de la Audiovisuel Superieur
  CAS         Content Addressable Storage
  CAS         Control Automation System
  CAS         CPE Alerting Signal
  CAS         CPS Architecture Summary
  CAS         Craft Administration System
  CAS         Customer Access Systems
  CAS         Customer Account Services
  CAS         IBM Centre for Advanced Studies
  CASA        Connection Arrangement for Switched Access
  CASCO       ISO council Committee on COnformity ASsessment
  CASD        Computer Aided System Design
  CASE        Common Application Service Element
  CASE        Computer-Aided Software Engineering
  CASE        Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
  CASE        Computing and Systems Evolution
  CASL        Crosstalk Application Scripting Language
  CASOP       CMS AR Screening Of Private Calls
  CAST        Carlisle Adams-Stafford Tavares
  CAST        Computerized Automatic System Tester
  CASVE       Computer Aided Software Verification Environment
  CAT         Catalog File
  CAT         Centrex Access Treatment
  CAT         Clear Air Turbulence
  CAT         Comite des Activites Techniques (CEPT)
  CAT         Common Authentication Technology
  CAT         Component Assembly Tool
  CAT         Computer Aided Testing
  CAT         Computer Aided Tomography
  CAT         Computer Aided Translation
  CAT         Computer Aided Typesetting
  CAT         Computer-Aided Transcription
  CAT         Computerized Axial Tomography
  CAT         Council for Automation Tools
  CAT         Customer Access Treatment
  CATA        Canadiabn Advanced Technology Association
  CATCR       Customer Access Treatment Code Restriction(s)
  CATFOP      CMTS AMA Tape Formatted Output Program
  CATG        Computer Aided Test Generation
  CATLAS      Centralized Automatic Trouble Locating and Analysis System
  CATNIP      Common Architecture for the Internet Protocol
  CATRP       China Academy of Telecommunications Research and Planning
  CATS        Calling Card and Third Party Number Settlement
  CaTS        Capacity Tracking System
  CATS        Cellular Air Traffic System
  CATS        Computer Aided Testing System
  CATS        Computer-Accessed Telemetry System
  CATS        Consortium for Audiographics Teleconferencing Standards
  CATS        Crossconnect And Transfer System
  CATT        Centralized Automatic Toll Ticketing
  CATTS       Centralized Automatic Trunk Test System
  CATV        Cable Television
  CATV        Community Antenna Television
  CATV        Community Antenna TV
  CAU         Cable Access Unit
  CAU         Cause
  CAU         CDMA Application Unit
  CAU         Cell Antenna Unit
  CAU         Control Arithmetic Unit
  CAU         Controlled Access Unit
  CAU         Customer Access Unit
  CAV         Card Access Valid
  CAV         Component Analog Video
  CAV         Constant Angular Velocity
  CAVE        Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
  CAVE        Computer Automatic Virtual Environment
  CAVU        Cellular Authentication and Voice Privacy Unit
  CAW         Certification Authority Workstation
  CAW         Channel Address Word
  CAW         Command Address Word
  CAX         Community Automatic Exchange
  Cb          Blue Chrominance
  CB          Call Barring
  CB          Call forwarding Busy
  CB          Carrier Band (modulation technique)
  CB          Cell Broadcast
  CB          Channel Bank
  CB          Chrominance colour difference, Blue
  CB          Circuit Breaker
  CB          Citizens Band
  CB          Citizen's Band (Radio)
  CB          Clear Back
  CB          Coin Box
  CB          Common Battery
  CB          Compatibility Bulletin
  CB          Connecting Block
  CB          Connection Broker
  CB          Control Block
  cb          Count of bytes
  CB/TH       Circuit Breaker- Thermal
  CB1         Clear-Back No. 1 signal
  CB2         Clear-Back No. 2 signal
  CB3         Clear-Back No. 3 signal
  CBA         Changebank Acknowledgement message
  C-band      4/6 GHz frequency range
  CBA-RA      Coin Box Accounting for Revenue Allocation
  CBASIC      Compiled-BASIC
  CBBS        Computerized Bulletin Board System
  CBC         Call By Call
  CBC         Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  CBC         Can't Be Called
  CBC         Cell Broadcast Centre (GSM)
  CBC         Cell Bus Controller
  CBC         Channel Bus Controller
  CBC         Cipher Block Chaining
  CBC         Circuit Bearer Channel
  CBC         Connectionless Bearer Control
  CBC         Consecutive Blank Column
  CB-CC       Connection Broker-Connection Control
  CBCH        Cell Broadcast Channel
  CBCH        Common Control CHannel
  CBCP        Callback Control Protocol
  CBCSS       Call By Call Service Selection
  CBD         Call Box Discrimination
  CBD         Changeback Declaration message
  CBDS        Circuit Board Design System
  CBDS        Connectionless Broadband Data Service
  CBDS        Constant Bit Rate Data Service
  CBDT        Can't Break Dial Tone
  CBE         Call Forwarding Busy Internal Calls Only
  CBE         Centralized Branch Exchange
  CBEd        Computer-Based Education
  CBEMA       Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
  CBG         Census Block Group
  CBH         Can't Be Heard
  CBI         Call Forward Busy Intragroup
  CBI         Channel Bus Interface
  CBIC        Complimentary Bipolar Integrated Circuit
  CBIC        Control Bus Interface Chip
  CBIOS       Compatibility BIOS
  CBIS        Cincinnati Bell Information Systems
  CBK         Change Back
  CBK         Clear Back message
  CBK         Clear-Back signal
  CBK         Code Blocking
  CBL         Charge-Buffered Logic (Low-Power Bipolar Logic Family)
  CBLU        Citizens Band Licencing Unit
  CBMI        Cell Broadcast Message Identifier
  CBMS        Computer Based Message Service
  CBMS        Computer Based Message Switching
  CBMS        Computer-Based Message System
  CBN         Common Bonding Network
  CBN         Compromise Balance Network
  CBO         Continuous Bit-Stream Oriented
  CBO         Cooperative Business Object
  CBP         Coded Block Pattern
  CBQ         Call Back Queuing
  CBQ         Class Based Queuing
  CBR         Carrier and Bit timing clock Recovery
  CBR         Cavity-Backed Radiator
  CBR         Constant Bit Rate
  CBR         Continuous Bit Rate
  CBR-AAL     Constant Bit Rate ATM Adaptation Layer
  CBS         Card Buffer Storage
  CBS         Cell Broadcast Service
  CBS         Centralized Business Service
  CBS         Columbia Broadcasting System
  CBS         Committed Burst Size
  CBS         Common Battery Signaling
  CBS         Communal Base Station
  CBS         Communication Base Station
  CBS         Constant Bitrate Services
  CBSC        CDMA Base Station Controller
  CBSW        Common Board Software
  CBsy        C-Side Busy
  C-BSY       Core Side Busy
  CBT         Computer-Based Terminal
  CBT         Computer-Based Training
  CBT         Core-Based Tree(s)
  CBT         Cursor Backward Tab
  CBTA        Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance
  CBTA        Canadian Business Telecommunications Association
  CBU         Call Forwarding Busy Unrestricted
  CBUD        Call Before U Dig
  CBUS        Control Bus
  C-Bus       Channel Transport Bus
  C-Bus       Channelized Bus
  CBW         Convert Byte to Word (80x86 inst)
  CBWV        Call Busy Work Volume
  CBX         Computer-Based Exchange
  CBX         Computer-Controlled Branch Exchange
  CBX         Computerized Branch Exchange (PBX)
  CBX         Computerized Private Branch Exchange
  cc          C Compiler
  CC          C++ Compiler/Translator
  CC          Cable Connector
  CC          Call Center
  CC          Call Code
  CC          Call Configuration
  CC          Call Connect
  CC          Call Connected
  CC          Call Connected packet
  CC          Call Control
  CC          Call Control Entity
  CC          Calling Card
  CC          CAM Controller
  CC          Capability Complete
  cc          Carbon Copy
  CC          Card Column
  CC          Card Count
  CC          Carrier Connect
  CC          Carrier Current
  CC          Central Control
  CC          Central Controller
  CC          Channel Control information element
  CC          Channel Controller
  CC          Chip Carrier
  cc          Cicero
  CC          Clear Channel
  CC          Close-Captioned
  CC          Cluster Controller
  CC          Code Complete
  CC          Coin Collect
  CC          Coin Completing
  CC          Collect Call
  CC          Color Code
  CC          Command Chaining
  CC          Common Carrier
  CC          Common Control
  CC          Common Controller
  CC          Communication Computer
  CC          Communication Control
  CC          Company Code
  CC          Composite Call
  CC          Composite Clock
  CC          Computer Center
  CC          Computing Center
  CC          Condition Code
  CC          Conference Calling
  CC          Congestion Control
  CC          Connection Confirm
  CC          Connection Control
  CC          Connection Coordinator
  CC          Continuity Cell
  CC          Control Channel
  CC          Control Component
  CC          Control Console
  CC          Convolutional Code
  CC          Coordinating Commitee
  CC          Coordination Center
  CC          Cost Component
  CC          Countdown Counter
  CC          Country Code
  CC          Cross Connection
  CC          Cross-Connect
  CC          Crystal Controlled
  CC          Cursor Control
  CC          Cyclic Check
  CC          ISO country code for Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  CC/OR       Coin Collect/Operator Released
  CC1         Calling Card- Type 1
  CC1         CAM Controller, Type 1
  CC2         Calling Card- Type 2
  CC2         CAM Controller, Type 2
  CCA         Call Classification Analysis
  CCA         Call Control Agent (typically a terminal equipment)
  CCA         Carrier Central Agent
  CCA         CENELEC Certification Agreement
  CCA         Circuit Card Assembly
  CCA         Clear Channel Assessment
  CCA         Communication Channel Adapter
  CCA         Conceptual Communication Area (OSI)
  CCA         Control Channel Acquisition
  CCAF        Call Control Agent Function
  CCAF        Call Control Agent Functional Entity
  CCAF        Cluster Control Agent Function
  CCAF+       Call Control Agent Function Plus
  CCAFr       Call Control Agent Function (Radio)
  CCAFR       Customer Control of Automatic Flexible Routing
  CCAN        Calling Card Account Number
  CCAN        Credit Card Account Number
  CCAP        Communication Control Application Program
  CCAS        Call Control Application Services
  CCB         Call Condense Block
  CCB         Call Control Block
  CCB         Change Control Board
  CCB         Channel Command Block
  CCB         Channel Control Block
  CCB         Coin Collecting Box
  CCB         Command Control Block
  CCB         Common Carrier Bureau
  ccb         Communications Control Block
  CCB         Cyclic Check Byte
  CCBQ        Coordinated Call Back Queing
  CCBS        Call Completions to Busy Subscribers
  CCBS        Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (supplementary service)
  CCBSi       Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber Call Indicator
  CCC         CDMA Cluster Controller
  CCC         Cenelec electronic Components Certification
  CCC         Central Control Complex
  CCC         Clear Channel Capability (T1 option to use full bandwidth with B8ZS coding)
  CCC         Coinless, Charge-a-Call
  CCC         Color Conversion Context
  CCC         Common Customer Code
  CCC         Communication Command and Control (communication control character)
  CCC         Corrective Content Complete
  CCC         Credit Card Calling
  CCC         Credit Card Control
  CCC         Custom Charge Calling
  CCCD        Conductively Connect Charge-coupled Device
  CCCH        Common Control Channel
  CCCI        Command, Control, Communication & Intelligence system (US Military)
  CCCI        Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
  CCCM        Council Committee on Consumer Matters
  CCCP        Connection Control Protocol
  CCD         Central Control Disabled
  CCD         Charge-Coupled Device
  CCD         Class Communication Diagram
  CCD         Coin Collect Detect
  CCDB        Calling Card Database
  CCDC        Channel Compatible Digicipher
  CCDN        Corporate Consolidated Data Network
  CCE         Cannel Control Error
  CCE         Central Control Enabled
  CCE         Consistency Check End message
  CCE         Control Creation Edition
  CCE         Corporate Component Engineering
  CCEA        Consistency Check End Acknowledgement message
  CCEL        C++ Constraint Expression Language
  CCEL        Call Connection Elapsed Time Limitation
  CCES        Centrally Controlled Equaliser System
  CCES        Common Control Echo Suppressor
  CCETT       Centre Commun d'Etudes de Télédiffusion et de Télécommunications (France)
  CCF         Call Control Function
  CCF         Call Control Functional Entity
  CCF         Cluster Control Function
  CCF         Coin, Coin First
  CCF         Common Control Function
  CCF         Communications Control Field
  CCF         Complex Call Framework
  CCF         Conditional Call Forwarding
  CCF         Continuity Check Failure message
  CCF         Continuity-Failure signal
  CCF         Custom Calling Feature(s)
  CCF+        Call Control Function Plus
  CCFAC       Customer Control of Facilities
  CCFL        Cold-Cathode Fluoresecent Lamp
  CCFP        Central Control Fixed Part
  CCFP        Common Control Fixed Part
  CCFT        Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
  CCG         Computer Communications Group
  CCH         Cancel Previous Character
  CCH         Comite Consultatif pour l'Harmonisation
  CCH         Common Control Channel
  CCH         Connections per Circuit per Hour
  CCH         Continuity Check Indicator
  CCH         Control Channel
  CCH         Coordination Committee on Harmonization
  CCI         Call Completion Internet
  CCI         CCITT and CCIR
  CCI         Common Client Interface
  CCI         Common Customer Identifier
  CCI         Computer Consoles Incorporated
  CCI         Concorde-to-Concorde Interface
  CCI         Conference Circuit Interconnection
  CCI         Continuity Check Incoming
  CCIA        Computer and Communication Industries Association
  CCID        Call Count- Information Delivered
  CCIE        Call Control Information Element
  CCIF        Call Control Interface
  CCIF        Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique
              (International Telephone Consultative Committee)
  CCIR        Comité Consultatif International de Radiocommunications (now ITU-R)
  CCIR        Comite Consultatif International de Radiodiffusion
  CCIR        International Radio Consultative Committee (now ITU-R)
  CCIR        Internationaler Beratender Ausschub für das Funkwesen
  CCIRN       Coordinating Committee for International Research Networking
  CCIS        Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
  CCIS6       Common Channel Interoffice Signaling System No. 6
  CCIT        International Telegraph Consultative Committee
  CCITT       Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique
              (International Consultative Committee for Telegraph and Telephone, now ITU-T)
  CCIUG       ClearCase International Users Group
  CCKF        Continuity ChecKtone Failure (SPADE)
  CCKT        Continuity Check Tone
  CCL         Calling Party Clear message
  CCL         Change Control Log
  CCL         Common Communication Link
  CCL         Comon Carrier Line
  CCLC        Carrier Common Line Charge
  CCM         Central Customer Manager
  CCM         Circuit Supervision Message
  CCM         Common Channel Signalling Module
  CCM         Common Control Module
  CCM         Communication Channel Management
  CCM         Complex Call Model
  CCM         Composite Call Model
  CCM         Connection Control Message
  CCM         Cross-Connect Multiplexor
  CCM         Current Call Meter
  CCM         Customer Configuration Management
  CCM         Customer Control and Management
  CCM         DMS-100 Common
  CCMC        Computer Communications Maintenance Center
  CCMF        Centralised Control and Monitoring Function
  CCMIS       Call Centre Management Information System
  CCMP        Call Completion
  CCMP        CC Message Processor
  CCMP        Credit Card Mobile Phone
  CCN         Calling Card Number
  CCN         Common Channel Network
  CCN         Contract Change Notice
  CC-NDT      Can't Call-No Dial Tone
  CCNR        Completion of Call No Reply (supplementary service)
  CCNR        Completion of Calls on No Reply
  CC-NUMA     Cache-Coherent NUMA
  CCO         Colorado Communications Operation
  CCO         Component Coordinator
  CCO         Continuity-Check Outgoing
  CCODE       Country Code
  CCOFGQ      Customer Control of Outgoing Facility Group Queuing
  CCOM        Coaxial Cable Organization Module
  CCOV        Code Coverage
  CCP         Calibrator Characteristic Parameter
  CCP         Capability/Configuration Parameter
  CCP         Character Control Protocol
  CCP         Communication Control Package
  CCP         Compression Control Protocol
  CCP         Connection Control Protocol
  CCP         Console Command Processor
  CCP         Content Check Point
  CCP         Credit Card Processor
  CCPE        Cabinetized Common Peripheral Equipment
  CCPE        Control Channel Protocol Entity
  CCPU        Call Count- Information Private/Unavailable
  CCR         Cable Control Room
  CCR         Call Charge Record
  CCR         Commitment, Concurrency, and Recovery
  CCR         Computer Controlled Retrieval
  CCR         Condition Code Register
  CCR         Consistency Check Request message
  CCR         Console Card Reader
  CCR         Continuity Check Request message
  CCR         Cumulative Charge Restriction
  CCR         Current Cell Rate
  CCR         Current Controlled Resistor
  CCR         Customer Controlled Reconfiguration
  CCR         Customer Controlled Routing
  CCR         Customized Code Restriction
  CCRA        Consistency Check Request Acknowledgement message
  CCRA        Continuity Check Request Acknowledgement message
  CCR-PR      Customized Call Routing with Private Network
  CCR-PU      Customized Call Routing with Public Network
  CCRS        Centrex Customer Rearrangement Service
  CCRSE       Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery Service Element
  CCS         100 Call Seconds
  CCS         C Compilation System
  CCS         Calculus of Communicating Systems
  CCS         Calling Card Service
  CCS         Cent Call Seconds (36 CCS = 1 Erlang)
  CCS         Centi-Call Seconds
  CCS         Channel Change Status
  CCS         Chip Carrier Socket
  CCS         Common Channel Signaling
  CCS         Common Command Set
  CCS         Common Communications Subsystem
  CCS         Common Communications Support
  CCS         Common Control Style
  CCS         Connection Successful
  CCS         Continuous Color Sequence
  CCS         Continuous Composite Servo
  CCS         Cross Connect System
  CCS         Custom Calling Services
  CCS         Cutover Conversion Services
  CCS#6       Common Channel Signaling System No. 6
  CCS#7       Common Channel Signaling System No. 7
  CCS/C       Corporate Computer Systems C
  CCS6        Common Channel Signaling System No. 6
  CCS7        Common Channel Signaling System No. 7
  CCSA        Common Control Switching Arrangement
  CCSA        Common-Control-Switching Arrangement
  CCSAN       Calling Card Subaccount Number
  CCSB        Command Complete Status Block
  CCSC        Customer Changeable Speed Calling
  CCSF        Common Channel Signaling Failure
  CCSL        Compatible Current-Sinking Logic
  CCSN        Calling Card Service Node
  CCSN        Common Channel Signaling Network
  CCSN        Customer Contact Service Node
  CCSNIS      Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification
  CCSS        Common Chanel Signalling System
  CCSSO       Common Channel Signaling Switching Office
  CCSUA       Call Control Service User Application
  CCT         Call Classification Terminal
  CCT         Card Configuration Table
  CCT         Carrier Connect Time
  CCT         Carrier Current Transceiver
  Cct         Circuit
  CCT         Circuit
  CCT         CNMA Conformance Testing
  CCT         Complex Call Topology
  CCT         Computerized Communication Terminal
  CCT         Connection Type
  CCT         Consortium for Communication Testing (private)
  CCT         Consultative Committee on Telecommunications
  CCT         Continuity Check Transceiver
  CCT         Control Concentrator Terminal
  CCT         Cross Connect Type
  CCTA        Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (UK)
  CCTO        Call Completion with Trunk Optimization
  CCTS        Comite de Coordination pour Telecommunications par Satellite (CEPT, obsolete)
  CCTV        Closed-Circuit Television
  CCU         Cable Control Unit
  CCU         Camera Control Unit
  CCU         Central Control Unit (FEP IBM)
  CCU         Communication Control Unit
  CCU         Controller Coax Unit
  CCUG        Canadian Centrex Users Group
  CCUP        Customer Communication Update Package
  CCV         Call Covering
  CCV         Calling Card Validation
  CCV         Charge Card Validation
  CCV         Credit Card Validation
  CCW         Cancel Call Waiting
  CCW         Channel Command Word
  CCW         Channel Control Word
  CCW         Counterclockwise
  CCx         CAM Controller, Type x
  CCX         Central Connection Control
  CCX         Central Connection Controller
  CD          Cache Disable
  CD          Call Deflection (supplementary service)
  CD          Call Disposition
  CD          Call Distribution
  CD          Call Distributor
  cd          candela
  CD          Card
  CD          Carrier Detect (signal)
  CD          Circle Digit
  CD          Circuit Description
  CD          Code Diversion
  CD          Code Division
  CD          Collision Detection
  CD          Command Data
  CD          Command Dictionary
  CD          Committee Document
  CD          Committee Draft (former DP)
  CD          Compact Disk
  CD          Component Description
  CD          Computer Design (periodical)
  CD          Count-Down
  CD          Critical Dimension
  CD ROM      Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
  CD0         Clocked Data Zero
  CD1         Clocked Data One
  CDA         Call Data Accumulator
  CDA         Call Deflection Alerting
  CDA         Call Delivery Activatable
  CDA         Call Disposition Analyzer
  CDA         Call Distribution to Attendant (supplementary service)
  CDA         Call Diversion to Announcement
  CDA         Call Duration Advice
  CDA         CD Audio Track file
  CDA         Coin Detection and Announcement
  CDA         Command and Data Acquisition
  CDA         Communications Decency Act
  CDA         Compound Document Architecture (DEC)
  CDA         Computer Drafting Aid system
  CDA         Customer Data Access
  CD-A        Audio Compact Disc
  CDAA        Call Deflection After Answer
  CDAA        Concurrent Data Access Architecture
  CDAL        Control and Diagnostic Access Link
  CDAM        Committee Draft Amendment
  CDAR        Customer Dialed Account Recording
  CDB         Call Data Block
  CDB         Call Diversion on Busy
  CDB         Channel Data Byte
  CDB         Class Descriptor Block
  CDB         Command Database
  CDB         Command Descriptor Block
  CDB         Common Data Base
  CDB         Communications Device Buffer
  CDB         Component Data Base
  CDB         Configuration Data Base
  CDBM        Call Data Block Manager
  CDC         Call Direct Code
  CDC         Call Directing Character
  CDC         Call Directing Code
  CDC         Central Distribution Center
  CDC         Certificate Distribution Center
  CDC         Characteristic Distortion Compensation
  CDC         Coin Detection Circuit
  CDC         Command Document Continue
  CDC         Conditioned Diphase Code
  CDC         Control Data Corporation
  CDC         Control Delay Channel
  CDC         Customer Data Change
  CDCCP       CDC Control Data Procedure (CDC)
  CDCCP       Control Data Communications Control Procedure
  CDCL        Code Calling
  CDCL        Command Document Capability List
  CDCS        Continuous Dynamic Channel Selection
  CDD         Client Device Driver
  CD-DA       Compact Disk-Digital Audio
  CDDI        Cable Distributed Data Interface
  CDDI        Copper Distributed Data Interface
  CDDI        FDDI-over-Copper
  CDE         Common Desktop Environment
  CDE         Customer Design Engineering
  CDE         Exclude Intragroup Calls from Call Forwarding
  CD-E        Compaft Disk-Erasable
  CDET        Charge Determination
  CDF         Call Diversion Fixed
  CDF         Carrier Distribution Frame
  CDF         Channel Definition Format
  CDF         Coin, Dial-Tone First
  CDF         Combined Distribution Frame
  CDF         Communications Data Field
  CDF         Context-Dependent File
  CDF         Cumulative Distribution Function
  CDF         Cutoff Decrease Factor
  CDF         Cyberspace Description Format
  CDFI        Cabinetized Direct Fiber Interface
  CDFL        Capacitive Diode Field-effect transistor Logic
  CDFS        CD-ROM File System
  CDFS        Compact Disk File System
  CDG         Call Delivery Global
  CDG         CDMA Development Group
  CDG         Corporate Design Group
  CDH         Cooperative Document Handling
  CDI         Call Detail Information
  CDI         Call Forward Do Not Answer Intragroup
  CDI         Called Line Identity
  CDI         Change Direction Indicator (SNA)
  CDI         Collector-Diffused Isolation
  CDI         Compact Disc Interactive
  CDI         Concentrating DASS2 Interface
  CDI         Conventional Defence Initiative
  CDI         Copper Distribution Interface
  CDI         Interactive Compact Disk
  CD-I        Compact Disk- Interactive
  CD-I        Interactive Compact Disc
  CDIP        Ceramic Dual In-line Package (IC)
  CDIS        Cable Data Instrumentation System
  CDIV        Call Diversion
  CDK         Control Development Kit
  CDL         Carrier Detect Level
  CDL         Comite De Lecture
  CDL         Component Description Language
  CDL         Computer Description/Design Language
  CDL         Customer Defined Location
  CDLC        Cellular Data Link Control
  CDLI        Called LATA Identity
  CDLI        Called Line Identity
  CDLN        Called Line Number
  CDLN        Cornerstone Distance Learning Network
  CDM         Class Data Manager
  CDM         Code Division Multiplexing
  CDM         Common Domain Model
  CDM         Companded Delta Modulation
  CDM         Conceptual Data Model
  CDM         Configuration Data Management
  CDM         Configuration Data Manager
  CDM         Consumer Digital Modem
  CDM         Curo Document Manager
  CDM         Customer Data Modification
  CDMA        Code Division Multiple Access (spread spectrum)
  CDME        Composite Downstream Mapping Element
  CDMR        Call Detail Maintenance Record
  CDMS        Cluster Data Management System
  CDN         Cable Data Network
  CDN         Call Processing Database Node
  CDN         Called Party Number
  CDN         Change Directory Number
  CDN         Control Directory Number
  CDN         Customer Defined Network
  CDNA        Call Diversion No Answer
  CDNI        Cabinetized Digital Network Interconnect
  CDO         Call Diversion to Operator
  CDO         Community Dial Office
  CDO         Connect Data Overflow
  CDOC        Customer Documentation
  CDOS        Customer Dialed Operator Service
  CDOS        Customer Dialed, Operator Serviced
  CDP         Cache Data Port
  CDP         Communications Data Processor
  CDP         Component Development Plan
  CDP         Coordinated Dialing Plan
  CDP         Custom Dialing Plan Trigger
  CDP         Customized Dialing Plan
  CDP0        Cache Data Port Register 0
  CDP1        Cache Data Port Register 1
  CDP2        Cache Data Port Register 2
  CDP3        Cache Data Port Register 3
  CDPA        Called Party Address
  CDPB        Command Document Page Boundary
  CDPD        Cellular Digital Packet Data
  CDPN        Called Party Number
  CdPN        Called Party Number
  CdPNo       Called Party Number
  CDPR        Card Pair
  CDPR        Customer Dial Pulse Receiver
  CDPSAIT     Called Party Subaddress Information Transfer
  CDPSDBL1    Called Party Subaddress Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork)
  CDPSDBL1P   Called Party Subaddress Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork) for PRI
  CDPSDBL2    Called Party Subaddress Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork)
  CDPSDBL2P   Called Party Subaddress Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork) for PRI
  CdPSub      Called Party Subaddress
  CDQ         Convert Doubleword to Quadword (80x86 inst)
  CDR         Call Detail Record
  CDR         Call Detail Recording
  CDR         Call Detail Reporting
  CDR         Common Data Rate
  CDR         Common Data Representation
  CDR         Connected Digit Recognition
  CDR         CorelDraw File
  CDR         Current Differential Relaying
  CD-R        Compact Disk-Recordable
  CDRAM       Cached DRAM
  CDRC        Call Detail Recording Call Entry
  CDRE        Call Detail Recording Extension Blocks
  CDRM        Cross-Domain Resource Manager
  CDROM       Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  CD-ROM      Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
  CDRR        Call Detail Recording and Reporting
  CDRS        Call Detail Recording Call Processing
  CDRTOS      Compact Disk Real Time Operating System
  CD-RW       Compact Disk-Rewritable
  CdS         Cadmium Sulfide
  CDS         Call Data Store
  CDS         Call Deflection Selection
  CDS         Call Diversion to Subscriber
  CDS         Called Party Subaddress
  CDS         Cell Directory Server
  CDS         Cell Directory Service
  CDS         Command Document Start
  CDS         Companion Diagnostic Software
  CDS         Current Directory Structure
  CDSI        Called State Identity
  CDSIS       Combined Discrete continuous SImulation System
  CDSN        Cabinetized Dual Shelf Network
  CDST        Called Party Station Type
  CDT         Call Data Transmitter
  CDT         Cambridge Display Technology
  CDT         Carrier Detect Threshold
  CDT         Carrier Dial Tone
  CDT         Center for Democracy and Technology
  CDT         Central Daylight Time
  CDT         Companion Deployment Tool
  CDT         Concrete Data Type
  CDT         Configuration Data Table
  CDT         Connectionless Data Transmission
  CDT         Control Data Terminal
  CDT         Credit
  CDT         Credit allocation (OSI-TL)
  CDTE        Cabinetized Digital Trunk Equipment
  CDTV        Conventional Definition Television
  CD-TV       Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
  CDU         Call Distribution Unit
  CDU         Call Forwarding Do Not Answer Unrestricted
  CDU         Central Display Unit
  CDU         Clock Distribution Unit
  CDUR        Chargeable Duration
  CDV         Call Deflection Variable
  CDV         Cell Delay Variation
  CDV         Compact Disk Video
  CDV         Constant Delay Value
  CD-V        Compact Disk-Video
  CDVCC       Coded Digital Verification Color Code
  CDVM        Call Diversion to Voice Mail
  CDVT        Cell Delay Variation Tolerance
  CDW         Call Delivery Wide
  CD-WO       Compact Disk Write-Once
  CDX         Compact Digital Exchange
  CD-XA       Compact Disc-Extended Architecture
  CE          Channel Element
  CE          Chip-Enable (signal)
  CE          Circuit Emulation
  CE          Collision Enforcement
  CE          Common Equipment
  CE          Communaute Europeenne (EC)
  CE          Compact Edition
  CE          Compute Engine
  CE          Conditioning Equipment
  CE          Congestion Encountered
  CE          Connectable Entity
  CE          Connection Element
  CE          Connection Endpoint
  CE          Conseil de l'Europe
  CE          Consumer Electronics
  CE          Control Element
  CE          Council of Europe
  CE          Customer Equipment
  CE/PE       Common Equipment/Peripheral Equipment
  CE1         Compute Engine, Type 1
  CE3         Control Equipment No. 3
  CEA         Canadian Electric Association
  CEAC        Commission Européenne de l'Aviation Civile
  CEAC        Committee for European Air-spaced Coordination
  CEB         Comite Electrotechnique Belge (B)
  CEBS        Circuit Emulation Bearer Service
  CEBUS       Consumer Electronics BUS
  CEbus       Consumer Electronics Bus
  CEC         Canadian Electrical Code
  CEC         Cell Error Check
  CEC         Commission des Communautés Européennes
  CEC         Commission of the European Communities (no longer exists, replaced by EC)
  CEC         Commission of the European Community
  CECB        Connection Endpoint Control Block
  CECC        Cenelec Electronic Components Committee/ies
  CECUA       Confederation of European Computer Users Association
  CED         CallEd station identification
  CED         Called Station Identifier
  CED         Capacitive Electronic Disk
  CEDI        Conditional End bracket inDIcator (SNA)
  CEDL        Compiled Encapsulator Description Language
  CEE         Call Extension Element
  CEE         Communauté Economique Européenne
  CEE         Conformity certification of Electrical Equipment
  CEF         Cable Entrance Facility
  CEFIC       Consiglio Europeo delle Federazioni delle Industrie Chimiche
  CEG         Cause Effect Graphing
  CEG         Continuous-Edge Graphics
  CEI         Call Establishment Information
  CEI         Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano
  CEI         Comparably Efficient Interconnect
  CEI         Comparably Efficient Interconnection
  CEI         Connection Element Identifier
  CEI         Connection Endpoint Identifier
  CEI         Connection End-point Identifier (OSI)
  CELL        Cellular
  CELLTREX    Cellular Telephone Radio Exchange
  CELP        Code Excitation Linear Prediction
  CELP        Code Excited Linear Prediction
  CELP        Code-Excited Linear Predictive Coding
  CELP+       Enhanced CELP
  CE-LPC      Code Excited Linear Predictive Coding
  CELTIC      Concentrateur Exploitant Les Temps d'Inactivite des Circuits
  CEM         Cellular Equipment Manager
  CEM         Centro Esercizio e Manutenzione (Italian switching operations system)
  CEM         Common Equipment Module
  CEMA        Canadian Electrical Manufacturers Association
  CEMA        Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Association
  CEMEC       Committee of European associations of Manufacturers of Electronic Components
  CEMF        Counter Electromotive Force
  CEMT        Conference Europeenne de Ministres des Transports
  CEN         Comité Européen de Normalisation
  CEN         Comité Européen pour la Normalisation
  CEN         European Committee for Standardization
  CENCER      CEN Certification
  CENELEC     Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
  CENELEC     Comité Européen pour la Normalisation Electrotechnique
  CENELEC     European Committe for Electrotechnical Standardization
  CENTAURE    Centre d'Assistance aux Utilisateurs du Reseau (Cognitech)
  CENTRACS    Centrex Trouble Reporting Analysis Control System
  CENTREX     Centralized Exchange
  Centrex     Centralized Exchange
  CEO         Chief Executive Officer
  CEO         Chief Executive Officer (US)
  CEO         Comprehensive Electronic Office
  CEP         Cepstral Data
  CEP         Connection End Point
  CEPR        Common Employee Password Registry
  CEPR        Corporate Employee Password Registry
  CEPR        Corporate Employee Password Repository
  CEPT        Conférence Européenne des Administrations  des Postes et des Télécommunications
              (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations)
  CEPT        Conference Européenne des Postes et Télécommunications
              (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications)
  CEQ         Customer Equipment
  CER         Call Event Record
  CER         Call Event Recording
  CER         Canonical Encoding Rules
  CER         Cell Error Ratio
  CER         Character Error Ratio
  CERD        Comite Europeen pour la Recherche et la Developement
  CERDIP      Ceramic Dual In-line Package
  CERF        California Education and Research Foundation
  CERN        Centre Européen de Recherche Nucleaire
  CERN        Centre Européen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
  CERN        Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
  cerr        C++ Error Output Stream
  CERT        Computer Emergency Response Team
  CERTICO     ISO Council Committee on CERTification
  CERTS       COS On-Line Error Reporting and Tracking System
  CES         Captive Engineering Services
  CES         Carrier Entity Set
  CES         Circuit Emulated Services
  CES         Circuit Emulation Service
  CES         Coast Earth Station
  CES         Comite Electrotechnique Suisse
  CES         Connection Endpoint Suffix
  CES         Consumer Electronics Show
  CESA        Canadian Engineering Standards Association
  CESAC       CCIS Electronic Switching Systems Assistance Center
  CESD        Composite External Symbol Dictionary
  CESE        Capability Exchange Signalling Entity
  CESG        Communication and Electronic Security Group (UK)
  CESI        China Electronics Standardization Institute
  CESID       Caller's Emergency Service Identification
  CES-IS      Circuit Emulation Service Interoperability Specification
  CESS        Coax Elimination and Switching System
  CETBDN      Continue Existing Treatment Returned to Base DN
  CEU         Common Equipment Unit
  CEU         Continuing Education Unit
  CEU         DMS-100 Europe
  CEV         Controlled Environment Vault
  CEx         Compute Engine, Type x
  CEXT        Cabinetized Extension Module
  CF          Call Forwarding (supplementary service)
  CF          Carry Flag
  CF          Clipboard Format
  CF          Coin First
  CF          CompactFlash
  CF          Compact-Flash
  CF          Content Freeze
  CF          Contention-Free
  CF          Control Function
  CF          Convergence Function
  CF          Conversion Facility
  CF          Coordination Function
  CF          Crest Factor
  Cf          feeding Capacitor
  CF          Higher layer signalling channel (fast)
  CF          ISO country code for Central African Republic
  CF2BECC     Call Forwarding Busy 2, Establish Courtesy Call
  CF3P        3-Port Conference Circuit
  CFA         Call Forward Allowed
  CFA         Capital Funds Appropriation
  CFA         Carrier Facility Assignment
  CFA         Carrier Failure Alarm
  CFA-BC      Concurrent Features Activation with Bi-Control
  CFAC        Call Forward All Calls
  CFAC        Call Forwarding Access Code
  CFAR        Constant False Alarm Rate
  CFB         Call Forward Busy
  CFB         Call Forwarding Busy (supplementary service)
  CFB         Cipher Feedback
  CFB2ACC     Call Forwarding Busy Line 2 Access Code
  CFB2MFL     Call Forwarding Busy 2, Multiple Forwarding Limit
  CFB2RCR     Call Forwarding Busy 2 Remote Code Restriction
  CFB2RING    Call Forwarding Busy 2, Reminder Notification Suppression
  CFB2RNP     Call Forwarding Busy Line 2, Redirecting Party Number Presentation
  CFBACC      Call Forwarding Busy Line Access Code
  CFBCAC      Call Forwarding Busy Customer Activation Control
  CFBCC       CFBL Customer Controlled
  CFBECC      Call Forwarding Busy, Establish Courtesy Call
  CFBG        Call Forward Busy Group
  CFBGT       Call Forward Busy Group Treatment
  CFBILB      Call Forwarding Busy Inhibit Line Busy
  CFBIMB      Call Forwarding Busy Inhibit Make Busy
  CFBL        Call Forward Busy Line
  CFBL        Call Forwarding Busy Line
  CF-BL       Call Forwarding- Busy Line
  CFBL2       Call Forwarding Busy Line 2
  CFBL2RC     CFBL2 Restricted Control
  CFBLILB     Call Forwarding Busy Line-Inhibit Line Busy
  CFBLIMB     Call Forwarding Busy Line-Inhibit Make Busy
  CFBLIO      Call Forwarding Busy Line-Incoming Only
  CFBLRC      CFBL Restricted Control
  CFBLRCAM    CFBL Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
  CFBMBT      Call Forwarding Busy Make Busy Treatment
  CFBMFL      Call Forwarding Busy Multiple Forwarding Limit
  CFBRCR      Call Forwarding Busy Remote Code Restriction
  CFBRING     Call Forwarding Busy Reminder Notification Suppression
  CFBRMB      Call Forwarding Busy Remote Make Busy
  CFBRNP      Call Forwarding Busy Line, Redirecting Party Number Presentation
  CFC         Call Forwarding Cancellation
  CFC         Chlorofluorocarbon
  CFC         Coin and Fee Check
  CFC         Coin and Fee Check message
  CFC         Conditional Call Forward
  CFCW        Call Forwarding of Call Waiting
  CFD         Call for Discussion
  CFD         Call Forward Denied
  CFD         Call Forward Don't Answer
  CFD         Call Forward No Answer
  CFD         Call Forwarding Do Not Answer
  CFD         Coin Free Dialing
  CFD         Computational Fluid Dynamics
  CFD         Connection Format Descriptor
  CFD2ACC     Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2, Access Code
  CFD2ECC     Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2, Establish Courtesy Call
  CFD2MFL     Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2, Multiple Forwarding Limit
  CFD2RCR     Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2, Remote Code Restriction
  CFD2RING    Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2, Reminder Notification Suppression
  CFD2RNP     Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2, Redirecting Party Number Presentation
  CFDA        Call Forward Don't Answer
  CFDA        Call Forwarding Don't Answer
  CF-DA       Call Forwarding- Don't Answer
  CFDA2       Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2
  CFDA2RC     CFDA2 Restricted Control
  CFDACC      Call Forwarding Don't Answer Access Code
  CFDAIO      Call Forwarding-Don't Answer-Incoming Only
  CFDAMA      Combined Free/Demand Assignment Multiple Access
  CFDARC      CFDA Restricted Control
  CFDARCAM    CFDA Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
  CFDCAC      Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Customer Activation Control
  CFDCC       Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Customer Controlled
  CFDECC      Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Establish Courtesy Call
  CFDM        Compounded Frequency Division Multiplex
  CFDMFL      Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Multiple Forwarding Limit
  CFDRCR      Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Remote Code Restriction
  CFDRING     Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Reminder Notification Suppression
  CFDRNP      Call Forwarding Don't Answer, Redirecting Party Number Presentation
  CFDVT       Call Forward Don't Answer Variable Timer
  CFF         Call Forward- Forwarding Party COS
  CFF         Call Forward, Fixed
  CFF         Call Forwarding Fixed
  CFFP        Call Forward Fraud Prevention
  CFG         Linker Configuration File
  CFGB        Configuration Control Block
  CFGD        Call Forward Group Don't Answer
  CFGDA       Call Forward Group, Don't Answer
  CFGDA       Call Forwarding Group, Don't Answer
  CFGO        Call Forwarding Group Only
  CFGOI       Call Forwarding Variable Group Only, Intra-Group Destination
  CFI         CAD Framework Initiative
  CFI         Call Failure Indication
  CFI         Call Forward Intragroup
  CFI         Call Forwarding Intragroup
  CFI         Channel Frame Interface
  CFI         Connection Failure Information
  CFI         Cross-Function Index
  CFIA        Component Failure Impact Analysis
  CFIB        Call Forwarding Interface Busy
  CFIG        Call Forwarding Intragroup
  CFINT       Call Forwarding Interval
  CFIO        Call Forwarding-Incoming Only
  CFIOIG      Call Forwarding Incoming Only, Intra Group Destination
  CFIOO       Call Forwarding Variable Incoming Only, Outside Group
  CFK         Call Forward Universal per Key
  CFL         Call Failure message
  CFL         Call Failure signal
  CFL         Carrier Fail
  CFL         Carrier Failure
  CFL         Communications Framework Library
  CFLLR       Call Forward Late-Late Release
  CFLR        Call Forward Late Release
  CFM         Code Fragment Manager
  CFM         Companding and Frequency Modulation
  CFM         Compounded Frequency Modulation
  CFM         Configuration Management
  CFM         Cubic Feet per Minute
  CFMDN       Call Forward MADN
  CFML        Cold Fusion Markup Language
  CFN         Call Forward- No Answer
  CFN         Call Forward Number
  CFN         Confusion message
  CFNA        Call Forward No Answer
  CFNA        Call Forwarding No Answer
  CFNA-LR     Call Forward No Answer-Late Release
  CFNB        Remote Directory Number for CFBL
  CFNB2       Remote Directory Number for CFBL2
  CFND        Remote Directory Number for CFDA
  CFND2       Remote Directory Number for CFDA2
  CFNF        Call Forwarding Not Found
  CFNR        Call Forwarding No Reply (supplementary service)
  CFNRc       Call Forwarding Not Reachable
  CFNRy       Call Forwarding No Reply
  CFNRy       Call Forwarding On No Reply
  CFNV        Remote Directory Number for CFV
  CFO         Call Forward- Originating Party COS
  CFO         Call Forwarding Outside
  CFO         Chief Financial Officer
  CFO         Contextual Feature Operator
  CFO         MDII: Open Trunk, After Start of Pulsing
  CFP         Call for Papers
  CFP         Call Forward Programming
  CFP         Channel Frame Processor
  CFP         Contention-Free Period
  CFP         Cordless Fixed Part
  CFPE        Call Forward Prevention Enhancements
  CFPF        Call Forwarding over Private Facilities
  CFR         Code of Federal Regulations
  CFR         ConFirmation to Receive
  CFR         MDII: Continuity Failure
  CFRA        Call Forward Remote Access
  CFRA        Call Forward Remote Activation
  CFRA        Call Forwarding- Remote Access
  CFRES       Call Forwarding Restrictions
  CFS         Call For Service signal
  CFS         Call Forward Simultaneous/Screening
  CFS         Call Forward Station
  CFS         Common Functional Specifications
  CFS         Conference Sizes
  CFS         Cross-Function Selector
  CFS         Cryptographic File System
  CFS12       Conference Size 12
  CFS12D      Conference Size 12 With Drop
  CFS18       Conference Size 18
  CFS18D      Conference Size 18 With Drop
  CFS24       Conference Size 24
  CFS24D      Conference Size 24 With Drop
  CFS3        Conference Size 3
  CFS30       Conference Size 30
  CFS30D      Conference Size 30 With Drop
  CFS3D       Conference Size 3 With Drop
  CFS6        Conference Size 6
  CFS6D       Conference Size 6 With Drop
  CFSAM       Conference Size for Analog Member of EKTS
  CFSR        Complete Feedback Shift Register
  CFSR0       Channel Function Select Register 0
  CFSR1       Channel Function Select Register 1
  CFSR2       Channel Function Select Register 2
  CFSR3       Channel Function Select Register 3
  CFT         Cold Fluorescent Tube
  CFT         Confirmation Tone
  CFU         Call Forward Universal
  CFU         Call Forwarding Unconditional (supplementary service)
  CFU         Call Forwarding Unconditional to a service center (supplementary service)
  CFU         Call Forwarding Universal
  CFUB        Call Forwarding on User Busy
  CFUSD       Call Forwarding Usage Sensitive Denial
  CFUSP       Call Forwarding Usage Sensitive Pricing
  CFV         Call For Votes
  CFV         Call Forward Validation
  CFV         Call Forwarding Variable
  CFV2        Call Forwarding Variable 2
  CFV2ACC     Call Forwarding Variable 2, Access Code
  CFV2ECC     Call Forwarding Variable 2, Establish Courtesy Call
  CFV2MFL     Call Forwarding Variable 2, Multiple Forwarding Limit
  CFV2RC      CFV2 Restricted Control
  CFV2RCR     Call Forwarding Variable 2, Remote Code Restriction
  CFV2RING    Call Forwarding Variable 2, Reminder Notification Suppression
  CFV2RNP     Call Forwarding Variable 2, Redirecting Party Number Presentation
  CFVAC       Call Forwarding Variable, Active/Inactive Status
  CFVACC      Call Forwarding Variable, Access Code
  CFVECC      Call Forwarding Variable, Establish Courtesy Call
  CFVMFL      Call Forwarding Variable, Multiple Forwarding Limit
  CFVRC       CFV Restricted Control
  CFVRCAM     CFV Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
  CFVRCR      Call Forwarding Variable, Remote Code Restriction
  CFVRING     Call Forwarding Variable, Reminder Notification Suppression
  CFVRNP      Call Forwarding Variable, Redirecting Party Number Presentation
  CFVUS       Call Forwarding Variable, Usage Sensitive
  CFW         Call Forward
  CFW         Call Forwarding
  CFWC        Call Forwarding, Cancel
  CFWP        Call Forwarding, Programming
  CFWUSP      Call Forward Usage Sensitive Pricing
  CFWVAL      Call Forward Validation
  CFX         Call Forwarding (Universal/Busy/Don't Answer)
  CG          Center of Gravity
  CG          Character Generator
  CG          Coast Guard
  CG          CodeGuard
  CG          Command Generator
  CG          Computer Generated
  CG          Computer Graphic
  CG          Connection Graph
  CG          Customer Group
  CG          ISO country code for People's Republic of the Congo
  CGA         Carrier Group Alarm
  CGA         Color Graphics Adapter
  CGAP        Call Gapping
  CGB         Circuit Group Blocking message
  CGBA        Circuit Group Blocking Acknowledgement message
  CGC         Circuit Group Congestion message
  CGC         Circuit Group Congestion signal
  CGC         Congestion Control
  CGE         Common Graphics Environment
  CGE         Compagnie Generale d'Electricite
  CGH         Chung, Graham, and Hwang
  CGI         Cell Global Identification
  CGI         Common Gateway Interface
  CGI         Computer Generated Imagery
  CGI         Computer Generations Inc.
  CGI         Computer Graphics Interface (former VDI, proposed standard protocol for GKS presentation)
  CGLI        Calling LATA Identity
  CGLI        CallinG Line Identification (functional entity)
  CGLN        Calling Line Number
  CGM         Circuit Group Supervision Message
  CGM         Computer Graphics Metafile (GKS image storage and transmission)
  CGM         Console Graphics Module
  CGMAP       CGM Application Profile (CGM)
  CGMGDD      CGM Generator Device Driver (CGM)
  CGMIDD      CGM Device Driver (CGM)
  CGMIF       CGM Interchange Format (CGM)
  CGMP        Cisco Group Management Protocol
  CGN         Calling Party Number
  CGP         Call Global Procedure
  CGP         Channel Group Processor
  CGPA        Calling Party Address
  CgPC        Calling Party Category
  CGPN        Calling Party Number
  CGPN-NP     Calling Party Number-Network Provided
  CgPNo       Calling Party Number
  CGPSAIT     Calling Party Subaddress Information Transfer
  CGPSD       Calling Party Subaddress Delivery
  CGPSDBL1    Calling Party Subaddress Delivery and Redirecting Subaddress
              Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork)
  CGPSDBL1P   Calling Party Subaddress Delivery and Redirecting Subaddress
              Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork) for PRI               
  CGPSDBL2    Calling Party Subaddress Delivery and Redirecting Subaddress
              Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork)
  CGPSDBL2P   Calling Party Subaddress Delivery and Redirecting Subaddress
              Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork) for PRI
  CGRP        Circuit Group
  CGRR        Circuit Group Reset Reception
  CGRS        Circuit Group Reset Sending
  CGS         Calling Party Subaddress
  CGS         Centimetre,Gram,Second (system of measurement)
  CGS         Continuous-Grain Silicon
  CGSA        Cellular Geographic Service Area
  CGSB        Canadian General Standards Board
  CGSET       Circuit Group Set
  CGSI        Calling State Identity
  CGSMTi      Circuit Group Supervision Message Type Indicator
  CGU         Circuit Group Unblocking message
  CGUA        Circuit Group Unblocking Acknowledgement message
  CG-VDI      Computer Graphics Virtual Device Interface
  CGW         Cellular Gateway
  CGW         Computer Graphics World (periodical)
  CH          Call History
  CH          Call Hold
  CH          Can't Hear
  CH          Cell Header
  CH          Channel
  CH          CHaracter
  CH          Connection Handle
  CH          Consultation Hold
  CH          Count Register High Half
  ch          Internet country code for Switzerland
  CH          ISO country code for Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)
  CHA         Call Hold with Announcement
  CHA         Change
  CHA         Cursor Horizontal Absolute
  CHAN        Channel
  CHAN        CHAnnel Number
  CHAN        Channel Number Register
  CHAP        Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
  CHAP        Challenge-Handshake Authorization Protocol
  CHAPH       Change Packet Handler Parameters
  CHAR        Character Information Element
  CHAS        CHip Assembler
  CHB         Call Handler Block
  CHB         Call Header Block
  CHB         Class Hierarchy Browser
  CHD         Call Hold
  CHDAM       Call Hold for Analog Member of EKTS
  CHDB        Compatible High Density Bipolar
  CHDBR       Call Hold B-Channel Reservation
  CHDBR       Call Hold Release B-Channel Reservation
  CHDBREL     Call Hold B-Channel Reservation Release
  CHDN        Call Hold Notification to Held Party
  CHDN        Change Hunt Directory Number
  CHF         Change Feature Information
  CHF         Swiss Franc(s)
  CHG         Change
  CHG         Change Translation/Routing Information
  CHG         Charge
  CHG         Charge message
  CHG         Charge Number
  CHG         Charging
  CHG         Charging Information message
  CHG         Charging message
  CHG         Class Hierarchy Graph
  CHGE        Charging Extended message
  CHGEA       Charging Extended Acknowledgement message
  CHGI        Charging Information
  ChgPID      Charged Party Information
  CHI         Computer-Human Interaction
  CHI         Computer-Human Interface(s)
  CHILL       ITU-T High Level Language
  CHINT       Charge Injection Transistor
  ChIP        Chunk Integration Point
  CHIP        Constraint Handling in Prolog
  CHIPS       Call History Information Process System
  CHL         Change List
  CHM         Changeover and Changeback messages
  ChM         Channel Manager
  CHM         CHannel Marker bit pattern
  CHMF        CHannel Marker bit pattern sent by cordless Fixed part
  CHMOS       High-Performance CMOS
  CHMP        CHannel Marker bit Pattern sent by CPP
  CHN         Change
  CHN         Charge Number
  CHNBR       Charge Number
  CHNL        Channel
  CHNLTYP     Channel Type
  CHP         Charging Point
  CHPS        CHaracters Per Second
  CHRP        Common Hardware Reference Platform
  CHS         Cylinder Head Selector
  CHS         Cylinder, Head, and Sector
  CHST        Charged Party Station Type
  CHT         Call History Table
  CHT         Call Hold and Trace
  CHT         Call Holding Time
  CHT         Charging Treatment For Origination
  CHT         Cursor Horizontal Tab
  CHU         CHannel Unit
  CHV         Card Holder Verification
  CI          Cache Inhibit
  CI          Call Identities
  CI          Capability Indicator
  CI          Carrier Interconnect
  CI          Cell Identity
  CI          Cell Insertion
  CI          Chain Index
  CI          Changeover Indicator
  CI          Circular Hunt
  CI          Code Inspections
  CI          Command Identifier
  CI          Command Increment
  CI          Command Interface
  CI          Command Interpreter
  CI          Common Interface
  CI          Competitive Intelligence
  CI          Complete Indicator
  CI          Component Interface
  CI          Components Integration
  CI          Congestion Indication
  CI          Congestion Indicator
  CI          Connection Identifier
  CI          Continuity Indicator(s)
  CI          Continuity Information
  CI          Continuous Improvement
  CI          Control In
  CI          Control Interface
  CI          Creation Initiation
  CI          Critical Indicator
  CI          CUG Index
  CI          Customer Information
  CI          Customer Input
  CI          Customer Installation
  CI          Customer Interface
  CI          ISO country code for Republic of the Ivory Coast
  CI II       Computer Inquiry II
  CIA         Central Intelligence Agency
  CIA         Channel Interface Adapter
  CIA         Computer Installation Assistance
  CIA         Current Instruction Address
  CIAC        Computer Incident Advisory Capability
  CIB         Card Information Base
  CIB         Centralized Intercept Bureau
  CIB         Change Implementation Board
  CIB         Class Information Block
  CIB         CRC32 Identification Bit
  CIBER       Cellular Inter-carrier Billing Exchange Record
  CIC         Carrier Identification Code
  CIC         Classification Information Center
  CIC         Codec Identity Code
  CIC         Common Interface Circuit
  CIC         Contention for Incoming Calls
  CIC         Customer Information Center (AT&T)
  CIC         Customer Initiated Call
  CICA        Chengdu Institute of Computer Application (China)
  CICATS      Computer Industry Coalition for Advanced Television Service
  CICP        Change Intercept
  CICR        Cancel In-Chain Return
  CICS        Compact Integrated Communications System
  CICS        Customer Information Control System (IBM)
  CID         Call Instance Data
  CID         Caller Identification
  CID         Calling Address Identification
  CID         Calling Address Identifier
  CID         Channel Identification
  CID         Channel Identifier
  CID         Character Identification
  CID         Charge Injection Device (= optoelectronic sensor)
  CID         Communication Identifier
  CID         Communications ID
  CID         Conference Identifier
  CID         Configuration, Installation, and Distribution
  CID         Connection Identification
  CID         Content Identifier
  CID         Craft Interface Device
  CID         Customer ID
  CID         Customer Identifier
  CID         Customer Information Development
  CID         Customer Interactive Dialing
  CIDB        Corporate Images Database
  CIDC        Cabinetized International Digital Controller
  CIDCW       Caller ID with Call Waiting
  CIDCW       Caller Identification on Call Waiting
  CIDCW       Calling Identity Delivery On Call Waiting
  CIDFP       Call Instance Data Field Pointer
  CIDN        Customer International Data Number
  CIDR        Classless Interdomain Routing
  CIDS        Calling Identification Delivery and Suppression
  CIDS        Calling Identity Delivery and Suppression
  CIDSACC     Calling Identity Delivery and Suppression Access Codes
  CIDSBL      CIDS Billing Records
  CIDSDLV     Calling Identity Delivery
  CIDSSUP     Calling Identity Suppression
  CIDST(1)    Comite de l'Information et de la Documentation Scientifique et Technique
  CIE         Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage
  CIE         Commission Internationale L'Eclairage
  CIE         Committee Internationale de l'Eclairage
  CIEC        Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
  CIEE        Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineers
  CIER        Channel Interrupt Enable Register
  CIF         Caltech Interchange Format (CAE/CAD Systems)
  CIF         Caltech Intermediate Form
  CIF         Cells In Flight
  CIF         Cells in Frames
  CIF         Common Image Format
  CIF         Common Interchange Format
  CIF         Common Intermediate Format (Video)
  CIF         Controlled Interflow
  CIFE        Council of European Industrial FEderations
  CIFF        Camera Image File Format
  CIFS        Common Internet File System
  CIG         Calling subscriber Identification
  CIG         Cell Interconnection Gateway
  CIG         Cellular Infrastructure Group
  CIGREF      Club Informatique des Grandes Enterprises Francais
  CIH         Class Inheritance Hierarchy
  CII         Call Identity Index
  CII         Code for Information Interchange (FIPS)
  CII         Common Interoffice Interface
  CII         Continuing Industry Interaction
  CII         MDII: Initial Address Message Signaling Irregularity
  CIID        Card Issuer Identification Code
  CIID        Card Issuer Identifier
  CIIL        Control Intermediate Interface Language
  CIL         Call Information Locator
  CIL         Call Instruction List
  CIL         Communication Identification Line
  CIL         Compatible Issue Lineup
  CIL         Component Integration Laboratories
  CILS        CPE Industry Liaison Subcommittee
  CIM         Common Information Model
  CIM         Compaq, Intel, and Microsoft
  CIM         CompuServe Information Manager
  CIM         Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  CIM         Corporate Information Model
  CIM         Cryptographic Information Management
  CIM         Curo Image Manager
  CIM         Customer Information Management
  CIMAP       Circuit Identification Maintenance Administration Position
  CIME        Customer Installation Maintenance Entity
  CIMECO      Centro Italiano Metodologie di Controllo
  CIMF        Customer Installation Management Function
  CIMIT       Crescendo IPC Messaging Interface Tool
  CIMOM       Common Information Model Object Manager
  CIMS        Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
  cin         C++ Input Stream
  CIN         Customer Identification Number
  CINFO       Compiler Information
  CIO         Channel Input/Output
  CIO         Chief Information Officer
  CIO         Counter/Timer and Parallel I/O
  CIOA        Classical IP over ATM
  CIOE        Cabinetized Input/Output Equipment
  CIP         Carrier Identification Parameter
  CIP         C-Bus Interface Paddle Board
  CIP         CDMA Interface Peripheral
  cip         Central Interested Party
  CIP         Classical IP
  CIP         Classifier Interface Program
  CIP         Command Interpreter Preprocessor
  CIP         Command Interpreter Prompting
  CIP         Common Image Part
  CIP         Continuous Improvement Program
  CIP         Critical Indicator Panel
  CIP         Customer Interaction Program
  CIPE        Cabinetized International Peripheral Equipment
  CIPOA       Classical IP over ATM
  CIPSO       Commercial IPSO
  CIPX        Compressing IPX
  CIR         Calling Line Identity Request Signal
  CIR         Carrier-to-Interference Ratio
  CIR         Channel-to-Interference Ratio
  CIR         Circular
  CIR         Circular Hunt(ing)
  CIR         Clock Interrupt Register
  CIR         Committed Information Rate
  CIR         Coprocessor Interface Register
  CIRC        Cross Interleave Reed-solomon Code (Compact Disk)
  CIRF        Co-channel Interference Reduction Factor
  CIRM        Comité International Radio-Maritime
  CIS         Card Information Structure
  CIS         CDMA Interconnect System
  CIS         Center for Integrated Systems
  CIS         Commonwealth of Independent States
  CIS         Communications Interim Standard
  CIS         CompuServe Information Service
  CIS         Computer and Information Science
  CIS         Computing and Information Science
  CIS         Contact Image Sensor
  CIS         Content Information System
  CIS         Creation Interface Selection
  CISC        Complete Instruction Set Computer
  CISC        Complex Instruction Set Computer
  CISC        Complex Instruction Set Computing
  CISG        Change ISDN Service Group
  CISM        Cabinetized Integrated Services Module
  CISPR       Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectrique (in IEC)
  CISPR       Comite International Special des Peturbations Radioelectriques
  CISPR       International Special Committee on Radio Interference
  CISPR       International Special Committee on Radio Interference (in IEC)
  CISPR       Internationaler Sonderausschuß für Funkstörungen (im IEC)
  CISR        Channel Interrupt Status Register
  CISS        Call-Independent Supplementary Services
  CIT         Committee for Innovation and Technology transfer
  CIT         Compagnie Industrielle des Telecommunications
  CIT         Computer Integrated Telephony
  CIT         Craft Interface Terminal
  CITE        Citation (HTML tag)
  CITEL       Comison Interamericana de Telecommunicaciones
  CITEL       Inter-American Telecommunications Commission
  CIU         CDMA Interface Unit
  CIU         Cellular Controller Interface Unit
  CIU         Complete Interface Unit
  CIU         Control and Indication Unit
  CIU         Craft Interface Unit
  CIUG        California ISDN Users Group
  CIV         Cell Interarrival Variation
  CIV         Conversation Interface Verb (LU6.2)
  CIW         Call Information Window
  CIW         Container Identification Word
  CIX         Commercial Internet Exchange
  CIX         Compulink Information Exchange
  CJ          Coin Junctor
  CJ          Committee of Justice (EEC)
  CJK         Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  CJK-JRG     Chinese/Japanese/Korean Joint Research Group
  CK          Check Bit
  CK          Check Bits
  CK          Cipher Key
  CK          Ciphering Key
  CK          ISO country code for Cook Islands
  CKD         Count Key Data
  CKD         Count, Key, Data
  CKE         Commercial Key Escrow
  CKEY        Encrypted KEY
  CKF         MDII: Continuity Check Failure
  CKLN        Change Keyset LEN
  CKO         Checking Operator
  CKR         Commercial Key Recovery
  CKSN        Cipher Key Sequence Number
  CKSN        Ciphering Key Sequence Number
  CKT         Circuit
  CKT-ID      Circuit Identification
  CL          Call Leg
  CL          Cathodeluminescence
  CL          Cell Loss
  CL          Circuit Layout
  CL          Claim
  CL          Computer Language (periodical)
  CL          Congestion Level
  CL          Connectionless
  CL          Control Leader
  CL          Count Register Low Half
  CL          Cutter Location
  CL          ISO country code for Republic of Chile
  CL1         Congestion Level 1
  CL2         Congestion Level 2
  CL3         Congestion Level 3
  CLA         Carrier Local Agent
  CLA         Carry Look-Ahead
  CLA         Competitive Local Access
  CLAM        Coin Line Activity Monitoring
  CLAMN       Called Line Address Modification Notification
  CLAMN       Called Line Address Modified Notification
  CLAN        Connectionless Local Area Network
  CLAN        Cordless Local Area Network
  CLANS       Cordless Local Area NetworkS
  CLASP       CLASS Plus
  CLASS       Crisp and Linguistic Analysis of Structured Scenarios
  CLASS       Custom Local Area Signaling Services
  CLASS       Custom Local Area Signalling Services
  CLAT        Communication Line Adapter for Teletype
  CLB         Clear Back
  CLB         CLear-Back signal
  CLB         Corel Library File
  CLBW        Closed-Loop BandWidth
  CLC         Carrier Liaison Committee
  CLC         CeneLeC
  CLC         Corporate Lab Council
  CLCD        Clear Confirmation Delay
  CLCE        Cabinetized Line Concentrating Equipment
  CLCSE       Close Logical Channel Signalling Entity
  CLD         Called
  CLD         Called Number
  CLD         Called Party
  CLD         Collected Digits
  CLDM        Corporate Logic Data Model
  CLDN        Calling Line Directory Number
  CLDS        Connectionless Data Service
  CLDT        Common Language Datatypes
  CLE         Customer Located Equipment
  CLEC        Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
  CLEI        Common Language Equipment Identification
  CLEI        Common Language Equipment Identifier
  CLEO        Common Language Equipment Order
  CLF         Calling Line Flash
  CLF         Calling Line Identification On Flash
  CLF         Calling Line Identity by Flash
  CLF         Carrier Line Failure
  CLF         Clear Forward message
  CLF         Clear-Forward signal
  CLF         Common Log Format
  CLF         Higher layer connectionless channel (fast)
  CLFI        Common Language Facility Identifier
  CLG         Calling
  CLG         Calling Number
  CLG         Calling Party
  CLGE        Cabinetized Line Group Equipment
  CLHR        Cache, Line-Holding Register
  CLI         Callable Level Interface
  CLI         Calling Line Identification
  CLI         Calling Line Identifier
  CLI         Calling Line Identity
  CLI         Calling Line Information
  CLI         Call-Level Interface
  CLI         CLear Indication
  CLI         Clear Interrupt
  CLI         CLear Interrupt mask
  CLI         Command Line Interface
  CLI         Command Line Interpreter
  CLI         Compression Labs Inc.
  CLID        Calling Line Identification
  CLID        Calling Line Identification Display
  CLID        Calling Line Identity Delivery
  CLIF        Calling Line Identification with Flash
  CLIM        Cabinetized Link Interface Module
  CLIP        Calling Line Identification Presentation (supplementary service)
  CLIP        Calling Line Identity Presentation
  CLIP        Cellular Logic Image Processor
  CLIR        Calling Line Identification Restriction (supplementary service)
  CLIR        Calling Line Identity Restriction
  CLIST       Command List
  CLIST       Commands List
  CLK         Clock
  CLLCC       Ceramic LeadLess Chip Carrier (IC Package)
  CLLI        Common Language Location Identification
  CLLI        Common Language Location Identifier
  CLLM        Consolidated Link Layer Management
  CLM         Career Limiting Move
  CLM         Congested-Link Method
  CLMI        ISDN Cabinetized Line Module
  CLMS        ConnectionLess Message Service
  CLN         Change LEN
  CLNAP       Connectionless Network Access Protocol
  CLNE        Customer Located Network Equipment
  CLNI        Connectionless Network Interface
  CLNIP       Connectionless Network Interface Protocol
  CLNP        Connectionless Network Protocol
  CLNS        Connectionless Network Services
  CLNS        ConnectionLess-mode Network Service
  CLOAX       Corrugated-Laminated Coaxial Cable
  CLOG        Call Logging
  C-Log       Call History log
  CLONES      Central Location On-Line Entry System
  CLOS        Common LISP Object System
  CLP         Cell Loss Priority
  CLP         Constraint Logic Programming
  CLP         Consultant Liaison Program
  CLPID       Called Party ID
  CLR         Cell Loss Rate
  CLR         Cell Loss Ratio
  CLR         Circuit Layout Record
  CLR         Clear
  CLR         Clear Call
  CLR         CLear Request
  CLR         Clock Recovery
  CLR         Combined Line and Recording
  CLR         Compensation Log Record
  CLR         Connectionless Routing
  CLRC        Circuit Layout Record Card
  CLRD        Clear Request Delay
  CLRR        Circuit Loudness Rating, Receive
  CLRS        Circuit Loudness Rating, Send
  CLS         Closed
  CLS         Combined Link Set
  CLS         Connectionless Server
  CLS         Connectionless Service
  CLS         higher layer ConnectionLess channel (Slow)
  CLSF        Connectionless Service Function
  CLSI        Custom Large-Scale Integration
  CLSID       Class ID
  CLSID       Class Identifier
  CLSR        Combined Link Set Routing
  CLSUP       Call Supervisor Key
  CLTA        Comite de Liaison des Telecommunications Trans-Atlantiques (CEPT)
  CLTG        Change Line Treatment Group
  CLTP        Connectionless Transport Protocol
  CLTS        Connectionless Transport Service
  CLU         Calling Line Identity Unavailable
  CLU         Network Cluster
  CLUI        Command-Line User Interface
  CLUT        Color Lookup Table
  CLV         Constant Linear Velocity
  CLW         ClassWizard file
  CM          Cable Modem
  CM          Calendar of Meetings (ETSI)
  CM          Call Memory
  CM          Call Model
  CM          Carrier Maintenance
  cm          Centimeter(s)
  CM          Chairmen's Meeting (ETSI)
  CM          Class Manager
  CM          Class Mark
  CM          Common Memory
  CM          Common Mode
  CM          Communication Management
  CM          Communication Module
  CM          Communications
  CM          Component Manager
  CM          Computing Module
  CM          Conference Management
  CM          Configuration Management
  CM          Configuration Manager
  CM          Configuration Map
  CM          Connection Management
  CM          Connection Manager
  CM          Connection Memory
  CM          Continuity Message
  CM          Continuous Media
  CM          Control Memory
  CM          Correlated Message
  CM          ISO country code for United Republic of Cameroon
  C-M         Control-Monitor
  CM OA       Configuration Management Operations Application
  CM2         Communication Module model 2
  CM2C        Communications Module 2 Compact
  CMA         Call Management Agent
  CMA         Changeover Memory Arbitration
  CMA         Communications Managers Association
  CMA         Constant Modulus Algorithm
  CMA         Construction and Maintenance Agreement
  CMA         Customized Announcement
  CMAC        Centralized Monitoring and Assistance Center
  CMAC        Complex Multiple ACcumulator (IBM)
  CMAC        Control Mobile Attenuation Code
  CMAE        Channel Management Application Entity
  CMAK        Connection Manager Administration Kit
  CMAP        Captive Office MAP
  CMAP        Centralized MAP
  CM-API      Consolidated Management Application Programming Interface
  CMAS        Cellular Management System
  CMB         Connection Maintenance Busy
  CMB         Connection Memory Block
  CMB         Cyclic redundancy check Message Block
  CMBH        Complex Instruction Buried Heterostructure
  CMBO        Combination of Flat Rate and Message Rate
  CMBS        Circuit Mode Bearer Service
  CMC         Cable Maintenance Center
  CMC         Call Modification Completed message
  CMC         Career Management Center
  CMC         Cellular Mobile Carrier
  CMC         Central Message Controller
  CMC         Centralized Management Center
  CMC         Coherent Multi-Channel Optical Communication
  CMC         Combining Multicast Control
  CMC         Common Mail Calls
  CMC         Common Messaging Calls
  CMC         Communication Management Configuration
  CMC         Communication Mode Control
  CMC         Communications Management Center
  CMC         CoMplement Carry
  CMC         Computer-Mediated Communication
  CMC         Connection Management Computer
  CMC         Connection Memory Controller
  CMC         Connectionless Message Control
  CMCE        Circuit Mode Control  Entity (TETRA)
  CMCF        Control Multiple Call Forwarding
  CMCU        Communication Module Control Unit
  CMD         Circuit-Mode Data
  CMD         Command
  CMDC        Computing Module Duplex Cabinet
  CMDF        Combined Main Distribution Frame
  CMDF        Command Masking Data Facility
  CMD-IS      Circuit-Switched Mobile Data Intermediate System
  CMDR        Centralized Message Detail Recorder
  CMDR        CoMmanD Reject (HDLC, LAP)
  CMDS        Centralized Message Data System
  CMDS        Centralized Message Distribution System
  CME         Circuit Multiplication Equipment
  CME         Circuit Multiplication Equipment
  CME         Conformant Management Entity
  CME         Connection Management Entity
  CM-ES       Circuit-Switched Mobile End System
  CMF         Channel Matched Filter
  CMF         Class Manager Framework
  CMF         Compelled Multifrequency
  CMF         Control and Monitoring Function
  CMF/PDB     Capacity Management Facility Performance Data Base (SNA)
  CMFJ        Call Modification Reject message
  CMgr        Call Manager
  CMHT        Call Mean Hold Time
  CMHTBLT     Circuit Mode Hunt Terminal Busy Limit Type
  CMI         Cluster Member Identifier
  CMI         Code Management Interface
  CMI         Code Mark Inversion
  CMI         Coded Mark Inversion
  CMI         Coding Method Identifier
  CMI         Common Metallic Interface
  CMI         Computer Managed Instruction
  CMI         Control Mode Idle
  CMI         Cross-Matrix Index
  CMIB        Circuit Mode Intercom Calls Billing Records
  CMIC        Computing Module Interface Card
  CMIM        Common Management Information Model
  CMIP        Common Management Information Protocol
  CMIPDU      CMIP Data Unit
  CMIPDU      Common Management Information Protocol Data Unit
  CMIPM       CMIP Machine
  CMIPM       Common Management Information Protocol Machine
  CMIS        Cabinetized Miscellaneous Equipment Cabinet
  CMIS        Common Management Information Service
  CMISE       Common Management Information Service Element
  CMIT        Common Management Information Transmission
  CML         Cell Maximum Power Level
  CML         Chemical Markup Language
  CML         Chemical Multilayering
  CML         C-Side Message Link
  CML         Current Mode Logic
  CMM         Call Mode Modem
  CMM         Capability Maturity Model
  CMM         Channel Mode Modify
  CMM         Communications Memory Management
  CMM         Computer Main Memory
  CMMU        Cache/Memory Management Unit
  CMN         Communication of MCU Number
  CMN         Control and Maintenance Network
  CMO         Common Mode Operation
  CMOA        Configuration Management Operations Application
  CMOL        CMIP over LLC
  CMOL        CMIP Over Logical Link Control
  CMOS        Comparison Mean Opinion Score
  CMOS        Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  CMOT        CMIP Over TCP/IP
  CMOT        Common Management Information Services Protocol Over TCP/IP
  CMOT        Common Management Over TCP
  CMP         Camp-On
  CMP         Channel Management Procedure
  CMP         Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
  CMP         Communications Module Processor
  CMP         Communications Plenum Cable
  CMP         Compare
  CMP         Component Portion
  CMP         Computing Module Processor
  CMP         Connection Management Protocol
  CMP         Continuous Multicast Push
  CMPT        Completion Tone
  CMR         Call Modification Request message
  CMR         Cell Misinsertion Rate
  CMR         Cell Misinsertion Ratio
  CMR         Cellular Mobile Radio
  CMR         Centralized Mail Remittance
  CMR         Channel Mode Register
  CMR         CLASS Modem Resource
  CMR         Common Mode Rejection
  CMR         Communications Riser Cable
  CMRA        Common Maintainable Resource Aggregate
  CMRJ        Call Modification Reject message
  CMRR        Common Mode Rejection Ratio
  CMRS        Cellular Mobile Radio System
  CMRS        Cellular Mobile Radio Telecommunications Service
  CMRS        Commercial Mobile Radio Services
  CMRT        Cellular Mobile Radio Telephone
  CMS         Call Management Services
  CMS         Call Management System
  CMS         Call Manager Service
  CMS         Cellular Mobile Switch
  CMS         Certification Mark Support
  CMS         Change Management System
  CMS         Circuit Maintenance System
  CMS         Circuit Multiplication System
  CMS         Code Management System
  CMS         Color Management System
  CMS         Combined Message Switch
  CMS         Connection Management Software
  CMS         Control and Measurement System
  CMS         Conversational Monitor System (IBM)
  CMSA        Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area
  CMSDB       Call Management Services Database
  CMSDB       Call Management System Database
  CMSG        "C" Message Weighting
  CMSM        Computing Module Summary
  CMSO        Centralized Mobile Switching Office
  CMSS        Cabinetized Miscellaneous Spares Storage
  CMT         Cadmium Mercury Telluride (IR Detector)
  CMT         Cartridge Magnetic Tape
  CMT         Character Mode Terminal
  CMT         Connection Maintenance
  CMT         Connection ManagemenT (FDDI)
  CMT         Correlated Message Traffic
  CMTS        Cellular Mobile Telephone System
  CMTS        Centralized Maintenance Test System
  CMTS        Connection Mode Transport Service (CMNS/CONS)
  CMU         Card Maintenance Unit
  CMU         Carnegie Mellon University
  CMV         Circuit-Mode Voice
  CMV         Common Mode Voltage
  CMVC        Configuration Management and Version Control
  CMW         Compartmented-Mode Workstation
  CMWI        CLASS Message Waiting Indication
  CMWI        CLASS Message Waiting Indicator
  CMX         Connection Memory Control
  CMX         Connection Memory Controller
  CMX         Corel Metafile Exchange
  CMY         Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  CMYK        Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  CN          Cable Network
  CN          Calling Number
  CN          CaNcel
  CN          Check Not OK
  CN          Coin Trunk
  CN          Combined Delivery/Non-Delivery Notification
  CN          Complete Number
  CN          Congestion Notification
  CN          Connect
  CN          Connected Number
  CN          Core Node
  CN          Corporate Network(s)
  CN          Customer Network
  CN          ISDN Calling Number Identification Services
  CN          ISO country code for People's Republic of China
  C-n         Container-Level n
  CNA         Calling Number Announcement
  CNA         Cascaded Network Architecture (as opposed to BNA)
  CNA         Communication Network Architecture (ITT Inc.)
  CNA         Connection Not Active
  CNA         Connection Not Admitted message
  CNA         Cooperative Networking Architecture (Concert-BT)
  CNA         Customer Name and Address
  CNA         DMS-100 North America
  CNAB        Calling Name Delivery Blocking
  CNAB        Calling Name Delivery Blocking Toggle
  CNABACC     Calling Name Delivery Blocking Access Code
  CNABBL      Calling Name Delivery Blocking Billing Records
  CNAC        Call Not Accepted Treatment
  CNAC        CCIS Network Administration Center
  CNAD        Calling Name Delivery
  CNAM        Calling Name Delivery
  CNAMAC      Calling Name Delivery Active/Inactive Status
  CNAMBL      Calling Name Delivery Billing Records
  CNAMD       Calling Name Delivery
  CNAMD       Calling Name Display
  CNAME       Canonical Name
  CNAMPN      Calling Name Delivery with Personal Name Delivery Type
  CNB         Calling Number Blocking
  CNB         Consumer News and Business
  CNC         Centralised Network Control
  CNC         Computer Numeric Control
  CNC         Computer Numerical Control
  CNC         Computer Numerically Controlled
  CNC         Computer(ized) Numeric Control
  CNCC        Customer Network Control Center
  CNCS        Carrier Non-Compatible Services
  CND         Called Party Number
  CND         Calling Name Delivery
  CND         Calling Number Delivery
  CND         Calling Number Display
  CND         Calling Party Number Delivery
  CND         Carrier Networks Documentation
  CND         Customer Network Design
  CNDA        Calling Number Delivery Activation
  CNDAC       Calling Number Delivery Active/Inactive Status
  CNDB        Calling Number Delivery Blocking
  CNDB        Customer Number Data Base
  CNDBO       Calling Number Delivery Blocking Override
  CNDBTYP     Calling Party Number Delivery Blocking Type (Privacy Change Allowed)
  CNDD        Calling Number Delivery Deactivation
  CNDS        Customer Network Design System
  CNDTYP      Calling Party Number Delivery Type
  CNE         Certified NetWare Engineer
  CNE         Certified Novell Engineer
  CNET        Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications
  CNET        Control Network
  CNF         Conference
  CNF         Conjunctive Normal Form
  CNF         Station Controlled Conference
  CNF6        Six-Way Conference Calling
  CNFL        Conference Calling, Larger Than Six-Way
  CNFLSZ      Conference Calling, Larger Than Six-Way, Size
  CNG         Calling Tone
  CNG         Carrier Networks Group
  CNG         Comfort Noise Generation
  CNG         Comfort Noise Generator
  CNG         Fax Calling Tone
  CNI         Calling Number Identification
  CNI         Changed Number Interception
  CNI         Common Network Interface
  CNI         Customer Premises Equipment Network Integrator
  CNIBL       Calling Number Information Delivery Billing Records
  CNIBLP      Calling Number Information Delivery Billing Records for PRI
  CNIC        Calling Number Identification Circuit
  CNIC        Clearing Network Identification Code
  CNID        Calling Number Identification
  CNID        Customer Network Information Database
  CNIDR       Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
  CNIL        Conseil National Informatique et Liberte (F)
  CNIMS       Customer Network Integrated Management System
  CNIP        Calling Name Identification Presentation
  CNIP        Calling Number Identification Present
  CNIPPAB     Calling Number Identification Public-to-Private and
              Private-to-Public Activation Billing Records
  CNIPPABP    Calling Number Identification Public-to-Private and
              Private-to-Public Activation Billing Records for PRI
  CNIR        Calling Number Identification Restricted
  CNIR        Calling Number Identification Restriction
  CNIR        Calling/Connected Name Identification Restriction
  CNIS        Calling Number Identification Services
  CNIS        Computer Networks and ISDN Systems
  CNL         CoNnectionLess
  CNL         Constant Net Loss
  CNL         Cursor Next Line
  CNM         Called Number Mask
  CNM         Circuit Network Management Message Group
  CNM         Communication Network Management
  CNM         Communication Network Management (NetView, VTAM)
  CNM         Connection Memory
  CNM         Customer Network Management
  CNMA        Communication Network for Manufacturing Applications (MAP/MMS) (ESPRIT)
  CNMC        Corporate Network Management Center (CWAN-ATT)
  CNMI        Communication NM Interface (SNA)
  CNMS        Customer Network Management Services
  CNN         Cable News Network
  CNNB        Calling Name and Number Blocking
  CNND        Calling Name and Number Delivery
  CNOS        CCIS Network Operations System
  CNP         Charge Number Parameter
  CNP         Connection Not Possible
  CNR         Carrier-to-thermal Noise Ratio
  CNR         Complex Node Representation
  CNR         Could Not Reproduce
  CNRI        Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  CNS         Communication Network Service
  CNS         Communication Network Support
  CNS         Connected Party Subaddress
  CNS         Connection Not Successful
  CNS         Customer Network Solutions
  CNS         Customer Networking Solutions
  CNSS        Core Nodal Switching Subsystem
  CNT         Coaxial Network Termination
  CNTX        Centrex
  CNU         Coaxial Network Unit
  CNV         Conversion File
  CO          Call Offer (supplementary service)
  CO          Call Origination
  CO          Captive Office
  CO          Cavity Oscillator (microwaves)
  CO          Central Office
  CO          Certificate of Origin
  CO          Check OK
  CO          Circuit Order
  CO          Code Owner
  CO          Coin
  CO          Coinbox
  CO          Combining
  CO          Conditional Objective
  CO          COnnection
  CO          Connection Oriented
  CO          Connection-Oriented mode
  CO          Control Out
  CO          Crystal Oscillator
  CO          Cutoff
  CO          ISO country code for Republic of Colombia
  CO          U.S. postal code for Colorado
  CO ID       Company Identification
  COA         Changeover Acknowledgement message
  CO-ACD      Central Office-Automatic Call Distribution
  COAM        Centralized Operation, Administration, and Maintenance
  COAM        Customer Owned and Maintained
  COAM        Customer Owned And Maintained (equipment)
  COARS       Central Office Alarm Reporting System
  COAX        Coaxial Cable
  COB         Chip On Board
  COB         Close of Business
  COB         CO Booking
  COB         COBOL File
  COB         Complaint Observing
  COBCLI      CO Booking Command Line Interface
  COBI        Connection-Oriented Bearer-Independent
  COBOL       Common Business-Oriented Language
  COBRAnet    Corporate Broadband Applications Network
  COBS        Central Office Business Systems
  COBS        Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing
  COBUCO      Cordless Business Communications
  COC         Central Office Code
  COC         Code Owners Consortium
  COC         Compiler Object Code
  COC         Consultation Calling
  COC         Current Operations Channel
  COCF        Connection Oriented Convergence Functions
  COCF        Connection-Oriented Convergence Function
  COCOM       Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
  COCOS       Corporate Communication System
  COCOT       Customer-Owned Coin Operated Telephone
  COCS        Conversion of Created Services
  COD         Connection Oriented Data
  COD         Cross-Office Delay
  COD         Cutoff on Disconnect
  CODACS      Captive Office Digital Access Cross-connect System
  CODAN       Carrier-Operated Device, Anti-Noise
  CODARTS     Concurrent Design Approach for Real-Time Systems
  CODASYL     Conference On Data Systems Languages
  CODC        Central Office Data Collector
  CODEC       Coder/Decoder
  CODES       Central Office Data Engineering System
  CODEST      COmite de Development European de la Science et de la Technologie
  CODETEL     Compania Dominicana de Telefonos
  CODIT       Code Division Testbed
  CODP        Central Office Data Processor
  CODS        Connection Oriented Data Service
  COE         Central Office Equipment
  COEES       Central Office Equipment Engineering System
  COEI        Central Office Equipment Installation
  COEM        Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
  COEO        Central Office Equipment Order
  COER        Central Office Equipment Report
  COF         Cause of Failure
  COF         Cinema of the Future
  COF         Confusion signal
  COF         Continuity Failure
  COF         Cursor Off
  COF         MDII: Confusion Signal Received
  COFA        Change of Frame Alignment
  COFDM       Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
  COFDM       Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  C-OFDM      Convolutional coding OFDM
  COFF        Common Object code File Format
  COFF        Common Object File Format
  COFIDEC     Coder-Filter-Decoder
  COG         Central Office Ground
  COG         Centralized Operations Group
  COG         Code Owners Group
  COH         Common Overhead
  COH         Communication Overhead
  COH         Connection Overhead
  COHO        CoHerent Oscillator
  COI         Community of Interest
  COI         Connection-Oriented Interconnection
  COIC        Central Office Interface Circuit
  COIN        Coin Phone Operational and Information Network System
  COKOL       Corporate Knowledge On Line
  COL         Collect
  COLA        CO Lab Access
  CO-LAN      Central-Office LAN (BOC)
  COLI        COnnect Line Identity
  COLI        COnnected Line Identification (functional entity)
  COLI        Connected Line Identity
  COLP        COnnected Line identification Presentation (supplementary service)
  COLR        Carrier of Last Resort
  COLR        Circuit Order Layout Record
  COLR        Connected Line Identification Restriction
  COLR        COnnected Line identification Restriction (supplementary service)
  COLT        City of London Telecom
  COLT        Connection Optimized Link Technology
  COM         Cable Organizer Module
  COM         Central Office Maintenance
  COM         Combined Carrier
  COM         Comedy Central
  COM         Command
  COM         Command File
  com         Commercial organizations domain
  COM         Common
  COM         Common Object Model
  COM         COMmunication
  COM         Communications
  COM         Compact Executable file
  COM         COMplete
  COM         Complete
  COM         Component Object Model
  COM         Computer Output Microfilm
  COM         Computer Output Microfilming
  CoM         Connection Manager
  COM         Continuation of Message
  COMA        Cache-Only Memory Architecture
  COMAC       Comite d'Actions Concertees
  COMAS       Computerized Maintenance and Administration Support
  COMB        Combined
  COMB        Load Combined
  COMDAT      Common Data
  COMDEX      Computer Dealers Exposition
  COMETT      COMmunity programmme for Education and Training for Technology
  COMFGD      Combined Feature Group D
  COMMS       Central Office Maintenance Management System
  COMMS-PM    Central Office Maintenance Management System-Preventive Maintenance
  COMPAC      Commonwealth Pacific Cable submarine cable
  COMPAC      COMputer oriented PArt Coding
  COMPASS     Central Office Maintenance Printout Analysis (GTE)
  COMPASS     Communications Program for Advanced Switching Services
  COMPASS     Communications Programs for Advanced Switched Services
  COMPENDEX   COMPuterized ENgineering inDEX
  COMPVH      Compiler Virtual Hex (Test Case Language Compiler)
  COMS        Connection Oriented Message Service
  COMSAT      Communications Satellite Corporation
  COMSEC      Communications Security
  COMSOC      IEEE Communications Society
  COMSOFT     Consortium for the Management of Emerging Software Technologies
  CON         Call Connect
  CON         Concentrator
  CON         Conference Calling
  CON         Connect message
  CON         Connected Party Number
  CON         Connection Connected
  CON         Connection oriented
  CON         Conversation
  CON         Cursor On
  CONCERT     Communications for North Carolina Education, Research, and Technology
  COND        Conditional
  CONF        Conference Call, Add On (supplementary service)
  CONF        Conference Calling
  CONF        Conference Circuit
  Conf        Confirm
  CONF        Confirm
  CONF        Confirmation
  CONF        Confusion message
  CONG        Congestion
  CONG        Congestion message
  CONI        COnnect Number Identity
  CONLAN      CONsensus LANguage
  CONMAN      Connection Manager
  CONN        CONNect
  CONN        Connect message
  CONN        Connection
  CONN        Connection Manager
  CONN        Connector
  CONN ACK    Connect Acknowledge message
  CONNACK     CONNect ACKnowledgement
  ConnND      Connected Number Delivery
  ConNo       Connected Number
  CONP        COnnect Number identification Presentation
  CONP        Connection Not Possible Treatment
  CONP        Connection-Oriented Network Protocol
  CONS        Connection Oriented-mode Network Service
  CONS        Connection-Mode Network Service
  CONS        Connection-Oriented Network Services
  CONS        Console
  CONT        Connection Server
  CONT        Connections Team
  CONT        Continue
  CONT        Controller
  CONUS       Contiguous United States
  CONV        Conventional
  COO         Changeover Order message
  COO         Chief Operating Officer
  COO         Cost of Ownership
  COOP        Center for Object-Oriented Programming
  COORS       CO Ordering and Report System
  COOTS       Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems
  COP         Center of Projection
  COP         Character Oriented Protocol
  COP         Character-Orientated Protocol (Data Comm.)
  COP         Code Of Operation
  COP         Code Of Practice
  COP         Code of Practice
  COP         Complex Operations Parameters
  COP         Complicated Outpulsing
  COP         Computer Operating Property
  COP         Controller Oriented Processor
  COP         Control-Oriented Processor
  COPES       Customer Optimized Product Engineering System
  COPOLCO     ISO council COmmittee on COnsumer POLicy
  COPQ        Cost of Poor Quality
  COPS        Circuit Order Preparation System
  COPS        Complex Operations Per Second
  COPS        Cutover Preparation Services
  COPT        Customer Operated Pay Telephone
  COPT        Customer Owned Pay Telephone
  COPWAT      Customer-Owned Premises Wiring Acceptance Test
  COQ         Cost Of Quality
  COR         Carrier Operated Relay
  COR         CORrelator
  Cor         Corrigendum
  COR         Corrupt Parameter
  CORA        Call Rater
  CORBA       Common Object Request Broker Architecture
  CORC        Customer-Originated Recent Change
  CORDIC      Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer
  CORDS       Coordination of Record and Data Base System
  CORE        Internet Council of Registers
  COREPER     COmite des REpresentants PERmanents
  CORP        Career Opportunity Rotational Program
  CORR        Centralized Office Release Record
  CORT        Code Owner Request Tracking
  CORUM       Captive Office Remote User-area Menu
  CORWAN      Corporate Wide-Area Network
  COS         Call Origination Status
  COS         Camera Operating System
  COS         Class of Service
  CoS         Class of Service
  COS         Common Object Services
  COS         Communication OS
  COS         Connection Oriented Services
  COS         CORBA Object Services
  COS         Corporation for Open Systems
  COSAC       Canadian Open Systems Application Criteria
  COSE        Common Open Software Environment
  COSE        Common Open Systems Environment
  COSINE      Corporation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe
  COSMIC      Common Systems Main InterConnecting
  COSMOS      Computer System for Mainframe Operations
  COSP        Central Office Signaling Panel
  COSPAR      COmmittee on SPAce Research
  COSS        Central Office Switching System
  COSS        Common Object Service Specification
  COSS1       Common Object Service Specification Volume 1
  COSS2       Common Object Service Specification Volume 2
  COSS3       Common Object Service Specification Volume 3
  COSS4       Common Object Service Specification Volume 4
  COSS5       Common Object Service Specification Volume 5
  COST        Class of Service Tone
  COST        Cooperations Projects of Scientific and Technical Research
  COST        European Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology
  COSTAR      COmputer STored Ambulatory Record  (Medical)
  COSTAR      Conventional On-line STorage And Retrieval
  COSU        Central Office Service Unit
  COSW        Electronic Switching: Central Office Systems of the World;
              Amos E. Joel Jr.; IEEE Press, 1976
  COT         Central Office Terminal
  COT         Continuity
  COT         Continuity Check message
  COT         Continuity Message
  COT         Continuity Signal
  COT         Continuity Test
  COT         Continuity Test message
  COT         Continuity Test Transceiver
  COT         Continuity Testing
  COT         Customer Originated Trace
  COTAC       Customer Originated Trace Status
  COTC        Canadian Overseas Telecommunication Corporation
  COTDR       Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  COTES       COnventional TErrestrial reference System
  COTi        Continuity Indicator
  COTM        Customer Owned and Telephone Company Maintained
  COTP        Connection-Oriented mode Transport Protocol
  COTS        Commercial Off-The-Shelf
  COTS        Connection-Oriented mode Transport Service
  COTS        Connection-Oriented Transport Service
  COURT       C.O. User Request Tracking
  cout        C++ Output Stream
  COV         Changeover
  COV         Changeover signal
  COVER       Captive Office Vintage Equipment Records
  COW         Copy On Write
  CP          Call Pickup
  CP          Call Process
  CP          Call Processing
  CP          Call Processor
  CP          Call Program
  CP          Card Punch
  CP          Central Processor
  CP          Choke Packet
  CP          Circuit Pack
  CP          Circular Polarization
  CP          Closed Pending
  CP          Code Page
  CP          Collision Presence
  CP          Common Part
  CP          Communication(s) Processor
  CP          Complete Partitioning
  CP          Confirmed Party
  CP          Connected Party
  CP          Connection Pending
  CP          Connection Performer
  CP          Connection Point
  CP          Connection Processor
  CP          Contention Period
  CP          Control Point
  CP          Control Processor
  CP          Control Program
  CP          Copy Protected
  CP          Critical Path
  CP          Current Product
  CP          Customer Premises
  CP          Customer Programmability
  CP          Customer Programmable
  CP/M        Control Program/Microcomputer
  CP/M        Control Programme for Microcomputers
  CPA         Called Party Address
  CPA         Carry-Propagate Adder
  CPA         Circuit Pack Assembly
  CPA         CLASS Protocol Analyzer
  CPA         Component Placement Agreement
  CPA         Control Point Adapter
  CPA         Co-Polar Attenuation
  CPA         Critical Path Analysis
  CPAAL5      Common Part of AAL5
  CPAD        Call Processing Agency Driver
  CPAN        Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
  CPAP        Customer Premises Access Profile
  CPARK       Attendant Call Park
  CPB         Call Processing Busy
  CPB         Commercial Public Broadcasting
  CPB         Communication Processor Block
  CPB         Constrained Parameters Bitstream
  CPB         Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  CPC         Call Processing Control
  CPC         Calling Party Category
  CPC         Calling Party Control
  CPC         Carrier Portability Code
  CPC         Cell Personality Card
  CPC         Common Part Code
  CPC         Common Peripheral Controller
  CPC         Common Product Code
  CPC         Common Protocol Component
  CPC         Component Procurement Code
  CPC         Continuing Professional Competency
  CPC         Corporate Product Code
  CPCCI       Conference Permanente des Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie
  CPCE        Common Peripheral Control Equipment
  CPCH        Calling Party Cannot Hear
  CPCI        Call Processing Control, Incoming
  CPCI        Calling Party Category Indicator
  CPCI        ISDN Common Peripheral Control
  CPCL        Call Processing Class Library
  CPCO        Call Processing Control, Outgoing
  CPCS        Common Part Convergence Sublayer
  CPCS        Customer-Provided Communication System
  CPD         Call Processing Deloading
  CPD         Call Processing Description
  CPD         Central Pulse Distributor
  CPD         Computer Products Division
  CPD         Connection Propagation Delay
  CPD         Cross Polar Discrimination
  CPD         Cumulative Probability Distribution
  CPDC        Cabinetized Power Distribution Center
  CPDDN       Calling Party Default DN(s)
  CPDM        Call Processing Domain Model
  CPE         Call Processing Enabled
  CPE         Central Processing Element
  CPE         Channel Parameter Estimator
  CPE         Customer Premises Equipment
  CPE         Customer Provided Equipment
  CPEI        ISDN Common Peripheral Equipment
  CPF         Coin, Pay First
  CPF         Convolutional, Parity, Fire
  CPFC        Cost Per Function Code
  CPFR        Calling Party Forced Release
  CPFSK       Continous-Phase Frequency Shift Keying
  CPFSK       Continuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying
  CPFT        Circuit-Pack Functional Test
  CPFT        Customer-Premises Facility Terminal
  CPG         Call Pickup Group
  CPG         Call Pickup Groups
  CPG         Call Processing Message
  CPG         Call Progress message
  CPG         Circuit Pack Group
  CPG         Clock Pulse Generator
  CPG         Code Page
  CPG         Conference Preparatory Group
  CPG1        Call Pickup- Pickup Group 1
  CPG2        Call Pickup- Pickup Group 2
  CPG3        Call Pickup- Pickup Group 3
  CPG4        Call Pickup- Pickup Group 4
  CPGA        Ceramic Pin Grid Array (IC VLSI Package)
  CPGACC      Call Pickup Group Access Codes
  CPH         Call Party Handling
  CPH         Called Party Hold
  CPH         Calls Per Hour
  CPH         Characters Per Hour
  CPHB        Computer Protocol Heart Beat
  CPI         Cable Pair Identification
  CPI         Call Progress Indication
  CPI         Call Progress Indicator
  CPI         Calling Party Identification
  CPI         Central Patents Index
  CPI         Characters Per Inch
  CPI         Common Part Indicator
  CPI         Common Programming Interface
  CPI         Communication Programming Interface
  CPI         Computer-to-PBX Interface
  CPI         Convergence Sublayer Protocol Information
  CPI         CPE Interface
  CPI         Cycles Per Inch
  CPI         Cycles per Instruction
  CPI-C       Common Programming Interface for Communications
  CPID        Call Processing Identifier
  CPID        Calling Party Identification
  CPIW        Customer-Provided Inside Wire
  CPK         Call Park
  CPKBAS      Call Park Basic
  CPKDIR      Directed Call Park
  CPKSEC      Directed Call Park with Security Code
  CPL         Capability Password Level
  CPL         Commercial Private Line
  CPL         Control Panel Applets File
  CPL         Current Privilege Level
  CPL         Cursor Preceding Line
  C-PLANE     Control PLANE
  C-plane     Control plane
  CPLD        Complex Programmable-Logic Device
  CPM         Cabinetised Peripheral Module
  CPM         Call-Progress Monitor
  CPM         Cards Per Minute
  CPM         Central Processor and Memory
  CPM         Common Peripheral Module
  CPM         Common Process Model
  CPM         Communications Processor Module
  CPM         Compact Peripheral Module
  CPM         Condensed Peripheral Module
  CPM         Conductive Plastic Material
  CPM         Conference Preparatory Meeting
  CPM         Continuous Phase Modulation
  CPM         Co-ordination and Project team Management department (ETSI)
  CPM         Core Package Modules
  CPM         Counts Per Minute
  CPM         Critical Path Method
  CPM         Critical-Path Method
  CPM         Customer Profile Management
  CPM         Cycles Per Minute
  CPMGR       Connection Point Manager
  CPMS        Cable Pressure Monitoring System
  CPN         Calling Party Number
  CPN         Cellular Provider Network
  CPN         Customer Premise(s) Network
  CPN         Customer Premises Node
  CPNDC       Calling Party Number Discard Control
  CPNIE       Calling Party Number Information Element
  CPNM        Call Processing Notification Manager
  CPN-NP      Calling Party Number-Network Provided
  CPNPA       Calling Party Number Presentation Allowed
  CPNPN       Calling Party Number Provision Necessary
  CPNT        Calling Party Number Delivery Type
  CPN-UPNS    Calling Party Number- User-Provided, Not Screened
  CPNX        Computer Protocol Network Executive
  CPOCC       Call Processing Occupancy
  CPODA       Contention Priority-Oriented Demand Assignment
  CPOK        Smalltalk C Programming ObjectKit
  CPOL        Communications Procedure-Oriented Language
  CPOS        Centralized AMA Position
  cpp         C Preprocessor
  CPP         C++ File
  cpp         C++ File
  CPP         Call Processing Protocol
  CPP         Calling Party Pays
  CPP         Common Peripheral Processor
  CPP         Component Project Plan
  CPP         Cordless Portable Part
  CPP         Customer Partnership Program
  CPPEC       Circuit Pack PEC
  CPR         Call Path Restoration
  CPR         Call Processing Record
  CPR         Change Process Re-engineering
  CPR         Continuing Property Records
  CPR         Continuous Progress
  CPR         Critical Path Restoration
  CPR         Critical Path Restoration
  CPR         Current Page Register
  CPR         Cursor Position Report
  CPR         Customer Problem Report
  CPR1        Channel Priority Register 1
  CPR2        Channel Priority Register 2
  C-PRK       Call Park
  CPRTE       Call Processing Run-Time Environment
  CPS         Call Processing Selector
  CPS         Call Processing Server
  CPS         Calling Party Sub-Address
  cps         Calls Per Second
  CPS         Cards Per Second
  CPS         Cellular Packet Switch
  CPS         Characters Per Second
  cps         Characters Per Second
  CPS         Circuit Pack Storage
  CPS         Common Part Sublayer
  CPS         Content Provider System
  CPS         Conversation Programming System
  CPS         Corporate Presence Server
  CPS         CP Selector
  CPS         Customer Premises System
  CPS         Cutoff Priority Scheme
  cps         Cycles Per Second
  cps         cycles per second (obsolete, now Hz)
  CPSA        Calling Party Subaddress
  CPSD        Calling Party Subaddress Delivery
  cpsel       CP Selector
  CPSG        Call Park Subscriber Group
  CPSIE       Calling Party Subaddress Information Element
  CPSK        Coherent Phase-Shift Keying
  CPSL        Confirmed Party Service Link
  CPSR        Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  CPST        Control Point Spanning Tree
  CPT         Call Progress Tone
  CPT         Carolina Public Television
  CPT         Cisco Protocol Translator
  CPT         Coinless Public Telephone
  CPT         Completion Tone
  CPT         Customer-Provided Terminal
  CPTE        Customer Premises Terminal Equipment
  CPTLB       Call Processing Terminal Linkage Block
  CPTP        Consolidated Product Test Plan
  CPTS        Coinless Public Telephone Service
  CPU         Call Pickup
  CPU         Central Processing Unit
  CPU         Central Processor Unit
  CPUACC      Call Pickup Access Codes
  CPUB        Call Pickup Billing Records
  CPUBEX      Call Pickup for the Business Environment
  CPUDDN      Directed Call Pickup
  CPUDPU      Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In
  CPUFW       CPU Firmware
  CPUN        Call Pickup Notification
  CPUPEX      Call Pickup for the Public Environment
  CPVDN       Calling Party Valid DNs
  CPW         Co-planar Waveguide
  CPY         Copy Backup Catalog File
  CQ          Channel Queue
  CQ          Communications Quality
  CQA         Call Queue Assignment
  CQA         Certified Quality Auditor
  CQA         Custom Quality Audit
  CQC         Cell Queue Controller
  CQFP        Ceramic Quad Flat Package
  CQM         Cell Queue Manager
  CQM         Circuit group Query Message
  CQM         Circuit Query Message
  CQR         Circuit group Query Response message
  CQR         Circuit Query Response message
  CR          Call Record
  CR          Call Reference
  CR          Call Report (TETRA)
  CR          Call Request
  CR          Call Restriction (supplementary service)
  CR          Call Router
  CR          Card Reader
  CR          Carriage Return
  CR          Carrier Recovery
  CR          Channel Response
  CR          Chrominance colour difference, Red
  CR          Clear Record
  CR          Cluster Robustness Tested
  CR          Code Restriction
  CR          Coin Return
  CR          Comite de coordination des Radiotelecommunications (CEPT)
  CR          Command Register
  CR          Component Request
  CR          Condition Register
  CR          Conditional Requirement
  CR          Configuration Record
  CR          Connection Request
  CR          Connection-Related function
  CR          Content Review
  CR          Contention Resolution
  CR          Control Register
  CR          Critical
  CR          Customer Record
  CR          Customer's Report
  CR          ISO country code for Republic of Costa Rica
  Cr          Red Chrominance
  CR/D        Code Restriction and Diversion
  CRA         Call Record Assembler
  CRA         Call Request Activate
  CRA         Call Routing Apparatus
  CRA         Call-Request Activation
  CRA         Circuit Reservation Acknowledgment message
  CRA         Customized Recorded Announcement
  CRAC        Change Request Authorization Committee
  CRACF       Call-Related Radio Access Control Function
  CRAFT       Co-operative Research Action for Technology
  CRAG        Cellular Radio Advisory Group
  CRAM        Card Random Access Memory
  CRAS        Cable Repair Administrative System
  CRB         Change Review Board
  CRB         Cramer-Rao Bound
  CRB         Customer Records and Billing
  CRBDN       Call Redirection Busy Directory Number
  CRBE        Conversational Remote Batch Entry
  CRBL        Call Reference Busy Limit
  CRBO        Centralized Records Business Office
  CRBS        Cell Relay Bearer Service
  CRBT        Continuous Ringback Tone
  CRC         Class, Responsibility, Collaboration
  CRC         Class-Responsibility-Collaborator
  CRC         Common Repair Code
  CRC         Communications Relay Center
  CRC         Communications Research Centre
  CRC         Cyclic Redundancy Check
  CRC         Cyclical Redundancy Check
  CRC/BC      Cyclic Redundancy Check/Blocked Check
  CRC4        Cyclic Redundancy Check procedure
              relating to the 2 048 kbit/s basic frame structure according to CC
  CRCC        Cyclic Redundancy Check Character
  CRCC        Cyclic Redundancy Code Character
  CRCDN       Call Redirection or Call Deflection Notification
  CRCDS       Call Redirection or Call Deflection Selection
  CRD         Call Rerouting Distribution
  CRD         Card file
  CRD         Color Rendering Dictionary
  CRD         Credit
  CRD         Customer Requested Delivery
  CRDA        Call Request Delete All
  CRDN        Call Redirection Directory Number
  CRDN        Call Redirection or Deflection Notification
  CRDO        Centre de recherche pour la defense, Ottawa
  CRDP        Call Redirection and Deflection Prevention
  CRDPC       Code Restriction/Diversion Prohibited Codes
  CRDPCGP     Code Restriction/Diversion Prohibited Codes Group
  CRDS        Call Request Delete Specific
  CRE         Call Re-establishment
  CRE         Call Re-establishment procedure
  CRE         Conductorship Relinquished
  CRE         Cordless Radio Equipment
  CRED        Credit Card Calling
  CREF        Connection Refusal message
  CREF        Connection Refused
  CREG        Concentrated Range Extension with Gain
  CREJ        Call Rejected
  CREN        Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
  CREST       Code Restrictions
  CRET        Call Retrieve
  CRF         Call Reference
  CRF         Call Reference Flag
  CRF         Cell Relay Function
  CRF         Connection Related Function(s)
  CRF(VC)     Virtual Channel Connection Related Function
  CRF(VP)     Virtual Path Connection Related Function
  CRG         Charge Information message
  CRG         Charging
  CRG         Common Routing Group
  CRG         Customized Ringing
  CRH         Classes-Responsibilities-Helpers
  CRI         Call Request with Identification
  CRI         Channel Restart Indicator
  CRI         Continuity Recheck Incoming
  CRID        Call Record ID
  CRIS        Customer Records Information System
  CRISD       Computer Resources Integrated Support Document
  CRISP       Cascadable Real-Time Integrated Signal Processor
  Crit        Critical
  CRJE        Conversational Remote Job Entry
  CRL         Certificate Revocation List
  CRL         Computing Research Laboratory
  CRL         Corporate Reuse Library
  CRLB        Cramer Rao Lower Bound
  CRLF        Carriage Return and Line Forward
  CRLF        Carriage Return, Line Feed
  CRM         Call Record Management
  CRM         Cell Rate Margin
  CRM         Circuit Reservation Message
  CRM         Component Resource Manager
  CRM         Connection Request Mode
  CRM         Control Representation Mode
  CRMA        Cyclic Reservation Multiple Access
  CRMG        Call Reference Manager
  CRN         Call Redirection Notification
  CRn         Call Reference Number
  CRN         Call Request with Number
  CRN         CMWI Ring Notification
  CRO         Cancel Rerouted Overflow
  CRO         Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  CRO         Central Radio Office
  CRO         Central Records Office
  CRO         Certification Requirements Owner
  cro         Character Reference Open
  CRO         Continuity Recheck Outgoing
  CRODN       Call Redirection Out of Order Directory Number
  CROM        Control Read-Only Memory
  CROP        Component Rationalization and Optimization
  CRP         Call Request Packet
  CRP         Command RePeat
  CRP         CPU Root Pointer Register
  CRPA        Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna
  CRQ         Call Request
  CRQ         Closed User Group Selection and Validation Request message
  CRR         Call Request Retrieval
  CRR         Call Request Retrieve
  CRR         Circuit Reset Reception
  CRR         MDII: Reset Signal Received that Aborts Incoming Call
  CRRE        Corrected Receiving Reference Equivalent
  CRS         Call Recording Stream
  CRS         Call Redirection Subscription
  CRS         Cell Relay Service
  CRS         Cell Relay-based Service
  CRS         Centralized Results System
  CRS         Circuit Reset Sending
  CRS         Closed User Group Selection and Validation Response message
  CRS         Communicating Rule Systems
  CRS         Conference Reservation System
  CRS         Configuration Report Server
  CRS         Crescendo
  CRS         Crescendo Bulk Call Generator
  CRS         Crescendo Driver
  CRS         Customer Record Set
  CRS         Customer Report System
  CRSA        Centralized Repair Service Attendant
  CRSAB       Centralized Repair Service Attendant Bureau
  CRS-B       Crescendo-B (Ameritec BRI bulk call generator)
  CRSC        Cabinetized Remote Switching Center
  CRSDRV      Crescendo Driver
  CRSN        Call Record Sequence Number
  CRSS        Call Redirection Service State
  CRSS        Call-Related Supplementary Services
  CRST        Cluster Route Set Test message
  CRT         Call Retention (TETRA)
  CRT         Cathode Ray Terminal
  CRT         Cathode Ray Tube
  CRT         Continuous Ring Tone
  CRTC        Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
  CRTC        CRT Controller
  CRTS        Cellular Radio Telecommunications Service
  CRTS        Cellular Radio Test Set
  CRTSIM      Cathode Ray Tube Simulator
  CRUD        Create, Read, Update, Delete
  CRUD        Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete
  CRV         Call Reference Value
  CRVDN       Call Redirection Variable Directory Number
  CRX         Call Request Exempt
  CS          Cable Ship
  CS          Cable Station
  CS          Call Second
  CS          Call Segment
  CS          Call Server
  CS          Call State
  CS          Call Store
  CS          Capability Set (of IN)
  CS          Carrier Sense
  CS          Carrier Sensing
  CS          Carrier System
  CS          Cell Selection
  CS          Cell Site
  CS          Central Secretariat (CEN)
  CS          Check Sequence
  CS          Chip Select
  CS          Chip Select
  CS          Circuit Schematic
  CS          Circuit Switch
  CS          Circuit Switched
  CS          Circuit Switching
  CS          Class Style
  CS          Clear to Send
  CS          Code Segment
  CS          Code Server
  CS          Code Submitted
  CS          Codeset
  CS          Codeswitch
  CS          Coin Stuck
  CS          Commercial Specification
  CS          Communication et Signalization (CEPT)
  CS          Communication Subsystem (IBM)
  CS          Communication Support
  CS          Communication(s) System
  CS          Complete Sharing
  CS          Computer Science
  CS          Computer Simulation
  CS          Configuration Services
  CS          Connected Subaddress
  CS          Connection Segment
  CS          Connection Server
  CS          Control State
  CS          Convergence Sublayer
  CS          Coordinated Single-Layer
  CS          Cryptoserver
  CS          C-Side
  CS          Customer Specification
  CS          Customer-Specific
  CS          Higher layer Signalling channel (slow)
  CS          ISO country code for Czechoslovakia (obsolete)
  CS/SS       Card Services and Socket Services
  CS1         Capability Set 1
  CS-1        Capability Set 1
  CS-1        IN Capability Set No 1
  CS1R        Capability Set 1- Refined
  CS2         Capability Set 2
  CS-2        Capability Set 2
  CS-2        IN Capability Set No 2
  CS3         Capability Set 3
  CS-3        Capability Set 3
  CSA         Calendaring and Scheduling API
  CSA         Call Segment Association
  CSA         Called Subscriber Answer
  CSA         Canadian Standards Association
  CSA         Carrier Service Area(s)
  CSA         Carrier Serving Area
  CSA         Carry-Save Adder
  CSA         Client Service Agent (MAP2.1 directory services)
  CSA         Commercial Specification Agreement
  CSA         Computing Services Administrator
  CSA         Computing System Administrator
  CSA         Computing Systems Analyst
  CSAB        Computer Science Accreditation Board
  CSAC        Computer Science Accreditation Commission
  CSACCS      Customer Service Administration Control Center System
  CS-ACELP    Conjugate-Structure, Algebraic-Code-Excited Linear Prediction
  CSAP        Carrier Specific Announcement Phrasing
  CSAPI       Common Speller Applications Programming Interface
  CSAT        Customer Satisfaction
  CSATS       Circuit Switch Automated Test System
  CSB         Central-Side Busy
  CSB         Channel Supervision Bit
  CSB         Client Support Bulletin
  CSC         Canadian Standards Committee
  CSC         Cell Site Controller
  CSC         Central Site Controller
  CSC         Central Switching Center
  CSC         Character Sets and their Coding
  CSC         Circuit Signaling Channel
  CSC         Circuit Switching Center
  CSC         Clock Synchronization Circuit
  CSC         Codeswitch Controller
  CSC         Common Signalling Channel
  CSC         Common Supplier Code
  CSC         Control Signalling Code
  CSC         Critical Service Circuit
  CSC         Customer Service Center (ATT)
  CSC         Customer Service Change
  CSCAN       Customer Service Computerized Access Network
  CSCANS      Customer Services Computer Access Network Standards
  CSCC        Command Session Change Control
  CSCC        Coordinated State Change Control
  CSCD        Common Signalling Channel Demodulator
  CS-CDPD     Circuit-Switched Cellular Digital Packet Data
  CSCF        Common Service Circuit Frame
  CSCM        Common Signalling Channel Modem
  CSCN        Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering
  CSCS        Common Signalling Channel Synchroniser
  CSCV        CS Connection View
  CSCW        Computer Supported Collaborative Work
  CSCW        Computer Supported Collaborative Working
  CSCW        Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
  CSD         Circuit Switched Data
  CSD         Circuit-Switched Digital Service
  CSD         Communications Service Division
  CSD         Communications Systems Division
  CSD         Corrective Service Diskette
  CSD         CPS System Description
  CSD         Customer Service Division
  CSDC        Circuit Switched Digital Capability
  CSDDN       Circuit Switched Digital Data Network
  CSDDS       Circuit Switched Digital Data Service
  CSDI        Calling Card Service Denial Indicator
  CSDI        CCAN Service Denial Indicator Identifier
  CSDI        CCSAN Service Denial Indicator
  CSDN        Circuit Switched Data Network
  CSDS        Centralized Software Distribution System
  CSDS        Customer Service Data System
  CSDS        Customer Service Database System
  CSDS/E      Customer Service Data System-Evolution
  CSE         Cause
  CSE         Communications Security Establishment
  CSE         Coordinated Single-Layer Embedded
  CSE         Customer Service Expert
  CSECT       Control Section
  CSEL        Cable Select
  CSELT       Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni (I)
  CSER        Consortium for Software Engineering Research
  CSF         Cell Site Function(s)
  CSF         Customer Service Functions
  CSFID       Cross-Service Feature Interaction Detection
  CSFP        Coded Superframe Phase
  CSFT        Customer Services Feature Translator
  CSG         Caller Subscriber Geography
  CSH         C Shell
  csh         C Shell
  CSH         Called Subscriber Held
  CSI         Call Setup Initialization
  CSI         Called Subscriber Identification
  CSI         Carrier Scale Internetworking
  CSI         Channel State Information
  CSI         Clearing Subnetwork Identification
  CSI         Code Selection Indicator
  CSI         Command Sequence Initiator
  CSI         Control Sequence Introduction
  CSI         Convergence Sublayer Indication
  CSI         Current Source Inverter (Power Electronics)
  CSID        Call Segment Identifier
  CsID        Call Segment Identifier
  CSID        Calling Station Identifier
  CSIDE       Core Side
  C-SIDE      Core Side
  CSIO        Clocked Serial Input/Output
  CSIR        Co-channel Signal to Interference Ratio
  CSL         Command and Status Link
  CSL         Component Sublayer
  CSL         Component Substitution List
  CSL         Computer Systems Laboratory (USA)
  CSL         Constraint Specification Language
  CSL         Control and Simulation Language
  CSL         Current-Sinking Logic
  CSLIP       Compressed SLIP
  CSLK        Control Side Link
  CSLN        Client-Server Layer Network
  CSLT        Created Service Live Testing
  CSM         Call Segment Model
  CSM         Call Supervision Message
  CSM         Cell Site Monitor
  CSM         Central Service Module
  CSM         Centralized Software Management
  CSM         Channel Supervision and Messaging
  CSM         Channel Supervision Manager
  CSM         Channel Supervision Message
  CSM         Combined Symbol Matching
  CSM         Communication Session Manager
  CSM         Communication System Management
  CSM         Communications Services Manager
  CSM         Communications System Monitor
  CSM         Complex Services Module
  CSM         Concorde System Manager
  CSM         Correed Switching Matrix
  CSMA        Carrier Sense Multiple Access
  CSMA/CA     Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
  CSMA/CD     Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
  CSMA/CR     Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Contention Resolution
  CSMO        Cell Site Master Oscillator
  CSMP        Continuous System Modelling Program
  CS-MUX      Circuit-Switched Multiplexer
  CSN         Card-Select Number
  CSN         Cell Site Node
  CSN         Cellular Service(s) Node
  CSN         Circuit Switched Network
  CSN         Cluster Sequence Number
  CSN         Common Services Network
  CSNET       Computer + Science Network
  CSNET       Computer Science Network
  CSNP        Complete Sequence Number PDU
  CSO         Central Services Organization
  CSO         Centralized Service Observation
  CSO         Cold Start Only
  cso         Cold Start Only
  CSO         Components and Supply Operations
  CSO         Composite Second Order
  CSO         Computer Service Organization
  CSO         Customer Service Operations
  CSO         Customer Service Organization
  CSO         Customer Services Order
  CSOM        Computer System Operator's Manual
  CSOS        Central Support Operating System
  CSOS        Change Service Order System
  CSP         Call System Procedure
  CSP         Character Shape Player
  CSP         Chip Scale Package
  CSP         Cluster Server Process
  CSP         Coin, Semi-Postpay
  CSP         Coint Sent Paid
  CSP         Communicating Sequential Process(es)
  CSP         Communications Services Platform
  CSP         Communications System(s) Platform
  CSP         Composite Service Participant
  CSP         CompuCom Speed Protocol
  CSP         Control Switch Point
  CSP         Control Switching Point
  C-SPAN      Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network
  CSPDN       Circuit Switched Public Data Network
  CS-PDU      Convergence Sublayer Protocol Data Unit
  CSPM        C-Side Peripheral Module
  CSPP        Computer Systems Policy Project (US)
  CSPS        Constrained System Parameter Stream
  CSQP        Customer/Supplier Quality Process
  CSR         Cell Switch Router
  CSR         Cell Switch Routing
  CSR         Cell Switching Router
  CSR         Channel Status Register
  CSR         Character Shape Recorder
  CSR         Code Special Ring
  CSR         Code Specific Reroute
  CSR         Communications Standards Review
  CSR         Consistency Check Request message
  CSR         Control and Status Register
  CSR         Customer Service Record
  CSR         Customer Service Report
  CSR         Customer Service Representative
  CSR         Customer Service Request
  CSR         Customer Station Rearrangement
  CSRA        Consistency Check Request Acknowledge message
  CSRC        Contributing Source
  CSRE        Corrected Sending Reference Equivalent
  CSRG        Computer Science Research Group
  CSRG        Computer Systems Research Group
  CSRM        Call Server Resource Module
  CSRU        Created Service Resource Utilization
  CSS         Cascading Style Sheet
  CSS         Cell Site Simulator
  CSS         Cell Site Switch
  CSS         Cellular Simulation System
  CSS         Cellular Subscriber Station
  CSS         Comprehensive Software Support
  CSS         Connection-Successful Signal
  CSS         Contact Start/Stop
  CSS         Created Service Simulation
  CSS         Customer Switching System
  CSS1        Cascading Style Sheet Level 1
  CSSB        Compatible Single SideBand (transmission)
  CSSM        Cross-SCE Service Maintenance
  CSSN        Circuit State Sequence Number
  CSSP        Cache Set Status Port
  CSSP        Common Services Switching Point
  CST         Carrier Power Supply, Transistorized
  CST         Central Standard Time
  CST         Central Station
  CST         Class-Of-Service Tone
  CST         Common Segment Table
  CST         Computer Supported Telecommunications
  CST         Connection Switch Table
  CSTA        Computer Supported Telephony Applications
  CSTA        Computer-Supported Telecommunications Applications
  CSTMGRP     Customer Group
  CSTO        Computing Systems Technology Office
  CSTS        Customer Service Technical Support
  CSU         Channel Service Unit
  CSU         Check Signal Unit
  CSU         Client State Update
  CSU         Common Support Unit
  CSU         Communications Server Unit
  CSU         Communications Service Unit
  CSU         Communications System User
  CSV         Certified System Vendor
  CSV         Circuit Switched Voice
  CSV         Comma Separated Value(s)
  CSV         Common Service Verbs
  CSV         Cornerstone Voice
  CSVD        Continuously Variable Slope Delta
  CSVR        Closed User Group Selection and Validation Request Message
  CSVS        Closed User Group Selection and Validation Response Message
  CSW         Channel Status Word
  CT          Call Tracing
  CT          Call Transfer
  CT          Call Transfer supplementary service
  CT          Call Type
  CT          Centre du Transit
  CT          Channel Tester
  CT          Channel Type
  CT          Code Table
  CT          Coding Type
  CT          Collectable Token
  CT          Complete Translation
  CT          Computed Tomography
  CT          Computer Telephony
  CT          Computer Terminal
  CT          Computer Tomography
  CT          Conformance Testing
  CT          Conformance Testing
  CT          Connection Termination
  CT          Connection Type
  CT          Continuity Transceiver
  CT          Control Terminal
  CT          Cordless Telecommunications
  CT          Cordless Telephone
  CT          Critical Interdigital Timing
  CT          Cross Talk
  CT          Cut-Through
  CT          U.S. postal code for Connecticut
  CT1         Cordless Telephone 1
  CT1         Cordless Telephone 1st generation
  CT1+        Version of CT1 using different frequencies for certain countries
  CT2         Cordless Telephone 2
  CT2         Cordless Telephone 2nd generation
  CT-2        Cordless Telephone 2
  CT2Plus     Cordless Telephone 2 Plus
  CT3         Cordless Telephone 3
  CT4Q        Call Type for Queuing
  CTA         Call Transfer All
  CTA         Camp-On Tone Allowed
  CTA         Common Temporary Address
  CTA         Cordless Telephone Adapter
  CTA         Cordless Telephone Apparatus
  CTA         Cordless Terminal Adaptor
  CTAC        Customer Technical Advisory Council
  CTAG        Correlation Tag
  CTAK        Cipher Text Auto Key
  CTAK        Ciphertext Auto Key
  CTALL       Call Transfer of All Calls
  CTAO        Call Transfer Attendant Only
  CTAP        Common Temporary Address Pointer
  CTAS        Customer Technical Assistance and Support
  CTB         Cable Termination Box
  CTB         Cable Transition Board
  CTB         Central Bus
  CTB         Cipher Type Byte
  CTB         Composite Triple Beat
  CTC         Call Type Code
  CTC         Columbus Technology Center
  CTC         Continue To Correct
  CTC         Cursor Tab Control
  CTCI        Continue To Count Indicator
  CTCM        Chrominance Time Compressed Multiplexing (VTR)
  CTCP        Communication and Transmission Control Program (OSI/SNA)
  CTCSS       Continous Tone Controlled Squelch System (Sub-Audio Signal)
  CTCSS       Continuous Tone-Controlled Squelch System
  CTD         Call Topology Display
  CTD         Camp-On Tone Denied
  CTD         Carrier Toll Denied
  CTD         Cell Transfer Delay
  CTD         Charge Transfer Device
  CTD         Continuity Tone Detector
  CTD         Cumulative Transit Delay
  CTD         Cumulative Trauma Disorder
  CTD         Cut-Through Delay
  CTD         Cut-Through Dialing
  CTDT        Code or Toll Diversion Treatment
  CTE         Cable Terminating Equipment
  CTE         Carrier Timing Entry
  CTE         Channel Translating Equipment
  CTE         Circuit Terminating Equipment
  CTE         Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  CTE         Computer Telephony Engine
  CTE         Customer Terminating Equipment
  CTE         ISDN Class II Equipment
  CTF         Circuit Free message
  CTFJ        Computer Telephony Forum of Japan
  CTFRS       Call Transfer, Fully Restricted
  CTFRSAM     Call Transfer, Fully Restricted for Analog Member of EKTS
  CTFT        C-Thin-Film Transistor
  CTG         Capacitance Tip to Ground
  CTI         Call Transfer Individual
  CTI         Call Treatment Indicator
  CTI         Centralized Ticket Investigation
  CTI         Colour Transient Improvement (Video)
  CTI         Compania de Telefonos del Interior
  CTI         Compile Time Instrumentation
  CTI         Computer-Telephony Integration (ECMA)
  CTIA        Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
  CTIG        Call Transfer Inside Group
  CTINC       Call Transfer of Incoming Calls
  CTIO        Call Transfer Incoming Only
  CTIOIG      Call Transfer Incoming Only Inside Group
  CTIP        committee on Computing, Telecommunications and Information Policies
  CTL         Communication Test Line
  CTL         Computing Technology Laboratory
  CTM         Cell Transfer Mode
  CTM         Communication Terminal Module
  CTM         Conference Trunk Module
  CTM         Coordinate Transformation Matrix
  CTM         Cordless Terminal Mobility
  CTM         Current Transformation Matrix
  CTMB        Cell Transfer Matrix Bus
  CTME        Cabinetized Trunk Module Equipment
  CTMF        Conformance Testing Methodology and Framework
  CTMS        Carrier Transmission Maintenance System
  CTN         Cordless Telecommunication(s) Network
  CTN         Corporate Telecommunication Networks
  CTNP        Changed to Non-Published Number
  CTO         Chief Technical Officer
  CTO         Corporate Telecommunications Operation
  CTO         Cut-Off
  CTO         MDII: Timeout Waiting for Continuity Check Signal
  CTOG        Call Toggle
  CTOG        Call Transfer Outside Group
  ctor        Constructor
  CTOS        Convergence-Technologies (Inc.) Operating System
  CTOS        Convergent Technologies Operating System
  CTOUT       Call Transfer of Outgoing Calls
  CTP         Cache Tag Port
  CTP         Condensed Timing Plan
  CTP         Configuration Testing Protocol (Ethernet/loopback testing)
  CTP         Connection Termination Point
  CTP0        Cache Tag Port Register 0
  CTP1        Cache Tag Port Register 1
  CTP2        Cache Tag Port Register 2
  CTP3        Cache Tag Port Register 3
  CTQ         Call Transfer Queue
  CTR         Call Progress Tone Receiver
  CTR         Call Tone Receiver
  CTR         Call Transfer
  CTR         Capacitance Tip to Ring
  CTR         Columbia University
  CTR         Common Technical Regulation (ACTE)
  CTR         Conformance Test Report
  CTR         Count Register
  CTR         CounTeR
  CTR         Counter Register
  CTR         Current Transfer Ratio
  CTR         Customer Trouble Report
  CTR         Response to continue To Correct
  CTRA        Call Transfer
  CTRD        Code or Toll, Restriction or Diversion
  CTRL        Control
  CTRT        Code or Toll Restriction Treatment
  CTRU        CAMA TOPS Recording Unit
  CTS         Cable Terminal Section
  CTS         Cable Turning Section
  CTS         Call Throttling Services
  CTS         Call-Through Simulator
  CTS         Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome
  CTS         Carrier Transmit switch
  CTS         Channel Time Slot
  CTS         Clear To Send (signal)
  CTS         Communication(s) Technology Satellite
  CTS         Compatible Time Sharing (IBM)
  CTS         Computer TypeSetting
  CTS         Conformance Test Service(s)
  CTS         Conformance Testing Service(s) (programme)
  CTS         Cordless Telephone Services
  CTS2 XMHS   EXtended MHS CTS
  CTSAP       Call Transfer Software Application Package
  CTSL        Core Test Services Layer
  CTSS        Compatible Time Sharing System
  CTSS        Computerized Tandem System Switch
  CTT         Cable Trouble Ticket
  CTT         Cellular Terminal Testing
  CTT         Code TransparentTtransmission
  CTT         Computed Transmission Tomography
  CTTC        Coax To The Curb
  CTTE        Common TDMA Terminal Equipment
  CTTH        Coax To The Home
  CTTL        Call Transfer to Tie Lines
  CTTLAM      Call Transfer to Tie Lines for Analog Member of EKTS
  CTTU        Central Trunk Test Unit
  CTTU        Centralized Trunk Test Unit
  CTU         Cabin Telecommunications Unit
  CTU         Cable Termination Unit
  CTU         Caribbean Telecommunication Union
  CTU         Cartridge Tape Unit
  CTU         Central Termination Unit
  CTU         Customer Terminal Unit
  CTUP        Chinese TUP
  CTV         Colour TeleVision
  CTW         Call Transfer Warning Tone
  CTX         Centrex
  CTXCO       Centrex Central Office
  CTXCU       Centrex Customer
  CU          Central Unit
  CU          Channel Unit
  CU          Control Unit
  CU          Cooling Unit
  CU          Cornell University
  CU          Customer
  CU          Customer Use
  CU          ISO country code for Republic of Cuba
  CU          See you
  CUA         Common User Access (SAA-IBM)
  CUB         Cursor Backward
  CUC         Charge Unit Count
  CUCCA       Columbia University Center for Computing Activities
  CUD         Cursor Down
  CUE         Character-Terminal User Environment
  CUE         Corporate UNIX Environment
  CUF         Channel Utlization Factor
  CUF         Cursor Forward
  CUG         Clean-Up Group
  CUG         Closed User Group (supplementary service)
  CUG/OA      Closed User Group with Outgoing Access
  CUGFORM     CUG Format
  CUGIci      CUG Interlock Code Indicator
  CUGIDX      Closed User Group Index
  CUGNID      CUG Network Identifier
  CUGSELTYP   Closed User Group Selection Type
  CUI         Character User Interface
  CUI         Character-Oriented User Interface
  CUIF        Control Unit Interface
  CUJ         The C User's Journal
  CUJ         The C/C++ User's Journal
  CUL         See you later
  CUP         Call User Procedure
  CUP         Credit Update Protocol
  CUP         Cursor Position
  CUPS        Customer Unspecified Private Services
  CUR         Cursor Resource file
  CURACF      Call-Unrelated Radio Access Control Function
  CUS         Customer Signoff
  CUSD        Call Forward Usage Sensitive Denial
  CUSF        Call-Unrelated Service Function
  CUSP        Call-Unrelated Service Point
  CUSTCTL     Customer Controlled
  CUSTID      Customer Identification
  CUT         Circuit Under Test
  CUT         Class Under Test
  CUT         Control Unit Terminal (IBM)
  CUT         Cutoff
  CUTTD       Cut Through Dialing
  CUU         Cursor Up
  CV          CallVer
  CV          Code Violations
  CV          Coding Violation
  CV          Connection View
  CV          Curriculum Vitae
  CV          ISO country code for Republic of Cape Verde
  CVBS        Composite Video, Blanking and Synchronisation signal
  CVBS        Composite Video, Burst, and Sync
  CVC         Compact Video Coded
  CV-CRC      Coding Violations CRC
  CVD         Chemical Vapor Deposition
  CVD         CodeView Debugger
  CVD         Compact Video Disk
  CVD         Coordinated Voice and Data
  CVDSM       Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
  CVF         Compressed Volume File
  CVG         Convergence
  CVG-PDU     Convergence PDU
  CVH         Clocked Violation HI
  CVI         CVT Request Message
  CVIS        Conversant Voice Information System
  CVL         Clocked Violation LO
  CVM         Circuit Validation Test message
  CVN         MDII: Vacant National Number (VNN) Signal Received
  CVNM        Customer Virtual Network Management
  CVP         Content Vectoring Protocol
  CVR         Circuit Validation Response message
  CVR         CVT Response Message
  CVRAM       Cached VRAM
  CVRT        Connection View Round-Trip Time
  CVS         Central Video Server
  CVS         Connection View State
  CVS         Current Virtual Address Space
  CVSD        Continuous Variable Slope Detection
  CVSD        Continuously Variable Slope Delta (coder)
  CVSDM       Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
  CVSL        Cascade Voltage Switch Logic
  CVT         Circuit Validation Test
  CVT         Circuit Validation Test message
  CVT         Constant-Voltage Transformer
  CVT         Cursor Vertical Tab
  CVW         Codeview for Windows
  CW          Call Waiting (supplementary service)
  CW          Clockwise
  CW          CommunicationsWeek (periodical)
  CW          Contention Window
  CW          Continuous Wave
  CW          Control Word
  CW          Create Window
  CW/F        Call Waiting/Forwarding
  CWA         Call Waiting Allowed
  CWA         Communication Workers of America
  CWAI        Clear and WAit for Interrupt
  CWAN        Corporate WAN (ATT)
  CWAS        Call Waiting Auto-Suppression
  CWB         Call Waiting Billing Records
  CWC         Cable and Wireless Communications
  CWC         Call Waiting Cancel
  CWCA        Call Waiting Call Appearance for Analog Member of EKTS
  CWCAM       Call Waiting Cancel for Analog Member of EKTS
  CWCGO       Call Waiting Cancel Intragroup Only
  CWCIO       Call Waiting Cancel Incoming Only
  CWD         Call Waiting Deluxe
  CWD         Call Waiting Denied
  CWD         Current Working Directory
  CWD         Dial Call Waiting
  CWDL        Call Waiting Dial
  CWDLACC     Call Waiting Dial Access Code
  CWDLAM      Call Waiting Dial for Analog Member of EKTS
  CWHA        Call Completion With Announcement
  CWI         Call Waiting Indication
  CWI         Call Waiting Indicator
  CWI         Call Waiting, Intragroup
  CWI         Change Window Indicator
  CWIO        Call Waiting Incoming Only
  CWIS        Campus-Wide Information System
  CWND        Congestion Window
  CWO         Call Waiting Originating
  CWOA        Call Completion Without Announcement
  CWOAM       Call Waiting Origination for Analog Member of EKTS
  CWP         Communicating Word Processor
  CWP         Costed Work Programme (ETSI)
  CWP         Current Working Point
  CWQ1        Call Waiting Queue Interval 1
  CWQ2        Call Waiting Queue Interval 2
  CWQ3        Call Waiting Queue Interval 3
  CWR         Call Waiting Reports
  CWR         Call Waiting Ringback
  CWR         Change with Referral to New Number
  CWRI        Change Window Reply Indicator
  CWRT        Call Waiting Reports Terminal(s)
  CWRU        Case Western Reserve University
  CWS         Combined World Switch
  CWS1        Combined World Switch One
  CWT         Call Waiting
  CWT         Call Waiting Termination
  CWT         Call Waiting Tone
  CWTAM       Call Waiting Termination for Analog Member of EKTS
  CWTGO       Call Waiting Intra-Group Only
  CWTIO       Call Waiting Incoming Only
  CWX         Call Waiting Exempt
  CX          Co-eXistence standard
  CX          Coinbox
  CX          Compatible eXpansion
  CX          Composite
  CX          Composite Signaling
  cx          Count for x length (short)
  CX          Count register
  CX          ISO country code for Christmas Island
  CXC         Call-by-Call
  CxC         Call-by-Call
  CXE         Containment and Cross Reference Engine
  CXR         Call Transfer
  CXR         Call Transfer Recall
  CXR         Carrier
  cxx         C++ File
  CY          Calendar Year
  CY          CapacitY
  cy          Count for y length (short)
  CY          CYcle
  CY          ISO country code for Republic of Cyprus
  CYL         Cylinder
  CYMK        Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black
  CYTA        Cyprus Telecommunications Agency
  CZ          ISO country code for Czech Republic

