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Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club PO Box 1 Auburn ME 04212
Repeaters: Livermore DStar 443.3 OFF THE AIR!!, Lewiston System Fusion 146.61 PL 88.5 Node ID 18483 Room ID 28483, System Fusion Poland 147.315 PL 103.5, System Fusion in Livermore on
146.895-pl 103.5 
Important Information

The October 6 meeting will be held at the The Great Falls Model Railroad Club in Auburn at 7 p.m. Exact address 144 Mill Street Auburn across from Rollys Diner. Thank you Rick James for the location.

2021 Windsor Hamfest is canceled due to an upswing in Covid Cases.

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the Windsor Hamfest that was to be held on Saturday 18th September, a coalition was formed to hold a Hamfest on that date anyway,since a lot of people were looking forward to the event.

We've been searching for the right venue diligently and George Szadis, K1GDI found the perfect venue for the event in Manchester Maine.

Manchester Hamfest will be held on Saturday 18th September at the Hope Baptist Church, 726 Western Ave, Manchester ME. The venue is 1.6 miles from I-95 exit 109B - US-202.

We plan to get started by 8am and wrap it up by no later than 3pm.
Vendors can come in at 7:30am to set up.

Coffee, hamburgers, and hotdogs as well as sodas and water will be available at less than extortionate prices from a food vendor.

Admission is $5.00 for everyone, vendors included and there will be door prizes as well.

This will be an outdoor event, if you are a vendor please bring your own table(s) chair, etc.

There will be a portable toilet on site.

Talk-ins available on the Augusta 146.670 repeater, pl 100.0 and a neg offset as well as on DMR ME Statewide (TG3123)

For more information please contact The Lincoln County ARC website will be updated periodically with information, website

See everyone there on the 18th September, it will be a fun time!

73 de Jose Douglas KB1TCD

Grumpy George Drisko kb1aqe had a fall August 3rd and is home now from the hospital. Home phone number is 647-2823, to send grumpy a get well card send them to George Drisko 5 Pine Street Bridgton ME 04009. Include your callsign so he will know it came from a ham operator.

Update on the repeater linking project.

Poland and Lewiston are now using the Yaesu Fusion repeaters.
N1DOT and I have figured out what needs to be done to allow C4FM
to pass through, on the local repeaters, (not the link system) the
parameters were nothing close to some instructions detailing the
settings, that was taken from a reputable web site !
(I do not recall if it was a Yaesu web site, or the controller manufacturer,
or an associated io group (e-mail blog)).

The backup  Motorola repeater systems, Poland, Lewiston,
will remain on site, (just in case).

Presently, the Livermore Repeater System is only FM only, (linked-yes)
 Check back on this web site for status reports.
Pete n1zrl

The Club has received a used late model repeater , via Miriam, KC1AIH, at the Hermon Hamfest this June . She met up with Wayne, WB1GFF, who has had possession of the unit for sometime now with intent to do more with it but, has instead donated it to the ARC.
Wayne , in a previous radio contact, explained to me that the repeater was previously in use and was a “work horse” for the National Weather Service (I believe in Gray).

The unit is a SCR1000 SERIES VHF FM REPEATER. 74 Watt, Mfg by Spectrum Communications. The supplied documentation appears to indicate it was produced about 1980-81.

I also learned from him, the ID was burned into an EPROM, (common back then).
That is something I could use some help with, Anyone with an EPROM burner, left over from that time ??
Or, anyone in the club up to designing a replacement circuit/ controller to replace the IC PROM ?

Who, in the club, would be willing to tackle this, if feasible? And/or have the test equipment to check this unit out ?

We could make this a group effort. Any thoughts ? Bring it up at our next meeting, on the air or in person.
-Pete N1ZRL

From Androscoggin ARES / RACES
The ARES / RACES meeting is a Zoom meeting that the members are sent the night of the meeting. Anyone can attend, but they need to coordinate with me at this email address so we can get them on the list, no change to the meeting time. It's the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 17:30 Local. 

If anyone would like info, we encourage them to join our Thursday net.



Keith Anoe / KE4UCW 

Volunteers for the Dempsey Challenge will be needed for the event September 25 and 26, volunteer sign now.

Members: it is time to pay your dues. $10 per year for single membership,
     $ 15 for family membership per year.
If you are not a member yet please fill out the membership form Membership Application
Please send checks to the Treasurer,

Ivan Lazure
440 Webber Avenue
Lewiston Maine 04240

(help Ivan by also sending a self addressed stamped envelope so he
 can send the membership card)

If you are interested in receiving the monthly "Maine Telegraph" ham radio newsletter by email, please fill out this form and I will add you to the email list. Local articles on ham radio related things in Maine. Please pass along, reshare or post to groups/clubs to get the word out.

Cory Ku1u


 Just received the letter from ARRL on our Scholarship winner.
Megan Wagner, KC1FGH from Westford, Me.

3 persons came for the exam.
2 techs made General one of them pass there Extra
1 General got his Extra

Ivan, N1OXA
Are you proud of your ham shack and want to show it off? Got pictures of public service events you or your club were involved with? Email us a picture we can print on the front page of the ACORN newsletter. email newsletter pictures Thank You.

For a look back at local radio history from the commercial side watch this on you tube
The history of WLAM from sign on in 1947 to the present.
Dick Richards WLAM and WQRY meteorologist for many years passed away recently. Here is a video tribute by Rick and Gwen Rioux.

    The next club Breakfast at Kristis' Cafe 767 Minot Ave, Auburn, Maine is September 29, 2021 at 7:30 a.m.
  NCS/President Andy Club 2020 : Lee-W1LWT
Repeater news: The Black Mountain Rumford repeater 146.910 is now linked to the Streaked Mountain repeater 224.62 and the Pikes Hill Norway 147.120 machine.

147.285 + PL 88.5 Located on Ring Farm Bridgton ME.
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System Fusion Net Friday nights at 8 p.m. on the Poland repeater 147.315 pl 103.5.

The Lewiston Net is Thursday night at 7:30 on the 146.61 repeater pl 88.5.

Our next club meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 6, 2021 7 p.m. at the Great Falls Model Railroad Club 144 Mill Street Auburn ME. A progress report of the linking of our repeaters together may be discussed and what is next for a club project.

The FCC will no longer send you a copy of your new license when you renew or upgrade unless you ask for it, here is how(pdf).
A new service to connect hams who need help with ham projects with those who can help is here Helping Ham

Rick James n1wfo needs an antenna put up at his home, no ladder to climb,  climb out the window and work on the porch roof. Contact Rick n1wfo n1wfo

Matt kb1yfn needs a coax and needs help setting up a station and checking SWR on the HF and VHF bands. Contact him at Matt

Not a ham yet? Watch this Ham Radio 101 and others in the series then come to our meetings.

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