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- D -


  D           Data
  D           Data channel
  d           deci (10-1)
  D           Decimal
  D           Deficiency
  D           Delivery confirmation bit
  D           Delta channel
  D           Deprecated
  D           Detailed
  D           Diagonal (link)
  D           Disconnect
  D           Dispersion
  D           Distance
  D channel   Signalling channel (in CT2)
  D&OS        Deployment and Operations Support
  D&OS        Directory and Operator Services
  D/A         Digital/Analogue
  D/A         Digital-to-Analog
  D/C         Down Converter
  D/D         Digital to Digital
  D/L         Download
  D/U         Delay Unit
  D+R         Drop and Repeat node
  D1          Directory One
  D1          Number of User-Assigned Call Control TEI Values
  D2          Number of Switch-Assigned Call Control TEI Values
  D2048U      2048 kbit/s Digital Unstructured ONP leased line
  D3D         Direct 3D
  D64U        64 kbit/s Digital Unstructured
  DA          Data Acquisition
  DA          Data Available
  da          deca (10+1)
  DA          Delayed Activation
  DA          Demand Assignment
  DA          Design Accepted
  DA          Destination Address
  DA          Destination Allocation
  DA          Development Agreement
  DA          Device Attributes
  DA          Digit Absorbing
  DA          Digital Access
  DA          Digital Announcer
  DA          Direct Access
  DA          Direct Attribute
  DA          Directory Agent
  DA          Directory Assistance
  DA          Discretionary Assurance
  DA          Distinctive Alerting
  DA          Distributed Access
  DA          Distribution Area
  DA          Doesn't Answer
  DA          Double Armor
  DA          Double Armored
  DA          Draft Addendum
  D-A         Digital to Analog
  DA/CWI      Distinctive Alerting/Call Waiting Indication
  DAA         Data Access Arrangement
  DAA         Data Access Arrangement (Bell)
  DAA         Data/digital Access Arrangement
  DAA         Directory Assistance Automation
  DAAR        Dynamic Automatic Alternative Routing
  DAB         Digital Audio Broadcasting
  DABCE       Deactivation of Automatic Bridging Call Exclusion
  DABE        Deny All But Emergency
  DABG        Distinctive Alerting Call Waiting Business Group
  DABG        Distinctive Alerting for BBG Members
  DABM        Dual Access Buffer Memory
  DABR        Data Address Breakpoint Register
  DAC         Data Access Card
  DAC         Datafield Access Conditions
  DAC         Demand Assignment Circuit establishment
  DAC         Digital to Analog Converter
  DAC         Directory Access Command
  DAC         Discretionary Access Control
  DAC         Dual Attach Station Concentrator
  DACC        Directory Assistance Call Completion
  DACCS       Digital Access Cross-Connect System
  dacd        Dial Carrier Access Code
  DACD        Directory Access Control Domain
  DACE        Data Administration Center Equipment
  DACIA       Dual Asynchronous Communication Interface Adaptor
  DACL        Discretionary Access-Control List
  DACRM       Data Communication Recovery Manager
  DACS        Digital Access and Cross-Connect System (AT&T)
  DACS        Digital Access Crossconnect System
  DACWAC      DARCW Active/Inactive Status
  DACWNL      Distinctive Alerting/Call Waiting Number List
  DAD         Datapac Adviser (Telecom Canada)
  DAD         Demand Assignment circuit Disestablishment
  DAD         Desktop Application Director
  DAD         Destination Address Display
  DAD         Draft Addendum
  DAdC        Divert AdC
  DAdm        Dial Administration
  DADS        Delayed Call Database Administration
  DADS        Directory Assistance Database Service
  DAE         Data Access Evolution
  DAE         Digital Audio Extraction
  DAEDR       Delimitation, Alignment, Error Detection (Receiving)
  DAEDT       Delimitation, Alignment, Error Detection (Transmitting)
  DAF         Destination Address Field
  DAF         Digital Audio File (digital audio tape)
  DAF         Directory Access Function
  DAF         Distributed Applications Framework
  DAF         Distributed Architecture Framework
  DAF         DQDB Access Functions
  DAFT        Distributor Architecture Focus Team
  DAG         Data Address Generator
  DAG         Datenanschaltegerat (Data Connection Unit)
  DAG         Directed Acyclic Graph
  DAHR        Data Address Hold Register
  DAI         Data Abstraction Interface
  DAI         Data Accumulation Interval
  DAI         Deny All International
  DAI         Digital Audio Interface
  DAI         DPMS/Application System Interface
  DA-I        ISDN Distinctive Alerting Indication
  DAIS        Data Access Interface Session
  DAIS        Defense Automatic Integrated Switching System
  DAIS        Direct Access Intercept System
  DAIS        Distributed Application Integration System
  DAL         Dallas
  DAL         Data Access Language
  DAL         Data Access Line
  DAL         Database Administration Language
  DAL         Dedicated Access Line
  DAL         Direct Access Line
  DAL         Direct Access Link
  DAL         Distinctive Alerting
  DALAC       Distinctive Alerting Active/Inactive Status
  DALACC      Distinctive Alerting Access Codes
  DALB        Distinctive Alerting Billing Records
  DALBACC     Sistinctive Alerting Business Group Access Codes
  DALCOD      DAta Line COncentrator/Deconcentrator
  DALLE       Distinctive Alerting List Editing
  DALLEACC    Distinctive Alerting List Editing Access Code
  DALLEBACC   Distinctive Alerting Business Group List Editing Access Code
  DALNL       Distinctive Alerting Number List
  DALNLS      Distinctive Alerting Number List Size
  DALRC       Distinctive Alerting Restricted Control
  DALRCAM     Distinctive Alerting Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
  DALT        Distinctive Alerting Toggle
  DAM         DECT Authentication Module
  DAM         DECT Authentication Module
  DAM         Device Adapter Manager
  DAM         Diagnostic Acceptability Measure
  DAM         Draft Amendment
  DAMA        Demand Assignment Multiple Access
  DAML        Digital Added Main Line
  DAMPS       Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
  D-AMPS      Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
  D-AMPS      Digital AMPS
  DA-MSP      Distributed Access MSP
  DAN         Desk Area Network
  DAN         Destination Address Number
  DANI        Direct Automatic Number Identification
  DAO         Data Access Objects
  DAO         Database Access Object
  DAO         Digits-as-Outpulsed
  DAP         Data Access Protocol
  DAP         Destination Access Point
  DAP         Digital Access Point
  DAP         Directory Access Protocol (X.500, DUA-DSA)
  DAP         Dispatch Application Processor
  DAP         Display Administration Process
  DAP         Distributed Array Processor
  DAPI        Destination Access Point Identifier
  DAPR        Destination Address Pointer Register
  DAPSK       Differential Amplitude Phase-Shift Keying
  DAQ         Define Area Qualification
  DAR         Daily Activity Report
  DAR         Data Address Register
  DAR         Defense Acquisition Regulations
  DAR         Digital Audio Radio
  DAR         Direct- and Alternate-Routed
  DAR         Directional Alternate Routing
  DAR         Dynamic Alternative Routing
  DARC        Data Radio Channel (Japan)
  DARC        Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (D)
  DARCW       Distinctive Alerting/Ringing Call Waiting
  DARE        Data Analysis and Representation Engine
  DARPA       Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (USA)
  DARPA       Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  DARS        Digital Audio Radio Service
  DART        Data Access and Reporting Tool
  DART        Debugger for Remote Target
  DART        Debugging, Analysis, and Run-time Tools
  DART        Direct Audio RouTines
  DART        Dump and Restore Table
  DARTS       Design Approach for Real-Time Systems
  DAS         Data Acquisition System
  DAS         Data Auxiliary Set
  DAS         Decimal Adjust after Subtraction (80x86 inst)
  DAS         Demonstrator Access System
  DAs         Dienstanschluss (Service Terminal)
  DAS         Digit Analysis Selector
  DAS         Digital Alarm Scanner
  DAS         Direct Analogue Synthesis  (signal generator)
  DAS         Directory Assistance Services
  DAS         Directory Assistance Simulator
  DAS         Directory Assistance System
  DAS         Dual Attach Station
  DAS         Dual Attachment Station (FDDI)
  DAS         Dual-Attachment Station
  DAS         Dynamic Allocation Scheme
  DAS/CCI     CCI Directory Assistance System
  DASA        Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
  DASD        Direct Access Storage Device
  DASD        Direct Access Storage Device (SNA)
  DASE        Daily Aggregate Service Events
  DASH        Description of Architecture and Services Harmonisation (ETSI)
  DASH        Direct Access Storage Handler
  DASIM       Directory Assistance Simulator
  DASK        Digital implementation for Amplitude-Shift Keying
  DASK        Display Agents Status Key
  DASK        Display Agents Summary Key
  DASL        Digital Adaptor for Subscriber Line
  DASM        Direct Access Storage Media
  DASP        Drive Active/Slave Present
  DASS        Demand Assignment Signalling and Switching
  DASS        Digital Access Signalling System
  DASS        Direct Access Secondary Storage
  DASS        Distributed Authentication Security Service
  DASS2       Digital Access Signalling System Number 2
  DAT         Data
  DAT         Data File
  DAT         Dedicated Access Trunk
  DAT         Delay Alerting Timer
  DAT         Digital Audio Tape
  DAT         DQDB Access Termination
  DAT         Duplicate Address Test
  DAT         Dynamic Address Translation
  DATAM       Document Architecture Transfer And Manipulation
  DATAS       DMS Accounting and Traffic Analysis System
  DATE        Dedicated Access to X.25 Transport Extension (OSI/SNA)
  DATEL       DAta TELecommunication-DAta TELegraph-DAta TELephone
  DATV        Digital Assistance for TV
  DATV        Digitally Assisted TeleVision
  DAU         Data Arithmetic Unit
  DAV         Data Above Voice
  DAV         Data Above Voice
  DAV         DAta Valid (IEEE-488 Bus Signal)
  DAV         Date of AVailability
  DAVC        Delayed Automatic Volume Control
  DAVIC       Digital Audio-VIsual Council
  DAVID       Data Above Video
  DAVLC       Data Above Voice Line Card
  DB          Data Base
  DB          Data Block
  DB          Database
  DB          Daughter Board
  dB          Decibel(s)
  DB          Device Buffer
  DB          Dummy Burst
  dB(775mV)   deciBel relative to 775 mV
  dB/Rm       deciBel per kilometer
  DB2         Database 2
  DBA         Data Base Administrator/-tion
  DBA         Database Administrator
  dBA         deciBel (Audio, Weighting Curve A)
  dBA         Decibels of acoustical loudness, A-weighted
  DBA         Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  DBAM        Data Base Access Method
  DBAS        Database Administration System
  DBAT        Data BAT
  dBc         dB relative to the carrier power
  DBC         Default Bearer Capability
  DBC         Downbanded Cellular
  DBC         Dummy Bearer Control
  DBC         Dynamic Beam Control (Video Camera Tubes)
  DBCES       Dynamic Bandwidth Circuit Emulation Service
  DBCP        Database Control Point
  DBCS        Database Control System
  DBCS        Double-Byte Character Set
  DBD         Database Desktop
  DBD         Disk Block Descriptor
  DBDL        Data Base Description Language
  DBE         Double-Buffering Extension
  DBEF        Dual Brightness Enhancement Film
  DBF         Digital Beamformer
  DBH         Direct Broadcasting to Home
  DBI         Data Base Index
  dBi         deciBel relative to an isotropic radiator
  DBIC        Data Enhanced Bus Interface Card
  DBIF        Data Buffer Interface
  DBIN        Data Bus In
  DBIR        Directed Beam Infrared
  DBIT        D Bit
  D-bit       Delivery Confirmation bit
  DBK         Dialback
  DBL         Database Language
  DBL         Detailed Billing
  DBL         Double Connection
  DBM         Data Base Manager
  DBM         Database Management
  dbm         dB relative to 1 milliwatt
  dBm         Decibels relative to 1 milliwatt
  DBM         Dial Backup Module
  DBM         Double Balanced Mixer
  dBm0        Decibels relative to 1 milliwatt at the 0 TLP
  dBm0p       deciBel relative to Origin Psophometrically weighted
  DBMC        Database Management Center
  dBmp        deciBel relative to 1 milliwatt psophometrically weighted
  DBMS        Database Management System
  DBN         Dial by Name
  DBNE        Test Not Equal, Decrement, and Branch (680x0 inst)
  DBNN        Delete Bridged Night Number
  DBO         Drop Build-Out
  DBOC        Drop Build-Out Capacitance
  DBOR        Drop Build-Out Resistance
  dBov        dB below overload point
  DBP         Database Processor
  DBP         Deutsche Bundespost
  DBP         Deutsche BundesPoste (D, obsolete)
  DBPM        Differential BiPhase Modulation
  DBPT        Deutsche Bundespost Telekom
  dBr         deciBel, relative level
  DBR         Deterministic Bit Rate
  dBr         Relative Decibels
  dBrN        deciBel with reference to Noise
  dBrnC       Decibels above reference noise level with C-message weighting
  dBrnC0      Decibels above reference noise level with C-message weighting at the 0 TLP
  DBS         Data Base System
  DBS         Data Bridging Service
  DBS         Database Server
  DBS         Direct Broadcast from Satellite
  DBS         Direct Broadcast(ing) by Satellite
  DBS         Direct Broadcast(ing) Satellite
  DBS         Duplex Bus Selector
  DBS-PC      Direct Broadcast Satellite PC
  DBT         Deutsche Bundespost Telekom
  DBTR        Digital Bit Timing Recovery
  dBu         Decibels relative to 1 microwatt
  DBU         Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization
  dBV         deciBel relative to one Volt ( 0 dBV = 1 V )
  DB-VSB      Dual-Binary Vestigial Sideband
  dBW         deciBel relative to one Watt ( 0 dBW = 1 W )
  DBX         Digital Branch eXchange (PBX)
  DC          Data Cartridge
  DC          Data Center
  DC          Data Cncentrator
  DC          Data Communication
  DC          Data Communications (periodical)
  DC          Data Conversion
  DC          DDOC Completed
  DC          Define Constant
  DC          Delayed Call
  DC          Design Close
  DC          Design Complete
  DC          Destination Category
  DC          Destination Class
  DC          Device Context
  DC          Device Control
  DC          Device Controller
  DC          Device Coordinates
  DC          Diagnostic Controller
  DC          Digit Collection
  DC          Direct Call
  DC          Direct Current
  DC          Directional Coupler
  DC          Disconnect Confirm
  DC          Disk Change
  DC          Display Controller
  DC          Distribution Center
  DC          DRU Component
  DC          Dry Circuit
  DC          Physical D-Channel
  DC          U.S. postal code for District of Columbia
  DC1         Device Control 1
  DC2         Device Control 2
  DC3         Device Control 3
  DC4         Device Control 4
  DC-600      Data Cartridge 600
  DCA         Austrian DCM
  DCA         Defence Communication Agency (DoD)
  DCA         Design Change Authorization
  DCA         Destination Connection Agent
  DCA         Digit Collection Allocate
  DCA         Digital Communications Architecture
  DCA         Digital Communications Associates
  DCA         Direct Customer Access
  DCA         Distributed Communications Architecture (Univac)
  DCA         Distributed Computing Architecture
  DCA         Document Communications Architecture (SNA. TOP)
  DCA         Document Content Architecture (LU6.2/DISOSS/TOP)
  DCA         Dynamic Channel Allocation
  DCA         Dynamic Channel Assignment
  DCA         Dynamic Context Addressing
  DCAF        Distributed Console Access Facility
  DCAP        Data Communications Application
  DCAP        Display Capability
  DCB         Data Cache Block
  DCB         Data Control Block
  DCB         D-Channel Backup
  DCB         Device Control Block
  DCB         Digital Channel Bank
  DCBI        Directed Call Pick-Up with Barge-In
  DCBX        Directed Call Pick-Up Barge-In Exempt
  DCC         Data Carrier Detect (Modem Signal)
  DCC         Data Communications Channel
  DCC         Data Communications Circuit
  DCC         Data Country Code (OSI-NL)
  DCC         D-Channel Controller
  DCC         Destination Code Cancel
  DCC         Device Cluster Controller  (Networks)
  DCC         Device Color Characterization
  DCC         Differential Chain Code
  DCC         Digit Collection
  DCC         Digital Color Code
  DCC         Digital Compact Cassette
  DCC         Digital Control Channel
  DCC         Digital Country Code
  DCC         Digital Cross-Connect
  DCC         Digroup Control Card
  DCC         Digroup Controller Card
  DCC         Direct Cable Connection
  DCC         Distributed Call Center
  DCC         Flexible Calling Deactivate Conference Facility
  DCCA        Distributed Control Channel Allocation
  DCCC        Double Current Cable Code
  DCCE        Digital Cellular Common Equipment
  DCCH        Dedicated Control CHannel
  DCCH        Digital Control Channel
  DCCS        Distributed Capability Computing System
  DCCT        Direct Current-Current Transformer
  DCD         Data Carrier Detect  (signal)
  DCD         Design Change Document
  DCD         Dialed Category Digit
  DCDN        Direct Call Directory Number
  DCE         Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
  DCE         Data Communications Equipment
  DCE         Design Cost Estimation
  DCE         Digit Collection Error
  DCE         Digital Carrier Equipment
  DCE         Dispatcher Control Entry
  DCE         Distributed Computing Environment (OSF)
  DCE         Drum Cable Engine
  DCF         Data Communication Function
  DCF         Data Conversion Facility
  DCF         Data Count Field
  DCF         DC Fuse Panel
  DCF         Denied Call Forward
  DCF         Denied Call Forwarding
  DCF         Disengage Confirm
  DCF         Disengage Confirmation
  DCF         Dispersion-Compensating Fiber
  DCF         Distributed Coordination Function
  DCF         Document Composition Facility
  DCG         Dispersion Compensating Grating
  DCH         D-Channel Handler
  DCH         Delete Character(s)
  DCHI        D-Channel Handler Interface
  DCHL        D Channel
  DCI         Data Communication Interface
  DCI         Delivery of Complementary Information
  DCI         Digit Collection Instruction
  DCI         Digital Carrier Interface
  DCI         Display Control Interface
  DCI         Dynamic Control Interface
  DCIC        Disallowed Card Issuer Code
  DCIL        Design Compatible Issue Lineup
  DCIS        Direct Common-Channel Interoffice Signaling
  DCIU        Data Channel Interface Unit
  DCIU        Data Communication Interface Unit
  DCK         A Derived Cipher Key
  DCK         Derived Cipher Key
  DCL         Declaration
  DCL         Delayed Call Limit
  DCL         Digital Command Language
  DCLCAD      Direct Call Logical Channels Assigned to D-Channel
  DCLCANUPB   Direct Call Logical Channels On Nailed-Up B-Channels
  DCLCAODB    Direct Call Logical Channels On On-Demand B-Channels
  DCLID       Dialable Calling Line Identification
  DCLU        Digital Carrier Line Unit
  DCM         Data Collection Management
  DCM         Dial-Code Management
  DCM         Digital Carrier Module
  DCM         Digital Controller Module
  DCM         Dispersion Compensation Module
  DCM         Dynamic Connection Management
  DCM-B       Digital Carrier Module-Basic
  DCMD        Data MMU/Cache Command Register
  DCME        Data Circuit Multiplication Equipment
  DCME        Digital Circuit Multiplexing Equipment
  DCME        Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment
  DCMG        DCME Gain
  DCMPAC      Digital Carrier Module Pretest and Cutover
  DCMPMC      D-Channel Message Performance Monitoring and Control
  DCM-R       Digital Carrier Module-Remote
  DCMS        Digital Circuit Multiplication System
  DCN         Data Communication(s) Network
  DCN         Design Change Notification
  DCN         DisCoNnect
  DCND        DTMP Calling Number Delivery
  DCO         Data Central Office
  DCO         Demand Continuity Outgoing
  DCO         Dial Central Office
  DCO         Digital Central Office
  DCO-EPN     Data Central Office-End Point Number
  DCOFF       Designated Control Office
  DCOM        Distributed Component Object Model
  DCOMIS      Dial Central Office Management Information System
  DCOP        Digit Collection and Outpulsing
  DCOSW       Electronic Switching: Digital Central Office Systems of the  World; Amos E. Joel Jr.; IEEE Press, 1982
  DCOT        Digit Collection and Outpulsing Team
  DCOT        Digital Central Office Terminal
  DCP         Data Communications Processor
  DCP         D-Channel Processor
  DCP         Device Control Protocol
  DCP         Digital Communications Protocol
  DCP         Direct Connect Partner
  DCP         Directed Call Pickup
  DCP         Distributed Collaborative Planning
  DCP         Drop and Continue on Protection
  DCPA        Distributed Call Processing Architecture
  DCPBH       Double Channel Planar Buried Heterostructure (laser diode)
  DCPK        Directed Call Park
  DCPL        DCT Programming Language
  DCPN        Domestic Customer Premises Network
  DCPSK       Differential Coherent Phase Shift Keying
  DCPT        Data Communication Between Different Protocol Terminals
  DCPU        Directed Call Pickup
  DCPU        Directed Call Pick-Up Non-Barge-In
  DCPU/BI     Directed Call Pick-Up with Barge-In
  DCPX        Directed Call Pickup Exempt
  DCR         Data Conversion Receiver
  DCR         DC Voltage On Ring
  DCR         Degradation Category Rating
  DCR         Design-Change Recommendation
  DCR         Destination Call Routing
  DCR         Destination Control Request signal
  DCR         Digit Collection Resource
  DCR         Directory Charge Recording
  DCR         Dummy Call Reference
  DCR         Dynamic Conformance Requirement
  DCR         Dynamic Context Reference
  DCR         Dynamically Controlled Routing
  DCS         Data Collection System
  DCS         Data Communication Subsystem
  DCS         Data Communications Synchronization
  DCS         Defense Communications System
  DCS         Defined Context Set
  DCS         Defined Context Set (OSI-PL)
  DCS         Desktop Color Separation
  DCS         Device Control String
  DCS         Digital Cellular Switch
  DCS         Digital Cellular System
  DCS         Digital Channel System
  DCS         Digital Clock Source
  DCS         Digital Command Signal
  DCS         Digital Communications System
  DCS         Digital Control System
  DCS         Digital Crossconnect System
  DCS         Digitally Coded Squelch
  DCS         Distributed Communication System
  DCS         Distributed Control System
  DCS         Document Control Standard
  DCS         Dynamic Channel Selection
  DCS         Dynamic Configuration Select
  DCS 1800    Digital Cellular System working at 1800 MHz
  DCS1800     Digital Communications System- 1800 MHz
  DCS1900     Digital Communications System- 1900 MHz
  DCSC        Data Customer Support Center
  DCSM        Digital Cell Site Monitor
  DCT         Data Call Tester
  DCT         Data Capture Tool
  DCT         DC Voltage On Tip
  DCT         Digit Collection Apply Tone
  DCT         Digital Call Tester
  DCT         Digital Carrier Trunk
  DCT         Digital Communications Test System
  DCT         Digital Cordless Telephone
  DCT         Digital Cross-Connect Trunk
  DCT         Discrete Cosine Transform (compression alg./CCITT)
  DCT         Dispatcher Control Table
  DCT         Display Compression Technology
  DCTB        Disconnected, Call Being Taken By
  DCTL        Data MMU/Cache Control Register
  DCTL        Direct Coupled Transistor Logic
  DCTL        Direct-Coupled Transistor Logic
  DCTN        Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
  DCTS        Destination Code Traffic Summary
  DCTS        Digital Cellular Time Switch
  DCT-S       Digital Communications Test System-SPARCstation
  DCTU        Directly Connected Test Unit
  DCU         Data Control Unit
  DCU         Data-Cache Unit
  DCU         Digit Collection Utility
  DCU         Dispersion Compaction Unit
  DCU         Drum Control Unit
  DCUG        DMS Centrex Users Group
  DCW         Data Code Word
  DCW         Detailed Call Walkthrough
  DCW         Detailed Call Walkthru
  DCW         Dial Call Waiting
  DCW         Display Call Waiting
  DCW         Drop and Continue on Working
  DD          Data Definition
  DD          Data Descriptor
  DD          Data Dictionary
  DD          Data Distributor
  DD          DDOC Section: Design Description
  DD          Deferred Delivery
  DD          Definition List Description (HTML tag)
  DD          Delay Dial
  DD          Detailed Design
  DD          Diagnostic Driver
  dd          Didot
  DD          Digital Data
  DD          Digital Design (periodical)
  DD          Digital Display
  DD          Direct Dial
  DD          Direct Dialed
  DD          Direct Dialing
  DD          Discriminating Digit
  DD          Double Density
  Dd          Double density
  DD          Double Dispatching
  DD          ISO country code for German Democratic Republic (obsolete)
  DDA         Defined Display Area
  DDA         Digital Differential Analyzer
  DDA         Digital Directory Assistance
  DDA         Domain-Defined Attribute
  DDA         DSP Design Association
  DDB         Device-Dependent Bitmap
  DDB         Display Data Block
  DDB         Distributed Data Base
  DDB         Distributed Database
  DDBI        DD/Billing-System Interface
  DDBM(S)     Distributed Data Base Management (System)
  DDC         Decimating Down Converter
  DDC         Digital Data Channel
  DDC         Digital Data Connectivity
  DDC         Digital Downconversion
  DDC         Direct Digital Control
  DDC         Disk Drive Controller
  DDC         Display Data Channel
  DDC         Distributed Database Coordinator
  DDC1        Display Data Channel 1
  DDC2B       Display Data Channel 2B
  DDCA        Dynamic Distributed Channel Assignment
  DDCE        Digital Data Conversion Equipment
  DDCF        Distributed Document Component Facility
  DDCMP       Digital Data Communication Message Protocol (DEC)
  DDCMP       Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
  DDCS        Distributed Database Connection Services
  DDD         Data Display Debugger
  DDD         Digital Diagnostic Disk
  DDD         Direct Distance Dialling
  DDD         Double-Diffused Drain (FET structure)
  DDE         Direct Data Entry
  DDE         Distributed Debugging Environment
  DDE         Dynamic Data Exchange
  DDEML       Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library
  DDES        Direct Data Exchange System
  DDF         Data Deviation File
  DDF         Data Distribution Framework
  DDF         Digital Distribution Frame
  DDF         MDII: No Start Dial- Delay Dial, Steady Off-Hook
  DDFA        DTC Device File Access
  DDGL        Device Dependent Graphic Layer (TOP)
  DDI         Data Server/DPMS Interface
  DDI         Device Driver Interface
  DDI         Direct Dial In
  DDI         Direct Dialling In (supplementary service)
  DDI         Direct Digital Interface
  DDIE        Direct Digital Interface Equipment
  DDIS        Data Distributor
  DDJ         Dr. Dobb's Journal (periodical)
  DDJST       Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software Tools (periodical)
  DDK         Device Driver Kit
  DDK         Driver Development Kit
  DDL         Data Definition Language
  DDL         Data Description Language
  DDL         Derived Data Link
  DDL         Digital Data Link
  DDL         Digital-system Design Language
  DDL         Drive and Directory List
  DDLC        Digital Data Line Card
  DDLC        Double-Density Linecard
  DDLC        Dual Data Link Controller
  DDM         Data Distribution Manager
  DDM         Data Distribution Model
  DDM         Digital Data Multiplexer
  DDM         Direction Division Multiplexing
  DDM         Directional-Division Multiplexing
  DDM         Distributed Data Management
  DDM         Distributed Data Management architecture
  DDM         Distributed Data Manager
  DDM         Distributed Data Model
  DDMA        Distributed DMA
  DDMA        Dual Direct Memory Access
  DDME        Design Delivery Management Environment
  DDMS        DMS Data Management System
  DDN         Data Directory Number
  DDN         Data-Driven Network
  DDN         Defense Data Network (DoD)
  DDN         Destination Directory Number
  DDN         Dialable Directory Number
  DDN         Dialable Number Delivery
  DDNA        Destination DNA
  DDNS        Dynamic Domain Naming Services
  DDO         Denial Decision Object
  DDO         Direct Dial Overseas
  DDO         Dynamic Data Object
  DDOC        Design Document
  DDOV        Digital Data Over Voice
  DDP         Data Delivery Protocol
  DDP         Datagram Delivery Protocol
  DDP         Digital Data Processor
  DDP         Distributed Data Processing
  DDR         Digital Data Receiver
  DDR         Digital Distribution Rack
  DDR         Double Data Rate
  DDS         Dataphone Digital Service (ISDN)
  DDS         Digital Data Service
  DDS         Digital Data Storage
  DDS         Digital Data System
  DDS         Digital Display Scope
  DDS         Direct Digital Synthesis (signal generator)
  DDS         DMS Debug System
  DDS         DMS Debugging System
  DDS-3       Digital Data Storage-3
  DDSBS       Duplex Dual-Serial Bus Selector
  DDSN        Digital Derived Services Network
  DDT         Default Distribution Tree
  DDT         Delayed Dialing Tone
  DDT         Detailed Design Team
  DDT         Digital Data Transmitter
  DDT         Dynamic Debugging Tool
  DDU         Dialogue Data Unit
  DDU         Digital Data Unit
  DDU         Disk Drive Unit
  DDU         Diskette Drive Unit
  DDV         Dialog Data Validation
  DDX         Dialog Data Exchange
  DDX         Digital Data Exchange
  DDX-C       Digital Data Exchange Circuit-switched
  DDX-P       Digital Data Exchange Packet-switched
  DE          Data Element
  DE          Data Element (FTAM)
  DE          Data Entry
  DE          Data-Execution
  DE          Decision Element
  DE          Design Estimate
  DE          Designated Entity
  DE          Destination Exchange
  DE          Development Estimate
  DE          Discard Eligibility
  DE          Discard Eligible
  DE          Display Element
  DE          Display Enable
  DE          Display Equipment
  DE          Domestic Environment
  DE          Draft  European telecommunication standard (ETSI)
  de          Internet country code for Germany
  DE          ISO country code for Germany
  DE          U.S. postal code for Delaware
  DEA         Data Encryption Algorithm
  DEA         Data Encryption Algorithm (DoD)
  DEA         Deactivation
  DEA         Delete Authcode
  DEAF        Default Error Action Flag
  DEB         Demand-Established B-Channel
  DEC         Decimal
  DEC         DEClination
  DEC         DECrement
  DEC         Decrementer Register
  DEC         Digital Equipment Corporation (now Digital)
  DEC         Digital Exchange Controller
  DECCO       Defense Commercial Communications Office
  DECNET      Digital Equipment Corporation Network
  DECPSK      Differentially Encoded Coherent Phase Shift Keying
  DECT        Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
  DECT        Digital European Cordless Telecommunications
  DECT        Digital European Cordless Telephone
  DECUS       Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
  DED         Distant End Disconnect
  DEE         Data Encryption Equipment
  DEE         Datenendeinrichtung (Data Terminal Equipment)
  DEF         Definition
  DEF         Destination Element Field
  DEF         Module Definition File
  DEFOML      Default Overload Messaging Limit
  DEG         Datenendgerat (Data Terminal)
  deg         Degrees
  DEK         Dansk Elektroteknisk Komite (DEN)
  DEK         Data-Encrypting Key
  DEKITZ      Deutsche Ko-ordinierung fur IT-Normen konformitatsprufung  und Zertifizierung
  DEL         Decode Encode Language
  DEL         Delete
  DEL         Delete line from hunt group
  DEL         Deloaded
  DEL         Direct Exchange Line
  DELCF       Delete Casual Feature
  DELPH       Delete Packet Handler Options
  DELTA       Development of European Learning through Technological Advance
  DEM         Digital Elevation Model
  DEMKO       Denmarks Elektriske MaterielKOntrol (DK)
  DEMO        Demonstration
  DEMOD       DEMODulator
  DEMS        Digital Electronic Messaging Service
  DEMUX       Demultiplexer
  DEMUX       DEMUltipleXer
  DEN         Directory Enabled Networks
  DEO         Delete Option(s)
  DEO         Delete Order
  DEO         Digital End Office
  DEPIC       Dual Expanded Plastic Insulated Conductor
  DEQPSK      Differentially-Encoded Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  DER         Data Exception Report
  DER         Distinguished Encoding Rules
  DES         Data Encryption Standard (IBM)
  DES         Destination End Station
  DES         Destination End System
  DES         Diagnostic Error Signaling
  des         Diagnostic Error Signaling
  DES         Digital Echo Suppressor
  DES         Digital Encryption Standard
  DES         Discrete Event Simulation
  DES         Distributed End System
  DESA        Dual Emergency Stand-Alone
  DESC        Defense Electronic Supply Center
  DESC        Defense Electronic Supply Center (United States Military)
  DESC        Descriptor
  DESC        Design Environment Steering Committee
  DESC        Development Environment Standards Committee
  DESC        Development Environment Steering Committee
  DESCBC      DES Chain Block Coding
  DESE        DES Encryption Protocol
  DESECB      DES Electronic Code Book
  DESEP       Destination Separations Class
  DESS        Data Engineering Support System
  DEST        Destination
  DET         Design Effectiveness Tools
  DET         Detach
  DET         DETach
  DET         DETector
  DEV         Deviation
  DEV         Device
  DEVCO       ISO council DEVelopment COmmittee
  DEW         Distant Early Warning system (US/Canada Military Radar System)
  DF          Data Fanout
  DF          Data Field
  DF          Design File
  DF          Design Finished
  DF          Diagnostic Fault
  DF          Digital Filter
  DF          Direction Finding
  DF          Direction Flag
  DF          Distributing Frame
  DF          Distribution Function
  DF          Don't Fragment flag
  DFA         Dedicated File Area (Multijob)
  DFA         Deterministic Finite Automaton
  DFA         DXI Frame Address
  DFAD        Dual Facility Access Digroup
  DFARS       Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations
  DFB         Distributed Feedback
  DFB         Distributed FeedBack (laser diode)
  DFC         Data Flow Control
  DFC         Design for Characterization
  DFC         Destination Function Code
  DFC         Disk File Controller
  DFD         Data Flow Diagram
  DFD         Displaced Frame Difference
  DFE         Decision Feedback Equalization
  DFE         Decision Feedback Equalizer
  DFE         Design for Environment
  DFE         Direct Forward Equalizer
  DFF         Data Flow Function
  DFG         Data Flow Graph
  DFG         Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
  DFG         Difference Frequency Generation
  DFI         Design For Installability
  DFI         Digital Facility Interface
  DFI         Digital Fiber Interface
  DFI         Direct Fiber Interface
  DFI         Domain-Specific Format Identifier
  DFI         Domain-Specific Part Format Identifier
  DFIL        Data Fill
  DFIR        Diffused Infrared
  DFK         Definable Function Key
  DFLT        Default
  DFLTSC      Default Source
  DFM         Design for Manufacturability
  DFM         Digital Frequency Modulation
  DFMS        Digital Facility Management System
  DFN         Defining Instance (HTML tag)
  DFP         Digital Filter Processor
  DFP         Digital Flat Panel
  DFP         Distributed Functional Plane
  DFR         Default Rate
  DFR         Document Filing and Retreival (OSI-AL)
  DFS         Depth-First Search
  DFS         Distributed File Service
  DFS         Distributed File System
  DFSA        Deterministic Finite State Automata
  DFSE        Decision Feedback Sequence Estimator
  DFSG        Direct Formed Supergroup
  DFSK        Double Frequency Shift Keying
  DFSM        Deterministic Finite State Machine
  DFSM        Dispersion Flattened Single Mode
  DFT         Demand Flow Technology
  DFT         Design for Test
  DFT         Design for Testability
  DFT         Diagnostic Function Test
  DFT         Digital Facility Terminal
  DFT         Discrete Fourier Transform
  DFT         Discrete Fourier Transformation
  DFT         Display Focus Team
  DFT         Distributed Function Terminal
  DFT         Distributed Functional Terminal
  DFT         Distribution Functional Terminal (IBM)
  DFT         DPNSS Feature Transparency
  DFT         DraFT
  DFTI        DMOPRO File Transfer Interface
  DFU         Data File Utility
  DFU         Digital Facilities Unit
  DFWMAC      Distributed Foundation Wireless Media Access Control
  DG          Data General
  DG          Datagram
  DG          Differential Gain
  DG          Directorate General (CEC)
  DGA         Device Group Actor
  DGCEL       Digital Cellular
  DGCRA       Dynamic GCRA
  DGIII       Directorate General III (of the CEC)
  DGN         Diagnostic
  DGNA        Dynamic Group Number Assignment (TETRA)
  DGND        Digital GrouND
  DGP         Digipulse
  DGP         Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
  dGPS        differential GPS
  DGPT        General Department of Post and Telecommunications
  DGR         Digroup
  DGT         Digital Graphic Terminal
  DGT         Digitone
  DGT         Direccion General de Telecomunicaciones (E)
  DGT         Directorate General of Telecommunications
  DG-UX       Data General Unix
  DGXIII      Directorate General XIII (of the CEC)
  DH          Data Register High Half
  DH          Diffie-Hellman
  DH          Directed Handoff
  DH          Double Heterostructure
  D-H         Diffie-Hellman
  DHA         Dialogue Handling
  DHA         Direct Hardware Access
  DHC         Dynamic Host Configuration
  DHCF        Distributed Host Command Facility (NetView)
  DHCP        Domain Host Control Protocol
  DHCP        Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  DHI         Dual Host Interface
  DHN         Digital Home Network
  DHR         Dynamic Hierarchical Routing
  DHT         Define Huffman Table
  DHT         Diversity Handover Trunk
  DHTML       Dynamic HTML
  dHTML       Dynamic HTML
  DHUG        Dynamic High Usage Group
  DI          Data In
  DI          Data Interface
  Di          Data Inverted
  DI          Deactivate Indication
  DI          Decrementer Interrupt
  DI          Design Inspection
  DI          Design Interpretive
  DI          Destination Index
  DI          Dielectric Insulation
  DI          Dielectric Isolation
  DI          Direct Index
  DI          Disable Interrupt
  DI          Document Index
  DI          Draft Interface
  DI          Draft Interfaces Available
  DI          Draft Interim European Telecommunication Standard (ETSI)
  DIA         Document Interchange Architecture (IBM)
  DIA         Document Interchange Format (IBM-LU6.2)
  DIA         DSP Interface ASIC
  DIAC        DIode-Alternating-Current-switch
  DIAG        DIAGnostic element
  DIAG        Diagnostic Output System
  DIAG        Diagnostics
  DIAGN       Diagnostics
  DiagPl      Diagnoseplatz (Diagnosis Station)
  DIALAN      DMS Integrated Access Local Area Network
  DIANE       Direct Information Access Network for Europe
  DIB         Device-Independent Bitmap
  DIB         Directory Information Base (X.5OO)
  DIB         Dual Independent Bus
  DIBL        Drain-Induced Barrier Lowering
  DIBOL       DEC Business Oriented Language
  DIC         Delay Interval Compensation
  DIC         Digital Concentrator
  DIC         Direct InterLATA Connecting
  DICAN       Digital Customer Access Network
  DICE        Digital Circuit Emulation
  DICP        Digital Integrated Cellular Peripheral
  DICT        Direct InterLATA Connecting Trunk
  DID         Data Identifier
  DID         Data Item Description
  DID         Design Intent Document
  DID         Digital Information Display
  DID         Direct Inward Dial
  DID         Direct Inward Dialing
  DID         Directory Identifier
  DIDD        Deny International Direct Dial
  DIDDNR      DID Directory Numbers Range
  DIDRTI      DID Route Index
  DIDTC       D-Channel Incoming Default Throughput Class
  DIEL        Advisory Committee on Telecommunications for Disabled and Elderly People (UK)
  DIF         Data Interchange Format
  DIF         Differential Backup Catalog File
  DIF         Digital Interface
  DIF         Digital Interface Format
  DIF         Digital Interface Frame
  DI-FET      Dielectric Isolation Field Effect Transistor
  DIFS        Distributed Coordination Function Interframe Space
  DIG         Digit Collection
  DIG         Digits
  dig         Domain Information Groper
  DIG3610     3/6/10 Digit Trigger
  DIG4        Digital 4-Wire Trunk
  DIGCOL      Digit Collection
  DIGL        Device Independent Graphics Layer (TOP)
  DIGS        Device Independent Graphics Service (TOP)
  DII         Dynamic Invocation Interface
  DIL         Device I/O Library
  DIL         Dual-in-Line
  DIM         Desktop Information Manager
  DIM         DIMension
  DIMA        Direct Inward Mobile Access
  DIMM        Dual In-Line Memory Module
  DIMPS       D-Channel Incoming Maximum Packet Size
  DIN         Denied Incoming
  DIN         Deutsche Industrie-Norm/Deutches Institut fuer Normung
  DIN         Deutsche Industry Norm (German Industry Standard)
  DIN         Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.
  DINA        Direct Inward Network Access
  DINA        Distributed Information-Processing Network Architecture
  DINE        Denied Incoming Exempt
  DIO         Data In/Out (IEEE-488 Bus Signal)
  DIO         Device Input/Output
  DIO         Direct Input/Output
  DIO         Discrete Input/Output
  DIOB        Data Input/Output Buffer Register
  DIOCES      Distributed Interoperable and Operable Computing Environments and Systems
  DIOSS       Distributed Office Support System
  DIP         Data Interchange Protocol
  DIP         Data Interface Process
  DIP         Document Image Processing
  DIP         Dual In-Line Package
  DIP         Dual In-line Package
  DIR         Direction
  DIR         Directory
  DIR         Directory List (HTML tag)
  DIRM        Directory Maintenance
  DIRP        Device Independent Recording Package
  DIRT        Design Inspection Reporting Tool
  DIS         Development Information System
  DIS         Digital Identification Signal
  DIS         Digital Interface System
  DIS         Disconnect
  DIS         Distributed Interactive Simulation
  DIS         Draft International Standard
  DIS         Driver Information System
  DIS         Dynamic Impedance Stabilization
  DIS         The Disney Channel
  DISA        Defense Information Systems Agency
  DISA        Direct Inward System Access
  DISC        Device for Integrated Surveillance and Control
  DISC        Digital International Switching Center
  DISC        Disconnect
  DISC        Disconnect message
  DISCD       Disconnected
  DISCTO      Disconnect Timeout
  DISD        Discrimination Digit
  DISH        Data Interchange in Shipping
  DISOSS      Distributed Office Support System
  DISOSS      DIStributed Office Support System (DCA/IBM)
  DISP        Directory Information Shadowing Protocol
  DISP        Display
  DISP        DISPlay Information Element
  DISPH       Displayphone
  DISPID      Display Identification
  DISTRING    Distinctive Ringing
  DISTXT      Display Text
  DISU        Digital International Switching Unit
  DIT         Depth of Inheritance Tree
  DIT         Digital Input (editing) Terminal
  DIT         Directory Information Tree
  DITEC       DIgital Television EnCoding
  DIU         Data Interface Unit
  DIU         Deutsche ISDN Unit
  DIU         Digital Interface Unit
  DIU         Digital Interworking Unit
  DIU         Document Interchange Unit (IBM-LU6.2)
  DIV         Data-In-Voice
  DIV         Digital Interactive Video
  DIV         Digitale Vermittlungsstelle (Digital Switching Exchange)
  DIV         Digitale Vermittlungstechnik (Digital Switching Technology) (Digital Exchange)
  DIV         Digitales Vermittlungssystem (Digital Switching System)
  DIV         DIVision
  DIVA        Data Inquiry-Voice Answer
  DIVA        Digital Input-Voice Answerback
  DIVA        Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fuer den Auslandsferndienst (International Digital Exchange)
  DIVA        Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fur den internationalen Ferndiens (International Digital Exchange)
  DIVF        Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fuer den Ferndienst (Digital Switching Technology for Long Distance)
  DIVF        Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fur den nationalen Ferndienst (Tandem Digital Exchange)
  Divine      Digital Video Narrowband Emission
  DIVO        Digitale Ortsvermittlungsstelle (Local Digital Exchange)
  DIVO        Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fur den Ortsdienst (Local Digital Exchange)
  DIVO        Local Digital Switch
  DIVOdg      Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fur den Ortsdurchgang (Local Tandem Exchange)
  DIVOT       DIgital to VOice Translator
  Divx        Digital Video Express
  DIX         D-Channel Index
  DIX         DEC- Intel- Xerox Corp.
  DIX         DEC/Intel/Xerox
  DJ          Double-Jump
  DJ          ISO country code for Republic of Djibouti
  DJN/R       Dow Jones News/Retrieval
  DK          Datakit
  DK          ISO country code for Kingdom of Denmark
  DKE         Deutsche Elektrotechnische Kommission im DIN und VDE (D)
  DKI         Driver-Kernel Interface
  DKM         DV-Strom Kontroll-Modul
  DKO         Delete Key Option
  DKS         Digital Key System
  DL          Data Link (layer)
  DL          Data Link Layer Service
  DL          Data Register Low Half
  DL          Decode Level
  DL          Definition List (HTML tag)
  DL          Delete Line
  DL          Dial Level
  DL          Digital Line
  DL          Digital Link
  DL          Discrete Listening (TETRA)
  DL          Distance Learning
  DL          Distribution List
  DL          Download
  DL          Network Layer (Layer 3)-Data Link Layer (Layer 2) Interface
  DL-         communication between layer 3 and Data Link layer
  DL/I        Data Language No.1
  DLA         Data Looparound
  DLA         Delayed Acknowledgement
  DLA         Digital Line Extender
  DLANN       Delay Announcement
  DLANN2      Delay Announcement 2
  DLANN3      Delay Announcement 3
  DLANN4      Delay Announcement 4
  DLBB        Data Layer Building Block
  DLC         Data Line Card
  DLC         Data Link Connection
  DLC         Data Link Connections
  DLC         Data Link Control
  DLC         Data Link Control protocol (ANSI)
  DLC         Data Link Controller
  DLC         Datapath Line Card
  DLC         Digital Channel
  DLC         Digital Line Card
  DLC         Digital Link Control
  DLC         Digital Loop Carrier
  DLC         Dynamic Load Control
  DLC         Signaling-Data-Link-Connection-Order Signal
  DLCB        Data Link Control Block
  DLCC        Data Link Control Chip
  DLCEI       Data Link Connection Endpoint Identifier
  DLCF        Data Link Control Field
  DLCI        Data Link Connection Identifier (ISDN/LAPD)
  DLCI        Digital Loop Carrier Interface
  DLCL        Data Line CLock (Video VPS)
  DLCMI       Direct Link Connection Management Interface
  DLD         Data Link Discriminator
  DLD         Display List Driver
  dld         Dynamic Loader
  DLE         Data Latch Enable
  DLE         Data Link Entity
  DLE         Data Link Escape (Character)
  DLE         Data Link Event
  DLE         Digital Local Exchange
  DLE         Digital Loop Electronics
  DLE         Direct Line Equipment
  DLE         Dynamic Lightpath Establishment
  DLEI        Data Link Endpoint Identifier
  DLG         Dialog
  DLG         Dialog File
  DLH         Data Link Handler
  DLH         Distributed Line Hunt(ing)
  DLI         Data Link Identifier
  DLI         Data Link Interface
  DLI         Digital Line Interface
  DLI         Dual Link Interface
  DLL         Data Link Layer
  DLL         Data Link Layer (OSI)
  DLL         Delay-Locked Loop
  DLL         Dial Long Line
  DLL         Digital Local Line
  DLL         Dynamic Link Library
  DLL         Dynamically-Linked Library
  DLLCC       DLL & C Connect
  DLM         Data Line Module
  DLM         Data Link Connection Order Message
  DLM         Data Link Manager
  DLM         Data Link Module
  DLM         Digital Line Module
  DLM         Signaling-Data-Link-Connection-Order Message
  DLMAP       Data Link Map
  DLMKS       Data Line Module Key Set
  DLO         Data Line Occupied
  DLOG        Disk Logs
  DLP         Data Line Protector
  DLP         Data Link Processor
  DLP         Decode Level Point
  DLP         Dienstleistungsprozesse
  DLP         Digital Light Processing
  DLP         Digital Light Processor
  DLPI        Data Link Provider Interface
  DLR         Design Layout Record
  DLR         Design Layout Report
  DLR         Digital Locate Receiver
  DLRR        Digital Loop Replacement Radio
  DLS         Data Link Service
  DLS         Data Load Segment
  DLS         Digital Line System
  DLS         Distance Learning Service
  DLS         Downloadable Sample
  DLSAP       Data Link Service Access Point
  DLSC        Digital Local Switching Center
  DLSDU       Data Link Service Data Unit
  DLSE        Dial Line Service Evaluation
  DLSO        Dial Line Service Observing
  DLSw        Data Link Switching
  DLT         Data Linkage Table
  DLT         Delete
  DLT         Digital Line Termination
  DLT         Digital Linear Tape
  DLT         Digital Loop Transceiver (ISDN)
  DLTS        Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy
  DLTS        Direct Line Telephone System
  DLTU        Digital Line and Trunk Unit
  DLTU        Digital Line Trunk Unit
  DLU         Dialog Unit
  DLUR        Dependent Logical Unit Requester
  DLUS        Dependent Logical Unit Server
  DLVBLTYP    Delivery Features Billing Records Type
  DLVFEAT     ISDN Delivery Features Toggle
  DLVFEATACC  ISDN Delivery Features Business Group Access Codes
  DLVFEATRC   ISDN Delivery Features Restricted Control
  DLVFEATRCAM ISDN Delivery Features Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
  DLYOP       Delayed Outpulsing
"  Dm          Control Channel (ISDN terminology applied to mobile service)
  DM          Data Manager
  DM          Data Mark
  DM          Data Memory
  DM          Data Mode
  DM          Data Modem
  DM          Data Modification
  DM          Data Multiplexer
  Dm          Data-Mobile Channel
  DM          Degraded Minute(s)
  DM          Delta Modulation
  DM          Derived MAC sublayer
  DM          Design Manager
  DM          Desirability Measure
  DM          Desktop Management
  DM          Deutsche Mark
  DM          Device Management
  DM          Device Manager
  DM          Diagnostic Manager
  DM          Diagnostic Monitor
  DM          Dienstmerkmal (Service Feature)
  DM          Differential Mode
  DM          Digital Milliwatt
  DM          Digital Modem
  DM          Direct Mode (TETRA)
  DM          Disconnect Mode (HDLC, LAPB)
  DM          Disconnected Mode
  DM          Distribution Manager
  DM          Distribution Manager (NetView-IBM)
  DM          Domain Model
  DM          ISO country code for Commonwealth of Dominica
  DMA         Deferred Maintenance Alarm
  DMA         Direct Memory Access
  DMA0        Data Memory Address Register 0
  DMA1        Data Memory Address Register 1
  DMA2        Data Memory Address Register 2
  DMAC        Direct Memory Access Controller
  DMAI        Direct Memory Access Interface
  D-MAP       D-field MAP
  DMB         D-Channel Maintenance Busy
  DMB         Disconnect and Make Busy
  DMC         DMS Maintenance Controller
  DMC         Dual Modem Card
  DMC         Dynamic Memory Controller
  DMCL        Device Media Control Language
  DMCT        Denied Malicious Call Termination
  DMCT        Deny Malicious Call Termination
  DMD         Development Management Document
  DMD         Differential Mode Delay
  DMD         Digital Micromirror Device
  DMD         Digital Micromirror Display
  DMD         Directory Management Domain
  DMD         Dot-Mapped Display
  DMD0        Data Memory Data Register 0
  DMD1        Data Memory Data Register 1
  DMD2        Data Memory Data Register 2
  DMDD        Distributed Multiplexing Distributed Demultiplexing
  DMDR        DPN Management Data Router
  DME         Data Modem Extension
  DME         Direct Memory Execution
  DME         Distance Measuring Equipment (Avionics)
  DME         Distributed Management Environment (OSF)
  DMERT       Dual Multi-Environment Real Time
  DMERT       Duplex Multi-Environment Real Time
  DMF         DAT Management Function
  DMF         Display Management Format
  DMF         Distribution Media Format
  DMH         Data Message Handler
  DMH         Data Message Handling
  DMI         Data Management Interface
  DMI         Data Mode Idle
  DMI         Definition of Management Information
  DMI         Desktop Management Interface (group)
  DMI         Digital Multiplexed Interface
  DMI         Disable Manual Input
  DMI         Distributed Management Interface
  DMIS        Dimensional Measuring Interface Specification V.2 (OSI)
  DMIS        Directory Management Information System
  DML         Data Manipulation Language
  DMM         Device Maintenance Manager
  DMM         Digital Multi-Meter
  DMMU        Data Memory Management Unit
  DMNI/RCR    Digital Mobile Communications Network Internode/Radio Center for Research
  DMO         Data Modification
  DMO         Data Modification Order(s)
  DMO         Domain Management Organization
  DMODEM      Digital Modem
  DMOPRO      Data Modification Order Processor
  DMOPRO      Data Modification Orders Process
  DMOS        Degradation Mean Opinion Score
  DMOS        Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  DMP         Development Management Process
  DMP         Document Management Procedure
  DMP         Dot Matrix Printer
  DMPDU       Derived Medium access control Protocol Data Unit
  DM-PDU      Derived MAC Protocol Data Unit
  DMR         Demultiplexing/Mixing/Remultiplexing
  DMR         Digital Microwave Radio
  DMR         Digital Mobile Radio
  DMRV        Fifth Nordic Seminar on Digital Mobile Radio Communications
  DMS         Data Management System
  DMS         Defense Message System
  DMS         Defense Messaging System
  DMS         Digital Multiplex System
  DMS         Document Management System
  DMS         Domain Management System (Siemens)
  DMS ES      DMS Expert System
  DMSD        Digital Multistandard Coding
  DMSE        DMS Evolution
  DMSES       DMS Expert System
  DMS-MTX     DMS Mobile Telephone Exchange
  DMS-NMS     DMS Network Management System
  DMS-NSS     DMS-Network Services System
  DMSPH       DMS-100 Packet Handler
  DMS-PH      DMS Packet Handler
  DMSPL       DMS Product Library
  DMSRID      Default MSRID
  DMSU        Digital Main Switching Unit
  DMT         Digital Multiplex Terminal
  DMT         Discrete Multitone
  DMT         Dynamic Matrix Testing
  DMT0        Data Memory Transaction Register 0
  DMT1        Data Memory Transaction Register 1
  DMT2        Data Memory Transaction Register 2
  DMTF        Desktop Management Task Force
  DMTF        Desktop Management Task Force
  DMTM        Data Management and Transmission Module
  DMTS        Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
  DMU         Data Memory Unit
  DMV         Dynamically Managed Voice
  DMW         Digital Milliwatt
  DMXR        Demultiplexer
  DMZ         Demilitarized Zone
  DN          Delivery Notification
  DN          Destination Network
  DN          Developer Network
  DN          Dialing Number
  DN          Directory Number
  DN          DiscoNnect
  DN          Distinguished Name
  DN/CT       Directory Number/Call Type
  DNA         Data Network Address
  DNA         Deutschen Normenausschuss
  DNA         Digital Network Architecture (DEC)
  DNA         Distributed Network Architecture (NCR)
  DNA         Dynamic Network Architecture
  DNA FS      Distributed Internet Applications for Financial Services
  DNAPI       Directory Number Appearance ID
  DNB         Directory Number Bridging
  DNBAM       DN Bridging for Analog Member of EKTS
  DNBD        Deutsches Network Broadcasting Delivery
  DNBFC       DNB for EKTS or Flexible Calling for Non-EKTS
  DNC         Digital Node Controller
  DNC         Direct Numerical Control
  DNC         Directory Number Check
  DNC         Directory Number Contention
  DNC         Do Not Collect
  DNC         Dynamic Network Control
  DNC         Dynamic Network Controller
  DNCAP       Directory Number/Call Appearance
  DNCP        DECnet Control Protocol
  DNCT        Directory Number/Call Type
  DND         Data Network Division
  DND         Department of National Defence
  DND         Dialable Number Delivery
  DND         Directory Number Dependent
  DND         Do Not Disturb (supplementary service)
  DNDG        Do Not Disturb- Group
  DNDGX       Do Not Disturb, Selected-Group Station Diversion
  DNDI        Do Not Disturb- Individual
  DNEC        Digital Network Echo Control
  DNF         Disjunctive Normal Form
  DNG         Dynamic Network Gateway
  DNH         Directory Number Hunt(ing)
  DNHD        Directory Number High and Dry
  DNHR        Dynamic Non-Hierarchical Routing
  DNI         Data Network Interface
  DNI         Deny National and all International
  DNI         Digital Network Interconnect(ing)
  DNI         Digital Network Interface
  DNI         Digital Non Interpolation
  DNI         Directory Number Independent
  DNIC        Data Network Identification Code
  DNIC        Data Network Identifier
  DNIC        Digital Network Interface Circuit
  DNID        Deny National and International Direct Dial
  DNIS        Dialed Number Identification Service
  DNL         Differential Non-Linearity (Analogue-Digital Converters)
  DNN         Data Network Number
  DNP         Directory Number Profile
  DNPA        Data Numbering Plan Area
  DNPC        Directory Number Primary Inter-LATA Carrier
  DNPC        Dual Network Packaged Core
  DNPIC       Directory Number Primary InterLATA Carrier
  DNR         Directory Number Reference
  DNR         Domain Name Resolver
  DNR         Dynamic Noise Reduction
  DNS         Data Network System
  DNS         Distributed Name Service (DSM-Tandem)
  DNS         DN Set
  DNS         Domain Name Server
  DNS         Domain Name Service
  DNS         Domain Name System (TCP/IP-DoD)
  DNSIX       Defense Network Secure Information Exchange
  DNSP        Distributed Networked Services Platform
  DNSS        DN Screening Set Option
  DNT         Dialed Number Trigger
  DNTR        Denied Termination Treatment
  DNTU        Digital Network Terminating Unit
  DNTX        Do Not Transmit
  DNTYP       Multiline Hunt Terminal Type
  DNU         Digital Networking Unit
  DNU         Do Not Use
  DNUI        Directory Number User Interface
  DNUS        Digital Network Unit-SONET
  DNU-S       Digital Networking Unit-SONET
  DNW         DECT NetWork
  DNX         Digital Network Crossconnect
  DO          Data Out
  DO          Data Output
  DO          Database Owner
  DO          Denied Origination
  DO          Derived Object
  DO          Design Objective
  DO          Disallowed Operation
  DO          Distributed-Object
  DO          ISO country code for Dominican Republic
  DoA         Date of Announcement
  DOA         Dead On Arrival
  DOA         Direction of Arrival
  DOAS        Dial Out Attribute Selector
  DOC         Declaration of Conformity
  DOC         Department of Commerce
  DOC         Department of Communications
  DOC         Distributed Object Computing
  DOC         District Operations Center
  DOC         Document File
  DOC         Drop-Out Compensation (Video Tape Recorder)
  DOC         Dynamic Overload Control
  DOCAT       Digital Optical CAble-television Trunk system
  DoD         Department of Defense
  DoD         Department of Defense (USA)
  DOD         Direct Outward Dial
  DOD         Direct Outward Dialing
  DODTC       D-Channel Outgoing Default Throughput Class
  DoE         Demonstration of Equivalence
  DOE         Department of Energy
  DOE         Distributed Object Environment
  DOE         Distributed Objects Everywhere
  DOEORB      DOE Object Request Broker
  DOF         Data Order File
  DOF         Degrees of Freedom
  DOHB        Draw-Off/Hold-Back
  DOI         Department of Industry
  DOI         Depth of Inheritance
  DO-I        ISDN Denied Origination
  DO-ID       Derived Object Identifier
  DOJ         Department of Justice
  DOM         Distributed Operational Measurements
  DOM         Document Object Model
  DOM         Domain Object Model
  DOME        Distributed Object Management Environment
  DOMF        Distributed Object Management Facility
  DOML        Default Overload Messaging Limit
  DOMPS       D-Channel Outgoing Maximum Packet Size
  DOMSAT      Domestic Satellite
  DON         Digital Overlay Network
  DOORS       Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System
  DOOS        Dependent Out-of-Service
  DoP         Date of Publication (ETSI)
  DOP         Dilution of Precision
  DOP         Direction of Projection
  DOP         Directory Operational binding management Protocol
  DOPSK       Differential Offset Phase Shift Keying
  DOR         Date Of Ratification
  DOR         Dead Office Recovery
  DOR         Denied Origination
  DOR         Denied Origination Treatment
  DOR         Digital Optical Recording
  DOR         Division of Revenue
  DORG        Denied Origination
  DORS        Dial Out Routing Server
  DoS         Denial of Service
  DOS         Directory & Operator Services
  DOS         Disk Operating System
  DOS/VS      Disk Operating System/Virtual Storage
  DOSBS       Data Over Speech Bearer Service
  DOSF        Distributed Office Support Facility (IBM)
  DOSX        DOS Extender
  DoT         Department of Telecommunications
  DOT         Distributed Object Technology
  DOT         Document Template File
  DOTS        Digital Office Timing Supply
  DOUS        Digit Outpulser Utility Service
  DOV         Data Over Voice
  DOV         Data Over Voice
  DoW         Date of Withdrawal (ETSI)
  DP          Data Partitioning
  DP          Data Port
  DP          Data Processing
  DP          Dataport
  DP          Delivery Process
  DP          Demarcation Point
  DP          Designer Productivity
  DP          Detection Point
  DP          Diagnostic Port
  DP          Dial Pulse
  DP          Dial Pulsing
  DP          Dial/Dialled Pulse
  DP          Dialing Plan
  DP          Dialled Pulse
  DP          Dialog Processor
  DP          Differential Phase
  DP          Digital Potentiometer
  DP          Digital Press
  DP          Distribution Point
  DP          Diverse Protection
  DP          Diversely Protected
  DP          Document Parameters
  dp          Dot Pitch (typically expressed in mm)
  DP          Double Pole
  DP          Draft Proposal
  DP          Dual Processor
  DPA         Demand Protocol Architecture (3COM)
  DPA         Destination Physical Address
  DPA         Destructive Physical Analysis
  DPA         Dial Pulse Access
  DPA         Dual Power Amplifier
  DPATH       Data Path
  DPB         Drive Parameter Block
  DPBX        Digital Private Branch Exchange
  DPC         Data Packet Collector
  DPC         Data Processing Center
  DPC         Deferred Procedure Call
  DPC         Destination Point Code
  DPC         Digital Port Card
  DPC         Digital Private Circuits
  DPC         Distributed Persistent Cache
  DPC         Double Purpose Connector
  DPC         Dynamic Power Control
  DPCA        Defect Prevention and Corrective Action
  DPCC        Dual Plane Combined Cabinet
  DPCC        Dual Plane Combined Core
  DPCC        Dual Plane Core Cabinet
  DPCM        Differential Pulse Code Modulation
  DPCP        DECnet Phase IV Control Protocol
  DPCTH       Dynamic Power Control Threshold-High
  DPCTL       Dynamic Power Control Threshold-Low
  DPD         Differential Phase Detector
  DPD         Display Digits
  DPDT        Double-Pole Double-Throw
  DPE         Data Processing Equipment
  DPE         Direct Plate Exposure (Printing)
  DPE         Distributed Processing Environment
  DPE         Distributed Programming Environment
  DPE         Dynamic Pool Extender
  DP-EX       Data Port Extender
  DPI         Digital Phone Interface
  dpi         Dots Per Inch
  DPI         Dots Per Inch
  DPIB        Directed Call Pickup Billing Records
  DPKTGP      D-Channel Packet Group
  DPL         Descriptor Privilege Level
  DPL         Digital PowerLine
  DPLL        Digital Phase-Locked Loop
  DPLM        Domestic Public Land Mobile
  DPLMRS      Domestic Public Land Mobile Radio Service
  DPM         Defects Per Million
  DPM         Digital Phase Modulation
  DPM         Documents Per Minute
  DPM         Downtime Performance Measurement
  DPM         Dynamic Power Management
  DPMC        Dual Port Message Controller
  DPMI        DOS Protected-Mode Interface
  DPMS        Data Processing and Management System
  DPMS        Display Power Management Signaling
  DPMS        DOS Protected Mode Services
  DPN         Data Packet Network
  DPN         Digital Packet Network
  DPN         Digital Path Not Provided message
  DPN         Digital Path Not provided signal
  DPN         Directed Call Pickup- Non Barge-in
  DPNACC      Directed Call Pickup Non-Barge-In Access Code
  DPNB        Directed Call Pickup Non-Barge-In Billing Records
  DPNS        Digital Private Network Signaling
  DPNSS       Digital Private Network Signalling System (BT)
  DPNX        Directed Call Pickup Exempt
  DPO         Data Path Object
  DPO         Dial Pulse Originating
  DPP         Data Processing Peripheral
  DPP         Defect Prevention Process
  DPP         Distributed Preplan
  DPP         Distributed Processing Peripheral
  DPPS        Data Packets Per Second
  DPPS        Data Post-Processing System
  DPR         Data Unit Profile
  DPR         Detailed Privacy Recording
  DPR         Digit PResent
  DPR         Dual Port RAM
  DPRAM       Dual Port Random Access Memory
  DPRG        Data Population Rule Generation
  DPRI        Delay Priority
  DPS         Data Processing System
  DPS         D-Channel Packet-Switched
  DPS         Design and Prototyping Services
  DPS         Display PostScript
  DPSK        Differential Phase Shift Keying
  DPST        Double-Pole Single-Throw
  DPT         Dial Pulse Terminating
  DPT         Different Premises Telephone
  DPT         Drive Parameter Tracking
  DPTC        Dual Processor Terminal Controller
  DPU         Direct Pick-Up
  DPU         Directed Call Pickup- Barge-in
  DPU         Display Processing Unit
  DPUACC      Directed Call Pickup Barge-In Access Code
  DPUB        Directed Call Pickup Billing Records
  DPUIND      Directed Call Pickup Barge-in Indication
  DPUN        DPU Notification
  DPX         Datapath Extension
  DQ          Deluxe Queuing
  DQA         Design Quality Assurance
  DQC         Display Queued Calls
  DQD         Directory Query Display
  DQDB        Distributed Queue Double Bus
  DQDB        Distributed Queue Dual Bus
  DQDB        Distributed Queued Dual Bus
  DQDB        Dual Queue Dual Bus
  DQE         Detective Quantum Efficiency
  DQI         Departmental Quality Index (ETSI)
  DQPSK       Differential QuadraPhase Shift Keying
  DQPSK       Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
  D-QPSK      Differential Quaternary Phase-Shift Keying
  DQRUMA      Distributed Queuing Request Update Multiple Access
  DQS         Display Queue Status
  DQS         Document Quality System
  DQT         Define Quantization Table
  DQT         Display Queue Threshold
  DR          Data Rate
  DR          Data Ready
  DR          Deactivation Request
  DR          Dead Reckoning position (ship-navigation)
  DR          Debug Register
  DR          Defect Report
  DR          Delivery Report
  DR          Derived Requirements
  DR          Design Requirements
  DR          Design Review
  DR          Designated Receivers
  DR          Diagnostic Request
  DR          Digit Receiver
  DR          Digital Radiology
  DR          Digital Research
  DR          Direct Route
  DR          Direct Routed
  DR          Directed Retry
  DR          Disconnect Request
  DR          Disconnect Request
  DR          Discount Request
  DR          Distinctive Ringing
  Dr          Draht (Wire)
  DRA         Digital Recorded Announcement
  DRA         Distributed Restoration Algorithm
  DRA         Dynamic Resource Allocation
  DRAM        Digital Recorded Announcement Machine
  DRAM        Digital Recorded Announcement Module
  DRAM        Dynamic RAM
  DRAM        Dynamic Random Access Memory
  DRAMC       Dynamic Random-Access Memory Controller
  DRAW        Direct Read After Write
  DRAW        Direct Read After Write  (Optical Disk)
  DRB         Destination Route Builder
  DRC         Data Recovery Center
  DRC         Data Recovery Component
  DRC         Design Rule Checking
  DRCC        Dual Remote Cluster Controller
  DRCC2       Dual Remote Cluster Controller 2
  DRCCI       ISDN Dual Remote Cluster Controller
  DRCS        Digital Radio Concentrator System
  DRCS        Dynamically Redefinable Character Set
  DRCW        Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
  DRCW        Distinctive Ringing/Ringback for Call Waiting
  DRD         Data Rule Distribution
  DRDA        Distributed Relational Database Architecture
  DRE         Directional Reservation Equipment
  DREO        Defence Research Establishment Ottawa
  DREQ        DMA Request
  DRES        Data Route Expert System (Telecom and Bell Canada)
  DRF         Data Recovery Field
  DRFM        Digital Radio Frequency Module (Military Avionics)
  DRG         Degrees, Radians, or Gradians
  DRG         Developer Relations Group
  DRG         Direction de la Réglementation Générale (F)
  DRI         Defence Research Internet
  DRI         Define Restart Interval
  DRI         Digital Research Inc.
  DRI         Dual Ring Interworking
  DRING       Distinctive Ring
  DRIVE       Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle safety in Europe
  DRJ         Disengage Reject
  DRL         Data Retrieval Language
  DRL         Denied Roamer Log
  DRM         Data Request Message
  DRM         Distributed Recording Manager
  DRM         Domain Resource Manager
  DRMS        Dynamic Resource Management System
  DRO         Destructive Read Operation
  DRO         Destrutive Read-Out
  DRO         Dielectric-Resonator Oscillator
  DROES       Data Receive Only Earth Stations (satellite)
  DROP        Drop
  DRP         Directional Radiated Power
  DRP         Distribution and Replication Protocol
  DRQ         Data Request
  DRQ         Disengage Request
  DRQ         DMA Request
  DRRS        Digital Radio Relay System
  DRS         Data and Report System
  DRS         Data and Reports System
  DRS         Data Rate Selector
  DRS         Data Relay Satellite
  DRS         Data Retreival System
  DRS         Delayed Release message
  DRS         Delayed Release Signal
  DRS         Digital Radio System
  DRS         Digital Reference Sequence
  DRS         Digital Reference Signal
  DRS         Druckstation (Printer Station)
  DRS         Dynamic Resource Scheduling
  DRSC        Dedicated Short Range Communications
  DRSC        Dual Remote Switching Center
  DRSCI       ISDN Dual Remote Switching Center
  DRT         Data Recording Terminal
  DRT         Destination Route
  DRT         Diagnostic Rhyme Test
  DRT         Digit Reception Test
  DRTM        Design Ready To Manufacture
  DRTS        Distributed Real-Time System
  DRTU        Digital Remote Test Unit
  DRU         Deliverable Release Unit
  DRU         Delivery Release Unit
  DRU         Design Releasable Unit
  DRU         Design Release Unit
  DRU         Development Release Unit
  DRU         DualMode Radio Unit
  DRU         Dual-mode Radio Unit
  DRUID       Demonstrational Rapid User Interface Development
  DRUM        Design Requirements Utility- Multisite
  DRUM        DualMode Radio Unit Monitor
  DRV         Device Driver File
  DRW         Micrographx Designer/Draw File
  DRX         Discontinuous (radio) Reception (mechanism)
  DRX         Discontinuous Reception
  DRxI        Definite Response x indicator (SNA)
  DS          Dansk Standardiseringsraad
  DS          Danske Standardiseringsrad (DK)
  DS          Data Schema
  DS          Data Segment
  DS          Data Set
  DS          Data Signaling
  DS          Data Store
  DS          Data Stream(ing)
  DS          Data Strobe
  DS          DDOC Section: Data Schema
  DS          DDOC Started
  DS          Decode and Select
  DS          Default Service
  DS          Define Storage
  DS          Delivery System
  DS          Denotational Semantics
  DS          Design Specification
  DS          Design Started
  DS          Diagnostic Server
  DS          Dialup Switch
  DS          Digit Select
  DS          Digit String
  DS          Digital Section
  DS          Digital Services
  DS          Digital Signal
  DS          Digital Signaling
  DS          Digital Switch
  DS          Digital System
  DS          Direct Sequence
  DS          Direct Sequence
  DS          Direct Signaling
  DS          Directory Service(s)
  DS          Dispersion Shifted
  DS          DiSplay
  DS          Distinguishing Sequence
  DS          Distributed Single-Layer
  DS          Distribution Session
  DS          Distribution System
  DS          Document Storage
  DS          Double Side
  DS          Double Sided
  DS          Downstream
  DS          Drive Select
  DS          Duplex Signaling
  DS          Primary Rate Access Digital Section
  DS II       Data Syntax according to CCITT Recommendation T.101, Annex C
  DS III      Data Syntax according to CCITT Recommendation T.101, Annex D
  DS/DD       Double-Sided Double-Density
  DS/HD       Double-Sided High-Density
  DS/SS       Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  DS0         Digital Signal Level 0
  DS0         Digital Signal, level 0
  DS-0        Digital Signal Level 0
  DS0A        Digital Signal Level 0A
  DS-0A       Digital Signal Level 0A
  DS0CTA      DS0 Channel Termination for Nailed-Up Analog Service
  DS0CTB      DS0 Channel Terminations for B-Channels
  DS0CTD      DS0 Channel Termination for D-Channel
  DS0CTD2     DS0 Channel Termination for D-Channel Backup (D2)
  DS0DP       DS0 Dataport
  DS0-DP      DS0-Dataport
  DS1         Digital Signal Level 1
  DS-1        Digital Signal Level 1
  DS1 OE      DS1 Office Equipment Number
  DS1BIF      DS1 Bus Interface
  DS1C        Digital Signal Level 1 Concatenated
  DS-1C       Digital Signal Level 1 Concatenated
  DS1GSP      DS1 Group Search Priority
  DS1PORTS    DS1 Ports
  DS2         Digital Signal Level 2
  DS-2        Digital Signal Level 2
  DS3         Digital Signal Level 3
  DS-3        Digital Signal Level 3
  DS-3C       Digital Signal Level 3 Concatenated
  DS9         Default Service in NA009
  DSA         Data Set Adapter
  DSA         Dead System Alarm
  DSA         Dell SCSI Array
  DSA         Destination Subarea
  DSA         Dial Service Administration
  DSA         Dial Service Analysis
  DSA         Dial Service Assistance
  DSA         Dial Service Auxiliary
  DSA         Digital Serving Area
  DSA         Digital Signature Algorithm
  DSA         Digital Storage Architecture
  DSA         Digital Subtraction Angiography (Med.)
  DSA         Directory Server Agent
  DSA         Directory Service Agent
  DSA         Directory System Agent
  DSA         Distributed System Architecture (Bull)
  DSA         Distributed Systems Architecture
  DSA         Dynamic Slot Assignment
  DSAA        DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm
  DSAC        Dial Service Administration Center
  DSAC        Distributed Systems Administrations and Control (Bull)
  DSAC        DMS Support and Change
  DSAF        Destination Subarea Field
  DSAP        Data Supervisor Area Pointer
  DSAP        Destination Service(s) Access Point
  DSAPI       Destination Service Access Point Identifier
  DSAR        Data System Address Register
  DSAU        DS1 Signal Access Unit
  DSB         Digital Sound Broadcasting
  DSB         Double Sideband
  DSB TC      Database for Testcases
  DSBAM       Double Sideband Amplitude Modulation
  DSBEC       Double Sideband, Emitted Carrier
  DSBLD       Disabled
  DSBRC       Double Sideband, Reduced Carrier
  DSBS        Digital Sound Broadcasting System
  DSBSC       Double Sideband, Suppressed Carrier
  DSB-SC      Double SideBand Suppressed Carrier
  DSBTC       Double Sideband, Transmitted Carrier
  DSC         Data Storage Controller
  dsc         Declaration Subset Close
  DSC         DECT Standard Cipher
  DSC         Digital Selective Calling
  DSC         Digital Spectrum Compatible
  DSC         Digital Subscriber Carrier (system) (ISDN)
  DSC         Digital Subscriber Controller (ISDN)
  DSC         Digital Switch Corporation
  DSC         Direct Satellite Communications
  DSC         District Switching Centre
  DSC         Document Structuring Conventions
  DSC         Dynamic Switch Compiler
  DSC         The Discovery Channel
  DS-CDMA     Direct Sequence CDMA
  DSCH        Dual Service Channel
  DSCWID      Deluxe Spontaneous Call Waiting Identification
  DSCWID      Spontaneous Call Waiting Identification with Disposition
  DSD         Data Structure Definition (CCA/VTS)
  DSD         Development Strategy Document
  DSD         Digital Switch Division
  DSD         Direct Service(s) Dialing
  DSDB        Debit Service Database
  DSDC        Direct Service Dialing Capability
  DSDC        Direct Service(s) Dialing Capabilities
  DSDD        Double-Sided Double-Density (Disk)
  DSDN        Designated Secondary Directory Number
  DSDS        Dataphone Switched Digital Service
  DSDT        Dynamic Structured Data Transfer
  DSE         Data Switching Equipment
  DSE         Data Switching Exchange
  DSE         Dialogue Service Element
  DSE         Digital Switching Element
  DSE         Distributed Single-Layer Embedded
  DSE         Distributed Switching Evolution
  DSE         Distributed System Environment (Honeywell)
  DSE         Document Search Engine
  DSE         DSA-Specific Entry
  DSEA        Display Station Emulation Adapter
  DSEE        Domain Software Engineering Environment
  DSEQ        Descending Sequence
  DSET        Display Set
  DSF         Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
  DSFT        Designing Systems For Testability
  DSG         Distributed Systems Generator
  DSGW        Double Sided Glue and Wave
  DSH         Dual Seizure Handling
  DSHD        Double Sided High Density
  DSI         Data Set Identifier
  DSI         Data Set Interface
  DSI         Data Storage Interrupt
  DSI         Data Stream Interface
  DSI         Detailed Spectrum Investigation
  DSI         Digital Signal Interface
  DSI         Digital Speech Interpolation
  DSI         Disable Interrupts
  DSI         Dynamic Skeleton Interface
  DSIC        Digital Subscriber Interface Circuit
  DSIP        Digital Set Interface Processor
  DSIS        Distributed Support Information Standards (group)
  DSISR       DSI Exception Source Register
  DSL         Digital Simulation Language
  DSL         Digital Subscriber Line
  DSL         Digital Subscriber Loop
  DSL         Distributed Service Logic
  DSL         Distribution Service Level (SNA)
  DSLAM       Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
  DSLC        Data Subscriber Loop Carrier
  DSLIC       Digital Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
  DSLT        Digital Subscriber Line Terminal
  DSM         Digital Storage Media
  DSM         Digital Storage Medium
  DSM         Direct Signal Monitoring
  DSM         Direct Synthesis Module
  DSM         Directory Service Migration
  DSM         Distributed Software Manager
  DSM         Distributed Systems Management (Tandem)
  DSMA        Data Sense Multiple Access
  DSMA        Digital Sense Multiple Access
  DSMA/CD     Digital-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
  DSM-CC      Digital Storage Media Command and Control
  DSM-CC      Digital Stored Media Command and Control
  DSN         Data Set Name
  DSN         Data Source Name
  DSN         Debit Service Number
  DSN         Defense Switched Network
  DSN         Deliver Single Number
  DSN         Digital Switching Network
  DSN         Disk Serial Number
  DSN         Distributed System Network (Hewlett Packard Inc.)
  DSN         Distributed System Network (HP)
  DSN         Dual Shelf Network
  DSN         MDII: No Start Dial- Delay Dial, Steady On-Hook
  DSNE        Double Shelf Network Equipment
  DSNE        Dual Shelf Network Equipment
  DSNX        Distributed Systems Node Executive (APPN-IBM)
  dso         Declaration Subset Open
  DSO         Development Support Overhead
  DSO         Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
  DSO         Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  DSO         Dual In-Line Small Outline
  DSOC        Decode and Select/Operand Fetch Cycle
  DSOM        Distributed System Object Model
  DSP         Data Service Provider
  DSP         Device Stop
  DSP         Digital Signal Processing
  DSP         Digital Signal Processor
  DSP         Direction du Service Public (F)
  DSP         Directory Service Protocol
  DSP         Directory System Protocol (OSI)
  DSP         Display
  DSP         Display Station Protocol
  DSP         Display Translation/Routing Information
  DSP         Domain Specific Part (OSI-NL)
  DSP         Downstream Processor
  DSP         Drive Slave Present
  DSPAN       DataSpan
  DSPC        Display Control
  DSPDA       DSP Design Automation
  DSPERM      Permanent Data Store
  DSPI        DSP Island
  DSPM        Digital Signal Processing Module
  DSPM        Direct Subscription Parameter Management
  DSPR        DSP Resource Module
  DSPROT      Protected Data Store
  DSPU        Downstream Physical Unit
  DSQD        Double Sided Quad Density
  DSR         Data Set Ready (Signal)
  DSR         Data Signalling Rate
  DSR         Data Synchronization Register
  DSR         Dead System Recovery
  DSR         Device Status Report
  DSR         Digital Satellite Radio
  DSR         Digital Subtraction Radiology (Medical)
  DSR         Double Sided Reflow
  DSRI        Digital Standard Relational Interface
  DSRR        Digital Short Range Radio
  DSRTP       Digital Services Remote Test Port
  DSRV        Default Service
  DSS         Data Storage System
  DSS         Datensichtstation (Data Display Terminal)
  DSS         Decision Support Services
  DSS         Decision Support System
  DSS         Dedicated Servo Surface
  DSS         Device Support System
  DSS         Dial Selective Signaling
  DSS         Digital Satellite Service
  DSS         Digital Satellite System
  DSS         Digital Signalling Systems
  DSS         Digital Signature Standard
  DSS         Digital Subscriber Signalling
  DSS         Digital Subscriber Signalling System
  DSS         Digital Switching Subsystem
  DSS         Digital Switching System
  DSS         Direct Station Select
  DSS         Direct Station Selection
  DSS         Directory and Security Server
  DSS         Directory and Security Services
  DSS         Diskless Support Services
  DSS         Distributed Sample Scrambling
  DSS         Domain SAP/RIP Server
  DSS         Dynamic Structure Sizing
  DSS1        Digital Signalling System number one (ISDN access protocol)
  DSS1        Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 1
  DSS1+       enhanced DSS1
  DSS2        Digital Signalling System number 2 (B-ISDN access protocol)
  DSS2        Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 2
  DSSA        DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm
  DSSC        Double Sideband Suppressed Carrier
  DSSD        Double-Sided Single-Density (Disk)
  DS-SMF      Dispersion Shifted Single-Mode Fiber
  DSSS        Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  DS-SS       Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum
  DSSSL       Document Style, Semantics, and Specification Language
  DS-SSMA     Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
  DST         Daylight Saving Time
  DST         Destination
  DST         DeSTination reference
  DST         Device Start
  DSt         Diensstelle (Service Center)
  DST         Diode-Split Transformer
  DST         Dispersion Supported Transmission
  DST         Distributed Smalltalk
  DST         Double Super Twisted
  DST         Double-Layer Supertwist
  D-STB       Detailed Simulation Testbed
  DS-TDMA     Data Syntax according to CCITT Recommendation T.101, Annex B
  DSTE        Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment
  DSTEMP      Temporary Data Store
  DSTN        Double Supertwisted Nematic
  DSTN        Dual Supertwist Nematic
  DSTS        Digital Services Test System (CSC-ATT)
  DSU         Data Service Unit
  DSU         Data Service Unit (Bell)
  DSU         Data Switching Unit
  DSU         Digital Service(s) Unit
  DSU         Disk Storage Unit
  DSU         Distribution Service Unit (SNA)
  DSU         DMS Software Update Controller
  DSV         Data Steal into Voice
  DSVD        Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
  DSVT        Digital Secure Voice Telephone
  DSX         Digital Signal Cross-connect
  DSX-1       DSX for DS1 Facilities
  DT          DaTa
  DT          Data Terminal
  DT          Data Terminal equipment
  DT          Data Transfer
  DT          Data Transmission
  DT          Data Tuple
  DT          DDOC Section: Design Test Plan
  DT          Defer Threshold
  DT          Definition List Term (HTML tag)
  DT          Delayed Transmission
  DT          DeleTe
  DT          Denied Termination
  DT          Design Test
  DT          Designer Test
  DT          Designer Tested
  DT          Designer Testing Completed
  DT          Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom)
  DT          Dial Tone
  DT          Digital Terminal
  DT          Digitalk
  DT          Digitone
  DT          Digroup Terminal
  DT          Display Text
  DT          Distant Terminal
  DT          Draw Text
  DT&M        Desktop Technology & Management
  DT1         Data Form 1
  DT2         Data Form 2
  DTA         DaTA
  DTA         Data Transmission Abort
  DTA         Desktop Assistant
  DTA         Detailed Traffic Analysis
  DTA         Digital Terminals and Access
  DTA         Digital Test Access
  DTA         Digitally Terminated Analog
  DTA         Disk Transfer Area
  DTA         Distributable Technical Audit
  DTA         Distribution Terminal Assembly
  DTAC        Digital Test Access Connector
  DTAC        Digital Test Access Controller
  DTACK       Data Transfer ACKnowledge
  DTAD        Digital Telephone Answering Device
  DTAG        Deutsche Telekom AG (German Telekom AG) (former DBPT)
  DTAI        ISDN Digital Trunk Array
  DTAL        Digital Test Access Link
  DTAM        Document Transfer and Manipulation
  DTAM        Document Transfer And Manipulation (CCITT T.431/433)
  DTAM        Document Transfer Application Management
  DTAM        Document Transfer, Access and Manipulation
  DTAO        Desk-Top/Audio-Only
  DTAP        Direct Transfer Application Part
  DTAU        Digital Test Access Unit
  DTB         Data Transfer Bus
  DTBI        Denied Toll Break-In
  DTBS        Distributed Time-Bounded Services
  DTC         Data Test Center
  DTC         Datacommunication and Terminal Controller
  DTC         Desk-Top Communication
  DTC         Desktop Conferencing
  DTC         Digital Traffic Channel
  DTC         Digital Transmit Command
  DTC         Digital Trunk Controller
  DTC         Direct-To-Child
  DTC7        CCS7 Digital Trunk Controller
  DTCA        Default Throughput Class Assignment
  DTCI        ISDN Digital Trunk Controller
  DTCO        Digital Trunk Controller Offshore
  DTCOi       Digital Trunk Controller Offshore (ISDN)
  DTCT        DMS Translations Capture Tool
  DTD         Dial Tone Delay
  DTD         Document Type Decalaration
  DTD         Document Type Definition
  DTDMA       Distributed Time Division Multiple Access
  DTDR        Dial Tone Delay Recorder
  DTDR        Dial Tone Delay Recording
  DTDS        Disaster Tolerant Disk System
  DTDS+       Disaster Tolerant Disk System Plus
  DTE         Compatibility with DTE Built to 1980, 1984, or 1988 ITU-T X.25
  DTE         Data Terminal Equipment
  DTE         Data Terminating Equipment
  DTE         Digital Terminal Equipment
  DTE         Digital Trunk Equipment
  DTEI        Dynamic TEI
  DTEI        ISDN Digital Trunk Equipment
  DTF         Data Transfer Facility (DECnet-SNA)
  DTF         Data Transmission Failure
  DTF         Dial Tone First
  DTF         Digital Transmission Facility
  DTFI        Digital Transmission Facility Interface
  DTH         Data Test Head
  DTH         Digital Test Head
  DTH         Direct To Home
  DTH         Direct-To-Home
  DTI         Data Transfer Interface
  DTI         Data Trunk Interface
  DTI         Defect Type Indication
  DTI         Department of Trade and Industry (UK)
  DTI         Digital Trunk Interface
  DTI         Distortion Transmission Impairment
  DT-I        ISDN Denied Termination
  DTIE        Display Text Information Element
  DTIM        Delivery TIM
  dtksh       Desktop Korn Shell
  DTL         Designated Transit List
  DTL         Digital Tanlock
  DTL         Digital Trunk Link
  DTL         Diode-Transistor Logic
  DTLB        Data Translation Lookaside Buffer
  DTLS        Digital Television Lightwave System
  DTM         Denied Termination
  DtM         Design to Manufacture
  DTM         Design To Market
  DTM         Digital Terrain Model
  DTM         Digital Test Module
  DTM         Digital Trunk Module
  DTM         Distributed Transaction Monitor
  DTM         DRAM Trunk Module
  DTM         Dynamic Traffic Management
  DTMEPI      Denied Termination Except Priority Incoming
  DTMF        Digitone Multifrequency
  DTMF        Dual-Tone Multifrequency
  DTMFR       DTMF Receiver
  DTN         Deflected-to Number
  DTN         Deliver Two Numbers
  DTN         Digitone Dial
  DTN         Diverted-to Number
  DTO         Decentralized Toll Office
  DTO         Desktop Object
  D-TO-A      Digital to Analogue
  dtor        Destructor
  DTP         Data Tape Punch
  DTP         Data Transfer Process
  DTP         Data Transport Protocol
  DTP         Designer Test Process
  DTP         Designer Testplan
  DTP         Desktop Publishing
  DTP         Distributed Transaction Processing (OSI)
  DTPM        Data Transport Protocol Machine
  DTR         Data Terminal Ready (modem signal)
  DTR         Data Transfer Requested
  DTR         Data Transmission
  DTR         Digital Tone Receiver
  DTR         Digitone Receiver
  DTR         Distributor Session
  DTR         Distributor Transactor
  DTR         Down-Time Ratio
  DTR         Draft ETSI Technical Report
  DTR         Draft Technical Report (IEC, ETSI)
  DTRC        Data Transmitter Receiver Chip
  DTRC        DS-512 Transmit/Receive Controller
  DTRE        DTMF Recognition
  DTS         Data Tandem Switch
  DTS         Data Transport System
  DTS         Decoding Time Stamp
  DTS         Dial Tone Speed
  DTS         Digital Tandem Switch
  DTS         Digital Terminal Simulator
  DTS         Digital Termination System
  DTS         Digital Test Sequence
  DTS         Digital Theater Surround
  DTS         Digital Transmission System
  DTS         Distributed Time Service
  DTS         Document Translation System
  DTSP        Default Terminal Service Profile
  DTSP        Duplicate Translation Signalling Point
  DTSR        Dial Tone Speed Recording
  DTTB        Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting
  DTU         Data Terminal Unit
  DTU         Data Terminating Unit
  DTU         Data Transfer Unit
  DTU         Digital Test Unit
  DTV         Desktop Video
  DTV         Digital Television
  DTW         Dynamic Time Warping
  dtwm        Desktop Window Manager
  DTWX        Dial TeletypeWriter eXchange
  DTWX        Dial Teletypewriter Exchange Service
  DTX         Data Transmission
  DTX         Discontinuous Transmission (mechanism)
  DU          Data Unit
  DU          Dimensioning Unit
  DUA         Device Under Analysis
  DUA         Directory User Agent
  DUAE        Directory User Agent Entity
  DUAL        Distributed Update Algorithm
  DUAP        Data User Area Pointer
  DUAQ        Dial-Up Autoquote
  DUART       Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
  DUC         Data Unit Control
  DUC         Dual-Access Utility Circuit
  DUD         Dollar Underscore Dollar
  DUE         Detection of Unauthorized Equipment
  DUF         Dispersion-Unshifted Single-Mode Fiber
  DUITS       Digital, Ubiquitous, Interoperable, Transparent, and Secure
  DUKPT       Derived User Key Per Transaction
  DUN         Dial-Up Networking
  DUP         Data User Part
  DUP         Default User Profile
  DUP         Destination User Prompter
  DUP         Duplicate
  DUS         Data User Stations
  DUSCC       Dual Universal Serial Communications Controller
  DUT         Device Under Test
  DUTL        DMS Universal Transport Layer
  DUUS        Delivery of User-to-User Signaling
  DUV         Data Under Voice
  DUV         Deep Ultraviolet
  DUX         Digital Unix
  DV          DataVision
  DV          Distance Vector
  DVA         Digital Video Architecture
  DVAP        Design Verification and Acceptance Plan
  DVB         Digital Video Broadcasting
  DVB         Direct Video Broadcast
  DVB         DOS Volume Boot Sector
  DVB-C       Digital Video Broadcasting-Cable
  DVB-S       Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite
  DVBST       Direct View Bistable Storage Tube
  DVB-T       Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial
  DVC         Desktop Videoconferencing
  DVC         Digital Video Compression
  DVC         Digital Videocassette
  DVCC        Digital Verification Color Code
  DVD         Digital Versatile Disk
  DVD         Digital Video Disk
  DVDR        Digital Video Disk Recorder
  DVD-R       Digital Video Disk-Recordable
  DVE         Digital Video Effects
  D-VHS       Data VHS
  D-VHS       Digital Data VHS
  DVHT        Digital Video Home Terminal
  DVI         Data and Voice Interface
  DVI         Data-Voice Interleaved
  DVI         Diagonal Viewable Image
  DVI         Diagonal Viewing Image
  DVI         Digital Video Interactive
  DVI         Digital Video Interactive system
  DVI         Digital Video Interface
  DVI         Digital Voice Interpolation
  DVLN        Digital Video Learning Network
  DVM         Data Voice Multiplexor
  DVM         Digital Volt-Meter
  DVM         Document View/Markup
  DVMA        Direct Virtual Memory Access
  DVMRP       Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
  DVM-RP      Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
  DVOM        Digital Volt-Ohm Meter
  DVS         Data Voice System
  DVS         Datenvermittlungssystem
  DVSR        Digital Video Silicon Recorder (Mass-Memory)
  DVST        Direct-View Storage Tube
  DVST        Direct-View Storage Tube
  DVS-TP      Data Voice System- Transaction Processor
  DVT         Designer Verification and Testing
  DVT         Digital Video Terminal
  DVTR        Digital Video Tape Recorder
  DVTS        Digital Video Test Set
  DVX         Digital Voice Exchange
  DW          Data Word
  DW          Deep Water
  DW          Device Wait
  DW          Double Word
  dw          DWORD (unsigned long)
  DWARF       Debug With Arbitrary Record Format
  DWB         Designer's Workbench
  DWBS        DEFINITY Wireless Business System
  DWDM        Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex
  DWDM        Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer
  DWDM        Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  D-WDM       Dense-Wavelength Division Multiplexer
  DWF         Drawing Web Format
  DWF         Dual-Window Fibre
  DWIM        Do What I Mean
  DWMT        Discrete Wavelet Multitone
  DWN         DoWN
  DWS         Dialable Wideband Service
  DWV         Data With Voice
  DX          Data register
  DX          Destination Switch Complex
  DX          Distance
  DX          Duplex
  DX          DupleX
  DX          Duplex Signaling
  DXB         Drawing Interchange Binary
  DXC         Digital Cross-Connect
  DXCS        Digital Cross Connect System
  DXE         either a Data Terminal Equipment or a Data Circuit terminating Equipment
  DXF         Data Exchange Format
  DXF         Drawing Exchange Format
  DXF         Drawing Interchange Format
  DXFR        Data Transfer
  DXI         Data Exchange Interface
  DXL         DOORS Extension Language
  DXS         Data eXchange System
  dyn         Dynamic Links
  DYN         Dynamic Links Without Packet Link
  DYNPAL      Dynamic Links With Packet Links
  DYP         Directory Yellow Pages
  DZ          ISO country code for People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

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- E -


  e           earth wire
  E           East
  E           Echo
  E           Electrical
  e           emf (when used in conjunction with a signal generator)
  E           Enable
  E           Energy
  E           English
  E           Erlang
  E           Error-Detected
  E           Essential user facility
  E           Exception
  E           Exchange
  E           Expedited (X)
  E           Exponent
  E           Extended (link)
  E           Extension
  E           Irradiance
  E&E         Environment, Health, Safety, Security, and Business Ethics
  E&M         Ear and Mouth
  E&M         rEceive and transMit leads
  E&S         Evans and Sutherland
  e.r.p.      effective radiated power
  E/O         Electrical-to-Optical
  E/O         Electro-Optical
  E/S         Earth Station
  E/U-MUX     switch between E-type and U-type MUltipleXes
  E2E         End To End
  E3C         European Coordination Committee for Certification (ECCC)
  E800        Enhanced 800 Service
  E911        Enhanced 911 Emergency Service
  EA          Address Field Extension Bit
  EA          Early Assignment
  EA          Effective Address
  EA          Electroabsorption
  EA          Emergency Action
  EA          Emergency Announcement
  EA          Equal Access
  EA          Erase in Area
  EA          Evaluation Authority
  EA          Expedited Acknowledgement
  EA          Expedited data Acknowledgement
  EA          Expedited Data Acknowledgement Message
  EA          Extended Address
  EA          Extended Address field bit
  EA          Extended Attribute(s)
  EA          External Alarms
  EA1         Emergency Announcement #1
  EA2         Emergency Announcement #2
  EAB         Enterprise Application Builder
  EAB         ESPRIT Advisory Board
  EABS        Exchange Alternate Billing Service
  EABS        Exchange Alternate Billing System
  EAC         Effective-Address Calculation
  EAC         Engineering Accreditation Commission
  EAC         Engineering Action Center
  EACC        East Asian Character Code
  EACEM       European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
  EACK        Extended Acknowledgement
  EACSO       East Africa Common Services Organization
  EAD         Engineering and Administration
  EAD         Expert Agent Distribution
  EADA        Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition
  EADAS       Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
  EADAS/NM    Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System/Network Management
  E-ADPCM     Embedded Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
  EAE         Equipment Application Engineer
  EAE3        Efficient Algorithms Executing Every Aspect of Engineering for
              Equipment Application Engineers
  EAEO        Equal Access End Office
  EAEO        Exchange Access End Office
  EAF         Effective-Address Fetching
  EAFGD       Equal Access Feature Group D
  EAI         Emergency Action Interface
  EAI         Emergency Administrative Interface
  EAIEC       Equal Access Interexchange Carrier
  EAILU       Enhanced Asynchronous Interface Line Unit
  EAM         Electrical Accounting Machine
  EAM         Electronic Accounting Machine
  EAM         Extended Answer Message
  EAMA        Enhanced Automatic Message Accounting
  EAMF        Equal Access Multifrequency
  EAMPS       Expanded AMPS
  EAN         European Article Number (bar code)
  EANT        Equal Access Network Trunk
  EAO         Electronic Access Ordering
  EAOA        Equal Access/Operator Assist team
  EAOS        Equal Access and Operator Services
  EAOSS       Equal Access Operator Services Signaling
  EAOSS       Equal Access Operator Signaling System
  EAOSS       Exchange Access Operator Services System
  EAP         Emergency Action Program
  EAP         Employee Assistance Program
  EAP         Equal Access Plan
  EAP         Extended Access Paging
  EAP         Extended Access Paging
  EAP         Extensible Authentication Protocol
  EAP         External Address Plan
  EAPROM      Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  EAR         Early Access Release
  EAR         External Access Register
  EARB        Enhanced Adaptive Rate-Based
  EARB        Extended Adaptive Rate-Based
  EARN        European Academic and Research Network
  EAROM       Electrically Alterable Read-Only Memory
  EAs         Einzelanschluss (Single Line) (analogue line, single line)
  EAS         Emergency Alert System
  EAS         Enhanced Alarm System
  EAS         Exchange Access Signaling
  EAS         Exchange Access System
  EAS         Expert Agent Selection
  EAS         Extended Area Service
  EAS         External Architecture Specification
  EAsKt       Einzelanschlusskonzentrator (Single Terminal Concentrator)
  EASP        Equal Access Switching Point
  EAT         EDNA Administration Tool
  EAT         Emergency Administrative Terminal
  EATMS       Electro-Acoustic Transmission Measuring System
  EATS        Equal Access Traffic Separation
  EAX         Electronic Automatic Exchange
  EAX         Extended Accumulator Register
  eaz         Endgeraeteauswahlziffer (Terminal Equipment Selection Digits)
  EB          Electronic Bonding
  EB          End of Block
  EB          Exabyte
  EB          External Bit
  EB&F        Equipment Blockages and Failures
  EB/TA       Electronic Bonding for Trouble Administration
  EBAF        Enhanced Bellcore AMA Format
  EBAF        Expanded Bellore AMA Format
  EBAF        Extended Bellcore AMA Format
  E-BAMA      Enhanced Beacon Assisted Multiple Access
  EBAS        Enhanced Billing and Access Services
  EBB         Elektronische Bild Bearbeitung
  EBBL        Evolution Brown Bag Lunch
  EBC         Egress Busy Crankback message
  EBC         European Business Committee
  E-BCCH      Extended Broadcast Control Channel
  EBCD        Enhanced Booked Call Database
  EBCDIC      Extended Binary-Coded Decimal Interchange Code
  EBCR        Enhanced Busy Call Return
  EBE         External Behaviorial Expression
  EBER        Equivalent Binary Error Rate
  EBES        Electron Beam Exposure System
  EBGP        External BGP
  EBHC        Equated Busy Hour Calls
  EBI         End Bracket Indicator (SNA)
  EBI         Even Bit Inversion
  EBIC        Electron Beam Induced Current
  EBIT        Electronic Bonding Implementation Team
  EBIU        End of BIU
  EBL         Electron Beam Lithography
  EBM         Editing Boundary Mode
  EBM         Error Correction and Burst Memory Controller
  EBNF        Extended Backus-Naur Form
  EBO         Executive Busy Override
  EBOBAS      Executive Busy Override Basic
  EBOEBX      Executive Busy Override Exempt
  EBOF        Extension Block Object Framework
  EBOM        Executive Busy Override on MADN
  EBONE       European IP Backbone
  EBOT        Executive Busy Override Tone
  EBOX        Executive Busy Overide Exempt
  EBP         Extended Base Pointer
  EBR         Electron-Beam Recording
  EBS         Electron Bombarded Silicon
  EBS         Electronic Business Service
  EBS         Electronic Business Set
  EBS         Emergency Broadcast System
  EBS         Engineering and Business Systems Inc.
  EBSG        Elementary Basic Service Group
  EBSS        European Binary Signalling System (1200 bit/s)
  EBTN        European Backbone Telecommunications Network
  EBU         European Broadcasting Union
  EBV         Elektronische Bild Verarbeitung
  EBW         Effective Bandwidth
  EBX         Executive Busy Override Exempted
  EBX         Extended Base Register
  EC          Earth Calling
  EC          Echo Canceler
  EC          Echo Cancellation
  EC          Echo Canceller
  EC          Echo Check
  EC          Echo Controller
  EC          E-Core
  EC          Edition Code
  EC          Electrical Communication (periodical)
  EC          Electronic Commerce
  EC          Engineering Change
  EC          Engineering Complaint
  EC          Environmental Compatibility
  EC          Equipment Controller
  EC          Equivalent Capacity
  EC          Erase Character
  EC          Error Code
  EC          Error Correction
  EC          Escape Character
  EC          European Commission (new name for CEC)
  EC          European Community (now EU)
  EC          Exchange Carrier
  EC          Exchange Classification
  EC          Extended Control
  EC          ISO country code for Republic of Ecuador
  Ec/No       Ratio of energy per modulating bit to the noise spectral density
  ECA         Echo Suppression Allowed
  ECA         Element Control Application
  ECA         Emergency Changeover Acknowledgement message
  ECA         Engineering Change Announcement
  ECA         Exchange Carrier Association
  ECAC        European Civial Aviation Conference
  ECAN        Echo Cancellation
  ECAN        Echo Canceller
  ECATI       European Conference of Associations of Telecommunications Industries
  ECB         Electrically Controlled Birefringence
  ECB         Electronic Code Book
  ECB         Event Control Block
  ECB         Extension Control Block
  ECBF        European Citizen's Band Federation
  ECBM        Echo Canceller Burst Mode
  ECC         Echo Canceller Control
  ECC         Electrical Cross-Connect
  ECC         Electronic Common Control
  ECC         Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
  ECC         Embedded Communication Channel
  ECC         Embedded Communications Channel
  ECC         Embedded Control Channel
  ECC         Error Checking and Correction
  ECC         Error Control Code
  ECC         Error Correcting Code
  ECC         Error Correcting Code
  ECC         Error Correction Checking
  ECC         Error Correction Code
  ECC         Error-Correction Coding
  ECC         Expanded Community Calling
  ECCB        Extended Call Condense Block
  ECCC        European Coordination Committee for Certification
  ECCM        Electronic Counter-Counter-Measures (Military)
  ECCP        Error Correction Coprocessor
  ECCS        Economic CCS
  ECCV        Enhanced Charge Card Validation
  ECD         Echo Suppression Denied
  ECD         Enhanced Call Disposition
  ECD         Enhanced Compact Disk
  ECD         Equipment Configuration Data
  ECD         Equipment Configuration Database
  ECD         Eraseable Compact Disk
  ECD         Error Correction Device
  ECDB        Electronic Chart DataBase (ECDIS)
  ECDIE       Electronic Chart DIsplay Equipment
  ECDIS       Electronic Chart DIsplay System (ship-navigation)
  ECDO        Electronic Community Dial Office
  ECDR        Expanded Call Detail Record
  ECE         Echo Control Equipment
  ECE         Economic Commission for Europe
  ECF         Echo Control Factor
  ECF         Enhanced Call Forward
  ECF         Enhanced Connectivity Facility (SNA)
  ECFRN       European Consultative Forum for Research Networking
  ECG         Electro Cardio-Gram  (Medical)
  ECH         Echo Canceled Hybrid
  ECH         Echo Canceler with Hybrid
  ECH         Echo Cancellation
  ECH         Erase Character
  ECHO        European Commission Host Organization
  ECHS        Extended CHS
  ECI         Echo Control Information
  ECI         Egress Context Identifier
  ECI         End Chain Indicator (SNA)
  ECI         Equipment Catalogue Identifier
  ECI         Explicit Congestion Indication
  ECI         Extended Call Interface
  ECIC        Electronic Communications Implementation Committee
  ECIC        Electronic Communications Implementors Committee
  ECIC        Equal-access Carrier Identification Code
  ECIF        Electronic Communications Implementation Forum
  ECIS        Embedded Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
  ECISS       European Committee on Iron and Steel Standardization
  ECIT        European Committee for Information  Technology
  ECITC       European Committee for Information Technology Testing and Certification
  ECJ         European Court of Justice
  E-CKEY      Encrypted E-KEY
  ECKO        Eddy-Current-Killed Oscillator
  ECL         Effective Code Length
  ECL         Emitter-Coupled Logic
  ECLT        External Code Linking Toolkit
  ECM         Coordination Management
  ECM         Electronic Cipher Machine
  ECM         Electronic Contrast Modulation (Electronic Imaging)
  ECM         Electronic Counter-Measures (Military)
  ECM         Emergency Changeover Message
  ECM         Engineering Change Memorandum
  ECM         Entitlement Control Message
  ECM         Error Control Mode
  ECM         Error Correction Mode (facsimile)
  ECM         Extended Call Management
  ECMA        European Computer Manufacturers' Association
  ECMA TC 32  Communication, Networks and Systems Interconnection
  ECMS        Extended Change Management System
  ECN         Engineering Change Notice
  ECN         Engineering Change Notification
  ECN         ERMES Code Number
  ECN         Explicit Congestion Notification
  ECO         Electron Coupled Oscillator
  ECO         Electronic Central Office
  ECO         Emergency Changeover Order message
  ECO         Emergency Cutoff
  ECO         Engineering Change Order
  ECO         Engineering Control Office
  ECOM        Electronic Computer Originated Mail
  ECOOP       European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
  ECORE       Enhanced Core
  ECOS        End-to-End Class of Service
  ECOSOC      ECOnomic and SOcial Committee
  ECP         Encryption Control Protocol
  ECP         Engineering Change Proposal
  ECP         Enhanced Capabilities Port
  ECP         European Common Proposal
  ECP         Executive Cellular Processor
  ECP         Executive Control Program
  ECP         Extended Capabilities Port
  ECPA        Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  ECPC        Executive Cellular Processor Complex
  ECR         Electronic Cash Register
  ECR         Explicit Cell Rate
  ECRB        Executive Change Review Board
  ECREEA      European Confederation of Radio and Electronic Equipment Associations
  ECRM        Echo Cancellation Resource Module
  ECRP        Earcap Reference Point
  ECRTSIM     Enhanced CRTSIM
  ECS         Electronic Commerce Services
  ECS         Encryption Control Signal
  ECS         Enterprise Communications Server
  ECS         Entity Coordinate System
  ECS         Entrance Criteria Screener
  ECS         Entropy-Coded Segment
  ECS         Environmental Control System
  ECS         European Communications Satellite
  ECSA        European Computing Services Association
  ECSA        Exchange Carrier Standards Association
  ECSA        Exchange Carrier Standards Association (USA)
  ECSDS       Enterprise Computing Systems Data Systems
  ECT         Early Cut-Through
  ECT         Explicit Call Transfer (supplementary service)
  ECTEL       European Conference of Telecommunications and Professional Electronic Industries (ES)
  ECTEL       European Telecommunication and Professional Electronics Industry
  ECTF        Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
  ECTP        Ethernet Configuration Test Protocol
  ECTRA       European Committee for Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs
  ECTS        Echo Canceller Testing System
  ECTS        ENET Integrity Check Traffic Simulator
  ECTUA       European Council of Telecommunications User Associations
  ECU         EISA Configuration Utility
  ECU         Electronic Control Unit
  ECU         Environmental Control Unit
  ECU         European Currency Unit
  ECU         European Currency Unit
  ECW         Emergency Calls in Wireless
  ECW         Even Control Word
  ECX         Extended Count Register
  ED          Edit
  ED          Editing
  ED          Electronic Design (periodical)
  ED          End Delimiter
  ED          End Designation
  ED          End of Data
  ED          Ending Delimiter
  ED          Energy Dispersal
  ED          ENVY/Developer
  ED          Erase in Display
  ED          Error Detection
  ED          EWOS Document
  ED          Expedited Data (EX)
  ED          Extra-High Density
  ED&C        Error Detection and Correction
  ED/ECC      Error Detection and Error Correction Code
  EDA         Efficient Defect Analyzer
  EDA         Electronic Design Automation
  EDA         Electronic Design Automation (CeBIT)
  EDAC        Error Detection and Correction
  EDAP        Extended Data Availability and Protection
  EDB         Embedded Database
  EDB         ESTELLE Debugger
  EDB         Exchange Database
  EDBA        Event-Driven Billing Architecture
  EDC         Error Detecting Code
  EDC         Error Detection and Correction
  EDC         Error Detection Code
  EDC         Export Development Corporation
  EDCH        Enhanced D-Channel Handler
  EDCP        Event Driven Call Processing
  EDD         Earliest Due Date
  EDD         Electronic Document Delivery
  EDD         Electronic Document Distribution (DISOSS)
  EDD         Element Definition Document
  EDD         Envelope Delay Distortion
  EDD         Equipment Data Dump
  EDDI        Extended Disk Driver Interface
  EDDS        Enhanced Dynamic Data Sync
  EDE         Encrypt-Decrypt-Encrypt
  EDF         Earliest Deadline First
  EDF         Erbium-Doped Fiber
  EDF         European Development Fund
  EDFA        Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
  EDFFA       Erbium-Doped Fluoride Fiber Amplifier
  EDFG        Edge Device Functional Group
  EDFP        Event Driven Feature Processing
  EDGE        Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
  EDH         Electronic Data Handling
  EDH         Electronic Document Handling
  EDI         Electroni Document Interchange
  EDI         Electronic Data Interchange
  EDI         Enciphered Data Indicator (SNA)
  EDI         Extended Destination Index Register
  EDIF        Electronic Design Interchange Format
  EDIF        Electronic Design Interchange Format (CAD/CAE)
  EDIFACT     Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport
  EDIFICE     EDI Forum for the Electronics Industry
  EDIM        Electronic Data Interchange Message
  EDIMS       Electronic Data Interchange Messaging System
  EDIN        Electronic Data Interchange Notification
  EDIP        Electronic Document Image Processing
  EDIT        Error Deletion by Iterative Transmission
  EDL         Edit Decision List
  EDL         Encapsulator Description Language
  EDM         Embedded Delta Modulation
  EDM         Employee Development Model
  EDM         Enterprise Desktop Manager
  EDMX        Enhanced Data Message Switch
  EDN         EDN Magazine (periodical)
  EDNA        EKTS Display With No Alerting
  EDNA        Environment Distribution Network Administration
  EDNR        Emergency Directory Number Route
  EDNR        Emergency Directory Number Routing
  EDNR        Emergency Dynamic Number Routing
  EDNS        Enterprise-Defined Network Services
  EDO         Extended Data Out
  EDOA        Ermium-Doped Optical Amplifier
  EDORAM      Extended Data Out RAM
  EDOSRAM     Extended Data Out SRAM
  EDOVRAM     Extended Data Out VRAM
  EDP         Electronic Data Processing
  EDP         Encrypted Data Processor
  EDP         Enhanced Datagram Protocol
  EDP         Event Detection Point
  EDP         Extended Datagram Protocol
  EDPE        Electronic Data Processing Equipment
  EDPM        Electronic Data Processing Machine
  EDP-N       Event Detection Point- Notification
  EDP-R       Event Detection Point- Request
  EDR         Early Developer Release
  EDR         Engineering Data Reporter
  EDRAM       Enhanced Digital Recorded Announcement Machine
  E-DRAM      Enhanced DRAM
  EDS         Electronic Data Switching system
  EDS         Electronic Data Systems
  EDS         Electronic Directory Service
  EDS         Equipment Drawing System
  EDS         Exchangeable Disk Storage
  EDSEA       Enhanced Display Station Emulation Adapter
  EDSFA       Erbium-Doped Silica Fiber Amplifier
  EDSL        Extended Digital Subscriber Line
  E-DSPM      Enhanced Digital Signal Processing Module
  E-DSS1      European Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 1
  EDSX        Electronic Digital Signal Cross-Connect
  EDT         Eastern Daylight Time
  EDT         Electronic Design Transfer
  EDT         Enhanced Data Transfer
  EDTC        Enhanced Digital Trunk Controller
  EDTCC       Electronic Data Traffic Control Computer
  EDTK        Event Driven Trunk Call Processing
  EDTM        Electrical Time-Division Multiplexing
  EDTU        Enhanced Digital Test Unit
  EDTV        Enhanced-Definition Television
  edu         Educational institutions domain
  EDW         Energy Dispersion Waveform
  EDX         Enhanced Digital Switch
  EDX         Extended Data Register
  EE          Electrical Engineering
  Ee          Entity End
  EE          Equipment Engineering
  EE          Extended Edition
  EE          ISO country code for Estonia
  E-E         End-to-End
  EE&Q        Environment, Ethics & Quality
  EEA         Electronic Engineering Association (UK)
  EEA         European Economic Area (EFTA)
  EEA         The Association of the Electronics, Telecommunications
              and Business Equipment Industries (UK)
  EEC         Electrical Echo Canceler
  EEC         Escrow Encryption Chip
  EEC         European Economic Community
  EEC         European Economic Community (no longer used, replace by EU)
  EECA        European Electronic Component Manufacturers' Association
  EEE         Electronic Equipment Enclosure
  EEE         End-to-End Encryption
  EEG         Electro-EncephaloGram (Medical)
  EEHO        Either End Hop Off
  EEI         External Event Information
  EEIG        European Economic Interest Group
  EEL         Edge-Emitting Laser
  EEL         Electric Echo Loss
  EEL         Electric Echo Loss
  EEM         End to End Message
  EEM         Enhanced Expanded Measurements
  EEMA        European Electronic Mail Association
  EEMS        Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification
  EEP         Electrical Echo Path
  EEPOT       Electrically Erasable programmable POTentiometer
  EEPROM      Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  EEPROM      Electrically Erasable PROM
  EER         Event Error Rate
  EER         Extended Entity Relationship
  EEROM       Electrically Erasable Read-Only Memory
  EES         End-to-End Signaling
  EES         Escrowed Encryption Standard
  EES         European Economic Space
  EESS        Earth Exploration Satellite Service
  EESSC       End-to-End Signaling via Speed Calling
  EET         Equipment Engaged Tone
  EETD        End-to-End Transit Delay
  EETDN       End-to-End Transit Delay Negotiation
  EEVP        End-to-End Virtual Path
  EEVPN       End-to-End Virtual Private Network
  EEWD        Enhanced Exchange Wide Dial
  EF          Elementary Function
  EF          Enhanced Functions
  EF          Enhancement Factor
  EF          Envelope Function
  EF          Erase in Field
  EF&I        Engineer, Furnish, and Install
  EFB         Error Free Block
  EFCI        Explicit Forward Congestion Indication
  EFCI        Explicit Forward Congestion Indicator
  EFCN        Explicit Forward Congestion Notification
  EFCS        Electronic Flight Control System
  EFD         Endpoint Format Descriptor
  EFD         Event Forwarding Discriminator
  EFD         Event-Forwarding Discriminator
  EFDS        Error Free DeciSeconds
  EFF         Electronic Frontier Foundation
  EFF         ElectronikFabrikant Foreningen (Association of Electronics Manufacturers (Denmark)
  EFF         Extended Frame Format
  EFI         Electronics for Imaging
  EFI         Engineer, Furnish and Install
  EFI         Errored Frame Indicator
  EFI         Expedited Flow Indicator
  EFIE        Extended Facility Information Element
  EFIS        Electronic Flight Instrument System
  EFL         Emitter Follower Logic
  EFM         Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation (Coder/Decoder)
  EFPT        European Feature Patch Team
  EFQM        European Forum for Quality Management
  EFQM        European Foundation for Quality Management
  EFR         Enhanced Full Rate
  EFRAP       Enhanced Frame Relay Access Processor
  EFRC        Enhanced Full Rate Codec
  EFS         Encrypting File System
  EFS         End of Frame Sequence
  EFS         Error Free Signal
  EFS         Error-Free Seconds
  EFS         External File Service
  EFSM        Extended Finite State Machine
  eFSM        Extended Finite State Machine
  EFT         Electrical Fast Transient
  EFT         Electronic Funds Transfer (Banking)
  EFT         Extended Fundamental Types
  EFTA        Europäische Freihandelsassoziation
  EFTA        European Free Trade Association
  EFTPOS      Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
  EFTS        Electronic Funds Transfer System
  EFTT        Enable Full Time Transmission
  EG          Equipment Ground
  EG          Europäische Gemeinschaft(en)
  EG          Expert Group
  EG          External Gateway
  EG          ISO country code for Arab Republic of Egypt
  EG5         PAC Expert Group 5 (Mobile and Personal Communications)
  EGA         Enhanced Graphics Adapter
  EGAD        Education General Administration Database
  EGC         Enhanced Group Call
  EGC         Equal Gain Combining
  EGCT        Expert Group in Conformance Testing
  EGP         Exterior Gateway Protocol (TCP/IP-DoD)
  EGP         External Gateway Protocol
  E-GSM       Extended GSM
  EH          Event Handler
  EH          Exception Handling
  EH          External Host
  EH          ISO country code for Western Sahara
  EHB         Extra Half Bright
  EHC         Error Handling Category
  EHD         Expected High Day
  EHDV        Ergonomie et Harmonisation des Dialogues Vocaux
  EHF         Extremly High Frequency (30...300 GigaHertz)
  EHKP4       Einheitliche Hohere Kommunikations Protokolle Ebene 4
              (Unified Higher-Level Control Protocol for Level 4)
  EHKP5       Einheitliche Hohere Kommunikations Protokolle Ebene 5
              (Unified Higher-Level Control Protocol for Level 5)
  EHLD        EKTS Hold
  EHLLAPI     Emulator High-Level Language API
  EHPT        Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications
  EHS         Environmental, Health, and Safety
  EHS         Exception Handling System
  EHT         Exception Handling Team
  EHT         Extremely High Temperature
  EHT         Extremly High Tension  (10 kiloVolt...)
  EHZ         Einhangezeichen (On-Hook Signal)
  EHZA        Einhangezeichen des A-Tln
  EI          DDOC Section: Engineering Information
  EI          Emergency Indication
  EI          Enable Interrupt
  EI          Error Indication
  EI          Event Information
  EI          Expected Integrity
  EI          External Interface
  EI          External Interrupt
  EIA         Electronic Industries Association (USA)
  EIB         Ethernet Interface Board
  EIC         Equipment Installers Code
  EIC         Ethernet Interface Card
  EICTS       ENET Integrity Check Traffic Simulator
  EID         Endpoint Identifier
  EIDE        Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
  E-IDE       Enhanced IDE
  EIES        Electronic Information Exchange System (CCA/VTS)
  EIGRP       Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  EIH         Error Interrupt Handler
  EII         Early Industry Interaction
  EII         Electronic Image Industry
  EII         European Information Infrastructure
  EIM         Errored Interval Monitor
  EIM         Ethernet Inverse Multiplexer
  EIM         External Interface Module
  EIN         Ethernet Interface Node
  EIN         European Informatics Network
  EIN         European Information Network
  EIOC        Enhanced Input/Output Controller
  EIOP        Enhanced International Operator Position
  EIP         Electronic Image Processing
  EIP         Equipment Installation Procedure
  EIP         Ethernet Interface Paddle Board
  EIP         Extended Instruction Pointer
  EIP         Extended Internet Protocol
  EIR         Engineering Information Report
  EIR         Equipment Identification Register
  EIR         Equipment Identification Register
  EIR         Equipment Identity Register
  EIR         Excess Information Rate
  EIR         Excessive Information Rate
  EIRMA       European Industrial Research Management Association
  EIRP        Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
  EIRP        Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
  EIRP        Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power
  EIS         Electronic Information Systems
  EIS         Emulator Interface Specification
  EIS         Executive Information System
  EIS         Expanded Inband Signaling
  EISA        Extended Industry Standard Architecture
  EISCAT      European Incoherent SCATter facility
  EISP        Enhanced ISDN Signaling Preprocessor
  EISSC       Executive Information Systems Steering Council
  EIT         Encoded Information Type
  EIU         Ethernet Interface Unit
  EIUF        European ISDN Users Forum
  EIV         Encryption Initialization Vector
  EJ          Electronic Journalism
  EJB         Enterprise JavaBeans
  EJOB        European Joint Optical Bistability Project
  EKBCEB      EKTS Bridged Call Exclusion Billing Records
  EKDNBB      EKTS Directory Number Bridging Billing Records
  EKE         End System Key Exchange
  E-KEY       Expected KEY
  EKICB       EKTS Intercom Calling Billing Records
  EKSRTB      EKTS Station Ringing Transfer Billing Records
  EKTS        Electronic Key Telephone Service
  EKTS        Electronic Key Telephone Set
  EKTS        Electronic Key Telephone System
  EKTSAM      EKTS Analog Member
  EKUBB       EKTS User Bridging Billing Records
  EL          Echo Loss
  EL          Electro Luminescence
  EL          Electroluminescent
  EL          Electronic Library
  EL          Element Layer
  EL          ELevation
  EL          Encode Level
  EL          Engineering Letter
  EL          Erase in Line
  EL          Erase Line
  EL          Exchange Line
  ELA         ELektroAkustik
  ELAN        Emulated Local Area Network
  ELAN        European Local Area Network
  E-LAN       Extended Local Area Network
  ELC         Exchange Line Capacity
  ELCB        Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
  ELCM        Enhanced Line Concentrating Module
  ELCOM       Electrical Communication (periodical)
  ELD         Enhanced Line Drawer
  ELEPL       Equal Level Echo Path Loss
  ELF         Entry Leadership Forum
  ELF         Error Logging Facility
  ELF         Executable and Linking Format
  ELF         Extensible Linking Format
  ELF         Extension Language Facility
  ELF         Extremely Low Frequency
  ELF         Extremely Low Frequency (3- 10 kHz)
  ELLC        Enhanced Logical Link Control
  ELMS        Element Layer Management System
  ELN         Essential Line
  ELOBA       Events, Logs, OMs, Billing, Alarms
  ELOT        Hellenic Organization for Standardization
  ELOT        Hellenic Organization for Standardization (GR)
  ELP         Encode Level Point
  ELPP        Enhanced Link Peripheral Processor
  ELR         Earth Loop Recall
  ELS         Entry Level Solution
  ELSEC       Electronic Security
  ELSI        Extra Large Scale Integration
  ELT         Emergency Locating Transmitter
  ELT         Emergency-Load-Transfer signal
  ELT         Extension Load Tape
  ELV         Edit Level Video
  ELV         Electrical Low-Voltage
  ELW         Editable List Widget
  EM          E&M
  EM          Edit Message
  EM          Electromechanical
  EM          Electromigration
  EM          Electronic Mailing
  EM          Element Management
  EM          Element Manager
  EM          Emphasis (HTML tag)
  EM          Emulate Coprocessor
  EM          Emulation
  EM          End of Medium
  EM          Engineering Manual
  EM          Enterprise Module
  EM          Environment Monitor
  EM          Error Monitoring
  EMA         Electronic Mail Association (USA)
  EMA         Electronic Messaging Association
  EMA         Enterprise Management Architecture (DEC)
  EMA         Excellence! Maturity Assessment
  EMACS       Editing Macros
  Emacs       Extensible Macro-Customizable Self-Documenting Editor
  EMAG        ETSI MIS Advisory Group
  email       Electronic Mail
  EMAIL       Electronic MAIL
  EMAU        Ethernet Media Access Unit
  EMB         Extended Memory Block
  EMBARC      Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer
  EMBC        European Molecular Biology Conference
  EMC         Electromagnetic Compatibility
  EMC         Embedded Maintenance Channel
  EMC         Enhanced Multipurpose Cabinet
  EMC         Equipment Manufacture Code
  EMD         Edelmetall Motor Drenwahler (Analog Mechanical Switch)
  EME         Earth-Moon-Earth radio path
  EMERALD     Enhanced Measurement for Early Risk Assessment of Latent Defects
  EMF         ElectroMagnetic Field
  EMF         Electromotive Force
  EMF         Enhanced Metafile
  EMF         Enhanced Metafile Format
  EMF         Environment Manager Function
  EMF         Event Management Framework
  EMG         Environment Manager Global
  EMI         Electromagnetic Interference
  EMI         Enable Manual Input
  EMI         Exchange Message Interface
  EMI         External Memory Interface
  EMIC        ESTU Module Interface Card
  EMIRTEL     Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
  EMK         Emergency Key
  EML         Element Management Layer
  EML         Expected Measured Loss
  eMLPP       Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption
  EMM         Entitlement Management Message
  EMM         ESTU Master Module
  EMM         Event Measurement Mapping
  EMM         Expanded Memory Manager
  EMMI        Electrical Man Machine Interface
  EMMS        Electronic Mail and Messaging Systems
  EMN         Enterprise Meeting Notice
  EMP         Electromagnetic Pulse
  EMPC        Enhanced Multiprotocol Controller
  EMPC        Enhanced Multi-Purpose Controller
  EMR         ElectroMagnetic Radiation
  EMR         ElectroMechanical Relay
  EMR         Exchange Message Record
  EMRLD       Emergency Recovery Log Database
  EMRP        Effective Monopole-Radiated Power
  EMS         Electronic Mail System
  EMS         Electronic Messaging Service (e-mail)
  EMS         Element Management System (ATT)
  EMS         Engineering Modelling System (CAD/CAE)
  EMS         Enhanced Maintenance Server
  EMS         Enterprise Management Systems
  EMS         Enterprise Messaging Server
  EMS         Equivalent Series Resistance
  EMS         Event Management Service (DSM-Tandem)
  EMS         Expanded Memory Specification
  EMS         Expanded Memory System
  EMS         Express Mail Service
  EMS         Extended Memory Standard
  EMSOG       EUTELSAT Multiservice Systems Operations Guide
  EMSS        Electronic Message Service System
  EMT         Emulator Trap
  EMT         Environment Manager Type
  EMU         Economic Monetary Union
  EMU         Element Management Unit
  EMUG        European MAP User Group
  EMUG        European MAP Users' Group
  EMV         Europay, MasterCard, Visa
  EMW         Executive Message Waiting
  EMWAC       European Microsoft Windows NT Academic Centre
  EN          Edit Notification
  EN          Enable
  EN          Entry
  EN          European Norm
  EN          European Standard (CEN/CENELEC)
  EN          Exchange Node
  ENAC        Engineering Network Administration Center
  ENAC        European Network and Application Center
  ENADS       Enhanced Network Administration System
  ENB         Effective Noise Bandwidth
  ENC         Electronic Navigational Chart
  ENC         ENET Cabinet
  ENCP        Enhanced Network Central Processor
  ENDB        ENET Database Audit
  ENDEC       Encoder/Decoder
  Endwrd      indicates last code word of a packet
  ENE         Enterprise Network Event (MAP/TOP)
  ENET        Enhanced Network
  ENF         Exchange and Network Features (CEPT)
  ENFIA       Exchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
  ENG         Electronic News Gathering
  ENG         Electronic News Gathering
  ENG         Engaged
  ENHCWT      Enhanced Call Waiting
  ENI         Enable Interrupts
  ENIAC       Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer
  ENIAC       Electronical Numerical Integrator & Calculator (Mauchly 1946)
  ENIP        Exception-Time Next Instruction Pointer
  ENL         Number of LSBs to be compared when operating outside home network
  ENMC        Enterprise Networks Management Center
  ENO         Enable Output
  ENOB        Effective Number Of Bits
  ENQ         Enquiry
  ENR         Emergency Number Routing
  ENR         Enterprise Network Roundtable
  ENS         Enterprise Naming Service
  ENS         Enterprise Network Services
  ENS         Enterprise Network Switch
  ENS         European Nervous System
  ENS         Event Notification Server
  ENSO        ETSI National Standardization Organization
  ENSS        European Navigation Satellite System
  ENSS        Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem
  ENT         Enter
  ENT         Entry
  ENUM        Enumeration
  ENV         Environment
  ENV         European Pre-Norm
  ENV         European Pre-Standard (CEN/CENELEC)
  EO          Elementary Objectives
  EO          End Office
  EOA         End of Address
  EOB         End of Block
  EoB         End of Bus
  EOB         End of Business
  EOBS        Engineering and Operations in the Bell System, First Edition, 1997
  EOBS2       Engineering and Operations in the Bell System, Second Edition, 1983
  EOC         Edge Of Coverage
  EOC         Embedded Operations Channel
  eoc         Embedded Operations Channel
  EOC         End Of Card
  EOC         End of Contents
  EOC         End Of Conversion
  EOC         Physical EOC Channel
  EOD         End of Data
  EOD         End of Dialing
  EOD         End Office Display
  EOF         End of Data Set Trailer Label
  EOF         End of File
  EOF         End Of Form
  EOF         End of Frame
  EOF         Enterprise Objects Framework
  EOF1        End-of-Data Set Label 1
  EOF2        End-of-Data Set Label 2
  EOFB        End of Facsimile Block
  EOH         End Of Heading
  EOI         End Of Identity (IEEE-488 Bus Signal)
  EOI         End of Image
  EOI         End of Information
  EOJ         End of Job
  EOL         End Of Letter
  EOL         End of Life
  EOL         End of Line
  EOL         End of Option List
  EOLR        Electrical Objective Loudness Rating
  EOM         Electro-Optical Module
  EOM         End of Message
  EON         End Of Number
  EOP         Early Outpulsing
  EoP         End of Optional Parameters
  EOP         End of Outpulsing message
  EOP         End Of Procedure
  EOP         End of Process
  EOP         End of Program
  EOP         End of Pulsing
  EOPS        Enhanced Operator Position System
  EOPS        Extended Operator Position Service
  EOQ         European Organization for Quality
  EOQC        European Organization for Quality Control
  EOR         End of Record
  EOR         End of Recording
  EOR         End Of Reel
  EOR         End Of Retransmission
  EOR         End Of Run
  EOS         Electrical Over-Stress
  EOS         End Of Scan
  EOS         End of Selection message
  EOS         End of Statement
  EOS         Enhanced Operator Services
  EOS         Extended Operating System
  EOSR        Expanded Operator Services Record
  EOT         End of Tape
  EOT         End of Tone
  EOT         End Of Trace (Digital Storage Scope)
  EOT         End of Transmission
  EOT         End Office Tandem
  EOTC        European Organization for Testing and Certification
  EOTC        European Organization for Testing and Certification
  EOUG        European Oracle User Group
  EOV         End of Volume
  EOW         Engineering Order Wire
  EOW         Engineering Orderwire
  EOW         Enhanced Outward WATS
  EP          Emulation Program
  EP          End Point
  EP          Equipment Practice
  EP          Equipment Practice (CEPT)
  EP          ESA Processor
  EP          Estimated Position (ship-navigation)
  EP          ETSI Project
  EP          Europäisches Parlament
  EP          European Parliament
  EP          Extended Play (discs)
  EP          External Priority
  EPA         End of Protected Area
  EPA         Enhanced Performance Architecture (MAP)
  EPA         Environmental Protection Agency
  EPA         Equilibrium Point Analysis
  EPAC        Extended Privilege Attribute Certificate
  EPB         Energy-Pulse Bonding
  EPBX        Electronic Private Branch Exchange
  EPC         Earth Potential Compensation
  EPC         Electronic Power Conditioner
  EPC         Ethernet Paddle Card
  EPCI        Enhanced Programmable Communications Interface
  EPD         Early Packet Discard
  EPDB        Exchange Production Database
  EPDF        Embedded PDF
  EPFS        Electronic Position Fixing System (ship-navigation)
  EPG         Electronic Program Guide
  EPHOS       European Procurement Handbook for Open Systems
  EPI         Error Power Indicator
  EPI         External Presentation Interface
  EPIC        Electronic Privacy Information Center
  EPIC        Emulating and Programmable Intergrated Circuits (RCA Inc.)
  EPIC        Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
  EPIC        Extended PCM Interface Controller
  EPIRB       Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
  EPL         Echo Path Loss
  EPL         Effective Privilege Level
  EPL         Electronic Price Label
  EPLD        Electrically Programmable Logic Device
  EPLD        Erasable Programmable Logic Device
  EPN         End Point Number
  EPNR        Expanded Private Network Record
  EPO         Electronic Payment Order
  EPO         Error Performance Objective
  EPOC        Embedded Protected Operations Channel
  EPODD       Electronic Publishing: Origination, Dissemination and Design
  EPOS        Electronic Point Of Sale
  EPOSR       Expanded Private Operator Services Record
  EPOTS       Enhanced POTS
  EPP         Enhanced Parallel Port
  EPP         ETSI Partnership Project
  EPPA        European Public Paging Association
  EPPV        Enhanced Pay-Per-View
  EPR         Ethylene Propylene Rubber (Cable Insulation)
  EPRCA       Enhanced Proportional Rate Control Algorithm
  EPROM       Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
  EPS         Electronic Publishing Services Ltd.
  EPS         Encapsulated PostScript
  EPSCS       Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
  EPSF        Encapsulated PostScript Format
  EPSI        EPS Interchange
  EPSR        Exception-Time Processor Status Register
  EPSS        Experimental Packet-Switching Service (UK)
  EPT         Engineering/Provisioning Tool
  EPV         Entry Point Vector
  EQ          Equal To
  EQ          Equalizer
  EQ          Equipment
  EQAC        Equal Access
  EQC         Equipment Class
  EQE         Equalization Enable
  EQI         Equipment Identifier
  EQI         ETSI Quality Index
  EQL         EQuaLiser
  EQM         ETSI Quality Management (programme)
  EQN         Equation
  EQPEC       Equipment Product Engineering Code
  eqpt        Equipment
  EQR         Electronics Quality Registry
  EQTV        Extended Quality Television
  EQU         Equate
  EQU_ACC     Equal Access
  EQWT        Equippage, Wrong Type
  ER          Echo Replica
  ER          Elastic/Rigid
  ER          Electronic Radiology
  ER          Engineering Route
  ER          Entity Relationship
  ER          Entity-Relationship
  ER          Equipment Register
  ER          Ericsson Review (periodical)
  ER          Error
  ER          Event Register
  ER          Exception Report
  ER          Explicit Rate
  ER          Explicit Route
  ER          Extended Range
  ER          ISO country code for Eritrea
  ER PDU      Error Data Protocol Unit (OSI-TP)
  ERA         Entity Relationship Attribute
  ERAM        Egress RAM
  ERASMUS     EC Actions Scheme for the Mobility of University Students
  ERB         Emergency Ringback
  ERBIS       Einheitliches rechnergestutztes Betriebsinformationssystem
              (OAM application for providing on-line documentation)
  ERC         Electrical Rule Checking
  ERC         European Radio Commission
  ERC         European Radiocommunications Committee
  ERC         Explicit Rate Control
  ERC         Explicit Route Control
  ERCC        ERror Checking and Correction
  ERCO        Entry Rules Control Object (CCA/VTS)
  ERCS        Extended Reference Concrete Syntaxes
  ERD         Emergency Recovery Display
  ERD         Entity Relationship Diagram
  ERE         Extended Regular Expression
  ERF         Event Reporting Function
  ERG         Electro RetinoGram
  ERI         Exception Response Indicator (SNA)
  ERL         Echo Return Loss
  Erl         Erlang
  ERL         ERror Line
  ERLC        Extended Range Line Card
  ERLE        Echo Return Loss Enhancement
  ERLL        Enhanced Run Length Limited
  ER-LSP      Explicitly Routed Label-Switched Path
  ERM         EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
  ERM         Erasure Mode
  ERM         Explicit Rate Manager
  ERM         Explicit Rate Marking
  ERMES       European Radio Message System
  ERMES       European Radio Messaging Service
  ERMES       European Radio Messaging System
  ERMF        Event Report Management Function
  ERN         Explicit Route Number (SNA)
  ero         Entity Reference Open
  ERO         European Radio Office
  ERO         European Radiocommunications Office
  ERO         Explicit Route Object
  EROS        Emitter-Receiver for Optical Systems
  EROS        European Ranging Observations to Satellites
  EROW        Executive Right of Way
  ERP         Ear Reference Point
  ERP         Effective Radiated Power
  ERP         Enterprise Resource Planning
  ERP         Equivalent Radiated Power
  ERP         Error Recovery Procedure
  ERP         Estimated Retail Price
  ERR         Error
  ERR         Error message
  ERR         Protocol Data Unit Error
  ERR         Response to end of Retransmission
  ERS         Electronic Register-Sender
  ERS         Emergency Reporting System
  ERS         Engineering Requirement Specification
  ERS         European Remote sensing Satellite
  ERS         Event Reporting System
  ERS         Existential Refusal Set
  ERS         Extended Ring Search
  ERT         Emergency Response Team
  ERT         Enhanced Remote Thumbwheel
  ERT         Estimated Repair Time
  ERT         Event Register Temporary
  ER-TPOU     Error Transport Data Protocol Unit
  ERTS        Error Rate Test Set
  ERU         Emergency Recovery Utility
  ERV         Enhanced Roamer Validation
  ERWM        Expensive Route Warning Message
  ERWT        Expensive Route Warning Tone
  ES          Earth Station
  ES          Echo Suppressor
  ES          Edit Style
  ES          Emergency Service
  ES          Emergency Services
  ES          End Station
  ES          End System
  ES          Enhanced Security
  ES          Errored Second
  ES          Errored Seconds
  ES          ETSI Secretariat
  ES          European Standard
  ES          Exception Summary
  ES          Expanded Spectrum
  ES          Expert System
  ES          Extra Segment
  ES          ISO country code for Spanish State (Spain)
  ESA         Editing and Standards Approval department (ETSI)
  ESA         EFTA Surveillance Authority
  ESA         Emergency Services Adjunct
  ESA         Emergency Stand Alone
  ESA         End of Selected Area
  ESA         Enterprise System Architecture (MVS/IBM)
  ESA         European Space Agency
  ESA         European Statistics Administration
  ESA         Extended Service Area
  ESA         Extended System Architecture
  ESAC        Electronic Surveillance Analysis Center
  ESAC        Electronic Switching Assistance Center
  ESAC        Electronic Systems Assistance Center
  ESAC        Emergency Stand-Alone Circuit
  ESAT        Employee Satisfaction
  ESAT        Employee Satisfaction Action Team
  ESAT        Employee Satisfaction Team
  ESB         Emergency Service Bureau
  ESB         European Standardization Board
  ESBC        Emergency Services Bureau Capability
  ESBC        Emergency Services Bureau Compatibility
  ESBC        Enhanced Single-Board Computer
  ESBT        Emergency Services Bureau Terminability
  ESC         Echo Suppressor Control
  ESC         Emergency Services for China
  ESC         Engineering Service Circuit
  ESC         Enhanced Services Complex
  ESC         Escape
  ESCA        Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
  ESCLIST     Escape List
  ESCO        Emergency Service Central Office
  ESCON       Enterprise Systems CONnection
  ESCORT      EBU system for the classification of radio and television programmes
  ESCR        Elementary Stream Clock Reference
  ESD         Electronic Software Delivery
  ESD         Electronic Software Distribution
  ESD         Electrostatic Discharge
  ESD         Electrostatic Sensitive Device
  ESD         End of Stream Delimiter
  ESD         End System Designator
  ESD         Errored Seconds Daily Threshold
  ESD         European Standards Database (CEN)
  ESD         Extended State Diagram
  ESD         External Symbol Dictionary
  ESDI        Enhanced Small Device Interface
  ESDI        Enhanced Small Disk Interface
  ESDN        Enhanced Secondary Directory Number
  ESDS        Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive
  ESDS        Entry Sequenced Data Set
  ESE         Encapsulated Software Entities
  ESEL        Electronic Shelf Edge Labelling
  ESF         Edge Spread Function  (Imaging)
  ESF         European Science Foundation
  ESF         Extended Super Frame
  ESF         Extended Superframe
  ESF         Extended Superframe Format (ATT)
  ESF         Extended Superframe Format (Digital Datacommunications)
  ESG         Emergency Service Group
  ESG         Emergency Services Group
  ESH         Embedded Shell
  ESH         End System Hello
  ESH         Errored Seconds Hourly Threshold
  ESHO        Extended Soft Hand-Off
  ESI         End Station Identifier
  ESI         End System Identifier
  ESI         Enhanced Service Initiative
  ESI         Environment Science Index
  ESI         Equivalent Step Index (Profile) (Optical Data Communications)
  ESI         Extended Source Index Register
  ESI         External Synchronisation Input
  ESI         External Synchronization Interface
  ESID        Effective Segment ID
  ESIG        European SMDS Interest Group
  ESIG        European SMDS Interest Group
  ESIOP       Environment-Specific Inter-ORB Protocol
  ESIS        Element Structure Information Set
  ESIS        End System to Intermediate System
  ES-IS       End System to Intermediate System protocol
  ESL         Essential Line
  ESL         Essential-Service Line
  ESLAM       Essential Line for Analog Member of EKTS
  ESLIC       Enhanced Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
  ESLUA       European SL-1/Meridian 1 Users Association
  ESMA        Expanded Subscriber Carrier Module Access
  ESME        External Short Message Entity
  ESMR        Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
  ESMR        Extended Specialized Mobile Radio
  E-SMR       Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
  ESMS        Echo Suppressor Measuring Set
  ESMTP       Extended SMTP
  ESMTP       Extensions to SMTP
  ESMU        Enhanced Subscriber Carrier Module Urban
  ESN         Electronic Serial Number
  ESN         Electronic Switched Network
  ESN         Electronic Switching Network
  ESN         Emergency Service Number
  ESN         Enhanced Services Network
  ESO         Echo Suppressor, Originating
  ESO         Emergency Service Order
  ESO         European Space Observatory (in Chile)
  ESO         European Space Organization
  ESO         European Standardization Organization
  ESO         External Synchronisation Output
  ESOC        European Space Operation Centre
  ESOG        EUTELSAT Systems Operations Guide
  ESP         Employee Services Portfolio
  ESP         Encapsulating Security Payload
  ESP         End of Speaker Identification
  ESP         Engineering Services Practices
  ESP         Enhanced Serial Port
  ESP         Enhanced Service Provider
  ESP         Enhanced Services Protocol
  ESP         Enhanced Services Provider
  ESP         Essential Service Protection
  ESP         Estimated Sale Price
  ESP         Extended Stack Pointer
  ESPA        Equipment Space Planning Algorithm
  ESPA        European Selective Paging Association
  ESPC        No. 1 ESS Stored Program Control
  ESPCS       Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
  ESPG        Equipment Space Planning Guideline
  ESPN        Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
  ESPP        Enhanced Service Provisioning Plarform
  ESPRIT      European Strategic Programme for Research and development in Information Technology
  ESR         Equivalent Series Resistance
  ESR         Errored Second Ratio
  ESR         Event Service Routine
  ESR         Extended Self-Contained Ring
  ESR         Extended Spectral-Response
  ESRB        Entertainment Software Ratings Board
  ESRO        Efficient Short Remote Operations
  ESS         Electronic Switching System (Bell)
  ESS         Enhanced Surveillance Services
  ESS         Environmental Stress Screening
  ESS         European Standardization System
  ESS         Extended Service Set
  ESSE        Embedded Systems Software Environment
  ESSI        Enhanced Synchronous Serial Interface
  EST         Eastern Standard Time
  EST         Echo Suppressor Terminal
  EST         Echo Suppressor, Terminating
  EST         Enhanced Service Testing
  EST         Environmental Stress Testing
  EST         Establish
  EST         Establish hunt or call pickup group
  ESTEC       European Space research and TEchnology Centre
  ESTELLE     Extended finite State Transition Language
  ESTO        Electronic Systems Technology Office
  ESTS        Echo Suppressor Testing System
  ESTU        Enhanced Services Test Unit
  ESU         Empty Signal Unit
  ESU         Exhange Signaling Unit
  ESUG        European Smalltalk User's Group
  ESV         Extended State Variable
  ESW         Embedded Software
  ESWL        Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy  (Medical)
  ESZ         Emergency Service Zone
  ET          Eject Tape
  ET          Elapsed Time
  ET          Electrical Typewriter
  ET          Emerging Technologies
  ET          End Terminal
  ET          Engaged Tone
  ET          Ephemeris Time
  ET          Exchange Terminal
  ET          Exchange Termination
  ET          Exchange Terminator
  ET          Extension Type
  ET          ISO country code for Ethiopia
  ETA         Enhanced Terminal Access
  ETA         Estimated Time of Arrival
  ETAC        Electronic Technical Assistance Center
  ETACS       Extended Total Access Communications System
  ETACS       Extended Total Access System
  Etag        End Tag
  ETAS        Emergency Technical Assistance Service
  ETB         End of Transmission Block
  ETC         Electronic Toll Collection
  ETC         Enhanced Throughput Cellular
  ETCCC       European Testing and Certification Coordination Council
  ETCI        Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (IRL)
  ETCO        European Telecommunications Consultancy Organization
  ETCOM       European Testing & Certification for Office and Manufacturing (Agreement Group)
  ETCOM       European Testing for Certification for Office and Manufacturing Protocols
  ETDC        Electronic Traffic Data Converter
  ETDM        Electrical Time Division Multiplexing
  ETDMA       Extended Time Division Multiple Access
  E-TDMA      Enhanced TDMA
  E-TDMA      Extended TDMA
  ETE         End-To-End
  ETE         Equivalent Telephone Erlangs
  ETFCC       Elapsed Time From Carrier Connect
  ETFTP       Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  ETG         EWOS Technical Guide
  ETG         EWOS Technical Guide
  ETH         (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
  ETH         Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule
  ETHERIP     Ethernet within IP
  ETI         External Traffic Indicator
  ETL         Effective Testing Loss
  ETLA        Extended Three-Letter Acronym
  ETM         Element Test and Maintenance
  ETMS        Enhanced TOPS Message Switch
  ETN         Electronic Tandem Network
  ETNA        Ericsson Transport Network Architecture
  ETNF        European Telecom Numbering Forum
  ETNO        Association of Public Telecommunications Network Operators
  ETNO        European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association
  etno        micro (10-6)
  ETNS        European Telephony Numbering Space
  ETO         Equalized Transmission Only
  ETOM        Electron-Trapping Optical Memory
  ETP         Event Transition Procedure
  ETP         Expertise Training Plan
  ETPS        Enhanced Toll Position System
  ETR         Early Token Release
  ETR         Electronically Tuned Receiver
  ETR         Enhanced Tip/Ring
  ETR         Estimated Time of Restoral
  ETR         Estimated Time to Restore
  ETR         ETSI Technical Report
  ETR         European Technical Report
  ETS         Electronic Tandem Switch
  ETS         Electronic Tandem Switched
  ETS         Electronic Tandem Switching
  ETS         Electronic Telephone Set
  ETS         Electronic Translator System
  ETS         Enhanced Time Switch
  ETS         Enterprise Technology Services
  ETS         Equivalent Time Sampling
  ETS         European Telecommunication Standard (ETSI)
  ETS         European Teleprocessing Systems
  ETS         Executable Test Suite
  ETS-4       Electronic Tandem Switch-4 Wire
  ETSA        European Telecommunication Services Association
  ETSAG       European Telecommunications Standards Awareness Group
  ETSBES      Electronic Tandem Switching Billing Enhancements
  ETSDU       Expedited Transport Service Data Unit
  ETSI        European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  ETUC        European Trade Union Confederation
  ETV         Educational Television
  ETV         External Testcase Verification
  ETW         Enhanced Two-Way WATS
  ETX         End of Text
  EU          End User
  EU          European Union (new name for EEC)
  EU          Execution Unit
  EU          External Update
  EUC         End-User Control
  EUC         Extended Unix Code
  EUCATEL     EUropean Conference of Associations of TELecommunication industries
  EUCL        End User Common Line
  EULA        End-User License Agreement
  EUM         Extended Unsuccessful Backward Setup Information message
  EUMETSAT    EUropean METeorological SATellite system
  EUN         External Update Notification
  EUNET       European Unix NETwork
  EUPIC       End User's Presubscribed Interexchage Carrier
  EUR         End User Role
  EURATOM     EURopean ATOMic energy community
  EUREKA      Europäische Forschungskoordinationsagentur
  EUREKA      EURopean initiative for collaborative research
  EUREKA      European Research Coordination Agency
  EURESCOM    European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications
  EURO- TECH  Technisches Komitee des EACEM
  EUROCAE     EURopean Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
  EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
  EUROTECH    EACEM Technical Committee
  EUSIDIC     European Association of Information Services
  EUT         Equipment Under Test
  EUT         Equipment Under Test
  EUTELSAT    European Telecommunication Satellite Organization
  EUTELSAT    European Telecommunications Satellite Organization
  EUUG        European UNIX User Group
  EUV         Extreme Ultra Violet
  eV          Electron Volts
  eV          electronVolt
  EV          Encoding Variation
  EV          Environment Variable
  EV          Equipment View
  EV          Event
  EV          Extreme Value
  EVE         European Videoconference Experiment
  EVE         Extreme Value Engineering
  EvI         Event Information
  EVK         Evaluation Kit
  EVL         Evolution Rule Language
  EVM         Event Management Layer
  EVP         EnVeloPe
  EVP         Executive Vice President
  EVRC        Enhanced Variable Rate Coder
  EVS         Enhanced Voice Services
  EVS         Event Services
  EVS         Expense Vouchering System
  EVSB        Extensible VERSAbus
  EVT         Exception Vector Table
  EVUA        European Virtual Private Network Users Association
  EVX         Electronic Voice Exchange
  EW          Electronic Warfare
  EWAL        Enhanced WATS Access Line
  EWB         ETAS Warning Bulletin
  EWE         Engineering Workstation Environment
  EWG         Europäische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft
  EWI         E-mail Waiting Indication
  EWL         Exchange Work List
  EWOS        European Workshop for Open Systems
  EWOS        European Workshop on Open Systems
  EWP         Electronic White Pages
  EWP         ETSI Work Programme
  EWP         Extended Warranty Plan
  EWS         Electronic Work Station
  EWS         Elektronisches Wahlsystem (Siemens electronic switching system)
  EWS         ESTELLE Work Station
  EWSD        Elektronisches Wahlsystem Digital (Siemens digital switching system)
  EWSD        Elektronisches Wahlvermittlungssystem Digital (Siemens digital switching system)
  EWSM        Elektronisches Wahlsystem, MAN (Electronic Switching System, MAN)
  EWT         Estimated Work Time
  EWTN        Eternal Word Television Network
  EX          Execute
  EX          Exercise
  EX          Exit Notification
  EX          EXpedited data
  EX          Instruction Execution
  EXB         Extension Bridging
  EXC         Exception
  ExCA        Exchangable Card Architecture
  EXCA        Exchangeable Card Architecture
  EXCL        Exclusive
  EXCON       Expand and Concentrate
  EXD         MDII: Address Signaling Error- Extra Digit
  EXE         Executable
  EXE         Executable File
  EXE         EXEcute
  EXEC        Executable
  EXEC        Execute
  EXEC        EXECute
  EXECOM      ETSI Executive Committee
  EXIP        Exception-Time Execution Instruction Pointer
  EXM         Exit Message
  EXND        External Node
  EXP         EXPonential function
  EXP         Exports file
  EXP         MDII: Address Signaling Error- Extra Pulse
  EXR         Exception Request
  EXRL        Exception Rate Line
  EXRQ        External Request
  EXT         Extension
  Ext         Extension
  EXT         Extension File
  EXT         Extension Shelf
  EXT         External
  EXT         External Alarms
  EXT SRC     Extended Search
  EXTC        Extend Call message
  ExT-ID      Exchange and Trunk Identity
  EXTN        Extension
  EXTND       Extended
  ExTS        Executable Test Suite
  EYP         Electronic Yellow Pages
  eZIF        Electrically-Activated Zero Insertion

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- F -


  F           "Final character" registered by ISO 2022 registration authority
  F           Failed
  F           Farad
  F           Farenheit
  F           Fellow
  F           Final
  F           Final bit
  F           Fixed
  F           Fixed length
  F           Flag
  F           Flow
  F           Forecast
  F           Forward Compatibility
  F           Framing
  F           French
  f           Frequency
  F           FTAM Service
  F           Fully Associated (link)
  F           Future
  F&A         Facilities and Equipment System
  F/B         Fuse Block
  F/RSC       Fiber Remote Switching Center
  F/SSS       Facility/Service Selective Signaling
  F/W         Firmware
  F/W         Framework
  F/X         Effects
  f1          frequency 1
  f2          frequency 2
  F2F         Face to Face
  F2XM1       FP Compute 2**x- 1 (80x86 inst)
  FA          FachAusschuß
  FA          Facility Agent
  FA          Factory Automation
  FA          Fast Acting
  FA          Fast Answer
  FA          Fax Adapter
  FA          Feature Activation
  FA          Feature Activation information element
  FA          Feature Activator
  FA          Feature Activators
  FA          Fermeldeampt (Data Processing Regional Area)
  FA          Fernmeldeamt (Telecommunication Office) (Telecommunications Exchange)
  FA          File Administrator
  FA          First Available
  FA          Foreign Agent
  FA          Forwarding Agent
  FA          Frame Address
  FA          Frame Alignment
  FA          Framework Technical Advisory
  FA          Fremdanschaltung (ISDN out-of-area connection)
  FA          Full Allocation
  FA          Functional Area
  FA          Fuse Alarm
  FAA         Facility Accepted Message
  FAA         Federal Aviation Administration
  FAA         Federal Aviation Agency (USA)
  FAA         Forced Agent Availability
  FAAR        Fixed Automatic Alternative Routing
  FAC         Facilities Administration Center
  FAC         Facility
  Fac         Facility
  FAC         Facility Message
  FAC         FACsimile
  FAC         Fan Alarm Card
  FAC         Final Assembly Code
  Fac i       Facility Indicator
  FACBC       Facility Number Bearer Capabilities
  FACCH       Fast Associated Control Channel
  FACCH/F     Fast Associated Control Channel/Full Rate
  FACCH/F     Full rate Fast Associated Control CHannel
  FACCH/H     Fast Associated Control Channel/Half Rate
  FACCH/H     Half rate Fast Associated Control CHannel
  FACD        Facility Accepted message
  FACD        Foreign Area Customer Dialing
  FACE        Field-Alterable Control Element
  FACET       Flexible Advanced Capacity Engineering Tool
  FacI i      Facility Information Indicator
  FACID       Facility Number
  FACREQ      Facilities Request
  FACS        Facilities Assignment and Control System
  FACS        Facility Administration Control System
  FACSFG      Facility Number/Simulated Facility Groups Association
  FACT        BRI Feature Activator Indicator Trigger
  FACT        First Application Conformance Test
  FACT        Functional Auditable Combined Testing
  FAD         Facility Access Digroup
  FAD         Facility Deactivated Message
  FADN        Feature Activators Per DNCT
  FADS        Force Administration Data System
  FADSHADS    FADS Hotel Administration Data System
  FADU        File Access Data Unit (FTAM)
  FAF         Facility Failure
  FAFI        Feature Activator/Feature Indicator
  FAFI        Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators
  FAFIDN      Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators Per DNCT
  FAFIHMBS    Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators Per Hunt
              Make Busy Application Set
  FAFISHS     Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators Per Stop Hunt Application Set
  FAHMBS      Feature Activators Per Hunt Make Busy Application Set
  FAI         Facility Information Message
  FAIGEN      FAFI Generic Dialog
  FAIM        Frameworks with Architectural Implementations
  FAIPOC      FAFI Programming Outside the Context of a Call
  FAIRSS      FAFI Recognition and Starter Service
  FAISUP      FAFI Status Update
  FAL         Frame Alignment Loss
  FAM         Fast Access Memory
  FAM         File Access Method
  FAM         Final Address Message
  FAM         Forward Address Message
  FAM         The Family Channel
  FAMAE       Facility Agent MAE
  FAME        Fast Multiphase Excitation (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
  FAMOS       Floating-Gate Avalanche Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  FAMOS       Floating-gate Avalanche MetalOxide Semiconductor
  FAN         Flexible Access Network
  FANI        Flexible Automatic Number Identification
  FANP        Flow Attribute Notification Protocol
  FANS        Future Air Navigation System
  FAOZ        Fernmeldeamt-Ordnungszahl (Identification of Telecommunications Exchange)
  FAP         Feature Alteration Point
  FAP         Feature Appearance
  FAP         Format and Protocol
  FAQ         Frequently Asked Questions
  FAR         Facility Request Message
  FAR         False Alarm Rate
  FAR         Fixed Alternative Routing
  FAR         Flash during Audible Ringing Utility
  FARnet      Federation of American Research Networks
  FARS        Federal Acquisition Regulations
  FAS         Facility Associated Signaling
  FAS         File Access Subsystem
  FAS         Frame Alignment Signal
  FAS         Frame Alignment Symbol
  FASHS       Feature Activators Per Stop Hunt Application Set
  FASIC       Function- and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
  FAST        Fairchild Advanced Schottky TTL
  FAST        Family-oriented Abstraction, Specification, and Translation
  FAST        Federation Against Software Theft (UK)
  FAST        First Application System Test
  FAST        Forecasting and Assessment in Science and Technology
  FAST        Frequency Agile Sharing Technology
  FASTAR      Fast Automatic Restoration
  FASTPLA     FAST Programmable Logic Array (Fairchild Semicond.Inc)
  FAT         File Allocation Table
  FAT         File Allocation Table (DOS)
  FAT         Final Acceptance Testing
  FAT         Foreign Area Toll
  FAT         Foreign Area Translation
  FAT         Foreign Area Translator
  FAT         Framework Architecture Team
  FAW         Frame Alignment Word
  FAX         Facsimile
  Fax         Facsimile
  FAXoIP      Facsimile over Internet Protocol
  FAZAM       Full Armor Zero Administration
  FB          FrameBuilder
  FB          Frequency correction Burst
  FB          Frequency Correction Burst
  FB          Fuse Block
  FBA         Call Forward Busy Allowed
  FBA         Fair Buffer Allocation
  FBAS        Farbart, Bildinhalt, Austast, Synchron(-Signal)
  FBC         Facilities-Based Carrier
  FBC         Facility Bearer Channel
  F-BCCH      Fast Broadcast Control Channel
  FBD         Call Forward Busy Denied
  FBD         Full Business Day
  FBD         Functional Block Diagram
  FBE         Frame Bonding Equaliser
  FBG         Foreign Battery or Ground
  FBPSM       Fixed Block Pool Store Manager
  FBR         F-Bus Terminator/Repeater
  FBS         Flexible Bandwidth Service
  FBSM        File Based Service Management
  FBSOA       Forward Biased Safe Operating Area  (Power Semiconductors)
  FBSS        Full Band Spread Spectrum
  FBT         Fused Biconic Taper
  FBus        Frame Bus
  Fbus        Frame Bus
  FBUS        Frame Transport Bus
  F-BUS       Frame Transport Bus
  FC          Facility Code
  FC          Facility Component
  FC          Fast Channel
  FC          Fast Class
  FC          Feature Close
  FC          Feature Control
  FC          Feedback Control
  FC          Fibre Channel
  FC          Final Compile
  FC          First Call
  FC          Flex Call
  FC          Flexible Calling
  FC          Flow Control
  FC          Frame Control
  FC          Frame Count
  FC          Function Code
  FC          Functional Call
  FC          Functional Capability
  FC          Functional Component
  FC          Functional Configuration
  FC3         Flexible Call 3
  FC4         Failure Condition
  FCA         Feature Code Access
  FCA         Fibre Channel Association
  FCA         Fixed Channel Allocation
  FCA         Fixed Channel Assignment
  FCAPS       Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security Management
  FCB         Feature Control Block
  FCB         File Control Block
  FCB         Flexible Calling Billing Records
  FCB         Frequency Coordination Board
  FCC         Federal Communications Commission (US)
  FCC         File Carbon Copy
  FCC         Flexible Call Conference
  FCC         Flow Control Consortium
  FCC         Framework Capabilities Capture
  FCCH        Flexible Calling Consultation Hold
  FCCH        Frequency Correction CHannel
  FCCH        Frequency Correction Channel
  FCCSET      Federal Coordinating Committee for Science, Engineering, and Technology
  FCD         Facsimile Coded Data
  FCD         Flexible Call Drop
  FCD         Public Feature Code Trigger
  FCDB        Feature Control Data Base
  FCE         Front End Control Element
  FCEL        Fixed Cellular
  FCF         Facsimile Control Field
  FCF         Fast Control Field
  FCF         Flexible Call Forwarding
  FCFA        Public Feature Code Trigger and BRI Feature Activator Indicator Trigger
  FCFS        First-Come First-Served
  FCG         False Cross or Ground
  FCHD        Flexible Calling and ISDN Hold Display
  FCHS        FP Change Sign (80x86 inst)
  FCI         Flexible Calling Feature Interactions
  fci         Flux Changes Per Inch
  FCI         Forward Call Indicator
  FCI         Forward Call Indicators
  FCI         Forward Congestion Indication
  FCIF        Flexible Computer Interface Format
  FCIFI       Flexible Calling Invoke from Idle
  FCIP        Forward Call Indication Parameter
  FCL         Fibre Channel Loop
  FCL         Fixed Channel List
  FCM         Fabric Control Message
  FCM         Functional Call Management
  FCM         Signaling Traffic Flow Control Messages
  FCMP        Functional Component Management Plan
  FCO         FiberCenter OM Acquisition
  FCO         Field Change Order
  FCOT        Fiber Central Office Terminal
  FCP         Ferry Control Protocol
  FCP         Fibre Channel Protocol
  FC-PH       Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface
  FCPN        Flow Control Parameter Negotiation
  FCR         Function Code Register
  FCS         Facsimile Communications System
  FCS         Fast Circuit Switching
  FCS         Federation of Communications Services (UK)
  FCS         Fibre Channel Standard
  FCS         File Control Services
  FCS         First Customer Shipped
  FCS         Flexible Charging System
  FCS         Frame Check Sequence (HDLC, LAPB)
  FCST        Forecast
  FCT         Field-Controlled Thyristor (GTO-Thyristor)
  FCT         Flexible Call Transfer
  FCTS        Ferry Clip Based Test System
  FCU         Floating-Point Conversion Unit
  FCVC        Flow Controlled Virtual Channel
  FCX         Flexible Calling Transfer
  FD          FACT Done
  FD          Family of Documents
  FD          Fault Detection
  FD          Fault Display
  FD          Feature Description
  FD          File Descriptor
  FD          File Directory
  FD          Finished Dialing
  FD          Floppy Disk
  FD          Formal Description
  FD          Format Discriminator
  FD          Frequency Division
  FD          Full Duplex
  FD          Functional Description
  FD&R        Fault Detection and Recovery
  FD/PSK      Frequency-Differential/Phase Shift Keyed
  FDA         Feature Data Area
  FDA         Food and Drug Administration
  FDB         Feature Data Block
  FDB         Feature Database
  FDB         Functional Description Block
  FDBQ        Feature Data Block Queue
  FDC         First Data Corporation
  FDC         Floppy-Disk Controller
  FDCT        Forward Discrete Cosine Transform
  FDD         Fault Detection Driver
  FDD         Floppy Disk Drive
  FDD         Frequency Division Duplex
  FDD         Frequency Division Duplexing
  FDDI        Fiber Distributed Data Interconnect
  FDDI        Fiber Distributed Data Interface
  FDDI        Fibre (Optic) Distributed Data Interface
  FDDI        Fibre-Distributed Data Interface
  FDDI/DAX    Fibre Distributed  Data Interface Dual Attach
  FDDSF       Field Direction-Delay-Spread Function
  FDE         Facility Deactivated message
  FDE         Feature Designer Environment
  FDE         Feature Development Environment
  FDE         Frame Development Environment
  FDE         Frequency-Domain Equalization
  FDE         Full Duplex Ethernet
  FDER        Field Data Entry Rules (CCA/VTS)
  FDF         (Optical) Fibre Distribution Frame
  FDF         Fiber Distributing Frame
  FDF         Fiber Distribution Frame
  FDH         Full-Duplex Handshake
  FDHP        Full-Duplex Handshaking Protocol
  FDI         Feeder Distribution Interface
  FDI         Fiber Distribution Interface
  FDI         Functional Description Inspection
  FDIS        Final Draft International Standard
  FDK         Frame Developer's Kit
  FDL         Facility Data Link
  FDLC        FDL Control Register
  FDM         Feature Description Manual
  FDM         Frequency Division Multiplex
  FDM         Frequency Division Multiplexed
  FDM         Frequency Division Multiplexing
  FDMA        Frequency Division Multiple Access
  FDN         Features Denied
  FDN         Fiber Distribution Network
  FDN         Fixed Dialing Number
  FDN         Foreign Directory Name
  FDN         Forward-to Directory Number
  FDNR        Frequency-Dependent Negative Resistor
  FDNZ        First Digit Not Zero
  FDOC        Feature Document
  FDOC        Focused Destination Overload Control
  FDOS        Floppy-Disk Operated System
  FDPC        Font Development and Promotion Center
  FDPLL       Fully-Digital Phase-Locked Loop
  FDR         Frequency Dependent Rejection
  FDS         Fundamental Data Structure
  FDT         File Descriptor Table
  FDT         Formal Description Technique
  FDT         Formal Design Technique
  FDT         Framework Design Team
  FDT         Framework Development Team
  FDT         Full Digitone
  FDTD        Finite Difference Time-Domain
  FDTS        Formal Description Techniques
  FDU         Floppy Disk Unit
  FDX         Full Duplex
  FDX         Full DupleX operation
  FE          Family of Equipment
  FE          Far End
  FE          Finite Element
  FE          Format Effector
  FE          Frame Erasure
  FE          Framing Error
  FE          Function Element
  FE          Functional Element
  FE          Functional Entity
  FE          FunkEntstörung (ÖVE: FA-FE)
  Fe          Nominal Channel Centre Frequency
  FEA         Finite Element Analysis
  FEA         Functional Entity Action
  FEAC        Far End Alarm Channel
  FEAC        Far-End Alarm and Control
  FeAfD       Fetnsprechauftragsdienst (Call Forward to Message-Taking Service)
  FEAL        Fast Encipherment Algorithm
  FEAM        Format Effector Action Mode
  FEAM        Functional Entity Access Manager
  FEAT        Feature
  FEATSIM     Feature Simulation
  FEATSIM     Feature Simulator
  FEBE        Far End Block Error
  FEC         Forward Error Correction
  FEC         Forwarding Equivalence Class
  FEC         Forwarding Equivalency Class
  FECG        Foetal Electro Cardio Gram
  FECN        Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
  FECV        Far-End Code Violation
  FED         Field Emission Display
  FED         Field-Emitter Display
  FED STD     FEDeral government STanDard (USA)
  FEDIX       Federal Information Exchange
  FEFA        Far End Failure
  FeHAs       Fernsprechhauptanschluss (Telephone Main Terminal)
  FEI         Frame Erasure Indication
  FELB        Far-End Loopback
  FELP        Far-End Loop Test
  FEM         Finite Element Methode
  FEMF        Foreign Electromotive Force
  FEN         Forsythe-Edwards Notation
  FEOFF       Far-End Office
  FEP         Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene ("Teflon" Fluorocarbon Resin)
  FEP         Front End Processor
  FEP         Front-End Processor
  FEPC        Far End Point Code
  FEPO        Far End Processor Outage
  FEPS        Facility and Equipment Planning System
  FEPS        Fault Event Processing System
  FER         Frame Erasure Rate
  FER         Frame Erasure Ratio
  FER         Frame Error Rate
  FeRAM       Ferroelectric RAM
  FERETS      Foreign Exchange Routine Evaluation Testing System
  FERF        Far End Receive Failure
  FERF        Far End Reporting Failure
  FERF        Far-end Receive Failure Message
  FES         Fixed Earth Station
  FES         Frequency Encoding Signal
  FES         Frequency Exchange Signalling
  F-ES        Fixed End System
  FESA        Forced Emergency Stand Alone
  FESS        Flywheel Energy Storage System
  FET         Field Engineering Terminal
  FET         Field-Effect Transistor
  FET         Field-Effect Transistor
  fet         Functionally Equivalent To
  FETM        Format Effector Transfer Mode
  FEU         Floating-Point Execution Unit
  FEV         Far End Voice
  FEV         Feature Event
  FeV         Fernsprechvermittlungsbetrieb (Telephone Switching Office)
  FEX         Foreign Exchange
  FEXT        Far-End Crosstalk
  FF          Fast Feature
  FF          Fast Forward
  FF          Field Function
  FF          First-Fit
  FF          Fixed Filter
  FF          Flip-Flop
  ff          Following
  FF          Form-Feed (ASCII Character)
  FF&P        Features, Functions, and Performance
  FFAPI       File Format Applications Programming Interface
  FFC         Free Format Coding
  FFDT        FDDI Full-Duplex Technology
  FFH         Fast Frequency Hopping
  FFII        Future Forum II
  FFM         First Failure to Match
  FFM         Functional Feature Management
  FFOL        FDDI Follow-On LAN
  FFP         Features, Functions & Performance
  FFQ         Fluid-Flow Queuing
  FFRB        Field Failure Review Board
  FFRDC       Federally Funded R&D Center
  FFRN        Four-Fiber Ring Node
  FFS         Fast File System
  FFS         For Further Study
  FFSK        Fast Frequency-Shift Keying
  FFT         Fast Fourier Transform
  FG          Feature Group
  FG          ForeGround
  FG          Frame Ground
  FG          Framework Ground
  FG          Functional Group
  FGA         Feature Group A
  FG-A        Feature Group A
  FGASO       Feature Group A Serving Office
  FGB         Feature Group B
  FG-B        Feature Group B
  FGBA        Feature Group B Area
  FGBEO1      Feature Group B End Office Type 1
  FGBEO2      Feature Group B End Office Type 2
  FGBEO3      Feature Group B End Office Type 3
  FGBT        Feature Group B Tandem Switch
  FGC         Feature Group C
  FG-C        Feature Group C
  FGCS        Fifth Generation Computer System
  FGD         Feature Group D
  FG-D        Feature Group D
  FGE         Feature Group E
  FG-E        Feature Group E
  FGF         Feature Group F
  FG-F        Feature Group F
  FGL         Forth Generation (Programming) Language
  FGND        Frame Ground
  FGR         Frame Ground Reference
  FGW         Floor Ground Window
  FH          Fixed Host
  FH          Frame Handler
  FH          Frame Handler function
  FH          Frequency Hopping
  FH/SS       Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  FHD         Fixed Head Disk
  FHNR        Fixed Nonhierarchical Routing
  FHR         Fixed Hierarchical Routing
  FHSS        Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  FI          Fabric Interface
  FI          Fabric Interface
  FI          Facility Information
  FI          FACT Identified
  FI          Fault Insertion
  FI          Feature Indication
  FI          Feature Indication Information Element
  FI          Feature Indicator(s)
  FI          Feature Interaction
  FI          Format Identifier
  FI          Format Indicator
  FI          Function Index
  fi          Internet country code for Finland
  FI          ISO country code for Republic of Finland
  FIAT        Functional Interactive Asynchronous Transaction
  FIB         Fast Input Buffering
  FIB         Forward Indicator Bit
  FIB         Forwarding Information Base
  FIBO        Front-In Back-Out
  FIBR        Forward Indicator Bit Received
  FIBT        Forward Indicator Bit Transmitted
  FIBX        Forward Indicator Bit Expected
  FIC         FBus Interface Controller
  FIC         F-Bus Interface Controller
  FIC         Flight Information Centre
  FID         Feature Identifier
  FID         Feature Interaction Detection
  FID         Federation International de Documentation
  FID         Field Identifier
  FID         File Identifier
  FID         Fixed station IDentity
  FID         Format IDentification (SNA)
  FID         Format Identifier
  FID         Frame Identification
  FIDB        Feature Information DataBase
  FIDDI       FIbre Distributed Data Interface
  FIDN        Feature Indicators Per DNCT
  FIE         Facility Information Element
  FIEE        Fellow of Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
  FIEEE       Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (US)
  FIEIE       Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (UK)
  FIF         Facsimile Information Field
  FIF         Fractal Image Format
  FIFO        First In, First Out (Memory)
  FIFO        First-In, First-Out
  FIG         Flash Ignore
  FIG         Floating Figure (HTML tag)
  FIGS        FIle Separator
  FIHMBS      Feature Indicators Per Hunt Make Busy Application Set
  FIL         Feature Indication Lamp
  FILO        First-In, Last-Out
  FILR        Feature Indication Lamp Refresh
  FIM         Facing Identification Mark
  FIM         Feature Interaction Management
  FIM         Feature Interaction Manager
  FIM         Fiber Interface Module
  FIM-A       Facing Identification Mark: Courtesy Reply Mark
  FIM-C       Facing Identification Mark: Business Reply Mark
  FIMWN       Feature Indication Message Waiting Notification
  FIN         Facility Information message
  FIN         Feature ID Number
  FIN         Finish flag
  FIP         Fetch Instruction Pointer
  FIP         Flourescent Indicator Panel
  FIP         Functional Integration Point
  FIPA        Federation for Intelligent Physical Agents
  FIPS        Federal Information Processing Standard (USA)
  FIR         Fast Infrared
  FIR         Fault Indication Register
  FIR         Finite Impulse Response (filter)
  FIR         Full Intra Request
  FIR         Full Intra-frame Request
  FIRD        Feature Interaction Rule Distribution
  FIRGG       Feature Interaction Rule/Guidelines Generation
  FIRST       Forum of Incident Response Teams
  FIS         Floating Instruction Set
  FIS         Functional Interface Specification
  FISHS       Feature Indicators Per Stop Hunt Application Set
  FISU        Fill-In Signal Unit
  FIT         Failure In Time
  FIT         Failure Intensity Trend
  FIT         Failures in 10+9 component hours
  FIT         Fault Insertion Testing
  FIT         Focused Improvement Team
  FIT         Framework Integration Team
  FIT         Fully Initializing Terminal
  FIT         Fully-Initializing Terminal
  FIT         Function Integrity Test
  FIT         Functional Integration Testing
  FITCE       Federation of the Telecommunication Engineers of the EC(F)
  FITE        Forward Interworking Telephone Event
  FITL        Fiber In The Loop
  FITS        Flexible Image Transport System
  FITS        Functional Interpolating Transformation System
  FIU         Facilities Interface Unit
  FIU         Facsimile Interface Unit
  FIU         Fingerprint Identification Unit
  FIU         Florida International University
  FIX         Federal Internet Exchange
  FJ          ISO country code for Fiji
  FK          Foreign Key
  FK          ISO country code for Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
  FKM         Feature Key Management
  FKP         MDII: Address Signaling Error- False Key Pulse
  FKTO        Fernmeldekontonummer (Telecommunications Account Number)
  FL          Failure
  FL          Fault-Locate
  FL          Feature List
  FL          Flash
  FL          Foreign Listing
  FL          Fully-Restricted Line
  FL          U.S. postal code for Florida
  FLAG        Fiberoptic Link Around the Globe
  FLARE       Fault Location and Alarm Reporting
  FLC         Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
  FLC         Fiber Loop Carrier
  FLC         Fixed Length Code
  FlCA        Flexible Channel Allocation
  FLCC        Functional Line Card Code
  FLCS        Fibreoptic Low-cost Connector System (Motorola Inc.)
  FL-CU       Fiber Loop Central Unit
  FLD         FieLD
  FL-DU       Fiber Loop Distribution Unit
  FLEN        Frame LENgth
  FLEX        FlexCall
  FLEX DID    Flexible Direct Inward Dialing
  FLEXI       Flexible Intercept
  FL-I        ISDN Fully Restricted Line
  FLIC        Fiber Link Interface Chip
  FLIC        Fiber Link Interface Controller
  FLIH        First Level Interrupt Handler
  FLINK       Flash/Wink
  FLIR        Forward-Looking Infra-Red (Military Avionics)
  FLIS        Fiber Link Interface Shelf
  FLIS        Fiberized Link Interface Shelf
  FLL         Frequency-Locked Loop
  FL-LA       Fiber Loop Line Amplifier
  FLO         Fixed Link Option
  flo         Fixed Link Option
  FLO         Fully-Restricted Originating Line
  FLOC        Flexure Lift-Off Contact (Relays)
  FLO-I       ISDN Fully-Restricted Originating Line
  FLOP        Floating Point Operation
  FLOPS       Floating Point Operations Per Second
  FLORICO     Florida-Puerto Rico submarine cable
  FLOW        Flow Through Provisioning
  FLRN        Foreign Location Routing Number
  FLS         Flash Utility
  FLS         Free Line Signal
  FLS         Free Terminating Line Service
  FLT         Fault
  FLT         Float Voltage
  FLT         Fully-Restricted Terminating Line
  FLT-I       ISDN Fully-Restricted Terminating Line
  FLX         Fiber Loop Access
  FM          Fabric Management
  FM          Facility Monitoring
  FM          Failure to Match
  FM          Fault Management
  FM          Fault Monitor
  FM          Feature Manager
  FM          Focused Maintenance
  FM          Force Management
  FM          ForM
  FM          Frame Memory
  FM          FrameMaker
  FM          Frequency Management (CEPT)
  FM          Frequency Modulation
  FM          Function Management (SNA)
  FM          ISO country code for Federated States of Micronesia
  FM SLP      Feature Management Service Logic Program
  FMA         Failure Mode Analysis
  FMA         Fast Matrix Architecture
  FMA         First Market Application
  FMA         FRAMES Multiple Access
  FMA         Fused Multiply-Add
  FMAC        Facility Maintenance and Administration Center
  FMAC        Floating-Point Multiply-and-Accumulate
  FMAS        Facility Management System
  FMB         Fabric Motherboard
  FMB         Functional Message Block
  FMBS        Frame-Mode Bearer Services
  FMC         Fixed Message Cycle
  FMC         Fixed/Mobile Convergence
  FMC         Flight Management Computer
  FMC         Force Management Center
  FMCRT       Force Management CRT
  FMCT        Formal Methods in Conformance Testing
  FMCW        Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
  FMD         Follow-Me Diversion
  FMD         Function Management Data
  FMEA        Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  FMEA        Fault Modes and Effects Analysis
  FMECA       Fault Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis
  FMFB        Frequency Modulation Feedback
  FM-FDM      Frequency Modulated-Frequency Division Multiplexed
  FMH         Function Management Header
  FMHS        Flexible Material-Handling System
  FMID        Fixed part MAC Identity
  FMIF        Frame Mode Information Field
  FMIP        FMI Protocol
  FMK         Functional Multiprocessing Kernel
  FMM         Finite Message Machine
  FMO         Future Method of Operation
  FMP         Feature Message Processor
  FMP         Functional Multiprocessing
  FMR         Field Management Reporting
  FMR         Follow Me Roaming
  FMR         Frequency Modulation Receiver
  FMS         Fleet Management Service
  FMS         Flexible Manufacturing System
  FMS         Flight Management System
  FMS         Force Management System
  FMS         Forms Management System
  FMSA        Fault Management Switch Agent
  FMSLP       Feature Manager Service Logic Program
  FMSM        Fault Management Summarization Manager
  FMT         Fiber Multiplex Terminal
  FMT         Format
  Fmt         Format
  FMT         Frequency Modulation Transmitter
  FMTV        Frequency Modulated TeleVision
  FMU         Fan Management Unit
  FMU         Fan Mount Unit
  FMV         Foreign Market Value
  FMVFT       Frequency Modulation Voice Frequency Telegraphy
  FN          DDOC Section: Functional Description and Specification
  FN          Facility Number
  FN          Feature Node
  FN          Finding Name
  FN          FiNish
  FN          Forwarding Number
  FN          Frame Number
  fn          Function
  FN          Functional Description
  FN          Functional Specification
  FN          Functionality
  FNA         Call Forward No Answer Allowed
  FNA         FLAG Network Architecture
  FNA         Functional Network Architecture
  FNAL        Feature Not Allowed Treatment
  FNAMEPRV    Forced Name Privacy
  FNB         Function Block
  FNC         Federal Networking Council
  FNC         FTS Node Controller
  FNC         Fujitsu Network Communications
  FND         Call Forward No Answer Denied
  FNLTREAT    Final Treatment
  FNN         Financial News Network
  FNO         Free Number Origination
  FNOC        FLAG Network Operations Center
  FNOI        Further Notice of Inquiry
  FNP         Front-End Network Processor
  FNPA        Foreign Numbering Plan Area
  FNPRM       Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making
  FNS         Fixed Night Service
  FNS         Fujitsu Network Switching
  FNSI        Feature Node/Service Interface
  FNT         Font Selection
  FNT         Free Number Terminating
  FNU         Floatingt-Point Normalization Unit
  FNV         Future Network View
  FNX         Extended Function Block
  FO          Fan-Out
  FO          Fiber Optic
  FO          Fixed Output
  FO          Flash Override
  FO          Follow-On
  FO          ISO country code for Faroe Islands
  FOA         First Office Application
  FOA         Flexible (Call) Origination Authorization
  FOAC        Fibre Optic Active Component
  FOBP        Fibre Optic Back Pointer
  FOBS        Flexible Call Observing
  FOC         Faint Object Camera
  FOC         Fiber Optic Crossconnect
  FOC         Fiber Optics Communications
  FOC         Firm Order Confirmation
  FOC         Flow of Control
  FOC         Follow-On Call
  FOCC        Forward Control Channel
  FOCS        Fiber Optic Communication Systems
  FODA        Feature Oriented Domain Analysis
  FOF         Freeze-Out Fraction
  FOIRL       Fiber Optic Inter-Repeater Link
  FOM         Factor of Merit
  FOM         Figure of Merit
  FOMAS       Fiber Optic Multi-Media Access System
  FOMAU       Fiber Optic Medium Attachment Unit
  FOMDI       Fiber Optic Medium Dependent Interface
  FON         Font file
  FOOBAR      FTP Operation Over Big Address Records
  FOOS        Force Out Of Service
  FOOT        Framework for Object Oriented Testing
  FOR FS      FOR Further Study
  FORM        Formatter
  FORTE       FORmal TEchniques
  FORTRAN     FORmula TRANslation (programing language)
  FORTRAN     Formula Translator
  FOS         Fiber Organizing System
  FOSI        Format Output Specification Instance
  FOT         Fiber Optic Terminal
  FOT         Fiber Optic Transmission
  FOT         Forward-Transfer Message
  FOT         Forward-Transfer signal
  FOT         Frequence Optimale de Travail
  FOTAG       Fiber Optic Technical Advisory Group (IEEE)
  FOTP        Fiber Optic Test Procedure
  FOTS        Fiber Optic Terminal System
  FOTS        Fiber Optic Transmission System
  FOURCC      Four-Character Code
  FOV         Field Of View
  FOX         Fiber Optic Extender
  FOX         Field Oxide
  Fox         Fox Network
  FP          Fabry-Perot
  FP          Facilities Processor
  FP          Facility Processor
  FP          Fast Paging
  FP          Feature Processing
  FP          Feature Processor
  FP          Field Patch
  FP          File Pointer
  FP          File Processing
  FP          File Processor
  FP          Fixed Part
  FP          Flat Pack
  FP          Flat Package
  FP          Floating Point
  FP          Format Prefix
  FP          Frame Pointer
  FP          Freephone
  FP          Full Period
  FP          Function Processor
  FP          Functional Processor
  FP          Functional Programming
  FPA         Floating Point Accelerator
  FPAD        Facsimile Packet Assembly/Disassembly
  FPAM        Fabric Power and Alarm Module
  FPC         Fan Power Control
  FPC         Foundation Peripheral Controller
  FPC         Functional Progression Chart
  FPCP        Floating Point Co-Processor
  FPCR        Floating-Point Control Register
  FPD         File Processor Device
  FPD         Foreign Potential Detector
  FPDP        Front Panel Data Port
  FPDU        FTAM Protocol Data Unit
  FPE         Feature Processing Environment
  FPECR       Floating-Point Exception Cause Register
  FPEE        Floating-Point Exception Envelope
  FPF         Facility Parameter Field
  FPF         Feature Processing Framework
  FPG         Feature Planning Guide
  FPG         Functional Parameter Group
  FPGA        Field-Programmable Gate Array
  FPH         Free PHone (supplementary service)
  FPHi        Freephone Indicators
  FPHS1       Floating-Point Source 1 Operand High Register
  FPHS2       Floating-Point Source 2 Operand High Register
  FPI         Family Programming Interface
  FPIAR       Floating-Point Instruction Address Register
  FPIT        Floating-Point Imprecise Operation Type Register
  FPLA        Field Programmable Logic Array
  FPLD        Field Programmable Logic Device
  FPLF        Field Programmable Logic Family
  FPLMTS      Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System(s)
  FPLMTS      Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications Services
  FPLS        Future Public Logic System/Sequencer
  FPLS1       Floating-Point Source 1 Operand Low Register
  FPLS2       Floating-Point Source 2 Operand Low Register
  FPM         Fast Packet Multiplexing
  FPM         Fast Page Mode
  FPM         Feet Per Minute
  FPM         Fiber Peripheral Module
  FPMH        Failures Per Million Hours
  FPN         Freephone Number
  FPO         Frame Pointer Optimization
  FPO         Frequency Planning Organisation
  FPOM        Feature Processing Off-Site Meeting
  FPOM        FPE Offsite Meeting
  FPP         Floating Point Processor
  FPPT        Floating-Point Precise Operation Type Register
  FPR         Floating-Point Register
  FPRH        Floating-Point Result High Register
  FPRL        Floating-Point Result Low Register
  FPRT        DMS-Core Footprint
  FPS         Fast Packet Switching
  FPS         Favorite Picture Selection
  FPS         Feature Plan Specification
  FPS         Foot,Pound,Second (system of measurement)
  fps         Frames Per Second
  FPS         Framing Pattern Sequence
  FPS/FE      Framing Pulse Synchronization-Framing Extended
  FPSCR       Floating-Point Status and Control Register
  FPSP        Floating Point Support Package
  FPSR        Floating-Point Status Register
  FPT         Forced Perfect
  FPU         Floating Point Unit
  FPV         Field Product Validation
  FPV         Floating Point Value
  FPY         Failures Per Year
  FQ          Fair Queuing
  FQDN        Fully Qualified Domain Name
  FR          Failure Rate
  FR          Family of Requirements
  FR          Feature Reviewed
  FR          Fixed Routing
  FR          Flashing Recall
  FR          Flat Rate
  FR          FN Release
  FR          Force Release
  FR          FRagment
  FR          Frame
  FR          Frame Relay
  FR          Frame Relaying
  FR          Frame Relaying technique
  FR          Frame Reset
  FR          Frames
  FR          Frequency Response
  FR          Full Rate
  FR          Fully-Restricted Line
  FR          Functional Specification Reviewed
  FR          Functionality Review
  fr          Internet country code for France
  FR          ISO country code for French Republic (France)
  F-R         Final Operators to Required Operators
  FR&O        First Report and Order
  FR_SS       Frame Relay Switching System
  FRA         Fixed Radio Access
  FRA         Flat Rate Area
  FRAD        Frame Relay Access Device
  FRAD        Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
  FRAD        Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler Device
  FRAM        Ferroelectric RAM
  FRAM        Ferroelectronic Random Access Memory
  FRAMES      Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access Systems
  FRAP        Frame Relay Access Processor
  FRAR        FBUS Rate Adapter and Repeater
  FRB         Faultsman's Ringback
  FRBBS       Frame Relay Backbone Service
  FRBS        Frame Relay Bearer Service
  FRC         Fault Reporting Center
  FRC         Final Routing Center
  FRC         Functional Redundancy-Checking
  FRC         Functional Reference Configuration
  FRCD        Forced
  FRDS        Failure Resistant Disk System
  FRDS+       Failure Resistant Disk System Plus
  FRE         Fully Restricted
  FRED        Frame Editor
  FREDFET     Fast-Reverse Epitaxal Diode Field-Effect Transistor (Philips Inc)
  FREL        Feature Release
  FREL        Forecast Release
  FREQ        Frequency
  FRF         Frame Relay Forum
  FRFH        Frame Relay Frame Handler
  FRI         Frame Relay Interface
  FRI         Frame Relaying Information
  FRIED       Friedrichschaffen
  FRIU        Frame Relay Interface Unit
  FRJ         Facility Reject Message
  FRL         Facility Restriction Level
  FRL         Force Release message
  FRL         Frame Representation Language
  FRL         Frequently Requested Listing
  FRLS        Force Release
  FRM         Fast Resource Management
  FRM         Forward Resource Management
  frm         FrameMaker File
  FRM         Functional Reference Model
  FRMR        Frame Reject
  FRN         File Reference Number
  frn         File Reference Number
  FRN         Fragmentation Reference Number
  FRNO        Frame Number
  FRO         Fire Reporting System Originating
  FRO         Fire Reporting System Origination
  frO         frame O
  FROM        Fusable (Link) Read-Only Memory
  FRP         Fast Reservation Protocol
  FRP         Fault Report Point
  FRP         Final Redirecting Party
  FRPH        Frame-Relay Protocol Handler
  frpi        Flux Reversals Per Inch
  FRPOS       Frame Position
  FRPS        Frame position
  FRQ         Facility Request message
  FRR         Flexible Reroute
  FRR         Frame Retransmission Rate
  FRS         Family Radio Service
  FRS         Fire Reporting System
  FRS         Flexible Route Selection
  FRS         Forward Ready Signal
  FRS         Frame Relay Service
  FRS         Frame Relay Switch
  FRS         Fully Restricted Station
  FRSC        Fiber Remote Switching Center
  FRSF        Frame Relay Service Function
  FRSS        Frame Relay Switching System
  FR-SSCS     Frame Relaying Service-Specific Convergence Sublayer
  FRT         Fire Reporting System Terminating
  FRT         Fire Reporting System Termination
  FRTE        Frame Relay Terminating Equipment
  FRTT        Fixed Round-Trip Time
  FRU         Field Replacement Unit
  FRU         Field-Replaceable Unit
  FRU         Flexible Reuse
  FRWK        Framework
  FS          F Segment
  FS          FACT Started
  FS          Failed Screening
  FS          Failed Seconds
  FS          Fast Select
  FS          Fast Store
  FS          Feature Specification
  FS          Federal Standard
  FS          Field Separator
  FS          Field Support
  FS          Figure Shift
  FS          File Separator
  FS          File System
  FS          Fixed Service
  FS          Fixed Subscriber
  FS          For Sale
  FS          Frame Signaling
  FS          Frame Status
  FS          Frame Switching
  FS          Frequency Shift
  FS          Full Scale
  FS          Full Screen
  FS          Function Selector
  FS          Functional Signaling
  FS          Functional Specification
  FS          Functional Standard
  FS          Further Study
  F-S         Fiat-Shamir
  FSA         Fast Select Acceptance
  FSA         Fiber Serving Area
  FSA         Finite State Automata
  FSA         Formatter/Storage Agent
  FSAN        Full Services Access Network
  FSB         Feature State Block
  FSB         Functional Signaling Block
  FSB         Functional Specification Block
  FSC         Far-end Signal Canceller
  FSC         Frame Supervisory Controller
  FSC         Freephone Service Centre
  FSC         FTS Subnetwork Controller
  FSD         Feature Specification Document
  FSD         Feature-Specific Document
  FSD         File System Driver
  FSD         Frame Selection and Distribution
  FSD         Functional Specification Document
  FSDB        Feature Store Data Base
  FSDR        Feature Specification Document Review
  FSE         Field Service Engineering
  FSF         Fading Safety Factor
  FSF         Free Software Foundation
  FSG         Finite State Grammar
  FSG         Full Steering Group
  FSI         Facility Subsystem Identifier
  FSI         Forward Status Indicators
  FSI         Forward Status Information
  FSI         Frequency Subset Indicator
  FSK         Frequency-Shift Keying
  FSL         File System Layout
  FSL         Flexible Service Logic
  FSLE        Fractionally Spaced Linear Equalizer
  FSLP        Feature Service Logic Program
  FSM         Finite State Machine
  FSM         Finite State Model
  FSM         Firmware Support Manual
  FSM         Fixed Block Pool Store Manager
  FSM         Forward Set-Up Message
  FSM         Free Space Map
  FSM         Function State Model
  FSN         Field Specification Notation
  FSN         File Sequence Number
  FSN         Fixed System Number
  FSN         Forward Sequence Number
  FSN         Frequency Subset Number
  FSN         Full Service Network
  FSNC        FSN of Last Signal Unit Accepted by Remote Level 2
  FSNF        FSN of Oldest MSU in the Retransmission Buffer
  FSNL        FSN of Last MSU entered into the Retransmission Buffer
  FSNR        Forward Sequence Number Received
  FSNT        Forward Sequence Number Transmitted
  FSNX        Forward Sequence Number Expected
  FSO         Foreign Service Office
  FSO         Formatting, Storage, and Output
  FSP         Facility Services Profile
  FSP         Flexible Service Profile
  FSP         Frame Supervision Panel
  FSP         Frame Supervisory Panel
  FSP         Frequency Shift Pulsing
  FSQ         Flat SQuare screen (CRT)
  FSR         Free System Resources
  FSR         Frequency Selective Ringing
  FSR         Frequency Shift Ratio
  FSR         Frequency Spectrum Requirement
  FSR         Full-Scale Range
  FSS         Facility Selective Service
  FSS         Facility/Service Selective
  FSS         Fair Share Scheduler
  FSS         File System Switch
  FSS         Fixed Satellite Service
  FSS         Frame Support Subscription
  FSS         Frame Synchronous Scrambling
  FSSS        Facility/Service Selective Signaling
  FST         Fiber Services Terminal
  FST         Flat Square Tube
  FST         Flexible Signaling Trunk
  FST         Force State Transition
  FST         Four-Square Transform
  FST         FP Store Real (80x86 inst)
  FST         Full Service Terminal
  FSTN        Film Super-Twisted Nematic
  FSTYPE      Fast Select Type
  FSU         Fabric Sub-Unit
  FSU         Field Support Unit
  FSU         Final Signal Unit
  FSU         Frame Supervisory Unit
  FSW         Frame Synchronisation Word
  FSXF        Frequency Synchronisation Failure
  FT          FACT Tested
  FT          Fault Tolerant
  FT          Feature Test
  FT          Feature Tested
  FT          FeeT
  FT          Fiber Transmission
  FT          Fibre optics Transmission standards
  FT          File Transfer
  FT          First Time
  FT          Fixed radio Termination (DECT)
  ft          Foot (Feet)
  FT          Format Type bit
  FT          Forward Transfer
  FT          Fractal Transform
  FT          Fractional-Tap
  FT          Frame Transfer (Video)
  FT          France TELECOM
  FT          Functional Test
  Ft          Transit Frequency
  FT1         Fractional T1
  FT-1        Fractional T1
  FT3         Fractional T3
  FT-3        Fractional T3
  FTA         Fault Tree Analysis
  FTA         Feature Activation
  FTA         File-Transfer Access
  FTA         Flexible (Call) Terination Authorization
  FTA         Frame Transport Address
  FTA         Free Trade Association
  FTA         Full Type Approval
  FTAC        FAST Technical Advisory Council
  FTAM        File Transfer Access and Management
  FTAM        File Transfer and Access Management
  FTAM        File Transfer and Management
  FTAM        File Transfer, Access, and Management
  FTAM        Forms Translation and Mapping
  FTC         Fast Time Constant
  FTC         Functional Test Case
  FTD         Field Type Descriptor
  FTD         Foreign Exchange Toll Diversion
  FTD         Frame Transfer Delay
  FTDS        Failure Tolerant Disk System
  FTDS+       Failure Tolerant Disk System Plus
  FTDS++      Failure Tolerant Disk System Plus Plus
  FTE         Force Transition Event
  FTE         Full-Time Equivalent
  FTFE        Force Transition Failure Event
  FTFS        Fault Tolerant File System
  FTI         Feature Indication
  FTI         Feature Testplan Inspection
  FTL         Function-Tester (Programming) Language
  FTM         Feature Testing Methodology
  FTM         Flat Tension Mask
  FTM         Frequency Translation Module
  FTMI        France Telecom Mobiles International
  FTMP        Ferry Transfer Medium Protocol
  ftn         Forwarded-To Number
  FTNS        Fixed Telecommunications Network Service
  FTO         Fast Turn-Off
  FTP         File Transfer Program
  FTP         File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
  FTP         Foiled Twisted Pair
  FT-PNNI     ForeThought PNNI
  FTR         Feature
  FTR         Feature Tone Receiver
  FTRAN       File Transfer
  FTRGRP      Feature Group
  FTRKEYS     Feature Keys
  FTRQ        Feature Queuing
  FTS         FAX-Thru Service
  FTS         Federal Telecommunications System
  FTS         Feeder Transmission Section
  FTS         File Transfer Server
  FTS         File Transfer Service
  FTS         File Transfer System
  FTS         Frame Transport System
  FTS         Full-Text Search
  FTSC        Federal Telecom Standard Committee (USA, NCS)
  FTSC        Federal Telecommunications Standards Committee
  FTSP        Final Translation Signalling Point
  FTT         Failure To Train
  FTTB        Fiber To The Building
  FTTC        Fiber To The Curb
  FTTCa       Fiber to the Cabinet
  FTTCab      Fiber to the Cabinet
  FTTEx       Fiber to the Extension
  FTTF        Fiber To The Feeder
  FTTF        Fiber To The Floor
  FTTH        Fiber To The Home
  FTTK        Fiber to the Kerb
  FTTLA       Fiber To The Last Amplifier
  FTTN        Fiber To The Neighborhood
  FTTN        Fiber To The Node
  FTTO        Fiber To The Office
  FTTU        Fiber To The User
  FTTZ        Fiber To The Zone
  FTU         File Transfer Utility
  FTV         Facility Test Vehicle
  FTZ         Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
  FTZ         Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt (D)
  FTZ         Forschungs- und Technologie Zentrum der DTAG
              (Research and Technology Center of DTAG)
  FU          Fan Unit
  FU          Functional Unit
  FUC         Feature Use Charging
  FUD         Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
  FUD         Functional Unit Deployment
  FUL         Full Backup Catalog File
  FUMP        Functional Message Protocol
  FUN         Frame User Network
  FUN         The Frye Utilities for Networks
  FuND        Subscriber from the Radio Network
  FUNDES      Functional Design System
  FUNI        Frame Based User-to-Network Interface
  FVC         First Virtual Corporation
  FVC         Floating Virtual Connection
  FVC         Forward Voice Channel
  FVC         Frequency to Voltage Converter
  FVDA        Fully Variable Demand Access
  FVR         Flexible Vocabulary Recognition
  FVSIR       Flexible Vocabulary Speaker-Independent Recognition
  FVSt        Fernvermittlungsstelle
              (trunk exchange/transit switch in long distance network)
  FVstH       Manually Switched Trunk Exchange
  FVstHand    Manually Switched Trunk Exchange
  FVW         Forward Volume Wave
  FW          FiberWorld
  FW          Firmware
  FW          Frame Word
  FW          Framework
  FW          Full Word
  FWA         Fixed Wireless Access
  FWA         Flow and Wavelength Assignment
  FWCI        Firmware Command Interpreter
  FWD         Forward
  FWF         First-Window Fibre (850 nm)
  FWH         Flexible Working Hours
  FWHM        Full-Width Half-Maximum
  FWIW        For what it's worth
  FWK         Framework
  FWM         Four-Wave Mixing
  FWM         Four-Wave Multiplexing
  FwMunz      Fernwahlmuenztelefon (Trunk Dialing Prepayment Telephone)
  FWP         FiberWorld Products
  FWP         Finer World Process
  FWPC        Future Wireless Personal Communications
  FWPCS       Future Wireless Personal Communications System
  FWS         Filter Wedge Spectrometer
  fwsvc       Firmware Service
  FWUF        Federal Wireless Users Forum
  FX          Effects
  FX          Foreign Exchange
  FX          Foreign Exchange Service
  FX          ISO country code for Metropolitan France
  FX2WAY      Foreig Exchange 2-Way Traffic
  FXB         Foreign Exchange with Battery
  FXBO        Foreign Exchange with Battery Office End
  FXBS        Foreign Exchange with Battery Station End
  FXC         Fiber Crossconnect
  FX-CCSA     Foreign Exchange-Common Control Switching Arrangement
  FXCG        Flexible Night Service Configuration
  FXCH        Floating-Point Exchange
  FXDN        Fixed Directory Number
  FXIN        Foreign Exchange Inward Traffic
  FXNS        Flexible Night Service
  FXO         Foreign Exchange Office
  FXOUT       Foreign Exchange Outward Traffic
  FXP         Feature Transfer Processor
  FXPM        Fiber XPM
  FXR         Fast Call Transfer
  FXRD        Fully Automatic Reperforator Transmitter Distributor
  FXS         Foreign Exchange Service
  FXS         Foreign Exchange Subscriber
  FXU         Fixed-Point Unit
  FY          Fiscal Year
  FYA         For your amusement
  FYI         For Your Information
  FZA         Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt (A)

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- G -


  G           Gain
  g           Gehende (Outgoing)
  G           Giga  (10+9)
  G           Giga (1000000000 or 1024*1024*1024)
  G           Granularity
  G           Gravitational Force
  G           Gravity
  G           Green
  G           Ground
  G           Group
  G           Guard
  G           Guard time
  G/T         Gain to noise-Temperature ratio
  g++         GNU C++ Compiler
  G0          Gate 0
  G0A         Gate 0A
  G0B         Gate 0B
  G1          Gate 1
  G2          Gate 2
  G3          Gate 3
  G3          Group 3
  G4          Group 4
  GA          Gemeinschafts-Antennenanlage
  GA          General Assembly (ETSI)
  GA          General Availability
  GA          General Aviation
  GA          Generally Available
  GA          Generator/Analyzer
  GA          Genetic Algorithm
  GA          Geographical Area
  GA          Go Ahead
  GA          Grand Alliance
  GA          Group Alerting
  GA          ISO country code for Gabonese Republic (Gabon)
  GA          U.S. postal code for Georgia
  GAAF        GSF Applications Architecture Forum
  GaAs        Gallium Arsenide
  GAC         GSF Architecture Council
  GAdC        Group AdC
  GAGR        Group Automatic Gain Regulator
  GAIN        Global Advanced Intelligent Network
  GAL         Generic Array Logic (Lattice Inc.)
  GAM         Graphic Access Method
  GAME        Generic AIN Message Encoder
  GAME        Generic AIN Messaging Environment
  GaN         Gallium Nitride
  GAN         Global Area Network
  GAO         General Accounting Office
  GAO         Group Answer Occasional
  GAOT        GSF Agent Object Team
  GAP         Call Gapping
  GAP         Generic Access Profile (DECT term)
  GAP         Generic Address Parameter
  GAP         Ground-to-Air Paging
  GAP         Groupe Analyse et Previsions
  GAP         Groupe d'Analyse(s) et Prognose(s)
  GAP         GSF Agent Productization
  GAP         GSM Automation Platform
  GAP         Guaranteed Access Providers
  GAPI        Gateway Application Programming Interface
  GAPP        Geometric Arithmetic Parallel-Processor
  GARP        Global Atmospheric Research Programme
  GARP        Group Address Resolution Protocol
  GART        Graphics Address Relocation Table
  GAS         Group Alerting System
  GAS         Group Autonome Spécialisé
  GAS         GSBT, ADF, SAFT
  GAT         General Application Template
  GAT         Globalization Architecture Team
  GAT         Group Audio Terminal
  GAT         GSF Architecture Team
  GATE        General Access to X.25 Transport Extension (OSI)
  GATM        Guarded-Area Transfer Mode
  GATS        GATT Services Agreement
  GATS        GSF Activity Tracking System
  GATT        General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  GATT        Graphics Address Translation Table
  GB          General Block
  Gb          Gigabit
  GB          Gigabyte
  GB          Group Busy
  GB          ISO country code for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  Gb/s        Gigabits Per Second
  GBCP        GISDN Basic Call Prototype
  GBCPT       GISDN Basic Call Prototype Team
  GBCS        Global Business Communications Systems
  GBG         geschlossene Benutzergruppe (Closed User Group)
  GBH         Group Busy Hour
  GBI         Generic Billing Interface
  Gbit/s      Gigabits per Second
  GBP         Gain-Bandwidth Product
  Gbps        Gigabits Per Second
  GBPS        GigaBits Per Second
  GBS         Generic Bridging Service
  GBSC        Group of Blocks Start Code
  GBW         Gain BandWidth
  Gbyte       Gigabyte
  GC          Garbage Collection
  GC          Garbage Collector
  GC          Global Coverage
  GC          Global c-plane
  GC          Graphics Context
  GC          Group Center
  GC          Guard Channel
  GCA         Graphic Communications Association
  GCAC        Generic Call Admission Control
  GCAC        Generic Connection Admission Control
  GCAP        GSM Capacity Automation Package
  GCAS        Global Component Administration System
  GCC         General Conference Control
  GCC         Generic Conference Control
  GCC         Global Cable Conveyance
  GCC         GNU C Compiler
  GCD         Greatest Common Divisor
  GCE         Ground Communications Equipment
  GCF         Gatekeeper Confirm
  GCF         Gatekeeper Confirmation
  GCHQ        Government Communications HeadQuarters
  GCI         General Circuit Interface
  GCI         Global Customer Interface
  GCL         Generic Control Language
  GCL         Global Control and Locate
  GCL         GNA Global C++ Library
  GCM         Generalized Control Model
  GCM         GENIE Communication Manager
  GCMM        Generic C Mobility Management
  GCO         Group Chief Operator
  GCP         Generic Communication Package
  GCP         Generic Communication Protocol
  GCP         Generic Communications Package
  GCR         Global Call Recording
  GCR         Global Call Reference
  GCR         Group Coding Recording (Magnetic Data Storage)
  GCRA        Generic Cell Rate Algorithm
  GCS         GENIE Communications System
  GCS         Global Carrier Switch
  GCS         Ground Control Station
  GCSP        General Cluster Server Process
  GCST        GSF Call Setup Team
  GCT         Greenwich Civil Time
  GD          ISO country code for Grenada
  GD&R        Grinning, ducking, and running
  GDA         Global Directory Access
  GDA         Global Directory Agent
  GDB         GNU Source-Level Debugger
  gdbm        GNU Database Manager
  GDC         General DataComm
  GDC         Global Data Center
  GDC         Graphic Display Controller
  GDD         Generic Data Dictionary
  GDD         Global Data Dictionary
  GDDM        Global Data Distribution Manager
  GDDM        Global Data Download Manager
  GDDM        Graphical Data Display Manager
  GDDM        GSF Data Distribution Model
  GDE         Group Delay Equalizer
  GDF         Group Distribution Frame
  GDG         Generation Data Group
  GDI         Generating System/Data Server Interface
  GDI         Generic Data Interface
  GDI         Graphical Device Interface
  GDI         Graphics Device Interface
  GDLR        Generic Design Layout Record
  GDM         Generic Device Magazine
  GDMO        Generic Data Model for Objects
  GDMO        Guidelines for Defined Managed Objects
  GDMO        Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects
  GDNT        Guandong Nortel
  GDO         Grid Dip Oscillator
  GDOP        Geometric Dilution of Precision
  GDP         Generalized Drawing Primitive
  GDP         Generic Digit Parameter
  GDP         Gross Domestic Product
  GDS         General Data Stream (SNA)
  GDS         Global Directory Service
  GDS         Graphic Design  Standard
  GDS         Graphics Data Syntax for a multiple workstation interface
  GDSU        Global Digital Services Unit
  GDT         Gas Discharge Tube
  GDT         Global Descriptor Table
  GDT         Graphic Display Terminal
  GDT         Guaranteed Dial Tone
  GDTE        GISDN Development Testing Environment
  GDTR        Global Descriptor Table Register
  GDX         Gated Dielectric Crosspoint
  GDX         Gated Diode Crosspoint
  GE          General Electric Corp.
  GE          Generic Element
  Ge          Germanium
  GE          Greater Than or Equal To
  GE          ISO country code for Georgia
  GEA         Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
  GEBAF       Global Enhanced BAF
  GEC         General Electric Company
  GECOS       General Electric Comprehensive Operating System
  GEM         Graphic Environment Manager
  GEM         Graphical Environment Manager
  GEM         GSM Element Manager
  GEMS        Generic Environment for Messaging on the Switch
  GEMS        Global Electronic Messaging Services
  GEMS-TTA    Generalized Expert Maintenance system Trunk Trouble Analyser (ATT)
  GEN         General
  GEN         Global European Network
  GenA        Generic Address
  GENCSC      Generic Common Signalling Channel
  GEnie       General Electric Network for Information Interchange
  GENIE       Generic Interactive Protocol Engine
  GENMTC      Generic Time-Slot Management Channel
  GenNo       Generic Number
  GeNoti      Generic Notification Indicator
  GEO         Geostationary Earth Orbit
  GEO         Geosynchronous Equatorial (Clarke) Orbit
  GEOS        Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellite
  GEOS        Graphic Environment Operating System
  GEOSAT      Geostationary Orbit Communications Satellite
  GEP         Generic Envelope Parameter
  GEP         Generic Event Processor
  GER         Generic Event Recorder
  GERM        General Entity Relational Model
  GES         Global Enterprise Services
  GES         Ground Earth Station
  GESA        GSF Emergency Stand-Alone (ESA)
  GETAR       GSF Exceptions, Tones, Announcements and Routing
  GETED       GSF End-To-End Delivery
  GETS        Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
  GEV         Giga Electron-Volt
  GF          General Formatter
  GF          Generic Function(s)
  GF          Higher layer information control channel
  GF          ISO country code for French Guiana
  GFC         General Flow Control
  GFC         Generic Fairness Configuration
  GFC         Generic Flow Control
  GFC1        Generic Fairness Configuration #1
  GFD         General Feature Description
  GFE         Government Furnished Equipment
  GFE         Graphical Front End
  GFET        GSF Framework Evolution Team
  GFI         General Format Identifier
  GFI         General Format Identifier
  GFI         Ground-Fault Indicator
  GFI         Ground-Fault Interruptor
  GFID        General Format Identifier
  GFID        Graphic Font ID
  GFLOPS      Giga-Floating-Point Operations Per Second
  GFP         Generic Functional Protocol
  GFP         Global Functional Plane
  GFR         Guaranteed Frame Rate
  GFS         Generic File System
  GFS         Grandfather-Father-Son
  GFSK        Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying
  GFSM        Graphical File System Manager
  GFT         Generic Flow Transport
  GFT         Generic Function Transport
  GFX         Graphics
  GGA         Groß-Gemeinschafts-Antennenanlage
  GGI         Gateway to Gateway Interworking
  GGP         Gateway-to-Gateway Protocol (TCP/IP-DoD)
  GGSN        Gateway GSN
  GH          ISO country code for Republic of Ghana
  GHA         Greenwich Hour Angle
  GHz         Gigahertz
  GI          General Information
  GI          General Instrument Corporation
  GI          Generic Identifier
  GI          Global Interface
  GI          Graded-Index
  GI          Group Identifier
  GI          ISO country code for Gibraltar
  GIAC        Group Intercom All Calls
  GIC         Generic Interface Controller
  GIC         Group Intercom
  GID         Gateway Identifier
  GID         General Information and Definitions
  GID         Group ID
  GID         Group Identification
  GIF         Graphics Interchange Format
  GIFT        GSF Independent Framework Testing
  GIGO        Garbage In, Garbage Out
  GIH         Global Information Highway
  GII         Global Information Infrastructure
  GIM&M       Global Information Movement and Management
  GIMP        GNU Image Manipulation Program
  GIMR        Global Interrupt Mode Register
  GIN         German Intelligent Network
  GINA        Global Intelligent Network Architecture
  GINS        Global Information Network Services
  GIOP        General Inter-ORB Protocol
  GIP         Group Interface Profile
  GIP         GSM Interworking access Profile
  GIPR        Gigabit IP Router
  GIPS        Billions of Instructions Per Second
  GIPSE       Global Integrated Project Support Environment
  GIS         AT&T Global Information Solutions (formerly NCR)
  GIS         General Information Session
  GIS         Generalised Information System
  GIS         Geographic Information System
  GISDN       Global ISDN
  GISP        GSF Intra-Subnetwork Protocol
  GIST        GSF Inter-Session Team
  GIT         Generic Identifier Transport
  GIT         Generic Information Transport
  GIT         Global Identifier Tracker
  GIU         Gateway Interface Unit
  GIX         Global Internet Exchange
  GJT         Graphic Java Toolkit
  GK          Gatekeeper
  GKMP        Group Key Management Protocol
  GKS         Graphical Kernel System
  GL          General Ledger
  GL          Global
  GL          Global Lines
  GL          Ground Line
  GL          Group Length
  GL          ISO country code for Greenland
  GL100       Global 100
  GLA         Generic Layering Architecture
  GLATC       Graphics and Languages Agreement group for Testing and Certification
  GLF         Global Leadership Forum
  GLines      Global Lines
  GLO         General Location
  GLOBECOM    Global Telecommunications Conference (GTC)
  GLONASS     Global Navigation Satellite System
  GLS         Generic Load Segment
  GLTC        Ground Loop Test Cancel
  GLUT        OpenGL Utility Toolkit
  GLVDS       Ground-referenced, Low-Voltage Differential Signal
  GLX         GL's Extension to X
  GM          General Manager
  GM          Generator Manager
  GM          Group Mode
  GM          Guaranteed Minimum
  GM          ISO country code for Republic of the Gambia
  GMA         Gated Mode Acquisition
  GMB         Group Make-Busy
  GMBPT       Group Make Busy Point
  GMBS        GSF Meridian Business Set
  GMDSS       Global Maritime Distress and Safety Service
  GMDSS       Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  GME         Group Modulating Equipment
  GMEM        Global Memory
  GMF         Generalized Monitoring Facility
  GMF         Generic Maintenance Framework
  GMF         Global Modeling Forum
  GMF         Graphic Monitoring Facility (SNA)
  GMI         Generic Maintenance Interface
  GMI         Graphical Management Interface
  GMII        Gigabit Media Independent Interface
  GML         Generalized Markup Language
  GMM         Global Memory Manager
  GMM         Global Multimedia Mobility
  GMM CG      Global Multimedia Mobility Co-ordination Group
  GMO         Generic Managed Object
  GMODTTO     GSF Modifier Trace Tool
  GMOS        Group Manager-Operator Services
  GMP         Global Messaging Process
  GMPCS       Global Mobile Personal Communications Services
  GMR         Giant Magnetoresistive
  GMS         Gate Management System
  GMS         General Mobile System (Digital Cellular Radiocommunications)
  GMS         Generic Multiplexer Service
  GMS         Global Mapping Satellite
  GMS         Global Messaging Service
  GMSC        Gateway Mobile services Switching Centre
  GMSC        Gateway Mobile Switching Centre (GSM term)
  GMSK        Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (modulation)
  GMSK        Gaussian Minimum Shift-Keyed
  GMSS        Global Mobile Satellite Services
  GMSS        Global Mobile Satellite Systems
  GMST        Generic Multiplexer Service Team
  GMT         Greenwich Mean Time
  GMT         Greenwich Mean Time
  GMT         Weltzeit
  GMTA        Great minds think alike
  GMTS        General Mobile Telephone System
  GN          Generic Name
  GN          GOB Number
  GN          Group Number
  GN          ISO country code for Revolutionary People's Republic of Guinea
  GNA         Globewide Network Academy
  GNCT        Generalized No Circuit Treatment
  GND         Ground
  GND         Ground Start
  GND         Group Do Not Disturb
  GNE         Gateway Network Element
  GNFC        Group Number Feature Control
  GNI         Generic Internet/Subnet Interface
  GNIM        Generic Network Information Model
  GNM         Generic Network Model
  GNN         Global Network Navigator
  GNP         Graphical Network Browser
  GNP         Gross National Product
  GNR         Global Name Resolver
  GNS         Global Network Service (BT)
  GNS         Green Number Service
  GNSS        Global aeronautical Navigation Satellite System
  GNT         Great Northern Telegraph Co.
  GNU         GNU's Not Unix
  GNW         Global NetWork
  GOAL        GSF OMs, Alarms, and Logs
  GOAM        Government Owned And Maintained
  GOB         Group of Blocks
  GOEE        Generic Object Execution Environment
  GOES        Geosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellite
  GOF         Gang of Four
  GOLD        GSM One-Chip Logical Device
  GOM         Generic Object Model
  GOMMO       Group OMMO
  GOOD        GSF Object Oriented Development
  GOP         Group of Pictures
  GOPS        Giga (Billion) Operations Per Second
  GOS         General Operational Sanity
  GOS         Generic Operator Services
  GOS         Global Operator Services
  GOS         Grade of Service
  GoS         Grade of Service
  GOSIP       Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile
  GOSIP       Government OSI Profile
  GOSS7       Global Operator Services Signaling #7
  GOST        State Committee for Standardization
  gov         Government institutions domain
  GP          General Product
  GP          General Protection
  GP          General Purpose
  GP          Genetic Programming
  GP          Ground Plane antenna
  GP          Group Processor
  GP          ISO country code for Guadeloupe
  GPA         General Polynomial Answer mode modem
  GPA         Generating Polynomial- Answer modem
  GPa         GigaPascal
  GPA         Grade Point Average
  GPA         GSM PLMN Area
  GPARS       Global Performance Analysis and Reporting System
  GPBXE       GSF Public, Business and Translations Environment
  GPC         General Polynomial Call mode modem
  GPC         Generating Polynomial- Call modem
  GPCH        GRPS Packet Channel
  GPD         General Purpose Discipline
  GPD         Generalized Probabilistic Descent
  GPF         General Protection Fault
  GPF         Generic Process Framework
  GPI         Graphics Programming Interface
  GPIA        General Purpose Interface Adapter
  GPIB        General Purpose Interface Bus
  GPIC        Group Primary Interexchange Carrier
  GPIC        Per-Group Primary InterLATA Carrier
  GPIO        General-Purpose Input/Output
  GPL         General Public License
  GPL         Generic Performance Language
  GPM         Generic Peripheral Maintenance
  GPMC        Green Paper on Mobile Communications
  GPNET       GSF Private Networks Team
  GPNS        Global Power Network Services
  GPO         General Post Office
  GPP         General-Purpose Processor
  GPP         Global Peripheral Platform
  GPR         General-Purpose Register
  GPR         Ground Potential Rise
  GPRD        Global Product Rules Development
  GPRS        General Package Radio Service
  GPRS        General Packet Data Radio Service
  GPRS        General Packet Radio Service
  GPRS        General Packet Radio System
  GPS         General Problem Solver (AI program)
  GPS         Generalized Processor Sharing
  GPS         Generic Presentation Service (OSI)
  GPS         Global Position Sensing
  GPS         Global Positioning Satellite
  GPS         Global Positioning System
  GPS         Global Product Support
  GPSM        Global Packing, Shipping, and Marshalling
  GPSS        General Purpose Simulation System
  GPSS        General Purpose System Simulation
  GPT         GEC PLessey Telecommunications
  GPTA        Goungdong Post and Telecommunication Authority
  GPU         Graphics Processing Unit
  GPV         Global Product Verification
  GPWS        Ground Proximity Warning System (Avionics)
  GQ          Gillou-Quisquater
  GQ          ISO country code for Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  GQBE        Graphical Query By Example
  GQL         Graphical Query Language
  GQOS        Guaranteed Quality of Service
  GR          Generic Requirements
  GR          Gigabit Router
  GR          Graceful Close
  GR          Graphical
  GR          Graphical Form
  GR          Graphical Representation/Rendition
  GR          Graphical SDL Representation
  GR          ISO country code for Hellenic Republic (Greece)
  GRA         Circuit Group Reset Acknowledgment message
  GRA         Group Reset Acknowledgement Signal
  GRAN        Generic Radio Access Network
  GRASP       Graphical System for Presentation
  GRAYS       Gotta Register All Your Shareware
  GRC         Group Recall
  GRD         Ground
  GRE         Generalized Regular Expression
  GRE         Generic Routing Encapsulation
  grep        Generalized Regular Expression Print
  GRF         General Register File
  GRIB        Gridded Binary
  GRID        Global Resource Identifier
  GRIN        Graded Index
  GRIN        Graded Refractive INdex  (Cavity Laser, Telecom)
  GrIP        Gravis Interface Protocol
  GRJ         Gatekeeper Reject
  GRM         Circuit Group Supervision Message
  GRM         General Relationship Model
  GRM         Generic Resource Manager
  GRM         Group Reset Message
  GRM DB      Generic Resource Manager Database
  GRMP        Generic Resource Manager Proxy
  G-ROM       Graphic Read-Only Memory
  GROW        GNU Remote Operations Web
  GRP         Generalized Routing Procedures
  GRP         Group
  GRP         Group Reference Pilot
  GRP         Program Manager Group file
  grpc        Group Close
  grpo        Group Open
  GRQ         Gatekeeper Request
  GRQ         General Request message
  GRS         Circuit Group Reset message
  GRS         Group Reset Signal
  GrVSt       Gruppenvermittlungsstelle (Group Switching Centre)
  GS          G Segment
  GS          Gateway Switch(ing)
  GS          General Specification
  GS          Generic Session
  GS          Graduate Student
  GS          Ground Segment
  GS          Ground Start
  GS          Group Selector
  GS          Group Separator
  GS          Group Services
  GS          Group Switch
  GS          ISO country code for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  GSA         General Services Administration
  GSA         GSM System Area
  GSAM        GSF System Architecture Model
  GSAT        GSF System Architecture Team
  GSB         Generic Services Base
  GSBT        GSF Services Base Team
  GSC         CCS Group Signaling Congestion
  GSC         Global Standards Collaboration (group)
  GSC         Global Surveillance Center
  GSC         Group Switching Center
  GSC2        Group Speed Calling 2-Digit
  GSC2NL      Group Speed Calling 2-Digit Number List
  GSCAR       Global Supplier Corrective Action Request
  GSCP        Generic Service(s) Communication Protocol
  GSCP        Generic Services Connection Protocol
  GSCP        Generic Service(s) Control Protocol
  GSD         Generic Structure Diagram
  GSD         Global Service Directory
  GSDE        Generic Services Design Environment
  GSDE        Global Software Development Environment
  GSDN        Global Software Defined Network
  GSDT        Generic Service Design Tool
  GSDT        GSF Services Design Tool
  GSE         General Systems Engineer
  GSEE        Generic Services Execution Environment
  GSEP        Generic Session End Point
  GSEP        GSM Service Evaluation Platform
  GSF         Generic Services Framework
  GSFA        GSF Architecture
  GSFAI       GSF Agent Interworking
  GSFAIP      Generic Services Framework Agent Interworking Protocol
  GSFAIP_ALT  GSFAIP Alerting message
  GSFAIP_ANM  GSFAIP Answer Message
  GSFAIP_CCM  GSFAIP Connection Control Message
  GSFAIP_CPG  GSFAIP Call Progress message
  GSFAIP_EOP  GSFAIP End of Outpulsing message
  GSFAIP_EOS  GSFAIP End of Selection message
  GSFAIP_FAM  GSFAIP Final Address Message
  GSFAIP_IAM  GSFAIP Initial Address Message
  GSFAIP_RES  GSFAIP Resume message
  GSFAIP_RLS  GSFAIP Release message
  GSFAIP_RSI  GSFAIP Reselection Indication message
  GSFAIP_RSR  GSFAIP Reselect Request message
  GSFAIP_SAM  GSFAIP Subsequent Address Message
  GSFAIP_SOS  GSFAIP Start of Selection message
  GSFAIP_SUS  GSFAIP Suspend message
  GSFCP       GSF Call Process
  GSF-FM      GSF Facility Maintenance
  GSFI        GSF Implementation
  GSFISP      GSF Intra-Subnetwork Protocol
  GSFMIP      GSF Maintenance Interface Protocol
  GSFN        Generic Signaling Function
  GSI         Giga-Scale Integration
  GSI         Giga-Scale Integration
  GSI         Special Group on ISDN
  GSIMS       Global Standards Information Management System
  GSL         Global Service Logic
  GSLB        Group Speciale (de Communications) Large Bande
  GSLB-PN     Group Speciale (de Communications) Large Bande- Permanent Nucleus
  GSM         General forward Set-up information Message
  GSM         General Setup Message
  GSM         Generic Service Model(ing)
  GSM         Generic Source Module
  GSM         Global System for Mobile Communications
  GSM         Global System for Mobile Telecommunication
  GSM         Graphic Size Modification
  GSM         Group Special Mobile
  GSM         Group Switch Matrix
  GSM         Group System Mobile
  GSM         Groupe Spécial Mobile
  GSM MS      Group Special Mobile Mobile Station
  GSM MS      GSM Mobile Station
  GSM PLMN    Group Special Mobile Public Land Mobile Network
  GSM PLMN    GSM Public Land Mobile Network
  GSMA        Global Scheduling Multiple Access
  GSMBE       Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  GSMM        Group Standards Making Management
  GSMP        General Switch Management Protocol
  GSN         GPRS Support Node
  GSO         Geostationary Satellite Orbit
  GSO         Geosynchronous Service Orbit
  GSOLL       GSF Services OnLine Library
  GSP         General Service Passing
  GSP         General System Practice
  GSP         Global Services Planning
  GSP         Global Services Platform
  GSQL        Gateway SQL
  GSS         General Satellite Service
  GSS         Generic Security Services
  GSS         Generic Security Standard
  GSS         Graphic Size Selection
  GSS         Grouped Sweeping Scheme
  GSSAPI      Generic Security Services API
  GSSI        Group Short Subscriber Identity (TETRA)
  GSSM        Generic Service State Machine
  GSSM        Global Subscriber Services Modernization
  GSSP        Global Service Switching Point
  GST         Global Symbol Table
  GST         Ground Start
  GST         Group-Specific Traffic
  G-STB       Global Simulation Testbed
  GSTN        General Switched Telephone Network
  GSTP        Gateway Signaling Transfer Point
  GSVC        Global Services
  GSVCI       Global Signaling Virtual Channel Identifier
  GSWCT       GSF Whole Cloth Team
  GSWFT       GSF Swact Framework Team
  GSZ         Group Size
  GT          Give Tokens
  GT          Global Title(s)
  GT          Global Trunks
  GT          Greater Than
  GT          ISO country code for Republic of Guatemala
  GTA         General Terminal Adapter
  GTA         General Terms Agreement
  GTA         Global Title Address
  GTA         Global Trunking Architecture
  GTA         Gopher Tape Armor  (Cable Armor against Rodents)
  GTA         Grading Terminal Assembly
  GTA         Guam Telephone Authority
  GTAC        Group Trunk Access Control
  GTC         Gain Time Constant
  GTC         Global Telecommunication Conference
  GTCS        Group Teleconferencing Communications System
  GTD         GEMS Test Driver
  GTD-3       GTD-3 (No. 3) Electronic Automatic Exchange
  GTD-5       GTD-5 (No. 5) Electronic Automatic Exchange
  GTDI        Guidelines for Trade Data Interchange (EDI)
  GTE         General Telephone and Electronics
  GTE         Group Translating Equipment
  GTEDS       GTE Data Services
  GTEI        Global TEI
  GTEI        Group TEI
  GTEP        General Telephone and Electronics Practice
  GTESC       GTE Service Corporation
  GTGB        Broup Trunk Group Busy
  GTK         GIMP Toolkit
  GTL         Gunning Transceiver Logic
  GTL+        Gunning Transceiver Logic+
  gTLD        Generic Top Level Domain
  GTMOSI      General Teleprocessing Monitor for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI-SNA)
  GTO         Gate-Turn-Off  (Thyristor)
  GTO         General Telecommunications Organization
  GTO         Geostationary Transfer Orbit
  GTO         Government Telecommunications Organization
  GTOT        Generic Terminal Object Team
  GTOT        GSF Treatment Object Team
  GTP         General Trade Product
  GTP         Global Test Platform
  GTP         GPRS Tunnel Protocol
  GTP         Group of Trail Termination Points
  GTP         Group Termination Point
  GTPA        General Telephone Company of Pennsylvania
  GTPU        Gas Tube Protector Unit
  GTR         Giant TRansistor (Power Transistor Module,Toshiba Inc.)
  GTR         Global Tone Receiver
  GTRK        Global Trunks
  GTRKS       Global Trunks
  GTRS        GSSP Technical Requirements Specification
  GTS         Generic Test Suite (obsolete)
  GTSI        Group TETRA Subscriber Identity
  GTT         Global Title Translation
  GTV         Global Title Value
  GTWY        Gateway
  GU          ISO country code for Guam
  GUBB        Geographic Unit Building Block
  GUD         Grand Universal Debugger
  GUF         GSF Upgrade Framework Team
  GUI         Graphical User Interface
  GUID        Globally Unique Identifier
  GUIDE       Graphcal User Interface for Data Engineering
  GUL         General Use Line
  GULS        Generic Upper Layer Security
  GUM         Grand Unified Multicast
  Gup         Group Update Program
  GUS         GSBT, Utility Services, SAFT
  GUS         Guide to the Use of Standards (SPAG)
  GUTS        GSF Unified Translations System
  GVA         Generalization of the Viterbi Algorithm
  GVAC        Global VFG Access Control
  GVGB        Global Virtual Group Busy
  GVNS        Global Virtual Network Service
  GVP         Group Vice President
  GVPN        Global VPN
  GW          Gateway
  GW          Gateway Switch
  GW          Glue and Wave
  GW          ISO country code for Republic of Guinea-Bissau
  GWCS        General Wireless Communications Service
  GWHIS       Global-Wide Help & Information System
  GWM         Generic Window Manager
  GWS         Gateway Screening
  GWS         Genesis Work Station
  GWSA        Gateway Service Analysis
  GWY         Gateway
  GXLA        Generic Translation and Routing Team
  GXLA        Global Translation
  GXLA        GSF Translations and Routing
  GXPM        Global XPM
  GXPM        GSF XPM
  GY          ISO country code for Republic of Guyana
  gz          GNU Zip

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- H -


  H           Half
  h           Handle
  H           Hashing
  H           Header
  H           Header File
  h           Header File
  h           hecto (10)
  H           Henry
  H           Hexadecimal
  H           High
  H           High
  h           High Frequency
  H           Horizontal
  h           hour
  H           Hybrid
  H#          House Number
  H&J         Harris & Jeffries, Inc.
  H/M         Hotel/Motel
  H/O         Handoff
  H/O         Handover
  H/PC        Hand-Held PC
  H/W         Hardware
  H0          Channelized 384 kbps
  H0H11       Channelized 384 and 1536 kbps
  H1          Heading Level 1 (HTML tag)
  H11         Channelized 1536 kbps
  H12         Channelized 1920 kbps
  H2          Heading Level 2 (HTML tag)
  H3          Heading Level 3 (HTML tag)
  H4          Heading Level 4 (HTML tag)
  H5          Heading Level 5 (HTML tag)
  H6          Heading Level 6 (HTML tag)
  HA          Hardware Assigned
  HA          HDLC Adaptor
  HA          Head of Bus A
  HA          High Assurance
  HA          High Availability
  HA          Home Agent
  HA          Home Automation
  HA1         HDLC Adaptor, Type 1
  HAC         Hearing Aid Compatibility
  HACA        Hybrid Adaptive-Channel Allocation
  HACMP       High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing
  HAD         Half Amplitude Duration
  HADS        HOBIC Administrative
  HADS        Hotel Administration Data System
  HAI         Hardware Accelerator Interface
  HAL         Hard Array Logic
  HAL         Hardware Abstraction Layer (Windows NT)
  HAL         Hardware Abstraction Level
  HAL         Hierarchical Applications Limited
  HALE        High Altitude Long Endurance
  HALO        High Altitude Long Operation
  HALT        Highly Accelerated Life Test
  HAM         Hold and Modify
  HAM         Hybrid Access Method
  HAMT        Human-Aided Machine Translation
  HAN         Home Area Network
  HAN         Host Access Network
  HAN         Hybrid Assigned Nematic
  HANDO       Handover
  HANFS       High Availability Network File System
  HAP         Host Access Protocol
  HAR         CENELEC Agreement for electrical cords and cables
  HAR         HARmonisation agreement for cables and cords
  HARC        Houston Advanced Research Center
  HARM        High-speed Anti-Radar Missile (US Military)
  HAs         Hauptanschluss (Main Station/Terminal/Connection)
  HASAWA      Health and Safety At Work Act
  HAsl        Hauptanschlussleitung (Main Service Line)
  HASP        Houston Automatic Spooling Program
  HASU        Hardware Assigned, Software Unassigned
  HAT         Hardware Address Translation
  HAT         Hash Anchor Table
  HAT         Home Area Toll
  HATS        Harmonization of Advanced Telecommunication Systems conference
  HATS        Head And Torso Simulator
  HAW1        Continental U.S.-Hawaii submarine cable #1
  HAW2        Continental U.S.-Hawaii submarine cable #2
  HAW3        Continental U.S.-Hawaii submarine cable #3
  HAW4        Continental U.S.-Hawaii submarine cable #4
  HAx         HDLC Adaptor, Type x
  HAZMAT      Hazardous Materials Team
  HB          Hard Blocking
  HB          Head Bus (=master)
  HB          Head of Bus B
  HB          Height-Balanced
  HB          High Band
  HB          Hybrid
  HBA         Hardware Group Blocking Acknowlegment Signal
  HBC         High Blow Capacity (Fuse)
  HBFG        Host Behavior Functional Group
  HBI         Horizontal Blanking Interval
  HBL         Hue, Brightness, Luminosity
  HBO         Home Box Office
  HBS         Home Base Station
  HBT         Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
  HBUR        Hardware Blocking/Unblocking Reception
  HBUS        Hardware Blocking/Unblocking Sending
  HBUS        Horizontal-Bus
  H-BUS       Horizontal Bus
  HC          Half Call
  HC          Half-Connection
  HC          Handoff Call
  HC          Hard Copy
  HC          Harmonic Coding
  HC          High Capacity
  HC          Hold Capability (Call Hold)
  HC          Hop Count
  HC          House Cable
  HCA         High-Contrast Addressing
  HCA         Hybrid Channel Allocation
  HCB         Hardware Control Block
  HCB         History Control Block
  HCCM        High Performance Common Channel Signaling Module
  HCDS        High Capacity Digital Service
  HCDT        Hold/Conference/Transfer/Drop
  HCF         Host Command Facility (NetView)
  HCI         Human-Computer Interaction
  HCIL        Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
  HCL         Hold Calling Line
  HCL         Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
  HCMM        Heat Capacity Mapping Mission
  HCMOS       High-Density Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  HCMOS       High-Speed Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  HCMTS       High-Capacity Mobile Telecommunications System
  HCP         Hard Copy Printer
  HCP         Horizontal Candle Power  (Optics)
  HCS         Hard Clad Silica
  HCS         Header Check Sequence
  HCS         Hierarchical Cell Structures
  HCSD        High-Speed Circuit Switched Data
  HCSDS       High Capacity Satellite Digital Service
  HCSM        High Performance Common Channel System Module
  HCSS        High-Capacity Storage System
  HCST        Haut Comite des politiques Scientifiques et Techniques
  HCT         High-Capacity Transport
  HCT         Home Communications Terminal
  HCTDS       High Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service
  HCV         High Capacity Voice
  HD          Half Duplex
  HD          Handover Detection
  HD          Hard Disk
  HD          Hard Drive
  HD          Harmonic Distortion
  HD          Harmonization Document (CEN)
  HD          HeaD(er)
  HD          Heavy Duty
  HD          High Day
  HD          High Definition
  HD          High Density
  HD          Hold
  HDA         Head/Disk Assembly
  HDB         High Density Binary
  HDB         High Density Bipolar
  HDB         High Density Bipolar code
  HDB         History Data Block
  HDB         Home Database
  HDB3        High Density Bipolar of Order 3
  HDB3        High-Density Bipolar- 3 Zeros
  HDB3        High-Density Bi-polar 3 (line code)
  HDB3        High-Density Bipolar Three
  HDBH        High Day Busy Hour
  HDBT        High Definition Broadcast Technology
  HDC         Device Context Handle
  HDC         Hard-Disk Controller
  HDC         High Definition Camera
  HDC         High Density Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (Motorola Inc.)
  HDCD        High-Density CD
  HDCT        Hybrid Discrete Cosine Transform
  HDD         Hard-Disk Drive
  HDDF        High Definition Digital Frame
  HD-Divine   High Definition Digital Video Narrowband Emission
  HDF         HDSL Dual Framer
  HDF         Hierarchical Data Format
  HDF         Horizontal Distributing Frame
  HDI         Hardware Design Inspection
  HDI         Head/Disk Interference
  HDL         Hardware Description Language
  HDLC        Hierarchical Data Link Control
  HDLC        High Level Data Link Control (Protocol)
  HDLC        High-Level Data Link Control
  HDM         Hardware Description Manual
  HDM         Hardware Device Module
  HD-MAC      High Definition Multiplexed Analog Components
  HD-MAC      High Definition Multiplexed Analogue Component TV
  HDML        Handheld Device Markup Language
  HDOC        Hardware Document
  HDPE        High Density PolythenE (Insulation)
  HDR         HDSL Dual Repeater
  HDR         Header
  HDR         Header Label
  HDR         High Density Recording
  HDR1        Data Set Header Label 1
  HDR1        Header 1
  HDR2        Data Set Header Label 2
  HD-ROM      High-Density Read-Only Memory
  HDS         Head Set
  HDS         Holographic Diffractive Structure
  HDSH        High Day Service Hour
  HDSL        High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line
  HDSL        High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line
  HDSL        High-Speed Digital Subscriber Loop
  HDSM        High Density Surface Mount
  HDT         Hawaii Daylight Time
  HDT         Host Digital Terminal
  HDTP        Hoofdirectie Telecommunicatie en Post (NL)
  HDTV        High Definition Television
  HDU         High Speed Data Unit
  HDV         High Definition Videotape
  HDVS        High-Definition Video System
  HDW         Home Data Base
  HDX         Half Duplex
  HDX         Half DupleX operation
  HE          Headend
  HE          Head-End
  HE          Header Extension
  HE          Heat Exchanger
  HE/CO       Head-End/Central-Office
  HEC         Header Error Check
  HEC         Header Error Control
  HEC         Header Error Correction
  HEC         Header Extension Code
  HECI        Human Equipment Catalog Item
  HEE         High Emitter Efficiency  (Semiconductor Fabrication Process)
  HEHO        Head-End Hop-Off
  HEL         Hardware Emulation Layer
  HEL         Header Extension Length
  HEL         High Energy Laser
  HEM         Headend Manager
  HEM         Horizontal Editing Mode
  HEMP        High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
  HEMP        High-level Entity Management Protocol (TCP/IP-DoD)
  HEMS        High-level Entity Management System (TCP/IP-DoD)
  HEMT        High Electron-Mobility Transistor
  HEO         High Elevation Orbit
  HEO         Highly Elliptical Orbit
  HEO         Highly-inclined Elliptical Orbit
  HEOS        Highly Eccentric Orbit Satellite
  HEP         Heterogenous Element Processor
  HES         Home Electronic Systems (IEC)
  HEX         Hexadecimal
  HEXID       Hexadecimal Identifier
  HF          Hands-Free
  HF          High Float
  HF          High Frequency  (3...30 MegaHertz)
  HF          Human Factors
  HFC         High Frequency Correction
  HFC         Hybrid Fiber Coax
  HFDF        High Frequency Distribution Frame
  HFP         HDLC Frame Processor
  HFP         Host-to-Front-End Protocol
  HFS         Hierarchical File System
  HFS         High-performance File System
  HFS         Human Factors Society
  HFT         HDLC Frame Transceiver
  HFU         Handsfree Unit
  HFU         Hands-Free Unit
  HG          Hunt Group
  HG          ISDN Multiline Hunt Group
  HGA         Hardware Carrier Group Alarm
  HGA         Hercules Graphics Adapter
  HGB         Hardware failure oriented Group Blocking message
  HGB         Hardware Group Blocking Signal
  HGC         Hercules Graphics Card
  HGC         Hercules Graphics Controller
  HGED        High Gain Emissive Display
  HGHT        Hunt Group Hunt Terminal
  HG-I        ISDN Hunt Group
  HGL         Hewlett Packard Graphics Language File
  HGU         Hardware Group Unblocking Signal
  HH          Handheld
  HH          Hanging Handset
  HH          Header Hub
  HH          High-High
  HH          High-High Algorithm
  HH          Horizontal High
  HHI         Human-Human Interaction
  HHO         Hard Handover
  HHOK        Ha ha only kidding
  HHP         Handheld Portable Phone
  HI          Handover Initiation
  HI          Hashed Index
  HI          High Priority
  HI          U.S. postal code for Hawaii
  HIA         Human Interface Architecture
  HIC         Handset Identity Code
  HIC         Header Integrity Check
  HIC         Heterogeneous InterConnect
  HIC         Highest Incoming Channel
  HIC         Hybrid Integrated Circuit
  HICC        Host Interface Chip with Channel Supervision
  HICOM       High Technology Communication
  HIDF        Horizontal side of Intermediate Distribution Frame
  HIDLE       High Idle
  HIDOM       High Impedance Digital Output Mode
  HIE         Host Interface Equipment
  HIER        Hierarchical
  HIF         Host Interface
  HILDA       High Level Debugging Assistant
  HILI        HIgher Layer Interface (IEEE 802.1)
  HINFO       Host Information
  HINIL       HIgh-Noise-Immunity Logic
  HIO         Halt I/O
  HIO         Highly Inclined Orbit
  Hiperlan    High Performance Radio Local Area Network
  HIPER-LAN   High Performance Radio LAN
  HIPPI       High-Performance Parallel Interface
  HIPPO       High Speed Instruction Prefetcher and Path Organizer
  Hippo       HIPPO functionality plus additional functionality
  HIS         Highest Issue
  HIS         Home Intercom Service
  HiS         Home internet Solution
  HIS         Hospital Information System
  HIT         Hierarchical Incremental Testing
  HIT         High Isolation Transformer
  HIU         Headend Interface Unit
  HIU         Home Database Interface Unit
  HIU         Host Interface Unit
  hk          Internet country code for Hong Kong
  HK          ISO country code for Hong Kong
  HKZ         Haupanschlusskennzeichen (German analog protocol without DDI)
  HL          Higher Layers
  HL          High-Low
  HL          Hot Line
  HLA         High Level Assembler
  HLC         High Layer Capabilities
  HLC         High Layer Compatibility
  HLC         High Level Committee (ITU)
  HLC         Higher Layer Compatibility
  HLCDBL1     High-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork)
  HLCDBL1P    High-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork) for PRI
  HLCDBL2     High-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork)
  HLCDBL2P    High-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork) for PRI
  HLCIE       High Layer Compatibility Information Element
  HLCIT       High Layer Compatibility Information Transfer
  HLD         Call Hold
  HLD         Head Load
  HLD         High Level Design
  HLD         High Level Document
  HLD         Hold
  HLDA        Hold Acknowledge
  HLDE        High Level Design Estimate
  HLDR        High-Level Design Review
  HLE         Host Link Extension
  HLEN        Header Length
  HLF         High Layer Function(s)
  HLF         Higher Layer Function(s)
  HLF         High-Level Format
  HLF         High-Level Formatting
  HLFD        High Level Feature Design
  HLI         High-Layer Information
  HLIC        High Level Intent Code
  HLIU        High Speed Link Interface Unit
  HLL         High Level Language
  HLL         High Level Logic
  HLL         High Loss Loopback
  HLL         High-Level Language
  HLLAPI      High-Level Language API (IBM)
  HLLB        High Loss Loopback
  HLM         Heterogeneous LAN Management (IBM, 3COM)
  HLMS        Heterogenous LAN Management Specification
  HLN         Headline News
  HLN         Hot Line (Direct Connect Line)
  HLP         Help File
  HLPI        High Level Protocol Interworking
  HLPI        Higher Layer Protocol Identifier
  HLR         Hidden-Line Removal  (3-Dimensional Electronic Imaging)
  HLR         Home Location Register (GSM term)
  HLR         Home Location Registry
  HLRN        Home Location Routing Number
  HLS         Hue, Lightness, Saturation
  HLS         Hue, Luminance, Saturation
  HLS         Hue, Luminosity, Saturation
  HLSC        High-Level Service Circuit
  HLSIB       High-Level SIB
  HLT         Halt
  HLT         Halt (80x86 inst)
  HLT         Head Load Time
  HLT         Heterodyne Look-Thru
  HM          Hotel/Motel
  HM          Hotel/Motel Selection
  HM          ISO country code for Heard and McDonald Islands
  HMA         High Memory Area
  HMA         Human-Machine Adaptation
  HMB         Higher Middle Byte
  HMBN        Hotel/Motel Service Selection Billing Number
  HMBS1       Hunt Make Busy Set 1
  HMBS1D      Hunt Make Busy Set 1 CMD
  HMBS1V      Hunt Make Busy Set 1 VI
  HMBS2       Hunt Make Busy Set 2
  HMBS2D      Hunt Make Busy Set 2 CMD
  HMBS2V      Hunt Make Busy Set 2 VI
  HMBS3       Hunt Make Busy Set 3
  HMBS3D      Hunt Make Busy Set 3 CMD
  HMBS3V      Hunt Make Busy Set 3 VI
  HMBS4       Hunt Make Busy Set 4
  HMBS4D      Hunt Make Busy Set 4 CMD
  HMBS4V      Hunt Make Busy Set 4 VI
  HMCG        Signaling Link Congestion
  HMCS        Hotel/Motel Class of Service
  HMD         Head-Mounted Display
  HMDC        MTP Message Discrimination
  HMDF        Horizontal side of Main Distribution Frame
  HMDT        MTP Message Distribution
  HMI         Horizontal Motion Index
  HMI         Host Micro Interface
  HMI         Hub Management Interface
  HMI         Human-Machine Interface
  HML         Multiline Hunt Group
  H-MLP       High speed Multi-Layer Protocol
  HMM         Hidden Markov Model
  HMMP        Hyper Media Management Protocol
  HMMS        Hypermedia Management Schema
  HMOS        High-Performance NMOS
  HMP         Host Monitoring Protocol
  HMR         Hotel/Motel Routing
  HMRP        Hotel/Motel Register Pulsing
  HMRT        MTP Message Routing
  HMS         Hierarchical Master-Slave
  HMS         Host Mediation Services
  HMSC        Home MSC
  HMSH        High Month Service Hour
  HMSO        Her Majesty's Stationary Office (UK)
  HMTG        Homogeneous Trunk Group
  HMUX        Hybrid Multiplexer
  H-MUX       Hybrid Multiplexer
  H-MVIP      High-Capacity MVIP
  HN          Hungarian Notation
  HN          ISO country code for Republic of Honduras
  HNFN        Home Numbering and Foreign Numbering
  HNL         number of LSBs to be compared when operating outside Home Network
  HNPA        Home Numbering Plan Area
  HNS         Hughes Network Systems
  HNT         Hunt
  HO          Handoff
  HO          Handover
  HO          Hotel
  HOB         Head of Bus
  HOB         Hierarchical Operational Binding
  HOBIC       Hotel Billing Information Center
  HOBIS       Hotel Billing Information System
  HOC         Handover Control
  HOC         Highest Incoming Channel
  HOC         Highest Outgoing Channel
  HOC         Host Collector
  HOC         Host Office Collector
  HoD         Head of Department (ETSI)
  HO-DSP      High Order Domain Specific Part
  HOF         Head Of Form
  HOH         HDSL Overhead
  HOL         Head of the Line
  HOL         High Order Language
  HOL         Holiday List (Table)
  HOLD        call HOLD (supplementary service)
  HOLD        Hold message
  HOLD ACK    Hold Acknowledge message
  HOLD REJ    Hold Reject message
  HON         Handover Number
  HOOD        Hierarchical Object Oriented Design
  HOOPS       Hierarchical Object-Oriented Programming System
  HOP         Higher Order Path
  HOPA        Higher Order Path Adaptation
  HOPL        History of Programming Languages
  HOPS        Host Proximity Service
  HOPSN       Higher Order Path Sub-Network
  HOPT        Higher Order Path Termination
  HOS         Higher-Order Statistics
  HOST        HOST computer
  HoT         Home Office Technology
  HOT         Home Office Telecommunication
  HoT         Home Office Telephony
  HOT         Hot Line
  HOT         Hotel/Motel
  HOTH        Handoff Threshold High
  HOTL        Handoff Threshold Low
  HOVC        Higher Order Virtual Container
  HP          Hewlett-Packard
  HP          High Pass (filter)
  HP          High Priority
  HP          Home Page
  HP          Home Passed
  HP DST      Hewlett Packard Distributed Smalltalk
  HP VUE      Hewlett-Packard Visual User Environment
  HPA         High Performance Addressing
  HPA         High Power Amplifier
  HPA         Higher-order Path Adaptation
  HPA         Horizontal Position Absolute
  HPAD        Host Packet Assembler/Disassembler
  HPBW        Half Power Beam Width
  HPC         Hand-held Personal Computer
  HPC         High Performance micro-Controller
  HPC         High Probability of Completion
  HPC         Higher-order Path Connection
  HPCC        High Performance Computing and Communications (US)
  HPCS        Heterogeneous PCS
  HPDD        High Performance Disk Driver
  HPDLC       Hewlett-Packard (Inc.) Data Link Control
  HPDS        Hewlett-Packard Distributed Smalltalk
  HPDST       Hewlett-Packard Distributed Smalltalk
  HPF         High Pass Filter
  HPF         High Performance FORTRAN
  HPFR        High Performance Frame Relay
  HPFS        High Performance File System
  HPGL        Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
  HP-GL       Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
  HP-HIL      Hewlett-Packard Human Interface Link
  HPIB        Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus
  HP-IB       Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus
  HPIN        Handset Personal Identification Number
  HPJ         Help Project file
  HPJ         High Performance Compiler for Java
  HPLMN       Home Public Land Mobile Network
  HPM         High-Performance Module
  HPN         High Performance Network
  HPOV        Hewlett-Packard OpenView
  HPP         Heuristic Programming Project  (Application of AI)
  HPPA        Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
  HP-PA       Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
  HP-PB       Hewlett-Packard Precision Bus
  HPPI        High Performance Parallel Interface (ANSI)
  HPR         High Performance Routing
  HPR         Horizontal Position Relative
  HPS         High Power Satellite
  HPSOS       Hewlett Packard Switch Operating System
  HPSOS       High Performance Switch Operating System
  HP-SOS      HP-based Support Operating System
  HPSS        High-Performance Switching System
  HPT         Hand-held Personal Telephone
  HPT         Higher-order Path Termination
  HPU         Hand Portable Unit
  HPUX        Hewlett-Packard Unix
  HP-UX       Hewlett-Packard Unix
  HPV         High Performance Video
  HPV         Highest PVC
  HQ          Headquarter
  HQ          High Quality
  HR          Half Rate
  HR          Half Rate
  HR          High Reliability
  HR          High Resistance
  HR          High Runner
  HR          Hitachi Review (periodical)
  HR          Horizontal Rule (HTML tag)
  HR          Human Resources
  HR          ISO country code for Hrvatska (Croatia)
  HRC         HaRd Copy
  HRC         Hybrid Ring Control
  HRC         Hypothetical Reference Circuit
  HRC         Hypothetical Reference Connection
  HRCDC       High Runner Call Data Compression
  HRD         Handbook of Reliability Data
  HRD         High-Resolution Diagnostics
  HRD         Hypothetical Reference Decoder
  HRDP        Hypothetical Reference Digital Path
  HREF        Hypertext Link Reference (HTML tag)
  HRFAX       High Resolution Facsimile
  HRI         High Resolution Imagery
  HRN         Highest Response Ratio Next
  HRP         Hardware Reference Platform
  HRSC        High Runner Structure Code
  HRSC        Hypothetical Signaling Reference Connection
  HRT         High Rate Telemetry
  HRTF        Head-Related Transfer Function
  HRX         Hypothetical Reference Circuit
  HRX         Hypothetical Reference Connection
  HS          Half Session
  HS          HandSets
  HS          Hatch Style
  HS          High Speed
  HSAM        Hierarchical Sequential Access Method
  HSB         Hue, Saturation, Brightness
  HSC         Hexadecimal Sequential Code
  HSC         Home Shopping Channel
  HSCD        High Speed Circuit Data
  HSCP        High Speed Card Punch
  HSCR        Hardware Scheduler Condition Register
  HSCSD       High Speed Circuit Switched Data
  HSCT        High Speed Compound Terminal
  HSD         High Speed Data
  HSDA        High Speed Data Access
  HSDC        High-Speed Data Card
  HSDL        High Speed Data Link
  HSDM        High-Speed Data Module
  HSDS        High-Speed Data System
  HSDU        High Speed Data Unit
  HSDU        High Speed Dial Up
  HSET        Headset Trunk
  HSG         High Sierra Group
  HSI         Hardware-Software Interface
  HSI         High Speed Interface
  HSI         High-layer Status Indicator
  HSI         Hue Saturation Intensity (Electronic Imaging)
  HSIO        High-Speed I/O
  HSL         High Speed Link
  HSL         High-Level Scripting Language
  HSL         High-Speed Signaling Link
  HSL         Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity
  HSLAN       High-Speed LAN
  HSLI        High-Speed Line Interface
  HSLN        High Speed Local Network
  HSLR        High Speed Link Route
  HSM         Hierarchical Storage Management
  HSM         Hierarchical Storage Manager
  HSM         Host Switching Module
  HSMO        High Stability Master Oscillator
  HSN         Home Shopping Network
  HSN         Hopping Sequence Number
  HSO         Host Switching Office
  HSP         High Speed Printer
  HSP         Host Slave Present
  HSPTP       High Speed Paper Tape Punch
  HSPTR       High Speed Paper Tape Reader
  HSQR0       Host Sequence Register 0
  HSQR1       Host Sequence Register 1
  HSR         Hardware Status Register
  HSR         Hidden-Surface Removal (3-D Electronic Imaging)
  HSR         High Speed Reader
  HSR         Home Service Region
  HSR         Horizontal Scan Rate
  HSRP        Hot Standby Router Protocol
  HSRR0       Host Service Request Register 0
  HSRR1       Host Service Request Register 1
  HSS         High Speed Switch
  HSSC        High Speed Signalling Capability
  HSSDS       High Speed Switched Digital Service
  HSSI        High Speed Serial Interface
  HSSL        High-Speed Signaling Link
  HST         Hawaii Standard Time
  HST         High-Speed Technology
  HSV         Hue, Saturation, Value
  HT          Halt Typing
  HT          High Tension
  HT          High Tone
  HT          Hilly Terrain
  HT          Holding Time
  HT          Home Terminal
  HT          Horizontal Tab
  HT          Horizontal Tabulation
  HT          Hyper Terminal file
  HT          ISO country code for Republic of Haiti
  HTA         Hunting Allowed
  HTA         HyperText Application
  HTABL       Hunt Terminal Aggregate Busy Limit
  HTC         HDLC Transceiver Cell
  HTC         Highest Two-Way Channel
  HTCMDBL     Hunt Terminal Busy Limit for Circuit Mode Data Calls
  HTCPCP      Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
  HTD         Hardware Technology Division
  HTD         Hunting Denied
  HTDS        HDLC Transparent Data Service
  HTF         Hub Terminal Facility
  HTFS        High Throughput File System
  HTGB        High Temperature Gate-Bias (Power Semiconductor Stress)
  HTJ         Horizontal Tab with Justification
  HTL         High Threshold Logic
  HTL         Hot Line
  HTL         Hotel Call
  HTML        HyperText Mark-up Language
  HTR         Hard-to-Reach
  HTR         Hierarchical Trunk Reservation
  HTRB        High Temperature Reverse-Bias
  HTRF        Hard-to-Reach Flag
  HTRLD       Handoff Threshold
  HTRP        Hard-to-Reach Peg
  HTS         High-Temperature Superconductive
  HTS         High-Temperature Superconductivity
  HTS         Home Team Sports
  HTS         Horizontal Tab Set
  HTSL        HochTemperatur SupraLeiter
  HTTG        Heterogeneous Trunk Group
  HTTP        Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  HTTPD       HTTP Daemon
  HTTP-NG     HTTP-Next Generation
  HTU         HDSL Terminal Unit
  HTU-C       HDSL Terminal Unit- Central Office
  HTU-R       HDSL Terminal Unit- Remote Site
  HTVBL       Hunt Terminal Busy Limit for Voice Calls
  HU          Hardware Unassigned
  HU          High Usage
  HU          Home Unit
  HU          ISO country code for Hungarian People's Republic (Hungary)
  HUA         Hardware Group Unblocking Acknowledgment Signal
  HUD         Heads Up Display
  HUG         High-Usage Group
  HUI         Help User Interface
  HUNT        Hunting
  HUNTYP      Hunting Type
  HUT         High Usage Threshold
  HUT         High Usage trunk
  HUTE        High Usage Threshold Exceeded
  HV          High Voltage
  HVAC        Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  HVC         High-Order Virtual Container
  HVC         Hue, Value, and Chroma
  HVEPIC      High Voltage Enhanced Performance Implanted CMOS (IC Process)
  HVIC        High Voltage Integrated Circuit
  HVL         Half-Value Layer
  HVP         Hierarchical Virtual Partitioning
  HVP         High-Voltage Protection
  HVP         Horizontal and Vertical Position
  HVS         Hospitality Voice Services
  HVS         Human Visual Systems
  HVSD        High Voltage Shutdown
  HVSt        Hauptvermittlungsstelle (Tandem Level Switching Exchange)
  HVt         Hauptverteiler (Main Distribution Frame)
  HW          Half Word
  HW          Halfword
  HW          Hardware
  HW          High and Wet
  HwAns       Announcement
  HWC         Hardware Controller
  HWD         Height, Width, Depth
  HWDP        Hardware Development Process
  HWFIT       Hardware Fault Insertion Test
  HWLR        Howler message
  HWND        Handle to a Window
  HWR         Heavy Water Reactor
  HX          Halt Execution
  HXS         Home eXtended Service network
  HyCoS       Hypermedia Communication Server
  Hz          Hertz

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- I -


  I           Current
  I           Image
  I           Indication
  I           Information
  I           Information field
  I           In-Phase
  i           int
  I           Intensity
  I           Interactive Framework
  I           Interactor
  I           Interconnectivity
  I           Interface
  I           Intermediate Frame
  I           Intra Picture (frame)
  I           Intraframe
  i           Italic
  I           Italics (HTML tag)
  I&I         Interworking and Interoperability
  I/A         Inquiry/Acknowledgement
  I/C         Incoming
  I/E         Implicit/Explicit
  I/F         Interface
  I/G         Individual/Group
  I/O         Input/Output
  I/OC        Input/Output Channel
  I/S         Information Systems
  I/S         Information/Supervisory Type Packet
  I/S         In-Service
  I/T         Information Technology
  I18N        Internationalization
  I2          Interface Paging Area Controller-BS
  I2          Internet2
  I2O         Intelligent I/O
  I2T         Intelligent Interface Technology
  I3          Interface Paging Network Controller-Paging Area Controller
  I4          Interface Paging Network Controller-Paging Network Controller
  IA          Aggregate Only for Calls Incoming to BBG
  IA          Implementation Agreement
  IA          Incoming Access
  IA          Ineffective Attempt
  IA          Initial Address
  IA          Integration Alpha
  IA          Integration Alpha Tested
  IA          Intel Architecture
  IA          Intelligent Agent
  Ia          Interface point a
  IA          International Alphabet
  IA          Internet Assistant
  IA          Intrabay
  IA          U.S. postal code for Iowa
  IA5         International Alphabet No. 5
  IA-64       Intel Architecture-64
  IAA         IAM Acknowledgement message
  IAA         Ineffective Attempt Analysis
  IAAB        Inter-American Association of Broadcasting
  IAAC        Inter-Access Agent Communication
  IAB         Initial Address Buffer
  IAB         Internet Activities Board
  IAB         Internet Architecture Board
  IABS        Integrated Access Billing System
  IAC         Industry Advisory Committee
  IAC         Information Access Corporation
  IAC         Initial Alignment Control
  IAC         Integrated Access Controller
  IAC         Interapplication Communication
  IAC         International Access Code
  IAC         Internet Association of the Carolinas
  IAC         Interpret As Command
  IAC         Intracalling
  IAC         ISDN Access Controller
  I-ACB       ISDN Automatic Callback
  I-ACG       Incoming Automatic Code Gap
  IACP        Initial Address Confirmation Pointer
  I-ACR       ISDN Anonymous Call Rejection
  IACS        Integrated Access and Control System
  IACS        Integrated Access and Cross-Connect System
  IAD         Integrated Alarm Display
  IAD         MDII: Incomplete Address Detected
  IAE         Integrated Access Equipment
  IAF         Intelligent Access Function
  IAF         Intelligent Alarm Filtering
  IAF         Interleaf ASCII Format
  IAF         Internet Address Finder
  IAG         Instruction Address Generation
  IAGC        Instantaneous Automatic Gain Control
  IAHC        International Ad Hoc Committee
  IAI         Initial Address Information
  IAI         Initial Address Message with Additional Information
  IAL         Intel Architecture Lab
  IAL         International Algebraic Language
  IALA        International Association of Lighthouse Authorities
  IAM         Initial Address Message
  IAM         Integrated Access Module
  IAML        Intraoffice Matching Loss
  IAN         Integrated Analog Network
  IAN         Internetworking among ATM Networks
  IANA        Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  IANAL       I am not a lawyer
  IANL        Immediate Action Noise Limit
  IAO         Intraoffice
  IAO         Intraoffice Optical Interface
  IAOG        International ADMD Operators Group
  IAP         Industrial Applications Programming
  IAP         Initial Acquisition Phase
  IAP         Intercept Access Point
  IAP         Internet Access Provider
  IAR         IAM Reject message
  IAR         Incoming Access Restrictions
  I-AR        ISDN Automatic Recall
  IARU        International Amateur Radio Union
  Ias         Intelligent Agents
  IAS         Internet Authentication Server
  IAS         Internet Authentication Services
  IAS         Intraswitching
  IASG        Internet Address Subgroup
  IASG        Internet Address Summary Group
  IASP        Initial Address Service Pointer
  IASP        Interactive Automated Split-Referral
  IAT         Information Access Technology
  IAT         Integrated Access Terminal
  IAT         ISDN Architecture Team
  IAT1        Interannouncement Timer 1
  IAT2        Interannouncement Timer 2
  IAT3        Interannouncement Timer 3
  IATA        International Air Transport Association
  IATMT1      Interannouncement Treatment 1
  IATMT2      Interannouncement Treatment 2
  IATMT3      Interannouncement Treatment 3
  IATMT4      Interannouncement Treatment 4
  IAV         Integrated Access Vehicle
  IAV         Intelligent Access Vehicle
  I-AWC       Intelligent Area Wide Centrex
  IAYF        Information At Your Fingertips
  IB          In-Band
  IB          Inband Signaling
  IB          Incoming Busy
  IB          Information Brokerage
  IB          Input Buffer
  Ib          interface point b
  IBA         Inband Alerting
  IBA         Independent Broadcasting Authority
  IBAC        In-Band Adjacent Channel
  IBAS        Integrated Broadband Access System
  IBAT        Instruction BAT
  IBBA        Intelligent Building Business Alliance
  IBC         Integrated Broadband Communications
  IBC         International Broadcasting Convention
  IBC         ISDN Burst Transceiver Circuit
  IBCN        Integrated Broadband Communication Network
  IBCS        Integrated Business Communication Systems
  iBCS        Intel Binary Compatible Standard
  IB-DCA      Interference-Based Dynamic Channel Allocation
  IBDN        Individual Billing Directory Number
  IBDN        Integrated Building Distribution Network
  ibe         Immediate Block Errors
  IBERT       Integrated Bit Error Rate Test
  IBERT       Integrated Bit Error Rate Tester
  IBERT       Integrated Bit Error Rate Testing
  IBEW        International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  IBEX        Input, Block, Extra
  IBG         Interblock Gap
  IBGP        Internal BGP
  IBI         International Broadcasting Institute
  IBL         Individual Business Line
  IBL         Initial Boot Loader
  IBM         International Business Machines
  IBMCS       IBM Cabling System
  IBMJRD      IBM Journal of Research and Development (periodical)
  IBML        Interbay Message Link
  IBMS        Input, Block, Missing
  IBMSJ       IBM Systems Journal (periodical)
  IBN         Institut Belge de Normalisation (B)
  IBN         Integrated Broadband Network
  IBN         Integrated Business Network
  IBN         Isolated Bonding Network
  IBN7        Integrated Business Network CCS7
  IBNAC       IBN Attendant Console
  IBNC        Input, Block, Not Consistent
  IBNS        Integrated Business Network Services
  IBNT2       Integrated Business Network Two-Way Trunk Group
  IBNTI       Integrated Business Network Incoming Trunk Group
  IBNTO       Integrated Business Network Outgoing Trunk Group
  IBOC        In-Band On Channel
  IBP         Incremental Bar Printer
  IBP         Interupted Bernoulli Process
  IBP         Itty-Bitty Processor
  IBR         Initial Business Review
  IBRC        In-Band Reversed Channel
  IBS         Integrated Business Services
  IBS         Intelligent Base Station
  IBS         INTELSAT Business Service
  IBSG        Internetwork Broadcast Sub-Group
  IBSS        Independent Basic Service Set
  IBT         Illinois Bell Telephone
  IBT         Intrinsic Burst Tolerance
  IBTM        Interactive Billing Transaction Manager
  IBTN        Integrated Broadband Telecom Network (ISDN)
  IBTO        International Broadcasting and Television Organization
  IBUFG       Internetwork Broadcast/Unknown Functional Group
  IBUS        Intelligent Bus
  I-BUS       Intelligent Broadcast/Unknown Server
  IBWM        Intelligent Bandwidth Management
  IBWM        Intelligent Bandwidth Manager
  IC          In Charge
  IC          Include Call (TETRA)
  IC          Incoming
  IC          Incoming Call
  IC          Independent Certification
  IC          Individual Contributor
  IC          Information Channel
  IC          Input Context
  IC          Input Controller
  IC          Installable Command
  IC          Instruction Counter
  IC          Instruction Fetch Cycle
  IC          Integrated Circuit
  IC          Integrated Controller
  IC          Integration Complete
  IC          Intelligent Copier
  IC          Intercept
  IC          Interconnect
  IC          Interexchange Carrier
  IC          Interface Control
  IC          Interference Cancellation
  IC          InterLATA Carrier
  IC          Interlock Code
  IC          International Channel
  IC1         Interface Configuration Phase 1
  IC2         Interface Configuration Phase 2
  ICA         Independent Computing Architecture
  ICA         Information Content Architecture
  ICA         Inter Component Assessment
  ICA         Intercom Appearance
  ICA         International Communications Association
  ICAM        Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  ICAMA       International Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
  ICAN        Individual Circuit Analysis
  ICAN        Integrated Customer Advanced Networking
  I-CAN       Integrated-Customer Advanced Networking
  I-CAN       ISDN-Customer Advanced Networking
  ICAO        International Civil Aviation Organization
  ICAPI       Internet Connection API
  ICARUS      Integrated Circuit Artwork Utility System
  ICAS        Interconnection and Accounting Separation
  ICB         Incoming Call Barring
  ICB         Incoming Calls Barred
  ICB         Individual Case Basis
  ICB         Integrated Channel Bank
  ICB         Integrated Chernoff Bound
  ICB         Integrated Collector Bus
  ICBM        InterContinental Ballistic Missile (Military)
  ICBR        Intracompany Business Rules
  ICC         Illinois Commerce Commission
  ICC         Incremental Corrective Content
  ICC         Independent Common Carrier
  ICC         Inspection Coordination Committee (IEC)
  ICC         Integrated Circuit Card
  ICC         Integrated Communication Controller
  ICC         International Chamber of Commerce
  ICC         International Color Consortium
  ICC         International Communications Conference
  ICC         International Computation Center (UNESCO)
  ICC         International Conference on Communications
  ICC         International Control Center
  ICC         Internodal Communications Controller
  ICC         ISDN Communications Controller
  ICCB        Internet Configuration Control Board
  ICCB        Internet Control and Configuration Board
  ICCC        Inter-Client Communications Conventions
  ICCC        International Conference on Computer Comunications
  ICCCM       Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual
  ICCF        Industry Carriers Compatibility Forum
  ICCM        Incoming Call Center Management
  ICCP        Informations Computer and Communications Policies (OECD)
  ICCS        Incremental CCS
  ICCS        International Conference on Communications Systems
  ICCT        International Conference on Communication Technology
  ICCV        International Credit Card Validation
  ICD         InterLATA Carrier Domestic
  ICD         International Code Designator
  I-CD        ISDN Call Deflection
  ICDA        Integrated Cached Disk Array
  I-CDB       ISDN Call Deflection for Basic Rate Interfaces
  ICDC        InterLATA Carrier Denial Check
  ICDCS       International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
  ICDIAL      Interexchange Carrier Dialing
  ICDL        Intermediate Circuit Description Language
  ICDR        IC Denial Check Response
  ICDR        Inward Call Detail Recording
  ICE         In-Circuit Emulation
  ICE         In-Circuit Emulator
  ICE         Integrated Capacity Expansion
  ICE         Integrated Communications Environment (AUXCO)
  ICE         Integrated Cryptographic Engine
  ICE         Interference Canceling Equalizer
  ICE         ISDN Capacity Enhancement
  ICECAN      Iceland-Canada submarine cable
  ICES        International Conference on Electronic Switching
  ICF         Information Conversion Function
  ICF         Intelligent Control Function
  ICF         Isochronous Convergence Function
  I-CF        ISDN Call Forwarding
  I-CFB       ISDN Call Forwarding Busy
  I-CFBIO     ISDN Call Forwarding Interface Busy Incoming Only
  I-CFDA      ISDN Call Forwarding Don't Answer
  I-CFDAIO    ISDN Call Forwarding Don't Answer Incoming Only
  ICFG        IASG Coordination Function Group
  I-CFIB      ISDN Call Forwarding Interface Busy
  I-CFIBIO    ISDN Call Forwarding Interface Busy Incoming Only
  I-CFIG      ISDN Call Forwarding Intragroup Only
  I-CFIO      ISDN Call Forwarding Incoming Only
  I-CFPF      ISDN Call Forwarding Over Private Facilities
  I-CFV       ISDN Call Forwarding Variable
  I-CFVCG     ISDN Call Forwarding Variable for Customer Groups
  ICG         Intercom Group
  ICG         Intercom Groups
  ICG         Inter-sector Coordination Group
  ICG         Intersectoral Coordination Group
  ICH         Insert Character(s)
  ICH         International Call Handling
  ICI         Image Component Information
  ICI         Incoming Call Identification
  ICI         Incoming Call Identifier
  ICI         Incoming Call Indication
  ICI         Incoming Call Indicator
  ICI         Ingress Context Identifier
  ICI         Inter-Carrier Interface
  ICI         Interexchange Carrier Interface
  ICI         Interface Control Information
  ICI         InterLATA Carrier International
  ICI         Intermedia Communications of Florida Inc.
  I-CIDS      ISDN Calling Identity Delivery and Suppression
  ICIP        Intercarrier Interface Protocol
  ICL         Incoming Callers List
  ICL         Incoming Line
  ICL         Incremental Class Loading
  ICL         Inserted Connection Loss
  ICL         International Computer Limited
  ICL         Inter-union Commission on the Lithosphere
  ICLATA      Intra-LATA Carrier Selection
  ICLID       Incoming Calling Line Identification
  ICLT        Integrated Circuit Laser Testing
  ICM         IEEE Communications Magazine (periodical)
  ICM         Image Color Matching
  ICM         In-Call Modification
  ICM         Incoming Call Memory
  ICM         Integrated Call Management
  ICM         Integrated Computer Module
  ICM         Integrated Node Maintenance
  ICM         Intelligent Call Management
  ICM         Intercom
  ICM         Interface Control Model
  ICM         Interface-Control-Model
  ICM         Inward Call Management
  ICMCS       International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems
  ICMD        Instruction MMU/Cache/TIC Command Register
  ICMO        Incoming Message Overload
  ICMP        Internet Control Message Protocol
  ICMPv6      Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6
  ICMR        Input Common Mode Rejection
  ICMS        Integrated Circuit and Management Switch
  ICN         Idle Channel Noise
  ICn         Integrated Communications Network
  ICN         Integrated Community Networks
  ICN         Intercellular Node
  ICN         Interconnecting CCS Network
  ICN         Interconnecting Network
  ICN         Interconnection Network
  ICN         International CUG Number
  I-CNAB      ISDN Calling Name Delivery Blocking
  I-CNAM      ISDN Calling Name Delivery
  ICNC        Input, Command, Not Consistent
  I-CNIS      ISDN Calling Number Identification Services
  I-CNIS      ISDN Calling Number Information Services
  IC-NNI      Inter Carrier Network Node Interface
  ICNQ        InterLATA Call Name Query
  ICNV        Input, Command, Not Valid
  ICO         Current Controlled Oscillator
  ICO         Icon
  ICO         Icon File
  ICO         Independent Company
  ICO         Instant Change Order
  ICO         Intermediate Circular Orbit
  ICOC        Interchangeable Central Office Code
  ICODE       Identification Code
  ICOM        cordless fixed part InterCOM capability
  ICOM        Intercom
  ICOMP       Intel Comparative Microprocessor Performance
  ICONE       Index COmparativ des Normes nationales en Europe
  ICOT        ISDN Conformance Testing
  ICP         IMA Control Protocol
  ICP         In-Circuit Programming
  ICP         Independent Certification Process
  ICP         Independent Content Provider
  ICP         Initial Connection Protocol (ARPANET)
  ICP         Installation Change Procedure
  ICP         Instituto das Comunicacoess de Portugal (P)
  ICP         Integrated Cellular Peripheral
  ICP         Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric (Accelerometers)
  ICP         Intelligent Cellular Peripheral
  ICP         Interexchange Carrier Preselection
  ICP         Internet Cache Protocol
  ICP         Internet Control Pack
  ICP         Internet Control Protocol
  I-CP        ISDN Call Pickup
  ICPCA       International Common Peripheral Controller Array
  ICPCE       International CPCE
  ICPM        Incidental Carrier Phase Modulation
  ICPTO       Intercept Treatment for Origination
  ICPTT       Intercept Treatment for Termination
  I-CPU       ISDN Call Pickup
  ICR         Incremental Composition and Reduction
  ICR         Initial Cell Rate
  ICR         Intelligent Character Recognition
  ICR         International Call Recording
  ICR         Internet Call Routing
  ICRC        ILM Central Resource Controller
  ICRD        International Call Redirection or Deflection
  ICRD        Internetwork Call Redirection or Deflection
  ICRDP       Internetwork Call Redirection and Deflection Prevention
  ICRL        Individual CRL
  ICRM        Integrated Cell-site Remote Multiplexer
  ICRM        Integrated Cellular Remote Module
  I-CROR      ISDN Call Redirection DTE Out of Order
  ICS         ILM Connection Service
  ICS         Implementation Conformance Statement
  ICS         Incoming Call Screening
  ICS         Installation Certification System
  ICS         Integrated Client Setup
  ICS         Integrated Communications System
  ICS         Integrated Computer Solutions
  ICS         Intelligent Cell Site
  ICS         Intelligent Communications Services
  ICS         International Chamber of Shipping
  ICS         Internet Chess Server
  ICS         Inward Call Screening
  ICS         ISN Cabling Structure
  ICSA        International Computer Security Association
  ICSAPI      Internet Connection Services API
  ICSC        Inactive Call Service Component
  ICSC        Interexchange Customer Service Center
  ICSC        Interim Communications Satellite Committee
  ICSI        International Charged Subscriber Identity
  ICSR        IntelliLight Custom SONET Ring
  ICSS        IBM Continuous Speech Series
  ICSS        International Computer Science Series (Addison-Wesley)
  ICSS        Internet Connection Secure Server
  ICST        Institute for Computer Science and Technology (NIST)
  ICST        ISDN Customer Solutions Team
  ICSTIS      Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services
  ICSTTN      Conference Publication No. 52 of IEE Conference on Switching Techniques for Telecommunications Networks (London, 1969)
  ICSU        International Council of Scientific Unions
  ICSW        Inter-CAM Switch
  ICT         In-Circuit Test
  ICT         Incoming Trunk
  ICT         Information and Communications Technologies (EU 4th Framework Programme)
  ICT         International Call Transfer
  ICTL        Instruction MMU/Cache/TIC Control Register
  ICTS        Integrity Check Traffic Simulator
  ICU         Increment Change Unit
  ICU         ISA Configuration Utility
  ICUG        International  Closed User Group
  ICUG        International Closed User Group
  ICUP        Individual Circuit Usage and Peg Count
  ICUPC       International Conference on Universal Personal Communications
  ICW         Interrupted Carrier wave
  ICW         Interrupted Continuous Wave
  ICXPT       Incoming Crosspoint
  ID          Identification
  ID          Identifier
  ID          Identity
  ID          IDentity code (generic name for PID, LID)
  ID          IDentity element
  ID          Immediate Dial
  ID          Inside Diameter
  ID          Instruction Decoding and Operand Fetching
  ID          Intercom Dialing
  ID          Interface Data
  ID          Interface Design
  ID          Interfaces Defined
  ID          Interfaces Designed
  ID          Internet Draft
  ID          ISO country code for Republic of Indonesia
  ID          Protocol Identifier
  ID          Task Identification
  ID          U.S. postal code for Idaho
  I-D         Internet Draft
  IDA         Integrated Digital Access
  IDA         Interchange of Data Between Administrations
  I-DAL       ISDN Distinctive Alerting
  IDAPI       Independent Database Application Programming Interface
  IDAPI       Integrated Database Application Programming Interface
  IDAS        Intercept Data Administration System
  IDB         Bitmap ID
  IDC         Cursor ID
  IDC         Incoming Digit Conversion
  IDC         Insulation Displacement Connector
  IDC         Integrated system digital network Data Controller
  IDC         International Data Corporation
  IDC         International Digital Communications
  IDC         Internet Database Connector
  IDC         ISDN Drawer Controller
  IDCC        Integrated Digital Cross Connect
  IDCC        International Data Communications Center
  IDCC        International Data Coordination Centres
  IDCCC       Integrated Decoupling-Capacitor Chip Carrier (VLSI Packaging)
  IDCI        Interim Defined Central Office Interface
  IDCT        Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform
  IDCU        Integrated Digital Carrier Unit
  IDD         Integrated Design and Delivery
  IDD         Interface Design Document
  IDD         International Direct Dialing
  IDDD        International Direct Distance Dialed
  IDDD        International Direct Distance Dialing
  IDDE        Integrated Development and Debugging Environment
  IDDF        Intermediate Digital Distribution Frame
  IDDS        International Digital Data Service
  IDDU        Interactive Data Definition Utility
  IDE         End of Identification
  IDE         Integrated Development Environment
  IDE         Integrated Drive Electronics
  IDE         Project File
  IDEA        Information Delivery Electronic Access
  IDEA        Interactive Digital Electronic Appliance
  IDEA        International Data Encryption Algorithm
  IDEA        International Data Exchange Association
  IDEC        ISDN D-Channel Exchange Controller
  iDEN        Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network
  IDES        Interactive Data Entry System
  IDF         Identifier of Data Field
  IDF         Intermediate Distributing Frame
  IDF         Intermediate Distribution Frame
  IDF         Isolation Detection Function
  IDF         MIDI Instrument Definition file
  IDFT        Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform
  IDG         International Data Group
  IDGB        IDG Books
  IDI         Icon ID
  IDI         Initial Domain Identifier
  IDIS        Interbourse Data Information System
  IDL         Idle
  IDL         Interactive Distance Learning
  IDL         Interchip Digital Link
  IDL         Inter-Digital Link
  IDL         Interface Definition Language
  IDL         Interface Description Language
  IDLC        Integrated Digital Loop Carrier
  IDLERCV     Idle Receive
  IDLETRMT    Idle Transmit
  IDLT        Idle Time
  IDM         Indication Deferral Mechanism
  IDM         Information Dependency Manager
  IDM         Initialization Dependency Manager
  IDM         Integrated Design Methodology (IC Design)
  IDM         Integrated Device Maintenance
  IDMA        Independent Direct Memory Access
  IDMR        Inter-Domain Multicast Routing
  IDN         Integrated Digital Network
  IDN         Integriertes Datennetz (Integrated Data Network)
  IDN         International Data Number
  IDNC        Input, Data, Not Consistent
  IDND        International Do Not Disturb
  IDNV        Input, Data, Not Valid
  IDNX        Integrated Digital Network eXchange
  IDO         Interface Definition Object
  IDOC        Internal Dynamic Overload Control
  IDP         Industrial/Integrated Data Processing
  IDP         Initial Detection Point
  IDP         Initial Domain Part
  IDP         Initial Domain part internet datagram Protocol
  IDP         Inividualized Dialing Plan
  IDP         Integrated Data Processing
  IDP         Integrated Detector-Preamplifier (Opto-Electronics)
  IDP         Intercom Dialing Plan
  IDP         Interdigit Pause
  IDP         Internetwork Datagram Protocol (XNS)
  IDP         Internetwork Diagram Protocol
  IDP         Iterative Development Process
  IDPL        Identifier Pools
  I-DPN       ISDN Directed Call Pickup- Nonbarge-In
  IDPR        Inter-Domain Policy Routing
  ID-PROM     Identity PROM
  I-DPU       ISDN Directed Call Pickup- Barge-In
  IDR         ID Register
  IDR         Identification Request message
  IDR         Integrated Digital Radio
  IDR         Intelligent Disaster Recovery
  IDR         Intermediate Data Rate
  IDRG        Input, Data, Range Error
  IDRP        Inter-Domain Routing Protocol
  IDS         Intruder Detection System
  IDS         ISI Document Solutions
  IDSE        International Data Switching Exchange
  IDSL        ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
  IDSL        ISDN Digital Subscriber Loop
  IDSM        Intergrated Distributed Systems Management
  IDSS        Integrated Document Support System
  IDST        Information et Documentation Scientifique et Technique
  IDST        Integrated Digital Services Terminal
  IDT         Incremental Delivery Technology
  IDT         Integrated Delivery Team
  IDT         Integrated Design and Test
  IDT         Integrated Device Technology
  IDT         Integrated Digital Terminal
  IDT         Interactive Design Tool
  IDT         Interactive Development Tool
  IDT         Interdigit Timing
  IDT         Interdigital Time
  IDT         Interface Development Tool
  IDT         Interrupt Descriptor Table
  IDTC        International Digital Trunk Controller
  IDTE        International Digital Trunk Equipment
  IDTR        Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
  IDTV        Improved Definition TeleVision (HDTV)
  IDTV        Interactive Digital Television
  IDU         Interface Data Unit
  idv         Individuals domain
  IE          Information Element
  IE          Information Extraction
  ie          Internet country code for Ireland
  IE          Internet Explorer
  IE          ISO country code for Ireland
  IE3         Internet Explorer Version 3.0
  IE4         Internet Explorer Version 4.0
  IEAE        Input, Entity Already Exists
  IEAK        Internet Explorer Administration Kit
  IEC         Integrated Echo Canceller
  IEC         Interexchange Carrier
  IEC         International Electrotechnical Commission
  IEC         ISDN Echo Cancellation Circuit
  IECEE       IEC system for conformity testing to standards for safety of Electrical Equipment
  IECFB       Internal/External Call Forwarding Busy
  IECFD       Internal/External Call Forwarding Do Not Answer
  IECQ        International Electrotechnical Commission for Quality
  IEC-Q       Quad ISDN Echo Cancellation Circuit
  IED         Interactive Electronic Display
  IEDB        Integrated Engineering Database
  IEDM        International Electron Devices Meeting
  IEE         Institute of Electrical Engineers (UK)
  IEEE        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA)
  IEEIE       Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (UK)
  IEI         Information Element Identifier
  IEI         Information Engineering Institute
  IEI         Internal Event Information
  IEI         Interrupt Enable In
  IEICE       Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communications Engineers
  IEM         Information Exchange Management
  IEM         Integrated Event Management
  IEM         Integrated Event Manager
  IEM         Interface Electronic Module
  IEM         Interference Electron Microscope
  IEN         Internet Engineering Note
  IEN         Internet Experiment Notes
  IENE        Input, Entity Not Exists
  IEO         Interrupt Enable Out
  IEPG        Internet Engineering and Planning Group
  IEPM        Interface Engine Problem Manager
  IEPP        Interface Engine Pre-Parser
  IERE        Institute of Electronics and Radio Engineers
  IES         Incoming Echo Suppressor
  IES         Information Exchange Services department (ETSI)
  IES         Information Exchange System
  IESG        Internet Engineering Steering Group
  IETE        Institution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers
  IETF        Internet Engineering Task Force
  IETM        Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
  I-ETS       Interim European Telecommunications Standard (ETSI)
  IEU         Instruction Execution Unit
  IEV         International Electrotechnical Vocabulary
  IEW         Intelligent Electronic Warfare
  IEX         Information European Exchange
  If          feeding current
  IF          Identification Failure
  IF          Induction Free
  IF          Information Flow
  IF          Instruction Fetching
  IF          Interface
  IF          Intermediate Frequency
  IF          Interrupt-Enable Flag
  IF/RF       Intermediate Frequency/Radio Frequency
  IFA         Interface Adaptor
  IFA         ISDN Facility Agent
  IFAC        International Federation for Automatic Control
  IFAM        Initial and Final Address Message
  IFAM        Initial-Final Address Message
  IFAM        ISDN Feature Availability Matrix
  IFAN        International Federation for the Application of Norms
  IFAST       International Forum on AMPS Standards Technology
  IFAX        International Facsimile Service
  IFB         Invitation For Bid
  IFC         InterFace Clear  (IEEE-488 Bus Signal)
  IFC         Internet Foundation Classes
  IFD         Image File Directory
  IFD         Incremental Fix Delivery
  IFEC        IEEE Fall Electronics Conference
  i-FED       Intelligent Field Emission Display
  IFEI        International Fixed Equipment Identity
  IFF         Identification Friend/Foe (Military Avionics)
  iff         If and Only If
  IFF         Interchange File Format
  IFFM        Incoming First Failure to Match
  IFFT        Inverse Fast Fourier Transform
  IFG         Inter-Fabric Group
  IFG         Interframe Gap
  IFH         Image File Header
  IFI         Invoke from Idle
  IFid        Interface Identification
  I-FIL       Interpolation FILter
  IFIP        International Federation for Information Processing
  IFIPS       International Federation of Information Processing Societies
  IFL         Integrated Fuse Logic (Philips/Signetics Inc.)
  IFL         InterFacility Link
  IFL         International Frequency List
  IFM         Incoming Formatter
  IFM         Interface Machine
  IFMP        Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol
  IFN         Indirect Function Table
  IFOV        Instantaneous Field Of View
  IFP         Instruction Fetch Pipeline
  IFP         International Free Phone
  IFP         Interrupted Fluid Process
  IFPG        International Frequency Planning Group
  IFPH        Internetwork Freephone
  IFPI        International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
  IFRB        International Frequency Registration Board (ITU)
  IFS         Information File Separator
  IFS         Installable File System
  IFS         Interframe Space
  IFS         Interframe Spacing
  IFS         Internal File Service
  IFS         International Freephone Service
  IFS         Iterated Function System
  IFSI        International Fixed System Identity
  IFSM        Information Systems Management
  IFT         Incoming File Transfer
  IFW         Information FrameWork
  IFW         Inverted Frame Word
  IFX         I/O and File Executive
  IG          Initial Gap
  IG          Inside BBG
  IG          Interpolation Gain
  IGA         International General Aviation
  IGBT        Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (Power Semiconductors)
  IGC         Incremental Garbage Collector
  IGD         Incremental GSF Delivery
  IGES        Initial Graphics Exchange Spec (NIST standard)
  IGES        Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
  IGES        Initial Graphics Exchange Standards
  IGFET       Insulated Gate  Field-Effect Transistor
  IGFET       Insulated Gate Field-Effect Transistor
  IGMP        Internet Group Management Potocol
  IGN         IBM Global Network
  IGO         IGES/PDES Organization
  IGO         Impulse Governed Oscillator
  IGP         Interior Gateway Protocol
  IGRP        Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  IGS         Information Group Separator
  IGS         Interactive Graphic System
  IGS         Internet Go Server
  IGT         Inspettorato Generale delle Telecomunicazioni (I)
  IGT         Insulated Gate Transistor
  IGW         International Gateway
  IH          Intermediate Hub
  IH          Interrupt Handler
  IHB         Inhibit Make Busy
  IHC         ISDN Hold Capability
  I-HC        ISDN Hold Capability
  IHD         Integrated Help Desk
  IHECD       Incoming Half Echo Control Device
  IHL         Internet Header Length
  IHO         Intersystem Handoff
  IHS         Information Handling Services
  IHUT        Incremental High Usage Threshold
  IHV         Independent Hardware Vendor
  II          ANI information digits pair
  IIA         Information Industry Association (USA)
  IIA         Information Interchange Architecture
  IIASA       International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  IIB         Internal Information Base
  IIC         IEEE Internet Computing
  IIC         Integrated Interface Circuit
  IIC         International Institute of Communications
  IICE        Internet Interactive Collaboration Environment
  iid         Independently Identically Distributed
  IID         Interface Identifier
  IIF         Interoperability Functionality
  IIH         IS-IS Hello
  III         Institute for Information Industry
  IIL         Integrated Injection Logic
  IILC        Information Industry Liaison Committee
  IIM         Information Interchange Model
  IIMC        ISO Internet Management Coexistence
  IIME        Intranetwork SMDS Mapping Entity
  IIMUL       Integer Immediate Multiply (80x86 inst)
  IIOP        Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
  IIR         Infinite Impulse Response (filter)
  IIREC       Infinite Impulse Response Echo Canceller
  IIRS        Institute for Industrial Research and Standards
  IIS         Indian Institute of Science
  IIS         Internet Information Server
  IISP        Information Infrastructure Standards Panel (ANSI)
  IISP        Input, Invalid Syntax or Punctuation
  IISP        Interim Inter-Switch Protocol
  IISP        Interim Inter-Switch Signaling Protocol
  IIT         Incoming Intercept Trunk
  IITA        Information Infrastructure and Technology Act
  IITA        Input, Invalid TID
  IITC        Internetwork Interoperability Testing Council
  IITF        Information Infrastructure Task Force
  IITF        Information Infrastructure Task Force+B2843 (US)
  IITP        Internetwork-Interoperability Test Plan
  IIW         ISDN Implementors' Workshop
  IJAP        International Japan
  IJG         Independent JPEG Group
  IJSAC       IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (periodical)
  IK          Interchange Key
  IK          Inverse Kinematics
  IKBS        Intelligent Knowledge-Based System
  IKE         Intermediate System Key Exchange
  IKM         InterKanalModulation
  IKMP        Internet Key Management Protocol
  IKP         Internet Keyed Payment
  IKTS        Intergrated Key Telephone System
  IKZ         Impulskennzeichen (Impulse Signalling System)
  IKZ50       Impulskennzeichen 50 (Impulse Signalling System No. 50)
  IL          IdLe
  IL          Information Letter
  IL          Insert Line
  IL          Insertion Loss
  IL          International Line
  IL          Interswitch Link
  IL          ISO country code for State of Israel
  IL          U.S. postal code for Illinois
  il8n        Internationalization
  ILA         Iterative Logic Array
  ILAC        International Laboratory Accreditation Conference
  ILAN        Industrial Local Area Network
  ILAS        Intelligent Loop Administration System
  ILB         Inhibit Line Busy
  ILBM        IFF Interleaved Bitmap
  ILC         Inter-Layer Controller
  ILC         ISDN Link Controller
  ILCM        International Line Concentrating Module
  ILD         Implementation Level Design
  ILD         Individual Line Downtime
  ILD         Injection Laser Diode
  ILD         Integrated Large Deviation
  ILD         Interface Level Design
  ILD         ISDN Line Drawer
  ILDR        ISDN Line Drawer for Remotes
  ILDS        Interactive Laser-Disk System
  ILE         In-Line Encryptor
  ILE         Integrated Language Environment
  ILEC        Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
  ILF         Infra Low Frequency
  ILGC        International Line Group Controller
  ILGE        International Line Group Equipment
  ILK         Incremental Link Status file
  ILLC        Internal Logical Link Connection
  ILLP        Inter Link to Link Protocol
  ILM         Incoming Label Map
  ILM         Industrial Light & Magic
  ILM         Integrated Link Maintenance
  ILMI        Integrated Local Management Interface
  ILMI        Interim Local Management Interface
  ILMT        Insertion Loss Measurement Test
  ILP         Industrial Liaison Program
  ILP         Instruction-Level Parallelism
  ILP         Integer Linear Program
  ILP         IntraLATA Presubscription
  ILPS        Information and Learning, Products and Services
  ILPT7       CCS7 Integrated Link Protocol Test
  ILR         Independant Local Radio
  ILR         International Line Restriction
  ILR         International Line Restrictions
  ILR         Internetworking Location Register
  ILR         Issues List Report
  ILS         Individual Line Service
  ILS         Input Limiting Scheme
  ILS         Instrument Landing System (Avionics)
  ILS         Inter-LAN Switching
  ILSP        Integrated Listing Services Platform
  ILSP        Interactive Listing Services Peripheral
  ILTC        International Line Trunk Controller
  ILTMS       International Leased Telegraph Message Switching
  ILU         Inter-Language Unification
  ILU         Intermediate Line Unit
  IM          Immediate
  IM          Immediate (Dial)
  IM          Implementation
  IM          In call Modification (supplementary service)
  IM          Increment Manager
  IM          Information Model
  IM          Initial MAC sublayer
  IM          Initialization Mode (HDLC)
  IM          Input Message
  IM          Input Message Manual
  IM          Input Method
  IM          Installation Manual
  IM          Integrated Maintenance
  IM          Intensity Modulated
  IM          Intensity Modulation
  IM          Interface Module
  IM          Intermodulation
  IM          Inter-Telex SFU Messages
  IM          Inverse Multiplexer
  IM&M        Information Management and Movement
  IM&M        Information Movement and Management
  IMA         Ineffective Machine Attempt
  IMA         Input Message Acknowledgement
  IMA         Integrity Management Agent
  IMA         Interactive Multimedia Association
  IMA         International MIDI Association
  IMA         Inverse Multiplexed ATM
  IMA         Inverse Multiplexing ATM
  IMA         Inverse Mux ATM
  IMAC        Isochronous MAC
  I-MAC       Isochronous MAC
  IMap        Intelligent Mapping Accounting and Provisioning
  IMAP        Internet Mail Access Protocol
  IMAP        Internet Message Access Protocol
  IMAP4       Internet Mail Access Protocol, Version 4.0
  IMAP4       Internet Message Access Protocol, Version 4
  IMAS        Internetwork Mass Calling
  IMASS       Integrated Multiple Access Switched Services
  IMASS       Intelligent Multiple Access Spectrum Sharing
  IMB         Incoming Message Buffer
  IMB         Inhibit Make Busy
  IMB         Input Message Buffer
  IMBE        Improved Multiband Excitation
  IMC         Integrated Measurement Card
  IMC         Inter-Mate Communication
  IMC         Inter-Module Communication
  IMC         International Maintenance Center
  IMCC        ISDN Management and Coordination Committee
  IMCI        Increment Manager Command Interpreter
  IMCR        Inter-MCU Connection Restored
  IMD         Information Model Details
  imd         Intercepted Message Dispatcher
  IMD         InterModulation Distortion
  IMDB        Integrated Manufacturing Data Base
  IMDC        Intelligent Multiple-Disk Controller
  IM-DD       Intensity-Modulated Direct-Detection
  IMDP        Intermodulation Distortion Products
  IME         Interface Management Entity
  IMEI        International Mobile Equipment Identity
  IMEI        International Mobile station Equipment Identity (GSM)
  IMET        International Metering
  IMF         Integrated Modeling Framework
  IMFP        Inverse Modified FM
  IMFT        ISDN Multifunctional Terminal
  IMG         Image
  IMG         Inline Image (HTML tag)
  IMH         ISDN Method Handler
  IMHO        In my humble opinion
  IMI         Integral Message Indicator
  IMI         Integrated Motions, Inc.
  IMI         International Memories Inc.
  IMIB        Internet Management Information Base
  IMIB        Internet MIB
  IMIS        Integrated Management Information System
  IMIS        Integrated Motorist Information System (DRIVE)
  IML         Incoming Matching Loss
  IML         Initial Microcode Load
  IML         Inter Message Switch Link
  IML         Intermediate Language
  IMM         IMMediately
  IMM         Incoming Mate Mismatch
  IMM         Information Movement and Management
  IMM         Input Method Manager
  IMM         International Maritime Mobile
  IMM         International Mobile Machines Corporation
  IMMU        Instruction Memory Management Unit
  IMN         Intelligent Management Network
  IMNS        IBM Managed Network Services
  IMNSHO      In my not so humble opinion
  IMO         In my opinion
  IMO         International Maritime Organization
  IMP         Implementation
  IMP         Inbound Modem Pooling
  IMP         Integrated Multiprotocol Processor
  IMP         Interface Message Processor (ARPANET)
  IMP         Internet Message Processor
  IMPATT      Impact Ionization Avalanche Transit Time
  IMPDU       Initial MAC PDU
  IMPDU       Initial Medium access control Protocol Data Unit
  IM-PDU      Initial MAC Protocol Data Unit
  IMPL        Internal Mobile Power Level
  IMR         Individual Message Register
  IMR         Interactive Multimedia Retrieval
  IMR         Interface Message Receiver
  IMR         Interrupt Mask Register
  IMR         Maximum Number of Invalid Messages Rejected
  IMRP        Maximum Number of Invalid Messages Rejected for PRI
  IMRR        Isolation-Mode Rejection Ratio
  IMS         If Modified Since
  IMS         Incoming Memory Slot
  IMS         Individual Message Service
  IMS         Information Management System
  IMS         Input/Output Message System
  IMS         Instructional Management System
  IMS         Integrated Management System
  IMS         Interactive Multimedia Services
  IMS         International Magnetospheric Study
  IMS         International Meta Systems
  IMS         Inter-Process Message Switch
  IMSI        Inter MAN System Interface
  IMSI        International Mobile Station Identity
  IMSI        International Mobile Subscriber Identifier
  IMSI        International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  IMSL        Inter Message Switch Link
  IMSP        Internet Message Support Protocol
  IMSR        Improved Modular Square Root
  IMSRP       Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Research Program
  IMT         Installation and Maintenance Terminal
  IMT         Intermachine Trunk
  IMT         Inter-Machine Trunk
  IMT         International Mobile Telecommunications
  IMT2000     International Mobile Telecommunications 2000
  IMT-2000    International Mobile Telecommunications-2000
  IMTC        International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
  IMTC        International Multimedia Teleconferencing Council
  IMTI        International Mobile Terminal Identity
  IMTS        Improved Mobile Telephone Service
  IMTS        Improved Mobile Telephone System
  IMTSF       Interstate Message Telecomunications Service Tariff
  IMTV        Interactive Multimedia Television
  IMTX        International Mobile
  IMU         Instruction Memory Unit
  IMUG        International Motif Users Group
  IMUI        International Mobile User Identity
  IMUL        Signed Multiply (80x86 inst)
  IMUN        International Mobile User Number
  IMVOD       Impulse Video On Demand
  IN          IEEE Network (periodical)
  in          Inch(es)
  IN          Input from Port (80x86 inst)
  IN          Intelligent Network
  IN          Intelligent Node
  IN          International
  IN          International Number
  IN          Interrogating Node
  IN          ISO country code for Republic of India
  IN          U.S. postal code for Indiana
  IN/1        Intelligent Network 1
  IN1         Intelligent Network 1
  IN2         Intelligent Network 2
  INA         Ineffective Network Attempt
  INA         Information Networking Architecture
  INA         Integrated Network Access
  INA         Integrated Network Architecture
  INACT       Inactive
  INAF        Intelligent Network Access Function
  INAP        IN Application Part (of ITU-T Signalling System number 7)
  INAP        IN Application Protocol
  INAP        Intelligent Network Access Point
  INAP        Intelligent Network Access Protocol
  INAP        Intelligent Network Application Part
  INAP        Intelligent Network Application Protocol
  InATMARP    Inverse ATMARP
  INB         Installation Busy
  INBT        ISDN National Billing Team
  INC         Incoming
  INC         INcoming Call
  INC         Increment (80x86 inst)
  INC         Incremental Backup Catalog File
  INC         INCrementer
  INC         Industry Numbering Committee
  INC         International Carrier
  INC         Internet Thruway Network Controller
  INCC        Information Character Collection
  INCC        International Network Controlling Center
  INCdPA      Intelligent Network CdPA
  INCdPNo     Intelligent Network CdPNo
  INCM        Intelligent Network Conceptual Model
  INCONC      INCONClusive
  INCPT       Intercept
  INCZ        INCrement ZAP field control bit
  Ind         Independent
  IND         Index
  IND         Indication
  Ind         Indication
  IND         International Number Dialing
  IND         Interrupt Disable
  INDB        Intelligent Network Data Base
  INDB        Intercept Database
  INDBMS      Intelligent Network Data Base Management System
  INDC        International No Double Connect
  INDI        Informations- und Dialogdienste (Information and Dialog Services)
  INDIV       Individual
  INDT        Integrated Network Design Tools
  INE         Intelligent Network Element
  INET        Institutional Network
  INF         Device Information file
  INF         Information File
  INF         Information Message
  INF         Setup Information file
  INFO        Information
  INFO        Information message
  INFOL       INFormation Oriented Language (Control Data Corporation)
  INFONET     Information Network
  INFOTEX     Information via Telex
  ING         Integrated Ground
  INH         Inhibit
  INHIP       Inhibit In Progress
  INI         Initialization File
  INI         Initialized
  INIC        current Negative Impedance Converter
  INIC        ISDN Network Identification Code
  INIC        ISDN Network Identification Code
  INIRC       International Non-Ionising Radiation Committee
  INIS        Integrated Networks' Integrated Services
  INIT        INitialisation Information Element
  INIT        Initialization
  INIT        Initialize
  INLP        Inactive Network Layer Protocol (early OSI-NL)
  I-NLSP      Integrated Net Layer Security Protocol
  INM         Integrated Network Management
  INM         Integrated Network Monitoring
  INM         Integrated Node Maintenance
  INMARSAT    International Maritime Satellite Organization
  INMARSAT    INternational MARitime SATellite organization
  Inmarsat    International Mobile Satellite Organization (name change from May '96)
  INMC        Integrated Network Management and Control
  INMC        International Network Management Center
  INMD        In-service Non-intrusive Measurement Device
  INMS        Integrated Network Management Services
  INMS        Integrated Network Management System
  INMS        Integrated NMS (ATT)
  INMSG       Incoming Message
  INN         Intelligent Network News (periodical)
  INN         Interconnecting Network Node
  INN         Intermediate Network Node
  INN         Internal Network Number
  INN         InterNetNews
  INNO        Intelligent Network Network Operator
  INOC        Internet Network Operations Center
  inode       Index Node
  INODE       Integrated Node
  INOS        Interactive Network Optimization System (ATT)
  InP         Indium Phosphide
  INP         Initial Period
  INP         Input
  INP         Integrated Node Processor
  INP         Internodal Processor
  INP         Intranode Policing
  INPA        Inside the Base NPA
  INPA        Interchangeable Numbering Plan Area
  InPh        Indium Phosphide
  INPLANS     Integrated Network Planning System
  INPW        Illinois Number Portability Workshop
  INQ         INQuiry
  INQ         Inventory Notification and Query
  INR         Information Request Message
  INRI        Inter-Network Rate Indicator
  INRIA       Institut National De Recherche En Informatique Et En Automatique
  INRIA       The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
  INRI-B      Inter-Network Rate Indicator, Backward
  INRI-F      Inter-Network Rate Indicator, Forward
  INRQ        Internal Request
  INS         Information Network System
  INS         Input String from Port (80x86 inst)
  INS         Insert
  INS         Inspect
  INS         Integrated Network System
  INS         Intelligent Network Server
  INS         Intelligent Network Services
  INSB        Input String from Port Bytes (80x86 inst)
  INSD        Input String from Port Doublewords (80x86 inst)
  INSEM       INterinstitutional Service for Electronic Mail
  INSEP       Incoming Separations Class
  INSI        Inter-Network Service Identification
  INSIS       INterinstitutional integrated Services Information System
  INSO        Intelligent Network Service Operator
  INSP        Intelligent Network Service Provider
  INSPECT     Inspect
  INSPECTBL   Inspect Billing Records
  INSS        Integrated Network Support System
  INSS        Intelligent Network Service Subscriber
  IN-SSM      IN-Switching State Model
  INSTAC      Information Technology Research and Standardization Center
  InSv        In Service
  INSW        Input String from Port Words (80x86 inst)
  INT         call INTrusion (supplementary service)
  INT         Integer
  INT         Integration
  INT         Intercept
  INT         Intercom
  INT         Internal
  int         International organizations domain
  INT         Interrupt
  INT TR      INTernational TRansit exchange
  INTA        Interrupt Acknowledge
  INTAGG      Internal Aggregate Calls
  INTAP       Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing
  INTC        Intercept
  INTC        Intercom Calls
  INTC        INTerrupt Confirmation
  INTCM       Intercom Dialing
  INTCM       Intercom Dialing Plan
  INTCMPM     Intercom Dialing for Packet Mode Data
  INTCMPM     Intercom Dialing Plan for Packet-Mode Data
  INTE        INTerrupt Enable(d)
  INTELSAT    International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium
  INTERL      InterLATA Dialing Sequences
  INTERNIC    Internet Network Information Center
  InterNIC    Internet Network Information Center
  InterOCT    Interactive OCTAVE
  INTFCT      Interface Type
  INTICOM     Internal Intercom Calls
  INTIS       International Transport Information System
  INTL        International
  INTLOCK     Interlock
  INTMI       Internal Miscellaneous Connections
  INTO        Interrupt on Overflow (80x86 inst)
  INTP        Interrupt
  INTPFAC     Internal Private Facilities
  INTR        Interrupt Request
  INTRAL      IntraLATA Dialing Sequences
  INTRALC     IntraLATA Competition
  INTRALCP    IntraLATA Competition for PRI
  INTUG       INternational Telecommunications User Group
  INTUG       International Telecommunications Users Group
  INTUG       International Trade and User Groups
  INU         Internetworking Unit
  INV         INValid indication
  INV         Inventory
  INV         Inverter
  INV         Invoke
  InvARP      Inverse ARP
  INVC        Internetwork Virtual Circuits Billing Records
  INW         Inwards
  INW         INWATS
  INWATS      Inward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
  INWATS      Inward Wide Area Telephone Service
  INWATSDNSFG INWATS Directory Number/SFG Association
  INWG        Intelligent Networks WG (IFIP)
  INWG        International Networks WG
  INWG        InterNetwork Working Group
  IO          Image Orthicon
  IO          Ineffective Other
  IO          Input/Output
  IO          International Organization
  IO          ISO country code for British Indian Ocean Territory
  I-O         Interoffice
  IOAU        Input/Output Audit
  IOBB        Input/Output Broadband
  IOC         Independent Operating Company
  IOC         Information Operations Center
  IOC         Input/Output Channel
  IOC         Input/Output Controller
  IOC         Integrated Optical Circuit
  IOC         International Olympic Committee
  IOC         International Operating Center
  IOC         Inter-Office Communication
  IOC         ISDN Ordering Code
  IOCS        Input/Output Control System
  IOCTL       I/O Control
  IOD         Identified Outward Dialing
  IOD         Input/Output Device
  IOE         Illegal Operation Error
  IOE         Input/Output Equipment
  IOF         Interoffice Facility
  IOGA        I/O Gate
  IOL         Inter Orbit Link (Satellite Telecom.)
  IOL         Inventory On Loan
  IOM         Input/Output Multiplexer
  IOM         ISDN-Oriented Modular
  IOM         ISDN-Oriented Modular-interface
  IOM2        ISDN-Oriented Modular Rev 2.2
  IOMC        Interface OMC-NMC or OMC-OMC
  IOMM        Input/Output Message Manual
  ION         Integrated On-Demand Network
  ION         Internetworking Over NBMA
  IONL        Internal Organization of Network Layer (OSI-NL)
  IOP         I/O Processing Element
  IOP         Input/Output Processor
  IOP         International Operator Position
  IOP         Interoperability
  IOPAC       International Outside Plant Cabinet
  IOPC        Input/Output Processor Controller
  IOPL        I/O Privilege Level
  IOPM        International Outside Plant Module
  IOPS        Internet Operators
  IOPT        InterOPerability Testing
  IOR         Indian Ocean Region (INTELSAT)
  IOR         Input Output Register
  IOR         Interoperable Object Reference
  IOS         Input/Output Supervisor
  IOS         Integrated Office Systems
  IOS         Internetwork Operating System
  IOT         In Orbit Test
  IOT         Input/Output Trap
  IOT         Interend Office Trunk
  IOT         Inter-Office Trunk
  IOTC        International Originating Toll Center
  IOUI        Input/Output Utility Interface
  IOW         In other words
  IP          Implementation Profile
  IP          Information Processing
  IP          Information Provision
  IP          Information Publication
  IP          Initial Permutation
  IP          In-Progress
  IP          Instruction Pointer
  IP          Instruction Prefetching
  IP          Intellectual Property
  IP          Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures
  IP          Intelligent Peripheral
  IP          Interexchange Plant
  IP          Interface Point
  IP          Interface Processor
  IP          Interface Profile
  IP          Intermodulation Product
  IP          Internet Protocol
  IP          Internetwork Protocol
  IP          Interpersonal
  IP          Interrupt Process
  IP          ISDN Port
  IP&SP       Information Processing and Storage Platform
  IP6         Internet Protocol Version 6
  IPA         Image Power Amplifier
  IPA         Information Processing Architecture
  IPA         Interface and Protocol Adaptor
  IPA         Intermediate Power Amplifier
  IPA         ISDN Performance Analyser
  IPAD        Integrated PAD (OSI-SNA)
  IPAE        Internet Protocol Address Encapsulation
  IPAP        Intelligent Public Access Platform
  IPARS       International Passenger Airline Reservation System
  IPATM       Internet Protocol Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  IPAV        Interface Programmable pour Application Vocale
  IPC         IEEE Personal Communications (periodical)
  IPC         Incoming Peg Count
  IPC         Industrial Process Control
  IPC         Input Port Controller
  IPC         Intelligent Peripheral Controller
  IPC         Interactive Personal Computer
  IPC         Interperipheral Connection
  IPC         Inter-Personal Computer
  IPC         Interprocess Communication
  IPC         Interprocess Communications
  IPC         Inter-Process Control
  IPC         Interprocessor Communications
  IPCDN       IP over Cable Data Networks
  IPCP        Internet Protocol Control Protocol
  IPCP        IP Control Protocol
  IPCU        Internet Packet Core Utility
  IPD         Incident Power Density
  IPD         Inductive Potential Divider
  IPD         Installed Product Database
  IPD         ISDN Parameter Group
  IPDN        International Public Data Network
  IPDS        IBM Personal Dictation System
  IPDS        Intelligent Printer Data Stream
  IPDU        Internetwork Protocol Data Unit
  IPE         Image Pac Extension
  IPE         In-Band Parameter Exchange
  IPE         Intelligent Peripheral Equipment
  IPEC        Intelligent Peripheral Equipment Cabinet
  IPEC        Intelligent Peripheral Equipment Column
  IPEI        International Portable Equipment Identity
  IPES        Improved Proposed Encryption Standard
  IPEX        Input, Parameter, Extra
  IPF         Integrated Processor and F-Bus Interface
  IPG         Inter-Packet Gap
  IPG         ISDN Parameter Group
  IPH         Integrated Packet Handler
  IPI         Initial Protocol Identifier
  IPI         Integrated Product Introduction
  IPI         Intelligent Peripheral Interface
  IPI         Interprocessor Interrupt
  IPI         ISDN Preference Indicator
  IPI         ISDN User Part Preference Indicator
  IPIFR       IP Interface over Frame Relay
  IPIP        IP within IP
  IPIVC       IP Interface over VC
  IPJ         Incoming Parallel Junctor
  IPL         Initial Program Load
  IPL         Initial Program Loader
  IPl         Instandhaltungsplatz (Maintenance Station)
  IPL         Interface Processing Level
  IPL         Intermediate Printer Language
  IPL         Interrupt Priority Level
  ipl         Interrupt Priority Level
  IPLC        International Private Leased Circuit
  IPLL        Internet Protocol Local Loop
  IPLS        IntraLATA Private Line Service
  IPM         Impulses Per Minute
  IPM         Inches Per Minute
  IPM         Intelligent Power Management
  IPM         Interpersonal Message
  IPM         Interpersonal Messaging
  IPM         Interruptions Per Minute
  IPM         Management of Information Provision
  IPM         UA Interpersonal Messaging User Agent (MHS)
  IPMI        IP Multicast Initiative
  IPML        Interperipheral Message Link
  IPMS        Input, Parameter, Missing
  IPMS        Interpersonal Messaging Service (MHS)
  IPNC        Input, Parameter, Not Consistent
  IPNCP       Internet Protocol Network Control Protocol
  IPNG        Internet Protocol Next Generation
  IPng        Internet Protocol Next Generation
  IPNNI       Integrated Private Network-to-Network Interface
  I-PNNI      Integrated PNNI
  IPNS        ISDN PABX Networking Specifications
  IPNS        ISDN PBX Networking Specification(s)
  IPNS        ISDN Private Network Specification Forum
  IPNV        Input, Parameter, Not Valid
  IPOA        IP over ATM
  IPOP        Internet Point of Presence
  IPOT        Inductive POTentiometer
  IPP         Independent Payphone Provider
  IPP         Internet Presence Provider
  IPP         Interrupted Poisson Process
  IPPC        Internet Pluribus Packet Core
  IPPCP       IP Payload Compression Protocol
  IPPV        Impulse Pay Per View
  IPQ         Instituto Portugues da Qualidade (P)
  IPQM        In-Process Quality Metrics
  IPR         Initial Period Rate
  IPR         Intellectual Property Rights
  IPR         Interrupt Pending Register
  IPRA        Internet Policy Registration Authority
  IPRC        Intellectual Property Rights Committee (ETSI)
  IPRM        Internetwork Premium Rate
  IPS         Inch Per Second
  IPS         Incoming Packet Size
  IPS         Inferences Per Second
  IPS         Information Processing System
  IPS         Initial Position Seizure
  IPS         Instructions Per Second
  IPS         Integrated Pricing System
  IPS         Interactive Prompting System
  IPS         Interperipheral Communication
  IPS         ISDN Professional Services
  IPSB        Interface Parallel System Bus (Multibus 2)
  IPSC        Integrated Protection Switching Controller
  IPSEC       IP Security Protocols
  IPSI        International Portable Subscriber Identity
  IPSO        Information Society Project Office
  IPSO        IP Security Option
  IPSP        IP Security Protocol
  IPSS        International PSS
  IPST        Interdepartmental Project Scope Team
  IPT         Interactive Protocol Tester
  IPT         Interpulse Time
  IPT         Interrupt Pointer Table
  IPT         ISDN Protocol Testhead
  IPTC        International Press Telecommunications Council
  IPTO        Information Processing Techniques Office
  IPTS        Improved Public Telephone Service
  IPU         Integer Processor Unit
  IPUI        International Portable User Identity
  IPv4        Internet Protocol Version 4
  IPv6        Internet Protocol Version 6
  IPX         Integrated Packet Exchange
  IPX         Internet Packet Exchange
  IPX         Internet Protocol Exchange
  IPX         Internetwork Packet Exchange
  IPX         Internetwork Protocol Exchange
  IPX         Interwork Packet Exchange  (Novell)
  IPX/SPX     Interwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange (Novell)
  IPXCP       Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol
  IPXWAN      Internet Packet Exchange for Wide-Area Networks
  IQ          In-Phase and Quadrature
  IQ          Intelligence Quotient
  IQ          Inverse Quantizer
  IQ          ISO country code for Republic of Iraq
  I-Q         In-Phase-and-Quadrature
  IQC         Incoming Quality Control
  IQD         Interquartile Difference
  IQM         Intelligent Query Manager
  IQR         Inter Quartile Range (25...75% Range of Histogram)
  IR          Index Register
  IR          Information Rate
  IR          Information Request
  IR          Information Retrieval
  IR          Infrared
  IR          Inquiry Response
  IR          Instruction Register
  IR          Insulation Resistance (Resistance to DC Leakage Current)
  IR          Integration Robust
  IR          Interbay
  IR          Interface Repository
  IR          Intermediate Reach
  IR          Internet Registry
  IR          Internet Router
  IR          Interoffice Receiver
  IR          Interrupt Request
  IR          ISO country code for Islamic Republic of Iran
  IRA         International Reference Alphabet
  IRAC        Interagency Radio Advisory Committee
  IRAC        Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
  IRAM        Intelligent RAM
  IRAPI       Intuity Response Application Programming Interface
  IRAS        InfraRed Astronomical Satellite
  IRB         Instruction Reorder Buffer
  IRB         Instrumentation Request Broker
  IRC         Idle Receiver Control
  IRC         Information Resource Center
  IRC         Interference Rejection Combining
  IRC         Intermediate Routing Center
  IRC         International Record Carrier
  IRC         Internet Relay Chat
  IRCS        Inter-Repeater Cable Segment
  IRD         Information Resource Dictionary
  IRD         Integrated Receiver/Descrambler
  IRD         Integrated Receiver-Decoder
  IRD         Interference Reduction Device
  IRD         Interrogation and Response Device
  IRDA        Infrared Data Association
  IrDA        Infrared Data Association
  IRDO        International Research & Development Operations
  IRDP        ICMP Router Discovery Protocol
  IRDS        Information Resource(s) Dictionary System
  IRE         Information Resource Engineering
  IRE         Institute of Radio Engineers
  IRED        Infrared
  IRED        InfraRed Emitting Diode
  IRF         Information Request Failure
  IRF         Interrogation Recurrence Frequency
  IRG         Implicit ReGeneration
  IRG         Internet Resource Guide
  IRG         Inter-Record Gap
  IRI         Incoming Route Information
  IRI         Information Request Indicator
  IRIG        Inter Range Instrumentation Group
  IRIP        Intended Recipient Identity Presentation
  IRIS        Interactive Recorded Information Service
  IRL         In Real Life
  IRL         Information Retrieval Language
  IRL         Inter Repeater Link
  IrLAP       Infrared Link-Access Protocol
  IRLCM       International Remote Line Concentrating Module
  IRLED       Infrared Light Emitting Diode
  IrLMP       Infrared Link Management Protocol
  IRM         Information Request Message
  IRM         Insert/Replace Mode
  IRM         Interrupt Mask Register
  IRN         Immediate Ring Notification
  IRN         Information Resource Network
  I-RNAM      ISDN Redirecting Name Delivery
  IROH        Inhibit Receiver Off Hook
  IROHAM      Inhibit Receiver Off Hook for Analog Member of EKTS
  IRP         I/O Request Packet
  IRP         Interface for Remote Platforms
  IRP         Internal Reference Point
  IRP         International Routing Plan
  IRPA        International Radiation Protection Association
  IRQ         Information Request
  IRQ         Interrupt Request
  IRR         Immediate Reroute
  IRR         Information Request Response
  IRR         Inhibit Ring Reminder
  IRR         Intelligent ReRouting
  IRR         Internet Routing Registries
  IRS         Identification Response message
  IRS         Information Record Separator
  IRS         Information Retrieval System
  IRS         Initial Receive Sequence Number
  IRS         Interface Requirements Specification
  IRS         Intermediate Reference System
  IRS         Internal Revenue Service
  IRS         ITS Radio System
  IRSF        Interface Resource Finder
  IRSG        Internet Research Steering Group
  IRSP        Interface Root Service Proxy
  IRT         Increment Registration Table
  IRT         Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH
  IRT         Interrupted Ring Tone
  IRTF        Internet Research Task Force
  IRTOS       I2O Real-Time OS
  IrTP        Infrared Transport Protocol
  IRTP        Internet Reliable Transport Protocol
  IRU         Indefeasible Right of Use
  IRUR        Reset of UPT Registration for Incoming Calls
  IRV         International Reference Version
  IS          Immediate Start
  IS          In Service
  IS          Information Separator
  IS          Information System(s)
  IS          Initialisation Sequence
  IS          Integrated Services
  IS          Interface Specification
  IS          Interference Subtraction
  IS          Interim Specification
  IS          Interim Standard
  IS          Intermediate System
  IS          International Standard
  IS          International System  (metric)
  IS          Interstate
  IS          Intraconnect Schematic
  IS          ISDN State
  IS          ISO country code for Republic of Iceland
  IS STBY     In-Service Standby
  IS1         Information Separator 1
  IS2         Information Separator 2
  IS3         Information Separator 3
  IS4         Information Separator 4
  ISA         Industry Standard Architecture (IBM)
  ISA         Information Systems Architecture
  ISA         In-Session Activation
  ISA         Instruction Set Architecture
  ISA         Integrated Services Access
  ISA         Integrated Services Architecture
  ISA         Intelligent Services Architecture
  ISA         Interactive Services Association
  ISA         International Service Analysis
  ISA         International Smalltalk Association
  ISAKMP      Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
  ISAM        Indexed Sequential Access Method
  ISAP        Instruction Supervisor Area Pointer
  ISAPI       Internet Server Application Programming Interface
  ISAR        Instruction System Address Register
  ISAS        ISDN Smart Attendant Service
  ISB         Independent Sideband
  ISB         Individual Station Billing
  ISB         Information Service Brokerage
  ISB         Intelligent Signalling Bus
  ISBD        International Standard Bibliographic Description
  ISBN        International Satellite Business Network
  ISBN        International Standard Book Number
  ISB-RC      Independent SideBand Reduced Carrier
  ISB-SC      Independent SideBand Suppressed Carrier
  ISC         Information Systems Council
  ISC         Installation Service Center
  ISC         Instruction Set Computer
  ISC         Intercompany Services Coordination
  ISC         Intermediate System Confirm
  ISC         International Service Carrier
  ISC         International Services Center
  ISC         International Switching Center
  I-SCA       ISDN Selective Call Acceptance
  ISCC        International Service Coordination Center
  I-SCF       ISDN Selective Call Forwarding
  ISCII       International Standard Code for Information Interchange
  ISCP        Integrated Service Control Point
  ISCP        Integrated Signaling and Control Part
  ISCP        ISDN Signaling Control Part
  I-SCR       ISDN Selective Call Rejection
  ISD         Incoming Service Desk
  ISD         Incremental Service Delivery
  ISD         Independent Segment Decoding
  ISD         Information System Development
  ISD         Instructional Systems Design
  ISD         International Subscriber Dialing
  ISDB        Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting
  ISDD        Incoming Start Delay to Dial
  ISDD        Incoming Start-to-Dial Delay
  I-SDH       Initial Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  ISDLC       Integrated Services Digital Line Card
  ISDN        Integrated Services Digital Network
  ISDN/AP     ISDN Application Protocol
  ISDNAP      ISDN Application Protocol
  ISDNCS      ISDN Customer Solutions
  ISDNFR      Integrated Services Digital Network Family of Requirements
  ISDNI       ISDN Class I Equipment
  ISDNII      ISDN Class II Equipment
  ISDNOE      ISDN Office Equipment
  ISDNP       Integrated Services Digital Network Profile
  ISDNUP      ISDN User Part
  ISDN-UP     ISDN User Part
  ISDO        In-Sequence Delivery Option
  ISDS        Integrated Switched Data Service
  ISDT        Integrated Services Digital Terminal
  ISDX        Integrated Services Digital Exchange
  ISDX        Integrated Services Digital eXchange
  ISE         Intelligent Services Environment
  ISE         Interactive Software Engineering
  ISF         International Subscriber Feature
  ISFET       Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor
  ISG         Information Systems Gateway
  ISG         Information Systems Group
  ISG         ISDN Service Group
  ISG         ISDN Signaling Group
  ISG         Isolated System Ground
  ISG         Isolated System Grounding
  ISH         Information Super Highway
  ISH         Intermediate System Hello
  ISI         Industry Support Interface
  ISI         Information Sciences Institute
  ISI         Institute of Scientific Information
  ISI         Instruction Storage Interrupt
  ISI         Integrated Systems Inc.
  ISI         Intelligent Services Interface
  ISI         Intersymbol Interference
  ISI         InterSystem Interface
  ISIA        Isolation Shunt Interface Adapter
  ISIP        International Student Intern Program
  ISIS        Integrated Standardisation Information System
  ISIS        Intermediate System to Intermediate System
  IS-IS       Intermediate System to Intermediate System
  IS-IS       Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol
  ISL         Initial System Loader
  ISL         Integrated Services Link
  ISL         Internal Surge Limiter
  ISL         Internetworking Switch Link
  ISL         InterSatellite Link
  ISLC        Information Systems Learning Center
  ISLC        ISDN Line Card
  I-SLE       ISDN Screening List Editing
  ISLETXT     ISDN Screen List Editing Text
  ISLM        Integrated Services Line Module
  ISLS        Interrogation-path SideLobe Suppression
  ISLU        Integrated Services Line Unit
  ISLUA       International SL-1/Meridian 1 Users Association
  ISM         Industrial, Scientific and Medical (equipment)
  ISM         Information Service Management
  ISM         In-Service Measurement
  ISM         Integrated Service Module
  ISM         Integrated Services Model
  ISM         Integrated Synchronous Multiplexer
  ISM         Intelligent Synchronous Multiplexer
  ISM         Internet Service Manager
  ISM         Invocation State Machine
  ISM         ISDN Stanadards Management
  ISM         ISDN State Machine
  ISM ISDN    ISDN Standards Management Special Committee
  ISMA        Inhibit Sense Multiple Access
  ISMC        International Switch Maintenance Center
  ISMC        International Switching Maintenance Center
  ISME        Integrated Services Module Enhanced frame
  ISMF        Internet-Standard Management Framework
  ISMS        Integrated Service Management System
  ISMX        Integral Subrate Multiplexer
  ISMX        Integrated Subrate Multiplexer
  ISN         Information Storage Node
  ISN         Information system Network (ATT)
  ISN         Initial Sequence Number
  ISN         Integrated Services Node
  ISN         Intelligent Services Network
  ISN         Intelligent Services Node
  ISNAP       Intelligent Services Network Application Processor
  ISNI        Intermediate Signaling Network Identification
  ISNI        Intermediate Signaling Network Identifier
  ISNMS       Intelligent Switched Network Management System
  IS-NNI      Inter System Network Node Interface
  ISO         In Search Of
  ISO         Infrared Space Observatory
  ISO         International Organization for Standardization
  ISOC        The Internet Society
  ISO-CMOS    Isolated Fully Recessed Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  ISoD        Interactive Service on Demand
  ISODE       ISO Development Environment
  ISOG        INTELSAT Signatories and Operators Group
  I-SOM       Intermediate Code-System Object Module
  ISONET      ISO information NETwork
  ISOO        Increment Specific Override Object
  ISOTAS      International Symposium on Object Technologies for Advanced Software
  ISP         Independent Software Vendors
  ISP         Information Service Provision
  ISP         Information Services Provider
  ISP         In-Store Processor
  ISP         Instruction-Set Processor
  ISP         In-System Programming
  ISP         Integrated Services Platform
  ISP         Integrated System Peripheral
  ISP         Intelligent Services Peripheral
  ISP         Interface Service Profile
  ISP         Intermediate Services Part
  ISP         International Signaling Point
  ISP         International Standard Profile(s)
  ISP         International Standardized Profile
  ISP         International Standards Profile (ETSI)
  ISP         Internet Service Provider
  ISP         Interrupt Stack Pointer
  ISP         Intra-Subnetwork Protocol
  ISP         ISDN Service Provisioning
  ISP         ISDN Signaling Preprocessor
  ISP         ISDN Signaling Processor
  ISPABX      Integrated Services Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  ISPBF       Internet Service Provider Business Forum
  ISPBX       Integrated Services Private Branch Exchange
  iSPC        International Signalling Point Code
  ISPC        International Sound Programme Centre
  ISPCS       Integrated System for Public Communication Services
  ISPF        Interactive System Productivity Facility
  ISPI        Intelligent model for System Provisioning Information
  ISPI        Internetwork Service Profile Interrogation
  ISPICS      ISP Implementation Conformance Statement
  ISPICS      ISP Profile ICS
  ISPM        Internetwork Service Profile Modification
  ISPN        Integrated Services Packet Network
  ISPS        International Service Position System
  ISP-SP      International Standards Organization- Still Picture
  ISPT        Instituto Superiore delle Poste e delle Telecomunicaziones
  ISPT        Internetwork Service Profile Transfer
  ISQL        Interactive Structured Query Language
  ISR         Independent Software Release
  ISR         Information Storage and Retrieval
  ISR         Initial Submission Rate
  ISR         Integrated Switch Router
  ISR         INTELSAT System Record
  ISR         Inter System Roaming
  ISR         Intermediate Session Routing
  ISR         Interrupt In-Service Register
  ISR         Interrupt Service Routine
  ISR         Inter-System Routing (NetMaster-Systems Center)
  ISRB        Intelligent Source Routing Bridge
  ISS         Initial Send Sequence Number
  ISS         Integrated Switching System
  ISS         International Small Switch
  ISS         International Switching Symposium
  ISS         Internet Security Systems
  ISS         Inter-Satellite Service
  ISS         Ionica Switch Site
  ISSB        Independent Single SideBand
  ISSB        Intel (Inc.) Serial System Bus (Multibus 2)
  ISSC        Information Systems Solutions Corporation
  ISSCC       International Solid-State Circuits Conference
  ISSI        Individual Short Subscriber Identity (TETRA)
  ISSI        Inter Switching System Interface
  ISSI        Inter-Switching System Interface
  ISSLL       Integrated Services over Specific Link Layers
  ISSLS       International Symposium on Subscriber Loops and Services
  ISSN        Integrated Special Services Network
  ISSN        International Standard Serial Number (Publications)
  ISSS        Interactive Subscriber Service Subsystem
  ISSU        Integrated Services Switching Unit
  IST         Integrated Services Terminal (Voice, Data, Text, Fax, etc)
  IST         Integrated Switching and Transmission
  ISTB        In-Service Trouble
  ISTb        In-Service Trouble
  ISTC        International Satellite Transmission Center
  ISTC        International Switching and Testing Center
  ISTN        Integrated Switching and Transmission Network
  ISTO        Information Systems Technology Office
  ISTP        Integrated Signal Transfer Point
  ISU         Incremental Software Update
  ISU         Independent Signal Unit
  ISU         Initial Signal Unit
  ISU         Integrated Services Unit (ISDN)
  ISU         Iridium Subscriber Unit
  ISU         ISDN Service Unit
  ISUP        Integrated Services User Part (of ITU-T Signalling System number 7)
  ISUP        ISDN User Part
  ISV         Independent Software Vendor
  ISV         International Standard Profile(s)
  ISVM        Interswitch Voice Messaging
  ISW         Interswitch Trunk
  ISW         Inverted Synchronization Word
  ISW         Ionica Switch
  IT          Inactivity Test
  IT          Incoming Translation
  IT          Information Technology
  IT          Information Theory
  IT          Information Type
  IT          Insert Tape
  IT          Integration Test
  IT          Integration Tested
  IT          Integration Testing
  IT          Integration Testing Completed
  IT          Intelligent Terminal
  IT          Interexchange Trunk
  IT          Internet Thruway
  IT          InterTandem
  IT          Intertandem Trunk
  IT          Intertoll
  IT          Intertoll Trunk
  IT          ISO country code for Italian Republic (Italy)
  IT&T        Information Technology  and Telecommunications
  IT/PTA      Integration Testing Completed/Product Test Acceptance
  IT/PTA      Integrity Testing/Product Test Assessment
  ITA         Independant Television Authority
  ITA         Independent Television Authority
  ITA         Ineffective Traffic Attempt
  ITA         Integrated Trunk Access
  ITA         Interim Type Approval
  ITA         International Telegraph Alphabet
  ITA1        International Telegraph Alphabet No. 1
  ITA2        International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2
  ITA3        International Telegraph Alphabet No. 3
  ITA4        International Telegraph Alphabet No. 4
  ITAA        Information Technology of America
  ITAC        International Telecommunications Advisory Committee
  ITAC        International Test Access Controller
  ITACA       IBCN Testing Architecture for Conformance Assessment
  ITAD        Integrated Telephone Answering Device
  ITAEG       IT Advisory Expert Group
  ITAEGC      Information Technology Ad-hoc Expert Group on Certification
  ITAEGC      IT Advisory Expert Group on Certification
  ITAEGM      Information Technology Ad-hoc Expert Group on Manufacturing Automation
  ITAEGM      IT Advisory Experts Group on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  ITAEGS      Information Technology Ad-hoc Expert Group on Standards
  ITAEGS      IT Advisory Expert Group on Standardization
  ITAEGT      IT Advisory Experts Group for Private Telecommunications Networks
  ITAEGT      IT Advisory Experts Group for private Telecommunications networks
  ITAEGV      Information Technology ad hoc Experts Group on Security
  ITAP        ISDN Test Access Path
  ITAR        International Trafficking in Arms Regulation
  ITATS       International TATS
  ITB         Incoming Trunk Busy
  ITB         Intermediate Text Block-check,
  ITC         IEEE Transactions on Communications (periodical)
  ITC         Inbound Toll Call
  ITC         Incoming Throughput Class
  ITC         Incoming Trunk Characteristics
  ITC         Incoming Trunk Circuit
  ITC         Independent Telephone Company
  ITC         Information Technology Center
  ITC         Information Transfer Capability
  ITC         Input Capture/Input Transition Counter
  ITC         Intermediate Toll Center
  ITC         International Telecommunications Center
  ITC         International Teletraffic Conference
  ITC         International Television Center
  ITC         International Trade Commission
  ITC         International Typeface Corporation
  ITC         Internet Telephony Consortium
  ITC         Interoperability Test Center (private)
  ITCA        International Teleconferencing Association
  ITCC        International Telecommunication Charge Card
  ITCCC       IT Coordination Committee for Certification (CEN)
  ITCP        International Thomson Computer Press
  I-TCP       Indirect Transmission Control Protocol
  ITCS        ISDN Terminal Contention Service
  ITCT        IEEE Transactions on Communication Technology (periodical)
  ITDC        Information Technology Development Corporation
  ITDM        Intelligent Time-Division Multiplexer
  ITDN        Integrated Telephone and Data Network
  ITE         Information Technology Equipment
  ITE         Internal Terminal Emulator
  ITE         International Telephone Exchange
  ITE         International Transmission Exchanges
  ITESF       Internet Traffic Engineering Solutions Forum
  ITF         Information Transport Function
  ITF         Interactive Test Facility
  ITF         InTerFace
  ITFS        Instructional Television- Fixed Service
  ITG         Independent Testing Group
  ITG         Interactive Test Generator
  ITHI        Interactive Terminal Host Interface
  ITI         Idle Trunk Indicator
  ITI         Industrial Technology Initiative
  ITI         Industrial Technology Institute
  ITI         Information Technology Industry Council
  ITI         Interactive Terminal Interface
  ITI         Intermittent Trouble Indication
  ITIMS       In-service Transmission Impairment Measuring System (Telecom)
  ITLB        Instruction Translation Lookaside Buffer
  ITM         Increment Test Manager
  ITM         Inspection du Travail et des Mines (LUX)
  ITM         Integrated Test Master
  ITM         Integrated Transport Management
  ITM         Intelligent Test Bus Master
  ITM         Intelligent Test Master
  ITM         Interactive Test Monitor
  ITM         ISDN Test Module
  ITM8        International Trunk Module, 8-Wire
  ITMC        International Test and Maintenance Center
  ITMC        International Transmission Maintenance Center
  ITMS        Internet Thruway Management System
  ITN         Independent Telecommunications Network
  ITN         Integrated Test Network
  ITN         Internetwork
  ITO         International Trunk Override
  ITOC        Image Table of Contents
  ITOC        Independent Telephone Operating Company
  ITOP        International Traffic Operator Position
  ITOPS       International Traffic Operator Position System
  ITOT        ISO Transport Service On Top of TCP
  ITP         Integrated Test Platform
  ITP         Integrated Test Position
  ITP         Integration Test Plan
  ITP         InterLATA Toll Presubscription
  ITP         International Thomson Publishing
  ITPA        Independent Telephone Pioneers Association
  ITPC        International Television Program Center
  ITQS        Information Telecommunication Quality System (ETSI)
  ITR         Information Transfer Rate
  ITR         Instrumentation Tape Recorder
  ITR         Integrated Telephone Recorder
  ITR         INTELSAT Test Record
  ITRC        Information Technology Requirements Council
  ITRLD       Increase Power Threshold
  ITRON       Industrial TRON
  ITRSG       Information Technology Resources Support Group
  ITS         Information and Transaction Server
  ITS         Information and Transaction Services
  ITS         Informationstekniska Standardiseringen
  ITS         Insertion Test Signals (Video VITS)
  ITS         Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
  ITS         Integrated Test System
  ITS         Integrated Testing System
  ITS         Integrated Timing Supply
  ITS         Integrated Tool Set (SPAG etc.)
  ITS         Integrated Transmission and Switching
  ITS         Intelligent Transport Systems
  ITS         Intelligent Transportation System
  ITS         Interface, Terminal, and Session
  ITS         International Telecom Symposium
  ITS         Internet Telephony Server (Lucent Technologies)
  ITS         Internet Telephony Services
  ITS         Invitation To Send
  ITS         Ionica Transceiver System
  ITSC        International Telephone Services Center
  ITSC        International Transmission Switching Centre
  ITSC        Interregional Telecommunications Standards Conference
  ITSCJ       Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan
  ITSE        Incoming Trunk Service Evaluation
  ITSEC       Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
  ITSFSD      Internet Telephony Services Feature Specification Document
  ITSI        Individual TETRA Subscriber Identity
  ITSO        International Technical Support Organization (IBM)
  ITSP        Intermediate Translation Signalling Point
  ITSP        Internet Telephony Service Provider
  ITSSP       Internet Telephony Server for Service Providers
  ITSTC       Information Technology Steering Committee
  ITSTC       Information Technology STeering Committee
  ITSU        Information Technology Standards Unit
  ITT         International Telephone and Telegraph Company
  ITU         International Telecommunication Union
  ITU-D       International Telecommunication Union- Development Sector
  ITUG        International Tandem Users Group
  ITU-R       International Telecommunication Union- Radiocommunication Scector
  ITUSA       Information Technology Users Association
  ITUSA       Information Technology Users' Standards Association
  ITU-T       International Telecommunication Union- Telecommunication Standardization Sector
  ITU-TSS     International Telecommunication Union Technical Standards Sector
  ITV         Incremental Threshold Value
  ITV         Independent Television
  ITV         Industrial Television
  ITV         Instructional Television
  ITV         Interactive Television
  I-TV        Interactive Television
  ITVT        IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (periodical)
  ITW         Internet Thruway
  IU          Integer Unit
  IU          Interface Unit
  IU          Interunit
  IUAP        Instruction User Area pointer
  IUAP        Internet User Account Provider
  IUC         International Unicode Conference
  IUC         Inter-Unit Communication
  IUF         ISDN User Forum
  IUG         Implementation User Guide
  IUS         Information Unit Separator
  IUT         Implementation Under Test
  IV          Initial Vector
  IV          Initialization Variable
  IV          Initialization Vector
  IV          Interactive Video
  IV&V        Independent Verification and Validation
  IVA         Interactive Voice Application
  IVAN        International Value-Added Network
  IVAP        ISDN syntax-based VAP
  IVC         Intelligent Visual Computing
  IVD         Audio Visual Interleaved
  IVD         Integrated Voice and Data
  IVD         Interactive Video Disk
  IVDLAN      Integrated Voice Data LAN (IEEE 802.9)
  IVDM        Integrated Voice/Data Module
  IVDS        Interactive Video and Data Service
  IVDT        Integrated Voice and Data Terminal
  IVDT        Integrated Voice-Data Terminal
  IVEC        Interarea Vector Coordinates
  IVES        Information Vending Encryption System
  IVHS        Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
  IVI         Indeo Video Interactive
  IVIA        International Videotex Industry Association
  IVLA        Four Letter Acronym
  IVMO        Initial Value Managed Object
  IVMS        Integrated Voice Message System
  IVN         Interactive Video Network
  IVO         Internal Verification Office
  IVOD        Interactive Video on Demand
  IVOT        Internetwork Televoting
  IVP         Integrated Voice Protocol
  IVPN        International Virtual Private Network
  IVR         Interactive Voice Response
  IVS         Integrated Voice Service
  IVS         Interactive Video Server
  IVS         Interactive Video Services
  IVS         Interactive Voice Subsystem
  IVS         Interactive Voice System
  IVSN        Interactive Video Services Network
  IVT         Interrupt Vector Table
  IVT         ISDN syntax-based VT
  IVTC        IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
  IW          Index Word
  IW          Information Warehouse
  IW          Initialisation Word loaded into pseudo-random sequence generators for descrambling
  IW          Insertion Word
  IW          Inside Wire
  IW          Interworking
  IWA         International Webcasting Association
  IWAC        ISDN Wide Area Centrex
  IWCA        Inside Wiring Cable
  IWCE        International Wireless Communications Expo
  IWCS        Integrated Wideband Communications System
  IWE         Interworking Equipment
  IWF         Interworking Function
  IWM         Integrated Woz Machine
  IWMSC       Interworking MSC
  IWMSC       InterWorking MSC
  IW-MSP      Interworking MSP
  IWP         Interim Working Party
  IWP         InterNotes Web Publisher
  IWPN        Interworking with Private Networks
  IWS         Incoming Window Size
  IWS         Intelligent Workstation
  IWS         Intelligent Workstation System
  IWS         Interworking Signaling
  IWSS        Intelligent Workstation System
  IWT         INWATS (800 Service)
  IWU         Interworking Unit
  IWWS        Integrated Wireless/Wireline Services
  IXC         Interexchange Carrier
  IXI         International X.25 Infrastructure/Interconnect (X.25)
  IXIT        Implementation Extra Information for Testing
  IXT         Interaction Crosstalk

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- J -


  J           Joint Meeting (ETSI)
  J           Joule
  J           JTM Service
  J2MV        Japanese 2 Mbps Voice
  JAA         Joint Aviation Authorities
              (an associated body of European Civial Aviation Conference- ECAC)
  Jacl        Java Command Language
  JAD         Joint Application Design
  JAD         Joint Architectural Design
  JAD         Joint Architecture Design
  JADE        Java Application Development Environment
  JAES        Journal of the Audio Engineering Society
  JAIST       Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  JAM         JYACC Application Manager
  JAN         Joint Army-Navy
  JANAP       Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publications
  JANOG       Japanese Network Operators Group
  JAPH        Just Another Perl Hacker
  JAR         Java Archive
  JAR         Joint Aviation Requirements
  JARS        Java Applet Rating Service
  JAV         Java Source Code
  javac       Java Compiler
  JAW         Just Ask Why
  JB          Junction Box
  JBCL        JavaBeans Component Library
  JBE         JavaBean Editor
  JBIG        Joint Bi-level Image expert Group
  JBIG        Joint Bilevel Image Group
  JBPC        Java-Based Pipeline Configurator
  JC          Jack Connection
  JC          Joint Committee
  JC          Journalling Controller
  JCE         Java Cryptography Extension
  JCG         Joint Coordination Group (CEN/CENELEC/ETSI)
  JCL         Job Control Language
  JCT         Japanese Cordless Telephone
  JCT         Journal Control Table
  JCTR        Junctor
  JD          Joint Detection
  JD          Julian Day
  JDAS        Joint Design Acceptance Strategy
  JDB         Java Debugger
  JDBC        Java Database Connection
  JDBC        Java Database Connectivity
  JDC         Japanese Digital Cellular
  JDK         Java Developer's Kit
  JDK         Java Development Kit
  JDN         Julian Day Number
  JDT         Joint Design Team
  JDT         Joint Development Team
  JECF        Java Electronic Commerce Framework
  JEDEC       Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
  JEEC        Joint ETSI-ECMA Committee
  JEF         Japanese Processing Extended Feature
  JEIA        Japanese Electronics Industry Association
  JEIDA       Japan Electronic Industry Development Association
  JEM         Joint Experts Meeting
  JEPI        Joint Electronic Payment Initiative
  JES         Job Entry Subsystem
  JESSI       Joint European Submicron Silicon Initiative (Eureka)
  JET         Jack Ended Trunk
  JET         Joint venture Evaluation Tool
  JF          Journal File
  JF          Junctor Frame
  JFC         Java Foundation Classes
  JFDB        Job Feature Database
  JFET        Junction Field-Effect Transistor
  JFIF        JPEG File Interchange Format
  JFMG        Joint Frequency Management Group
  JFRF        Japan Frame Relay Forum
  JFS         Journal File System
  JFS         Journaling File System
  JFS         Jumbo Group Frequency Supply
  JFT         Job File Table
  JFY         Justify
  JGF         Junctor Grouping Frame
  JI          Junction Isolation
  JIA         Joint Implementation Agreement
  JIDM        Joint X/Open NMF on Inter-Domain Management
  JIF         Java Intranet Framework
  JIP         Jurisdiction Information Parameter
  JIS         Japan Industrial Standard (JAP)
  JISC        Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JAP)
  JISC        Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
  JIT         Just In Time
  JITEC       Joint Information Technology Experts Committee
  JIWP        Joint Interim Working Party (ITU-R)
  JLCC        J-Lead Chip Carrier
  JLS         Java Language Specification
  JM          ISO country code for Jamaica
  JMAPI       Java Management API
  JMDR        Japan Message Detail Recording
  JMF         Java Media Framework
  JMG         Joint Management Group
  JMP         Jump
  JMPS        Japanese Mobile Phone System
  JMX         Jumbo Group Multiplex
  JND         Just Noticeable Distortion
  JNDI        Java Naming Directory Interface
  JNET        Junctored Network
  JNI         Java Native Interface
  JNRC        Joint Nuclear Research Centre
  JNT         Joint Network Team (UK)
  JO          ISO country code for Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  JOBQ        JOB Queue
  JOHNNIAC    JOHN's (von Neumann) Integrator and Automatic Computer
  JOOP        Journal of Object-Oriented Programming
  JOSS        Joint Object Services Submission
  jp          Internet country code for Japan
  JP          ISO country code for Japan
  JPE         JPEG File
  JPEG        ISO/IEC Joint Photographic Experts Group
  jperl       Japanese Perl
  JPG         Joint Presidents Group (CEN/CENELEC/ETSI)
  JPG         JPEG File
  JPI         Java Platform Interface
  JPL         Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena California USA)
  JPN7        Japan Public Network 7
  JQC         Journalling Queue Controller
  JRAD        Joint/Rapid Application Development
  JRC         Joint Radio Committee (UK)
  JRE         Java Runtime Environment
  JRET        Joint Requirements Engineering Team
  JRG         Joint Rapporteur Group (ETSI)
  JRG         Joint Research Group
  JRI         Java Runtime Interface
  JRI         Joint Research Institute
  JRMP        Java Remote Method Protocol
  JRTIC       Joint Radiophone Technical Interfaces Group
  JS          JavaScript
  JSA         Japanese Standards Association
  JSAC        IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (periodical)
  JSAPI       Java Speech API
  JSB         Jump To Subroutine
  JSC         Joint Scientific Committee
  JSD         Jackson Structured Development
  JSF         Junctor Switch Frame
  JSM         Job Service Model
  JSP         Jackson Structured Programming
  JSP         Job Service Provider
  JSR         Jump to Subroutine
  JSSST       Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
  JST         Japan Standard Time
  JSU         Job Service User
  JTAC        Joint Technical Advisory Committee
  JTACS       Japan TACS
  JTACS       Japanese TACS
  JTAG        Joint Test Access Group
  JTAM        Job Transfer And Manipulation
  JTAPI       Java Telephony API
  JTC         Joint Technical Committee (EBU/ETSI)
  JTC         Joint Technical Committee (IEC, ISO)
  JTC1        Joint Technical Committee 1
  JTCG        Joint Technical Co-ordination Group
  JTCI        Joint Technical Committee on Information Technology
  JTEC        Japan Telecommunications Engineering and Consultancy
  JTF         Joint Task Force
  JTM         Job Transfer and Manipulation
  JTPC        Joint Technical Programming Committee (IEC)
  JTPL        Jini Technology Public License
  JTR         Japan Telecommunications Review (periodical)
  JTS         JNET Transport System
  JTS         Junctor Transport System
  JTS/BFP     Junctor Transport System/Basic Format Packetization
  JTS-BFP     Junctor Transport System-Basic Format Packetization
  JUG         Java Users Group
  JUGFET      Junction Field-Effect Transistor
  JUGHEAD     Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display
  JV          Joint Venture
  JVC         Japan Victor Company
  JVC         Java Foundation Classes
  JVC         Juggling Virtual Connection
  JVM         Java Virtual Machine
  JWG         Joint Working Group
  JWI         Jumper Wire Interface
  JWP         Joint Working Party

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- K -


  K           Authentication Key
  K           Constraint Length of the Convolutional Code
  K           Kelvin
  K           Key
  K           Kilo (1000 or 1024)
  k           kilo (1000)
  k           Kommende (Incoming)
  K&R         Kernighan and Ritchie
  KAK         Key-Auto-Key
  KALM        Keyed Association Link Manager
  KAM         Keyboard Action Mode
  KAS         Kiva Administrative Server
  KAU         Keystation Adapter Unit
  KB          Keyboard
  kb          Kilobit
  KB          KiloByte (1024 Bytes)
  KB          Knowledge Base
  KB          Knowledge-Based
  KBD         Keyboard
  KBD         Keyboard Dialing
  KBD         Keyboard Input (HTML tag)
  KBHCA       Thousand Busy Hour Call Attempts
  Kbit/s      Kilobits Per Second
  kbps        Kilobits Per Second
  KBps        Kilobytes Per Second
  Kbs         Kilobits Per Second
  KBS         Knowledge Based System
  KBS         Korea Bureau of Standards
  kbyte       Kilobyte
  Kc          ciphering Key
  KCMS        Kodak Color Management System
  KCP         Keyset Call Processing
  kcps        kilocycles per second (obsolete, now Hz)
  KCR         Key Call Receiver
  kcs         Kilocycles per Second
  KCS         Kiva C++ Server
  KDC         Key Distribution Center
  KDD         Kermit Dialing Directory
  KDD         Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  KDE         KeyboarD Entry
  KDE         Kommunikationsdatenerfassung (Call Detail Recording)
  KDS         Keyboard Display Station
  KDS         Kommunikationsdatensatz (Call Detail Record)
  KDT         Keyboard Display Terminal
  KDU         Kommunikationsdatenubertragung
              (operations system for the transfer of billing information)
  KDV         Kommunikationsdatennachverarbeitung (Billing Post-Processor ) (Host)
  KE          ISO country code for Republic of Kenya
  KE          KErnel
  KE          Key Equipment
  KE          Key Escrow
  KEA         Key Exchange Algorithm
  KEC         Key Escrow Component
  KEES        Key Escrow Encryption System
  KEK         Key Encrypting Key
  KEMA        N.V. tot Keuring van Electrotechnische Materialen (NL)
  KES         Key Escrow System
  KETC        Kelly Education and Training Center
  KEV         Kilo Electron-Volt
  KEY         personal KEY number
  KEY HOLD    Key Hold message
  KEY REL     Key Release message
  KEY SETUP   Key Setup message
  KEY SETUP ACK  Key Setup Acknowledge message
  KG          ISO country code for Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan)
  kg          Kilograms
  KGD         Known Good Die
  KGU         Known Good Unit
  KH          ISO country code for Kingdom of Cambodia (formerly Kampuchea)
  kHz         kiloHertz
  Ki          individual subscriber authentication Key
  KI          ISO country code for Kiribati
  KID         key_instance_data
  KIF         Knowledge Interchange Facility
  KIF         Knowledge Interchange Format
  KIP         Kinetics Internet Protocol
  KIPS        Kilo Instructions Per Second
  KIPS        Thousands of Instructions per Second
  KIS         Knowbot Information Service
  KIS         Kodak Imaging Services
  KISS        Keep It Simple, Stupid
  KISS        Keep It Sweet and Simple
  KISS        Kristen Information and Software Services
  KJS         Kiva Java Server
  KL          Key Lever
  KL          Kilo Lines
  KLIC        Key-Letter In Context
  KLM         Kernel Lock Manager
  KLOC        Kilo Lines Of Code
  KLOEC       Kilo Lines of Executable Code
  KM          ISO country code for Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros
  KM          Key Mapping
  km          Kilometer
  KM128X75    K Mod-128 Parameter for X.75
  KM8X75      K Mod-8 Parameter for X.75
  KMA         Kernel Memory Allocator
  kmc         Kilomegacycles
  KMS         Knowledge Management System (AI)
  KN          ISO country code for Saint Kitts and Nevis
  KNADR       Koppelnetzaddresse (Switching Network Address) (Line Equipment Number)
  KNCSL       Thousand Non-Commentary Source Lines
  KOB         Kernel Object Browser
  kohm        Kilohm
  KONTES      Kundenorientierte Neugestaltung der Teilnehmerdienste
              mit Einsatz von DV-Systemnen (Subscriber Service Management Application)
  KOPS        Kilo-Operation Per Second
  KP          Beginning of Pulsing Signal
  KP          ISO country code for Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  KP          Key Pulse signal
  KP          Keypad
  KP          KeyPad information element
  KP          Keypulse
  KPA         Key Pulse Adapter
  KPD         Keypad Digits
  KPD         Known Product Defect
  KPF         Key Pulse on Front
  KPIC        Key-Phrase In Context
  kpsi        Kilopounds Per Square Inch
  KQML        Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
  KR          ISO country code for Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  KR          Knowledge Representation
  KRB         Kerberos
  KRITIC      Knowledge Representation and Inference Techniques in Industrial Control (Esprit)
  KRS         Knowledge Retrieval System
  KS          Authentication Session Key
  KS          Kapsch and Schrack
  KS          Kearney Specification
  KS          Key Set
  KS          Korean Standard
  KS          PP authentication Session Key
  KS          U.S. postal code for Kansas
  KS'         FP authentication Session Key
  KSAM        Keyed Sequential Access Method
  KSC         Knowledge Systems Corporation
  KSD         Kermit Services Directory
  KSDS        Key Sequenced Data Set
  KSE         Keyboard Source Entry
  Kset        Key Set
  KSG         Key Stream Generator
  KSH         Key Short Hunt
  KSH         Keyset Short Hunt
  KSH         Korn Shell
  ksh         Korn Shell
  KSI         Korea Standards Institute
  KSLOC       Kilo Source Lines of Code
  KSMOH       Key Set Music On Hold
  KSPS        Kilo Samples Per Second
  KSR         Keyboard Send/Receive
  KSS         Key Stream Segment
  KSU         Key Service Unit
  KSU         Key System Unit
  KT          Keying Trunk
  KT          Korea Telecom
  KTA         Key Telephone Adapter
  KTH         Swedish Royal Institute of Technology
  KTILE       Development Centre for Telecommunications (GR)
  KTN         Kernel Transport Network
  kTN         kernel Transport Network
  KTRK        Killer Trunk
  KTS         Key Telephone Set
  KTS         Key Telephone System
  KTU         Key Telephone Unit
  kV          Kilovolt(s)
  kVA         Kilovolt-Amperes
  KVM         Keyboard, Video, Mouse (generally KVM Switch)
  KVSt        Knotenvermittlungsstelle (Trunk Tandem Switching Exchange)
              (regional exchange, 3rd level of transit/long distance network)
  KW          ISO country code for State of Kuwait
  KW          KiloWatt
  KW          Kilowatt(s)
  KW          KiloWord
  KWIC        Key-Word In Context
  KWIT        Key-Word In Title
  KXS         Kiva Executive Server
  KY          ISO country code for Cayman Islands
  KY          U.S. postal code for Kentucky
  KZ          ISO country code for Kazakhstan

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- L -


  L           DC Balancing Bit
  L           Inductance
  L           Length
  L           Line
  L           Link Layer
  L           Load current
  L           Locator
  l           LONG (long)
  L           Long Duration
  L           Low
  l           Low Frequency
  L           Radiance
  L.O.        Local Oscillator
  L/A         Loop Around
  L0          level zero
  L1          Layer 1
  L1          Level 1
  L1 A/D      Layer 1 Activation/Deactivation
  L1A/D       Layer 1 Activation/Deactivation
  L1ACT       Layer 1 Activated
  L1AD        Layer 1 Activation/Deactivation
  L1DEACT     Layer 1 Deactivated
  L1GW        Level 1 Gateway
  L1TH        Layer 1 Thresholds
  L1THGP      Layer 1 Performance Monitoring Thresholds Group Identifier
  L2          Layer 2
  L2          Level 2
  L2          Secondary Cache
  L2F         Layer-2 Forwarding
  L2F         Level 2 Forward
  L2FP        Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol
  L2GW        Level 2 Gateway
  L2IF        Layer 2 Interface
  L2ML        Layer 2 Management Link
  L2ML        Layer 2 Management Link
  L2R         Layer 2 Relay
  L2R BOP     L2R Bit Oriented Protocol
  L2R COP     L2R Character Oriented Protocol
  L2RCOP      L2R Character-Oriented Protocol
  L2TP        Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  L2TP        Level 2 Tunneling Protocol
  L3          Layer 3
  L3          Level 3
  L3_end      Indicates Last Packet of a layer 3 Message
  L3TV        Low Level Light Television
  L4          Layer 4
  L4          Level 4
  LA          ISO country code for Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos)
  LA          Light Armor
  LA          Line Adapter
  LA          Link Adaptation
  LA          Listed Address
  LA          Load Accepted
  LA          Load Available
  LA          Local Agent
  LA          Local Authority
  LA          Location Area
  LA          Logic Analyser
  LA          Logical Address
  La          Tip Wire
  LA          U.S. postal code for Louisiana
  LA5         International Alphabet No. 5
  LAC         L2TP Access Concentrator
  LAC         Link Admission Control
  LAC         Location Area Code
  LAD         digitaler Leitungsanschluss (Digital Line Access Module)
  LADDR       Layered Device Driver Architecture
  LADS        Labor Distribution System
  LADS        Local Area Data Set
  LADT        Local Area Data Transport
  LAF         License Authorization Form
  LAF         Load Accepted Form
  LAI         Location Area Identification
  LAI         Location Area Identity
  LAIC        Loopback Access Interface Card
  LAIS        Line Alarm Indication Signal
  LALSD       Language for Automated Logic and System Design
  LAM         Land/Aeronautical/Maritime
  LAM         Lobe Attachment Module
  LAM         Location Accuracy Matrix
  LAMA        Local Automatic Message Accounting
  LAMP        Local Area Multiprocessor
  LAN         Local Area Network
  LANA        LAN Adapter
  LANCE       Local Area Network Controller
  LANCOMM     LAN Communications
  LANDP       LAN Distributed Platform
  LANE        LAN Emulation
  LAP         Line Access Point
  LAP         Line Access Protocol
  LAP         Link Access Procedure
  LAP         Link Access Protocol
  LAP         Local Access Provider
  LAPB        Link Access Procedure- Balanced
  LAPB        Link Access Protocol Balanced
  LAP-B       Link Access Procedure Balanced
  LAPC        A DLC protocol
  LAPD        Link Access Procedure for the D-Channel
  LAPD        Link Access Procedure on the D-channel
  LAPD        Link Access Protocol Digital
  LAPD        Link Access Protocol for the D-Channel
  LAP-D       Link Access Procedures for the D-Channel
  LAPDm       Link Access Protocol Digital Mobile
  LAPDm       Link Access Protocol on the Dm channel
  LAP-Dm      Link Access Protocol on the Dm channel
  LAPF        Link Access Procedure for Frame Mode Bearer Services
  LAPF        Link Access Procedures for Frame Mode Bearer Services
  LAPF        Link Access Protocol for Frame Relay
  LAPG        Link Access Procedure on the G-Channel
  LAPM        Link Access Procedure for Modems
  LAPM        Link Access Procedure-Modem
  LAP-M       Link Access Procedure-Modem
  LAPR        Link Access Protocol for Radio
  LAPV5       Link Access Protocol for the V5 Interface
  LAPV5-DL    LAPV5 Data Link Sublayer
  LAPV5-EF    LAPV5 Envelope Function Sublayer
  LAR         Load Access Rights
  LAR         Load Access Rights
  LAR         Local and Remote
  LAR         Logarithmic Area Ratio
  LAR         Lot Acceptance Rate
  LARP        Local And Remote Printing
  LAS         Local Analog Switch
  LAS         Logic Analysis System
  LAS         Low-Altitude Satellite
  LASCR       Light-Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  LASD        Large Area Screen Display
  LASER       Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  LASS        Local Alarm Scanning System
  LASS        Local Area Signaling Services
  LASS        Local Area Signaling System
  LASSO       LAser Synchronisation from Stationary Orbit
  LAT         Local Access Terminal
  LAT         Local Area Terminal
  Lat         Local Area Transport
  LAT         Local Area Transport (DECnet)
  LAT         Long-Term Architecture (ITU)
  LATA        Local Access and Transport Area (US)
  LATA        Local Area Transport Arrangement
  LATD        LATA Digits
  LATID       Large Angle Tilted Implant Drain
  LATIS       Loop Activity Tracking Information System
  LATS        Latin American Telecommunications Summit
  LATS        Loop Access Test System
  LAU         Line Adapter Unit
  LAURA       Local Area network User Radio Access (ESPRIT)
  LAVC        Local Area Vax Cluster (Network, Digital Equipment Corporation)
  LAWN        Local Area Wireless Network
  LayMan      Layered Development Manager
  LayMan      Layered Manager
  LB          ISO country code for Lebanese Republic (Lebanon)
  LB          Leaky Bucket
  LB          List Box
  LB          Local Battery
  LB          Local Bus
  LB          Loop Back
  LB          Loopback
  LB          Low Band
  LB          Postal code for Labrador
  Lb          Ring Wire
  LBA         Logical Block Address
  LBA         Logical Block Addressing
  LBA         Lower Boundary Address
  LBAND       Local Band
  LBC         LAN Buffer Controller
  LBC         Logical Bearer Channel
  LBCST       Local Broadcast
  LBE         Load Build Element
  LBE         Loopback Enable
  LBJ         Light Bulb Joke
  LBN         Line Balancing Network
  LBN         List Box Notification
  LBN         Logical Bearer Number
  LBO         Line Built-Out (Network)
  LBOT        Logical Beginning of Tape
  LBR         Large Business Remote
  LBR         Laser Beam Recording
  LBR         Low Bit Rate
  LBRDC       Low Bit Rate Data Communications
  LBRM        Log-Based Reliable Multicast
  LBRV        Low Bit Rate Voice
  LBS         List Box Style
  LBS         Load Balance System
  LBT         Listen Before Talk (CSMA)
  LBT         Listen Before Transmit
  LBT CBS     Local-Battery Talking, Common Battery Signaling
  LBUS        Line Card Bus
  LBX         Low Bandwidth X
  LC          Inductance/Capacitance
  LC          ISO country code for Saint Lucia
  LC          Last Card
  LC          Leaving Conference
  LC          Line Card
  LC          Line Circuit
  LC          Line Concentrator
  LC          Link Connection
  LC          Link Control
  LC          Link Controller
  LC          Loading Coil
  LC          Local C-plane
  LC          Location Counter
  LC          Locator Collection
  LC          Logical Channel
  LC          Lower Case
  LCA         Life Cycle Assessment
  LCA         Line Concentrating Array
  LCA         Local Calling Area
  LCA         Local Carrier Agent
  LCA         Logic Cell Array  (Monolithic Memories Inc.)
  LCA         Logical Channel Assignment
  LCA         Lotus Communications Architecture
  LCAD        Logical Channel Assignment for D-Channel
  LCAI        ISDN Line Concentrating Array
  LCAMOS      Loop Cable Maintenance Operations System
  LCANUPB     Logical Channel Assignment for Nailed-Up B-Channels
  LCAODP      Logical Channel Assignment for On-Demand B-Channels
  LCAP        Local Craftsperson Access Panel
  LCC         Large Cluster Controller
  LCC         Leadless Chip Carrier
  LCC         Life Cycle Cost
  LCC         Line Card Carrier
  LCC         Line Circuit Card
  LCC         Line Class Code
  LCC         Line Control Card
  LCC         Link Control Card
  LCC         Live-Cycle Costs
  LCC         Local Calls Cleared (CSMA)
  LCC         Logical Conference Circuit
  LCC         Longitudinal Check Character
  LCCC        Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier
  LCCH        Leash Control Channel
  LCCM        LANClient Control Manager
  LCCT        Logical Conference Circuit
  LCD         Least Common Denominator
  LCD         Line Card
  LCD         Line Card Drawer
  LCD         Line Concentrating Device
  LCD         Liquid Crystal Display
  LCD         Local Calls Delayed (CSMA)
  LCD         Loss of Cell Delineation
  LCD         Lost Calls Delayed
  LCD         Lowest Common Denominator
  LCDR        Local Call Detail Recording
  LCE         Line Concentrating Equipment
  LCE         Linear Cable Engine
  LCE         Link Control Entity
  LCEI        ISDN Line Concentrating Equipment
  LCF         Line Control Feature
  LCF         Load Content File
  LCF         Location Confirm
  LCF         Location Confirmation
  LCF         Log Control Function
  LCFC        Load Content File Consolidation
  LCFS        Last-Come First-Served
  LCFSPR      Last-Come First Served Preemptive
  LCGA        Local Carrier Group Alarm
  LCGI        Local Common Gateway Interface
  LCGN        Logical Channel Group Number
  LCh         Logical Channel
  LCI         Local Craft Interface
  LCI         Logical Channel Identifier
  LCID        Locale Identifier
  LCID        Logical Channel Identifier
  LCIE        Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques (F)
  LCIS        Local Configuration Information Server
  LCK         Lock File
  LCL         Longitudinal Conversion Loss
  LCM         LANDesk Configuration Manager
  LCM         Least Common Multiple
  LCM         Limited Conversation Mode
  LCM         Line Card Multiplexer
  LCM         Line Concentrating Module
  LCM         Line Concentration Module
  LCM         Link Continuity Monitoring
  LCM         Liquid Crystal Module
  LCM         Local Customer Manager
  LCM         Logical Control Module
  LCM         Loopback Coupler Module
  LCM         Lowest Common Multiple
  LCME        Enhanced ISDN Line Concentrating Module
  LCMI        ISDN Line Concentrating Module
  LCMIP       Lightweight CMIP
  LCMP        Line Concentrating Module Processor
  LCN         Local Communication Network
  LCN         Local Communications Network
  LCN         Logical Channel Number
  LCN         Logical Connection Number
  LCN         Loosely Coupled Network (CDC)
  LCO         Landline Cellular Option
  LCO         Line Cutoff
  LCO         Local Coin Overtime
  LCo         Logical Connection
  LCOM        LIU Communication
  LCOS        Liquid Crystal On Silicon
  LCP         Least Congested Path
  LCP         Link Control Procedure
  LCP         Link Control Protocol
  LCP         Local Charging Prevention
  LCP         Local Control Point
  LCR         Least Cost Routing
  LCR         Line Concentration Ratio
  LCR         Locating Channel Receiver
  LCR         Lowest Cost Routing
  LCRF        Local Connection Related Function(s)
  LCS         Large Capacity Storage
  LCS         Line Connection Subsystem
  LCS         Location Services
  LCS         Longest Common Subsequence
  LCS         Lotus Communications Server
  LCSE        Logical Channel Signalling Entity
  LCSP        Limited Cluster Server Process
  LCSU        Local Concentrator Switching Unit
  LCT         Laboratoire Central de Telecommunications
  LCT         Last Compliance Time
  LCT         Last Conformance Time
  LCTC        Liquid Crystal Timing Controller
  LCU         Last Cluster Used
  LCU         Line Concentrating Unit
  LCU         Link Control Unit
  LCUT        Line Card Under Test
  LCV         Line Code Violation
  LCV         Line Coding Violation(s)
  LD          Laser Diode
  LD          Laser Disk
  LD          Line Diagram
  LD          Line Drawer
  LD          Linker Directive
  LD          Loaded
  LD          Location Directory
  LD          Logical Drawer
  LD          Long Distance
  LD          Long Duration
  LD          Loop Detect
  LD          Loop Disconnect
  LD          Low Density
  LDA         Logical Device Address
  LDAE        Long Distance Alert Enhancement
  LDAP        Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  LDB         Local Database
  LDB         Location Database
  LDC         Less Developed Country
  LDC         Line Drawer Controller
  LDC         Linear Divider and Combiner
  LDC         Long Distance Carrier
  LDC         Long Duration Call
  LDCELP      Low Delay Codebook Excited Linear Prediction
  LD-CELP     Low-Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction
  LDCM        LANDesk Client Manager
  LDD         Lightly Doped Drain
  LDD         Linear Delay Distortion
  LDDCDDN     LAPD D-Channel Default DN
  LDDCDN      LAPD D-Channel Directory Number List
  LDE         Long Duration Events
  LDF         Linear Display File
  LDI         Long Distance Indicator
  LDIF        LDAP Data Interchange Format
  LDM         Legacy Data Module
  LDM         Limited Distance Modem
  LDM         Linear Delta Modulation
  LDM         Logical Data Model
  LDM         Logical Device Manager
  LDMS        LANDesk Management Suite
  LDN         Listed Directory Number
  LDN         Local Directory Number
  LDN         Local Distinguished Name
  LDP         Label Distribution Protocol
  LDP         Linux Documentation Project
  LDR         Light-Dependent Resistor
  LDR         Line Driver-Receiver
  LDR         Local Distribution Radio (Micro-Wave Telecom.)
  LDR         Local Dump and Restore
  LDR         Local Dynamic Routing
  LDRI        Low Data Rate Input
  LDS         Landesamt fur Datenverarbeitung und Statistik
  LDS         Lightguide Distribution System
  LDS         Local Digital Switch
  LDS         Local Distribution System
  LDS         Logic Design System
  LDS         Logical Data Set
  LDS         Long Distance Signal
  LDS         Lower Data Strobe
  LDSH        Logical Data Set Header
  LDST        Logical Data Set Trailer
  LDSU        Local Digital Service Unit
  LDT         Line Appearance on a Digital Trunk
  LDT         Link Diversion Transactor
  LDT         Local Descriptor Table
  LDT         Location Determination Technology
  LDTA        Long Distance Telecommunications Administration
  LDTA        Long Distance Telephone Administration
  LDTR        Local Descriptor Table Register
  LDTS        Low Density Telephony Service
  LDTV        Low-Definition Television
  LDU         Line Drawer Unit
  LDU         Long Distance Usage
  LDU         Low Speed Data Unit
  LDX         Long Distance Xerography
  LE          LAN Emulation
  LE          Late Entry (TETRA)
  LE          Less Than or Equal To
  LE          Line Equipment
  LE          Linear Executable
  LE          Link Engine
  LE          Linkage Editor
  LE          Little-Endian
  LE          Local Echo
  LE          Local Exchange
  LE          Loop Extender
  LE1         Link Engine, Type 1
  LEA         LATA Equal Access
  LEA         Line Extender Amplifier
  LEAF        Law Enforcement Access Field
  LE-ARP      LAN Emulation Address Resolution Protocol
  LEAS        LATA Equal Access System
  LEC         LAN Emulation Client
  LEC         Light Energy Converter
  LEC         Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski
  LEC         Local Exchange Carrier
  LECID       LAN Emulation Client Identifier
  LECS        LAN Emulation Configuration Server
  LED         Light Emitting Diode
  LED         Light Emitting Diode
  LEDA        Light Emitting Diode Array
  LEM         Logical End of Media
  LEMP        Lightning ElectroMagnetic Pulse
  LEN         Length
  LEN         Line Equipment Number
  LEN         Local Exchange Network
  LEN         Local Exchange Node
  LEN         Logical Entity Number
  LEN         Low-Entry Networking
  LEN         Low-Entry Networking (SNA)
  LENNI       LAN Emulation Network-to-Network Interface
  LEO         Local End Office
  LEO         Low-Earth-Orbit (satellites)
  LEOS        Lasers and Electro-Optic Society
  LEOS        Low Earth Orbit Satellite
  LEOSAT      Low-Earth-Orbit Communications Satellite
  LEP         Large Electron Positron
  LEP         Light-Emitting Polymer
  LEQ         Link Emission Queuing
  LER         Label Edge Router
  LERG        Local Exchange Routing Guide
  LES         LAN Emulation Server
  LES         Land Earth Station
  LES         Line Errored Second(s)
  LES         Load ES Register (80x86 inst)
  LET         Line Equipment Transfer
  LET         Link Establishment Time
  LETB        Local Exchange Test Bed
  LETI        Laboratoire d'Electronique et des Techniques de l'Information (F)
  LEV         Loader/Editor/Verifier
  LEx         Link Engine, Type x
  LEX         Local Exchange
  Lf          feeding inductor
  LF          Line Feed (ASCII Character)
  LF          Line Filter
  LF          Line Finder
  LF          List File
  LF          Logical Facility
  LF          Low Float
  LF          Low Frequency (30...300 kiloHertz)
  LFA         Line Feature Action
  LFA         Loss of Frame Alignment
  LFACS       Loop Facility Assignment and Control System
  LFAQ        Less Frequently Asked Questions
  LFB         Look for Busy
  LFB         Look-Ahead for Busy
  LFC         Link FBUS Controller
  LFC         Local Functional Capability(ies)
  LFD         Line Fault Detector
  LFE         Log Front End
  LFN         Long Fat Network
  LFN         Long Filename
  LFO         Low Frequency Operation
  LFPM        Linear Feet Per Minute
  LFS         Link Fault Sectionalization
  LFS         Log File Service
  LFS         Logical File System
  LFS         Log-Structured File System
  LFSE        Linear Fractional Spaced Equalization
  LFSR        Linear Feedback Shift Register
  LFU         Least Frequently Used
  LFU         Link Forced Uninhibit message
  LG          DDOC Section: Log Reports
  LG          LetterGram
  LG          Link Group
  LG          Logic Ground
  LGA         Laser Gate Array
  LGA         Leadless Grid Array
  LGA         Line Group Array
  LGAI        ISDN Line Group Array
  LGC         Line Group Controller
  LGCI        ISDN Line Group Controller
  LGCO        Offshore Line Group Controller
  LGCOI       ISDN Offshore Line Group Controller
  LGCOi       ISDN Offshore Line Group Controller
  LGE         Line Group Equipment
  LGEI        ISDN Line Group Controller Equipment
  LGN         Logical Group Node
  LGP         Link General Processor
  LGPL        Library General Public License
  LH          Line Hunting
  LH          Link Handler
  LH          Link Header (SNA)
  LH          Local Host
  LH          Long Haul
  LHB         Limited-Hard-Blocking
  LHC         Left-Hand Circular Polarization
  LHP         Local Host Processor
  LHS         Left Hand Side
  LHT         Long Holding Time
  LHT         Long-Haul Transoceanic
  LI          ISO country code for Principality of Leichtenstein
  LI          Leap Indicator
  LI          Length Indication
  LI          Length Indicator
  LI          LIaison
  li          Line
  LI          Line Identity
  LI          Line Interface
  LI          Lines View
  LI          Link Interface
  LI          List Item (HTML tag)
  LI          Loader Information
  LI          Local Interface
  LI          Logical Indications
  LIA         Link Inhibit Acknowledgment message
  LIB         Label Information Base
  LIB         Library
  lib         Library
  LIB         Library File
  LIB         Object Code Library
  LIB         Run-Time Library
  LIC         Line Interface Card
  LIC         Linear Integrated Circuit
  LIC         Link Identification Code
  LIC         Links Command
  LIC         Lowest Incoming Channel
  LID         Link ID
  LID         Link IDentification code
  LID         Link Inhibit Denied message
  LIDA        Load- and Interference-Based Demand Assignment
  LIDAR       LIght Detection And Ranging
  LIDB        Line Information Database
  LIDF        Line Intermediate Distribution Frame
  LIDT        Load Interrupt Descriptor Table Register (80x86 inst)
  LIF         Layer Interface
  LIF         Length Indicator Field
  LIF         Lifetime Television
  LIF         Logical Interchange Format
  LIF         Logical Interface
  LIF         Logical Interface Transactor
  LIF         Low-Insertion Force (IC-Sockets)
  LIFE-911    Location Information for Enhanced 911
  LIFO        Last-In First-Out
  LIFO        Last-In, First-Out
  LIH         Last Image Hold (Video)
  LII         Location Independent Invocation
  LIJ         Leaf Initiated Join
  LIJP        Leaf Initiated Joint Parameter
  LILO        Last-In, Last-Out
  LILO        Linux Loader
  LILO        Look-In/Look-Out
  LIM         (Power) Line Isolation Monitor
  LIM         Call Limiter
  LIM         Language Interface Module (HLLAPI)
  LIM         Line Interface Module
  LIM         Load Information Manager
  LIM         Lotus/Intel/Microsoft
  LIMDO       Light Intensity Modulation-Direct Overwrite
  LIMS        Lotus- Intel- Microsoft
  LIN         Line Index Number
  LIN         Link Inhibit message
  LIN         Listing Index Number
  LINC        Legacy Internetworking Capability
  LINC        Localized Intelligent Network Control
  LINC        Long Term Intelligent Network Controller
  LINCMOS     LINear Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  LINE        Line Maintenance
  LINFO       Linker Information
  LInh        Local Inhibit
  LINK        Encoded Link Register
  LINPACK     LINear equations software PACKage (test for PC)
  LION        Line Information for Open Networks
  LION        Listing Information for the Open Network
  LION        Local Integrated Optical Network
  LION LPS    Line Information for Open Networks- Line Profiling System
  LIP         Large Internetwork Packet
  lip         Local Interested Party
  LIPC        Long Interprocessor Communication
  LIPS        Library of Image Processing Software
  LIPS        Logical Inferences Per Second
  LIS         Library and Information Science
  LIS         Line Interface Shelf
  LIS         Logical IP Subnetwork
  LIS         Lot Identification System
  LISA        Large Installations Systems Administration
  LISA        Local Integrated Software Architecture
  LISA        Localization Industry Standard Association
  LISB        Lithium Ion Storage Battery
  LISN        Line Impedance Stabilization Network
  LISP        Limited Instructions Set Processor
  LISP        List Processing
  LISP        LISt Processing language
  LISU        Local Integrated Switching Unit
  LIT         Line Insulation Test
  LIT         Link Local Inhibit Test message
  LIT         Literal Text (HTML tag)
  LIT         Local Intelligent Terminal
  LIU         LAN Interface Unit
  LIU         Link Interface Unit
  LIU7        CCS7 Link Interface Unit
  LIU-COM     Link Interface Unit- Communication
  LIV         Link Integrity Verification
  LIW         Long Instruction Word
  LJ          LaserJet
  LK          ISO country code for Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  LK          Line Key
  LK          Link
  LK          Looking for Party
  LKDO        Locked Out
  LKED        LinKage EDitor
  LL          Land-Line
  LL          Leased Line
  LL          Line Leg
  LL          Link Layer
  LL          Link Level
  LL          Local Loopback
  LL          Long Lines
  LL          Lower Layer
  LL          Low-Low
  LL          Low-Low Algorithm
  LL          Lunchtime Learning
  LLA         Link Level Access
  LLA         Logical Layered Architecture
  LLA         Low Level Access
  LLAR        Local Line Automatic Routing
  LLAR        Local Loop Access Ring
  LLB         Latching Loop Back
  LLB         Latching Loopback
  LLB         Line Loopback
  LLB         Local Loopback
  LLBE        Latching Loopback Enabled
  LLC         Limited Liability Company
  LLC         Line Load Control
  LLC         Link Layer Control
  LLC         Logical Link Connection
  LLC         Logical Link Control
  LLC         Low Layer Capabilities
  LLC         Low Layer Compatibility
  LLC         Lower Layer Compatibility
  LLCDBL1     Low-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork)
  LLCDBL1P    Low-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Intranetwork) for PRI
  LLCDBL2     Low-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork)
  LLCDBL2P    Low-Layer Compatibility Information Delivery Billing Records (Internetwork) for PRI
  LLCDU       LLC Data Unit
  LLCIT       Low Layer Compatibility Information Transfer
  LLCP        Link Layer Core Parameters
  LLCT        Local Line Connected Terminal (TETRA)
  LLD         Logical Line Drawer
  LLD         Low-Level Driver
  LLDN        Local Line Distribution Network
  LLDR        Low-Level Design Review
  LLE         Large Local Exchange
  LLE         Long Line Equipment
  LLF         Line Link Frame
  LLF         Low Layer Function(s)
  LLF         Low-Level Format
  LLF         Low-Level Formatting
  LLFSQ       Link Layer Frame Sequencing, LAPB
  LLFSQX75    Link Layer Frame Sequencing for X.75
  LLI         Link Local Inhibit Signal
  LLI         Logical Link Identifier
  LLI         Low-Layer Information
  LLID        Low-Level Identifier
  LLL         Low-Level Language
  LLLTV       Low Level Light Television
  LLM         L-band Land Mobile
  LLM         Logical Link Manager
  LLME        Lower Layer Management Entity
  LLN         Line Link Network
  LLN         Logical Link Number
  LLNL        Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory
  LLP         Line Link Pulsing
  LLP         Link Layer Protocol
  LLPP        Link Layer Protocol Parameters
  LLS         LAN-Like Switching
  LLS         Link Layer Software
  LLSC        Link Set Control
  LLSU        Low Level Signaling Unit
  LLWS        Link Layer Window Size, LAPB
  LLWSX75     Link Layer Window Size for X.75
  LM          Layer Management
  LM          Layer Management
  LM          Leg Multiple
  LM          Line Mode
  LM          Line Module
  LM          Line Multiplexer
  LM          Linear Multicast
  LM          Line-Monitoring
  LM          Link Manager
  LM          Link Monitor
  LM          Load Monitor
  LM          Local Member
  LM          Location Manager
  Lm          Low-Mobile Channel
  lm          lumen
  Lm          Traffic channel with capacity lower than Bm
  LMA         Local Mean Attenuation
  LmAN        Limited LAN (low cost/performance LAN)
  LMAN        Load Management
  LMAP        Lower Mapping Module
  LMB         Left Mouse Button
  LMB         Line Module Busy
  LMB         Lower Middle Byte
  LMC         Line Module Controller
  LMC         Loop Maintenance Center
  LMC         LSI Messaging Card
  LMCS        Local Multipoint Communications System
  LMCUT       Line Maintenance Cutover
  LMD         Line Module
  LMDS        Local Multichannel Distribution Services
  LMDS        Local Multipoint Distribution Service
  LMDS        Local Multipoint Distribution System
  LME         Layer Management Entity
  LME         Line Module Equipment
  LME         Line Monitoring Equipment
  LME         LM Ericsson
  LMES        Land Mobile Earth Station
  Lmest       Sidetone path loss
  LMF         Language Media Format
  LMI         Laser Module with Isolator
  LMI         Layer Management Interface
  LMI         Link Management Information
  LMI         Link Management Interface
  LMI         Local Management Interface
  LMMP        LAN/MAN Management Protocol
  LMMS        Local Message Metering Service
  LMOS        Loop Maintenance Operations System
  LMP         LAN Management Protocol (IBM)
  LMP         Layer Management Protocol
  LMP         Local Management Protocol
  LMPS        Land Mobile Products Sector (Motorola)
  LMR         Land Mobile Radio
  LMRQAS      Land Mobile Radio Quality Assurance Scheme
  LMS         Land Mobile Satellite
  LMS         Least Mean Squares (Algorithm)
  LMS         Level Measuring Set
  LMS         License Management Services
  LMS         Line Monitoring System
  LMS         Local Measured Service
  LMS         Local Message Switch
  LMS         Location and Monitoring Services
  LMS         Logical Messages
  LMS         Lotus Messaging Switch
  LMSC        LAN-MAN Standards Committee
  LMSI        Local Mobile Station Identity
  LMSK        Level-controlled Minimum-Shift Keying
  LMSP        Local Message Switch Processor
  LMSS        Land Mobile Satellite Service
  LMT         Lightwave Microcell Transceiver
  LMT         Local Maintenance Terminal
  LMT         Local Mean Time
  LMU         LAN Management Utilities
  LMU         LAN Manager for UNIX
  LMU         Line Monitoring Unit (ATT)
  LMU         Local Message Unit
  LMWS        Licensed Millimeter-Wave Service
  LMX         Link Multiplexer
  LMX         L-type Multiplex
  LN          Line
  LN          Line Number
  LN          Load Number
  LN          Local Network
  LN          Local Number
  LN          Logical Network
  ln          natural logarithm
  LNA         Local Network Architecture (IBM Inc.)
  LNA         Local Numbering Area
  LNA         Low Noise Amplifier
  LNB         Low Noise Block (down converter)
  LNB         Low-Noise Block
  LNC         Layer Network Coordinator
  LNC         Local Node Clock
  LNC         Local Node Control
  LNC         Low Noise Converter
  LND         Last Number Dialed
  LND         Local Number Dialed
  LNI         Line Interface
  LNI         Line Number Identification
  LNI         Local Network Interface
  LNK         Shortcut (Link) File
  LNLS        Layered Networks' Integrated Services
  LNM         Linefeed/Newline Mode
  LNN         Logical Network Number
  LNNI        LAN Emulation Network-to-Network Interace
  LNNI        LANE NNI
  LNP         Local Number Portability
  LNR         Last Number Redial
  LNr         Leitungsnummer (Line Number)
  LNR         Low Noise Receiver
  LNRA        Last Number Redial Associated with Set
  LNS         L2TP Network Server
  LNS         Lines
  LNS         Lines Maintenance Subsystem
  LNW         Local NetWork
  LNX         Low Noise high stability block downconverter
  LO          Lamp Only
  LO          Learning Organization
  LO          Link Option
  LO          Local Origination
  LO          Local Oscillator
  LO          Lockout
  LO          Low Priority
  LO          Lower Order
  LOA         Letter of Agency
  LOA         Library Object Adapter
  LOB         Line of Business
  LOC         Lines of Code
  LOC         Linked Object Code
  LOC         Local
  LOC         Local End, No NUI
  LOC         Localizer
  LOC         Locality
  LOC         Location
  LOC         Location Number
  LOC         Loss of Clock
  LOC         Loss of Continuity
  LOC         Lowest Incoming Channel
  LOC         Lowest Outgoing Channel
  LOCAP       Low Capacitance cable
  LOCN        Location
  LocNo       Location Number
  LOCNUI      Local End, NUI Recorded
  LOCOS       LOCal Oxidisation of Silicon (IC Technology)
  LOCREQ      Location Request message
  LOD         Level of Detail
  LOD         Line Overflow to Directory Number
  LODA        Local Optimized Dynamic Assignment
  LOF         List of Figures
  LOF         Loss of Frame
  LOF         Loss of Framing
  LOF         Lowest Observable Frequency
  LOFA        Loss Of Frame Alignment
  LOG         Call Logging
  Log         Logarithm to the base 10
  LOGAL       LOGical ALgorithmic language
  LOH         Line Overhead
  LOI         Letter Of Intend
  LOL         Laughing out loud
  LOLA        LOTOS LAboratory
  LOM         Local Operations Manager
  LONAL       Local Off-Network Access Line
  LONESL      List of Non-Empty SNO Lists
  LOO         Likelihood Of Occurrence
  LOOPUS      geostationary LOOPs in orbit occupied permanently by Unstationary Satellites
  LOP         Line of Product
  LOP         Loop Optical Carrier
  LOP         Loss of Pointer
  LOP         Loss of Power
  LOP         Lower Order Path
  LOPA        Lower Order Path Adaptation
  LOPSN       Lower Order Path Sub-Network
  LOPT        Lower Order Path Termination
  LOR         Line Overflow to Route
  LOR         Logical Object Reference
  LORAN       Long Range Navigational System
  LORE        Logic Oriented Repair Environment
  LOS         Line Of Side
  LOS         Line Out of Service message
  LOS         Line-of-Sight
  LOS         Loss Of Signal
  LOSDG       Loss of Signal/Loss of Synchronization Word with Dying Gasp
  LOSNDG      Loss of Signal/Loss of Synchronization Word with No Dying Gasp
  LOST        Local Originating Station Treatment
  LOST        Lost Message
  LOSW        Loss Of Synchronization Word
  LOT         Lapped Orthogonal Transform
  LOT         List of Tables
  LOTOS       Language for Temporal Ordering Specification
  LOTOS       Language of Temporal Ordering Specifications
  LOUISA      Lunar Optical-Ultraviolet-Infrared Synthesis Array
  LOVC        Lower Order Virtual Container
  LOW         Low-Overhead Wakeup
  LP          Language Processing
  LP          Licensed Product
  LP          Line Printer
  LP          Linear Prediction
  LP          Linear Program
  LP          Linear Programming
  LP          Link Processor
  LP          Local Packing
  LP          Local Processor
  LP          Logical Port
  LP          Logical Processsor
  LP          Long (radio) Path
  LP          Long Playing (record)
  lp          Long pointer
  LP          Longitudinal Parity
  LP          Loop
  LP          Loss Priority
  LP          Low Pass (filter)
  LP          Low Priority
  LPA         Linear Power Amplifier
  LPA         Logical Page Address
  LPA         Loop Back Acknowledgment message
  LPA         Loudspeaker Paging Access
  LPA         Lower-order Path Adaptation
  LPAM        Line Power and Alarm Module
  LPAS        Linear Prediction Analysis-by-Synthesis
  LPB         Link Interface Paddle Board
  LPBK        Loopback
  LPBK        Loopback Trunk
  LPC         Linear Prediction Coding (Speech Synthesis)
  LPC         Linear Prediction Coefficient
  LPC         Linear Predictive Code
  LPC         Linear Predictive Coder
  LPC         Linear Predictive Coding
  LPC         Local Port Controller
  LPC         Local Procedure Call
  LPC         Loop Provisioning Center
  LPC         Lower-order Path Connection
  LPCS        Licensed Personal Communications System
  LPCVD       Liquid Phase Chemical Vapor Deposition
  LPCVD       Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition (IC Technology)
  LPD         Line Printer Daemon
  LPD         Link Protocol Discriminator
  LPD         Loop Timed
  LPD         Low Power Device (transmitter)
  LPD         Low Proability Detection
  LPDA        Link Problem Determination Aid (IBM)
  LP-DDCA     Local Packing Dynamic Distributed Channel Assignment
  LPDU        Link Protocol Data Unit
  LPE         Layout Parameter Extraction
  LPF         Low Pass Filter
  LPI         Lightning Protection unit
  lpi         Lines Per Inch
  LPI         Lines Per Inch
  LPIC        IntraLATA PIC
  LPIC        Local Primary Intra-LATA Carrier
  LPIC        Per-Line Primary InterLATA Carrier
  LPIF        L-Bus/P-Bus Interface
  LPII        Line Privileges Information Indicator
  LPLF        Least Power Level First
  LPLMN       Local PLMN
  LPM         Linearly Polarized Mode
  LPM         Lines Per Minute
  LPM         Linux Projects Map
  LPM         Logical Port Multiplexer
  LPN         Local Packet switched Network (BOC)
  LPO         Local Processor Outage
  LPP         Licensed Program Product
  LPP         Lightweight Presentation Protocol
  LPP         Link Peripheral Processor
  LPR         Line Printer
  LPR         Line Printer Requester
  LPR         Line-Protected Ring
  LPRA        Low Power Radio Association
  LPRI        Loss Priority
  LPS         Lightning Protection System
  LPS         Line Profiling System
  LPS         Local Processor SRAM
  LPS         Low Power Satellite (...50W)
  LPS         Low-Power Schottky
  lpsz        Long pointer to a string terminated by a zero byte
  LPT         Line Printer
  LPT         Logical Processor Type
  LPT         Lower-order Path Termination
  LPTS        Loop Time Slot
  LPTV        Low Power Television
  LPU         Line Processing Unit
  LPU         Link Processing Unit
  LPV         Lowest PVC
  LPVS        Link Packet Voice Server
  LPWA        Lucent Personalized Web Assistant
  LQ          Letter Quality
  LQA         Line Quality Advisor
  LQM         Line Quality Manager
  LQM         Link Quality Monitoring
  LQN         Line Quality Network
  LQP         Letter-Quality Printer
  LR          ISO country code for Republic of Liberia
  LR          Last Record
  LR          Link Register
  LR          Location Register
  LR          Logic Return
  LR          Long Reach
  LR          Loudness Rating
  LRA         Line Reversal on Answer
  LRAM        Local RAM
  LRB         Loop Reverse Battery
  LRC         Layout-Rule Check  (IC Design)
  LRC         Learning Resource Center
  LRC         Line Restriction Code
  LRC         Local Routing Center
  LRC         Longitudinal Redundancy Check
  LRC         Lost Record Count
  LRCC        Longitudinal Redundancy Check Character
  LRCF        Location Registration Control Function
  LRD         Long Route Design
  LRDF        Location Registration Data Function
  LRDI        Line Remote Defect Indication
  LRE         Logic Return Equalizer
  LRE         Low Rate Encoding
  LRE         Low Rate Encoding
  LRF         Location Registration Function
  LRFSM       Location Registration Function State Model
  LRGP        Loudness Rating Guarding Position
  LRI         Link Remote Inhibit Test Signal
  LRJ         Location Reject
  LRM         Language Reference Manual
  LRM         Least Recently used Master
  LRM         Local Receiver Module
  LRMPS       Local-to-Remote Maximum Packet Size
  LRN         Local Reference Number
  LRN         Location Routing Number
  LRPC        Lightweight Remote Procedure Call
  LRQ         Location Request
  LRR         Learning With Random Routing
  LRS         Line Reversal on Seizure
  LRTC        Local-to-Remote Throughput Class
  LRU         Least Recently Used
  LRU         Least Replaceable Unit
  LRU         Line Remote Unit
  LRU         Line Resource Unit
  LS          ISO country code for Kingdom of Lesotho
  LS          Least Significant
  LS          Letter Shift
  LS          Line Station (TETRA)
  LS          Line Subgroup
  LS          Line Switch
  LS          Link Set
  LS          Link State
  LS          Link Switch
  LS          Local Single-Layer
  LS          Local Switch
  LS          Locking Shift
  LS          Loop Start
  LS          LoudSpeaker
  LS          Low Speed
  LS(0/1)     Link Status bits
  LSA         Link State Advertisement
  LSA         Local Security Authority
  LSA         Low Speed Adapter
  LSA         Low-Speed Access
  LSA RC      Low Speed Access Resource Complex
  LSAC        Signaling Link Activity Control
  LSAP        Link Layer Service Access Point
  LSAP        Link SAP
  LSAP        LLC Service Access Point
  LSAPI       License Server API
  LSAPI       License Service API
  LSAS        Line Side Answer Supervision
  lsb         Least Significant Bit
  LSB         Least Significant Bit (byte)
  LSB         Lower Sideband
  LSB         Lower SideBand
  LSC         Large Scale Configuration
  LSC         Large System Configuration
  LSC         Line Screening Code
  LSC         Link State Control
  LSC         Link State Controller
  LSC         List Search Call (TETRA)
  LSC         Location Service Center
  LSC         Logical Signaling Channel
  LSC         Loopback Select Code
  LSCC        Local Servicing Control Center
  LSCNB       LIDB-Specified Called Number Blocking
  LSCP        Low-Speed Card Punch
  LSD         Least Significant  Digit
  LSD         Least Significant Digit
  LSD         Line Signal Detector
  LSD         Line-Sharing Device
  LSD         Low Speed Data
  LSDA        Signaling Data Link Allocation
  LSDB        Link State Database
  LSDB        Listing Services Database
  LSDB        Load Sharing Database
  LSDBMS      Listing Services Database Management System
  LSDS        Standby Data Link Selection
  LSDU        Link Layer Service Data Unit
  LSDU        Link Service Data Unit
  LSDU        Link Service Data Unit
  LSDU        Low Speed Data Unit
  LSE         Language Sensitive Editor
  LSE         Line Signalling Equipment
  LSE         Local Single-Layer Embedded
  LSE         Loop Signaling Equipment
  LSES        Line Severe Errored Second(s)
  LSF         Line Spectral Frequency
  LSF         Line Spread Function (Imaging)
  LSF         Line Switch Frame
  LSF         Load Sharing Facility
  LSG         Line Subgroup
  LSH         Least Significant Half Word
  LSI         Large-Scale Integration
  LSI         Line Side Interface
  LSI         Load Status Information
  LSI         Low Speed Interface
  LSID        Local Session Identification
  LSL         Link Support Layer
  LSL         Linux System Labs
  LSL         Load Segment Limit
  LSL         Local Serial Link
  LSLA        Signaling Link Activation
  LSLD        Signaling Link Deactivation
  LSLR        Signaling Link Restoration
  LSM         Limited Size Messaging
  LSM         Line Switch Marker
  LSM         Link Set Management
  LSM         Link Status Message
  LSM         Linux Software Map
  LSMS        Local Service Management System
  LSO         Line Signalling Oscillator
  LSO         Local Serving Office
  LSOA        Local Service Order Administration
  LSP         Label Switched Path
  LSP         Link State Packet
  LSP         Link-State PDU
  LSP         Liskov Substitution Principle
  LSP         Listing Services Platform
  LSP         Local Service Provider
  LSP         Logical Service Port
  LSP         Loudspeaker Paging
  LSPI        Local Service Provider Identification
  LSPID       Local Service Provider ID
  LSPK        Loudspeaker
  LSPP        Local Service Provider Portability
  LSPTR       Low-Speed Paper Tape Reader
  LSR         Label Switch Router
  LSR         Label Switching Router
  LSR         Leaf Setup Request
  LSR         Loose Source Route
  LSR         Loose Source Routing
  LSROS       Limited Size Remote Operation Services
  LSRPA       Loudspeaker and Radio Paging Access/Answerback
  LSRR        Loose Source and Record Route
  LSS         Laboratory Support System
  LSS         Link Status Signal
  LSS         Loop Switching System
  LSSD        Level-Sensitive Scan Design (IC)
  LSSGR       LATA Switching Systems Generic Requirements
  LSSGR       Local Switching Systems General Requirements (obsolete meaning)
  LSSU        Link Status Signal Unit
  LSSU        Link Status Signal Unit
  LST         Laplace-Stieltjes Transform
  LST         Listing
  LST         Listing File
  LST         Local Symbol Table
  LSTA        Signaling Terminal Allocation
  LSTDN       Listed Directory Number
  LSTP        Local Signal Transfer Point
  LSTR        Listener Sidetone Rating
  LSTTL       Low-power Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic
  LSU         LAN Service Unit
  LSU         Leading Signal Unit
  LSU         Line Shelf Unit
  LSU         Line Sub-Unit
  LSU         Local Support Unit (viz CSU)
  LSU         Local Switching Unit
  LSU         Lone Signal Unit
  LSV         Line Status Verifier
  LSV         Low Speed Variant
  LSW         Least Significant Word
  LSZH        Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  LT          ISO country code for Lithuania
  LT          Lab Trial
  LT          LATA Tandem
  LT          Less Than
  LT          LeTter
  LT          Line Terminal
  LT          Line Termination
  LT          Link Trailer
  LT          Local Tandem
  LT          Logical Terminal
  LT          Logical Tuple
  LT          Long-Term
  LT          Low Tension
  LT          Low Tone
  LT          Lower Tester
  LT          Lucent Technologies
  LTA         Line Test Access
  LTA         Load-Transfer-Acknowledgement signal
  LTA         Local Transport Address
  LTA         Long Term Architecture
  LTAP        Logical Terminal Access Privileges
  LTB         Last Trunk Busy
  LTC         Line/Trunk Controller
  LTC         Local Test Cabinet
  LTC         Longitudinal Time Code (VTR)
  LTC         Lowest Two-way Channel
  LTCCS       Last Trunk CCS
  LTCF        Lower Tester Control Function
  LTCI        ISDN Line/Trunk Controller
  LTCLASS     Logical Terminal Class
  LTCO        Line/Trunk Controller Offshore
  LTCP        Lower Tester Communication Point
  LTCT        LATA Tandem Connection Trunk
  LTD         Licensed-In Technology Directory
  LTD         Local Telecom Division (Sprint)
  LTD         Local Test Desk
  LTE         Line Terminal Equipment
  LTE         Line Terminating Equipment
  LTE         Line Termination Equipment
  LTE         Line Trunk Equipment
  LTE         Linear Transversal Equalizer
  LTE         Lite Terminating Equipment
  LTE         Local Terminal Emulator
  LTEI        ISDN Line Trunk Equipment
  LTF         Long-Term Failure
  LTF         Loop Testing Frame
  Ltg         Leitung (Line)
  LTG         Line Treatment Group
  LTG         Line/Trunk Group
  LTG         Logical Terminal Group
  LTGRP       Logical Terminal Group
  LTH         Line and Trunk Hunting (supplementary service)
  LTID        Local Trunk Identification
  LTID        Logical Terminal Identifier
  LTIP        Long-Term Investment Plan
  LTL         Local/Toll Services
  LTL         Lunchtime Learning
  LTLI        Local/Toll Services International
  LTLS        Lunch Time Learning Session
  LTM         Line and Trunk Maintenance
  LTNUM       Logical Terminal Number
  LTOM        Less Than One Minute
  LTORG       Literal Pool Origin
  LTOS        Less Than One Second
  LTP         Line and Trunk Peripherals
  LTP         Line Test Position
  LTP         Line Trunk Peripheral
  LTP         Local Test Position
  LTP         Long Term Prediction
  LTR         Load Task Register (80x86 inst)
  LTR         Load Transfer
  LTR         Load-Transfer signal
  L-TRIB      Link-Transfer Rate of Information Bits
  LTRS        LeTteR Shift
  LTS         Labelled Transition System
  LTS         Laboratory Test System
  LTS         Library of Test Specification
  LTS         Lightwave Telecommunication System
  LTS         Line Traffic Simulator
  LTS         Line Trunk Server
  LTS         Long-Term Storage
  LTS         Loop Test System
  LTS         Loop Testing System
  LTT         Line Termination Type
  LTU         Line Terminating Unit
  LTU         Line Test Unit
  LTU         Lower Test Unit
  LTUA        Line Test Unit, Analog
  LTUD        Line Test Unit, Digital
  LTUMF       Loss of TU Multiframe
  LU          ISO country code for Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  LU          Line Unit
  LU          Linux Universe
  LU          Living Unit
  LU          Local Units
  LU          Location Update
  LU          Location Updating
  lu          Logical Unit
  LU          Logical Unit (IBM-SNA)
  LUA         Link Uninhibit Acknowledgment message
  LUA         Logical Unit Application
  LUF         Line Unit Failed
  LUF         Lowest Usable Frequency (Short Wave Propagation)
  LUG         Linux User's Group
  LUH         Logical Unit Handler
  LUI         Line-by-Line User Interface
  LUID        Locally Unique Identifier
  LULT        Line Unit/Line Termination
  LUN         Link Uninhibit message
  LUN         Logical Unit Number
  LUNI        LAN Emulation User-Network Interface
  LUNI        LANE UNI
  L-UNI       LAN Emulation User-to-Network Interface
  LUNT        Line Unit Network Termination
  LUNT        Line Unit/Network Termination
  LUP         Location Update Protocol
  LUP         Logical User Port
  LUT         Lookup Table
  LUT         Look-Up Table
  LUTI        Line Unit T Interface
  LUTS        Locked-Up Trunk Scan
  LUX         Lbus to Xlbus ASIC
  LV          ISO country code for Latvia
  LV          LaserVision
  LV          Length and Value
  LV          List Volumes
  LV          Logical Volume
  LV          Low Voltage
  LVA         List Viterbi Algorithm
  LVC         Logical Virtual Circuit
  LVC         Low-Order Virtual Container
  LVD         Low Voltage Directive
  LVD         Low Voltage Disconnect
  LVDT        Linear Variable Differential Transformer
  LVIC        Liquid crystal display Video Interface Controller
  LVL         Level
  LVM         Leave Message
  LVM         Logical Volume Manager
  LVR         Low Voltage Reconnect
  LVR         Low Voltage Relay
  LVS         Layout vs. Schematic
  LVS         Local Video Server
  LVT         Link Verification Transactor
  LVX         LAN/WAN Exchange
  LW          Leave Word
  LW          Lightwave
  LW          Long Wave  (100...500 kiloHertz)
  LW          Long-Wavelength
  LWA         Light Wire Armor
  LWA         Light Wire Armored
  LWC         Leave Word Calling
  LWE         Lower Window Edge
  LWER        Lightweight Encoding Rules
  LWI         Logical Work Item
  LWL         LichtWellenLeiter
  LWP         Library for WWW Access in Perl
  LWP         Lightweight Process
  LWP         Logical Work Processor
  LWT         Listen While Talk
  LWT         Listen While Talk (CSMA/CD)
  lx          lux
  LXP         LSI Crospoint
  LY          ISO country code for Libya
  LZ          Landing Zone
  LZ          Lempel-Ziv
  LZW         Lempel-Ziv-Welch

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- M -


  M           Magenta
  M           Maintenance
  M           Management
  M           Manager
  M           Mandatory
  M           Mantissa
  M           Mega (10+6 or 1024*1024)
  M           Member
  M           Memory
  m           Meter(s)
  M           Million
  M           Modified
  M           Modifier
  M           Monitor
  M           Monitor Bit
  m           Monospace
  M           More
  M           More Data
  M           Multiframing
  M           OSI Management Service
  M&C         Mapping and Coordination
  M&HIRS      Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Retrieval Services
  M&P         Methods and Procedures
  M/IO        Memory/IO
  M/O         Mandatory/Optional
  M/QPR       Modified/Quadrature Partial Response
  M/S         Master/Slave
  M/U         Multi-User
  M/W         Microwave
  M2M         Manager-to-Manager
  MA          ISO country code for Kingdom of Morocco
  MA          MAC Layer Service
  MA          Maintenance Action
  MA          Maintenance Attendant
  MA          Major
  MA          Management
  MA          Media Adaptor
  MA          Medium Adaptor
  MA          Memory Administration
  MA          Message Analysis
  MA          Message Analyzer
  MA          Metropolitan Area
  mA          Milliampere(s)
  MA          MJU Alert
  MA          Mobile Allocation
  MA          Moving-Average
  MA          Multiple Access
  MA          My Address
  MA          U.S. postal code for Massachusetts
  M-A         Manager-Agent
  MA OA       Memory Administration Operations Application
  MA&E        Market Awareness and Education
  MAANR       Management-and-Abnormal
  MAC         Machine Administration Center
  MAC         Macintosh
  MAC         MACRO-11 File
  MAC         Maintenance Action Client
  MAC         Mandatory Access Controls
  MAC         Mandatory Authorization Code Collection
  MAC         Measurement and Analysis Center
  MAC         Media Access Control
  MAC         Medium Access Control
  MAC         Memory Administration Center
  MAC         Message Authentication Code
  MAC         Message Authenticity Check
  MAC         Mobile Attenuation Code
  MAC         Moves, Adds, and Changes
  MAC         Multiple Access Control
  MAC         Multiplexed Analog Components
  MAC         Multiplier-Accumulator Chip
  MAC         Multiply Accumulate
  MAC         Multiply-Accumulate
  MAC         Multipurpose Access Client
  MACA        Mobile-Assisted Channel Allocation
  MACA        Mobile-Assisted Channel Assignment
  MACD        Meridian Automatic Call Distribution
  MACE        Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion
  MACF        Multiple Association Control Function
  MACN        Mobile Allocation Channel Number
  MACR        Modified Allowed Cell Rate
  MACRO       Machine Assembled Code for Routine Operations
  MACS        Meeting Access and Control System
  MacSRP      Macintosh Software Release Package
  MACSTAR     Multiple Access Customer Station Rearrangement
  MAD         Michigan Algorithmic Decoder
  MADE        Manufacturing and Automated Design Engineering
  MADN        Multiple Appearance Directory Number
  MADO        Meridian Asnchronous Data Option
  MADS        Maintenance And Diagnosis System
  MADS        Multiple Access Data System
  MAE         Mac Emulator Environment
  MAE         Macintosh Application Environment
  MAE         Merchant Asic Engineering
  MAE         Message Addressable Entity
  MAE         Message Arrival Element
  MAE         Metropolitan Area Exchange
  MAF         Management Application Function
  MAF         Minimum Audible Field
  MAF         Mobile Additional Function
  MAF         Multiple Access Facility
  MAFF        Market Access Fact Finding
  MAG         Metropolitan Area Gateway
  MAGIC       Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internetwork Consortium
  MAH         Mobile Access Hunting (supplementary service)
  MAHD        Mobile Assisted Handoff Denied
  MAHO        Mobile Assisted Handoff
  MAHO        Mobile Assisted Handover
  MAI         Magellan Access Integrator
  MAI         Mobile Allocation Index
  MAI         Multiple Access Interface
  MAI         Multiple Access Interference
  MAID        Maidenhead
  MAINT       Maintenance
  MAIO        Mobile Allocation Index Offset
  Maj         Major
  MAK         Make File
  MAL         Application Layer-Management Entity Interface
  MAL         Mobility Adaptation Layer
  MALSAN      Maximum Authorised Length of Subaddress Accepted by Network
  MAMI        Modified Alternate Mark Inversion
  MAMSK       Multiamplitude Minimum Shift Keying
  MAMSK       Multi-Amplitude Minimum Shift Keying
  MAN         Manual
  MAN         Manual Line
  MAN         Metropolitan Area Network
  MAN         Multiple Area Network
  MAN SIG     MANagement Special Interest Group (OSF)
  ManB        Maintenance Busy
  MANB        Manual Busy
  ManB        Manual Busy
  MANIAC      Mechanical And Numerical Integrator And Computer
  MANIC       MANufacturer Identity for Cordless fixed part and Cordless portable part
  MAO         Maintenance, Administration and Operations
  MAOA        Memory Administration Operation Application
  MAOS        Memory Administration Operations System
  MAP         Maintenance and Administration Position
  MAP         Maintenance-Analysis Procedure
  MAP         Management Application Process
  MAP         Management Assessment Program
  MAP         Manufacturing and Planning
  MAP         Manufacturing Automation Protocol
  MAP         Maximum A Posteriori Adaptation
  MAP         Mediated Access Point
  MAP         Medium Access Protocol
  MAP         Microelectronics Application Project
  MAP         Minimum Acceptable Performance
  MAP         Mobile Application Part (GSM 09.02)
  MAP         Mobile Application Part (SS7)
  MAP         Multi-Aspect PAD
  MAPCI       MAP Command Interpreter
  MAPDU       MA Protocol Data Unit
  MAPDU       Management-Application Protocol Data Unit
  MAPI        Messaging Application Programming Interface
  MAPI        Microsoft Application Programming Interface
  MAPOS       Multiple Access Protocol Over SONET/SDH
  MAQ         Message Arrival Queue
  MAR         Memory Address Register
  MAR         Multialternate Route
  MAR         Multialternate Routing
  MARC        Machine Readable Cataloguing
  MARCH       Bellcore operations support system for
              Memory Administration/Recent Change of SPCS administrable data
              (Bellcore trademark) 
  MARECS      MARitime European Communications Satellite
  MAROTS      MARitime Orbital Test Satellite
  MARPAL      Marseilles-Palo submarine cable
  MARS        Message Archiving and Retrieval Service
  MARS        Multicast Address Resolution Server
  MARS        Multipurpose Access Remote Server
  MARTEL      Marseilles-Tel Aviv submarine cable
  MAS         Managed Access System
  MAS         Management Application System
  MAS         Mass Announcement System
  MAS         Mass Calling
  MAS         Memory Administration System
  MAS         Meridian Attendant Service
  MAS         Mobile Access Station
  MAS         Muenzanschluss (Prepayment Terminal)
  MAS         Multimedia Applications Support
  MAS MAP     Application Service (IBM)
  MASA        Main Store Arrays
  MASC        Main Store Controller
  MASC        MOBITEX Asynchronous Communications User Interface
  MASE        Message Administration Service Element
  MASER       Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  MASI        Multimedia Application/Services Interface
  MASK        Logical Mask Immediate (88100 inst)
  MASM        Microsoft Assembler
  MASQ        Meridian Attendant Service Queueing
  MASR        Memory Address Select Register
  MASS        Multiple Access Sequential Selection
  MAT         Machine-Aided Translation
  MAT         Meridian Administration Tools
  MAT         Metropolitan Area Trunk
  MATD        Maximum Acceptable Transit Delay
  MATD        Maximum Allowable Transit Delay
  MATE        Modular Automatic Test Equipment
  MATES       Management of Training and Expertise System
  MATH        Matheson
  MATM        Multiple Area Transfer Mode
  MATSE       Mobile Automatic Telephone System (F)
  MATV        Master Antenna TeleVision system
  MAU         Mathematical Acceleration Unit (Floating-Point Co-Processor)
  MAU         Media Access Unit (IEEE 802)
  MAU         Media Attachment Unit
  MAU         Medium Attachment Unit
  MAU         Memory Access Unit
  MAU         Multiple Access Unit
  MAU         Multistation Access Unit (token ring/IBM)
  MAVT        Mobile Audio-Visual Terminal
  MAX         Cinemax
  MAX         Maximum
  MAX         Media Access Exchange
  MAXCR       Maximum Number of Non-Call-Associated Call Reference Values
  MAXIT       Maximum Interference Threshold
  MAXS        Metallic Automated Cross-Connect System
  MAXTRIG     Maximum Trigger Count
  MAZ         MagnetAufZeichnung
  MB          Macro Block
  MB          Macroblock
  MB          Magnetband (Magnetic Tape)
  MB          Mail Box
  MB          Mailbox
  MB          Main Battery
  MB          Maintenance Busy
  MB          Make Busy
  MB          Manual Busy
  MB          Medium Band
  MB          MegaBit
  MB          Megabyte
  MB          Message Box
  MB          Message Buffer Size
  MB          Moon Bounce
  MB          Motherboard
  MB          Postal code for Manitoba
  MBA         Macroblock Address
  MBA         Maintenance Group Blocking Acknowledgment Signal Message
  MBA         Masters in Business Administration
  MBA         Modular Business Access
  MBA         Multimedia Business Applications
  MBA         Multiple-Bridged Arrangement
  mbar        milibar
  MBASET      Make Busy Application Sets
  MBC         Modified Bi-phase Code (Telecom.)
  MBC         Multi Bearer Control
  MBC         Multiple Bearer Control
  MBCD        Man Busy Card
  MBCE        Manual Bridged Call Exclusion
  MBCEACC     Manual Bridged Call Exclusion Access Codes
  MBCETACC    Manual Bridged Call Exclusion Toggle Access Code
  MBCF        Mobile Bearer Control Function
  MBCS        Multibyte Character Set
  MBCT        Make Busy Control Terminals
  MBCTANL     Make Busy Control Per Analog Terminal
  MBCTTSP     Make Busy Control Terminal Per TSP
  MBD         Management By Delegation
  MBDS        Modular Building Distribution System
  MBE         Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  MBE         Molecular Beam Epitaxy (GaAs Process, VHSIC Technology)
  MBE         Multi-Byte Extension
  MBF         Microsoft Binary Format
  MBFM        Medium-Band Frequency Modulation
  mbg         Money Back Guarantee
  MBG         Multilocation Business Group
  MBG         Multiswitch Business Group
  MBGE        Multiswitch Business Group Element
  MBI         Message Billing Index
  MBI         Message Billing Indicator
  MBIC        Modular BiCMOS
  MBIF        Maintenance Bus Interface
  MBIT        Metering Bit
  M-bit       More data bit
  Mbit/s      Megabits per Second
  MBK         Make Busy Key
  MBKU        Multi-Button Key Unit
  MBLAM       Memory-Based Listing Access Method
  MBM         Magnetic Bubble Memory
  MBM         Motion Boundary Marker
  MBNQA       Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award
  MBONE       Multicast Backbone
  MBone       Multicast Backbone
  MBONE       Virtual Internet Backbone for Multicast IP
  MBPC        Multiple Burst Per Carrier
  MBPG        Mobile Paging
  MBPS        Measure-Based Priority Scheme
  Mbps        Megabits Per Second
  MBPS        MegaBytes Per Second
  MBPT        Multiple Burst Per Transmitter
  MBR         Master Boot Record
  MBS         Master Boot Sector
  MBS         Maximum Burst Size
  MBS         M-bit Sequence
  MBS         Meridian Business Set
  MBS         Microcell Base Station
  MBS         Mobile Broadband Services
  MBS         Mobile Broadband System
  MBS         Multi-Block Synchronization signal unit
  MBSCO       Meridian Business Set Camp-On
  MBSCW       Meridian Business Set Call Waiting
  MBSY        Manual Busy
  MBTI        Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
  MBU         Message Buffer Unit
  MBUR        Maintenance Group Blocking/Unblocking Reception
  MBUS        Maintenance Group Blocking/Unblocking Sending
  M-BWO       M-type Backward Wave Oscillator  (Microwaves)
  MBX         Multi-Buffering Extension
  MBYTE       Match Byte
  Mbyte       Megabyte
  MC          ISO country code for Principality of Monaco
  MC          Machine Congestion
  MC          Maintenance Center
  MC          Maintenance Control
  MC          Maintenance Controller
  MC          Major Class
  MC          Major Line Class
  MC          Management Client
  MC          Management Committee
  MC          Marks Committee (CENELEC)
  MC          Media Copy
  Mc          Megacycle
  MC          Message Center
  MC          Message Controller
  MC          Message Converter
  MC          MHz
  MC          Module Code
  MC          Motion Compensated
  MC          Motion Compensation
  MC          Moving Coil
  MC          Multi Carrier (TDMA)
  MC          Multiple Carrier
  MC          Multiplex Code
  MC          Multipoint Control Entity
  MC          Multipoint Controller
  MC1         Machine Congestion Level 1
  MC2         Machine Congestion Level 2
  MC3         Machine Congestion Level 3
  MCA         Manual-Changeover-Acknowledgement signal
  MCA         MDII: Misrouted CAMA
  MCA         Micro Channel Architecture
  MCA         Mobile Corporate Access
  MCA         Multichannel Access
  MCA         Multiple Call Arrangement
  MCA         Multiplexing Channel Adapter
  MCAD        Mechanical CAD
  MCAM        Meridian Cabinet Auxiliary Module
  MCAST       Multicast
  MCB         Memory Control Block
  MCB         Message Control Block
  MCB         Mobile Communications Bureau
  MCBTS       Multi-Channel Basestation Transceiver Subsystem
  MCC         Call Control-Management Entity Interface
  MCC         Maintenance and Control Center
  MCC         Maintenance Control Center
  MCC         Maintenance Control Circuit
  MCC         Master Control Center
  MCC         Master Control Complex
  MCC         Message Channel Controller
  MCC         Miscellaneous Common Carrier
  MCC         Mobile Control Center
  MCC         Mobile Country Code
  MCC         Mobile Crosstalk Control
  MCC         Multi-Channel Connection
  MCC         Multiple Channel Coordination
  MCC         Multipoint Command Conference
  MCCC        Multi Connection Call Control
  MCCD        Mechanized Calling Card Service Digits
  MC-CDMA     Multicode CDMA
  MCCOI       Multimedia Conferencing Community of Interest
  MCCS        Mechanized Calling Card Service
  MCD         Maintenance Cell Description
  MCD         Minimum Charge Duration
  MCD         Minimum Chargeable Duration
  MCD         Mobile Communications Division
  MC-DCT      Motion Compensation-Discrete Cosine Transform
  MCDN        Meridian Customer Defined Networking
  MCDN        Message Center Directory Number
  MCDN        Micro-Cellular Data Network
  MCDR        Meridian Cabinet Digital Remote
  MCDS        Multi-Channel Data System
  MCDU        Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Units
  MCDV        Maximum Cell Delay Variance
  MCE         M Bus Checker Enable
  MCE         Management Control Entity
  MCEI        MAC Connection Endpoint Identification
  MCF         Maintenance Control Flag
  MCF         Master Configuration File
  MCF         Media Access Control Convergence Functions
  MCF         Medium access control Convergence Function
  MCF         Message Communication Function
  MCF         Message ConFirmation
  MCF         Meta Content File
  MCF         Meta Content Framework
  MCF         Mobile Control Function
  MCF         Most Critical First
  MCFS        Modem Characteristics Facility Support
  MCG         Maintenance Code Gap
  MCG         Motorola Computer Group
  MCGA        Memory Controller Gate Array
  MCGA        Multicolor Graphics Array
  MCGAM       MIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping
  MCH         Maintenance Channel
  MCH         Malicious Call Hold
  MCH         Matcher
  MCHO        Mobile Controlled Handover
  MCI         Malicious Call Identification
  MCI         Media Control Interface
  MCI         Message Compatibility Information
  MCI         Microwave Communications Inc.
  MCID        Malicious Call IDentification (supplementary service)
  MCIDRi      MCID Request Indicator
  MCIDRi      MCID Response Indicator
  MCIL        Manufacturing Compatible Issue Lineup
  MCIS        Microsoft Commercial Internet Service
  MCL         McLean
  MCL         Mercury Communications Ltd.
  MCL         Microsoft Compatibility Labs
  MCL         Multipoint Communication Layer
  MCLM        Meridian Cabinet Line Module
  MCLM-E      Meridian Cabinet Line Module-Enhanced
  MCLPA       Multi Channel Linear Power Amplifier
  MCLR        Maximum Cell Loss Ratio
  MCM         Maintenance Control Module
  MCM         Message Channel Maintenance
  MCM         Message Channel Manager
  MCM         Multicarrier Modulation
  MCM         Multichip Module
  MCM         Multi-Chip Module
  MCMP        Manual Camp-On
  MCN         M-Communication Network
  MCN         Mobile Cellular Network
  MCN         Mobile Control Node
  MCN         Multipoint Command Negating
  MCNC        Microelectronics Center of North Carolina
  MCNS        Multimedia Cable Network Systems
  MCNT        Meter Pulse Count
  MCO         Manual-Changeover signal
  MCO         Mobility Call Origination
  MCO         Multi-Console Organizer
  MCOM        Mosaic Communications Corporation
  MCompI      Message Compatibility Information
  MCOS        Message Waiting Class of Service
  MCOS        Messaging Class of Service
  MCP         Management and Control Processor
  MCP         Maritime Cargo Processing
  MCP         Message Control Program
  MCP         Microsoft Certified Professional
  MCP         Mobility Control Point
  MCPA        Multicarrier Power Amplifier
  MCPC        Multiple Channels Per Carrier
  MCPN        Mobile Customer Premises Network
  Mcps        Megacycles per second (obsolete)
  MCPS        Microsoft Certified Product Specialist
  MCPS        Multi-CPS
  MCPT        Multiple Channels Per Transmitter
  MCR         Mapped Conversation Record
  MCR         Mate Communications Register
  MCR         Minimum Cell Rate
  MCR         Mirror Consistency Record
  MCR         Module Configuration Register
  MCR         Monitor Console Routine
  MCRD        Maximum Call Redirections and Deflections
  MCRT        Maintenance CRT
  MCRU        Meridian Cabinetized Remote Unit
  MCRW        Memory-Card Reader/Writer
  MCS         MAP Communication Server (IBM)
  MCS         Maritime Communications System
  MCS         Message Collection System
  MCS         Message Command System
  MCS         Message Control System
  MCS         Micro Controller System
  MCS         Microcontrol Store
  MCS         Microcontroller Subsystem
  MCS         Micro-Controller Subsystems
  MCS         Microsoft Consulting Services
  MCS         Mini Cable Ship
  MCS         Multicast Server
  MCS         Multi-Channel Scaler (Counter)
  MCS         Multimedia Communications Systems
  MCS         Multipoint Command Symmetrical Data Transmission
  MCS         Multipoint Communication Service (ITU)
  MCS         Multipoint Communications Service(s)
  MCS         Multipoint Communications System
  MCSA        Multi-Channel Spectrum Analyser
  MCSA        Multimedia Communications Systems Architecture
  MCSD        Microsoft Certification for Software Developers
  MCSD        Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
  MCSE        Multiplex Configuration Signalling Entity
  MCSN        Monitoring Cell Sequence Number
  MCSS        Meridian Cabinet Spare Storage
  MCT         Malicious Call Trace
  MCT         Metric Color Tag
  MCT         Mobile Communication Terminal
  MCT         Modem Conformance Tester
  MCTCB       Maximum Combined Throughput Class for B-Channel
  MCTCD       Maximum Combined Throughput Class for D-Channel
  MCTD        Maximum Cell Transfer Delay
  MCTG        Multicast Translation Group
  MCTSI/DLI   Module Controller Time-Slot Interchanger/Dual-Link Interface
  MCTU        Module Controller Time Slot Interchange Unit
  MCU         Main Control Unit
  MCU         Master Control Unit
  MCU         MicroComputer Unit
  MCU         Microcontroller Unit
  MCU         Microprocessor Control Unit
  MCU         Minimum Coded Unit
  MCU         Mobile Computing Unit
  MCU         Multipoint Conference Unit
  MCU         Multipoint Connection Unit
  MCU         Multipoint Control Unit
  MCUP        Mechanization and Cooperative User Programming
  MCVD        Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition
  MCVFT       Multichannel Voice Frequency Telegraphy
  MCW         Modulated Continuous Wave
  MCZA        Multiple Channel Zone Access (Telecom.)
  MD          ISO country code for Republic of Moldova
  MD          Management Domain
  MD          Manufacture Discontinue
  MD          Manufacture Discontinued
  MD          Manufacturer-Defined
  MD          Manufacturing Discontinued
  MD          Mediation Device
  MD          Message Definition
  MD          Message Delimiter
  MD          Message Digest
  MD          Microsoft DoubleSpace
  MD          Mini-Disk
  MD          Mission Domain
  MD          Monochrome Display
  MD          More Data
  MD          Moving Direction
  MD          Multi-Destinational
  MD          Multiple Digit
  MD          U.S. postal code for Maryland
  MD2         Message Digest 2
  MD4         Message Digest 4
  MD5         Message Digest 5
  MDA         Manufacturing Design Authorization
  MDA         Mechanical Design Automation
  MDA         Mechanized Directory Assistance
  MDA         Modular Digital Architecture
  MDA         Monochrome Display Adapter
  MDA         Multiple Digit Absorbing
  MDB         Maintenance Device Buffer
  MDB         Message Data Block
  MDB         Meta Database
  MDB         Modified Duobinary
  MDB         Module Database
  MDBS        Mobile Data Base Station
  MDC         Manipulation Detection Code (OSI/security)
  mdc         Markup Declaration Close
  MDC         Meridian Digital Centrex
  MDC         Message and Device Controller
  MDCB        Meridian Digital Centrex Base
  MDCD        Meridian Digital Centrex Data Services
  MDCT        Modified Discrete Cosine Transform
  MDDS        Message Definition Data Structure
  MDE         Message Departure Element
  MDE         Multi-Processing Development Environment
  MDF         Main Distributing Frame
  MDF         Main Distribution Frame
  MDF         Maintenance Disable Flag
  MDH         Mission Domain Host
  MDI         Manipulation Dependent Interface (IEEE 802)
  MDI         Media Dependent Interface
  MDI         Medium Dependent Interface
  MDI         Message Desk Indicator
  MDI         Mobile Data International Inc.
  MDI         Multiple Document Interface
  MDII        Machine-Detected Interoffice Irregularities
  MDII        Machine-Detected Interoffice Irregularity
  MDIS        Mobile Data Intermediate System
  MD-IS       Mobile Data Intermediate System
  MDK         Multimedia Development Kit
  MDL         Data Link Connection Management
  MDL         Data Link Layer (Layer 2)-Management Entity Interface
  MDL         Management Data Link
  MDL         Mobile Data Link
  MDLP        Mobile Data Link Protocol
  MDM         Media Device Manager
  MDM         Memory and Device Module
  MDM         Normal Disconnected Mode
  MDMF        Multiple Data Message Format
  MDN         Multiple Access Directory Number
  MDN         Multiple Appearance Directory Number
  MDNS        Managed Data Network Services (CEPT)
  MDNS        Meridian Data Network Systems
  mdo         Markup Declaration Open
  MDP         Magellan Data Provider
  MDP         Markov Decision Process
  MDP         MFOS Demonstration Program
  MDP         Microsoft Developer Studio Project Workspace file
  MDP         Multicast Dissemination Protocol
  MDPSK       Modified Differential Phase Shift Keying
  MDQ         Message Departure Queue
  MDR         Management Data Router
  MDR         Meeting Details Recording
  MDR         Message Detail Recording
  MDR7        CCS7 Message Detail Recording
  MDRACC      Message Detail Recording Account Codes
  MDRAM       Multibank DRAM
  MDRCODES    MDR Account Codes
  MDRCP       Message Detail Recording- Customer Premises
  MDR-CP      Message Detail Recording to the Customer's Premises
  MDRDT1      Message Detail Recording Data 1
  MDRDT2      Message Detail Recording Data 2
  MDRDT3      Message Detail Recording Data 3
  MDRDT4      Message Detail Recording Data 4
  MDRID       Message Detail Recording Customer Identification
  MDRID       Message Detail Recording Identification
  MDRRAO      Message Detail Recording to Revenue Accounting Office
  MDR-RAO     Message Detail Recording via Revenue Accounting Office
  MDRS        Message Detail Recording System
  M-DRU       Multiple DRU
  MDS         Malfunction Detection System
  MDS         Message Delivery Service
  MDS         Message Delivery System
  MDS         Message Desk Service
  MDS         Microprocessor Development System
  MDS         Microsoft Directory Services
  MDS         Microwave Distribution Service
  MDS         Modular Documentation System
  MDS         MTX Data Server
  MDS         Multipoint Distribution Service
  MDS         Multipoint Distribution System
  MDSC        Message Distribution Control
  MDSE        Message Delivery Service Element
  MDSL        Medium-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line
  MDT         Mean Down Time
  MDT         Motor Data Terminal
  MDT         Mountain Daylight Time
  MDTRS       Mobile Digital Trunked Radio System
  MDU         Magnetic Disk Unit
  MDU         Maximum Data Unit
  MDU         Meridian Data Unit
  MDU         Multi Disk Unit
  MDU         Multiple Dwelling Unit
  MDV         Meridian Display Vehicle
  MDW         Multiline Digital Wireless
  MDW         Multiple Drop Wire
  MDX         Modular Digital Exchange
  ME          Maintenance Entity
  ME          Managed Element
  ME          Management Entity
  ME          Mapping Element
  ME          Measurement Entity
  ME          Memory Access
  ME          Message Expert
  ME          Messsage Element
  mE          Milli Erlangs
  ME          Mobile Equipment
  ME          Motion Estimation
  ME          U.S. postal code for Maine
  MEA         Maintenance Entity Assembly
  MEA         Mismatch of Equipment and Attributes
  MEA         Multi-Element Array
  MEANS       Minnesota Equal Access Network Services Inc.
  MEAS        Measure
  MEB         Mate Exchange Bus
  MEBO        Marine Etc Broadcasting Offences (Act)
  MEC         Memory Echo Canceller
  ME-C        Management Entity Control
  MECAB       Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing
  MECCA       Mechanized Evaluation of Call Completion Anomalies
  MECG        Maternal Electro CardioGram
  MECL        Motorola (Inc.) Emitter-Coupled Logic
  MECO        Main Engine CutOff
  MECOD       Multiple Exchange Carriers Ordering and Design
  MED         Management Evaluation and Development
  MED         Manchester Encoder/Decoder
  MED         Modular Electronic Device
  MEDLARS     MEDical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
  MEE         Message Extension Element
  MEEQ        Message Extension Element Queue
  MEF         Maintenance Entity Function
  MEF         Measurement Function
  MEF         MEssage Field
  MEG         Magneto-EncephaloGraphy
  MEG         Mobile Experts Group
  MEI         Maintenance Event Information
  MEI         MBus to ECORE Interface
  MEI         Mobile Equipment Identity
  MEI         Modified, Exclusive, Invalid
  MEI         Multiple Extension Interworking
  MEIF        Management Entity Interface
  MEL         Market Expansion Line
  MEL         Match Enable Latch
  MEL         Material Equipment List
  MEL         MEssage Length
  MEM         Cluster Member
  MEM         Memory
  MEMCALC     Memory Calculation
  MEMS        Micro-Electromechanical Systems
  MEO         Medium Earth Orbit
  MEO         Monomorphic Embedded Object
  MEOS        Medium Earth Orbit Satellite
  MEP         Member of European Parliament
  MEP         Message Encoding Problems
  MEQ         Message Extension Queue
  MER         Meriline
  MER         Message Error Rate
  MERLIN      Multi-Element Radio Link Interferometry Network
  MERP        Multiple-Entry Retrieval Process
  MERR        Multiple Error
  MERS        Most Economical Route Selection
  MERT        Multi-Environment Real Time
  MES         Manufacturing Execution System
  MES         Mobile Earth Station
  MES         Mobile satellite Earth Station
  ME-S        Mobile Data End System
  M-ES        Mobile End Station
  M-ES        Mobile End System
  MESFET      Metal Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
  MES-FET     MEtal-Semiconductor (hot carrier contact) GaAs-FET
  MESH        MEdical Subjects Headings (Dedicated DB Retrieval Language)
  MESH-BN     MESHed Bonding Network
  MESH-IBN    MESHed Isolated Bonding Network
  MESI        Modified, Exclusive, Shared, Invalid
  MESSR       Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer
  MET         Memory Engineering Tool
  MET         Multi-Button Electronic Set
  MET         Multi-Emitter Transistor
  MET         Presentation Manager Metafile
  META        Metrics, Tools and Analysis
  METD        Maximum End-to-End Transit Delay
  METER       Metering Team
  METRAN      Managed European Transmission Network
  METRO       Metropolitan
  METSAT      METeorlogical SATellite
  MEV         Mega Electron-Volt
  MeV         Million Electron Volts
  MEX         Memory Extension
  MEXE        Mobile Execution Environment
  MF          Main Frame
  MF          Management Function
  MF          Mandatory Fixed Length
  MF          Mapping Function
  MF          Mediation Function
  MF          Medium Frequencies (300- 3000kHz)
  MF          Menu Flag
  MF          Micro-Fiche
  MF          Micro-Film
  MF          More Fragments flag
  MF          Multiframe
  MF          Multifrequency
  MFA         Management Functional Area
  MFA         Managing For Achievement
  MFA         Modular Front Access
  MFADS       Mechanized Force Administration Data System
  MFAQ        Most Frequently Asked Questions
  MFAS        Multiframe Alignment Symbol
  MFC         Manufacturer's Code
  MFC         Memory Fault Correctable
  MFC         Microsoft Foundation Classes
  MFC         Multi-Frequency Code
  MFC         Multifrequency Compelled
  MFD         Management Functional Domain
  MFD         Master File Directory
  MFE         Multiple Frame Established
  MFE         Multiple Frame Establishment
  MFG         Manufacturer Code
  MFIR        Mate Fault Indication Register
  MFJ         Modification of Final Judgment
  MFJ         Modified Final Judgement
  MFL         Message Framework Library
  MFLD        Modified FLooDnet (LAN protocol)
  MFLOP       Million Floating Point Operations Per Second
  MFLOPS      Mega FLoating-Point Operations Per Second
  MFLOPS      Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second
  MFLR        Maximum Frame Length Register
  MFM         Modified Frequency Modulation
  MFM         Modified Frequency Modulation (magnetic recording)
  MFO         Multifrequency Signaling Originating
  MFO         Multiple Frame Operation
  MFOS        Multifunction Operations System
  MFP         Multifrequency Pulsing
  MFP         Multifunction Peripheral
  MFP         Multi-Function Peripheral
  MFP         Multifunction Printer
  MFP         Multi-Function Protector
  MFPB        Multifrequency Pushbutton
  MFPC        Multiple Function PC
  MFPLS       Mainframe PLS
  MFR         Manufacturer
  MFR         MF Receiver
  MFR         MultiFrame Register
  MFS         Macintosh File System
  MFS         Memory File System
  MFS         Metropolitan Fiber Systems
  MFS         MF Sender
  MFS         MultiFrame Sender
  MFS         Multiprotocol Controller Fast Simulator
  MFSK        Multilevel Frequency Shift Keying
  MFSK        Multiple Frequency Shift Keying
  MFSP        Modular Frame Supervisory Panel
  MFT         Manual File Transfer
  MFT         Master File Table
  MFT         Meridian Feature Transparency
  MFT         Metallic Facility(ies) Terminal
  MFT         Multiprogramming with Fixed Number of Tasks
  MFTP        Multicast File Transfer Protocol
  MFU         Most Frequently Used
  MFV         Message Format Violation
  MG          ISO country code for Republic of Madagascar
  MG          Master Group
  MGA         Matrox Graphics Architecture
  MGA         Monochrome Graphics Adapter
  MGB         Main Ground Bus
  MGB         Maintenance Group Blocking Signal
  MGB         Master Ground Bar
  MGC         Mentor Graphics Corporation
  MGCM        Meridian General Cabinet Module
  MGE         ManaGement Entity
  MGE         Message Generation Element
  MGI         Mechanized Generic Interface
  MGM         Multicast Group Management
  MGMT        Management
  MGMT        Management System
  MGN         Multi-Grounded Neutral
  MGQ         Message Generation Queue
  MGR         Manager
  MGT         Master Group Translator
  MGT         Mobile Global Title
  MGTS        Message Generator/Traffic Simulator
  MGU         Maintenance Group Unblocking Signal
  MH          ISO country code for Marshall Islands
  MH          Manhole
  MH          Merkle-Hellman
  MH          Message Handler
  MH          Message Handling
  MH          Mobile Host
  MH          Modified Huffman
  MH          Multimedia and Hypermedia information
  MHD         Moving Head Disk
  MHEG        Multimedia and Hypermedia Experts Group
  MHEG        Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Experts Group (ISO/IEC)
  MHF         Message Handling Facilities
  MHF         Mobile Home Function
  MHIC        Multiport HDLC Interface Chip
  MHLD        Music On Hold Treatment
  MHO         Host Application-Management Entity Interface
  MHO         My Humble Opinion
  MHP         Message-Handling Processor
  MHPROC      Message Handling Process
  MHRP        Mobile Host Routing Protocol
  MHS         Message Handling Service
  MHS         Message Handling System
  MHT         Mean Hold Time
  MHTML       Meta-HyperText Markup Language
  MHz         Megahertz
  MHz         MegaHertz
  MI          Maintenance Initiate
  MI          Management Interface
  MI          Mechanized Interface
  MI          Message Interface
  MI          Method Identifier
  MI          Minimum Interference
  MI          Miscellaneous Item (ETSI)
  MI          Mode Indicate
  MI          Mode Indicative
  MI          Mode Indicator
  MI          Modem Indicator
  MI          Multiple Inheritance
  MI          U.S. postal code for Michigan
  MI/MIC      Mode Indicator/Mode Indicator Common
  MIA         Manual Incoming Allowed
  MIA         Multiple Index Approach
  MIAM        Miami
  MI-API      Management Interface- Applications Programming Interface
  MIB         Management Information Base
  MIB         Management Information Block
  MIC         Maintenance Interface Card
  MIC         Management Integration Consortium
  MIC         Manufacturer Identity Code
  MIC         Media Interface Connector
  MIC         Media Interface Connector (Fibre-Optic Data Communications)
  MIC         Medium Interface Connector
  MIC         Message Integrity Check
  MIC         Message Integrity Code
  MIC         Message Interface Card
  MIC         MICrocomputer
  MIC         Microwave Integrated Circuit
  MIC         Mobile Interface Controller
  MIC         Mode Indicate Common
  MIC         Mode Indicator Common
  MIC         Modem Interface Card
  MICA        Management of Information as a Corporate Asset
  MICC        Maintenance Information at Customer Contact point
  MICE        Microtek (Inc.) In-Circuit Emulator
  MICP        Mobile Internetworking Control Protocol
  MICR        Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  MICS        Maintenance Inventory Control System
  MICS        Modular Integrated Communications System
  MICU        Message Interface and Clock Unit
  MID         Manual Incoming Denied
  MID         Maritime Identification Digit
  MID         Mean Interruption Duration
  MID         Message Identified
  MID         Message Identifier
  MID         Metafile for Interactive Documents
  MID         MIDI Sequence file
  MID         Mobility Incall Delivery
  MID         Module Identifier
  MID         Multiplexing Identification
  MID         Multiplexing Identifier
  MIDA        Message Interchange Distributed Application (ECMA)
  MIDA        Multiple Integrated Digital Access (UK)
  MIDAS       Multitier Distributed Application Services
  midc        Message Intercept and Dispatch Control
  MIDI        Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  MIDL        Microsoft Interface Definition Language
  MIEE        Member of Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
  MIEE        Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers
  MIEEE       Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (US)
  MIEIE       Member of Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (UK)
  MIF         Machine-to-Machine Interface Format
  MIF         Maintenance Interface
  MIF         Maker Interchange Format
  MIF         Management Information File
  MIF         Management Information Format
  MIFF        Machine Independent File Format
  MIFR        Master International Frequency Register
  MIG         Metal-In-Gap
  MII         Media-Independent Interface
  MII         Mobile Information Infrastructure
  MIL         1/1000 of an Inch (0,0254 millimetres)
  MIL         Maintenance Interface Layer
  MIL         Management Information Library
  MIL         Military
  MIL         MILitary (quality standard)
  mil         Military groups domain
  MIL         Military Standard
  MIL STD     Military Standard
  MILNET      Military Network
  MILS        Missile Impact Location System
  MIL-STD     Military Standard
  MIM         Management Information Message
  MIM         Management Information Model
  MIM         Management Inhibiting Messages
  MIM         Man-in-the-Middle
  MIM         Metal Insulator Metal
  MIM         Modifier Information Manager
  MIM         Module Information Memory
  MIMD        Multiple Instruction Multiple Data
  MIME        Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  MIMS        Messaging, Information, and Media Sector
  MIN         Minimum
  Min         Minor
  MIN         Mobile Identification Number
  MIN         Mobile Identity Number
  MIN         Multiple Interaction Negotiation service element (OSI/VT)
  MIN         Multistage Interconnection Network
  MINCM       Management Intelligent Network Conceptual Model
  MINE        Microbial Information Network for Europe
  MINIT       Minimum Interference Threshold
  MIO         Multistationary Inclined Orbits
  MIP         Maintenance in Progress
  MIP         Maintenance Interface Protocol
  MIP         MCI ISN (Intelligent Services Network) Platform
  MIP         Mobile IP
  MIPPS       Micro Integrated Project Planning System
  MIPS        Management Information Protocol Specification
  MIPS        Mega Instructions Per Second
  MIPS        Microprocessor Without Interlocking Pipe Stages
  MIPS        Millions of Instructions Per Second
  MIR         Management Information Repository
  MIR         Maximum Information Rate
  MIR         Microinstruction Register
  MIRS        Motorola Integrated Radio System
  MIS         Machine Instruction Set
  MIS         Management Information Services
  MIS         Management Information System(s)
  MIS         May I Send
  MIS         Mechanized Interface Specification
  MIS         Metal Insulator Silicon (IC Technology)
  MIS         Microcode Instruction Sequencer
  MIS         Miscellaneous
  MIS         Miscellaneous Equipment Frame
  MIS         Multimedia Information Service
  MISC        Miscellaneous
  MISD        Management Information Service Definition
  MISD        Multiple Instructions Single Data
  MISD        Multiple-Instruction Single-Data
  MISFET      Metal, Insulator, Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
  MISM        Mismatch
  MIS-MLHG    Management Information System for Multiline Hunt Group
  MISSI       Multi-Level Information Systems Security Initiative
  MIT         Management Information Tree
  MIT         Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  MITE        Modem Interface to Ethernet
  MITI        Massachusetts Information Turnpike Initiative
  MITI        Ministry of International Trade and Industry (US)
  MITS        Macintosh ISDN Terminal Simulator
  MIU         Maintenance Interface Unit
  MIU         Memory Interface Unit
  MIU         Mimimum Investment Unit
  MIU         Multistation Interface Unit
  MIX         Modem Interface to Xlbus ASIC
  MIXER       MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay
  MJ          Major
  MJD         Modified Julian Date
  MJPEG       Motion JPEG
  MJU         Multipoint Junction Unit
  MK          ISO country code for Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of)
  MK          Mouse Key
  MKR         Marker
  MKR         MarKeR-beacon
  MKS         Metre, Kilogram, Second (system of measurement)
  MKS         Mortice Kern Systems
  MKV         MasterKey Vector
  ML          ISO country code for Republic of Mali
  ML          Machine Language
  ML          Maintenance Limit
  ML          Managed Links (GNS-BT)
  ML          Matching Loss
  ML          Maximum Latency
  ML          Maximum Length
  ML          Maximum Likelihood
  ML          Message Length
  ML          Message Link
  ML          MetaLanguage
  MLA         Microprocessor Language Assembler
  MLA         Microwave Link Analyser
  MLA         Modern Language Association
  MLA         Multiline Addressing
  MLAMP       MADN Lamp
  MLAP        MAC Level Access Protocol
  MLAP        Metallic Line Access Port
  MLB         Multilayer Board
  MLB         Multi-Line Business
  MLC         MPC, Link, and Conversation Number
  MLC         Multi-Layer Ceramic (Capacitor)
  MLC         Multi-Line Card
  MLC         Multilink Control Field
  MLCS        MegaLink Channel Procedure
  MLD         Mean Logistic Delay
  MLD         Median Lethal Dose
  MLDA        Multiple Listing Directory Assistance
  MLE         Medium Local Exchange
  MLE         Message-List Editing
  MLE         Microprocessor Language Editor
  MLE         Mobile Link Entity (TETRA)
  MLF         Management Leadership Forum
  MLG         Multiline Group
  MLH         Multiline Hunt(ing)
  MLHG        Multiline Hunt Group
  MLHG-I      ISDN Multiline Hunt Group
  MLI         Message Link Interface
  MLI         MultiLeaving Interface
  MLI         Multilink Irregularity
  MLID        Multiple Link Interface Driver
  MLIPS       Mega Logical Inferences Per Second
  MLL         Mode-Locked Laser
  MLLE        Medium Large Local Exchange
  MLM         Multi-Level Metal
  MLM         Multi-Longitudinal Mode
  MLMR        Maximum Likelihood Multiuser Receiver
  MLNR        Motorola Lab Non Res
  MLOC        Multiple Locations Resource Finder
  MLP         Multi-Layer Perception
  MLP         Multilayer Protocol
  MLP         Multilink Procedure(s)
  MLP         Multiple License Pack
  MLP         Multiple Line Printing
  MLP         Multiple Link Procedure
  MLPP        Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption
  MLPPP       Multilink PPP
  ML-PPP      Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
  MLQ         Message Length Qualifier
  MLR         Mechanized Line Record
  MLR         Multiple Line Reading
  MLRD        Modified Long Route Design
  MLS         Microwave Landing System (Avionics)
  MLS         Modulated Light Source
  MLS         Multilayer Switching
  MLS         Multilevel Secure
  MLS         Multilevel Security
  MLS         Multiline Selection
  MLS         Multilingual Listing Services
  MLS         Multiple Listing Service
  MLSD        Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detection
  MLSE        Maintenance Loop Signalling Entity
  MLSE        Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation
  MLSE        Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimator
  MLSO        Mode-Locked Surface-Acousticwave Oscillator
  MLT         Mechanized Line Testing
  MLT         Mechanized Loop Test
  MLT         Mechanized Loop Tester
  MLT         Mechanized Loop Testing
  MLT         Median Lethal Time
  M-LT        Metropolitan area network-Line Termination
  MLTERM      Multiline Hunt Group Terminal
  MLTERM      Multiline Hunt Group Terminal Number
  MLTERMTYP   Multiline Hunt Group Terminal Type
  MLTS        Microlevel Test Set
  MLTS        Multiline Telephone Set
  MLU         Multi Line Unit
  MLV         Marne La Vallee
  MLVP        Multiline Variety Package
  MM          DDOC Section: Man-Machine Interface
  MM          ISO country code for Myanmar
  MM          Man Machine
  MM          Man-Month
  MM          MannMonate
  MM          Mapping Mode
  MM          Mate Manager
  MM          Meet Me
  MM          Meeting Minutes
  MM          Meetingless Meeting
  MM          Memory Manager
  MM          Message Mode
  MM          Messaging Manager
  mm          Millimeter(s)
  mm          millimetre
  MM          Mismatch
  MM          Mixed Mode
  MM          Mobility Management
  MM          Mobility Manager
  Mm          Modem
  MM          Multi Mode (Fibre Optics)
  MM          Multimedia
  MM          Multimode
  MMA         MIDI Manufacturers Association
  MMA         Multiple Message Alerting
  MMAB        Multimedia Applications Base
  MMB         Man Made Busy
  MMB         Middle Mouse Button
  MMBN        Multimedia Broadband Network
  MMBS        MultiMedia Base Station
  MMC         Man-Machine Communication
  MMC         Meet-Me Conference
  MMC         Meet-Me Conference (supplementary service)
  MMC         Microsoft Management Console
  MMC         Microwave/Millimeterwave Components
  MMC         Mobile Multimedia Communications
  MMC         Monolithic Multicomponents Ceramic
  MMC         Monopolies and Mergers Commission
  MMC         Multimedia Collaboration
  MMC         Multimedia Multiparty Conferencing
  MMCD        Multimedia Compact Disc
  MMCF        Multimedia Communications Forum
  MMCS        Multimedia Carrier Switch
  MMCX        Multimedia Call Exchange
  MMCX        MultiMedia Communications Exchange
  MMD         Multimedia
  MMDS        Microwave Multipoint Distribution System
  MMDS        Multichannel Microwave Distribution Service
  MMDS        Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
  MMDS        Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System
  MMDS        Multichannel, Multipoint Distribution System
  MME         Mobile Management Entity
  MME         Multi-Modal Estimation
  MMEI        Management to Managed Element Interface
  MMES        Maritime Mobile Earth Station
  MMF         Magneto-Motive Force
  MMF         Microsoft Mail File
  MMF         MSS Management Function
  MMF         Multimode Fiber
  MMFS        Manufacturing Messaging Format Standard (MAP)
  MMG         Motorola Multimedia Group
  MMgr        Messaging Manager
  MMH         Maintenance Man-Hours
  MMI         Machine-to-Machine Interface
  MMI         Man-Machine Interaction (interface)
  MMI         Man-Machine Interface
  MMIC        Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
  MMIC        Monolithic Millimeter-wave IC
  MMIO        Multimedia I/O
  MML         Maker Markup Language
  MML         Man-Machine Language
  MML         Multimedia Module Library
  MMM         Multi Media Multiplexer
  MMM         Multimedia Mail
  MMM         Multiunit Network Management and Maintenance message
  MMN         Multimedia Network
  MMO         Mobile Module
  MMP         Maintenance Modem Pool
  MMP         Memory Management Process
  MMP         Mobility Management Protocol
  MMP         Module Message Processor
  MMP         Multichassis Multilink PPP
  MMPM        Multimedia Presentation Manager
  MMPM/2      Multimedia Presentation Manager/2
  MMPP        Markov Modulated Poisson Process
  MMPT        Mismatch Path Trace
  MMR         Modified Modified Reed
  MMRL        Multimedia Resource Layer
  MMRM        Multimedia Resource Manager
  MMS         Manufacturing Message Service/Specification
  MMS         Manufacturing Message Services (EWOS)
  MMS         Manufacturing Message Specification
  MMS         Manufacturing Messaging Service (MAP)
  MMS         Message Management Service
  MMS         Message Management Subsystem
  MMS         Mini-Micro Systems (periodical)
  MMS         MMCS Management System
  MMS         Modified Monitoring State
  MMS         Module Management System
  MMS 43      Modified Monitoring State 4B/3T
  MMS43       Modified Monitoring State 4B/3T
  MMSE        Minimum-Mean-Squared Error
  MMSL        Mismatch Signal Label
  MMSRK       Mismatch Between Sent and Received K-Bytes
  MMSS        Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
  MMSU        Modular Metallic Services Unit
  MMTA        Multimedia Telecommunications Association
  MMTF        Mobile Management Task Force
  MMTS        Manual Mobile Telephone System
  MM-TSC      Messaging Management Technical Subcommittee
  MMU         Memory Management Unit
  MMU         Metered Message Unit
  MMU         Multi-Message Unit
  MMUI        Multi Media User Interface
  MMUM        Miscellaneous Multiunit Message
  MMUSR       MMU Status Register
  MMVF        Multimedia Video File
  MMVI        Multimedia Voice Interface
  MMW         Millimeterwave Microwave
  MMX         Multimedia Extensions
  MN          ISO country code for Mongolian People's Republic (Mongolia)
  MN          Matched Node
  MN          Metropolitan Area Network Node
  MN          Microwave Network
  MN          Minor
  MN          Mobile Node
  MN          U.S. postal code for Minnesota
  MNA         Multiple Network Appearance
  MNAC        Message Network Access Code
  MNAS        Multinetwork Access Services
  MNC         Meridian Network Control
  MNC         Mobile Network Code
  MNC         Multiplicative Noise Compensator
  MNCC        Meridian Network Control Centre
  MNCL        Maintenance NCL
  MNIC        Mobile Network Identification Code
  M-NIU       Multiple Dwelling Network Interface Unit
  MNL         Maintenance Noise Limit
  MNL         Network Layer (Layer 3)-Management Entity Interface
  MNLP        Mobile Network Location Protocol
  MNOS        Metal-Nitride-Oxide Semiconductor
  MNP         Microcom (Inc.) Network Protocol
  MNP         Microcom Networking Protocol
  MNP         Microcomputer Networking Protocol
  MNP         Multicontrol Networking Platform
  MNP         Multi-Network Protocol
  MNRP        Mobile Network Registration Protocol
  MNRU        Modulated Noise Reference Unit
  MNS         Managed Network Solutions
  MNT         Maintenance
  M-NT        Metropolitan area Network-Network Termination
  MO          ISO country code for Macau
  MO          Magneto-Optical
  MO          Managed Object
  MO          Master Oscillator
  MO          Message Object
  MO          Message Objectizer
  MO          Message-Oriented
  MO          Mobile Originated
  MO          U.S. postal code for Missouri
  MO EOC      Message-Oriented Embedded Operations Channel
  MO&O        Memorandum Opinion and Order
  MOA         Managed Object Agent
  MOA         Manager of Object Adapters
  MOA         Manual Outgoing Allowed
  MOA         Mobitex Operators Association
  MOB         Memory-Order Buffer
  MOB         Mobile
  Mobitex     Swedish mobile data standard
  MOC         Maintenance and Operations Console
  MOC         Managed Object Classe(s)
  MOC         Ministry of Communications
  MOC         Mobile Originating Call
  MOC         Mobile-Originated Call
  MOC         Multiproduct Operations Controller
  MOCROM      MicrO-Coded Read-Only Memory
  MOCS        Managed Object Conformance Statement
  MOCVD       Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (GaAs VHSIC Process)
  MOD         Magnetic Optical Disk
  MOD         Manual Outgoing Denied
  MOD         Ministry Of Defence (UK)
  MOD         Modem
  MOD         Modify
  MOD         MODulator
  MOD         Module
  MOD         Modulo
  MOD         Modulus
  MOD         Movies On Demand
  MODEL       manufactures cordless portable part model identity code
  MODEM       MOdulator/DEModulator
  MODFET      MOdulation-Doped Field-Effect Transistor
  MODWB       Module Designers Workbench
  MOF         Managed Object Format
  MOF         Maximum Observed Frequency
  MOH         Music On Hold
  MOHSOURCE   Music On Hold Source
  MOL         Maximum Output Level
  MOL         Microsoft Open License
  MOM         Maintenance and Operations Manual
  MoM         Manager of Managers
  MOM         Message-Oriented Middleware
  MOM         Microsoft Office Manager
  MOM         Mini Object Manager
  MOMA        Message-Oriented Middleware Association
  MON         Monitor
  MON         MONitor
  MONA        Meridian Off-Net Access
  MONET       Mobile Networks
  MONET       Multiwavelength Optical Network
  MOO         MUD Object-Oriented
  MOOS        Maintenance Out-of-Service
  MOOS        Manual Out-of-Service
  MOOSE       Metrics for Object-Oriented Software Engineering
  MOP         Mailbox Observer Proxy
  MOP         Maintenance Observer Proxy
  MOP         Maintenance Operation(s) Protocol
  MOP         Method of Procedure
  MOPA        Master Oscillator Power Amplifier
  MOPS        Management Operations per Second
  MOPS        Mega (Million) Operations Per Second
  MOPS        Mega Operations Per Second
  MOPT        Mean One-Way Propagation Time
  MOR         Multi-Wavelength Optical Repeater
  MOS         Maintenance Out-of-Service
  MOS         Manager-Operator Services
  MOS         Mean Opinion Score
  MOS         Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
  MOS         Model Output Statistics
  MOS         Mux Out-of-Sync
  MOSFET      Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
  MOS-FET     Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
  MOSI        Master Out / Slave In
  MOSPF       Multicast Extensions for OSPF
  MOSPF       Multicast Open Shortest Path First
  M-OSPF      Multicast Extensions for OSPF
  MOSS        MIME Object Security Service(s)
  MOST        Metamorphosis of Service Agent Team
  MOSY        Managed Object Syntax Yacc-based (4BSD/ISODE SNMP)
  MOSY        Managed Object Syntax-Compiler (YACC-Based)
  MOT         Managed Object Under Test
  MOT         Means of Testing
  MOTD        Message of the Day
  MOTIS       Message Oriented Text Interchange System (MHS/ISO)
  MOTIS       Message-Oriented Text Interchange System
  MOTIS       MOS Timing Simulator
  MOU         Memorandum of Understanding
  MOU         Minutes of Use
  MOV         Metal-Oxide Varistor   (VDR)
  MOV         Move Instruction
  MOVCC       Multi Open Via Chip Carrier  (VLSI Package)
  MOVPE       Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
  MOX         Multiple Over/Underlay Extension
  MP          ISO country code for Northern Mariana Islands
  MP          Machine Processable
  MP          Machine Processable Form
  MP          Machine-Processible
  MP          Main Processor
  MP          Management Platform
  MP          Management Process
  MP          Managing Process
  MP          Master Position
  MP          Master Processor
  MP          Math Present
  MP          Measuring Point
  MP          Memory Protect
  MP          Metallised Paper
  MP          Micro-Processor
  MP          Modem Pool
  MP          Modulation de Phase
  MP          Modulation Parameter
  MP          Module Processor
  MP          Monitor Coprocessor
  MP          Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
  MP          Multilink PPP
  MP          Multilink Protocol
  MP          Multiparty
  MP          Multipoint
  MP          Multipoint Processor
  MP          Multiprocessing
  MP          Multiprocessor
  MP          MultiProgramming
  MP          Multipurpose
  MP          Multipurpose Position
  MP/M        MultiProgramming CP/M
  MP+         Multilink Protocol Plus
  MP3         MPEG-2 audio stream layer-3 compression
  MPA         Magellan Passport Access
  MPa         MegaPascal
  MPA         Modular Power Adapter
  MPA         Modulating Power Amplifier
  MPA         Multi-PTN Attendant (supplementary service)
  MPAC        Multichannel PAC
  MPB         Multi-Party Bridging
  MPBAC       Multiple Port Bus Access Circuit
  MPBT        Modem Pool Busy Time
  MPC         Maintenance Process Control
  MPC         Maintenance Processing Control
  MPC         Message Protocol Card
  MPC         Message Protocol Circuit
  MPC         Message-Passing Coprocessor  (Multibus 2)
  MPC         MPOA Client
  MPC         Multi Purpose Controller
  MPC         Multimedia Personal Computer
  MPC         Multimedia Planning and Coordination (ETSI STC)
  MPC         Multiparty RTP Transport Connection
  MPC         Multiple Protocol Capability
  MPC         MultiProCessing
  MPC         Multi-Protocol Client
  MPC         Multiprotocol Controller
  MPCC        MultiProtocol Communications Controller
  MPCM        Multi-Part Class Manager
  MPCNET      Multi-Protocol Controller Network
  MPD         Maximum Permissible Dose
  MPD         Message Processing and Dispatch
  MPD         Message Processing and Dispatching
  MPD         Midnights Passed Digit
  MPD         Miniport Driver
  MPD         Model-Pane-Dispatcher
  MPD         Multiple Path Detector
  MPDA        Meridian Programmable Data Adapter
  MPDC        Meridian Power Distribution Center
  MPDRAM      Multiport DRAM
  MPDU        Message Protocol Data Unit
  MPE         Maximum Permissible Exposure
  MPE         Multi-Point Extension (IEEE 802.3)
  MPE         Multi-Programming Executive (Hewlett Packard Inc. Computer Operating System)
  MPE         Multiprotocol Encapsulation
  MPEC        MultiPulse Excited Coding
  MPEG        ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group
  MPEG        Motion Pictures Experts Group
  MPEG        Motion/Moving Picture Experts Group
  MPEG        Moving Picture Experts Group
  MPEG        Moving Pictures Experts Group
  MPEG-1      Motion Picture Experts Group 1
  MPEG-2      Motion Picture Experts Group 2
  MPEG-3      Motion Picture Experts Group 3
  MPEG-4      Motion Picture Experts Group 4
  MPE-LPC     Multipulse Excited Linear Predictive Coding
  MP-EOC      Multipoint Embedded Operations Channel
  MPER        Maintenance Procedural Error Rate
  MPF         Mapping Field
  MPF         Multiprocessing Features
  MPG         Managing Personal Growth
  MPG         MPEG File
  MPG         Multiplayer Games
  MPG-Net     Multi-Players Games Network
  MPH         (mobile) Management (entity)- PHysical (layer) [primitive]
  MPH         Miles Per Hour
  MPH         Multi-Physical
  MPH         Multiple Position Hunt
  MPH         Multi-Position Hunt
  MPH         Physical Layer (Layer 1)-Management Entity Interface
  MPH-        communication between Management and Data Link layer
  MPHT        Modem Pool Holding Time
  MPI         Message Passing Interface
  MPI         Minimum Picture Interval
  MPI         Multiple Protocol Interface
  MPK         Mission Park
  MPK         Multiprocessing Kernel
  MPL         Multischedule Private Line
  MPLC        Modem Pool Line Card
  MPLH        Multiple Port Link Handler
  MPLPC       Multipulse Linear Predictive Coding
  MP-LPC      Multipulse Linear Predictive Coding
  MPLS        Multiprotocol Label Switching
  MPM         Master Processor Memory
  MPML        Meta-Phone Markup Language
  MP-MLQ      Multipulse Excitation with a Maximum Likelihood Quantizer
  MPNS        Managed Private Network Service (GNS-BT)
  MPOA        Multiprotocol Over ATM
  MPOL        Multi-Protocol Over LANs
  MPP         Massively Parallel Processing
  MPP         Massively Parallel Processor
  MPP         Message Posting Protocol
  MPP         Microsoft Project file
  MPP         Multichannel Point-to-Point Protocol
  MPP         Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
  mp-p        Multipoint-to-Point
  MPPC        Microsoft Point-To-Point Compression
  MPQ         Multi-Processor Queue
  MPR         (Swedish national board for measurement and testing)
  MPR         Misdialed Trunk Prefix message
  MPR         Modular Power Rectifier
  MPR         Multi Protocol Router
  MPR         Multiple Provider Router
  MPR         Multiprotocol Router
  MPR         Multi-Purpose Riser
  MPROM       Mechanized Power Room Operations Monitor
  MPRT        Master Primary Reference Terminal
  MPRT        Modem Pool Reservation Time
  MPS         Maximum Packet Size
  MPS         MDII: Address Signaling Error- Misplaced Start
  MPS         Medium Power Satellite (...250 Watt)
  MPS         MicroProceSsor
  MPS         Minimal Part Set
  MPS         Model/Policy Split
  MPS         Modular Power Shelf
  MPS         MPOA Server
  MPS         Multi-Page Signal
  MPS         Multiple Priority System
  MPS         Multipriority System
  MPS         Multi-Processor Specification
  MPSC        Multi Protocol Serial Controller
  MPSK        Multiple Phase Shift Keying
  MPSP        Marketing/Product Strategic Plan
  MPSR        Mechanical Product Status Review
  MPSR        Multipath Self-Routing
  MPT         Ministry of Post and Telegraph
  MPT         Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
  MPT         Multiple PIN Table
  MPT         Multipoint to Point Tree
  MPT         Multiport Protocol Tester
  MPT 1327    UK Trunked Radio Standard
  MPT1        Measurement Point
  MPTM        Multi-Party Test Method
  MPTN        Multiprotocol Transport Networking
  MPTS        Multi-Protocol Transport Services
  MPTY        Multiparty
  MPTy        Multiparty
  MPTY        Multi-ParTY (supplementary service)
  MPU         Main Processing Unit
  MPU         MicroProcessor Unit
  MPU         Micro-Processor Unit
  MPV         Message Protocol Version
  MPVCB       Multipoint Video Conference Bridge
  MPWD        Machine-Prepared Wiring Data
  MPX         Composite Demodulated Stereo Multiplex (Signal)
  MPX         multiplex
  MPX         Multipurpose Extended
  MPXC        Multipoint Cross-Connection
  MPX-IWS     Multipurpose Extended Intelligent Workstation
  MPyT        Multi-Party Testing
  MPyTM       Multi-Party Testing Methodology
  MQ          ISO country code for Martinique
  MQ          Message Queuing
  MQA         Multiple Queue Assignment
  MQFP        Metric Quad Flat Pack
  MQI         Managed Queueing Interface
  MQI         Message Queue Interface
  MQW         Multi Quantum Well (Laser Diodes)
  MQW         Multiple Quantum Well
  MQW         Multi-Quantum Well
  MR          ISO country code for Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  MR          Magnetic Resonance
  MR          Magnetoresistive
  MR          Magneto-Resistive
  MR          Mandatory Requirement
  MR          Manual Request
  MR          Measured Rate
  MR          Meeting Room
  MR          Message Rate
  MR          Message Receiver
  MR          Message Register
  MR          Message Router
  MR          Microid Research
  MR          Mobile Router
  MR          Modification Request
  MR          Modified READ (Relative Element Address Designate)
  MR          Multicast Router
  MRA         Message Rate Area
  MRA         Multirate Area
  MRA         Mutually Restricted Access
  MRB         Management Request Broker
  MRBLR       Maximum Receive Buffer Length Register
  MRC         Maximal Ratio Combining
  MRC         Monthly Recurring Charge
  MRCA        Most Recent Common Ancestor
  MRCC        Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre
  MRCF        Microsoft Real-Time Compression Format
  MRCI        Microsoft Real-Time Compression Interface
  MRCS        Meeting Reservation and Control System
  MRD         Manual Ring Down
  MRD         Master Recognition Database
  MRD         Message Rate Detailed
  MRD         Message Retrieval Display
  MRD         Modified Resistance Design
  MRDF        Machine-Readable Data Files
  MRDX        Multiple Rate Digital Switch
  MREG        Message Register
  MREL        MADN Release
  MRF         MADN Ring Forward
  MRF         Maintenance Restart Function
  MRF         Message-Refusal signal
  MRFF        Master Reference Frequency Frame
  MRFM        MADN Ring Forward Manual
  MRG         Modification Request in Generic
  MRI         Machine-Readable Imaging (Medical)
  MRI         Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  MRI         Microtec Research Inc.
  MRJ         Mac OS Runtime for Java
  MRL         Match Recognition Latch
  M-RLCM      Mini-Remote Line Concentrating Module
  MRLE        Match Recognition Latch Enable
  MRLM        Mate Remote Line Module
  MRM         Message Receiver Manager
  MRM         Message Resource Monitor
  MRM         Most Recently used Master
  MRM         Motif Resource Manager
  Mrm         Motif Resource Manager
  MRN         Mobile Routing Number
  MRP         Materials and Resource Planning (MAP)
  MRP         Mouth Reference Point
  MRQ         automatic Repeat reQuest with Memory
  MRRC        Mobile Radio Resource Control
  MRRU        Maximum Reconstructed Receive Unit
  MRS         Magneto-Resistive Sensor
  MRS         Maintainable Resource Surrogate
  MRS         Message Rate Service
  MRS         Mobile Radio Stack (TETRA)
  MRS         Mobile Radio System
  MRS         Module Resident Software
  MRSA        Message Rate Serving Area
  MRSE        Message Retrieval Service Element
  MRSE        Microwave Remote Sensing Experiment
  MRSE        Mode Request Signalling Entity
  MRSG        Mobile Radio Study Group
  MRT         Magnetic Resonance Tomography
  MRT         Mean Repair Time
  MRT         Medical Response Team
  MRT         Message Rate Timed
  MRT         Message Routing Table
  MRT         Model Reference Testing
  MRTD        Maximum Resolvable Temperature Difference  (Thermometry)
  MRTD        Message Rate Timed/Detailed
  MRTIE       Maximum Relative Time Interval Error
  MRTO        Memory Reference Time Out
  MRTR        Mobile Radio Transmit Receive
  MRTT        Mobile Radio Training Trust
  MRU         Maximimum Receive Unit
  MRU         Media Resource Unit
  MRU         Modular Recording Unit
  MRU         Most Recently Used
  MRUA        Mobile Radio Users Association
  MRV         MTP Routing Verification
  MRVA        MTP Routing Verification Acknowledgement
  MRVR        MTP Routing Verification Result
  MRVT        MTP Routeing Verification Test
  MRVT        MTP Routing Verification Test
  MRX         Message Routing Exchange (DECnet)
  MS          ISO country code for Montserrat
  MS          Main Station
  MS          Management Server
  MS          Management Service(s)
  MS          Management System
  MS          Master Station
  MS          Master-Slave
  MS          Measured Service
  MS          Measurement Signal
  MS          Media Sensor
  MS          Memory System
  MS          Message Service(s)
  MS          Message Store
  MS          Message Switch
  MS          Message Switching
  MS          Message System
  MS          Microsoft
  MS          MicroSoft
  ms          millisecond
  ms          Millisecond(s)
  MS          Mission Slice
  MS          Mobile Service
  MS          Mobile Station
  MS          Mobile Subscriber
  MS          Mode Sifter
  MS          Mode Sifting
  MS          Most Significant
  MS          Multiplex Session
  MS          Multiplexer Section
  MS          U.S. postal code for Mississippi
  MS6E        Message Switching 6 Equipment
  MS7E        Message Switching 7 Equipment
  MSA         Message Status Area
  MSA         Message System Agent
  MSA         Metropolitan Service Area
  MSA         Metropolitan Serving Area
  MSA         Metropolitan Statistical Area
  MSA         Mobile Serving Area
  MSA         Multiplex Section Adaptation
  MSAA        Microsoft Active Accessibility
  MSAC        Meridian Services Attendant Console
  MSACM       Microsoft Audio Compression Manager
  MS-AIS      Multiplex Section AIS
  MSAL        Media Services Access Layer
  MSAL        Multimedia Service Access Layer
  MSAP        MAC Service Access Point
  MSAP        Medium Access Control Service Access Point
  MSAP        Mini-Slotted Alternating Priority
  MSAP        Mobile Services Application Part
  MSAP        Multi-Services Application Platform
  MSAT        Mobile Satellite
  MSAU        Multistation Access Unit
  MSB         Make Set Busy
  MSB         Message Switch and Buffer
  MSB         Most Significant Bit
  MSB         Most Significant Bit
  MSB         Most Significant Byte
  MSB         Most-Significant Bit (byte)
  MSB6        CCS6 Message Switch and Buffer
  MSB6        Message Switch and Buffer 6
  MSB7        CCS7 Message Switch and Buffer
  MSB7        Message Switch and Buffer 7
  MSBI        Make Set Busy Intragroup
  MSBL        MLHG Special Billing
  MSBLN       MLHG Special Billing Number
  MSBVW       Magnetostatic Backward Volume Wave
  MSC         Main Switching Centre
  MSC         Maintenance Service Charge
  MSC         Management Service Component
  msc         Marked Section Close
  MSC         Message Sequence Chart
  MSC         Message Switch (Central)
  MSC         Message Switching Center
  MSC         Message Switching Concentration
  MSC         Microsoft C
  MSC         Mobile Services Switching Center
  MSC         Mobile Switching Center
  MSC         Mobile Switching Centre
  MSC         Modem Shelf Controller
  MSC         Most Significant Character
  MSC         Mouse Systems Corporation
  MSC         Multislot Cell
  MSCDEX      Microsoft CD-ROM Extension
  MSC-H       Home MSC
  MSCM        Mobile Station Class Mark
  MSCP        Mass Storage Control Protocol
  MSCP        Mean Spherical Candle Power
  MSCP        Mobile Service Control Point
  MSCS        Microsoft Clustering Server
  MSCU        Message Switch Control Unit
  MSCU        Mobile Station Control Unit
  MSC-V       Visited MSC
  MSD         Mass Storage Device
  MSD         Microsoft Diagnostics
  MSD         Modifier Service Directory
  MSD         Most Significant Digit
  MSD         Multi Standard Decoder (Television)
  MSDC        Message Sending Control
  MSDEV       Microsoft Developer Studio
  MSDL        Microsoft Download Service
  MSDL        Multi-Purpose Serial Data Link
  MSDN        Microsoft Developer Network
  MS-DOS      Micro-Soft (Inc.) Disk Operating System
  MS-DOS      Microsoft Disk Operating System
  MSDRA       Master-Slave Dynamic Rate Access
  MSDSE       Maritime Satellite Data Switching Exchange
  MSDSE       Master Slave Determination Signalling Entity
  MSDSE       Mobile Satellite Data Switching Exchange
  MSDT        Multi-Services Distant Terminal
  MSDTP       Message Services Data Transmission Protocol
  MSE         Maintenance Sub-Entity
  MSE         Mean Squared Error
  msec        Millisecond
  MSED        Minimum Signal Element Duration
  MSEE        Master of Science and Electronic Engineering
  MSF         Message Store and Forward
  MSF         Mobile Serving Function
  MSF         Mobile Storage Function
  MSF         Multiscan Function
  MS-FERF     Multiplex Section FERF
  MSFM        Multistandard Fast Modem
  MSFT        Municipal, State, and Federal Tax
  MSFVW       Magnetostatic Forward Volume Wave
  MSG         Management Steering Group
  MSG         Message
  MSG         MeSsaGe
  MSGB        Monitoring Service of Great Britain
  MSGCH       Message Channel
  MSGS        Message Switch
  MSH         Most Significant Half Word
  MSH         Multi-Service Hub
  MSI         Manufacturer Specific Information
  MSI         Medium-Scale Integration
  MSI         Mobile Subscriber Identity (TETRA)
  MS-I        ISDN Message Service(s)
  MSID        Mobile Station Identity
  MSIE        Microsoft Internet Explorer
  MSIN        Mobile Station Identification Number
  MSIN        Mobile Subscriber Identity Number
  MSIP        Maintenance System Interaction Protocol
  MSIR        Minimum Signal-to-Noise Interference Ratio
  MSISDN      Mobile Station International ISDN Number
  MSISDN      Mobile Station ISDN Number
  MSISDN      Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number
  MSJ         Microsoft Systems Journal
  MSJ         The Main Street Journal
  MSK         Minimum Shift Keying
  MSK         Minimum Shift Keying (direct phase shifting of laser diode)
  MSL         Manual Stocklist
  MSL         Maximum Segment Lifetime
  MSL         Mean-Squared Loss
  MSL         Meridian SL-100
  MSL         Meridian Stored Logic
  MSL         Microsoft Software Library
  MSL         Module Structure List
  MSL-1       Meridian SL-1
  MSLS        Most Significant-Least Significant
  msm         Market Segment Manager
  MSM         Memory/Space/Memory
  MSM         Microwave Switching-Matrix
  MSMC        Media Stimulated Mass Calling
  MSMQ        Microsoft Message Queue
  MSN         Meridian SuperNode
  MSN         Meridian Switched Network
  MSN         Message Sequence Number
  MSN         Message Switch Network
  MSN         Mobile Subscriber Number
  MSN         Mobility Support Network
  MSN         Most Significant Nibble
  MSN         Multiple Subscriber Number
  MSN         Multiple Subscriber Number (supplementary service)
  MSN         Multi-Service Network
  MSN         The Microsoft Network
  MSNDS       Microsoft NDS
  MS-NET      Microsoft Networks
  MSNF        Multiple-system Network ?
  MSNF        Multi-System Networking Facility
  MSO         Management Support Object
  MSO         Multiple Service(s) Operator
  MSO         Multiple System Operator
  MSOH        Multiplex Section Overhead
  MSP         Maintenance Service Provider
  MSP         Management Service Provider
  MSP         Master Service Processor
  MSP         Master Stack Pointer
  MSP         Message Security Protocol
  MSP         Message Switch Processor
  MSP         Microsoft Paint
  MSP         Microsoft Solution Provider
  MSP         Modifier Service Participant
  MSP         Modular Supervisory Panel
  MSP         Multichassis Synchronization Protocol
  MSP         Multiplex Section Protection
  MSP         Multiplex Shared Protection
  MSP         Multiserver Processor
  MSP         Multi-Service(s) Platform
  MSP         Multi-Tech Supervisory Protocol
  MSPP        Message Switch Peripheral Processor
  MSPS        Mega Samples Per Second
  MSPU        Message Switch Peripheral Unit
  MSQ         Mean Square
  MSQS        Multistage Queue Status
  MSR         Machine State Register
  MSR         Management System Review
  MSR         Message Send and Receive
  MSR         Message Storage and Retrieval
  MSR         Microsoft Research
  MSR         Mobile Service Region
  MSR         Mobile Serving Region
  MSR         Mobile Support Router
  MSR         Modular Square Root
  MSRID       Message Storage and Retrieval System Identification
  MSRN        Mobile Station Roaming Number
  MSRP        Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
  MSRS        Message Storage and Retrieval System
  MSRT        Message Switch Routing
  MSS         Maintenance Spare Storage
  MSS         MAN Switching System
  MSS         Maritime Satellite System
  MSS         Mass Storage Subsystem
  MSS         Mass-Storage System
  MSS         Maximum Segment Size
  MSS         Member of Scientific Staff
  MSS         Metropolitan area network Switching System
  MSS         Mobile Satellite Service
  MSS         Mobile Satellite System
  MSS         Mobile Support Station
  MSS         Multimedia System Services
  MSS         Multiple SMP Support
  MSS         Multiprotocol Switched Services
  MSS         Multi-Spectral Scanner
  MSSC        Message Switch Simplex Cabinet
  MSSC        Mobile Satellite Switching Centre
  MSSE        Message Submission Service Element
  MSSF        Mate Scanner Stop Failure
  MSSI        Mid-Span Spectral Inversion
  MSSI        Mid-System Spectral Inversion
  MS-SPRING   Multiplexer Section Shared Protection Ring
  MSSW        Magnetostatic Surface Wave
  MST         Maintenance State Table
  MST         Marconi Systems Technology
  MST         Message Sequence Thread
  MST         Minimum Spanning Tree
  MST         Mountain Standard Time
  MST         Multiple Service Terminal (RACE)
  MST         Multiplex Section Termination
  MST         Multi-Service Terminal
  MSTCM       Multiple Store Types Class Manager
  MSTE        Multiplex Section Terminating Equipment
  MSTP        Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  MSTR        Maximum Sustained Transmission Rate
  MSTV        Maximum Service Television
  MSU         Maintenance Signal Unit
  MSU         Management Signal Unit
  MSU         Message Service Unit (NetView)
  MSU         Message Signal Unit
  MSU         Metallic Services Unit
  MSU         Mobile Subscriber Unit
  MSU         Multiblock Synchronization Unit
  MSU         Multiple Signal Unit
  MSU         Multipoint Signaling Unit
  MSUX        Mass-Storage Unit specifier
  MSV         Major Software Vendor
  MSV         MTX Service Code Dialing
  MSV         Multiple Speed Variant
  MSVC        Meta-Signaling Virtual Channel
  MSVC        Microsoft Visual C++
  MSVC        MTX Service
  MSVC++      Microsoft Visual C++
  MSVCI       Metasignaling Virtual Channel Identifier
  MSVI        Metasignalling Virtual Channel Identifier
  MSW         Machine Status Word
  MSW         Microsoft Windows
  MSW         Most Significant Word
  mswm        Microsoft Windows Windows Manager
  MSX         MicroSoft (Inc.) eXtended basic
  MSX         Mobile Services Exchange
  MSYNC       Master Synchronization
  MT          ISO country code for Republic of Malta
  MT          Machine Translation
  MT          Magnetic Tape
  MT          Maintenance
  MT          Management Tool
  MT          Measured Time
  MT          Mechanical Transfer
  MT          Message Transfer
  MT          Message Type
  MT          Mobile Terminal
  MT          Mobile Terminated
  MT          Mobile Termination
  MT          MultiThread
  MT          Multi-Threaded
  MT          U.S. postal code for Montana
  MT (0,1,2)  Mobile Termination
  MT&T        Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company
  MTA         Mail Transfer Agent
  MTA         Mail Transport Agent
  MTA         Maintenance Set Allowed
  MTA         Major Trading Area
  MTA         Message Transfer Agent
  MTA         Message Transport Address
  MTA         Message Transport Agent
  MTA         Metallic Test Access
  MTA         Multimedia Terminals and Applications
  MTAC        Mathematical Tables and other Aids to Computation
  MTAE        Message Transfer Agent Entity
  MTAE        Metallic Test Access Equipment
  MTAE        Multi Terminal ASCII Emulator (IBM)
  MTAR        Multiple Terminal Address Registration
  MTAS        Maintenance Trunk Access System
  MTAU        Metallic Test Access Unit
  MTB         Metallic Test Bus
  MTBB        Mean Time Between Breakdowns
  MTBCF       Mean Time Between Component Failures
  MTBCF       Mean Time Between Critical Failures
  MTBD        Mean Time Between Degradations
  MTBDL       Mean Time Before Data Loss
  MTBE        Mean Time Between Errors
  MTBF        Mean Time Between Failures
  MTBF        Mean Time Between Faults
  MTBI        Mean Time Between Interruptions
  MTBO        Mean Time Between Outages
  MTBO        Mean Time Between Overhauls
  MTBP        Mean Time Between Pointers
  MTBSO       Mean Time Between Service Outages
  MTC         Magnetic Tape Cartridge
  MTC         Magnetic Tape Center
  MTC         Magnetic Tape Controller
  MTC         Main Transit Center
  MTC         Maintenance
  MTC         Maintenance Task
  MTC         Maintenance, Timing, and Control
  MTC         Master Test Component
  MTC         Matrix-to-Cross-Thread Index
  MTC         Mini Test Cycle
  MTC         Mobile Terminating Call
  MTC         Mobile-Terminated Call
  MTCB        Maintenance Base
  MTCE        Maintenance
  MTCELIMD    Maintenance Limited
  MTCK        Maintenance Check
  MTCNF       Meet Me Conference Circuits
  MTCP        Mobile Transmission Control Protocol
  MTCSI       Maintenance Software Interface
  MTCT        Multi-Test Case Table
  MTCXO       Mathematically Temperature-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  MTD         Magnetic Tape Drive
  MTD         Maintenance Set Denied
  MTD         MDII: Address Signaling Error- Mutilated Digit
  MTD         Memory Technology Driver
  MTE         Meridian Terminal Emulation
  MTE         Metallic Test Equipment
  MTE         Module Test Equipment
  MTEX        Multi-Tasking Executive
  MTF         Master Trouble File
  MTF         Microsoft Tape Format
  MTF         Modulation Transfer Function
  MTG         Main Traffic Group
  MTG         Multi-Tasking Graphics
  MTI         Moving Target Indicator (radar)
  MTIE        Maximum Time Interval Error
  MTL         Message Transfer Layer
  MTL         Message Transfer Layer (X.400)
  MTL         Montreal
  MTL         Multichannel Telecommunications Link
  MTM         Maintenance Trunk Module
  MTM         Milestone Task Manager
  MTM         Miscellaneous Trunk Module
  MTM         Mobile-To-Mobile
  MTM         Mobile-To-Mobile (call)
  MTM         Module Test and Maintenance
  MTMP        Magnetic Tape Maintenance Package
  MTN         Mega Transport Network
  MTNJ        Morristown, New Jersey
  MTNN        Multi-Telecommunications-Network Navigation
  MTO         Multitraffic Office
  MTOPS       Million Theoretical Operations Per Second
  MTP         Magnetic Tape Processor
  MTP         Master Time Plan
  MTP         Message Transfer Part
  MTP         Message Transfer Part (of ITU-T Signalling System No. 7)
  MTP         Mobile Transport
  MTP         Multicast Transport Protocol
  MTP         Multimedia Transport Protocol
  MTP2        Message Transfer Part 2
  MTR         Mean Time to Repair
  MTR         Metering
  MTRP        Magnetic Tape Read and Print Program
  MTRS        Message Transport and Routing Service
  MTS         Manitoba Telephone Services
  MTS         Manitoba Telephone System
  MTS         Mechanized Translations System
  MTS         Member of Technical Staff
  MTS         Message Telecommunications Service
  MTS         Message Telephone Service
  MTS         Message Transfer Service
  MTS         Message Transfer Service (X.400)
  MTS         Message Transfer System
  MTS         Message Transmission Subsystem
  MTS         Message Transport System
  MTS         Methods for Testing and Specification
  MTS         Methods for Testing and Specification (ETSI TC, former ATM)
  MTS         Michigan Terminal System
  MTS         Microsoft Transaction Server
  MTS         Mobile Telephone Service
  MTS         Multichannel Television Sound
  MTSE        Message Transfer Service Element
  MTSE        Multiplex Table Signalling Entity
  MTSO        Mobile Telecommunications Switching Office
  MTSO        Mobile Telephone Switching Office
  MTSP        Mag Tape Summary Program
  MTSR        Mean Time to Service Restoral
  MTT         Mobile Test Terminal
  MTT         Multi-Transaction Timer
  MTTD        Mean Time To Diagnose
  MTTF        Mean Time To Fail
  MTTF        Mean Time To Failure
  MTTFF       Mean Time To First Failure
  MTTR        Mean Time To Repair
  MTTR        Mean Time To Restore
  MTTS        Meridian Text Telephony System
  MTTSR       Mean Time To Service Restoral
  MTTY        Maintenance TTY
  MTU         Magnetic Tape Unit
  MTU         Maintenance Terminating Unit
  MTU         Maintenance Termination Unit
  MTU         Maximum Transfer Unit
  MTU         Maximum Transmission Unit
  MTU         Maximum Transmittable Unit
  MTU         Maximum Transport Unit
  MTU         Metallic Test Unit
  MTU         Mobile Terminating Unit (TETRA)
  MTU         Multiline Test Unit
  MTU         Multiport Transceiver Unit
  MTUP        MCI TUP
  MTV         Mountain View
  MTV         Move-To-Vacant
  MTV         Music Television
  MTWX        Mechanized Teletypewriter Exchange
  MTX         Matrix
  MTX         Mobile Telephone Exchange
  MTX         Multiplexor Session
  MTX         Multiplexor Transactor
  MU          ISO country code for Mauritius
  MU          Mark Up
  MU          Memory Unit
  MU          Message Unit
  MU          Missed or Unprocessed
  MU          Mobile User
  Mu          Muenztelefon (Payphone)
  MU          Multidestinational Unidirectional
  MU          Multiple Directional, Unidirectional
  MU          Multipoint Unit
  MUA         Mail User Agent
  MUA         Maintenance Group Unblocking Acknowledgement Signal
  MUAG        Military Users Advisory Group
  MUB         Multi-Use Bearer
  MUBS        Multi-Use Bearer Service
  MUBW        Minimum Usable BandWidth
  MUD         Memory Usage Database
  MUD         Multiple User Dialogue
  MUD         Multiple User Dimension
  MUD         Multiple User Dungeon
  MUD         Multi-User Domain
  MUF         Maximum Usable Frequency (Short Wave Propagation)
  MUF         Maximum Useable Frequency
  MUFASA      Multiple-FPGA Alternative SIMBA Architecture
  MUI         Multimedia User Interface
  MULDEM      Multiplex/Demultiplex
  MULDEX      Digital Multiplexer Plus Demultiplexer
  MULDEX      MULtiplexer-DEmultipleXer
  MULE        Minimal USES List Enforcement
  MULTICS     Multiuser Interactive Computer System
  MUM         Multi-Unit Message
  MUMPS       Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System
  MUMPS       Massachusetts general hospital Utility MultiProgramming System
  MUMR        Multiunit Message Rate
  MUMS        Multi User Mobile Station
  MUMS        Multiprocessor Utility and Monitoring System
  MUP         Management of User Ports
  MUP         Millenium Update Program
  MUPID       MultiUse Programmable Intelligent Decoder
  MUS         Music
  MUSA        Multiple-Unit Steerable Antenna
  MUSC        Multi User Signaling Channel
  MUSE        Multiple Sub-Nyquist Sampling Encoding
  MUSE        MUltiple sub-nyquist Sampling Encoding  (HDTV)
  MUSE        Multi-User Shared Environment
  MUSE        Multi-User Simulation Environment
  MUSH        Multi-User Shared Hallucination
  MUSI        Macintosh/UNIX Systems Integration
  MUSICAM     Masking-pattern adapted Universal Sub-band Integrated Coding And Multiplexing
  MUT         Master Upper Tester
  MUT         Mean Up Time
  MUT         Modem Under Test
  mutex       Mutual Exclusion
  MUX         MUltipleX  (multiplexer)
  MUX         Multiplexer
  MUX         MUltipleXer
  MUX         time MUXtiplexor
  MUX1.2      Signalling MUltipleX Mode 1 (two-bit signalling)
  MUX1.4      Signalling MUltipleX Mode 1 (four-bit signalling)
  MUX2        Signalling MUltipleX Mode 2
  MUX3        Signalling MUltipleX Mode 3
  MV          ISO country code for Republic of Maldives
  MV          Machine Vision
  MV          Mandatory Variable Length
  MV          Market View
  mV          Millivolt(s)
  MV          Motion Vector
  MVAS        Multi-Vendor Application Support+B3857
  MVC         Manual Volume Control
  MVC         Model-View-Controller
  MVC         Multivendor Capability
  MVC         Multivendor Capacity
  MVCC        Metasignaling Virtual Channel Connection
  MVD         Motion Vector Data
  MVDM        Multiple Virtual DOS Machine
  MVDS        Microwave Video Distribution Service
  MVDS        Microwave Video Distribution System
  MVDS        Multipoint Video Distribution System
  MVFS        Multiversion File System
  MVGA        Monochrome Video Graphics Array
  MVI         Multiple-Vendor Interface
  MVI         Multi-Vendor Interactions
  MVIP        Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol
  MVM         Meridian Voice Mail
  MVME        Motorola VME
  MVN         Multimedia Virtual Network
  MVP         Multiline Variety Package
  MVP         Multimedia Video Processor
  MVP         Multiple Vendor Program
  MVP1D       Multiline Variety Package 1-Digit
  MVP1NL      Multiline Variety Package 1-Digit Number List
  MVP1SH      Multiline Variety Package 1-Digit Shared List Owner
  MVP2D       Multiline Variety Package 2-Digit
  MVP2NL      Multiline Variety Package 2-Digit Number List
  MVP2SH      Multiline Variety Package 2-Digit Shared List Owner
  MVPSH1      Multiline Variety Package Shared 1-Digit
  MVPSH2      Multiline Variety Package Shared 2-Digit
  MVR         Multiple Virtual Router
  MVS         Multiple Virtual Storage
  MVS         Multiple Virtual System
  MVS         Multipoint Video Service
  MVS         Multipoint Videoconferencing Service
  MVS/ESA     Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended System Architecture
  MVS/TSO     Multiple Virtual Storage /TSO (IBM)
  MVS/XA      Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended Architecture
  MVSt        Muttervermittlungsstelle (parent exchange for foreign connection)
  MVT         MoVemenT
  MVT         Multiprogramming with a Variable Number of Tasks
  MW          ISO country code for Republic of Malawi
  MW          Medium Wave
  MW          Medium Wave  (500...1600 kHz)
  MW          Message Waiting
  MW          Microwave
  MW          Milliwatt Test Line
  mW          Milliwatt(s)
  MW          Multilink Window
  MW          Multiwink
  MW          Multiwink Signaling
  MWB         Monitoring Workbench
  MWBL        Milliwatt Balanced Line
  MWC         Message Waiting Center
  MWC         Multi-Way Call
  MWC         Multi-Way Calling
  MWCAM       Multi-Way Calling for Analog Member of EKTS
  MWI         Message Waiting Indication
  MWI         Message Waiting Indicator
  MWIC        Message Waiting Indicator Control
  MWICB       Message Waiting Indicator Control Billing Records
  MWID        Message Waiting Indicator Deactivation
  MWIDACC     Message Waiting Indicator Deactivation Access Code
  MWIDB       Message Waiting Indicator Deactivation Billing Records
  MWIDC       Message Waiting Indication
  MWIDGID     Message Waiting Indicator Control Default Group Identifier
  MWIMAX      Maximum Number of Outstanding MWI Control Requests
  MWINUM      Number of Message Waiting Indicators Assigned
  MWL         Message Waiting Lamp
  MWLC        Modular World Line Card
  MWM         Motif Window Manager
  mwm         Motif Window Manager
  MWN         Message Waiting Notification
  MWP         Message Waiting Point
  MWPT        Message Waiting Point
  MWPTAM      Message Waiting Point for Analog Member of EKTS
  MWQ         Message Waiting Query
  MWQRY       Message Waiting Query
  MWT         Message Waiting
  MWT         Message Waiting Tone
  MWTN        Multiwavelength Transport Network
  MX          ISO country code for United Mexican States (Mexico)
  MX          Mail Exchange
  MX          Mail Exchanger
  MX          Mixed
  MX          MultipleXor
  MXM         Misaligned Access Enable
  MXR         Multiplexer
  MXRVO       Multiple Transmit/Receive Virtual Overhead
  MXU         Message Transfer Unit
  MY          ISO country code for Malaysia
  MY          Man-Year
  MZ          ISO country code for People's Republic of Mozambique
  MZ          Mark Zbikowski

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- N -


  n           nano (10-9)
  N           Negative
  N           Network
  N           Network Layer
  N           Network Layer Service
  N           Neutral conductor
  N           newton
  N           Nibble
  N           No
  N           Node
  N           Noise
  N           None
  N           Normal
  N           North
  n           Number (short or int)
  N(R)        Receive Sequence Number
  N(R)        transmitter receive sequence number
  N(S)        Send Sequence Number
  N(S)        transmitter send sequence number
  N(S)N       National (Significant) Number
  N/A         Not Applicable
  N/A         Not Available
  N/C         Normally Closed
  N/C         Numerical Control
  N/I         Noise to Interference Ratio
  N/O         Normally Open
  N/S         Not Supported
  N/W         Network
  N1          Maximum number of bits in an X.25 frame
              as defined in Recommendation X.25, § (LAPB)
  N11         N11 Trigger
  N11SC       N11 Service Codes
  N1X75       X.75 Parameter N1 (Maximum Number of Bits in an InformationFrame)
  N2          Maximum Number of Attempts to Complete a SuccessfulTransmission, LAPB
  N2          Maximum number of attempts to complete a transmission
  N200        LAPD Number of Retransmittals Before Recovery Procedure
  N200P       LAPD Number of Retransmittals Before Recovery Procedure, for PRI
  N2X75       X.75 Parameter N2 (Maximum Number of Attemps to Complete aTransmission)
  N6          Number 6 Signaling
  N6TU        Number 6 Signaling Test Unit
  NA          ISDN Calling Name Identification Services
  NA          ISO country code for Namibia
  NA          National
  NA          Network Access
  NA          Network Adapter
  NA          Network Address
  NA          Network Architecture
  NA          Network Aspects (ETSI TC)
  NA          Night Alarm
  NA          No Assurance
  NA          North America
  NA          North American
  NA          Not Accessible
  NA          Not Applicable
  NA          Not Available
  NA          Numerical Aperture
  NAA         Node Administrator Application (DSA-Bull)
  NAAD        Nortel Access Authentication Daemon
  NAAG        North American Architecture Guild
  NAB         National Association of Broadcasters (USA)
  NAB         Netscape Application Builder
  NABER       National Association of Business and Educational Radio
  NABTS       National Association of Broadcast Transmission Standards
  NABTS       North American Basic Teletext Specification
  NAC         Network Access Corporation
  NAC         Network Administration Center
  NAC         Network Administrative Center
  NAC         Network Attendant Console
  NAC         Node Access Control
  NAC         Node Administration Card
  NAC         Non-Area Code
  NACD        Network Automatic Call Distribution
  NACD        Networked Automatic Call Distribution
  NACK        Negative Acknowledgement
  NACK        No ACKnowledgment
  NACN        North American Cellular Network
  NACP        North Atlantic Consultative Progress  (CEPT-FCC)
  NACS        Network Asynchronous Communication Server
  NACS        No Active-Channel Selector
  NAD         Network Access Device
  NADC        North American Digital Cellular
  NADC        Not-Acceptable Data Code
  NADF        North American Directory Forum
  NAE         Network Address Extension
  NAFIN       Netherlands Armed Forces Integrated Network
  NAFTA       North American Free Trade Agreement
  NAG         Node Assessment Graph
  NAG         Numerical Algorithms Group
  NAIS        Network Access Interface Specification
  NAK         Negative Acknowledge
  NAK         Negative Acknowledgement
  NAL         Network Access Line
  NAL         Not Allowed
  NAL         Novell Application Launcher
  NAM         Network Access Method
  NAM         Network Access Module
  NAM         Number Assignment Module
  NAMA        North America Mobile Association
  NAMAS       National Measurement Accreditation Service
  NAMF        North American Multifrequency
  NAMPS       Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service
  NAMPS       Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System
  N-AMPS      Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System
  NAMTYP      Name Delivery Type
  NAN         Neighborhood Area Network
  NAN         Network Access Node
  NAN         Norton Administrator for Networks
  NAN         Not a Number
  NaN         Not a Number
  NAN         Not-a-Number
  NANA ASZ    National Operator Signal message
  NANA CBK    National Clearback message
  NANA EHZ    National Onhook Signal message
  NANA GRQ    National General Request message
  NANA GSM    National General Forward Setup Information message
  NANA IDE    National Identification End message
  NANA IDF    National Identification message
  NANA RAN    National Re-Answer message
  NANC        North American Numbering Council
  NANOG       North American Network Operators' Group
  NANP        North American Numbering Plan
  NANPA       North American Numbering Plan Administration
  NANPA       North American Numbering Plan Administrator
  NAP         Network Access Point
  NAP         Network Access Provider
  NAP         Network Adjunct Peripheral
  NAP         Network Agent Protocol
  NAP         Network-Access Protocol
  NAP         Normal Approval Procedure (ETSI)
  NAPI        Numbering and Addressing Plan Indicator
  NAPI        Numbering/Address Plan Identifier
  NAPLP       North American Presentation Layer Protocol
  NAPLPS      North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax
  NAR         Name and Reason
  NARC        Node Aspect Return Code
  NARC        Non-Automatic Relay Center
  NARP        NBMA Address Resolution Protocol
  NARRG       North American Repair and Remanufacture Group
  NARS        Network Access Registers
  NARS        Network Alternate Route Selection
  NARUC       National Association of Regulatory and Utility Commissioners
  NAS         Netscape Application Server
  NAS         Network Access Server
  NAS         Network Access Signaling
  NAS         Network Administration System
  NAS         Network Analysis System
  NAS         Network Application Support
  NAS         Network Applications Services
  NAS         Network Applications System
  NAS         Network Attendant Service
  NAS         Nominal Aggregate Signal
  NAS         North American Standard
  NASA        National Aeronautic and Space Administration (USA)
  NASC        800 Number Administration and Service Center
  NASI        NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface
  NASNA       National Association of State Nine-One-One Administrators
  NASP        Network Application Service Part
  NASS        Network Access Signalling System
  NAT         NATural unit of information control, information content natural unit
  NAT         Network Address Translation
  Nat         Network Address Translator
  NATA        North American Telecommunications Association
  NATO        North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  NATOA       National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors
  NATS        National Air Traffic Services
  NATS        North American Terrestrial System
  NATTA       Not AT&T Anymore
  NAU         Network Access Unit
  NAU         Network Addressable Unit (SNA)
  NAU         Network-Accessible Unit
  NAV         Net Allocation Vector
  NAV         Network Allocation Vector
  NAV         Network Applications Vehicle
  NAV         Norton AntiVirus
  NAWS        Negotiate About Window Size
  NAXLAR      North American Translations and Routing
  NB          Narrowband
  NB          Network Buffer
  NB          New Band
  NB          Non-Blocking
  NB          Normal Burst
  NB          Nota Bene (Mark Well)
  NB          Postal code for New Brunswick
  NBBS        Networking BroadBand Services
  NBC         National Broadcasting Company Inc. (USA)
  NBC         Network Bearer Channel
  NBC         Number of B-Channels
  NBCCTOEDN   Number of On-Demand B-Channels Per Call Type Per OE/DN
  NBD         Next Business Day
  NBDG        New Business Development Group
  NBEC        Non-Bell Exchange Carrier
  NBF         NetBEUI Frame
  NBF CP      NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol
  NBFCP       NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol
  NBFM        Narrow Band Frequency Modulation
  NBH         Network Busy Hour
  NBI         Northern Business Information
  NBIN        A parameter in the hopping sequence
  NBL         Notification Busy Limit
  NBLH        Network Blockage Heavy Traffic Treatment
  NBLN        Network Blockage Normal Traffic Treatment
  NBM         National Backward Message
  NBMA        Non-Broadcast Multiple Access
  NBMS        Nortel Business Management System
  NBN         Nonblocking Network
  NBNS        NetBIOS Name Server
  NBO         Network Build-Out
  NBOC        Network Build-Out Capacitance
  NBOR        Network Build-Out Resistance
  NBS         National Bureau of Standards (USA, now NIST)
  NBS         New British Standard
  NBSS        Nortel Base Station Subsystem
  NBSV        Narrow Band Secure Voice
  NBT         NetBIOS Over TCP/IP
  NBTel       New Brunswick Telephone
  NBTR        Narrow Band Tape Recorder
  NBU         Nortel Business Unit
  NBVM        Narrow Band Voice Modulation
  NC          ISO country code for New Caledonia
  NC          National Committee (CEN)
  NC          Netscape Communicator
  NC          Network Channel
  NC          Network Cluster
  NC          Network Computer
  NC          Network Computing
  NC          Network Congestion
  NC          Network Connect(ion)
  NC          Network Control
  NC          Network Controller
  NC          Network Crosspoint
  NC          No Circuit
  NC          Normally Closed
  NC          Normally Closed (Switch/Relay Contacts)
  NC          Not Connected
  NC          Number Complete indication
  NC          Numerical Control
  NC          U.S. postal code for North Carolina
  NCA         Network Computing Architecture (IBM)
  NCA         No-Circuit Announcement
  NCA         Non-Call Associated
  NCAP        Number of Call Appearances
  NCAPI       Netscape Client API
  NCAR        National Center for Atmospheric Research
  NCAS        Non-Call-Associated Signaling
  NCB         NetBIOS Control Block
  NCB         Network Control Block
  NCC         National Color Code
  NCC         National Computer Conference (USA)
  NCC         National Computing Center (UK)
  NCC         National Computing Center for OSTC
  NCC         National Co-ordination Centre
  NCC         Network Centric Computing
  NCC         Network Colour Code
  NCC         Network Communications Corporation
  NCC         Network Control Center
  NCC         Network Coordination Centre
  NCC         New Common Carrier
  NCC         Public Land Mobile Network Colour Code
  NCCD        Network dependent Call Connection Delay
  NCCE        Novell Collaborative Computing Environment
  NCCF        Network Communication Control Facility (NetView)
  NCCF        Network Communications Control Facility
  NCCI        Network Call Correlation Identifier
  NCCI        Network Control Center Interface
  NCCI        New Common Carrier Interface
  NCCL        Network Controlled Coin Line
  NCCR        Non-Continuous Coverage Region
  NCCU        North Carolina Central University
  NCD         Network Call Distributor
  NCD         Network Computing Devices
  NCD         Non-Check Dummy Character
  NCDA        No Call Delivery Activatable
  NCDA        No Call Delivery Activation
  N-CDMA      Narrowband CDMA
  NCE         Network Connection Endpoint
  NCE         Nomadic Computer Environment
  NCEG        Numerical C Extensions Group
  NCEITA      North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association
  NCELL       Neighbouring (or current serving) CELL
  NCF         National Communications Forum
  NCF         Netware Configuration File
  NCF         Network Control Facility(ies)
  NCFU        Network Call Forwarding Universal
  NCG         Network-side Command Generator
  NCGA        National Computer Graphics Association (USA)
  NCGN        Calling Name
  NCGN        North Carolina GigaNet
  nCgPC       National Calling Party Category
  NCHO        Network Controlled Handover
  NCI         Network Channel Interface
  NCI         Network Component Interface
  NCICS       Networked Call-Independent, Connection-Oriented Signalling
  NCID        Network Clear Indication Delay
  NCIH        North Carolina Information Highway
  NCIL        Network Controlled Inmate Line
  NCL         Neighbor Cell List
  NCL         Network Control Language (IBM)
  NCL         Non CM Load
  NCL         Novatel Communications Ltd.
  NCLK        Network Clock
  NCM         Network Channel Manager
  NCM         Network Cluster Member
  NCMS        Network Connection Management Subprotocol (ISO)
  NCNL        Network Controlled Non-Coin Line
  NCO         Network Camp-On
  NCO         Network Control Office
  NCO         Numerically Controlled Oscillator
  NCON        Connected Name
  NCOP        Network Code Of Practice (ETSI)
  NCOS        Network Class of Service
  NCOSE       National Council on Systems Engineering
  NCP         NetWare Core Protocol
  NCP         Network Control Point
  NCP         Network Control Processor
  NCP         Network Control Program (SNA)
  NCP         Network Control Protocol
  NCP         Network Controller Processor
  NCPAS       Network Control Point Administration System
  NCR         National Cash Register Company
  NCR         Network Completion Reports
  NCR         Network-generated Call Reference
  NCR         No Circuit Available, Circuit Request Left
  NCR         Non-Call Related
  NCR         Null Call Reference
  NCREN       North Carolina Research and Education Network
  NCRT        No-Circuit Route Treatment
  NCS         National Communication(s) System
  NCS         Network Clock Synchronization
  NCS         Network Combiner and Switching
  NCS         Network Computing System (Apollo)
  NCS         Network Control Station
  NCS         Network Control System
  NCS         Network Coordination Station
  NCS         NORTEL Communications Systems
  NCSA        National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  NCSA        National Computer Security Association
  NCSC        National Computer Security Center
  NCSI        Network Communications Services Interface
  NCSK        Network-Controlled Soft Key
  ncsl        Non-Commentary Source Lines
  NCSU        North Carolina State University
  NCT         Network Control and Timing
  NCT         Night Closing Trunk
  NCT         No Call Transfer
  NCTA        National Cable Television Association
  NCTC        Network Configuration Tracking Capability
  NCTE        Network Channel Terminating Equipment
  NCU         NEAT Communication Unit
  NCU         Node Control Unit
  NCUG        National Centrex User Group
  NCWV        Noncall Work Volume
  ND          Neighbor Discovery
  ND          Network Equipment Building System Data
  ND          Non-Directional (antenna)
  ND          Nortel Dasa
  ND          Number Delivery
  ND          U.S. postal code for North Dakota
  NDA         National Directory Assistance
  NDA         Network Design and Analysis Corp.
  NDA         Non-Disclosure Agreement
  NDAC        No Data ACcepted (IEEE-488 Bus Signal)
  NDB         Network Data Base
  NDB         Network Database
  NDB         Network-Determined Busy
  NDB         Non Directional Beacon
  NDBM        New Database Manager
  NDC         National Destination Code
  NDC         Network Data Collection
  NDC         Network Destination Code
  NDC         No Double Connect
  NDC         Normalized Device Coordinates
  NDCOS       Network Data Collection Operations System
  NDD         Network Diagnostic Division
  NDES        Normal Digital Echo Suppressor
  NDF         New Data Flag
  NDFA        Non-Dedicated File Area
  NDFSM       Non-Deterministic Finite State Machine
  NDIS        Network Device Interface Specification
  NDIS        Network Driver Interface Specification
  NDL         Natural Database Language
  NDL         Non-Defined Customer Location
  NDLC        Non-Data-Link Console
  NDM         Network Data Model
  NDM         Network Data Mover
  NDM         Normal Disconnected Mode
  NDN         National Data Number
  NDN         Non-Delivery Notification
  NDP         Numeric Data Processor
  NDPS        NetWare Distributed Print Services
  NDPS        Nondisruptive Path Switch(ing)
   NDPS        Nonstandard Default Packet Sizes
  NDPS        Novell Distributed Print Services
  NDR         Network Data Representation
  NDR         Non-Delivery Report
  NDR         Non-Destructive Read
  NDRO        Non-Destructive Read Out
  NDS         NetWare Directory Services
  NDS         Network Data System
  NDS         Novell Directory Services
  NDS1        Number of DS1 Facilities
  NDSE        National Data Switching Exchange
  NDSF        Non-Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
  NDT         Net Data Throughput
  NDT         No Dial Tone
  NDT         Non-Destructive Testing
  NDU         Network Data Unit
  NDUB        Network-Defined User Busy
  NDVA        Network Design & Validation Authority
  NDW         Norton Desktop for Windows
  NDWS        Nonstandard Default Window Sizes
  NE          ISO country code for Republic of the Niger
  NE          Near End
  NE          Negotiated Exit
  NE          Network Element
  NE          Network Entity
  NE          Network Equipment
  NE          New Executable
  NE          Northeast
  NE          Northern Electric
  NE          Not Equal To
  NE          Numeric Error
  NE          Numeric Exception
  NE          U.S. postal code for Nebraska
  NEA         NEtwork Architecture (Siemens)
  NEA         Non-Equal Access
  NEAB        NEA User Layer Protocol (Siemens)
  NEAN        NEA Network Layer Protocol (Siemens)
  NEAT        Network Evaluation and Test System
  NEATE       NEA Transport Layer Protocol (Siemens)
  NEB         Netscape Extension Builder
  NEBE        Near End Block Error
  NEBS        Network Equipment-Building System
  NEBSFR      Network Equipment- Building System Family of Requirements
  NEC         National Electrical Code
  NEC         National Electronics Conference
  NEC         Nederlands Elektrotechnisch Comite (NL)
  NEC         New Entrant Carrier
  NEC         Nippon Electric Comp. (JAP)
  NEC         Northern Electric Company
  NECA        National Exchange Carrier Association
  NECM        Network Element Configuration Management
  NECOS       Network Coordinating Station
  NECQ        National Electronic Components Quality
  NECRD       NEC Reasearch and Development (periodical)
  NECS        Network Element Capability Specification
  NECTI       Network Enabled Computer Telephony Integration
  NED         National ETSI Delegation
  NEDT        Network Editor Tools
  NEED        Nodal End-to-End Data message
  NEF         Network Element Function
  NEF/CA      Network Element Function/Capability Assignment
  NEFA        Near End Failure
  NEG         Negative
  NEGT        Near End (Initiator) Global Title
  NEGX        Negate with Extend (680x0 inst)
  NEI         Network Element Interface
  NEI         Network Entity Identifier
  NEI         Network Equipment Identifier
  NEIT        Negative Enhanced Imaging Technology
  NEK         Norsk Elektroteknisk Komite (N)
  NEL         Network Element Layer
  NEL         Next Event List
  NEL         Next Line
  NELB        Near-End Loopback
  NEM         Network Element Management
  NEM         Network Event Monitor (Bell)
  NEMA        National Electrical Manufacturers Association (USA)
  NEMA        Network Element Memory Administration
  NEMAC       Network Management and Control
  NEMESYS     Network Management Expert System
  NEMKO       Norwegian Board for Testing and Approval of Electrical Equipment
  NEMOS       Network Management Operations System
  NEMP        Nuclear ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMI)
  NEMS        Network Executive Message Service
  NEMW        Network Executive Message Waiting
  NENA        National Emergency Number Administrators
  NEO         Network Objects
  NEO         Networked Objects
  NEOFF       Near-End Office
  Nep         NailedUpEndPoint
  NEP         Noise Equivalent Power
  NEPC        Near End (Initiator) Point Code
  NEQ         Not Equipped
  NERA        National Economic Research Associates
  NERVE       Network Evaluation, Reporting and Verification
  NES         Network Encryption System
  NES         Non-Expanded Spectrum
  NESAC       National Electronic Systems Assistance Center
  NESC        National Electrical Safety Code
  NESP        Near End (Initiator) Signalling Point
  NEST        Novell Embedded Systems Technology
  net         Major network support centers domain
  NET         Network
  NET         New England Telephone
  NET         Norme Européenne de Télécommunication
  NET         Null End-Tag
  NETBEUI     NETBios Extended User Interface (IBM)
  NetBIOS     Network Basic Input/Output System
  NETBLT      Network Block Transfer
  NETC        Network Combined
  NETC        Network Evaluation and Test Center
  NETCGID     Network Customer Group Identifier
  NETD        Noise-Equivalent Temperature Difference (Thermometry)
  NETG        National Educational Training Group
  NETI        Network Management International
  NETID       NETwork IDentification (SNA)
  NetLS       Network License System
  NETM        Network Maintenance
  NETMATE     NeETwork Management Analysis and Testing Environment
  NETRAG      Network Ring Again
  NETS        Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service
  NETSTAR     Network Subscriber Transaction and Recording System
  NEV         Network Event
  NEW         Establish service
  NEWACD      Establish new Automatic Call Distribution set
  NEWDN       Assign block of DNs, RCF
  Newi        New World Infrastructure
  NEWRO       New Responsible Organization
  NEWS        NetWare Early Warning System
  NEWS        Network Error Warning System (Net/Master, IBM)
  NeWS        Network-Extensible Window System
  NEXT        Near-End Crosstalk
  NF          ISO country code for Norfolk Island
  NF          Nested Flag
  NF          Network Function
  NF          Node Function
  NF          Noise Factor
  NF          Noise Figure
  NF          Normal Frame
  NF          Not Found
  NF          Notch Filter
  NF          NUI Format
  NF          Postal code for Newfoundland
  NFA         Network Facility Access
  NFA         Network File Access (MAP/TOP- upper 3 layers from IBM, Intel, Microsoft)
  NFA         Nondeterministic Finite Automaton
  NFAS        Non-Facility Associated Signaling
  NFE         Network Facilities Extension
  NFE         New Front End
  NFET        N-Channel Junction Field-Effect Transistor
  NFF         Neutral File Format
  NFF         No Fault Found
  NFI         Network Function Identification
  NFM         National Forward Message
  NFM         Network File Manager
  NFOEC       National Fiber Optic Engineering Conference
  NFOS        Near Field Optical Scanning
  NFP         Nonpreemptive Fixed Priority
  NFP         Note Format Parameter
  NFPA        National Fire Protection Association
  NFR         Near-Field Recording
  NFS         Name File System
  NFS         Network File System (SUN)
  NFY         Notify
  NG          ISO country code for Federal Republic of Nigeria
  NG          Newsgroup
  NG          Next Generation
  NG          Noise Guard
  NG          Non-Gating
  NG          Number Group
  NGDLC       Next-Generation Digital Loop Carrier
  NGI         Next Generation Internet
  NG-IDLC     Next Generation Integrated Digital Loop Carrier
  NGIS        Next Generation Information System
  NGLC        New Generation Line Circuit
  NGN         Next Generation Network(s)
  NGN         Next Generation Node
  NGN-CS      NGN Call Server
  NGN-MSH     NGN Multi-Services Hub
  NGO         Nongovernment Organization
  NGP         Next Generation Products
  NGS         Next Generation Switch
  NGSO        Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit
  NH          National Host
  NH          Network Header
  NH          U.S. postal code for New Hampshire
  NHB         Non-Hard-Blocking
  NHC         Negative High Current
  NHC         Next Hop Client
  NHC         NHRP Client
  NHD         Networking Hardware Division
  NHK         Nippon Hoso Kyokai
  NHLF        Network High Level Function
  NHLFE       Next Hop Label Forwarding Entry
  NHN         Non-Hunt Terminal
  NHOB        Non-specific Hierarchical Operational Binding
  NHRP        Next Hop Resolution Protocol
  NHRP        Next Hop Routing Protocol
  NHS         Next Hop Server
  NHS         NHRP Server
  NHT         No Hazard Test
  NHTML       Netscape HTML
  NI          ISO country code for Republic of Nicaragua
  NI          National Indicator
  NI          National ISDN
  NI          Network Identifier
  NI          Network Identity
  NI          Network Indicator
  NI          Network Interconnect
  NI          Network Interconnection
  NI          Network Interface
  NI          Network Inventory
  NI          New Instructions
  NI          No Impact
  NI          No Increase
  NI          Non-Interlaced
  NI          Normalized Indicator
  NI          Notification Indicator
  NI          Number Incomplete Indicator
  NI-1        National ISDN-1
  NI-2        National ISDN-2
  NI-3        National ISDN-3
  NIA         Network Information Appliance
  NIA         Network Interface Adapter (OSI-SNA)
  NIA         Number of Initial Address
  NIB         Negative Impedance Booster
  NIB         Network Indicator Bit
  NIC         National ISDN Council
  NIC         Near-Instantaneous Companding
  NIC         Nearly Instantaneous Companding
  NIC         Negative Impedance Converter
  NIC         Network Independent Clock
  NIC         Network Independent Clocking
  NIC         Network Information Center
  NIC         Network Interface Card
  NIC         Not In Context
  NIC2S       Network-Intensive Computing and Communicating Systems
  NiCad       Nickel Cadmium
  NICAM       Near-Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
  NICAM       Nearly-Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
  NICC        Network Interoperability Consultative Committee
  NICE        Network Information Control Exchange (DECnet protocol)
  NICE        Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel
  NID         Network Identifier
  NID         Network Interface Device
  NID         Network Inward Dialing
  NID         Next IDentification
  NIDL        Network Interface Definition Language
  NIF         Neighborhood Information Frame
  NIFC        Netscape Internet Foundation Classes
  NIFE        Near Inhibition Far Excitation
  NIH         National Institutes of Health
  NIH         Not Invented Here
  NIHCL       National Institutes of Health Class Library
  NII         National Information Insfrastructure (USA)
  NII         Network Independent Interface
  NIIF        Network Interconnection & Interoperablity Forum
  NIIT        National Information Infrastructure Testbed
  NIK         Nickelodeon
  NIL         Network Interface Layer (DPA)
  NIM         Network Install Manager
  NIM         Network Installation Maintenance
  NIM         Network Interface Module
  NIM         Number of Inherited Methods
  NiMH        Nickel-Metal-Hydride
  NIN         Network Interface Node
  NIN         Nortel Information Network
  NINT        Network INTerception (supplementary service)
  NIOAG       National ISDN Operations Advisory Group
  NIOD        Network Inward and Outward Dialing
  NIP         Network Identification Plan
  NIP         Network Integrated Processing
  NIP         Network Intelligence Platform
  NIP         Next Instruction Pointer
  NIP         Non-Impact Printer
  NIR         Network Information Retrieval
  NIS         Name Information Service
  NIS         Network Information Service
  NIS         Network Information System
  NIS         Network Interface Specification
  NIS         Northern Telecom Interface Specification
  NIS         Not In Service
  NIS+        Network Information Services Plus
  NISC        Network Information Service Center
  NISDN       Narrowband ISDN
  NISDN       National ISDN
  N-ISDN      Narrow Integrated Services Digital Network
  N-ISDN      Narrowband ISDN
  n-ISDN      Narrowband ISDN
  N-ISDN      Narrow-band ISDN
  NISI        Network Information Service Infrastructure
  NISL        Network Interface SubLayer (NIL)
  NISO        National Information Standards Organization
  NISP        National Internet Service Provider
  NIST        National Institute for Standards and Technology (US)
  NIT         Network Interface Tap
  NIT         Network Interoffice Transmission
  NIT         Non-Initializing Terminal
  NITEC       Northern Ireland Telecommunications Engineering Center
  NITS        National ISDN Technical Subcommittee
  NIU         Network Interface Unit
  NIUF        National ISDN Users' Forum
  NIUF        North American ISDN Users' Forum
  NIU-Forum   North American ISDN Users' Forum
  NIUG        National IGES User Group
  NIW         Network Interworking
  NIX         Node Identifier Exchange
  NIXCR       Notification of Incoming X.25 Call Request
  NJ          U.S. postal code for New Jersey
  NJC         Network Junctor Connecting
  NJE         Network Job Entry
  NKP         MDII: No Key Pulse
  NKRO        N-Key-Roll-Over
  NKT         Nederlands Keuringsinstituut voor Telecommunicatieapparatuur (NL)
  NL          Call Control-Network Layer (Layer 3) Interface
  nl          Internet country code for the Netherlands
  NL          ISO country code for Kingdom of the Netherlands
  NL          Native Language
  NL          Network Layer (OSI)
  NL          Network Link
  NL          New Line
  NL          Niederlassung (Branch Office)
  NL          Noise Limiter
  NL          Non Listed
  NL          Non-Loaded
  NLA         Non-Linear Amplified
  NLC         Negative Low Current
  NLC         Number of Logical Channels
  NLCB        Network Link Control Block
  NLCM        New LCM
  NLDM        Network Logical Data Manager (NetView)
  NLDM        Normalized Logical Data Model
  NLFPR       Non Linear Fabry-Perot Resonator (optical transistor)
  NLM         National Library of Medicine (USA)
  NLM         NetWare Loadable Module
  NLM         Network Level Management
  NLM         Network Link Module
  NLM         Network Lock Manager
  NLM         Number of Local Methods
  NLMS        Normalized Least Mean Square
  NLO         New Licensed Operator
  NLOS        Non-Line-of-Sight
  NLP         Natural Language Processing
  NLP         Nonlinear Processor
  NLP         Nonlinear Program
  NLPID       Network Layer Protocol Identifier
  NLPS        Network Listener Protocol Service
  NLQ         Near Letter Quality
  NLQP        Near Letter-Quality Printer
  NLR         Network Layer Relay
  NLR         Noise Load Ratio
  NLR         Non Linear Resistor
  NLRI        Network Layer Reachability Information
  NLS         National Language Support
  NLS         Nonlocking Shift
  NLSE        Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
  NLSP        NetWare Link Services Protocol
  NLSP        Network Layer Security Protocol
  NLSS        Non-Locally Switched Special
  NLST        Non Listed Name
  NLT         No Line Insulation Testing
  NLTS        Network Load Test System
  nm          Nanometer(s)
  NM          Nautical Mile
  NM          Network Management
  NM          Network Manager
  NM          Network Module
  NM          Noise Margin
  NM          Notification Manager
  NM          Notification Message
  NM          U.S. postal code for New Mexico
  NMA         Network Management Application
  NMA         Network Message Analyzer
  NMA         Network Monitoring and Administration
  NMA         Network Monitoring and Analysis
  NMAS        Network Management System
  NM-ASE      Network Management Application Service Element
  NMB         Network Management Busy
  NMB         Number of Macroblocks
  NMC         Network Management Center
  NMC         Network Message Controller
  NMC         Network Model Coverage
  NMC         Network Module Controller
  NMC         Networked Multimedia Connection
  NMC         New Media Center
  NMC         Nortel Matra Cellular
  NMCS        Network Management  and Control System
  NMCT        Network Management  Co-ordination Team (ETSI, proposed)
  NME         Network Management Entity
  NME         Network Management Equipment
  NME         Network Media Engine
  NME         Norton Mobile Essentials
  NMF         Network Management Forum
  NMFA        Network Management Functional Area
  NMFUD       Network Management Functional Unit Deployment
  NMG         Network Measurements Group
  NMI         Non-Maskable Interrupt
  NMIF        Network Management Interface
  NMIS        Network Management Interface System
  NML         Network Management Layer
  NML         Noise Maintenance Limit
  NML NM      Listener (DECnet)
  NMLIS       Native Mode LAN Interconnection Service
  NMM         Network Management Module
  NMM         Network-Management and Maintenance signal
  NMMW        Near Millimeter Wave
  NMO         Network Managed Object
  NMO         Network Management Option
  NMOS        N-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  NMOS        Network Management and Operations Support
  NMP         Network Management Position
  NMP         Network Management Protocol (ATT)
  NMP         No Modem Pool
  NMP         NUC Management Process
  NMPF        Network Management Productivity Facility
  NMPF        NM Productivity Facility (NetView)
  NMPORT      Network Module Port
  NMR         Noise-to-Mask Ratio
  NMR         Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  NMS         NetWare Management Services
  NMS         NetWare Management System
  NMS         Network Management Server
  NMS         Network Management Services
  NMS         Network Management Signal
  NMS         Network Management Station
  NMS         Network Management System
  NMS         Network Management System/Network Management Station (Internet)
  NMS         Network Message Service
  NMS         Networked Multimedia System
  NMS         Noise Measuring Set
  NMS         Number of Message Sends
  NMSI        National Mobile Station Identification
  NMSI        National Mobile Station Identification number
  NMSI        National Mobile Station Identity
  NMSI        Nonmultiplexed Serial Interface
  NMSIG       Network Management Special Interest Group
  NMSSDK      NetWare Management System Software Development Kit
  NMT         National Mobile Telecommunications
  NMT         Nordic Mobile Telecommunications
  NMTI        National Message Type Indicator
  NMTS        Nordic Mobile Telephone System
  NMVT        Network Management Vector
  NMVT        NM Vector Transport (NetView-SNA)
  NMWI        Network Message Waiting Indicator
  NN          National Network
  NN          National Number
  NN          Nearest Neighbor
  NN          Netscape Navigator
  NN          Network Node (SNA-IBM)
  NN          Neural Network
  NN          Node Number
  NN1         Next Name 1
  NN2         Next Name 2
  NN3         Netscape Navigator Version 3.0
  NNC         National Network Congestion message
  NNC         National Network Congestion signal
  NND         National Network Dialing
  NNI         Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NL)
  NNI         Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut
  NNI         Network Node Interface
  NNI         Network-to-Network Interface
  NNID        Non-Adjacent Network Identifier
  NNM         Network Node Manager
  NNM         Number of New Methods
  NNR         National Number Routed
  NNS         NetWare Naming Service
  NNSC        NSFnet Network Services Center
  NNSS        Navy Navigational Satellite System
  NNTEM       Neural Networks Traffic Enforcement Mechanism
  NNTP        Network News Transfer Protocol
  no          Internet country code for Norway
  NO          ISO country code for Kingdom of Norway
  NO          Normally Open (switch/relay-contacts)
  NO6         Number 6 Signaling
  NOA         Nature of Address
  NOA         Number of Attributes
  NOAA        National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  NOAA        Network Operations Analyzer and Assistant
  NOAO        National Optical Astronomy Observatories
  NoAP        Narrowband over ATM Products
  NOB         Network Operator Byte
  NOBCOEDN    Number of On-Demand B-Channels Per OE/DN
  NOC         Nature of Connection
  NOC         Network Operating Centre
  NOC         Network Operational Center
  NOC         Network Operations Center
  NOC         Number of Children
  NOCD        Original Called Name
  NoCi        Nature of Connection Indicator
  NOCS        Network Operations Center System
  NOD         Near-On-Demand
  NOD         Network Operations Domain
  NOD         Network Outward Dialing
  NODAN       Noise-Operated Device for Anti-Noise
  NOET        Network Operations Education and Training
  NOF         Network Operations Forum
  NOF         Node Operator Facility
  NOF         Normal Operational Frames
  NOG         Network Operators Group
  NOGAD       Noise-Operated Gain Adjusting Device
  NOH         Network Overhead
  NOH         No Receiver Off-Hook Tone
  NOI         Network Operator Interface (NAA-DSA-Bull)
  NOI         Notice of Inquiry
  NOL         Network Operations Layer
  NOLM        Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror
  NOM         Network Order Management
  NOMS        Network Operations and Management Symposium
  NOMS        Network Operations Management Services (GNS-BT)
  NON-GSO     NON-Geo Stationary Orbit
  NOP         Network Operations Plan
  NOP         Network Operations Protocol
  NOP         No Operation
  NOP         Number Of Packet
  NOPMD       No Packet Mode Data
  NOR         Normal
  NOR         Not OR (function)
  NORC        Network Operators RACE Committee (CEPT)
  NORC        Network Operators Research Committee
  NOREC       No Record
  NORGEN      Network Operations Report Generator
  NORM        Normal
  NORMA       No Remote Memory Access
  NORTEL      Northern Telecom
  NOS         Network Operating System
  NOS         Network Operations System
  NOS         Next On Stack
  NOSC        No Service Circuit
  NOSFER      Nouveau Systeme Fondamental Europeen Reference pour laTransmission Telephonique
  NOSFER      Nouveau Systeme Fondamental Pour la Determination desEquivalents de Reference
  NOSR        No Software Resource Treatment
  NOT         Notification
  NOT RDY     Not Ready
  NOTIFY      Notify message
  NOTIS       Network Operations Trouble Information System
  NOTRS       No Terminal Responding
  NOU         Network Operations Unit
  NOV         News Overview
  NOVRAM      NOn Volatile Random Access Memory
  NOW         NAV Operations Workstation
  NOW         Network of Workstations
  NP          ISO country code for Kingdom of Nepal
  NP          National Parameter
  NP          Network Pause
  NP          Network Performance
  NP          Network Peripheral
  NP          Network Port
  NP          Network Processor
  NP          Network Protocol
  NP          Network Provided
  NP          Network-Provided
  NP          New Page
  NP          Next Page
  NP          No Prefix
  NP          No Print
  NP          No Pulse
  NP          Node Processor
  NP          Nondeterministic Polynomial
  NP          Not Planned
  NP          Notification Point
  NP          Number Portability
  NP          Number Privacy
  NP          Number Private
  NP          Numbering Plan
  NP ID       Network Peripheral Identification
  NP&P        Network Protection and Power
  NPA         Numbering Plan Area
  NPAC        Nortel X.25 Controller
  NPAC        Number Portability Administration Center
  NPAI        Network Protocol Address Information
  NPC         Network Protocol Control (SNA/SAA)
  NPCI        Network Protocol Control Information
  NPCS        Narrowband Personal Communications Services
  NPD         Network Protection Device
  NPD         Numbering Plan Digit
  NPDA        Network Problem Determination Application
  NPDA        Network Problem Determination Application (NetView-IBM)
  npdgp       No Padgroup
  NPDU        Network Protocol Data Unit (OSI-NL)
  NPE         Network-Protection Equipment
  NPE         Numbering Plan Evolution
  NPG         Network Product Group
  NPI         Network Protocol Indicator
  NPI         New Product Introduction
  NPI         Null Pointer Indication
  NPI         Number Plan Identification
  NPI         Number Plan Indicator
  NPI         Numbering Plan Identification
  NPI         Numbering Plan Identifier
  NPI         Numbering Plan Indication
  NPI         Numbering Plan Indicator
  NPIAC       Network Plug-In Administration Center
  np-ISMA     Nonpersistent Inhibit Sense Multiple Access
  NPL         National Physical Laboratory (UK)
  NPL         Network Planning Letter
  NPM         NetView Performance Monitor (IBM)
  NPM         New Peripheral Module
  NPM         New Product Module
  NPMA        Nonpreemptive Multiple Access
  NPN         Network Provider Network
  NPNB        No-Primary/No-Backup
  NPO         Negative/POsitive zero(-temperature-coefficient capacitor)
  NPO         New Product Opportunity
  NPP         Network Programming Platform
  NPR         National Public Radio
  NPR         Noise Power Ratio
  NPR         Non-Primary Residential
  NPR         Non-Processor Request
  NPRM        Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  NPRZ        Non-Polarized Return-to-Zero (recording)
  NPS         Network Processing System
  NPS         Network Provisioning System
  NPS         Network User Identification Profile Screening
  NPS         Non-Payer Screening
  NPS         Non-Prioritized Scheme
  NPS         Northern Procurement Specification
  NPS         NUI Profile Screening
  NPSC        National Protocol Support Center
  NPSI        NCP Packet Switching Interface
  NPSI        Network Packet Switching Interface
  NPSI        NPC Packet-Switched Interconnect (SNA/SAA)
  NPSR        New Product Summary Report
  NPT         Network Provided Tones
  NPT         Non Programmable Terminal
  NPT         Nortel Post and Telecommunications
  NPV         Net Present Value
  NPX         Numeric Processor Extension
  NQA         Niveau de Qualite Acceptable
  NQWV        Nonqueue Work Volume
  NR          ISO country code for Republic of Nauru
  NR          Network Ready
  NR          Network Resume
  NR          Nibble Register
  NR          Normal
  Nr          Nummer (Number)
  NR/CD       Non-Reproducible CD
  NR0         Non-Reserved 0
  NR1         Non-Reserved 1
  NR2         Non-Reserved 2
  NR3         Non-Reserved 3
  NRA         Network Remote Access
  NRA         Network Routing Address
  NRA         Non-Resident Area
  NRA         Notrufamt (Emergency Bureau)
  NRAG        Network Ring Again
  NRA-I       NRA-International
  NRAM        Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
  NRAs        Notrufanschluss (Emergency Call Lines)
  NRC         National Research Council of Canada
  NRC         Network Reliability Council
  NRC         Network Research Corporation
  NRC         Network Routing Centre
  NRC         Non-Recurring Charge
  NRC         NoRestart Cutover
  NRDC        Nashville Repair and Distribution Center
  NRDY        Not Ready
  NRE         National Reference Exchange
  NRE         Negative Resistance Elements
  NRE         Nonrecurring Engineering Cost
  NRED        Redirecting Name
  NREN        National Research and Education Network
  NREST       Number Restrictions
  NRFD        Not Ready For Data (IEEE-488 Bus Signal)
  NRIC        Network Reliability and Interoperability Council
  NRIM        Network Resource Information Model
  NRM         Negotiated Rule Making
  NRM         Network Reference Model
  NRM         Network Resource Management
  NRM         Network Resource Management message
  NRM         Network Resource Manager
  NRM         Normal Response Mode
  NRM         Notrufmelder (Emergency Caller)
  NRM         Number of Refined Methods
  NRMS        Network Reference and Monitor Station
  NRN         Network Routing Number
  Nrp         NailedUpRelayPoint
  NRP         Network Resource Planning
  NRPB        National Radiological Protection Board
  NRS         Network Reconfiguration Service
  NRS         Network Resource Selection
  NRS         Network Resource Selector
  NRS         No Restart Swact
  NRS         Novell Replication Services
  NRSC        National Radio Systems Committee
  NRT         Near Real Time
  NRT         Nonreal Time
  NRT         Notruftelefon (Emergency Call Telephone)
  NRTC        National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
  NRTL        Nationally-Recognized Testing Lab
  nrt-VBR     Non-Real-Time Variable Bit Rate
  NRU         Network Resource Unavailable signal
  NRUM        Number of Reused Methods
  NRV         Named Return Value
  NRZ         Non-Return to Zero
  NRZ         Non-Return-to-Zero recording,
  NRZ-0       Non-Return-to-Zero change-on-zeros recording
  NRZ1        Non-Return to Zero Change at Logic 1
  NRZ-1       Non-Return-to-Zero change-on-ones recording
  NRZ-C       Non-Return-to-Zero Change recording
  NRZI        Non-Return to Zero Inverted
  NRZL        Non-Return to Zero Level
  NRZ-L       Nonreturn to Zero-Level
  NRZ-M       Non-Return-to-Zero Mark recording
  NS          AT&T Network Systems
  NS          Name Server
  ns          nanosecond
  NS          Netscape
  NS          Network Series
  NS          Network Service(s)
  NS          Network Signaling
  NS          Network Software
  NS          Network System
  NS          New Signal
  NS          Night Service (supplementary service)
  NS          No Answer Supervision
  NS          No Screening
  NS          Non-Standard
  NS          Not Screened
  NS          Not Specified
  NS          Not Supported
  NS          Postal code for Nova Scotia
  NS OA       Network Surveillance Operations Application
  NS&C        Network Surveillance and Control
  NS/CC       Network Service/Control Centre
  NS/EP       National Security/Emergency Preparedness
  NSA         National Security Agency (USA)
  NSA         Network Service Agent
  NSA         Network Signaling Agent
  NSA         Network Switched Access
  NSA         Non-Service Affecting
  NSAI        National Standards Authority of Ireland (IRL)
  NSAP        Network Service Access Point
  NSAPA       Network Service Attachment Point Address
  NSAPI       Netscape Server Application Programming Interface
  NSC         National Support Center
  NSC         Network Service Center
  NSC         Network Services Complex
  NSC         Network Signaling Channel
  NSC         Network Specialized Center
  NSC         Network Speed Call
  NSC         Network Speed Calling
  NSC         Network Switching Center
  NSC         Network Systems Corp.
  NSC         Non-Standard facilities Command
  NSC         Number Service Code
  NSC         Number Services Code
  NSCS        Network Service Center System
  NSCX        Network Services Complex
  NSD         Network Services Division (AT&T)
  NSD         Network Systems Division
  NSDB        Network and Services Data Base
  NSDN        Night Service Directory Number
  NSDP        Non-Signaling Data Protocol
  NSDU        Network Service Data Unit (OSI-NL)
  NSE         Network Services Engine
  NSE         Network Software Environment
  NSE         Network Switching Element
  NSE         Nortel Standard English
  nsec        Nanosecond
  NSEP        National Security Emergency Preparedness
  NSERC       Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  NSET        Network Switching Education and Training
  NSF         National Science Foundation
  NSF         Network Specific Facility(ies)
  NSF         Non-Standard Facilities
  NSF         Norges Standardiseringsforbund (N)
  NSFNET      National Science Foundation Network (USA, connected to Internet)
  NSG         Network Subgroup
  NSGR        Network Systems Generic Requirements
  NSH         Nashville
  NSI         NASA Science Internet
  NSI         Network Solutions, Inc.
  NSI         Network Surveillance Interface
  NSIC        Not In Service For Incoming Call
  NSK         Norsk Standard Krypto
  NSL         Net Switching Loss
  NSL         Network Speech Link
  NSL         Network-to-SLC
  NSL         Number of Signaling Links
  NSLT        Narrowband Subscriber Line Terminal
  NSM         Netscape Server Manager
  NSM         NetWare Services Manager
  NSM         Network Services Management
  NSM         Network Status Monitor
  NSMA        National Spectrum Managers Association
  NSM-I       Network Service Module for ISDN
  NSN         National Significant Number
  NSN         Network Switch Number
  NSO         National Standards Organization (ETSI)
  NSO         Notification Subscription Option
  NSP         National Signaling Point
  NSP         Native Signal Processing
  NSP         Network Service Part
  NSP         Network Service Participant
  NSP         Network Service Point
  NSP         Network Service Protocol (DNA)
  NSP         Network Service Provider
  NSP         Network Services Part
  NSP         Network Services Protocol
  NSP         New Services Prototyping
  NSP         Not Sent-Paid
  NSPC        National Sound-Program Center
  NSPMP       Network Switching Performance Measurement Plan
  NSPS        Node Support Software
  NSR         Network Systems Release
  NSR         Non-Source Routed
  NSS         National Standard System
  NSS         Network and Switching Subsystem
  NSS         Network Service Solutions
  NSS         Network Services Software
  NSS         Network Services System
  NSS         Network Statistics System (DSM-Tandem)
  NSS         Network Subscriber Service
  NSS         Network Subsystem
  NSS         Network Support Sub-System (GSM term)
  NSS         Network Support System
  NSS         Network Surveillance System
  NSS         Network Switching Subsystem
  NSS         Network Switching System
  NSS         Nodal Switching Subsystem
  NSS         Non-Standard Set-up
  NSS         Novell Storage Services
  NSSA        Network Services and Software Applications
  NSSA        Not So Stubby Area
  NSSC        Network Services Surveillance Center
  NSSCDT      NSS Carrier Dial Tone
  NSSD        Network Support Systems Division
  NSSN        National Standards System Network
  NSSOG       Network Security Standards Oversight Group
  NSSR        Non-Specific Subordinate Reference
  NSTAC       National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
  NSTL        National Software Testing Laboratory (USA)
  NSTN        Non-Standard Telephone Number
  NSTS        Network Services Test System
  NT          ISO country code for Neutral Zone (obsolete)
  NT          Nested Task
  NT          Network Tailoring
  NT          Network Termination
  NT          Network Testing
  NT          Network-Terminating Equipment
  NT          New Technology (Windows)
  NT          Non Transparent
  NT          Nortel Networks
  NT          Northern Telecom
  NT          Postal code for Northwest Territories
  NT OA       Network Testing Operations Application
  NT1         Network Termination- Type 1
  NT1         Network Termination 1
  NT-1        Network Termination- Type 1
  NT12        Network Termination- Type 1 and 2
  NT1B        Network Termination 1 Broadband
  NT1PS       NT1 Power Status Change
  NT1TM       NT1 Test Mode Change
  NT2         Network Termination- Type 2
  NT-2        Network Termination- Type 2
  NTA         National Telecommunications Alliance
  NTA         Network Terminal Adapter
  NTA         Network Termination Analog
  NTA         Network Transport Address
  NTAAB       New Type Approval Advisory Board
  NTACS       Narrowband TACS
  N-TACS      Narrowband TACS
  NTAS        Windows NT Advanced Server
  NTB         New Technology Building
  NTBA        Network Termination Basic Access
  NTBS        Null-Terminated Byte String
  NTC         National Telecommunications Conference
  NTC         National Telesystems Conference
  NTC         National Television Center
  NTC         NEAT Test Centre
  NTC         Negative Temperature Coefficient
  NTC         Negative Temperature Coefficient (Resistor)
  NTC         Network Terminating Circuit
  NTC         New Table Control
  NTCA        National Telephone Cooperative Association
  NTD         Network Technology Development
  NTD         Network Toll Denied
  NTD         Network Tone Detector
  NTD         Network Topological Design
  NTE         Network Terminal Emulator
  NTE         Network Terminal Equipment
  NTE         Network Terminating Equipment
  NTE         Network Test Environment
  NTE         Network Transport Element
  NTE         Windows NT-Embedded
  NTF         No Trouble Found
  NTFMT       Northern Telecom AMA Format
  NTFS        New Technology File System (Windows NT)
  NTFS        Northern Telecom Federal Systems
  NTG         Integrity Value
  NTG         Network Transformation Group
  NTI         Network Time Synchronization Agent
  NTI         Noise Transmission Impairment
  NTIA        National Telecommunications and Information Administration
  NTIS        National Technical Information Service
  NTLM        NT LAN Manager
  NTM         Network Termination Maintenance
  NTM         Network Tone Module
  NTM         Network Traffic Management
  NTM         NT Test Mode Indicator
  ntm         NT Test Mode Indicator
  NTM         NT1 Test Mode
  NTMBS       Null-Terminated Multibyte String
  NTMF        Network Traffic Management Forum
  NTMFT       NT Meridian Feature Transparency
  NTMOS       Network Traffic Management Operations System
  NTMSS       Network Tone Module Service Supervisor
  NTM-U       Universal Network Tone Module
  NTN         National Telecommunications Network
  NTN         National Terminal Number
  NTN         Network Terminal Number
  NTN         Network Terminating Number
  NTNAPRI     Northern Telecom North American Primary Rate Interface
  NTOA        Nortel Operator Assistance
  NTOC        Northern Telecom Object Center
  NTON        National Transparent Optical Network
  NTONC       National Transparent Optical Network Consortium
  NTP         Network Termination Point (User Interface)
  NTP         Network Time Protocol
  NTP         Network Trouble Patterning
  NTP         Normal Transmitted Power
  NTP         Northern Telecom Practice
  NTPF        Number of Terminals Per Failure
  NTPFC       Northern Telecom Pacific
  NTRA        Norwegian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  NTRAC       New Technical Regulations Approval Committee (former TRAC)
  NTRAS       New Technology Remote Access Services
  NTRS        No Terminal Responding
  NTS         NetWare Telephony Services
  NTS         Network Test System
  NTS         Network Time Synchronization
  NTS         Network Tracking System (SNA)/Network Troubleshooting Consultant (DEC)
  NTS         Nodal Timing Supply
  NTS         Non-Traffic Sensitive
  NTS         Novell Telephony Services
  NTSA        NetWare Telephony Services Architecture
  NTSC        National Technical Supply Center
  NTSC        National Television Standards Committee
  NTSC        National Television System Committee (USA)
  NTSC        National Television Systems Committee
  NTSC        Network Test System Controller
  NTSC        North American Television Standards Committee
  NTSC        Notification Signaling Channel
  NTSIG       Northern Telecom Signature
  NTT         Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
  NTT         No Test Trunk
  NTTA        Network Terminating and Testing Apparatus
  NTTC        National Technology Transfer Center
  NTTMP       Network Trunk Transmission Measurement Plan
  NTTP        Network Test and Termination Point
  NTTPC       Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
  NTTRF       NT Bellcore TR-Compliant Functional
  NTU         National Technological University
  NTU         NEAT Test Unit
  NTU         Network Terminating Unit
  NTV         Network Test Vehicle
  NTWCS       Null-Terminated Wide-Character String
  NTWK        Network
  NU          ISO country code for Niue
  NU          Nailed Up
  NU          NUll
  NU          Number Unavailable
  NU          Number Unobtainable
  NU/NP       Number Unavailable/Number Private
  NUA         Network User Access
  NUB         National Unsuccessful Backward Setup Information Message
  NUB         Network Utility Box
  NUC         Nailed Up Connection
  NUC         Non-Upward Compatible
  NUC         Nucleus
  NUD         Neighbor Unreachability Detection
  NUG         Network User Group
  NUI         NetWare Users International
  NUI         Network User Identification
  NUI         Network User Identity
  NUI         Network User Interface
  NUI         Nodal User Interface
  NUI         Notebook User Interface
  NUI         NTELPAC User Identification
  NUIAPA      NUI AP Address
  NUIAPAL     List of NUI AP Addresses
  NUIAPCUG    CUG Interlock Code for the AP
  NUIBPQHA    NUI Backup PQH Address
  NUIDTEVP    DTE NUI Validation Possible
  NUIN0       Threshold for NUI Fraud Control Alerting
  NUIN1       Threshold for NUI Deactivation
  NUIO        Network User Identification Override Capability
  NUIOP       Network User Identification Override Permission
  NUIPPQHA    NUI Primary PQH Address
  NUIPQHCUG   CUG Interlock Code for the PQH
  NUISCA      NUI Selection on Call Acceptance
  NUISUI      NUI Supplemental User Identification Acceptance
  NUIT0       NUI TO Time Interval
  NUIT1       NUI T1 Interval Timer
  NUITA1      NUI TA Time Interval
  NUIUVA      User Validation of NUI Allowed
  NUIVCIC     NUI Valid Card Issuer Codes
  NUIVH       User Access Inconclusive NUI Validation Handling
  NUIVHIX75   Incoming X.75 Inconclusive NUI Validation Handling
  NUL         Null
  NUM         Numeric
  NUMA        Non-Uniform Memory Access
  NUMC        Number of Calls Allowed
  NUP         Nailed Up
  NUP         National User Part (of signalling system No7)
  NUPB        Nailed Up B Channels
  NUPB        Nailed-Up B-Channels for PMD
  NUR         Not-Used-Recently
  NURBS       Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (CAD/CAE)
  NUS         Number Search
  NUT         Number Unobtainable Tone
  NUTS        Non-Usage Trunk Scan
  NV          Nonvolatile
  NV          U.S. postal code for Nevada
  NVAS        Network Voice Activated Services
  NVFS        Network Virtual File System
  NVL         Nashville
  NVLAP       National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (USA)
  NVM         Non-Volatile Memory
  NVOD        Near Real-Time Video On Demand
  NVP         Name-Value Pair
  NVP         Network Voice Protocol
  NVP         Nominal Velocity of Propagation
  NVRAM       Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory
  NVS         Non Volatile Storage
  NVT         Network Virtual Terminal
  NVT         Novell Virtual Terminal
  NW          NetWare
  NW          Network
  NW          Northwest
  NW          Not Write-Through
  NWC         Native Window Control
  NWC         Network Management Control
  NWCTP       Network Connection Termination Point
  NWG         Network Working Group
  NWI         New Work Item (initial proposal of activity within ISO)
  NWK         Network
  NWK         Network Layer
  NWM         Network Management
  NWML        National Weights and Measurements Laboratory
  NWN         Nationwide Wireless Network
  NWOF        Network of the Future
  NWS         Novell Web Server
  NWSAA       NetWare for SAA
  NWT         Network Technologies
  NWT         Network Technology
  NWT         Norstar, Wireless, and Terminals
  NWT         Nortel World Trade
  NWTP        Network Termination Point
  NWTTP       Network Trail Termination Point
  NX64        Channelized N x 64 kbps
  NXCP        Non-Crossthreaded Call Processing
  NXID        Number Exchange Identification
  NXS         MDII: No Expected Stop
  NXSP        Network Transcoder Service Pack
  NXT         Next
  NXTGRP      Next Group
  NY          U.S.postal code for New York
  NYBC        May Not Yet Be Connected
  NYIT        New York Institute of Technology
  NYNEX       New York New England Exchange
  NYPS        National Yellow Pages Service
  NYSE        New York Stock Exchange
  NYSTA       New York State Telephone Association
  NYT         New York Telephone
  nz          Internet country code for New Zealand
  NZ          ISO country code for New Zealand

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- O -


  o           Object Code
  O           Objective
  o           Oblique
  O           Octal
  O           Open
  O           Optical
  O           Optional
  O           Order of
  O           Other
  O           Overflow
  O&M         Operation(s) and Maintenance
  O/A         Originate/Answer
  O/E         Odd/Even
  O/E         Optical-to-Electrical
  O/E         Opto-Electronics
  O/G         Outgoing
  O/P         Outpulsing Utility
  O/P         OutPut
  O/R         Originator/Recipient
  O/S         Operating System
  O/S         Out-of-Service
  O+I         Originating-plus-Incoming
  O+T         Originating-plus-Terminating
  OA          Object Adapter
  OA          Office Automation
  OA          Operand Address
  OA          Operation Agent
  OA          Operational Amplifier
  OA          Operations Application
  OA          Operator Assistance
  OA          Operator Assisted
  OA          Operator Attached
  OA          Optical Amplifier
  OA          Order Administration
  OA          Outgoing Access
  OA          Overflow Accept
  OA&M        Operation, Administration and Maintenance
  OA&M        Operation(s), Administration and Management
  OABU        Operation Agent Back-Up
  OAC         Operator Assisted Call
  OAC         Opto Active Connector
  OACSU       Off-Air Call Set-Up
  OAD         Origination-Address Display
  OADM        Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
  OAF         Origin Address Field
  OAG         Official Airlines Guide
  OAM         Object Access Model
  OAM         Once-a-Month
  OAM         Operation(s) and Maintenance
  OAM         Operations and Management
  OAM         Operations, Administration, and Maintenance
  OAM         Oscillator Activity Monitor
  OAM&P       Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning
  OAMC        Operation, Administration, and Maintenance Centre
  OAMDB       OA&M Database
  OAMP        Operations, Administration and Maintenance Processor
  OAMP        Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning
  OAMTD       OAM Traffic Descriptor
  OAN         Optical Access Network
  OAN         Optical Access Node
  OAO         Orbiting Astronomical Observatory
  OAP         Open Automated Protocol
  OAR         Operand Address Register
  OAR         Outgoing Access Restrictions
  OARAC       On Air (de-) Registration ACknowledge information element
  OAS         Office Alarm System
  OAS         Office Automation Systems
  OAS         On-line Automated Support
  OAS         Organization of American States
  OASE        Object Aided Software Engineering
  OATS        Open Air Test Site
  OATS        Orthogonal Array Testing
  OAU         Office Alarm Unit
  OAW         Optically Assisted Winchester
  OB          Object-Based
  OB          Obligatory Joke
  OB          Offboard
  OB          Out-Band
  OB          Outgoing Busy
  OB          Output Buffer
  OB          Outside Broadcast(ing)
  OBA         Object Behavior Analysis
  OBA         Out-of-Band Announcement
  OBA/D       Object Behavior Analysis and Design
  OBAF        Originating BAF
  OBAM        Object-Action Manager
  OBC         On-Board Controller
  OBC         Originating Basic Call
  OBC         Other side Bearer Channel
  OBCA        Originating Bearer Control Agent
  OBCI        On-Board Controller Interface
  OBCi        Optional Backward Call Indicator
  OBCI        Optional Backward Call Indicators
  OBCM        Originating Basic Call Model
  O-BCM       Originating Basic Call Model
  OBCS        Originating Basic Call Service
  OBD         Object Behavior Design
  OBEX        Object Exchange
  obex        Object Exchange
  OBF         Offboard Framework
  OBF         Ordering and Billing Forum
  OBH         Office Busy Hour
  OBH         Originating Busy Hour
  OBHC        Originating Basic Half Call
  OBI         Object Binary Interface
  OBI         Odd Bit Inversion
  OBJ         Object Code
  OBJ         Object Code File
  OBJ         Object Module
  OBJ         Obligatory Joke
  OBN         Office Balancing Network
  OBN         Out-of-Band Noise
  OBO         Or best offer
  OBP         On-Board Processing
  OBS         ACD Observe Agent
  OBS         Call Observing
  OBS         Observe
  OBS         Outdoor Base Station
  OBTS        Optical Bandwidth Test Set
  OBTW        Oh, by the way
  O-BWO       O-type Backward-Wave Oscillator
  OC          Object Centre
  OC          ObjectCenter
  OC          Octet Counter
  OC          Open Circuit
  OC          Open-Captioned
  OC          Operand Fetch Cycle
  OC          Operations Channel
  OC          Operations Controller
  OC          Operator Centralization
  OC          Optical Carrier
  OC          Organization Code
  OC          Originating Call
  OC          Outgoing CAMA
  OC          Output Compare
  OC          Output Controller
  O-C         Object Centre
  OC1         Optical Carrier-Level 1
  OC-1        Optical Carrier-Level 1
  OC12        Optical Carrier-Level 12
  OC-12       Optical Carrier-Level 12
  OC18        Optical Carrier-Level 18
  OC-18       Optical Carrier-Level 18
  OC192       Optical Carrier-Level 192
  OC-192      Optical Carrier-Level 192
  OC24        Optical Carrier-Level 24
  OC-24       Optical Carrier-Level 24
  OC3         Optical Carrier-Level 3
  OC-3        Optical Carrier-Level 3
  OC36        Optical Carrier-Level 36
  OC-36       Optical Carrier-Level 36
  OC48        Optical Carrier-Level 48
  OC-48       Optical Carrier-Level 48
  OC9         Optical Carrier-Level 9
  OC-9        Optical Carrier-Level 9
  OC96        Optical Carrier-Level 96
  OC-96       Optical Carrier-Level 96
  OCA         Open Communications Architecture (IBM)
  OCA         Optical Customer Access
  OCA         Origin Connection Agent
  OCA         Outgoing Call Allowance
  OCAA        Outside Calling Area Alerting
  OCAD        Optical Character and Detect
  OCB         Outgoing Call Barring
  OCB         Outgoing Calls Barred
  OCB-F       Fixed Outgoing Call Barring (supplementary service)
  OCBT        Office Compatible Basic Toolkit
  OCB-UC      User Controlled Outgoing Call Barring (supplementary service)
  OCC         Occupancy
  OCC         Operations Control Centre
  OCC         Optical Cross-Connect
  OCC         Other Common Carrier
  OCC         OUTWATS Carrier Code
  OCC         Overflow Call Condense Block
  OCCA        Originating Call Control Agent
  OCCC        One Connection Call Control
  OCCF        Operator Communication-Control Facility (SNA)
  OCCP        Occupancy Peak
  OCD         Out-of-Cell Delineation
  OCDM        Optical Code Division Multiplexing
  OCdNo       Original Called Number
  OCEF        Optical Cable Entrance Facility
  OCF         ObjectComponents Framework
  OCF         Open Communication(s) Facility
  OCF         Open Computing Facility
  OCG         Operational Co-ordination Group
  OCH         Optical Channel
  OCHC        Operator Call Handling Center
  OCI         Object Code Insertion
  OCI         Optical Carrier Interface
  OCI         Oracle Call Interface
  OCI         Orient Communications Industry Inc.
  OCI         Originating Carrier Identification
  OCL         Overall Connection Loss
  OCLC        Online Computer Library Center
  OCM         Object Communication Model
  OCM         Originating Call Model
  OCM         Outgoing Call Memory
  OCMS        Optional Calling Measured Service
  OCN         Operating Company Number
  OCn         Optical Carrier-Level n
  OCN         Original Called Number
  OC-N        Optical Carrier-Level N
  OCNC        Operator Centralization Night Closedown
  OCOC        Object Centre Operations Committee
  OCP         Optional Calling Plan
  OCP         Original Called Party
  OCP-L       Optional Calling Plan-Local
  OCP-T       Optional Calling Plan-Toll
  OCR         Optical Character Reader
  OCR         Optical Character Recognition
  OCR         Outgoing Call Restriction
  OCRIT       Optical Character Reader Intelligent Terminal
  OCS         Operations Communications System
  OCS         Optical Cross-Connect System
  OCS         Originating Call Screening
  OCS         Outgoing Call Screening
  OCS         Overlap Carrier Selection
  OCS         Overload Control System
  OCT         Octal
  OCT         OCTAVE
  OCT         Office Code Trigger
  OCT         Overload Condition Treatment
  OCTAVE      Object-Centered Test Automation and Verification Environment
  OCTPET      OCTAVE Package Execution Tool
  OCTUTIL     OCTAVE General Utilities
  OCU         Office Channel Unit
  OCUDP       Office Channel Unit Dataport
  OCU-DP      Office Channel Unit-Dataport
  OCV         Open-Circuit Voltage
  OCV         Oscillator Control Voltage
  OCW         Odd Control Word
  OCWR        Optical Continuous Wave Reflectometer
  OCX         OLE Custom Control
  OCX         OLE Custom Extension
  OD          Optical Disc
  OD          Optional for operators to implement for their aim
  OD          Origination Dialog
  OD          Out-Band
  OD          Output Distributor
  OD          Outside Diameter
  O-D         Origination-Destination
  ODA         Object Database Adapter
  ODA         Office Data Assembler
  ODA         Office Document Architecture
  ODA         On-Line Delivery Acknowledgement
  ODA         Open Document Architecture
  ODB         On-Demand B-Channels
  ODBC        Open Database Connectivity
  ODBE        Office Database Editor
  ODBMS       Object Database Management System
  ODBMS       Object-Oriented Database Management System
  ODC         Office Default Carrier
  ODC         On-Duty Coordinator
  ODC         Optical Directional Coupler
  ODC         Orthogonal Defect Classification
  ODCA        Ordered Channel Assignment Scheme with Rearrangement
  ODCL        Optical Data Communication Link
  ODCP        One-Digit Code Point
  ODD         Office-Dependent Data
  ODD         Office-Dependent Database
  ODD         Operator Distance Dialing
  ODE         Object Database & Environment
  ODE         Office 97 Developer Edition
  ODETTE      Organization for Data Exchange via TeleTransmission in Europe
  ODF         Network Management Forum
  ODF         Object Distribution Facility (NetView)
  ODF         OpenDoc Development Framework
  ODgVSt      Ortsdurchgangsvermittlungsstelle (local tandem exchange)
  ODI         Open Datalink Interface
  ODI         Open Data-Link Interface
  ODI         Open Device Interface
  ODIF        Office Document Interchange Format
  ODIF        Open Document Interchange Format
  ODK         OEM Developer Kit
  ODL         Object Definition Language
  ODL         Object Description Language
  ODL         Office Document Language
  ODL         Optical Data Link
  ODLI        Open Data Link Interface
  ODLS        Optical Disk Library System
  ODM         Object Data Manager
  ODM         Object Data Model
  ODM         Object Display Map
  ODM         OCTAVE Data Manager
  ODM         Office Data Modification
  ODM         Optimized Distribution Model
  ODM         Organization Domain Modeling
  ODMA        Open Distributed Management Architecture
  ODMA        Opportunity-Driven Multiple Access
  ODMG        Object Database Management Group
  ODMG-93     Object Database Management Group-93
  ODMI        OCTAVE Data Manager Interface
  ODN         Open Data Network
  ODN         Optical Distribution Network
  ODNA        Originating DNA
  ODP         Object Delivery Program
  ODP         Office Dialing Plan
  ODP         Open Distributed Processing
  ODP         Optical Distribution Point
  ODP         Optical Diverse Protection
  ODPE        ODP Environment
  ODP-RM      Open Distributed Processing Reference Model
  ODR         Optimized Dynamic Routing
  ODR         Origin-Dependent Routing
  ODS         Open Data Services
  ODS         Open Distributed Systems
  ODS         Optical Data Storage
  ODS         Ozone Depleting Substances
  ODSA        Open Distributed Systems Architecture
  ODSI        Open Directory Services Interface
  ODT         Operator Display Terminal
  ODT         Optical Distribution Terminal
  ODT         Outage Down Time
  ODU         Optical Demultiplexer Unit
  OE          ISDN Access Line View
  OE          Object Engine
  OE          Office Equipment
  OE          Office Equipment Identification
  OE          Office Equipment Number
  OE          Operating Equipment
  OE          Operations Event
  OE          Originating Equipment
  OE          Originating Exchange
  OE          Output Enable
  OE          Overrun Error
  OEA         Operating Environment Architecture
  OEA         Optimized Effective-Address
  OECD        Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  OED         Oxford English Dictionary
  OED2        Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition
  OEDN        Office Equipment/Directory Number
  OEF         Origin Element Field
  OEIC        Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit
  OEIC        Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuit
  OEM         Operating Efficiency Measurement
  OEM         Operations Event Monitoring
  OEM         Original Equipment Manufacturer
  OEM         Other Equipment Manufacturers
  OEM         Outside Equipment Manufacturer
  OEMF        HP OpenView Element Management Framework
  OEP         Operand Execution Pipeline
  OERC        Optimum Earth Re-entry Corridor
  OES         Österreichisches EinheitswählSystem
  OES         Outgoing Echo Suppressor
  OES-D       (Austrian variant of DMS-100)
  OET         Office of Engineering and Technology
  OEW         Object Engineering Workbench
  OF          Object Framework
  OF          Optional Fixed Length
  OF          Overflow
  OF          Overflow Flag
  OFA         Off-Net Access
  OFA         Optical Fiber Amplifier
  OFA         Output Function Array
  OFB         Output Feedback
  OFC         Office
  OFC         Official
  OFC         Open Financial Connectivity
  OFC         Optical Fiber Conference
  OFCi        Optional Forward Call Indicator
  OFDM        Optical Frequency Division Multiplexing
  OFDM        Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  OFDM        Orthogonal Frequency Domain Multiplexing
  O-FDM       Optical Frequency Division Multiplexing
  OFDMA       Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access
  OFE         Old Front End
  OFF         Object File Format
  OFFL        Offline
  OffL        Offline
  OFFLN       Offline
  OFGQ        Outgoing Facility Group Queuing
  OFHC        Oxygen-Free, High-conductivity Copper  (Cables)
  OFHK        Off-Hook
  OFL         Overflow
  OFM         Operations Feature Matrix
  OFM         Outage Frequency Measurement
  OFM         Outgoing Formatter
  OFMC        Optical Fibre Measurement Conference
  OFR         Off Frequency Rejection
  OFR         Overflow Register, Signal Distribution Point
  OFS         Object File System
  OFS         Office-side Frame Synchronization
  OFS         Open File Server
  OFS         Operational Fixed Service
  OFS         Optical Fiber System
  OFS         Out-of-Frame Second
  OFS         Output Field Separator
  OFS         Overflow Register, Software
  OFTEL       Office for Telecommunications (UK)
  OG          Outgoing
  OG          Outside BBG
  OGC         Outgoing Trunk Circuit
  OGDD        Outgoing/Delay Dial
  OGID        Outgoing/Immediate Dial
  OGR         Outgoing Repeater
  OGT         Outgoing Toll
  OGT         Outgoing Trunk
  OGW         Operations Gateway
  OGWS        Outgoing/Wink Start
  OGXPT       Outgoing Crosspoint
  OH          Off Hook
  OH          Operator Handled
  OH          Overhead
  OH          U.S. postal code for Ohio
  OHBT        Off Hook Balance Test
  OHC         Originating Half-Call
  OHD         Offhook Delay
  OHD         Off-Hook Delay Trigger
  OHD         Optical Heterodyne Detection
  OHD         Over-Heat Detector
  OHDACC      Operator Handled Directory Assistance Call Completion
  OHECD       Outgoing Half Echo Control Device
  OHI         Off-Hook Immediate Trigger
  OHI         Off-Hook Subscriber Service Indicator
  OHIP        Office Hardware Inventory Package
  OHP         Over-Head Projector
  OHQ         Off-Hook Queuing
  OHQT        Off Hook Queue Tone
  OHS         Off-Hook Service
  OHSP        Operator-Handled Split-Referral
  OHT         On Hook Transmission
  OI          Number of Outstanding I Frames
  OI          Object Identifier
  OI          Object Interface
  OI          Open Interface
  OI          Operator Identification
  OIA         Office Information Architecture
  OIA         Open Information Access
  OIA         Open Interface Access
  OIC         Oh, I see
  OIC         Originating InterLATA Carrier
  OICS        Object Implementation Conformance Statement
  OID         Object Identifier
  OID         Object Interaction Diagram
  OID         Object-ID
  OIDL        Object Interface Definition Language
  OIFDC       Outstanding Information Frames for LAPD, Parameter K for Call Control
  OIFDP       Outstanding Information Frames for LAPD, Parameter K for X.25 Packet
  OIGP        Open Interior Gateway Protocol
  OII         Office Information Interchange (SNA)
  OIL         Optimizable Intermediate Language
  OIL         Optimizing Intermediate Language
  OIL         Orange Indicating Lamp
  OIM         Open Information Management
  OIM         Operations Interface Module
  OIM         Operator Interface Message
  OIM         Oracle In Motion
  OIM         OSI Internet Management
  OINC        Originating International Carrier
  OINF        Originating Rate Center Information
  OIRT        Organisation internationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision
              (International Radio and Television Organisation)
  OIS         Office Information System
  OIS         Optical Interface System
  OIS         Originating International Switch
  OIU         Office Interface Unit
  OIU         Operator Interface Unit
  OIW         Open Systems Environment Implementors Workshop
  OIW         OSI Implementers Workshop
  OIW         OSI Implementor's Workshop
  OJ          Ordinary Joint meeting (ETSI)
  OJ          Originating Junctor
  OJT         On-the-Job Training
  OJUG        Ottawa Java Users Group
  OK          U.S. postal code for Oklahoma
  OKITAI      Okinawa-Taiwan submarine cable
  OKQPSK      Offset Keyed Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  OKTR        Operator Keyed Trouble Report
  OL          Open License
  OL          Ordered List (HTML tag)
  OL          Other Line
  OL          Overhead Line
  OLA         Operational Level Agreement
  OLAP        On-Line Analytical Processing
  OLB         Object Library file
  OLB         OCU Loop Back
  OLB         One Line Business
  OLB         On-Line Bibliography
  OLC         Optical Loop Carrier
  OLCP        On-Line Complex Processing
  OLCR        On-Line Character Recognition
  OldRT       Old Remembered Table
  OLE         Object Linking and Embedding
  OLE         Originated Local Exchange
  OLE2        Object Linking and Embedding 2
  OLEC        Other Local Exchange Carrier
  OLFR        On-Line Facility Registration
  OLHB        Outgoing Line History Block
  OLI         Originating Line Information
  OLIP        Originating Line Information Parameter
  OLIT        OPEN LOOK Intrinsics Toolkit
  OLIU        Optical Line Interface Unit
  OLL         Open-Loop Loss
  OLM         Overload Message
  OLNS        Originating Line Number Screening
  OLO         Other Licensed Operator
  OLP         On Line Processor
  OLP         Originating Line Privileges
  OLR         Off-Line Recovery
  OLR         Overall Loudness Rating
  OLRT        On-Line  Real-Time
  OLS         On-Line Service
  OLS         Operator Load Simulator
  OLS         Optical Line System
  OLS         Originating Line Select
  OLS         Originating Line Selection
  OLSOA       Over-Load Safe Operating Area  (Power Semiconductors)
  OLT         Optical Line Terminal
  OLT         Optical Line Termination
  OLT         Optical Line Terminator
  OLTE        Optical Line Terminating Equipment
  OLTM        Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer
  OLTM        Optical Line Termination Module
  OLTP        On-Line Transaction Processing,
  OLTS        Optical Line Transmission System
  olwm        Open Look Window Manager
  OM          DDOC Section: Operational Measurements
  OM          ISO country code for Sultanate of Oman
  OM          Object Manager
  OM          Object Model
  OM          Old Man (radio amateur)
  OM          Operational Measurement
  OM          Operations Management
  OM          Originating Marker
  OM          Output Message
  OM          Output Message Manual
  OM-1        Open MPEG-1
  OM2         Operational Measurements Integrity Check
  OMA         Open Management Architecture (3Com)
  OMA         Organizational Mission Analysis
  OMAP        Operations, Maintenance and Administration Part
  OMAP        Operations, Maintenance, and Administration Protocol (SS7)
  OMASE       Operations and Maintenance Application Service Element
  OMAT        Operational Measurement Analysis Tool
  OMB         Outgoing Message Buffer
  OMBE        Outgoing Message Buffer Empty
  OMC         OM Collector
  OMC         Operating and Maintenance Centre
  OMC         Operations and Maintenance Center
  OMD         Object Model Development
  OME         Open Messaging Environment
  OMF         Object Management Framework
  OMF         Object Management Function
  OMF         Object Manager Framework
  OMF         Object Model Format file
  OMF         Object Module Format
  OMF         Open Message Format
  OMFS        Office Master Frequency Supply
  OMG         Object Management Group
  OMI         Open Microprocessor Initiative
  OMI         Optical Modulation Index
  OMI         Organisation Maritime Internationale
  OMID        Operational Measurement ID
  OML         Object Manipulation Language
  OML         Object Model Library
  OML         OPEN Modeling Language
  OML         Operations and Maintenance Link
  OML         Outgoing Matching Loss
  OML         Overload Messaging Limit
  OMMO        Object Manager Managed Object
  OMNCS       Office of the Manager, National Communications System
  OMNI        Open Management Network Interoperability
  OMNIPoint   Open Management Network Interoperability Point
  OMO         OEM Modules Operation
  OMP         Open Management Platform
  OMP         Operations and Management Platform
  OMP         Outbound Modem Pooling
  OMPI        Organisation Mondiale pour la Propriété Intellectuelle
  OMPR        Operational Measurements Print
  OMQ         Outgoing Message Queue
  OMR         Optical Mark and Read
  OMR         Optical Mark Reader
  OMRS        Operational Measurement Reporting System
  OMS         Object Management System
  OMS         Open Management System
  OMS         Optical Multiplex Section
  OMS         Outgoing Memory Slot
  OMSP        Optical Multiplex Section Protection
  OMS-V       Open Management System-Vector
  OMT         Object Modeling Technique
  OMT         Operation and Maintenance Terminal
  OMT         Original Message Type
  OMT         OrthoMode Transducer
  OMT         Overhead Message Train
  OMTool      Object Modeling Tool
  OMU         Operand Modifier Unit
  OMU         Operation and Maintenance Unit (Nokia)
  OMU         Optical Multiplexer Unit
  OMUP        Operation and Maintenance User Part
  ON          Order Number
  ON          Originating Number
  ON          Ortsnetz (Local Network)
  ON          Österreichisches Normungsinstitut (A)
  ON          Postal code for Ontario
  ONA         Open Network Architecture (ISO)
  ONA         Open NM Arch (IBM, FCC, BOC, BT)
  ONAC        Operations Network Administration Center
  ONAL        Off-Network Access Line
  ONAT        Originating No Answer Timer
  ONC         Off-Net Calling
  ONC         ONMS Node Commander
  ONC         Open Network Computing
  ONC         Operator Network Center
  ONC         Operator Network Console
  ONC         Ordinary National Certificate
  ONC+        Open Network Computing Plus
  ONC-A       Operator Network Center-A
  OnCE        On-Chip Emulation
  ONE         One Number
  ONE         Open Network Environment
  ONE         Open Networks Engineering
  ONE         Optical Network
  ONE         Optimized Network Evolution
  ONE         Other Network Entity
  ONI         ODS Nucleus Interface
  ONI         Open Network Interconnect
  ONI         Operator Number Identification
  ONI         Optical Network Interface
  ONID        Operator Number Identification
  ONKZ        National Destination Code
  ONKz        Ortsnetzkennzahl (Local Exchange/Area Dialing code)
  ONLN        Online
  ONMA        Open Network Management Architecture
  ONMS        Optimized Network Management System
  ONP         Address complete, subscriber Free, Charge
  ONP         One Night Process
  ONP         On-Premise Extension
  ONP         Open Network Provision(ing)
  ONP         Open Numbering Plan
  ONPS        Origin of Number and Presentation Status
  ONS         Open Network Service
  ONSD        Optional Network Specific Digit
  ONT         Optical Network Termination
  ONTC        Optical Networks Technology Consortium
  ONU         Optical Network(ing) Unit
  ONU         Organisation des Nations Unies
  OO          Object-Oriented
  OO          Operator Office
  O-O         Object-Oriented
  OOA         Object-Oriented Analysis
  OOAD        Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  OOB         Out-of-Band
  OOBE        Out-of-Box Experience
  OOBF        Out-of-Box Failure
  OOC         Optical Orthogonal Codes
  OOC         Overseas Operator Center
  OOD         Object-Oriented Design
  OODB        Object-Oriented Database
  OODBMS      Object-Oriented Database Management System
  OODLE       Object-Oriented Design Language
  OOE         Organizations Outside ETSI
  OOF         Object-Oriented Framework
  OOF         Out of Frame
  OOK         On Off Keying (ASK)
  OOK         On/Off Keying
  OOK         On-Off Keyed
  OOL         Object-Oriented Language
  OOLR        Overall Objective Loudness Rating
  OOO         Out Of Order
  OOP         Object-Oriented Programming
  OOPL        Object-Oriented Programming Language
  OOPM        Object Oriented Process Metric(s)
  OOPS        Object-Oriented Programming System
  OOPSLA      Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications
  OOR         Object-Oriented Representation
  OOR         Object-Oriented Requirements
  OOR         Operator Override
  OOR         Operator Override message
  OORP        Object-Oriented Rapid Prototyping
  OORTL       Object-Oriented Run-Time Library
  OOS         Object-Oriented Systems
  OOS         Out Of Service
  OOS         Out of Synch
  OOSA        Object-Oriented Systems Analysis
  OOSD        Object-Oriented Software Development
  OOSE        Object-Oriented Software Engineering
  OOSP        Out-of-Service Permanent
  OOST        Out-of-Service Temporary
  OOST        Out-of-Service Time
  OOT         Object-Oriented Technique
  OOT         Object-Oriented Technology
  OOTC        O-O Technology Center (IBM)
  OOUI        Object-Oriented User Interface
  OOZ         Out Of Zone
  OP          Off-Premises
  OP          Operate
  OP          Operator
  OP          Originating Party
  OP          Originating Protocol
  OP          Outside Plant
  OPA         Operator System Access
  OPA         Origin Protocol Agent
  OPAC        Online Public Access Catalog
  OPAC        Outside Plant Access Cabinet
  OPAL        Optical Access Line
  OPAL        Optische Anschlussleitungen (DBPT-defined FITL system)
  OPC         Operations Controller
  OPC         Operations Position Controller
  OPC         Organic Photoconductor
  OPC         Originating Point Code
  OPC         Origination Point Code
  OPC         Outgoing Peg Count
  OPC         Output Port Controller
  OPCN        Operation Condition message
  OPD         Oberpostdirektion (DBPT regional operations area)
  OPDU        Operation Protocol Data Unit
  OPE         Outside Plant Module Equipment
  OPEN        Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation
  OpEN        Open Protocol Embedded Networking
  OPEN        Open Protocol Enhanced Networks
  OPI         Open Prepress Interface
  OPID        OPerator Identity
  OPL         DTMF Outpulsing to a Line
  OPL         Originating Packet Limit
  OPLL        Optical Phase-Locked Loop
  OPM         Operations Per Minute
  OPM         Optical Power Meter
  OPM         Optical Protection Module
  OPM         Outside Plant Module
  OPN         Open
  OPND        Outpulse Number Digits
  OPP         Office of Plans and Policy
  OPP         Open Position Protocol
  OPP         Operator Position Protocol
  OPR         Office Performance Report
  OPR         Operate
  OPR         Operator(s)
  OPR         Optical Pattern Recognition
  OPRF        Override Presentation Restrictions on Forwarding DN
  OPRN        Originating Private Number
  OPS         Off-Premise Station
  OPS         Open Profiling Standard
  OPS         Operations Per Second
  OPS         Operations System
  OPS         Operator Services
  OPS         Operator System
  OPS         Outgoing Packet Size
  OPS/INE     Operations System for Intelligent Network Elements
  OPS/INE     Operations System/Intelligent Network Element
  OPSC        Optical Protection Switching Controller
  OPSE        Operation Protocol Service Element
  OPSIC       Operators Identification Code
  OPSK        Offset Phase Shift Keying
  OPSM        Outside Plant Subscriber Module
  OPT         Optional
  OPUS        Object-Oriented PROTEL-2 User System
  OPX         Off-Premises Extension
  OQAM        Offset Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  OQL         Object Query Language
  OQPSK       Offset Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
  O-QPSK      Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  OQSM        OCTAVE Query Set Manager
  OR          Office Regenerator
  OR          Office Repeater
  OR          Operator Released
  OR          Option Register
  OR          ORdinary Meeting (ETSI)
  OR          Originator/Recipient
  OR          U.S. postal code for Oregon
  OR0         Option Register 0
  OR1         Option Register 1
  OR2         Option Register 2
  OR3         Option Register 3
  ORA         Opportunities for Rural Areas (EC R&D programme)
  ORA         O'Reilly & Associates
  ORA         Override Restrictions Allowed
  ORB         Object Request Broker
  ORB         Office Repeater Bay
  ORB         Omnidirectional Radio Beacon
  ORC         Object Responsibility Collaboration
  ORC         Originating Rate Center
  ORCC        Originating Rate Center Code
  ORD         Override Restrictions Denied
  ORDB        Operator Reference Database
  OREP        Optical Repeater Equipment
  org         Miscellaneous organizations domain
  ORG         Origination Utility
  ORI         Operation or Result Identification
  ORICO       ORadio Interface CardO
  ORIG        Origination
  ORIGDN      Originating DN
  ORJ         Operator Requested Job
  ORJGEN      Operator Requested Job Generator
  ORL         Olivetti Research Laboratory
  ORL         Optical Return Loss
  ORM         Optical Remote Switching Module
  ORM         Optically Remoted Module
  ORMA        Optical Reservation Multiple Access
  OROM        Optical Read-Only Memory
  ORPC        Object RPC
  ORR         Office Release Record
  ORR         Original Redirection Reason
  ORS         Operations Readiness Solutions
  ORS         Output Record Separator
  ORT         Optical Receiver Transmitter
  ORU         Office Repeater Unit
  OS          Operating System
  OS          Operation(s) System
  OS          Operator Service(s)
  OS          Operator System
  OS          Optical Sender
  OS          Originating Service
  OS          Originating Subaddress
  OS          Origination Service
  OS          Out of Service
  OS          Output Signal
  OS/2        Operating System/2
  OS/NE       Operations System to Network Element
  OS/NMS      Operation System/Network Management System
  OSA         Office System Architecture
  OSA         Open Scripting Architecture
  OSA         Open Systems Architecture (Olivetti)
  OSA         Operator System Access
  OSA         Optical Society of America
  OSA         Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  OSA-A       Operator System Access- Alternate Access
  OSAC        Operator Speed of Consistency
  OSAC        OSSAIN Centralization
  OSAF        Origin Subarea Field
  OSAL        OAM Services Access Layer
  OSA-P       Operator System Access- Principle Access
  OSB         Office Shortcut Bar
  OSB         Optical Switch Board
  OSB         Output Signal Balance
  OSBCM       Operator Services Basic Call Model
  OSC         Object Server Connectivity
  OSC         Ohio Supercomputer Center
  OSC         Operating System Command
  OSC         Operator Service Call
  OSC         Operator Service(s) Center
  OSC         Operator Services Client
  OSC         Operator Services Complex
  OSC         Oscillator
  OSCA        Open Systems Cabling Architecture
  OSCA        Operations System Computing Architecture
  OSCAR       Orbit Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
  OSCAR       Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
  OSCAS       Operator Services/Separations Call Analysis System
  OSCI        Open Service Control Interface
  OSD         On-Screen Display
  OSD         Open Software Distribution
  OSD         Optical Scanning Device
  OSD         OSI Session Driver
  OSDE        On-Site Data Evolution
  OSDL        Object-Oriented SDL
  OSDS        Operating System for Distributed Switching
  OSDT        Operations Systems Demonstration Tools
  OSF         Offset Field
  OSF         Open Software Foundation (USA)
  OSF         Open Systems Foundation
  OSF         Operation System Functions
  OSF         Operations System Function
  OSF         Operations Systems Functions
  OSF         OS' Functional Block
  OSFP        Offset Field Parity
  OSHA        Occupational Safety and Health Act (USA)
  OSHA        Occupational Safety and Health Administration (USA)
  OSI         Open Switching Interval
  OSI         Open Systems Interconnection
  OSI/NMF     Open Systems Interconnection/Network Management Forum
  OSIA        Operation System Impact Analysis
  OSIA        OSI Architecture
  OSI-ALS     OSI Application Layer Structure
  OSIE        Open Systems Interconnection Environment
  OSIMIS      OSI Management Information Service
  OSIMIS      OSI Management Information System
  OSINCP      OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
  OSINLCP     OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
  OSIRM       Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model
  OSI-RM      Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model
  OSITOP      Open Systems Interconnection Technical and Office Protocol
  OSITOP      OSI Technology and Office Protocols
  OSI-TP      Open Systems Interconnection-Transaction Protocol
  OSL         ObjectSupport Library
  OSL         Operating System Independent Layer
  OSLP        Operations Service Logic Program
  OSM         Office of Spectrum Management
  OSM         Off-Screen Model
  OSM         On Screen Manager
  OSM         On Site Message
  OSM         Organization Structure Manager
  OSM         Originating State Machine
  OSM         OS-Specific Module
  OSMINE      Operations System Modifications for the Integration of Network Elements
  OSN         Observational Standard Number
  OSN         Office System Node (DIA/SNADS)
  OSN         Operating System Nucleus
  OSN         Operations System Network
  OSN         OSSAIN Node
  OSNA        Open Service Network Architecture
  OSNL        Operating System Nucleus Language
  OSNM        Operator Services Node-Maintenance
  OSNR        Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  OSNS        Open Systems Network Support (SNA)
  OSO         Originating Screening Office
  OS-OPAL     Operations System for OPAL Fiber Optic Networks
  OSP         Online Service Provider
  OSP         Open Services Platform
  OSP         Open Signal Processor
  OSP         Operator Service Provider
  OSP         Optical Storage Processor
  OSP         Originating Service Provider
  OSP         Other Service Provider
  OSP         Outside Plant
  OSPF        Open Shortest Path First (IETF/TCP/IP)
  OSPFv1      OSPF Version 1
  OSPFv2      OSPF Version 2
  OSPS        Operator Services Position System
  OSQL        Object-oriented Structured Query Language
  OSR         Operator Services Record
  OSR1        OEM Service Release 1
  OSR2        OEM Service Release 2
  OSS         Operation Subsystem
  OSS         Operational Support System
  OSS         Operations Support System
  OSS         Operator Service(s) Signaling
  OSS         Operator Services Switch
  OSS         Operator Services System
  OSS7        Operator Services Signaling Using Signaling System No. 7
  OSSAIN      Operator Services System Advanced Intelligent Network
  OSS-C       Operator Services Steering Committee
  OSSDI       OSS Data Interface
  OSSGR       Operator Services Systems Generic Requirements
  OSSI        Operations Support Systems Interface
  OSS-IA      Operational Support System Integration Architecture
  OSSU        Operator Services Switching Unit
  OST         Office of Science and Technology
  OST         Operating System Trap
  OST         Originating Station
  OST         Originating Station Treatment
  OSTC        Open Systems Testing Consortium
  OSTR        Operator Services Trouble Report
  OSTT        Open Systems Technology Transfer
  OSTTP       OS Technology Transfer Program (UK)
  OSU         The Ohio State University
  OSVR        Operator Service Voice Response
  OSWS        Operating System Workstation
  OT          Object Table
  OT          Object Technology
  OT          ObjecTime
  OT          Operation Type
  OT          Operator Terminal
  OT          Optical Translator(s)
  OT          Originating Time
  OT          Overtime
  OTA         Office of Technology Assessment
  OTA         Operational Transconductance Amplifier
  OTA         Operation-Triggered Architecture
  OTA         Over-the-Air Activation
  OTAR        Over the Air Registration
  OTAU        Optical Test Access Unit
  OTC         Old Table Control
  OTC         One Time Charge
  OTC         Operating Telephone Company
  OTC         Originating Toll Center
  OTC         Outgoing Throughput Class
  OTC         Overseas Telecommunication Commission
  OTC         Terminating Carrier Identification
  OTD         Observations of Time Differences
  OTD         Observed Time Differences
  OTDM        Optical Time Division Multiplexing
  OTDR        Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer
  OTE         Hellenic Telecommunication Organization
  OTER        Operator Team Efficiency Ratio
  OTF         Object Testing Framework
  OTF         On-The-Fly
  OTF         Open Token Foundation
  OTF         Optical Transfer Function
  OTG         Originating Trunk Group
  OTGR        Operations Technology Generic Requirements
  OTH         Other Trunk
  OTH         Over The Horizon
  OTH-B       Over-The-Horizon Backscatter (Military Radar)
  OTI         Object Technology International Inc.
  OTI         Outgoing Trunk Identifier
  OTL         OSI Testing Liaison group
  OTM         Object Transaction Manager
  OTM         Optical Terminal Multiplexer
  OTOH        On the other hand
  OTOR        Omni Transmit, Omni Receive
  OTP         Office of Telecommunications Policy
  OTP         One Time Pad
  OTP         One Time Password
  OTP         One-Time-Programmable (IC-Device, Memories)
  OTP         Open Telecom Platform
  OTP         Open Trading Protocol
  OTQ         Outgoing Trunk Queuing
  OTR         Operational Trouble Report
  OTR         Operator Trouble Report
  OTR         Optical Transmitter and Receiver
  OTS         Object Transaction Service
  OTS         Office Traffic Summary
  OTS         Operator Telephone System
  OTS         Optical Transmission Section
  OTS         Orbital Test Satellite
  OTSR        Omni Transmit, Sectored Receive
  OTSS        Off-The-Shelf System
  OTSS        OS Transport and Session Support (SNA)
  OTTO        On-line Transmission Time Optimizer (SNA)
  OTUG        Object Technology Users Group
  OTW         Occasional Trainer Workshop
  OU          Organization Unit
  OUB         Occasionally Used Bands
  OUI         Organizationally Unique Identifier
  OUP         Originating User Prompter
  OUPI        Originating User Participant Information
  OURS        Open User Recommended Solutions
  OUSP        Originating User Service Participant
  OUT         Object Under Test
  OUT         Remove service
  OUTDN       Delete block of DNs, RCF
  OUTIN       OUTput and INput workstation
  OUTPUT      OUTPUT only workstation
  OUTS        Originating Utility Telemetry Service
  OUTWATS     Outward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
  OUTWATS     Outward Wide Area Telephone Service
  OV          Optional Variable Length
  OV          Overvoltage
  OVCC        Open Via Chip Carrier (VLSI Package)
  ÖVE         Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik (A)
  OVEC        Originating Vector Coordinates
  OVED        COSOVE Code Digits
  OVF         Overflow
  OVFL        Overflow
  OVFLINQ     Incoming Overflow Queue
  OVFPT       Overflow Point
  OVFREG      Overflow Register
  OVFTRT      Overflow Treatment
  OVFTRTPM    Overflow Treatment, Packet-Mode
  OVID        Object View Interaction Design
  OVIDE       Organization of Videotex for Information of Deputies in Europe
  OVL         Overlay Files
  OVLD        Overload
  OVLD        Overload message
  OVLP        Overlap Outpulsing
  OVLY        Overlay
  OVP         Over Voltage Protection
  OVS         Open Video Systems
  OVS         Overseas
  OVSt        Ortsvermittlungsstelle (local exchange/local switch)
  ÖVSV        Österreichischer VersuchsSender Verband (A)
  OW          ObjectWorks
  OW          Open Wire
  OW          Order Wire
  OWATSBLN    OUTWATS Billing Number
  OWATSCB     OUTWATS Call-by-Calling Billing Records
  OWATSSCR    OUTWATS Screening Sets
  OWC         One-Way Communication
  OWF         Optimum Working Frequency
  OWFBD       OUTWATS Full Business Day
  OWG         Optical Wave Guide
  OWL         ObjectWindows Library
  OWMT        OUTWATS Measured Time
  OWS         Operator Work Station
  OWS         Outgoing Window Size
  OWST        ObjectWorks/Smalltalk
  OWT         Operator Work Time
  OWT         OUTWATS
  OX          Originating Switch Complex
  OXC         Optical Crossconnect
  OXCN        Optical Cross-Connect
  OXCO        Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  oz          ounce(s) weight, approx. 28.3 g

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- P -


  P           Paragraph (HTML tag)
  P           Parallel
  P           Parity
  P           Pending
  P           Peripheral side
  p           pico (10-12)
  P           Planning
  P           Point
  P           Poll
  P           Poll bit
  P           Positive
  P           Power (in dB)
  p           power (in watts)
  P           Predicted (frame)
  P           Predictive
  P           Preload Register
  P           Presentation
  P           Presentation Layer
  P           Presentation Layer Service
  P           Primitive
  P           Priority
  P           proberen (Dutch for "to test")
  P           Processor
  P           Profile in data syntax II
  P           Prohibited
  p           Proportional
  P           Protocol
  P           Puncher
  P           Wait
  P&A         Privacy and Authentication
  P&E         Planning and Engineering
  P&L         Peripheral and Loading
  P&L         Profit and Loss
  P&S         Publish and Subscribe
  P(R)        Packet Receive Sequence Number
  P(R)        Packet Receive sequence number
  P(S)        Packet Send Sequence Number
  P(S)        Packet Send sequence number
  p.e.p.      peak envelope power
  P/A         Programmer/Analyst
  P/AR        Peak-to-Average Ratio
  P/C         Primitive/Constructed
  P/F         Poll/Final
  P/F         Poll/Final bit (0 = Unacknowledged Operation; 1 = Acknowledged Operation)
  P/PC        Palm-Size PC
  P/S         Parallel-to-Serial
  P1          Number of User-Assigned Packet Control TEI Values
  P1 to P5    Compatible Photographic Profiles, numbered 1 to 5
  P1FCC       Phase 1 First Call Configuration
  P2          Number of Switch-Assigned Packet Control TEI Values
  P2          PROTEL-2
  P2MET-D     Protel-2 Metrics Generation Tool for Designers
  P2P         Point-to-Point
  P2SC        IBM Power 2 Super Chip
  P3P         Platform for Privacy Preferences Project
  PA          ISO country code for Republic of Panama
  PA          Paging Area
  PA          Paper
  Pa          Pascal(s)
  PA          Path Administrator
  PA          Peripheral Adapter
  PA          Peripheral Applications
  PA          Personal Agent
  PA          Physical Agreement
  PA          Portable Application
  PA          Power Amplifier
  PA          Preamble
  PA          Pre-Arbitrated
  PA          Precision Architecture
  PA          Primary Access
  PA          Process Alive
  PA          Program Address
  PA          Protocol Abnormality
  PA          Protocol Agent
  PA          Protocol Analyzer
  PA          Public Address
  PA          Public Address system
  PA          Pulse Amplifier
  PA          U.S. postal code for Pennsylvania
  PAA         Paging Area controller Address
  PAA         Policy Approving Authority
  PAA         Protocol Analysis Application
  PAB         Personal Address Book file
  PAB         Phase Aligned Passive Bus
  PAB         Protel Advisory Board
  PABX        Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  PAC         ETSI Programme Advisory Committee
  PAC         Paging Area Controller
  PAC         Parallel Access Circuit
  PAC         Perceptual Audio Coder
  PAC         Perceptual Audio Coding
  PAC         Personal Acoustic Control
  PAC         Platform Adaptor Component
  PAC         Point-and-Click
  PAC         Privilege Attribute Certificate
  PAC         Program Address Counter
  PAC         Programme Advisory Committee (ETSI)
  PAC         Prompted Automatic Callback
  PAC         Protection Against Collision
  PACA        Priority Access and Channel Assignment
  PACCH       Packet-Associated Control Channel
  PACDAC      Packet DAC
  PACE        Performance (Inc.) Advanced CMOS Engineering (High-Speed IC)
  PACE        Priority Access Control Enabled
  PACE        Product Assurance Component Engineering
  PACES       Product and Component Enterprise System
  PACET       Programmable Attendant/Agent Console and Electronic Telephone
  PACK        Package
  PACK        Positive Acknowledgement
  PACKET      Layer two entity comprising ACW and any following DCWs transmitted
              as a single unit over which the s
  PAC-OS      Paging Area Controller- Operating System
  PACS        Patch Administration Control System
  PACS        Personal Access Communications Services
  PACS        Personal Access Communications System
  PACS        Picture Archiving and Communication System
  PACS        Picture Archiving and Communication System  (Siemens)
  PACS-L      Public Access Computer Systems List
  PACS-UA     PACS-Unlicensed A
  PACS-UB     PACS-Unlicensed B
  PAC-T       the part of the Paging Area Controller dealing with the Traffic control process
  PAD         Packet Assembler/Disasssembler
  PAD         Packet Assembly/Disassembly
  PAD         Packet Assembly/Disassembly facility (CCITT Rec. X.3, X.28, X.29)
  PAD         Padding
  PaDIUC      ParcPlace and Digitalk International Users Conference
  PADN        Patch Administration and Downloading
  PAE         Parameter Arrival Element
  PAF         Problem Already Fixed
  PAF         Project Application Form
  PAG         Program Administration Group
  PAG         Project Advisory Group
  PAGCH       Packet Access Grant Channel
  PAGCH       Paging and Access Grant Channel
  PAGE        PABX Access for GSM Extensions
  PAGE        PM Automation Generic Environment
  PAI         Protocol Addressing Information
  PAIH        Public-Access Internet Host
  PAIS        Public-Access Internet Site
  pal         Packet Links
  PAL         Paradox Application Language
  PAL         Participant's ACT Lost
  PAL         Phase Alternate Line (analogue TV system)
  PAL         Phase Alternating Line
  PAL         Phase Alternation by Line
  PAL         Phase Alternation Line
  PAL         Phase-Alternation Line
  PAL         Product Application Letter
  PAL         Programmable Array Logic (Monolithic Memories Inc.)
  PAL         Public Access Line
  PALA        Precedence Access Limitation Announcement
  PALC        Plasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal
  PALplus     widescreen variant of PAL system
  PAM         Partition to Antenna Mapping
  PAM         Pass Along Message
  PAM         Personal Application Manager
  PAM         Pluggable Authentication Module
  PAM         Power and Alarm Module
  PAM         Pulse Amplitude Modulation
  PAMA        PreAssigned Multiple Access
  PAMA        Pulse Address Multiple Access
  PAMR        Public Access Mobile Radio
  PAMS        Preselected Alternate Master-Slave
  PAN         Personal Area Network
  PAN         Public Addressed Node
  PANS        Peculiar and Novel Services
  PANS        Potentially Attractive New Services
  PANS        Pretty Amazing New Services
  PANS        Pretty Amazing New Stuff
  PANS        Pretty Awesome New Services
  PAP         Password Authentication Protocol
  PAQ         Parameter Arrival Queue
  PAQ         Personal Agent Queue
  PAQS        Provisioning Automated Quotation System
  PAR         PARameter
  PAR         Parity
  PAR         Peak-to-Average Ratio
  PAR         Periodic And Random deviation
  PAR         PNNI Augmented Routing
  PAR         Positive Acknowledgement and Retransmission
  PAR         Precission Approach Radar
  PAR         Programme Aid Routine
  PAR         Programme d'Action de Recherche
  PAR         Project Authorization Request
  PAR         ProSTAR Analysis Report
  PARADISE    Piloting A ReseArchers DIrectory Service in Europe
  PARB        Process Architecture Review Board
  PARC        Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
  PARC        Paragraph Control Element
  PARG        Play, Acquire. Recognize, Get DTMF
  PARI        Primary Access Rights Identity
  PARI        Primary ARI
  PA-RISC     Precision Architecture-Reduced Instruction Set Computing
  PARK        Portable Access Rights Key
  PARK{y}     PARK with value y for it's park length indicator
  PARM        Parameter
  PARM        Parameter Downloading
  PARMCAII    Process Alive + Role Mapping + Content Alignment + Interactive Framework
  PARS        Personal Advanced Radio System
  PARS        Personal Audio Response System
  PARS        Personalized Audio Response System
  PartMan     Partition Manager
  PARTS       Parts Assembly and Reuse Tool Set
  PAS         Personal Access Service
  PAS         Personal Access Services
  PAS         Product Administration System
  PAS         Protected Application Segment
  PAS         Public Access Service
  PAS         Publicly Available Specification
  PASC        PCS Access Service for Radio Controllers
  PASC        PCS Access Services for Controllers
  PASM        Protocol Adaptable State Machine
  PASP        PCS Access Services for Ports
  PASP        PCS Access Services for Radio Ports
  PAT         Post Announcement Treatment
  PAT         Productization Architecture Team
  PAT         Program Association Table
  PATC        Page Address Translation Cache
  PATED       Prefix Analysis and Task Element Determination
  PATH        Program on Advanced Technology for the Highway
  PATROL      Program for Administrative Traffic Reports On-Line
  PATS        Parameterized Abstract Test Suite
  PATU        Pan African Telecommunications Union
  PAU         Pause message
  PAWL        Public Access Workstation Laboratory
  PAWS        Protection Against Wrapped Sequence Numbers
  PAWS        Provisioning Analyst Workstation System
  PAX         Private Automatic Exchange
  PB          Packet Bus
  PB          Paddle Board
  PB          Parameter Block
  PB          Parity Block check
  PB          Personal Base Station
  PB          Pipeline Burst
  PB          Play Back
  PB          Power Box
  PB          PowerBuilder
  PB          Proportional Bidding
  PB          Provisioned B-Channel
  PB          Public Number
  PB          Pushbutton
  PBA         Physical Block Address
  PBA         Printed Board Assembly
  PBA         Provider Based Address
  PBAC        Peripheral Bus Access Controller
  PBC         Peripheral Board Controller
  PBC         Peripheral Bus Computer
  PBC         Physical Bearer Channel
  PBC         Physical Bearer Connection
  PBC         Postal Business Center
  PBC         Program Booking Center
  PBC         Programming By Contract
  PBCCH       Packet Broadcast Control Channel
  PBDK        PowerBASIC Developer Kit
  PBE         P-Bus Extender
  PBE         Preferred Binary Encoding
  PBF         Proportionate Bidding Facility
  PBGA        Plastic Ball Grid Array
  PBI         Phone Based Interface
  PBI         Profiler Batch Input file
  PBITS       Pac Bell Integrated Test System
  PBK         Phone Book file
  PBL         Private Business Line
  PBM         PBX Message Rate
  PBM         PBX Message Register
  PBM         Physical Bus Maintenance
  PBM         Portable Bitmap
  PBN         Packet Based Network
  PBO         Profile-Based Optimisation
  PBO         Profiler Batch Output file
  PBPVACC     Public-to-Private Access Code
  PBS         Personizable Basic Service
  PBS         Portable Base Station
  PBS         Public Broadcasting System
  PBsy        P-Side Busy
  P-BSY       Peripheral Side Busy
  PBT         Pass-Band Tuning (Radio Communications)
  Pbus        Processor Bus
  P-BUS       Processor Bus
  PBW         Power Band-Width
  PBX         PBX Flat Rate
  PBX         Private Branch Exchange
  PBX         Private Business Exchange
  PBX(PABX)   Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  PC          Paddle Card
  PC          Paper Cassette
  PC          Parameter Combination
  PC          Path Control
  PC          Peg Count
  PC          Peripheral Control
  PC          Peripheral Controller
  PC          Personal Computer
  PC          Personality Card
  PC          Physical Connection
  PC          Point Code
  PC          Point Coordinator
  PC          Power Control
  PC          Power Converter
  PC          Precision Control
  PC          Preset Conference
  PC          Primary Center
  PC          Printed Circuit
  PC          Priority Call (TETRA)
  PC          Priority Control
  PC          Private Circuit
  PC          Process Control
  PC          Program Commit
  PC          Program Complete
  PC          Program Counter
  PC          Programming Committee
  PC          Protection Channel
  PC          Protocol Capabilities
  PC          Protocol Control
  PC/AT       Personal Computer/Advanced Technology
  PC/S        Personal Computer/Standard
  PC/T        Personal Computer/Tape
  PC/XT       Personal Computer/eXtended Technology
  PCA         Personal Communicating Assistant
  PCA         Policy Certification Authority
  PCA         Policy Creation Authority
  PCA         Port Channel Address
  PCA         Power Control and Alarm
  PCA         Printed Circuit Assembly
  PCA         Privacy Change Allowed
  PCA         Process Component Architect
  PCA         Product Content Administration
  PCA         Product Content Application
  PCA         Protective Connecting Arrangement
  PCA         Protocol Conformance Analyzer
  PCA         Protocol Conformance Application
  PCAA        Portable Computer and Communications Association
  PCAC        Point Code Allowed Control
  PCAM        Packaged Core Auxiliary Module
  PCB         Party Control Block
  PCB         Person Call Back
  PCB         Printed Circuit Board
  PCB         Process Control Block
  PCB         Protocol Control Block
  PCB         Public Coin Box
  PCBA        PCB Assembly
  PCBC        Plaintext Cipher Block Chaining
  PCBM        Packaged Core Basic Module
  PCC         Parallel Connection Control
  PCC         Permanent Consultative Committee
  PCC         Personal Companion Computer
  PCC         Philips Consumer Communications
  PCC         Plastic Chip Carrier
  PCC         Power Control Channel
  PCC         Primary Circuit Components (Power Line)
  PCC         Process Control Computer
  PCC         Pseudo Country Code
  PCC         Punctured Convolutional Code
  PCCA        Portable Computer Communications Association
  PCCAB       Prefetcher with Circular Content Addressable Buffer
  PCCB        Product Configuration Control Board
  PCCH        Physical Control Channel
  PC-COE      PC-Common Operating Environment
  PCCU        Personal Computer Communication Unit
  PCD         Page-Level Cache Disable
  PCD         Personal Communication Device
  PCD         PhotoCD
  PCD         PhotoCD File
  PCD         Picture Coding Delimiter
  PCD         Program-Counter Calculation and Decoding
  PCDDS       Private Circuit Digital Data Service
  PC-DOS      Personal Computer Disk-Operated System (IBM Inc.)
  PCE         P Bus Checker Enable
  PCE         Picture Control Entity
  PCE         Position Controller Equipment
  PCF         Plastic Clad Fiber
  PCF         Point Coordination Function
  PCF         Portable Compiled Format
  PCFSK       Phase Continuous Frequency-Shift Keying
  PCH         Paging Channel
  PCH         Patch Subsystem
  PCH         Precompiled Header file
  PCH         PunCHer
  PCHK        Parity Check
  PCI         Panel Call Indicator
  PCI         Peripheral Component(s) Interconnect(ion)
  PCI         Personal Communications Interface
  PCI         Personal Communications Internetworking
  PCI         Personal Computer Interface
  PCI         Presentation Context Identifier
  PCI         Programmable Communications Interfaces
  PCI         Programming Communication Interface
  PCI         Programming Communications Interface
  PCI         Protocol Control Indicator
  PCI         Protocol Control Information
  PCIA        Personal Communications Industry Association
  PCIB        Personal Computer Interface Bus
  PCID        Product Content Identifier
  PCIM        Packaged Core Interface Module
  PCIU        Power Cabling Interface Unit
  PCL         Portable Channel List
  PCL         Printed Circuit Layout
  PCL         Printer Control Language
  PCL         Product CM Lineup
  PCL         Product Computing Module Load
  PCL5        Printer Control Language 5
  PCLID       Port Client ID
  PCLM        Packaged Core Line Module
  PCM         PC Magazine (periodical)
  PCM         Persistent Class Manager
  PCM         Personal Call Manager
  PCM         Plug-Compatible Manufacturer
  PCM         Pulse Code Modulation
  PCM         Punched Card Machine
  PCM30       CEPT 30-channel PCM carrier system
  PCMCIA      Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
  PCME        Packet Circuit Multiplication Equipment
  PCMF        Persistent Class Manager Framework
  PCMI        Photo-Chromic Micro Image
  PCMM        Packaged Core Memory Module
  PCMS        Power Control and Monitoring System
  PCMS        Product Configuration Management System
  PCN         Personal Cellular Network
  PCN         Personal Communications Network
  PCN         Personal Communications Service
  PCN         PointCast Network
  PCN         Preliminary Completion Notice
  PCN         Presentation of Calling Name
  PCN         Product Change Notice
  PCN         Public Carrier Networks
  PCNE        Protocol Converter for Native X.25 Equipment
  PCNE        Protocol Converter for Non-SNA Equipment (SNA)
  PCNM        Packaged Core Network Module
  PCNP        PC Network Program (IBM)-SNA)
  PCNT        Public Carrier Networks Technology
  PCO         Percent Overflow
  PCO         Point of Control and Observation
  PCompI      Parameter Compatibility Information
  PCOS        Priority Class of Service
  PCOS        Public Class of Service
  PCP         Peripheral Call Process
  PCP         Primary Control Program
  PCP         Primary Cross-connection Point
  PCP         Printed Circuit Pack
  PCP         Product Cost Performance
  PCP         Protocol Conversion Permission
  PCPC        Point Code Prohibited Control
  PCPM        Packaged Core Power Module
  PCPS        Private Carrier Paging System
  PCPT        Precise Call Progress Tone
  PCQ         Per-Call Queue
  PCR         PC Resource (periodical)
  PCR         Peak Cell Rate
  PCR         Pont-to-Point SVC Cell Rate
  PCR         Portable Common Runtime
  PCR         Preventive Cyclic Retransmission
  PCR         Program Clock Reference
  PCRT        Process Cross-Reference Table
  PCS         PC Services
  PCS         PC Support/400
  PCS         Personal Call Screening
  PCS         Personal Communications Server
  PCS         Personal Communications Service
  PCS         Personal Communications Services
  PCS         Personal Communications System
  PCS         Personal Communicator System
  PCS         Personal Conferencing Specification
  PCS         Physical Coding Sublayer
  PCS         Plastic-Clad Silica
  PCS         Plastic-Clad Silica  (Fibre Optics)
  PCS         Plesiochronous Connection Supervision
  PCS         Point Coordinated Station
  PCS         Power Conditioning System
  PCS         Preliminary Commercial Specification
  PCS         Processor Control System
  PCS         Professional Communication Society
  PCS1900     Personal Communications Service working at 1900 MHz
  PCS911      PCS E911
  PCSBSD      Bell South-Only PCS Call Delivery
  PCSBSO      Bell South-Only PCS Call Origination
  PCSC        PCS Switching Center
  PCSDEL      PCS Call Delivery
  PCSG        Public Contracts Specialists Group
  PCSM        Packaged Core Service Module
  PCSMWT      PCS Message Waiting
  PCSO        Power Control Safety Officer
  PCSORG      PCS Call Origination
  PCSREG      PCS Registration
  PCSS        Personal Communications Satellite Service
  PCSS        Programmable Cell Site Simulator
  PCT         Macintosh PICT File
  PCT         Per Call Type
  PCT         Per CenT
  PCT         Private Communications Technology
  PCT         Protocol Conformance Testing
  PCT         Public Cordless Telephone
  PCTA        Personal Computer Terminal Adapter
  PCTE        Portable Common Tool Environment (MAP/TOP)
  PCTF        Per-Call Test Failure
  PCTJ        PC Tech Journal (periodical)
  PCTM        Packaged Core Trunk Module
  PCTR        Protocol Conformance Test Report (ISO 9646)
  PCTS        Public Cordless Telephone Service
  PCTS        Public Cordless Telephone System
  PCU         Paging Control Unit
  PCU         Power Control Unit
  PCU         Primary Control Unit
  PCUG        Preferential CUG
  PCUP        Pipelined Cyclic Upstream Protocol
  PCW         PC World (periodical)
  P-CW        PCS Call Waiting
  PCWG        Personal Conferencing Work Group
  PCWT        Precedence Call Wait Terminating
  PCX         PC Paintbrush File
  PCX         PC Paintbrush Format
  PCXM        Packaged Core Expansion Module
  PD          Packed Decimal
  PD          Packet Data
  PD          Parameter Downloading
  PD          Partial Decorrelation
  PD          Partial Dial
  PD          Peripheral Device
  PD          Permanent Data
  PD          Personal Display
  PD          Phase-Change Dual-Technology
  PD          Photo Detector
  PD          Photo Diode
  PD          Photodetector
  PD          Photodiode
  PD          Physical Delivery
  PD          Physical Design
  PD          Polarity Detect
  PD          Post Dialing
  PD          Potential Difference
  PD          Power Distribution
  PD          PowerDrive
  PD          Profile Directory
  PD          Propagation Delay
  PD          Protocol Discriminator
  PD          Public Data
  PD          Public Domain
  PD          Pulse Dialling
  PD          Pulse Duration
  PD&T        Physical Design and Technology
  PD/CD       Phase-Change Dual/CD-ROM
  PDA         MDII: Partial Dial Abandon
  PDA         Personal Digital Assistant
  PDA         Power-Delay-Angle
  PDA         Process Deviation Authorization
  PDA         Programmable Digital Assistant
  PDAD        Proposed DAD
  PDAS        PCS Data Access Services
  PDATA       POTS Data Unit
  PDAU        Physical Delivery Access Unit
  PDB         Program Database
  PDBCH       Packet Data Broadcast Channel
  PDBN        Parameter Downloading Bundled Notify
  PDBR        Page Directory Base Register
  PDC         Page Description Communications
  PDC         Passive Dispersion Compensator
  PDC         Personal Digital Cellular
  PDC         Personal Digital Communications
  PDC         Personal Digital Communicator
  PDC         Plaza Distribution Center
  PDC         Policy Drafting Party
  PDC         Power Distribution Cabinet
  PDC         Power Distribution Center
  PDC         Primary Domain Controller
  PDC         Processor Daughter Card
  PDC         Professional Developers' Conference
  PDC         Program Delivery Control
  PDC         Propagation Delay Counter
  PDCH        Packet Data Channel
  PDCH        Physical Data Channel
  PDD         Packet Mode Data Terminating on the D-Channel
  PDD         Post Dialing Delay
  PDD         Product Definition Document
  PDDA        Physical Defined Display Area
  PDE         Page Directory Entry
  PDE         Parameter Departure Element
  PDE         Picture Data Entity
  PDE         Portable Data Entry (Unit)
  PDE         Presentation Data Element
  PDE         Product Development Environment
  PDE         Professional Development Environment
  PDEF        Physical Design Exchange Format
  PDES        Product Data Exchange Standard (TOP)
  PDES        Product Data Exchange Using STEP
  PDF         Portable Document File
  PDF         Portable Document Format
  PDF         Post-Detection Filter
  PDF         Power Density Function
  PDF         Probability Density Function
  pdf         Product Description File
  PDFFA       Praesodymium-Doped Fluoride Fiber Amplifier
  PDG         Program Dependence Graph
  PDG         Program Dependency Graph
  PDH         Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
  PDI         Personal Data Interchange
  PDI         Picture Description Instruction
  PDIAL       Public Dialup Internet Access List
  PDIF        Product Definition Interchange Format
  PDIL        Partial Dial
  PDIL        Plastic Dual-In-Line
  PDIP        Plastic Dual In-line Package
  PDIP        Plastic Dual-In-Line Package
  PDI-P       Path Payload Defect Indication
  PDL         Page Description Language
  PDL         Parameter Downloading
  PDL         Peripheral Diagnostic Language
  PDL         Program Description Language
  PDL         Project Description Language
  PDL         Project Description Language File
  PDM         Physical Data Model
  PDM         Physical Data Move
  PDM         Private Management Domain
  PDM         Pulse Density Modulated
  PDM         Pulse Duration Modulation
  PDMA        Phase Division Multiple Access
  PDMA        Polarisation Division Multiple Access
  PDMA        Provisioning-Driven Memory Administration
  PDMX        Programmable Digital Multiplexer
  PDN         Packet Data Network
  PDN         Parameter Downloading Notification
  PDN         Passive Distribution Network
  PDN         Plesiochronous Digital Network
  PDN         Positive Delivery Notification
  PDN         Power-DowN
  PDN         Premises Distribution Network
  PDN         Primary Directory Number
  PDN         Prime Directory Number
  PDN         Public Data Network
  PDNP        Parameter Downloading Notification Process
  PDO         Packet Data Optimized
  PdO         Palladium Oxide
  PDO         Performance Design Objective
  PDO         Portable Distributed Object
  PDO         Portable Distributed Objects
  PDP         Packet Data Protocol
  PDP         Parallel Data Processing
  PDP         PDN Protocol
  PDP         Plasma Display Panel
  PDP         Power Delay Profile
  PDP         Process Database
  PDP         Process Development Plan
  PDP         Programmed Data Processor
  PDP         Project Development Plan
  PDPS        Product Definition Process and Solutions
  PDQ         Parameter Departure Queue
  PDQP        Project Development Quality Plan
  PDR         Physical Data Receiver
  PDR         Pulse Density Requirement
  PDS         Pack Driver Specification
  PDS         Partitioned Data Set
  PDS         Persistent Data Service
  PDS         Physical Delivery Service
  PDS         Physical Delivery System
  PDS         Planetary Data System
  PDS         Power Distribution Shelf
  PDS         Power Distribution System
  PDS         Premises Distribution System (ATT)
  PDS         Priority Distribution System
  PDS         Processor Direct Slot
  PDS         Program Documentation Standard
  PDS         Project Data Server
  PDSO        Packet Data Security Overlay
  PDSS        Procurement Decision Support System
  PDT         MDII: Partial Dial Timeout
  PDT         Pacific Daylight Time
  PDT         Performance Diagnostic Tool
  PDT         Physical Data Transmitter
  PDT         Portable Data Terminal
  PDT         Prefix Digit Translation
  PDT         Product Development Team
  PDT         Program Development Tool
  PDT         Project Development Tool
  PDT         Protel Development Tool
  PDT         Protel-2 Development Tool
  PDTC        PCM-30 Digital Trunk Controller
  PDTE        Packet Data Terminal Equipment
  PDU         Packet Data Unit
  PDU         Payload Data Unit
  PDU         Plug Distribution Unit
  PDU         Port Data Unit
  PDU         Power Distribution Unit
  PDU         Protocol Data Unit
  PDV         Performance Data Visualization
  PDV         Presentation Data Value
  PDV         Prozess-Daten-Verarbeitung
  PE          Emergency Proving Period
  Pe          Emergency Proving Period
  PE          ISO country code for Republic of Peru
  PE          Packet leyer reference Event
  PE          Parity Error
  PE          Path End
  PE          Pathend
  PE          Peripheral Equipment
  PE          Phase Encoded
  PE          Phase Encoded (Digital Magnetic Disk/Tape Recording Format)
  PE          Phase Encoding
  PE          Physical Entity
  PE          Pictorial Element
  PE          Picture Element, pixel
  PE          Picture Entity
  PE          Port Enable
  PE          Portable Executable
  PE          Postal code for Prince Edward Island
  PE          Presentation Element
  PE          Probable Error
  PE          Processing Element
  PE          Processor Element
  PE          Programming Enabled
  PE          Protection Enable
  PE          Protective conductor
  PE          Protective Earth
  PE          Public Enquiry (ETSI)
  PE          Public Environment
  PEB         Peripheral Expansion Bus
  PEB         Process Environment Block
  PEC         Peak Digital Eye Closure
  PEC         Product Engineering Code
  PEC         Product Equipment Code
  PEC         Public Extension Circuit
  PECC        Product Engineering Control Center
  PECR        Pan European Cellular Radio
  PECS        Pan-European Cellular System
  PED         Protocol Encoder/Decoder
  PEDN        Pan-European Digital Network
  PEDP        Public Environment Dial Plan
  PEE         Processing Element Emulator
  PEF         Preferred Executable Format
  PEFS        Percentage Error Free Seconds
  PEG         Photographic Experts Group
  PEG         Process Engineering Group
  PEG         Public, Educational, or Governmental Access
  PEGAD       Permission Granted To Add
  PEI         Peak Emission Interval
  PEI         Progress Event Information
  PEL         Picture ELement
  PEL         Public Environment Element
  pel (pixel) picture element
  PELV        Protective Extra Low Voltage
  PEM         Privacy Enhanced Mail
  PEM         Processing Entity Maintenance
  PEN         combined Protective conductor and Neutral conductor
  PENBAL      Peninsular Spain-Balearic Islands submarine cable
  PENC        Maximum Number of Protocol Errors Not Associated With A Call, Class I
  PENCAN      Peninsular Spain-Canary Islands submarine cable
  PENCII      Maximum Number of Protocol Errors Not Associated With A Call, Class II
  PEND        Pending Order System
  PEo         Originating Pathend
  PEO         Polymorphic Embedded Object
  PEO         Professional Engineers Ontario
  PEP         Packet Ensemble Protocol
  PEP         Peak Envelope Power
  PEP         Preemptive External Priority
  PEP         Protocol Extension Protocol
  PEPR        Physical End Point Reference
  PER         Packed Encoding Rules
  PER         Packet Error Rate
  PER         Permission
  PERF        PERForator
  Perl        Practical Extraction and Report Language
  perl        Practical Extraction and Report Language
  pero        Parameter Entity Reference Open
  PERT        Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  PES         Packetized Elementary Stream
  PES         Percentage Errored Seconds
  PES         Power and Environmental Systems
  PES         Privacy Enhanced Sockets
  PES         Proposed Encryption Standard
  PET         Positron Emission Tomography
  PET         PSTN Enhanced Trunk
  PEt         Terminating Pathend
  PETAR       Pan European Television Audience Research
  PETS        Parameterized Executable Test Suite
  PEV         Peak Envelope Voltage
  PEX         Packet Exchange Protocol
  PEX         PHIGS Extension to X Window System
  PEX-SI      PEX Sample Implementation
  PF          ISO country code for French Polynesia
  PF          Parameter Format
  PF          Parity Flag
  pf          Picofarad
  PF          Power Factor
  PF          Power Failure
  PF          Power Feature
  PF          Presentation Function
  PF          Program Feature
  PF          Programmable Function
  PF          Protocol Family
  PF          Pulse Frequency
  PF          Punch ofF
  PFA         Packet and Frame Access
  PFA         Page Frame Address
  PFA         Perfluoralkoxy
  PFA         Project Feedback Assessment
  PFA         Protocol Fault Analyzer
  PFAC        Private Facility Access
  PFAR        P Bus Fault Address Register
  PFB         Provisional Frequency Board
  PFBPSM      Protected Fixed Block Pool Store Manager
  PFC         Port Flow Control
  PFC         PowerBuilder Foundation Classes
  PFC         Protocol Field Compression
  PFD         Power Flux Density
  PFE         Passive Feature Element
  PFE         Power Feed Equipment
  PFEP        Programmable Front-End Processor
  PFG         PathFile Generator
  PFG         Private Facility Group
  PFI         Pbus-Fbus Interface
  PFI         Physical Fault Insertion
  PFIX        Power Failure Interrupt
  PFJ         Parts for Java
  PFK         Program Function Key
  PFM         Parameter Frame Management
  PFM         Printer Font Metrics
  PFM         Proto Flight Model
  PFM         Pulse Frequency Modulation
  PFN         Page Frame Number
  PFN         Physical Frame Number
  PFN         Pseudo Facility Number
  PFN         Pulse Forming Network
  PFP         Preemptive Fixed Priority
  PFQ         Performance Feedback Questionaire
  PFR         MDII: Polarity Failure
  PFR         Periodical Physical Frame Sublayer
  PFR         Power-Fail Restart
  PFS         Physical File System
  pFS         Primary Frequency Supply
  PFSR        P Bus Fault Status Register
  PFT         Page Frame Table
  PFX         Personal Information Exchange
  PFX         Prefix
  PFXA        Prefix Announcement
  PG          ISO country code for Papua New Guinea
  PG          PaGe
  PG          Paging
  PG          Pattern Generator
  PG          Peer Group
  PG          Protective Ground
  PG          Pulse Generator
  PGA         Page Always
  PGA         Pin Grid Array
  PGA         Pin Grid Array (VLSI Packaging)
  PGA         Professional Graphics Adapter (PC's)
  PGA         Programmable Gate Array
  PGC         Polynomial Generator Checker
  PGC         Positive Graphic Controller ("Paper-white" Screen)
  PGI         Parameter Group Identifier
  PGID        Peer Group Identifier
  PGID        Process Group ID
  PGL         Peer Group Leader
  PGM         Portable Graymap
  PGM         ProGraM
  PGML        Precision Graphics Markup Language
  PGN         Portable Game Notation
  PGP         Pretty Good Privacy
  PGP         Pretty Good Protection
  PGPS        Packet Generalized Processor Sharing
  pgs         Pages
  PGS         Pair Gain System
  PGS         Professional Graphical system (IBM)
  PGTC        Pair-Gain Test Controller
  PH          Data Link Layer (Layer 2)-Physical Layer (Layer 1) Interface
  PH          ISO country code for Republic of the Philippines
  PH          Packet Handler
  PH          Page Header
  PH          Phantom Circuit
  PH          Phase
  PH          PHysical (layer)
  PH          Physical Layer
  PH          Physical Layer Service
  Ph          Physical Layer Service
  PH          Prentice Hall
  PH          Presentation Header
  PH          Protocol Handler
  PH-         communication between data link layer and PHysical layer
  PHA         Protocol Handler for ATM
  PH-AI       Primitive Activate Indication
  PHARE       Poland-Hungary Assistance on the Economic Reconstruction
  PHASE       Philips Advanced Synchronous Equipment
  PhC         Physical Connection
  PHC         Positive High Current
  PHD         Permanent Hold
  PHd         Pocket Hard-disk
  PH-DI       Primitive De-activate Indication
  PHF         Packet Handler Function
  PHF         Packet Handling Function
  PHGI        Programmer Hierarchical Graphics Interface
  PHI         Packet Handler access point Interface
  PHI         Packet Handler Interface
  PHIGS       PHotorealistic Interactive Graphic System (3-Dimensional Imaging Standard)
  PHIGS       Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standard
  PHIGS       Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
  PHILSIN     Philippines-Singapore submarine cable
  PHIU        Packet Handler Interface Unit
  PHL         PHysicaL
  PhL         PHysical Layer (OSI)
  PHM         Packet Handling Module
  PhM         PHase Modulation
  PHOTAC      Photo Typesetting And Composing
  PHP         Personal Handy Phone
  PHP         Pocket Handy Phone
  PHS         Personal Handy Phone System
  PHS         Personal Handyphone System
  PhS         PHysical Service
  PHS         Portable HandSet
  PHT         Packet Hashing Table
  PHV         Protocol Handler for Voice
  PHY         Physical
  PHY         Physical Layer
  PHY         Physical Medium Dependent Sublayer
  PHZ         Pre-Handover Zone
  PI          Parameter Identifier
  PI          Participant Information
  PI          Pause Insertion
  PI          Peripheral Interface
  PI          Personality Interface
  PI          Physical Interface
  pi          Pica
  PI          Picture Identifier
  PI          Presentation Indicator
  PI          Privacy Indicator
  PI          Private Interface
  PI          Process Instructions
  PI          Processor Interface
  PI          Product Improvement
  PI          Product Integrity
  PI          Program Identified
  PI          Progress Indicator
  PI          Protocol Identifier
  PI          Protocol Interpreter
  PIA         Peripheral Interface Adapter
  PIA         Personal Information Appliance
  PIAS        PCS Integrated Access Systems
  PIAT        Peripheral Interface And Timer
  PIC         Payload Integrity Check
  PIC         Peripheral Interface Card
  PIC         Peripheral Interface Controller
  PIC         Personal Identification Code
  PIC         Personal Intelligent Communicator
  PIC         Plastic-Insulated Cable
  PIC         Point In Call
  PIC         Polyethelene Insulated Cable
  PIC         Polyolefin Insulated Cable
  PIC         Position-Independent Code
  PIC         Power Integration Coordinator
  PIC         Preferred Interexchange Carrier
  PIC         Pre-subscribed Interexchange Carrier
  PIC         Primary Interexchange Carrier
  PIC         Primary InterLATA Carrier
  pic         Processing Instruction Close
  PIC         Programmable Interrupt Controller
  PIC         Protocol Implementation Conformance
  PICB        Peripheral Interface Control Bus
  PICC        Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge
  PICH        Pilot Channel
  PICS        Platform for Internet Content Selection
  PICS        Platform for Internet Content Specification
  PICS        Plug-in Inventory Control System
  PICS        Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
  PICT        Macintosh Bitmap File
  PID         Packet Identifier
  PID         Parameter Identifier
  PID         Password Identification
  PID         Persistent Identifier
  PID         Persistent Object ID
  PID         Personal Information Delivery
  PID         Portable Identification Code (=MIC+HIC)
  PID         Private Identifier
  PID         Process ID
  PID         Process Identifier
  PId         Process Identifier
  PID         Processor Identification
  PID         Processor Identification Register
  PID         Proportional/Integral/Differential (Controller)
  PID         Protocol Identifier
  PIDB        Peripheral Interface Data Bus
  PIDL        Pseudo IDL
  PIE         Product Information Environment
  PIE         Protocol Independent Environment
  PIEEE       Proceedings of the IEEE
  PIER        Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering
  PIF         Physical Interface
  PIF         Program Information File
  PIFS        Point Coordination Function Interframe Space
  PIG         Practical Information Guide (ETSI)
  PIG         Process Improvement Group
  PIGI        Processor Interface to Gigabit Interconnect
  PIGUI       Platform-Independent GUI
  PIH         Pin In Hole
  PII         Pentium II
  PIL         PILot
  PILOT       Pilot Directory Number
  PIM         Personal Information Management
  PIM         Personal Information Manager
  PIM         Process Information Model
  PIM         Protocol-Independent Multicast
  PIM         Pulse Interval Modulation
  PIM-DM      Protocol Independent Multicast-Dense Mode
  PIMRC       Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
  PIM-SM      Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode
  PIN         Personal Identification Number
  PIN         P-Intrinsic Diode
  PIN         Positive material-Intrinsic-Negative material
  PIN         Positive-Insulator-Negative
  PIN         Positive-Intrinsic-Negative
  PIN         Procedural Interrupt Negative
  PIN         Public Infrastructure Network
  PIN         Public Initiating Node
  PINC        Preferred International Carrier
  PINC        Preferred International IC Indicator
  PINCI       Preferred International Carrier Indicator
  PIND        Particle Impact Noise Detection
  PIND        PIN Digits
  Pine        Program for Internet News & Email
  PINEC       Private Networks and Interexchange Carriers
  PING        Packet Internet Groper
  PING        Packet Internet Groper (test tool for Ethernet)
  PINT        PSTN and Internet Interworking
  PINX        Private Integrated  Network eXchange
  PINX        Private Integrated Network Exchange
  PINX        Private Integrated Services Network Exchange
  PIO         Parallel Input/Output
  pio         Processing Instruction Open
  PIO         Programmable Input/Output
  PIO         Programmed Input/Output
  Pip         "P" Internet Protocol
  PIP         Partners in Provisioning
  PIP         Peripheral Interchange Program
  PIP         Peripheral Interface Process
  PIP         Peripheral Interface Processor
  PIP         Personal Information Processor
  PIP         Picture in Picture
  PIP         Procedural Interrrupt Positive
  PIP         Product Integration Program
  PIP         Product Introduction Planning
  PIP         Product Introduction Procedure
  PIP         Proposed Implementation Plan
  PIPO        Parallel-In Parallel-Out
  PIPO        Platform-Independent Portable Objects
  PIR         Peak Information Rate
  PIR         Program Interrupt Request
  PIRS        Personal Information Retrieval System  (PC Data Base)
  PIS         Procedure Interrupt Signal
  PIS         Product Interface Specification
  PIS         Project Information Summary
  PISN        Private Integrated Services Network
  PISN        Private Integrated Services Networking
  PISO        Parallel-In Serial-Out
  PISTOL      IBM PC-based ISDN Test Tool
  PIT         Participant Information Time
  PIT         Personal Information Telecommunication
  PIT         Process Improvement Team
  PIT         Programmable Interval Timer
  PITCOM      Parliamentary Information Technology COMmittee (UK)
  PIU         Path Information Unit (SNA)
  PIU         Peripheral Interface Unit
  PIU         Plug In Unit
  PIV         Peak Inverse Voltage
  PixBlt      Pixel Block Transfer
  pixel       picture element
  PIXIT       Protocol Implementation Extra Information for Testing
  PIXIT       Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing
  PJ          Pointer Justification
  PJC         Pointer Justification Count
  PJE         Pointer Justification Event
  PJL         Printer Job Language
  PJPEG       Progressive JPEG
  PK          ISO country code for Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  PK          Protection Key
  PK          Protocol Kernel
  PK          Public Key
  PKCS        Public Key Crypto System
  PKCS        Public Key Cryptography Standards
  PKCS        Public Key Crypto-System
  PKE         Public Key Encryption
  PKERN       Protocol Kernel
  pkern       Protocol Kernel
  PKI         Philips Kommunikations Industrie
  PKI         Public Key Infrastructure
  PKIX        Public Key Infrastructure Working Group
  PKMS        Public Key Management System
  PKP         Public Key Partners
  PKT         Packet
  PL          ISO country code for Polish People's Republic (Poland)
  PL          PAD Length
  PL          Parameter Length
  PL          Party Line
  PL          Path Loss
  PL          Permanent Line
  PL          Photoluminescence
  PL          Physical Layer
  PL          Planning Letter
  PL          Precedence Level
  PL          Presentation Layer (OSI)
  PL          Private Line
  PL          Programming Language
  PL          Proprietary Link
  PL&T        Programming Languages and Tools
  PL/1        Production Level 1
  PL/1        Programming Language One
  PL/2        Production Level 2
  PL/I        Programming Language One
  PL/M        Programming Language for Microcomputers
  PL/M        Programming Language for Microprocessors
  PL1         Proprietary Link 1
  PL2         Proprietary Link 2
  PL3         Proprietary Link 3
  PLA         Physical Level Adapter
  PLA         Plex Load Appraisal
  PLA         Programmable Logic Array
  PLACO       PLAnning COmmittee (ISO)
  PLAR        Private Line Automatic Ringdown
  PLAS        Private Line Assured Service
  PLATINUM    Platform providing Integrated services to New Users of Multimedia
  PLB         Personal Locator Beacon
  PLBP        Packet-Layer Binary Parameters
  PLC         Permanent Logical Connection
  PLC         Physical Layer Control
  PLC         Planar Lightwave Circuit
  PLC         Plant Level Controller
  PLC         Positive Low Current
  PLC         Power Line Carrier  (Telecommunication over power lines)
  PLC         Powerline Communication
  PLC         Power-Line Communication
  PLC         P-phone Line Card
  PLC         Private Leased Circuit
  PLC         Private Line Concentrator
  PLC         Product Line Center
  PLC         Programmable Logic Controller
  PLCA        Personalized Local Calling Area
  PLCA        Programmable Logic Cell Array
  PLCC        Plastic Lead Chip Carrier
  PLCC        Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
  PLCP        Physical Layer Convergence Procedure
  PLCP        Physical Layer Convergence Protocol
  PLD         Partial Line Down
  PLD         Physical Line Drawer
  PLD         Power Line Disturbance
  PLD         Programmable Logic Device
  PLE         Path Length Efficiency
  PLE         Programmable Logic Element
  PLGA        Plastic Land-Grid Array
  PLGC        PCM-30 Line Group Controller
  PLI         Park Length Indicator
  PLI         Physical Layer Interface
  PLIN        Point List Index Number
  PLIT        Prohibit Line Insulation Testing
  PLK         Primary Link
  PLL         Permanent Logical Link
  PLL         Permanent Logical Loop
  PLL         Phase-Locked Loop
  PLL         Physical Link Sublayer
  PLLC        Permanent Logical Link Connection
  PL-LCD      Photoluminescent Liquid Crystal Display
  PLM         Path Label Mismatch
  PLM         PCM Level Meter
  PLM         Physical Link Maintenance
  PLM         Product Line Management
  PLM         Product Line Manager
  PLM         Pulse Length Modulation
  PLM         Pump Laser Module
  PLMN        Public Land Mobile Network
  PLMR        Private Land Mobile Radio
  PLMTS       Public Land Mobile Telecommunication Systems
  PLO         Permanent Lockout
  PLO         Permanently Locked Out
  PLO         Phase Locked Oscillator
  PLOAM       Physical Layer OA&M
  PL-OAM      Physical Layer Operation and Maintenance
  PLOP        Pattern Languages of Programs
  PL-OU       Physical Layer Overhead Unit
  PLP         Packet Layer Procedures
  PLP         Packet Layer Protocol
  PLP         Packet-Level Procedure
  PLP         Plug-Up
  PLPP        Physical Layer Protocol Processor
  PLR         Pulse Link Repeater
  PLS         Personal Library Software
  PLS         Physical Layer Service
  PLS         Physical Layer Signalling (IEEE 802)
  PLS         Physical Signaling
  PLS         PhysicaL Signalling
  PLS         Prime Line Select
  PLS         Private Line Service
  PLS         Product Library System
  PLS         Program Load Segment
  PLSQ        Packet Layer Sequencing
  PLSQ        Packet Level Sequencing
  PLT         Parallel Lower Tester
  PLT         Procedure Linkage Table
  PLTC        PCM30 Line/Trunk Controller
  PLTTY       Private Line Teletypewriter Service
  PLU         Partial Line Up
  PLU         Primary Logical Unit
  PLUS        Peripheral Life Upgrade Strategy
  PLV         Presentation-Level Video
  PLV         Production Level Video
  PLWS        Packet-Layer Window Size
  PM          ISO country code for Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  PM          Packet Mode
  PM          Packet Multiplexer
  PM          Performance Management
  PM          Performance Monitoring
  PM          Peripheral Module
  PM          Person Month
  PM          Personal Mobility
  PM          Phase Modulation
  PM          Photo Multiplier
  PM          Physical Medium
  PM          Picture Mode
  PM          Post Meridian
  PM          Power Management
  PM          Presentation Manager
  PM          Preventative Maintenance
  PM          Preventive Maintenance
  PM          Primary Maintenance
  PM          Privacy Message
  PM          Process Manager
  PM          Process Monitor
  PM          Processable Mode
  PM          Profile Manipulation
  PM          Project Management
  PM          Project Manager (ETSI)
  PM          Protocol Machine
  PM          Pulse Modulation
  PM11        Processable Mode No. 11
  PMA         Period Measurement with Additional Transition Detection
  PMA         Physical Medium Attachment
  PMA         Prompt Maintenance Alarm
  PMAC        Performance Monitoring Adjunct Circuit
  PMAN        Personal MOBITEX Access Number
  PMAP        Personal Mobility Application Part
  PMB         Peripheral Module Busy
  PMB         Pilot Make Busy
  PMB         Processor-Memory Bus
  PMBS        Packet Mode Bearer Service(s)
  PMBX        Private Manual Branch Exchange
  PMBX        Private Manual Branch eXchange
  PMC         PCI Mezzanine Card
  PMC         Peripheral Component Interconnect Mezzanine Card
  PMC         Peripheral Message Controller
  PMC         Personal Mobile Communicator
  PMC         Port Message Channel
  PMC         Printed Meter Check
  PMC         Private Meter Check
  PMC         Process Management Council
  PMC         Project Management and Committee support department (ETSI)
  PMD         Packet Mode Data
  PMD         Packet-Mode Data
  PMD         Physical Layer Medium Dependent
  PMD         Physical Media Dependent
  PMD         Physical Media Dependent Layer (FDDI)
  PMD         Physical Medium Dependent
  PMD         Polarization Mode Dispersion
  PMDARI      Packet-Mode Data Aggregate Recording Interval
  PMDB        Packet-Mode Data Billing Records
  PMDB        Personal Mobility Database
  PMD-B       Packet Mode Data on the B-Channel
  PMD-D       Packet Mode Data on the D-Channel
  PMDE        Peripheral Module Development Environment
  PMDEBUG     Peripheral Module Debug
  PMDIPVCB    Packet-Mode Data Intercom PVC Calls Billing Records
  PMDIVCB     Packet-Mode Data Intercom Virtual Calls Billing Records
  PMDVCB1     Packet-Mode Data Virtual Circuits Billing Records for Type 1 Usage
  PMDVCB2     Packet-Mode Data Virtual Circuit Billing Records for Type 2 Usage
  PME         Previous Message Error
  PMEXEC      Peripheral Module Executable Program
  PMF         Parameter Management Frame
  PMF         Primary Master Format
  PMFDA       Packet Module File Data Access
  PMFJI       Pardon Me For Jumping In
  PMH         Protocol Message Handler
  PMHS        Private Message Handling System
  PMI         Performance Monitoring Inhibited
  PMI         Peripheral Module International
  PMID        Portable Part MAC Identity
  PMIST       Peripheral Module Intercept System Test
  PML         Peripheral Messaging Link
  PML         Peripheral Module Load
  PML         Phone Markup Language
  PML         Process Maturity Level
  PML         Programmable Macro Logic
  PMLCD       Passive-Matrix LCD
  PMLT        Prohibit Mechanized Line Testing
  PMM         Period Measurement with Missing Transition Detection
  PMM         Personal Mobility Manager
  PMMA        Polymethyl Methacrylate
  PMMU        Paged Memory Management Unit
  PMO         Present Method of Operation
  PMO         Process Management Object
  PMO         Project Management Office
  PMON        Power Supply Monitor
  PMOS        P-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  PMP         Parallel Multi-Path
  PMP         Point-to-Multipoint
  PMP         Process Management Process
  PMP         Project Management Plan
  PMP         Protected Monitoring Point
  P-MP        Point to MultiPoint
  p-mp        Point-to-Multipoint
  PMR         Private Land Mobile Radio
  PMR         Private Mobile Radio
  PMR         Public Mobile Radio
  PMRO        Pilot Measurement Request Order
  PMS         Pantone Matching System
  PMS         Performance Management System
  PMS         Permitted Maximum Signal
  PMS         Processor, Memory, Switch
  PMS         Production Management System
  PMS         Property Management Systems
  PMS         Public Message Service
  PMT         Personal Mobile Telecommunications
  PMT         Photomultiplier Tube
  PMT         Process Management Team (ETSI)
  PMT         Program Management Team
  PMT         Program Map Table
  PMTS        Pruefen, Messen und Melden fur die DSt TS (Q-3 Based Testing,
              Measuring, and Recording for TS Service Center)
  PMTS        Pruf-, Mess- und Meldesystem fur den Telekom Service (Q.3-based
              testing, measuring and recording for TS service centre)
  PMTU        Path Maximum Transmission Unit
  PMU         PLL Management Unit
  PMVC        Permanent Multicast Virtual Circuit
  PMX         Packet MultipleXer  (ISDN)
  PMX         Private Manual Exchange
  PMxAs       Primaermultiplexanschluss (Primary Access Unit)
  PN          ISO country code for Pitcairn Island
  Pn          Normal Proving Period
  PN          Packet Number
  PN          Part Number
  PN          Peripheral Node
  PN          Permanent Nucleus
  PN          Permanent Nucleus (CEPT)
  PN          Personal Number
  PN          Physical Network
  PN          Polish Notation (Calculators)
  PN          Private Network
  PN          Pseudonoise
  PN          Pseudorandom Noise
  PN          Pseudo-Random Number
  PN          Public Network
  PN          Publication Note
  PN          PuNch off
  p-n         Postive-Negative
  PNA         Packet Network Adapter
  PNA         Parallel Network Architecture
  PNA         Per Node Aggregator
  PNA         Phoneline Networking Alliance
  PNB         Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone
  PnB         Provisioning and Billing
  PNC         Paging Network Controller
  PNC-H       Paging Network Controller- Home
  PNC-H(DIV)  Divert Adc's Home Paging Network Controller
  PNC-H(FS)   Fixed Subscriber's Home Paging Network Controller
  PNC-I       Paging Network Controller- Input
  PNC-OS      Paging Network Controller- Operations System
  PNCP        Peripheral Node Control Point (SNA)
  PNCS        Passport Network Clock Synchronization
  PNC-T       Paging Network Controller- Transmit
  PND         Personal Name Delivery
  PND         Present Next Digit
  PND         Private Network Traveling Class Mark Digits
  PND         Public Networks Development
  PNDDB       Personal Name Delivery Database
  PNE         Parameter Notification Element
  PNE         Path Number Efficiency
  PNE         Présentation des Normes Européennes (CEN/CENELEC)
  PNFC        Primal Network Flow Convex
  PNG         Portable Network Graphics
  PNI         Permit Next Increase
  PNI         Privacy Name Indicator
  PNI         Privacy of Name Indicator
  PNIC        Private data Network Identification Code
  PNID        Precedence Network In-Dialing
  P-NID       Precedence Network In-Dialing
  PNLU        Public Network serving the Local User
  PNM         Portable Any Map
  PNM         Pulse Number Modulation
  PNNI        Private Network-Network Interface
  P-NNI       Private Network-to-Network Interface
  PNO         Public Network Operator
  PNOIG       Public Network Operators Interconnect Group
  PnP         Plug and Play
  PNP         Positive-Negative-Positive
  PNP         Private Numbering Plan
  p-n-p       Positive-Negative-Positive
  PNQ         Parameter Notofication Queue
  PNR         Private Network Record
  PNR         Private Number Rejection
  PNS         Personal Number Service
  PNS         Private Network Signalling
  PNT         Paint document file
  PNT         Private Network Termination
  PNVS        Pilot Night Vision Sensor (Military Avionics)
  PNWB        Pacific Northwest Bell
  PNX         Private Network Exchange
  PO          Parameter Object
  PO          Partial Outage
  PO          Pending Order
  PO          Persistent Object
  PO          Post Office
  PO          Presentation Object classes
  PO          Primary Objective
  PO          Protocol Object
  PO          Protocol Operation
  PO          Punch
  PO          Purchase Order
  POA         Portable Object Adapter
  POA         Post Office Agent
  POACH       Personal computer On-A-CHip  (ZyMOS Inc.)
  POC         Point of Contact
  POC         Power-On Confidence
  POC         Processor Outage Control
  POCE        Pantone Open Color Environment
  POCSAG      Post Office Code Standardisation Advisory Group
  POD         Pay On Delivery
  PODP        Public Office Dialing Plan
  PODS        Plain Old Digital Services
  POEEJ       The Post Office Electrical Engineers' Journal (periodical)
  POF         Pending Order File
  POF         Plastic Optical Fiber
  POF         Point of Failure
  POFID       Pending Order File Identifier
  POFS        Private Operational Fixed Services
  POGA        Pictures of Graph Algorithms
  POH         Path Overhead
  POI         Path Overhead Indicator
  POI         Point of Initiation
  POI         Point Of Interconnection (with PSTN)
  POI         Point of Interface
  POL         POLarisation
  POL         Policy file
  POL         Portable Originated Link
  POL         Problem Oriented Language
  POLL        Polled
  POM         Path Overhead Monitoring
  POM         Persistent Object Manager
  POMMO       Page OMMO
  POMS        Port Management System
  PON         Passive Optical Network
  PON         Purchase Order Number
  POO         Post Office Order
  POP         Percentage of Ownership times Population of the market
  POP         Performance-Oriented Practice
  POP         Picture Outside Picture
  POP         Point of Presence
  PoP         Point of Presence
  POP         Post Office Protocol
  POP         Procedure-Oriented Practice
  POP2        Post Office Protocol 2
  POP3        Post Office Protocol 3
  POPL        Principles of Programming Languages
  POR         Pacific Ocean Region (INTELSAT)
  POR         Plan of Record
  POR         Plan of Reorganization
  POR         Point of Return
  POR         Power On Reset
  PORS        Path-Oriented Routing Software
  PORS        Path-Oriented Routing System
  POS         Packet Over SONET
  POS         Passive Optical Splitter
  POS         Persistent Object Service
  POS         Point of Sale
  POS         Point of Synchronization
  Pos         Position
  POS         Positive
  POS         Priority On-Site service
  POS         Programmable Option Select
  POSE        Portable Operating System Extension
  POSI        Promotion Conference for OSI
  POSIX       Portable Operating System for computer environment (IEEE/UNIX)
  POSIX       Portable Operating System Interface
  POSIX       Portable Operating System Interface based on UNIX
  POSIX       Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments
  POSIX       Prortable Operating System Interface for Unix
  POSR        Private Operator Services Record
  POST        Power On Set Test
  POST        Power-On Self Test
  POT         Plain Ordinary Telephone
  POT         Point of Termination
  POT(S)      Plain Old Telephone (Service)
  POTS        Plain Old Telephone Service
  POTS        Plain Ordinary Telephone Service
  POTV        Plain Old Television
  POV         Persistence of Vision
  POV         Point of View
  POWER       Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC
  PP          Packet Pipe
  pp          Pages
  PP          Paper tape Punch
  PP          Parallel Port
  PP          ParcPlace
  PP          Peripheral Processor
  PP          Pointer Processor
  PP          Point-to-Point
  PP          PolyPropylene
  PP          Portable Part
  PP          Power Platform
  PP          PowerPC Platform
  PP          Preceding Page
  PP          Preferred Plane
  PP          Preplan
  PP          Previous Page
  PP          Program Port
  PP          Project Plan
  PP          Protocol Processor
  PP          Provisioning Point
  p-p         peak-to-peak
  p-p         Point-to-Point
  PP1         Power Platform, Type 1
  PP2         Power Platform, Type 2
  PPA         Physical Point of Attachment
  PPA         Plesiochronous Path Adaptation
  PPA         Position Probability Area (ship-navigation)
  PPA         Primary Physical Address
  PPB         Parts Per Billion
  PPB         Permanent Packet B Channel
  PPBL        Peripheral Platform Base Library
  PPC         Packet Processing Complex
  PPC         Pay-Per-Channel
  PPC         Peak Power Control
  PPC         Portable Personal Computer
  PPC         PowerPC
  PPC         Pre-emptive Priority Call (TETRA)
  PPC         Prepaid Card
  PPC         Primary Point Code
  PPC         Pump Peripheral Controller
  PPCH        Packet Paging Channel
  PPCS        Person to Person Collect and Special Instruction
  PPD         ParcPlace-Digitalk
  PPD         Partial Packet Discard
  PPD         PostScript Printer Description
  PPDCI       Provisioning PSE Driver CI
  PPDF        Programmable Pulse Driver/Formatter (High-Speed GaAs IC,Harris)
  PPDN        Public Packet Data Network
  PPDTR       Preplanned Dynamic Traffic Routing
  PPDU        Packet Data Protocol PDU
  PPDU        Presentation Protocol Data Unit
  PPE         Packet Processing Element
  PPE         Personal Protective Equipment
  PPE         Primative Procedure Entity
  PPE         Primitive Procedure Entity
  PP-EOC      Point-To-Point Embedded Operations Channel
  pp-eoc      Point-To-Point Embedded Operations Channel
  PPF         Photosensitive Polymer Film
  PPF         Primitives Processing Function
  PPFY        Post Programming Functional Yield (PAL Devices)
  PPG         Public Procurement Group
  PPGA        Plastic Pin-Grid Array
  PPhone      Proprietary Phone
  P-Phone     Proprietary Phone
  PPI         Phase Parity Identifier indicating which CW must be used for descrambling
  PPI         Plan Position Indicator (radar)
  PPI         Plesiochronous Physical Interfaces
  PPI         Precise-Pixel Interpolation
  PPI         Processor Peripheral Interface
  PPI         Program Port Interface
  PPI         Programmable Peripheral Interface
  PPIC        Primary Preferred IC Indicator
  PPIC        Primary Preferred Interexchange Carrier
  PPICI       Primary Preferred Interexchange Carrier Indicator
  PPID        Parent Process ID
  PPK         Perimeter Park
  PPL         Point-to-Point Link
  PPL         Pre-Patched XPM Load
  PPL         Product PM Lineup
  PPL         Programmable Path Logic
  PPL         PVN Priority Line
  PPLN        Preplan
  ppm         Pages Per Minute
  PPM         Pages Per Minute (Printers)
  ppm         parts per million
  PPM         Periodic Pulse Metering
  PPM         Peripheral Processor Message
  PPM         Portable Pixmap
  PPM         Presentation Protocol Machine
  PPM         Pulse Phase  Modulation
  PPM         Pulse Position Modulation
  PPMP        Peripheral Processor Message Processor
  PPN         Process Primes Network
  PPP         Paging Party Pays
  PPP         Parametric Performance Prediction
  PPP         Point-to-Point serial-line Protocol (IETF/TCP/IP)
  PPP         Priority Bits
  PPP-M       PPP Multilink
  PPPML       PPP Multilink
  PPQFP       Power Plastic Quad Flat Pack
  PPQN        Parts Per Quarter Note
  PPR         Partial Page Request
  PPR         Path-Protected Ring
  PPR         Pulsed Progressing Read-out (TV Cameras)
  PPRCH       Packet Paging Response Channel
  Ppriv       Private Photographic Profile
  PPRS        Public Policy and Regulatory Solutions
  PPS         Packets Per Second (PSDN/X.25)
  PPS         ParcPlace Systems
  PPS         Partial Page Signal
  PPS         Path Protection Switching
  PPS         Permanent Presentation Status
  PPS         Port Presentation Services
  PPS         Pre-/Post-Service
  PPS         Preliminary Product Specification
  PPS         Public Packet Switched Network
  PPS         Pulses Per Second
  PPSC-IT     Public Procurement SubCommittee for Information Technologies (CEC)
  PPSC-IT     Public Procurement Subcommittee-Information Technology Sector
  PPSN        Public Packet-Switched Network
  PPSNGR      Public Packet Switched Network Generic Requirements
  PPSRV       Pre/Post-Service
  PPSS        Public Packet Switched Services
  PPST        ParcPlace Smalltalk
  PPT         Packet Payload Type
  PPT         Permanent Part Time
  PPT         PowerPoint
  PPTM        Protocol Profile Test(ing) Methodology
  PPTP        Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  PPTU        PDUs Per Time Unit
  PPU         Packet Processing Unit
  PPV         Pay Per View
  PPV         Pay-Per-View
  PPV         Perprocess Vector
  ppv         Perprocess Vector
  PPVM        Peripheral Processor Virtual Machine
  PPVW        ParcPlace VisualWorks
  PPWA        Period/Pulse-Width Accumulator
  PPx         Power Platform, Type x
  PPXL        PrePatched XPM Load
  PQ          Postal code for Quebec
  PQ          Primary Questionnaire (CEN)
  PQ          Priority Queuing
  PQ          Product Quality
  PQET        Print Quality Enhancement Technology
  PQFP        Plastic Quad Flat Pack
  PQFP        Plastic Quad Flat Package
  PQH         Packet Query Handler
  PQR         Patch Quality Record
  PQR         Post-Queue Routing
  PR          ISO country code for Puerto Rico
  PR          Paging Receiver
  PR          Paper tape Reader
  PR          Partial Response
  PR          Path Replacement
  PR          Pattern Recognition
  PR          Phase Recording
  PR          Photoresist
  PR          Phrase Representation
  PR          Phrase SDL Representation
  PR          Preamble
  PR          Preference
  PR          Premature Release
  PR          Pre-Release
  PR          Preroute
  PR          Presentation Restriction
  PR          Primary Radar
  PR          Primary Residential
  PR          Priority
  PR          Product Reliability
  PR          Program-Like Representation
  PR          Pseudo-Random
  PR          Public Relation
  PR          Pulse Rate
  PR          Pulsing Relay
  PR1         Priority One Line
  PR2         Priority Two Line
  PR4ML       Partial Response Class 4 Maximum Likelihood
  PRA         Primary Rate Access
  PRA         Product Release Authorization
  PRACH       Packet Random Access Channel
  PRACL       Page-Replacement Algorithm and Control Logic
  PRAG        Primary Rate Agency
  PRAM        Parallel Random-Access Machine
  PRAM        Parameter RAM
  PRART       Problem Reporting and Resolution Tracking
  PRB         Primary Reference Burst
  PRB         Process Review Board
  PRB         Product Release Baseline
  PRBS        Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence
  PRBS        Pseudo-Random Binary Source
  PRBS        Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence
  PRBS(215-1) Pseudo Random Bit Sequence as defined in subclause 2.1 of CCITT Recommendation O.151
  PRBX        Polled Report-By-Exception
  PRC         Primary Reference Clock
  PRC         Primary Routing Center
  PRC         Priority Request Channel
  PRC         Processor Return Code
  PRC         Protocol Reference Configuration
  PRCA        Proportional Rate Control Algorithm
  PRCC        PCM-30 Remote Cluster Controller
  PRD         Performance Requirement Document
  PRD         Pseudo-Random Data
  PRDB        Policy Routing Database
  PRDI        Path Remote Defect Indication
  PRDMD       Private Directory Management Domain
  PRDN        Primary DN
  PRE         Preemption
  PRE         PREfix
  PRE         Preformatted Text (HTML tag)
  PRE         Preliminary
  PRE         Prepay Coin Telephone
  PRE         Protectional Reservation Equipment
  PRE         Protective Reservation Equipment
  PREAM       Preamble
  Pref CUG    Preferential CUG
  PREL        Planned Release
  prEN        Proposed European Standard
  PReP        PowerPC Reference Platform
  PREP        Project Review Establishing Priorities
  PREST       Politique de REcherche Scientifique et Technique (EEC)
  prETS       Preliminary European Telecommunications Standard
  PRF         Pulse Repetition Frequency
  PRFCUG      Preferential Closed User Group
  PRFD        Pulse Recurrence Frequency Discrimination
  PRFHNT      Preferential Hunt
  PRFLST      Preferential Hunt List
  PRFM        Performance
  PRG         Progress Indicator message
  PRG         Progress Information
  PRG         Purge
  PRH         Preferential Hunt
  PRH         Primary Hunt
  PRHW        Plane Resolution Hardware
  PRI         Personal Identification Number Restriction Indicator
  PRI         Pre-Release Indication
  PRI         Primary
  PRI         Primary Rate Interface
  PRI         PRIority
  PRI         PRocedure Interrupt
  PRI         Protection Release Inhibited
  PRIBCH      PRI B-Channel Trigger
  PRID2E      Portfolio Renewal through Integrated Design and Delivery Excellence
  PRI-ISDN    Primary Rate ISDN
  PRINAME     Primary Rate Interface Name
  PRINCE-S    Private-Network Computer-Based Expert System for Synchronization
  PRIPUB2WAY  PRI 2-Way Traffic, from/to Public Network
  PRIPUBIN    PRI Inward Traffic, from Public Network to PRI
  PRIPUBOUT   PRI Outward Traffic, from PRI to Public Network
  PRISM       Protocol Independent Set of Messages
  PRISS       Primary Rate Interface Service Supervisor
  PRJ         Project File
  PRK         Call Park
  PRL         Peripheral Recovery Loader
  PRL         Peripheral Remote Loader
  PRL         Population Rule Language
  PRL         Privacy Release
  PRM         Packet Radio Measurement
  PRM         Packet Radio Monitoring
  PRM         Performance Report Message
  PRM         Physical Resource Manager
  PRM         Premium Rate
  PRM         Processor Recovery Message
  PRM         Programmer's Reference Manual
  PRM         Protocol Reference Model
  PRM         Pulse Rate Modulation
  PRMA        Packet Reservation Multiple Access
  PRMC        Premium Charging
  PRMD        PRivate Management Domain (MHS/X.400)
  PRML        Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
  PRMP        Product Release Management Process
  PRN         Periodic Ring Notification
  PRN         Print File
  PRN         Printer
  PRN         Pseudo-Random Noise
  PRNA        Private Network Access Billing Records
  PRNET       Packet Radio Net
  PRNG        Pseudorandom Number Generator
  PRO         Planning and Reporting Officer (ETSI)
  PRO         Processor Outage
  PROC        Procedure
  PROC        Processor
  PROCVAR     Procedure Variable
  procvar     Procedure Variable
  PRODAT      Planungssystem fur digitale Anschlusse (Planning System for               Digital Lines)
  PRODID      Product Identifier
  ProdID      Product Identifier
  PROFOT      Productization Focus Team
  PROFS       PRofessional OFfice System (SNA)